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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up there. Even in their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome TV grill nations show here and came easy nine ED AM as well as appreciate Lucy's day on iTunes via podcast and act. A real nation showed dot com where he can find. But as of my guest information about our show's sponsors as well as ways to connect the knee and so she media. You can find me on Twitter at JC grill and that grill nation should appreciate doing this again today hope you're having a good start to your spring I guess in Kansas City and good start here month of may. For you tour awesome yesterday I wanna think our partners and supporters of the girl nation Joseph with chasing grill title sponsors the shore trusts. No bank of UK financial and two arrested at US companies and Ryan rate. Yes contributors and on their coasted in relation to include. Ryan maybe from the Reagor NG rigor and killed and one might luxury apartments you can find more information about our partners and supporters that. Grill nation show dot com. On today's show we are going to have great guests to be joining me here 12. Mike Sheehan who's the host of ruckus on KC PT. Also whale longtime broadcaster both on radio and television and then journalists icon here in Kansas City you actually. We met many years ago when I was a state legislator in back in the day they had AM interview segment for the cable. Stations. Where we taped a segment at the Truman library and and Mike was your story about that day here in second we met along time ago and since then. I've been lucky enough team that they guest panelist on rockets and Casey PT at PBS station here in Kansas City. And I thought to be cool to have Mike come on the show today tells about his background share some stories about some exciting being some people he's met. Talk about a show and actually learn more about Mike since he's always. Behind the microphone behind the camera interview in people in pain also welcome to show my chin are you I'm fine thank you very much for the invitation and look forward being grilled yet we don't. We know we do seven on the grill segment Ivan told JP about that were replacing sizzling music and asked tough questions the we gonna we gonna get rid of that it's great to have you. Mike so. We met years ago when you suppose that tells what you did there at the terminal. It was a series called the newsmakers and who is sponsored by Comcast and then Time Warner Cable and they were five minute episodes. And I interviewed a lot of people from a lot of roof. Different walks of life a lot of state legislator is from Missouri and Kansas new aura and Missouri's state rep at that time. And I don't recall saying this which you told me a story that I met you. I said well. I know you're a Democrat but you dress like a repo you look like I. Like that yes yes she did like god and I still do have a web video stills from 2004 I believe it's been awhile but it's funny it's going to look back on you would be painful to watch I think I'm after re watching after the show to see the issue we're talking about back and I'm assuming some of them IKEA similar still. The Missouri and Kansas totals still unresolved if it. So Mike Tulsa by your background and you grew up in St. Joe is their right. I Groban say Joseph was born there and the always always interest in the broadcasting for some reason men and just before my senior year high school. I went to a co owned radio and TV station in Saint Joseph that's I'm. This say more canola TV station radio stations say more locally owned no no Ossetia and it was corporation local. And who walked in and ask for job is a disc jockey on the radio station. And the program director. In about nightly considerable let me give you audition. I think certainly a recording studio model like this one and and an engineer turn on a tape. NEC here read this script and they gave me a script that had classical musical names and classical composers. I had no idea how to pronounce most movement aims. And when I finished he said well. I will give you this. You did keep reading whether you're what you are saying or not right I think you might have an opportunity down the road to be on the air right now. You don't have enough experience but. I do have a job that needs to be thrilled and it's the floor director of the TV station. Peca which can be a very good job I think in big stations group that time in Saint Joseph it was a minimum wage dollar an hour. And you've moved props gave time cues and are on the teleprompter. And a fortuitous incident in my life occur after I was there a couple of weeks. Fred Brodsky you know that may or India friends forever Trier curiosity at that time he was. An announcer just beginning his career and saying Joseph and host of the thing called cousin Freddie he's fun house feel which was a kids show. And he showed cartoons and and then talk for a brief time between cartoons. And I just been there a couple weeks and the he was in the middle of a cartoon on the director of the program yelled through the intercom and said Fred. We're having trouble with the film saying. You're gonna have to talk longer you may have to fill 20 minutes 10 o'clock that's an impossible task even imagine how unprepared and and orderly what is he gonna talk about. Any looked over me said. Hey kid don't you are beyond the TV guys and I actually want real radio he said get in here and Anderson we're call you Bolivar. And and so Eli bantered. Probably for 1520 minutes played checkers as I recall. And boom in the segment and didn't went to the cartoons again. And after we broke a later in the afternoon for dealer came back to the