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Saturday, April 29th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your host of grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Is Jason grills. Hello everybody and welcome to grill nation on 980 AM came easy and on the grill nation showed dot com preachy joining easel today on podcasting height since. And Syrian radio I'm your host the G acing grew you can connect with me on Twitter at Jason drill in that grill nation shell. Of revenue great week so far exciting showed today. I want to take our partners and supporters of grill nation with Jason girl off the top of the show today they are trusts. Mo bank be okay financial q.s advisors and Ryan ring those are title sponsors of the real nation show also contributors. And guest host of the show are the rear Casey NJ rigor and co write maybe is a quarter area bimonthly guest here on group nations enjoy having Ryan on the show. Casey power light district we're talking in them again very soon and reactor designs to use. And Clifton Alexander guest hosted on a contributor. Clinton always brings a lot of energy great insights and would afford to have them on again I believe next week you'll be coming on and joining me on. The grill nation shell. On today's show we're going to be talking about some exciting events coming up here in Kansas City is wells talked. About technology thought leadership and entrepreneurship at their second guessed. Our first guest today. Is Stephon whites. Is the president of friends of the river Ogg and have them on to talk about some of the things that are going on with the damning kind of educate us on that but also talked is about. That what they're staging here in the month of may. Begins vocal role records' biggest light Saber battle will be taking place at Berkeley park on May the sixth. As part of cystic fibrosis awareness month all proceeds will be going to Children's Mercy Hospital. Or have some fun here we have some light sabers into the studio today. Never had those insidious that's pretty cool and then after us the fun we are going to Stefan excuse me we are going to be talking to George Brooks. Who is the founder of a kernel labs and the crossroads. A great guy. Great thought leader in the area and of the new company that he's grown with his his co founders. When we have George on the show had him on maybe we really aren't that are Casey so many years ago. You can catch over this and series do these on international and projects throughout this country and threaten international. Land so what George Brooks on the show coming up here shortly pristine again for joining us today on 980 AM again connected me on Twitter at Jason grew up. We are their first guest today. What's going on today Stephon thank you very much ram that's on Stefan ITF and Stephane I answered my life so nothing is cooler stuff ahead. I have to ask what my mother calls me by the other half of the family companies to find some fun. It's a fun why this year reach out to me a listener of the show which I appreciate. Reached out to me we have a mutual friend at the Casey pet project. Torre are there who's on the show recently and got Nemo for new and I'm very excited to talk TB is I don't know. Very much about friends of the river and their you've been very passion active in this for me years as the president. Just recently the president and I and I don't claim by at the last fourteen years about we've done by a town of fourteen years we've been around Casey come it was actually established her started. To raise money and funding for the Lewis and Clark bicentennial. And as they were tracking Lewis and Clark moving across the country. Each city that they want that they they passed through was holding a big celebration and sufferings of the river was founded as part of bats. A celebration to happen again Donna Berkeley were for a park because just a great park. Which hostile and undergone a lot of bill assuming happened down there on their front I think soon. You know I go down there sometimes and it's just. There's just some weekends to pack. You forget about it some time just such a good asset I think it's one of the most for and gotten things in Kansas City it's this it's this park that's in the heart of the city and I talked about. A lot. Burger from being being zero in the city because all of the streets when you go north or south east or west the river zero. And so that park is actually in the heart of the city NAND it's open 24/7 365 it's well let you can always find people down there with Donaldson running and there's this and there's always something going on there it seems like two when he says this summer months we like to keep them busy down there. When they went done there last year they heal us for a run or something and there's like. 2000 people who you know the down there to wonder lust type stuff and get blown away I was like well. What's going on and here but it was so cool there is so many things happening and we do in your dear dear data de you know. They job I'd I'm all over the city these these days anymore I'm I actually partner with George on some projects around so that's funny that zero X theatrical while I now know that that's the power of Kansas City pitcher you know it's a two and a half million of people city but it's really of a big downer it is just twelve of us that we. But yeah we have a we have a design company so -- web and web apps and letterhead Augustus cards and we also do weird things I'm like TV sets and staging for theaters on. You name that we do it. That's great entrepreneur