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Saturday, May 6th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your host of grill nation always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Is Jason grills hello welcome to grill nation with Jason Grilli joining us today on 988. M and on. Grow nation showed dot com appreciating so when podcast on iTunes and stitcher radio. We are an episode 105 I believe. Things of being great or intrigue a month of may like his good. If you will we're gonna have a great show today fury. Creative person a businessperson a person who likes to think big this is going to be a show for you we are going to touch all of those avenues with a lot of really actually cool these stories. With one of our. On their contributors to grill nascent. Looked and Alexander creator Chuck Norris owner of reactor designed CDO supporter of the grill nation show he's a designer Marc linger in creator of epic brands. He believes that your brand to print materials are the foundation for creating a lasting impression with their customers create it creates an Indies that are member hole and printed pieces that are sensory experience. Street Joseph and have a freak actually higher sponsor. What did Alexander will be our guest also and I think our other partners in the supporters of gorilla nation including our title sponsors. Trust Mo bay BO OK financial and q.s advisors in Ryan wrinkles wanna thank you see tar light district and the rigor Casey NG re hearing though Ryan may be. Will be joining us later in the month. So without further ado let's talk to Clifton Alexander reactor design studios reactor Casey. Dot com Clifton what's up man eighth housing on I went through that quickly today be kids we have. A lot to talk about lots of taco or calling this the smorgasbord. Of awesome this today okay and why is that. I don't know we just have a lot of different topics at talk about talk about creativity you get some articles to jump into them. I think overall body magazines and plotting magnets or not I finally there's always some good stuff in there and by such as some packed and I think talking generally about creativity and business and all sorts of things that I get passionate about and then as that you're equally passionate about what it takes time sometimes to. To really got to look in the states. He should get you get near your daily run right you're you're you're grinding you're trigger for a fire hose you're fat you're having meetings all day here bright and you don't have time to actually pull back the your time and actually look at some of these hot topics definitely the things he could do better make both you and your business or your. Personal life better so that's when things were gonna do today one of the things you've been doing we're talking to Clifton Alexander. His Twitter is at cliff boat would be oh is how you spell that out on Twitter. You took a wrote Triplett. Recently I went down Arkansas which by the way is incredibly beautiful country in northwest Arkansas I had a enjoy myself immensely but I went down there to speak to you a conference. Chamber executives of these are chamber executives. Leaders. CVB folks economic development folks from. Missouri Arkansas Kansas and Oklahoma and not easier this speaking you know I'm a tigers they're gonna yeah. A little bit now I just happen to know the right people and some of the people I happen to know are pretty well connected in this organization. They had heard me speak on some different topics locally and asked me to come down and speak to their greets us. 300 people are so ordering them these are all. And although the heavy hitters from all the chambers and where I don't know where you nurse institutions. You know I'm never nervous once I get started and once they start rolling through 'cause I know the content I'm pretty confident in that but. Leading up to these big talks ID to India and a nervous and I start to wonder about you know what happens with my. No it's no way or my presentation is zero faulty you know domain and do that is the PowerPoint IED. You see had a pretty plain that I do it's very well planned out. And you know I just I go through this actually use a lot of help from my staff as well when I come up these talks because. They're the ones that are in the trenches everyday working on the stuff you and so I work with my staff to come up with these ideas in these topics and then it's up to me is. I take the to the range and go for it and standard from the crowds and and talked to people so she walked in you can use. You're talking and his group. What was the talk about again why suited to talk to sell I did break out session that was all about. Marine standards and things like that was called creativity learning constraints. Outsells the one topic and then my keynote lunch topic to the entire group. It was all the marketing and technology and trends and and basically just general in what are we doing in marketing in between seventeen and how does that affect. And organization like a chamber of commerce and how they can continue to. Market in. Interest seeing and technological. And trendy ways to either consumers. OK so those are nice teaser. Yeah what's low to get some some tips there SI candy I think I really wanted to focus today on the creativity aspect and the whole. Concept how do we get out of our bubble rank how we get out of our right how we get initiative backed. Track and that just a little bit. One of the things