station to get ready for the evening news weather and sports. Inference that you know my wife was watching this afternoon and she fell likes me talking to somebody once and while also. You can coming in periodically but no I started being a regular on the program and then when he lived with a guy who succeeded him. Ally I didn't realize Howell. Television was so important and that Hiro we're about 196061. It was fairly new manned northwest Missouri. Only get one signal that was channel two in saint Joe's right and in high school I was a senior all my classmates were. Telling me that their little Brothers and sisters. Launching a show you say I know that guy you might have signed our grocery at all it was quite an experience in high school quietly out of cedar high schools quell drug should broadcaster and so after that you which college you're like no other radio station there and finally ended its Morgan radio. Yes I went to a community college in Saint Joseph things and then. Graduated from Northwest Missouri State your neighbors got merger and a note about you Yahoo! where guests both friends and I went there BS and education. Appropriately. Via an educational of the major and social science minor in political science. Later. Went through pork university import growing degree in public demonstration Oca. But after college after her Villa was drafted. Right amid fighting the Vietnam War and so I was away for years. And you came back in city after that I was assigned to lose Larry I came making I would just client AI. My father in Saint Joseph became seriously ill. I was in Vietnam I was sent back on emergency leave. Now and then because. Recovery was going to be a long time and there my mother was deceased and I had two siblings. And I was about the only person who could provide any kind of hear from my father. So I will receive what's called a compassionate reassignment. And became the city I commuted daily from strangers with density and back. And I was that the army hometown news sooner hell hole period this remember that I mean I was that was dropped to 25. Last possible moment they could give you know draft for people into the 26. And lows between I was 26 weeks and mean Boca. And you have stayed there will get mourned that after the break we're talking to my kid who's the host of KC PT's Iraqi is PBS station here in Kansas City more information that he CPT dot org. Mike is also under the world Twitter you can fall Mitt Mike Shea and it on Twitter as well also on FaceBook. You'll see new grill nation shall be back with the Mike Shannon here after the break thanks for joining us again today on came easy ninety's yeah. Welcome back to the grill nation shell euros Jason real facing you for joining us on. Came easy 9 PM and on iTunes via podcast were talking to Mike Shannon who is the host of rockets on TC PT. And along time a radio and TV broadcasting here in the Kansas City area like your tell us about Vietnam and coming back and you made a home for yourself here now at Kansas City tells Stahl Scott about the turns aggression and how you ended up getting back involved broadcast or. I hear I spend maybe eight or nine months that the army hometown knew sooner in Kansas City and I met my future wife. At that location she was a civilian employee of the army and we've met there. And so why finish my age at time and the army. Well actually back up during the last few months of my time at the army Newsome or I had a weekend job and one of the local radio stations. And then I was hired full time after it left the army or more true. 1970. And spending your true that job before it went by saying Joseph. Oh my father and improvement. His condition worsened. Owen Bakalar and until his passing and work in broadcasting there for a while and then came back in the Soviet. Late 1972. New. And you selling Casey k.s are writers while I'm not a real I came to work for a great college Sega might PI CK I thought yeah I don't know why I. Went to work. In late 1972. As a news reporter for radio station that was located in. And license to Kansas City, Kansas. And the news department there was focused on a lot of KCK news. And I lived in Shawnee you for the first part of my experience there. And over the time. The lie you've spent in news in the NC Kansas at this radio station I got really emboldened. Intrusive in what was going on locally in my blood. He CK got rather a bad break from local media and in fact the people in government are used to complain about all the news reporters. Who would do critical stories about the city but lived elsewhere in Lyndon Johnson County you're intensely was. And have a prob so today well yeah Boeing KC MO that are living in park zoo here I don't go her and as soul when. After I got married. My wife and I decided to move to Kinsley chances than we had an apartment there for a while mobile home has kind of been your world. Ever since several decades let's think. Did you has to get involved in east. The the political current events side of broadcasting because say you mentioned your disc jockey did the cartoon thing when you're nice school. But you tied together algebra I break in into the current events political life in college true I got. White interest in politics. And do well I was of Northwest Missouri State I took a lot of courses in political science. And most of the professors were liberal. And the 1964. Barry Goldwater campaign and energized me and my interest in conservatism. So I would spend much time in class baiting with the professors. And it was as a result of glad that I got so interest in politics. And then doing news of course and related area may and so my interest in politics grew as our work as a news reporter and later as the news director