yourself at home yes. I try to hear me I failed more than I've succeeded by etc. but I I still claim it yes. Any any device you have for any of the folks listening today about. Being in the business world and and being successful. They say he failed to that's the best part about there should learn from failure so what what would little tidbit you have receiving their you can share. You know it's kind of good it's good. It's a lame quote I don't know who sent it but I heard it I don't know maybe 1012 years ago. His sound when you ask for money every 11 offer advice and when you start to offer or when you start to ask for advice people start to offer you money. And I'll I don't know who said that I don't know I can't remember who told that to me. It was a fascinating thing last China launched her first business every conversation west you have money do you have money do you have money. And as soon as I change that's the conversation to do you have advice do you have advice you have advice more and more people sort of offering money. And it was just a weird thing that's always stuck with it Akamai has for the last twelve years is that never asked for money asked for advice and people just all the checked but sound. Especially in this town there's always someone who wants to invest in something here I've never heard that before I don't know there's just so if not I'm gonna take it claimant as my out you should. I would I would definitely do that. That's so cool so you're you're just it yourself very busy person it's. I try to stay that way era last sleepless nights so friends are there ever. What kind of time does that take up in your daily life. Is because. Off there were talking about some of the events shift come up seems to me that it. There's lot of things that happen kind of we're now starting to assert their process. Per month you're gonna have to have gone yeah pretty much as soon as as many hits we will run something every weekend or every week down there. In the park all the way through the end of August and even into September non where the dog being one of the fourth of July being the biggest thing that we do it's it's one of the largest events in Kansas City and that is KC rivers fast it's all day. Food trucks and games for kids and activities in the Casey tight club comes out we got some really cool surprises this year. After fourteen bands across two stages and of course. We end with Kansas city's largest fireworks show and it's right there over the Missouri River and he's very cool incredible photos and anytime you see an advertisement for. For Kansas City I love the fact that I can count all of the photos of our event and that and that's Casey advertisement. Again friends of the river Kansas City Morgan regain to this awesome event they're gonna have coming up here in May key way to talk about that the light Saber battle turned the city Guinness book of world record here. Is a and his seat organization formed and operated as a volunteer board formed in 2004. Commands a Lewis and Clark bicentennial celebration. For Casey knows the midwest premier Independence Day event KC rivers fast. All different types of events including history and education conservation recreation entertainment. To draw attention it organizations working to make the cancer front a special place for all to enjoy a game we sometimes forget about that. But it is such an asset here in Kansas City. Stefan whites is our guest friends of the river really excited our next segment Stefan we're gonna. Thought called up the slight Supervalu coming up here and on Mason and I brought some life savers I we got back. Away I gave away were read back after the break with some lights are battles here guerrilla. Hello welcome back to grill nation with chasing growth precede joining us again after the break hope you're enjoying the show today were listening you're listening on 980 and came easy or on. Podcast on iTunes or saturate a X thanks to those joining us on line as well had grown nation showed dot com. We're talking to Stephanie white who is a president of friends of the river. Get a tutorial there on what you guys do each year. And Stefano on on those all the things that happened there from the one of the reasons why you reached out. We got connected was the Guinness book of roll records light Saber battle. Attempt for charity. Assist kicking off cystic fibrosis awareness month with lifesaver battle may sixth avenue Berkeley riverfront park is the main event there's to be all kinds of other stuff happening to. Battle for Casey. To benefit Children's Mercy Hospital. Pretty cool you don't work really hard on this. It is then hey it's been an exciting ten months. On this this started is that oh a weird conversation we had as the board for years and years we. We ran movies on the riverfront and we would put up one of those gigantic screens in the middle of the park and have a projector and a sound system and people come and they would watch a movie using Libby from the eighties. Sir I'm regularly have a good when I. Are better left center I think your quote along to. And and we've done now for almost seven years and now you can't throw a rock in Kansas City and someone's not showing an outdoor movie somewhere and Parker on the site of a building there. Or whatever might be and so. I came back to the board last year. In August nice I just think that this is then. Don we started it. Let's start the next big thing. As I challenged every board member we have 22 on our born to come with an idea whether it's a one day event whether it's an afternoon event whether