that I say about people and generals and everyone has created so no matter what industry you're in a matter what your job is a matter what you're things. You have to be a graphic designer you are to be. And artists to be creative person so every single person on the planet is creative in their own why I didn't of these things that I talk about are not designed to say. Okay now all you can all of a sudden become an artist if you are an artist's right it's not about that. It's really about just inking a little more creative going getting your brain out of out of its focus to the can refocus. That makes any sense I think he's done a little innocents as death so I have three little basic parts on how to think a little bit more creatively outside your box one of them is their kind of tease and your success in tricks or ideas some of the things that we use in our office these are some of the things that I use for a long long time. So there's trends there's relationships in theirs immersed in sort of the three parts the trends are keeping up with what's going on in the world and how do you do you do that well. And we don't I try. A tribute to realize you and I real Lotto articles and blog you emails you noted the cadillacs or before anyone else threat of so what I'm looking at is I'm always looking for what's the latest trends and all that comes through with different articles. Is what are all the different places you can look. Where are the places you can do you continuing education I think designed week is a good example of that right here locally. And get yourself out there and to design we can sort of thing what with what tepid turns you looking for what what should people be focused on it does or is it is based on their profession it could be missing your profession right here in turley Jason your professional interest they can be just simply. What's going on in the world today related to you. Passion or color schemes or photography or whatever right so. Those are things that interest me those are things that a lot of people would be interest in whether or not there. Actually create a person. I'm Getty images every year puts out any basically a trend report. And they searched through all of the images are being downloaded worldwide and on a regular basis. And they. Have a whole team of people go out and and looks through and sort through all that data and information. And they come up with. Here that the here's the most trendy things that are happening in imagery and photography and you can download this report from the website it's very cool really I NC can just look through that and say. Okay here's what's happening in the world here's what people are looking for here's what they're doing here's what they're. Visually seen. And that's part of that whole piece that's really neat kind of things those. Did he do inequity with that a Getty image or I will do I'm Wilson Getty image for target for once a little that we did. With Paris and frustration hardware and it was. Pretty cool he's talking with a guy he's been all over the world and we're talking to cliff and Alexander. Twitter is at cliff Bo reactor designs Syria's director Casey dot com. Critics continue this conversation after the break there inching. What you need to do to get out of your creative rights. Some of the trips tips and tricks that he uses that inspires this great power. Feel a senior girl nation thank you yeah. And NN. Albums. And that. Welcome back to grill nation in 1988 AMD and on and grill nation should dot com Brigitte joining us well on I do it's. And tune in radio. You can get back to me on Twitter acts in Jason gorilla and that drill nation show also available on sat jet answer grand and on FaceBook. The search for Jason grilled GR I LL we're back with Clifton Alexander reactor design C is your honor contributed to the show fell leader. Creative genius. He'd call and every one he fits all those those terminology used. His website is reactor Casey dot com great company here in Kansas City. We're talking about. Clifton going on a eating is speaking gig and he traveled. Down south he is talking about some of the things they give him out of a creative rut. There's three things the first thing is trends. We're talking about that and so you redo of search or whatever things are trending online you finally every Afghan what's this. The emails. The can sign up for that'll drop in your inbox once today that are must reads they come from. Ink magazine fast company. Asunder Daly is a daily trends report that pops in your email box. There's things like that there's. Your general blogs and things he might wanna follow. A regular basis all those things are about just on researching your understanding what's going on in the world are for getting out here. Here hourly yet they didn't hit a second you do. It is all our relationships OK so this is the part where you were connecting one to one with people. So it doesn't necessarily mean these are people. That you normally connect to a sometimes it is. It doesn't necessarily mean these are people in your industry either I'm a big believer in connecting with. The people that are in your industry so you can understand what's happening what's going on all that. But then also on just connecting with people outside of your history going outside and saying you know I'm just having coffee or connecting people and really. Investing in those relationships. So you can have a better awareness of how other things work on the big believer