of couple's brief answer you did that okay adults on that what was the difference in news reporter newsroom well news directors like management official who's in charge you department through. I errors and firings the reporters there and either assigns them or as someone who does assign them on behalf while the news director. Asked them to do. The news directors responsible for the sound of the news in the content of news and you know playing to a friend if we are very careful about some reporters. Who will have a political point of view and try to incorporated into the news story and bully Ramallah I worked hard and avoiding that for myself and for people who worked. Under my jurisdiction because a newscast on radio at least at that time was not a place for reporters. Political good genetic suspect and heavily I guess today not nearly as much that I mean you have that whole line it's. Or somebody somebody journalists are an entertainment show they're gonna know you sit down. Under the nightly shows on CNN Fox News whoever and they want to say boy gets like two different worlds. And I really those site below ruckus one week that you know if you watched him beat at MSNBC. Regularly and or watch Fox News regularly you'd have to. Diverse points of view about what's going on in Washington and an important if I miss you my eyes look back and forth some time to see that you know. CN stuck in about something with with the Russian investigation that I turn often. Fox News they're talking about people jumping across the border it's completely. Different guy the other was a time when an anchor was thought to be absolutely bipartisan in terms of approach Walter Cronkite was a great liberal. As she revealed when he got out of journalism on television live CBS. But he wrote a column worries acknowledged his views were liberal but he tried very hard as far as I know the key. Political partisan views out of the newscast denial of news at CBS during his afternoon. A wonderful oversee that come back on and on a big scale offered now we're just the biscuits or Coke and it's a partisan world and you know were never any affected as journalists I'm Heidi I don't see it happening any time soon Jerusalem you know as much as I think it might be valuable you don't. It used to be you can go to a couple of major newspapers in this country and say. Okay hero of the facts mean and then you decide. Those are. I don't like that approach or I disagree with the democratic the Republican guy. Now even those papers there front pages are partisan and you don't know what to believe you don't know what the flexor. You mentioned you're new start ticker news or for Rinker you also out of radio show for quite awhile here an inner conflicts yes and you where in drive time is Eric I was on while I go I've done other talk shows in the past close stations you may know the name Jerry full golden. Jerry Falwell did oh long running morning. News and talk show in Kansas City and then add in her come on KM BZ. AM first and then bold. Which is now just the freedom right of Scott barks like into the afternoon program I'd been here. It's publishers of these red drew I've been here as a business news reporter initially aka ended the morning business news. On KM BZ in the most Sunday morning news talk and interview kind of program and then that was only 206. There was a decision made worse got to regroup here and do they have been true okay and we do that for a period of five years now does that and he still that's more Avaya was more of a current events and political news talking. Lou. Lot of politics is exercise your culture got both are conservative people well we are trying to usually you feel was less conservative and I. But who the idea because I'm I'm quite a little Bruins got an and one of the early ideas was. You're a couple of guys who. Come from different generations and how do they view these things and what what does Mike's generational thing compared what's the odds thing so that. So that's the thing with radio should he keep trying to reinvent yourself a little bit and see what works stations do La right right if they change from. I mean stations change for business shows stationed in sports station to a didn't so intensity of stuck around for awhile but now it now it seems he knew more towards that entertainment slam which is why it's great to use. Continue to focus on current events in the eastern Kansas City on rock. Well ruckus goes all through and and eventually we can review which is another room. News oriented program there. And you know there was a time I can recall well I was active in broadcasting. They believe that I get invited to weekend shows on TV stations commercial stations I think each of them to the weekend. News in review kind of show or program talking about top stories of the week. And I'd say pretty busy doing that as well as ruckus once I begin but now I don't think any of the local television stations. Do much local. Coverage on the weekends of news stories news opinion they have newscast they're not. There's not there's not anymore and Germany years I thought about wouldn't be cool we get to show. On a network but you know more anxious eye on the weekends like they have you know in DC you tally your show but it. It just doesn't exist. It just does not exist there's really nobody. Covering well you may be more so now and all the scandals that have been caught up in Jeff city it's because. But furlong time I mean I'd be got to just city and and nobody would know anything going on in. The star wouldn't cover it what was going on in local or state politics is probably more local was offered the state to seemingly on its own island in the city. Back when I was eight news direct through