it's recurring event whatever might be. Under the table next month with some ideas that we can that we can replicate that would take over movies on the riverfront so we had some incredible ideas pitched. I'm actually we're moving on three of them this year I'm the first one being riverfront fitness and we're actually offering a fitness classes every Wednesday from 6 o'clock to 7 o'clock. May through August September mom in the park. Found that will happen every week and we also going to do on on August 20 part of international picnic area ankle play at the park and we got. A 111 gigantic seven foot swans that we're going to raced on the river. Finally the duck races that are here are seen on TV. De grace is their love to get Tucker but this summer to a giant swans were looking for companies to sponsor swans they can have bragging rights that they have the fastest on an emissary. And I actually found a paddle boat the looks like a swan and I'm trying gas really commenced mayor James two to get enough paddle boat and leave via lead the swans on the river. A mechanical I would love it I love doubted that Padilla a bigger things out so the people came up a great idea and that the idea that I never thought was going to pass that the board though the idea I never thought I was gonna get off the table. Was Stephen came to listen and he had this idea for the Guinness book of world records largest light Saber battle. There's a lot of tiny ends with the month of may may been cystic fibrosis month like you mentioned and also there's a direct tying into Children's Mercy Hospital. In the fact that a lot of people have a man and a Children's Mercy Hospital but you go into that place and it feels like. It feels like Disney it feels like. Late some other place that's not in Kansas City and they purposely do that. But one of the tiny ants with cystic fibrosis and all of the breathing treatments in the mouth apparatus and the things that. That the kids have to do is. It's a lot of masks and a lot of headway here and in hand so there's a direct kind unity on any of the Internet stuff between cystic fibrosis and Star Wars. And so we just saw what a great opportunity to run with this offense and and let's do it and so. Stephen pitch that we have to get a smoker what records like just light Saber battle we take over companies and and and landmarks in Kansas City and government agencies. Any digital board and I never a million yourself that it was going to get voted on by the board and pass and unanimously passed while. So then we took it to port Casey and pictures of them because Berkeley park is is their park. And and I never thought it was going to pass Berkeley park and they came back with flying colors and they sent PowerPoint be involved and they were actually our very first sponsored a sign up and sponsor the event. And and we took it to the city and of course every step along the way I think we're gonna get shot down in its account. We dig into the city in the cities like gala let's do this try. So the city popped on board and then the next step was Casey PD because were beating each other with sticks and a public park and they came back and her like. Now this is totally okay what that's so. Here we are ten months later getting ready for battle for Casey you've against the girl records largest light Saber battle and oh my gosh plus yet the Guinness world records people they word that was a lot of back and forth and and one of the craziest contract I've ever seen in my entire life with all the rules and regulations and stipulations by them. What about what they what an experience and what they aggregated fundraisers and also to. What a great visual I mean very very coy Europe for our city and tour. The organization I mean just for it you know with media exposure that will gather this. Both locally and actually help. And we feel it is going to be quite a bit of a there's a lot of stations locally that said we wanna be there we wanna do the thing we wanna folly you guys around on the fourth and the fifth from the Texas he put the stuff airport is where it starts kind of may fourth be with you know hold. So I think yep see you guys are going to be new in this on the six at 4 PM at Berkeley were from park but we won't spoil anything but there could be other surprises as well. We have lots of surprises in store that evening on the sixth the comic I heard the downturn in the costume contest you isn't a big surprise a lot of people wanna dress up and commandeer the sang an. We really wanted to hold this on May the fourth but in talking with families it was just. Too difficult to to put the thing together on Thursday night how people come on participate especially. Because the family friendly event so we decide all right let's move with the Saturday and we'll put it on made that six. And as soon as we announced it on the Internet. Via Internet kind of took over and has made it made the sale. There are exactly how to tell an ally for that sound effect that. And then do we having kids city right now are this weekend we have via not comma comma there's a comic type event going on T so this is like an entire lake. In week of of comics and Star Wars in light Saber isn't. Costs due to me it's crazy we're Kansas City give us your artists give us your nerves in his eye for an hour we take all of you into the city boasting user sees his I live downtown when there's always there is always stuff oil and I didn't realize that Tug moved on there. People that don't live down there don't realize that there's always consummated it Q moving on the weekends are