in. You know when I see something that's interest singer wanna are kind of look under the hood and try to figure how how it's done how many are now works. And it's the same thing with the with the knowledge Kenya from relationships with people right. So you you are collaborator and so if you you want to alert you to listen up and say you don'ts take the this is someone that is in the same field as me. Exactly now. Sometimes that's very valid thing. I've done this in the past where I have. Met up with a group of other. Like minded small design business owners. For a monthly lunch where we just talk about. She's in the breeze and here's what's happening in the world and how do you. In all the steps to assure an employee or something like that it's nothing personal it doesn't have anything related to you the actual. People or clients or working on this just general overarching how do you run a business in this field I think you know we're competitors were still friendly and we still understand those sorts of things. We're learning from each other. And it's all the other things it's it's meeting regularly with them just unpacking. What happens on a daily basis and other people's lives in some my wife for example she's an account minutes it's. Her world is in. Excel and accounting world analysts are two things completely outside of the norm of what I do on a regular basis but it's really interesting to see how. Creative she is able to be within that space right. And so that's where I its answer to learn makes it to see and understand. What it means to be creative and other. Fields and other types spaces and so for that. For me is pretty inspirational outside in interest inside you know as anybody out all I'll sit down and you know the guys that. Mows my grass right I want and understand how that mower works in markets so perfect and how wise did you cross hatched the sway not the other way and you know let's let's take right look like under yes and I think that's really important for people to really. Understand how other people work and how other industries work. And I think all of that helps us to be more creative because if I see something. The my alarm organized in our sees something creative that my wife is doing in in Microsoft Excel from for all things right. Those are things that could influence in some decision I make three days from now when I'm knows what it's my. Gold also conscious and so we have trends and also we have. We have relationship that. So what's the third thirties or any other crater read for third one I was in Immersion. And and so that is basically just immersing herself in creative environments. Putting ourselves in positions that maybe make this a little bit uncomfortable. And those sorts of things right and so one of my favorite. Things seduce something that I call for inspiration. And it's it is what it says it is right it's an idea of doing something fun or interest seeing it as a way to be more inspired and so. Sometimes that can be something as simple as just getting out and gone on a little road trip I saw when I went down to you. With this Arkansas to demy speaking gig. Stopped couple times long the last stop the beef jerky factory that was pretty awesome. I sort of glad that it's snow Millen no lawyer back. Usually you see the billboards in the need to stop brochure yeah. I'm seeing those billboards and I've never stop millions out of migrated yet I don't know you know but all that all that why I would visited the wall a bulls factories and a guy so I kind of stuff I guarantee you understand a little bit more about. About everything that's gone and it's gonna come down to that something different unique and in intra scene I love to you go to places like new marble and Bonner springs are your been there are no like that's a place you just have to go. You know you have artisans are they're literally making marbles out of glass and you can watch him make. Marbles the most amazing thing ever. And they have a right there and have the shop with vintage can of toys and gifts and things like that. Speaking go to places like that you can go on road trips are and places like Myanmar meat jerky on the way down to our lineup. It took jet setting yourself so. Must see S stopped and I want to you Crystal Bridges museum of art where the laws down there which was. One of the most amazing inspiring places that are meant to. They have Frank Lloyd Wright house on the promises that they. Bentonville and plopped in their museum grounds there are huge huge huge fear frankly right and and so when your seeming inside of of a frankly right how's the mood the tour guide is telling you she says okay notice there's a four foot by four foot pattern on the floor of lines right the whole. For pattern is in for for about four for its actions. This is okay take any one of those lines going. Going the slayer going now blame and follow that line all the way to the end there and follow it to the wall and you'll notice that. The what are happening on the walls furniture. The bookshelves the lighting all winds up that same line then follow that line up the wall and you'll notice the wallpaper the wood paneling fits in that same line. All live to the ceiling you're sets with a beam is. In the being goes across the ceiling and goes down to the other side. And in the Newman is the couch cushions are perfectly split from that same line in the not lankans background meets where where you left it. DC in an environment like that and you