a couple of radio stations are canceling. It and first got involved. Almost all of the radio stations in Kansas City had a news department. Sometimes three. Four playoff so only larger but they all make an attempt of local news that's not the case anymore and I mean that only I think 3M BC. Wraps so no great music etc. the photos are there serious news reporting many of the other radio stations are abandoning it in Arlington. But Shannon is our guest today on grill nation Mike Gunn for Gil under the break here. I tell us about rockets and a journey did you did that. That's the same time you're on the radio guy that began in 1995. Drew from and what was the idea behind that that guy whether they were bill Reid came to Kansas City to be the CEO word general manager of channeling team. Am I interviewed in more talk show. And among the things she was talking about was his desire to and handsome and do more local programming. And he had two ideas remind you wanna do a local parallel of Washington week in review on previous. Against Kansas City we can review. And and wanted to do. A local version of McLaughlin group we do you may remember we're just all running watch program calling. PBS open told I'm John McLaughlin bodied tea and nobody took over after that. And so we can review was first in the 92 I believe I was a weekly panelist on that for three or four years and a 95. We kicked off rook who was the hosted that show back and John mastermind Oca. Who have been with NBC in New York and then they McCann said he would think to channel four originally and the good work elsewhere in an open food they see Petri. A guy who will we'll talk form our ruckus or talk what the evolution of the show and and how you chasing him what's goals are. And I wanna get into some stories Mikey had a chance to go to the White House many times and also. Of meet the Mets some influential politicians intensity figures over the years like get some. Background information on that and learn more than also can learn more about some your favorite parts of Kansas City after the break. You listen to the grill nation show appreciate you anything KBZ 988 AM and on 1950 podcast we're. I guess. Welcome back through the drill nation show appreciate you joining us again today help her having a great day I'm your host Jay seem grill her 988. AM. Appreciate you listening as well today via podcast on iTunes again you connect with me on social media to search for my name or. On Twitter at the JC grilled and having a really good time talking our guests say Mike Sheehan who's a a long time broadcast here in Kansas City he's currently the host of the rocket show on PCP CP BS and Mike. You'd be shocked everywhere I go people PeopleSoft mean say you know really enjoy that show and I'd your on that show and in all of these Republicans live and you're. You do a great job and your honor them always enjoy your inspiration and you're always running people who want you know oh well I know that they'll get great ratings and you know the nursing thing is people from diverse walks of life may watch we show. And I cannot tell you how many times. Over the past twenty some years of ruckus has been on I've gone into a restaurant or some public place and somebody comes of brilliance of those. Eight or you hear a starter raucous. At. It's crazy guy I was guided trawler on this week anti Google mentioned there I was a funeral of somebody mentioned there I had crush. People people really like Michelle you've been doing differ over how do you all of the show I mean I've gone every Rucker show except three since it began in the in any fun. I was offered to and I have years went on. Do to have some financial problems. Over previous administration moved the TV station back after. 9/11 men but they came back on and has been running the second for the second block were. It's stayed she's stayed pretty true to its it is what is turned accomplishing its goals right now guys like those awful and diverse points of view on the same program. You know. Slightly heated discussion without bitterness and anger in Memphis. So for a while you have on the same guest or else you had re occurring panelists reporters. Not not all reporters units we can use thing bit. You had different ball leaders Turkey in the city and I think I I can believe it's been Islam ninety doesn't fourteen you change it up. You change that guest panel of their. Yeah on the idea from low management of the station was. We need more diversity on the panel then. And that have been talked about periodically up until then moved maybe replacing one panelist each week so. The problem was is that as I think you'll realize is that so many of the stories. Or the same week after week but there's some slight evolution in the story your change. And a very important to cover but when you're interviewing or talking to the same for people their views aren't going to change from week to week and truly I do. Of having a more diverse fan all the changes every week you can come over many of the same stories repeatedly that are important Afghan civilian don't. Change that much you get different points of view their first you know people a better with. These new people and we don't feel people but I feel like it's. Yeah it's pretty stand knowing his lips up there than all the other changes was there is a brief interview at the beginning of the program and that may relate to a news stories. There will be talk about later or may not. And originally there were complaints about the the life heard but now. And so I have people saying yeah I kind of enjoy that because I hear about so I had no I knew was going on Argo Lori inside the Wu of the issues that we talk about. Did you always have you always had three