only used in the offices there on the weekends it's even more busy. Neal last week we had huge sporting tournaments going on with you thought a ball would not. Thousands of people down there and all times last that we had Debbie Debbie. And now starting to see people on costumes walk around so could I start and they feel they started loading and now they into Bart hall already in and it's sad it's. If you look downtown it's an interest in makes it really is in the remember last year it was I want to royals stadium in the guy on the in new and the elevator at. I Constantin those are one life fitness without deferring now the hawk. So funny new York and into your right. He had his giant hole cancer big guy is the big yeah I've been out anyway so. So you know. Just you have to show for the lights were house is gonna work so someone into its end and AM website to any money promoted as well. We have the web and into all of the social media and their all battle. For Casey. And the Missouri actually and the numbers Ford not a not a word for. Across all the social but there are ticket packages part of of what we do with friends of the river and part of our our charter of our board. Is that everything we do at the park has to be accessible to all walks of life and all people of the city so there's always a get a and participates. Dollar value and for that we got a ten dollar ticket. I guess unity event and they get to light sabres you can participate and others think it should stay young gun light Saber sear I do have a light sabers is a cool in my garage and I have 101041. Of the. So you'll post a photo of us on the girl nation website is bulls on my social media with with what these lights there was look like ally can have I haven't had one of these since does the kid man. The latest on weight this value on the Star Wars fan I'm a Star Wars and that Maine which is ready to Spiderman or Superman I was lies about Star Wars. And that man I like my I'm and I like the green lantern but that is. This is deep as I went into it I'm not a star worse and I probably should not admit that. I never got into it as a kid especially when the new movies came out I really didn't get into one I tried my heart I guess in doing BK is a member. Memorizing collagen in the camera and so I was watching him. With a girlfriend in college she never seen the beginning one so enthralled wound up pointing there are six of them. And I've been on religiously every year than that is the new ones yeah yeah yeah and yet they are even the middle ones like even like when they came out last year like the middle story where the lake. Now they got so many things it's kind of hard to keep track in two of the main characters in my opinion the last two movies look very similar the female characters in the very. The lookalike to me so I'm getting mix of my head look what movie was that woman that you know it's but there are an entertaining your makes so many Star Wars fans outside where I am and I. I got all the time every time I say that that I'm not a sore wrists and I can hold a Star Wars and then paid people to come out of the woodwork like let me tell you the forty reasons why you should be a fan so may fourth of may fifth. Corporate corporate takeovers. We will come to your office we will battle we will give fuels light sabers and let you battled the storm troopers that we deliver to you and have a lot of fun. And raise money for children's mass a battle Casey keeps that kicks off for the week of events beginning at planet comic con Friday April 28 corporate takeovers Thursday and Friday may fourth and fifth inning Saturday may sixth at 4 PM at Berkeley riverfront park. With the light Saber battle and you were going for the Guinness book of world records as the largest slates of her battle in the galaxy of any city. Of any city have yet they in the entirety of the world well we found with this is there's a lot of places a lot of people have claimed that they have I'm done this before. But no one has appropriately fill up the paperwork and so we're the first people to fill out the paperwork and actually lock the sentencing that we can't hold this title. So if one person shows that we have done the right paperwork we can hold the title again this is Q benefit children's mercy hospitals. Cystic fibrosis in her. And great organization obviously Children's Mercy Hospital. It's a great opportunity eliminating greater evil cystic fibrosis have some fun. The website again is the battle for number it's that the number four Casey dot com. To a more information. Stefan why has been our guest president friends of the river Casey again be looking out for storm troopers all around Kansas City. On May fourth and fifth. They'll be some potential surprises as well you never know the show up. You never know we might need a lifesaver. The local business Cheney's heavily involved in this. We're gonna see all kinds of things and so she media you can see things on the news group would get involved group Whitted great time to visit the number cleaver from park. Looking forward to CNET. Can't wait to see how it goes men even working Arnold thank you an awesome and is open us up the fantastic are playing out there for the first hour and half. Family friendly as well absolutely we'll see kids will see parents will see. People of all ages and children's mercy has their team out there it's disability friendly as well I'll just try to show up and we will take really good care. Can be great event here may sixth at 4 PMF Berkeley riverfront park picture come in there thanks so much. We're back on