topics or as a more than that a huge before before where you need five or six when an interview with the beginning of the program aka. And that's the newsmaker intensity to show airs on Thursday as a third birthday evenings at seven it runs again I'm on. Now on Saturday morning at like 1230 Boca. And then Sunday morning eleven theory okay it's been on Sunday for a long yet on three shots now three shots and that's what people are sop well you I I didn't know sometime back when they start running it in the early morning hours I had no idea of the that was being done. You can come back and Barbara turner rush so I. The race that I saw live by you guys should know no you didn't see their men like oh yeah did. You're Rutgers lesson will no real slow on the London and he stereo system than he was right here it was authentic. Miss you guys you don't really good job with the guests view with keeping your own prepared and you know having to pick out the topic through week isn't easy it's not easy and and and with a diverse changing panel. Trying to use stories that are appropriate but will be things that that particular group. Would be interest it and then you know not it's not like we have news people there who cover everything we have people from different walks of life mean and not everyone sits around covering the news every day in reading every story that's available. That's why we send packets of information to each of mammals live background information but yup it is is a bit of a chore to get. What's it like topics for the right and what's good because guys like me maybe don't know as much about what's going on its peak because amount therein in and I'll read a bunch article go to school finance issue that keeps coming rapper. Brownback in the task gets over the years. Put it through to really get shown energy as a check and it's also available on mine very instantly after an airedale. Tony YouTube channel PCB these YouTube channel it's. It's great in just that the fact even doing it for so long. Shows that it's still exciting and I know you can ratings as well but the highest rate shows on that's and then. On PBS these days so I hope so get used to that Mike Shannon is our guest. Mike throughout the years you've had a chance to these are pretty cool things and in these are making in urged using news reporting in these directing. Does include trips to the White House tells about some of those don't even there are few time. Three times that was during the Reagan administration nerves. Was there gospels or is well an effort to bring people in from media who don't live and work in Washington. Yeah yeah Allentown media day and I was the news director of radio station Paltrow most of that station and so. I got invited and one on three separate occasions you go. The old executive office building and first writing Internet. Nardelli a floor and attic up there gave Canada the beautiful building next nobody thinks about and they would bring out the the major people in the administration through brief fuel on key topics like Colin Powell was one of them likes all. And laughter in the morning briefings you go across move your order longer. To the White House and go into. I think it's the worst. And Wes dining room word yet right there at the same room wherever it is and and tables are set to open and they're like maybe sixty journalist and the only a little or tea. Boards playing heeled boots she from the president comes in and joins. People are one of the tables and then we'd have lunch and the president would get up and conduct a news conference they bring the national media and program. And the local Liu as well. And they were fascinating experiences see those people in person David Gergen sat at the table with me and why do we wasn't I'm here but he's on CNN yeah think in this law are at Harvard Kennedy Ella and I did make that tragic air one time. The last five I was there earnestly explain why I was the last time. I was seated at a table and saw a guy get up and go. Near the table were the pros don't season. And crouched down and took a couple of pictures. Well this was there is a reporter. Well I don't know cooler water OK am I assume there was aghast at the donor. Another salute before Smartphones and and so he wanted to take pictures that who. Instead actual caring profession got a little camera I had one with my initial apple oddly in the picture regular clothes I got up and started toward his table. And two secret servicemen. We're on me immediately and did when you're doing us allies won't take pictures of president. Should bureau from room to do that much survival guide over the urges that it. And they said that is the official White House photographer. I think after I guess we'll go like why didn't the direct and you learned your lesson there never got back come see you go back for well deserve a president Leno why there were after them not interest me would have liked to seen the White House is like back in exchange some me time you know each president changes the the look and the feel of the office is just such an unreal experience you know that going in their say. Oh this is real I'm here I am in the White House and move the state dining room water were. And there's the president just do six feet away from there right when an extension experience it's cool they still do that. With local reporters I know that. It's similar to what they do and Hollywood was movies and you know junkie where an AM an actor sits in previews and reporters just in five minutes. Or an error that the local station. Along the great experiences. And I've had. Because of the jobs like that is to meet people knew who were celebrities. And in my favorite columnist and commentator. For years has