election. Hello welcome back to grill nation with a Jason grill nine GM came easy and on grill nation showed dot com pre she podcasters loosening as well on iTunes. And stitcher radio today great segments there was fun to talk about. The largest light Saber battle in the United States and country. Happening in Kansas City may sixth broke we set a Guinness book of world records be on the lookout for storm troopers. They're a Kansas City it's really cool then for Children's Mercy Hospital friends of the river Casey appreciate our guests for joining us in our first and second segments today. Well thank our partners and supporters of gorilla nation again I I'd just they're just great people here throughout Kansas City. And recommend them highly if you need help in any of these areas. Title sponsors are trusts Milbank BO OK financial and that two us advisors and Ryan rake also don't think our pesky intruders in Khost. As jewels on air supporters the rear case CJ rearing to go. Casey Dalai district and reactor designs studious. Our next guest is a guided if you worked in the on turner space here in Kansas City who were. You know be there at the basis of since kind of we kind of had a rebirth I guess. Is involved of one million cups for awhile he's he started a business called kernel labs with. Great co-founder. But he's been around kind of the the tech world slash. Design world slash entrepreneurship world in Kansas City for a handful years and does a great job the way does George Brooks is side is joining me today. For a third and four segments. Honor of trauma laps cracked. Well we shortened from AI US it's coming out that's it's I am I we're just we're discriminate using Isa criminal criminal lab at a party in people's did you seek criminal lab. I'm not a criminal lab we don't we don't psalm we don't experiment with criminals well less funny say that because I was just that the in the FBI citizens' academy which we talked about you. And was that the forensics laboratory. The other day it's actually briar cliff and it's how spectacular they took us through the hole I mean. These these you know when there's a crime and there's a phone that's in the river for 42 days when someone's submerged in their day can make the phone work again if there's a guy got criminal sheets may just crazy technology stuff are really Eilat. Yeah I where we are or not like that great and so we drops the a drop allowed now I will say we still we still have a mean legally we're stoke Camelot an online yet dad yet and also crumble around for us the loud part of it is is all the projects that we're doing internally. Losing not our client work so it's an eating order for ourselves and you guys have been around for a get a lot of times or eight years is that it. At eight years ten years of my own. I saw when I'm as a freelance designer ten years ago Erica and what was that experience. And this is a little. Obviously that Kansas City gasses and people know the story I mean I think that there's there's two different ways you can live in a partnership there's that that that idea of what you want to go do any kind of pursuing you go for it it's stream and sometimes you shoved into it. Men mine was I was shut Denton are either you get fired you know which happens. Is more laid off for whatever that word you anymore you got a one that's one way or federal like you know what I'm tired again Kessel yeah I wanna hire me yet the count has some freedom so mine was actually different completely different shutting off and now was that my daughter when she was mormons in the hospital for the first settlements and then sell IE was never work in and I wanted to be at the hospital and I said let me go be a contractor in Armenia designer and so. So I literally started it what would become cram months. From K imagine hospital room key men and just distant real quick senate to kind of finish that story she's in third grade we liked that store that she'd like if he knows her as she's she's doing great so great and I've had two markets and and the cheek. She was the reason and so I was no how long Eminem I owned by how old she hits I'll never forget that in years ten years old now on eminent business. India is if they've grown we have and we feel you're here you go under Dan Yad DN. Dan and I we joined up like a said many years ago. I'm we stated that kind you know sweet spot of like board eight people for several years and assisted on Mike small little boutique size and and we kind of doubled up so we're we're right at twenty you know. Between guys and girls building epic products on phones so. The web site. It is Carmen on us commitment I value asks him about US to Connie get that dot com. Think that there. Expenses that you could happen all right. Again just give assay elevator pitch or one year as did and so we work quits on funding launch for no worse or innovative brands to create new products and take in the market. Primarily digital products I'm were really a product development to Newton and so we help. That ideas so we prototype and test new ideas in them we actually build out for pot porn scene ecosystems and take them and try to get its users to get on board and help them grow. You guys have worked both in Kansas City and nationally internationally right yeah I mean it doesn't flows it's funny because you'll actually have a year where we will almost have Nokia's decline since any year where it's all Kansas City. And so we just gonna come up out of a year of work with guys in Toronto in New York from Cincinnati. We had a bunch of Clinton in San Francisco and Seattle and then even on as far out is a Switzerland and Syria all over the place. How did you how did you in touch of those types of folks in different cities I mean I know and Adelson works with the now on business development. What analysts are now bit. How to how he would year Kansas City guy and building you know great company. How do you go a whole year like and you have business and all these of the city to me what's what's the secret sauce to grow your company in other areas and a lot of people in city. Would love to know. Yeah I think he could have given some tidbits there yeah that's good that's your question I think on the short and long minutes is at build a really good relationships. And people are no longer you know. Staying in one spot so. When you build a good relationship keep that relationship didn't keep in touch with people as they leave you know Saddam's I think that's really what it came down to his. While the relationships of these clients in these projects that we had were because we kept in touch with people when they left Kansas City. And went someplace else so. Are that your client we we got because we kept in touch with the guy. That moved from Kim sitting had a little he was a part of a startup team here went to Dallas. His brother was a hedge fund manager in new York and right. And he his business partner was new in the San Francisco since the moment here so this is all about just knowing you know and on into human relationship. I'm warm you know I think that people underestimate just paying the times to talk and they catch up pinch hitting counts and don't forget about and that's targeted. Usually I work you kind of take on that role I think in your your role now with the company in the year. You're meeting new people a year working working on the business and not in the business rain and it sets its it is difficult but it's. Absolutely crucial manage the end to be thinking about the fact especially no matter what sales here and what your year. Service based company or product company or technology company you work. Anything in between selling insurance. You were your lead time is always going to be on anything. The star billing relationships now that might pay off for something next year mom and and it in the you have to be patient yet he really patient that's true. That is sure we both have worked in the service industry minds are some and there's a lot of hurdles on ups and downs you'll get to say now I clients. And already say you know if you're not gonna make this as much as you know occupant touch. On Kino on video it's a minute but let's move on you know let's let's get into what we want both when it you know I've gotten talking to George Brooks pat concept guy. On Twitter. Founder of karma. The center right yeah I got out of it got us on line yes but silent skid. You guys is obviously your tech. Innovation company and help people build great things on CW website outside and so talked to spoke some a year you know some of the coolest things you worked on her clients who worked with I mean. Lehman out of her than death grip really has been kind of inspirational to you what you've done recently. How I mean I think there's there's two clients always pop ups top my hand when there were still working with but if there's company may status Cincinnati. Founders are New York Toronto and company replaces on the call tiller it's TI LR dot com. And they're really trying to disrupt the and to basically the on demand hiring space. So you think of your Hoover's or your lifts and there's this this new model of an employee or contractor who aren't great what are they and it's. These people that work. At moments I call myself a consultant Bryan. IR IR II like that override that's of people yeah. But everything with bill that is exactly yeah exactly a money order that it yeah exactly knew where her how do you eat ya go. And in so these this company is really a built really brilliant pop formed to help both. Companies on the list in fines on demand resources he has to being and his staff in place somebody in a very short time. War on the flip side being able to use mobile technology dit que. How to network of resources that can pick up jobs moments and it's not on moment's notice not to be anything from you know it's a stocking a warehouse to. You know being alike means across the board or you know a freelance designer and his instincts are there really. Undertaken on a big challenge the big space is a lot of competitors in the states that's their vision Fortis is grants a great company and we built all the technology behind that it's been a lot of fun to cooperate with them tiller dot com steals neat opportunity. Trademark that's great Atlantic they and they they're doing an epic that's very cool. George you guys are located in the crossroads and we had lunch is their day it's kinda how we re connected that was signed local Tulsa that experience that office space for you guys is I know it's kind of on the west side of the cross yeah yeah which do you see the cool side at a crossroads is not as it's not a schools used to be a big east side is gonna go outside process it's expanding it is it is so it's funny we we moved in there what 67 years ago and I still remember the day we moved in a lady like running by and saying did you see you might hurt a guy with a purse she should. I was like where they removed like Reno where will and on the bird straightened so we we we we moved in and she goes in in my wedding rings were in mine and she's getting married that day and sell his way SES a missile or purse it was terrible as a