been George will who. And I met your baseball fan or ideas and fact that is he wrote a book about baseball that was the best selling sport will grow number idea. The craft. At least one thing in the or throughout the names of like the craft of work and baseball and well I met him interviewed him one time for an hour. And as we left the studio old. Walking down the hallway I said the what you write columns were newspapers and magazines and your own television and you write books. Which is your favorite and he said well I believe books because I think they were the least of investment. And he said did you agree allies that well yes by all means move books are the least that would best show and he left the building on one to a dictionary. Find out why in the world Evelyn Nelson mirror right what does that mean what it means like drifting away you're not a Syrian disappearing and though it was the right word mean I acted like I understood that when George woes according do words I had no idea what they were and would study human and try to make them part of Bible then he became here's a writer obviously in any surgery on TV contributing her great writer he writes columns I think better than anyone you know and IE. I energy stemmed his term through the political auction. I'm the only morning he was back when David Brinkley mean. Moved to ABC and laid this week with David Brinkley George will was on matters. This went from the beginning it became. Well you're several different titles analysis. Or snow throughout the flow of crazies crazier things go Michael wanna after the break talked to more about so that it may be interesting people you've met that are. Political people I know the you've met a lot here in Kansas City over the years and maybe talk about some of the most exciting stories that have happened and also talk about kind of what. What's your life like outside of broadcasting journalism. And we're Samir favorite places to go here in Kansas City. We're talking a Mike Shannon he's on Twitter at Mike Sheehan and he's getting more active on socially with gel like Mike with TC BT and rockets. Ruckus is available on TC PT out or check it out every week again airs on Thursday's original and also on Saturdays and on Sundays. They discuss great topics here in Kansas City and in the news of the day in the trends of the times or in my care. That is that right that's Jerry Rice that's your news of the day in the room knew it. My chin is put this on a relationship today we're. Welcome back into the drill nation shows nine ED EMC's easy as well that relationship dot com and on iTunes via podcast you're at Mike CNN host of ruckus. On Casey PT a longtime broadcaster in conceive been fascinating to learn more about Mike in his. Background in in his time in broadcasting we have one segment left Mike you mentioned you often are you in seat events with people like Walter Cronkite. Always ally while he was probably. What you would think would be very difficult experience and and yet. I prepared for there was the Truman good neighbor award foundation and Walter was they Miley your the good neighbor award and boom. Kay Barnes who was his cousin. Was the mayor Ken silly at that time and as you may recall Walter was born in saint Joe's. I was born in Saint Joseph so I had a chance to kill about that in boulder was very gracious laughter at the right times and was very complimentary when when we finished the program. He was a great speaker gave a great speech it's one of the most no rule of memorable experiences of my career and you've interviewed a lot of people I don't a lot of politicians. You have an all time favorite politicians don't Charles Wheeler Charles Wheeler Erica. Over the years he's run for everything has I'm Manny why you moved to Kansas City in only 1972 he was in the middle of his first term. And he would say such funny things. And I spoke she stole those couple stories about. Charlie Wheeler that I will tell people. He was asked a news conference. Are you going to run for a second term in the I don't know emotional when we make a decision. And he said I'll make my decision at the first sign of spring. Reporter said almost a player what do you consider W a first line of spraying and he said. Well as the former Jackson County corner. I've always felt that when the ice breaks on the Missouri River and the first body floats downstream from sprint time has all right hit it. And Hillary that I die like that he was a cigarette smoker when he was elected him and of course he's a doctor and and the moon turley. And moves during a period when there was a lot of anti smoking commercials being run and anti smoking campaign so we finally announced a news conference that he was giving up cigarettes a few weeks later a solution and how are you doing in your quest to give up smoking mr. mayor and he said well I'm doing pretty well. I've taken up chewing toothpicks. As a substitute. And now my family and friends are deeply concerned about contract Dutch elm disease. If. But you know how he's out that's got the Mayo I think it. And for him saying those kind of things slow and expect to please us you know great media you put his name of the dollar for governor few oil is in his eighties or nineties the new they're mighty. I interviewed him on ruckus as you running for governor. And you wearing baseball cap. And the city and figure out how people could live beyond a hundred years of age and he was going to do it the love it hello. My chin you also mentioned Ronald Reagan you you really like Ronald Reagan had an opportunity. You meet him in Nancy also it the SMU reality the treatment at the Reagan Reagan library out there outside of LA was that experience like. Well I was just fascinating. I