result we're what do we do. Where are we now know this is you know you know this is probably what 45 years into the real the true revitalization crossroads of theirs and it was getting better rain. But even since then. The concerts is just lit up with like creativity in technology and business and it's on it's just a hub of of a really great community and I think that's what I've I've just. Adored being a part in getting connected to cross its district is not only of the agency's. And firms and I'm in technology that's happening down there but just knowing you know and and over notre it's and his family that runs notre it's a cop shot down an end. And knowing Sylvia up the hill where at best sub sandwich it's like it's so little like. Microcosm of people and it's one one I just do great things together. And silent on entrepreneur isn't in yet been really good spaces down there everything's local yes I love that and George Brooks is our guests. Kremlin dot us is the website. Also on Twitter at from Aladdin also that concept guy on. Twitter will be right back more thrilled nation after the break and in Georgia for the truth. Welcome back sue grill nation with JC real appreciate you joining us today on 980 AMP grill nation showed dot com and on iTunes and in tune in radio let's continue our segment with George Brooks is the founder of trauma. Who outside his Kremlin dot it's great company here in Kansas City also Georgia's on Twitter act concepts guy. George you were involved with the entrepreneurship world. I believe he got more involved maybe after The Who will fire announcer re involved and before that greed or hunger are actually own and it was some guys I was a part of if and one of the first team Japan on the first start of week in here and I was what nine years ago. Eyes and I was pre the fiber didn't exit as three runs in nerds just hang in honor and trying to build stuff at school so you kinda seen a lot of the the development of know entrepreneur community kind of through the last you know eight or nine years. Take us through that is so. What has been good what is it would we need to work on that would be seen is and you've been very involved. Yeah I think I think the thing that I'm really encouraged by everybody that. It's urologist and as a as a kind of side story what I love about working with clients outside Kansas City is that they want to come to Kansas City. I kind of want to go to new Yorker and elegant new York and trying to hang out as talking about California California right. But I'm more often than not they go you know we've been here incident about Kansas City and I wanna fight TO to spend time with you there and ends in a school and they're so there is this still despise and in I think. A lot of that is attributed to. You really just a lot of people that are very helpful. And I think that's a pro and con on sunny. I'm I think there's been so many people at a really try to look for opportunities to bring communities together so you've got the village and you've got EC JC and you've got its. Oh in the code of her co working space is now they are big unity there yet yes and then there's a bunch of Montreal and there's more coming Beaulieu. And I think that's that's awesome but the challenges is that it a certain point we can have to stop being nice all the time. And a little they give back to work rate and actually really figure out where we. Create our competitive advantage where we start to create our unique I propositions and actually grow companies that have real. And that is hard that is work that pits yet sometimes you're the pitcher had an Iraq changes or line ends and I think. The discipline discipline oh my gosh disciplined right habits right habits are. In many ways the formation of of a great company and you know I think we won that we wanted to be fun and for a status experience and to have this ecosystem this culture and I think that is awesome I think it's needed is this kind of under current. But what really needs to happen is and these people step back in. But the head down and do hardware written and I think that's some of the things that you know you talk about the pro and con. The good and the bad and I think the good is that we are very helpful mid western. You know look each other and I smile help you anyway I can kind of in town and that is different will the world to talk to you will know yeah coffee. You know well it will be connected to somebody with nothing in return in I have I've rarely been turned down from any of that and honestly it's been a lot of the reasons adults are good relationships but in a certain point I'll be honest I disappeared for like a year and a half. Half because I was working on growing and when we went from ten to twenty people. It was because I I'm had a disk Ryan down and work in the business of bedding can really figure out how we're gonna get our process right now we're gonna grow our company's value. And ends and I think that's a thing no one to see more out of the community is people really. Working hard on figuring out how to build successful businesses create value then yeah others the issue of funding there's the issue of you know resources and that will continue to be an issue on people that really really want money will feel like they can't edits. People that's. You know I don't really need money will get money that they don't deserve may be in China there's this that's gonna dispute part of of and that kind of world but I think it's if you if you really had a passion you have to drive for. And that's gonna see any way of getting it done. And so it's grinding really excellent work if you have to work a full time job and then stay up to 2 in the morning every night. Working on your gig do it if that's what if that's what it take that that would be tough to be doing your neck of the woods through the wife and three kids and I still do it only to asserting their right mind how might have very teeny talk but this one's who is being at the office from 99 leave at 530. I'm home I don't touch technology or anything work related until the kids come and and then occasionally not all the time I'm better than he used to because I've got great people surrounding me in my company valve in the lab and a laptop back on you back to work. Radio work till 2 in the morning because I still grind crystal log in on stone driven to do that. That's not for everybody in Yemen as suggesting your needs to do that to be successful whereas. On the guys that it's omen. Turns on a bit circle assault or the royal I'm saying Netflix and our. A tour cut billions. Obsessed none on in the background and I'm trying to get some stuff that's a problem though I mean I find that it's in my life with the work I do in Christ communications are media stuff I mean. With clients I mean you're kind of always know you're always checking your email you're always getting alerts are always having to respond. And that's kind of the nature of the beast to what we do I mean when your client to be and you. You are. You can't just close off the computer on the weekend they depend on Iran and and you want to go and above and beyond for them because if you really do serve them well that means a lot. And so yeah I mean it's I think it's that's what I wanna see more on communion when a civil grinding there's a there's a handful of companies and I've I've watched mango you know way. They weren't out in every networking events and they're the ones that are winning you know and that is true that you and I remember my grown my businesses I was it everything. I derby out early to and then you know you start to have to kinda. Tail off. They I did I need. The problem is I sort detail often that I don't go back and that's that one timer and a slumping what I like and act warming cuts the wound that was intentions to used to run it yeah I mean that intentionally so for a little while because. When I stepped down as the an organizer. I still got people coming up to me going to happen stadium can be the next person in my home run. And anymore like I actually had to step away it's about I was in the face of but that was give free. Yes it's a do one million cuts are luddite and I think I mean I'm Noah I think we met around that time and had a ton of people to and if you always good deal on a business like now I'm in a business. And that's OK honestly that's OK what I did as agree network and I think you know. Business our business right and ends -- other people and connecting with ends and Stiller like a senate so fostering this relationships years Newton. George Brooks is our guest couple minutes left in the show today learn more about George at trauma. Dot us is is company that he started. Company down in the crossroads in Kansas City Georgia's involved and on everything and also works pretty hard to the it's a done. George any anything you would tell us about growing a business that's been kind of challenges and some of the positive about that beaches. You know you mentioned you were kind of boutique which a lot of people arkan alike that the Americans appointment regaining are more people. I mean we cannot intentionally Dan and I sat down assemble what if you know what for grilled about what I look like a I had an intern make less money you do have your Zune can just go faster rate I mean as an investment and I'm gonna remember an inter saying like. You know I wanted to make boutique products company now he's a 300 million dollar you know has hundreds of employees and so how did you get that big egos. No one person noise sounds one extra one extra helper one Baxter employees always sounds look a little bit better. Just want this is worn time. I would say you know the big things for us as we hired slow we we we have only seen the companies hired fast fail. On and so on that's what might be much trying to tire slow get the right people. Believe in this people trust those people give them on time a mediocre work. On and that's really what we've been focused Attica and for the last really five years really focusing on is saying. How can we put processes in place and that the right people in place I can trust to do the work and don't have to watch shall mean you know I trust everybody in my company. And really don't have to come to mean and Warren and I think what's really awesome is now that there's debris and around Kama less and less people know. In an. You know more people know Kermode and they do George and they know I catalog that I want come and have a value and amber and and it's not it's it's not just them get in Georgia and everything yes oh my gosh yes please and on that is viewed via touch everything. Everything. We'll George I appreciate come on the show today sharing some entrepreneurial thoughts and lot of great things even working on keep up to go work man thank near engage you meet new people all the time all the time anybody listening in on the. I love it I love the George Brooks founder of crew mother website discriminate dot seize on Twitter at it concepts guy. We're keeping such a path I will of course thanks to listen to the relationship today everybody appreciate connected me is always on Twitter ads in. Take care.