get a reduced by a friend of a friend to show up and yell and other. Great tour of the library for open that day and and we were told that Nancy Reagan was going to be there and that the if we went downstairs with somebody from the library that she might say hello. And so when we went down where we were waiting and we were just. Two of my before five people for the people were staff members and and in the door. Came Nancy and the president are former president at a time. And he just looked field as he could be any was early eighties. And the people said would come over and we'll introduce the people from Kansas City and we met and shook hands and. Muir I remember me mister president I was all right trusting god yeah. How many jelly and there and solely lined us up for a picture. And before they snapped at the presidency and no wait a minute. Anyone over and took my wife by her shoulders and moved her to a different place in the lineup and he said it's prettier that way. And then we took the picture they took the picture. And I couldn't wait to get them. If and couple weeks later got letter from Lee Reagan library is saying here mr. Shannon. Our professional photographer wasn't on duty that day but we tried to take total grasp of the unfortunately didn't come out. So we can't send them to you but the president will send you an autograph picture of himself OK and a few weeks later we got this big photograph of Reagan. Will play scrawled signature truly Shannon's guys Ronald Reagan yeah that's cool you do try to get to photos with them at some point to discover how it is there wasn't meant to be. Mike guys a person is him broadcasting there for most of their career. What what's your advice for people nowadays to get involved and know when Americus. Filming a segment. Or show while we see young people there. More what do you have for advice as far as radio and TV getting involved maker yeah I used to think the answer was to be versatile and I tried to be able to do bunch of different things right. Reasonably well read on the year reasonably will interview reasonably well. I've I think I've come to the conclusion that versatility is not that important you've got to wholly owned one area. And get as good as the at bat as you can possibly be and goes like I don't think broadcasters. Are looking for personal. Talent they're looking for killer talent you can do one thing and do it as well as or better than. Virtually anyone else did Abbott also Q I would think when I was an intern over it at that scene and in DC IA when you leave the internship in a lot of people become. Producers are video folks and then now I've seen so most people on air. And so they they started you know as an intern got an innate. They became a blogger has come a friend of look of the people there know when you get special preference I'm sure if you're known by the management and the staff mean and you apply for a job in the manager asked somebody did you lose. You were were you around when he was then turned and you do all right and you can't see what they're professional broadcasters are doing are there right. When you see Wolf Blitzer ECU and you see people that have done mystery you learn from them. Even if you argument and say how I learned I knew it was I was saying you're working over the Saint Joseph of TV station is around people. We were actually doing television announcing and then also radio. Personnel he works so beyond and as to rubble often after a while. My chin is with us couple minutes left Mike so outside of broadcasting and interviewing people all the time away like you for fun. We like DO Kansas City Q the dying to have fun to chill to I don't have fought crooked cricket cup I'm really fairly private. My wife I go out to move yes sign autographs or Rio all yet it held we go out to lunch or early dinner of the law. I like nick and Jerry accidentally. Gas like real. For the jazz music there you've always been offended Jack I have and more casual dining there restaurant's name pay goes there are several Gloria and Johnson County that I have come through like a lot. There's a place we found recently wallabies on money for the street like I'm big on Boren grills. I think they're great to get options there are. Ruckus is gonna keep container out for many years to come you know it's not my decision we make it reviled so I I would assume it's going to continue lose my desire to continue as long was right. Think I'm doing it reasonably well no fly height I'm always troubled mind people in broadcasting or other professions. Who stay too long commute who go beyond their abilities. And and if I were feel like I can't handle it I would I would stop doing it but as long as I think I'm. Reasonably competent of doing the work of these we don't I'm likely to stay with a end real quickly there's been some fights over the years Iraq is so we have back in the days originate over some people will remember rich. When he and Steve Gloria also NC rules were among the regular panelist and there was one slip network came out of his chair and we didn't have a table then. They know is shared toward glory OK so I had to jump in the middle actually stop but I love it and black when the Union Station vote was going on preparation for that Steve rose. Was a code sharer of the Kansas drive and network into the I'd move three having Union Station and Steve grove said. Rich I suppose you wouldn't care if the whole place crumbled beyond. And Nadler said I'd love it but only if you were inside. Think that Mike Shannon Casey VT rockets every week we appreciate them on the relationship my great pleasure thank you were muttering that you can rest on your success so thanks for joining us today on the grill nation will cnet's.