say I mean holy crap spirit these people are. Some amazing sort of genius people are thinking about these things and you think about in my daily life I am I ever that thorough or complete as somebody like Franklin right is where is designing every. Single little DTL. Of the sell side so far down I did he tell us of where the placement of the cushions of the couch are as important as anything else right. Who and so I look at those sorts of things and I go I mean you know holy crap right you talk about fun talk about inspiring talk about increasing talk about. Immersing yourself in them arm. There emergency and you make time for these strips are ready schedule that out if European winner yes sir when I'm going to some place like this like a speaking trip or I've got a business trip in Washington DC coming up rescind. I will try to you when I can't depending on namely my. Timing timing and south I'll try to leave a day earlier come back a day late because I will then try to make time for those sorts of things so when my team. Went to DC couple years ago one of the things that we did was we are inside. Library of Congress. We saw a sign that said tunnel to you some things we just went downstairs and these are walking on the subtle. All of a sudden we felt like we were in a place we shouldn't be. We were walking in these tunnels underground underneath Washington DC. There's nobody down there. You could see all the electrical wires and everything this Expos right rocking these tunnels and there's nowhere there's no signs say we can't be there. But it felt like we shouldn't be there and we just kept walking and we just kept going going and we ended up. Three blocks over something and we ended up in some other building we stopped a guy and we said what's what's interesting to see in this building is there anything cool in here right. And the guy goes I got to see this giant globe and socially you hang out and popped up by this elevator and some other building. And there's there's a ten foot tall internally eliminate global the world's oceans to sit there in the in the middle this hallway. Inside of one of the buildings in DC you never normally just happened upon results of glory is an underground right so it's things like. That where and that story goes in the a completely different. Right hand out but we don't get RS I'm not ever gonna save yourself right up like in the bottom of the Saturday night. Did the president United States want yeah actually like that I'm not back quite that Nia. You can't get that close right yes but it's about it's about just going out of your comfort zone and saying you know there isn't new there's the signs as we can go this way it doesn't feel like we should be able to remind him anyway so we're gonna. We're not immerse themselves in these environments that are a little unique herb or outside the box and all these things so you get out of your creative Bruntlett but all collected at that he's gonna how you. Got to remove yourself from the day day in and. To think very differently causes you think on your feet causes you to you. To just do things in a way that is is different than you would normally do in the hole. Kind of concept or or roots of creativity is coming up with ideas and nobody's ever come up with four I. So if you yourself are doing something you've never done before or that's interest singer different or behind the scenes of what other people are doing that are Korean. It just opens it up you know in in all these things aren't like these perfect little. Like cocaine and the next day I came back home my brains from the most amazing thing ever I. Not about that it's more about the overall totality of the experiences. And those are the things that help us to break out of that creative rut and just help us to you on. Think a little bit differently about how we go about our normal daily life. Am very good very good signal with Clifton Alexander reactor design studios at cliff Bo. CL I FBO on Twitter. We're gonna come back after the break cliff don't talk to you about we're gonna revisit. Brainstorm. So there's an awesome article and each they came are fast company about. Brainstorming in what earth three different things you can do inside your business if you actually taken to the next level the listening girl nation they can do. I guess. Welcome back to grill nascent. With Jason drill 9 AM. And on girl nation should duck conference he joining us today. As well be a podcast on iTunes and TV and radio we're talking to. What did Alexander creative check Miller is a order of reactor design studio contributor on air guest and guest host of the show. The synod Griffey's first segments of the show wanna go right into our third segment today let's do it. There's an article in fast company and it was entitled brainstorming doesn't work try these three alternatives instead. Our brains creative flow isn't time down the way the temple brains service. There are few ways to shake things up now we've had you on the show before and you know business if and you have a great group of creative employees and team and you in spur you sometimes change your brain serving tactics. Someone did talk to briefly about this article BK is. It's one of those things that you know we'd do we've set him brainstorm together with with the what do we do with different clients. And the at a pretty typical. Are quite bored if you come in with your thoughts there's people like me the probably talk too much. Have too many great idea is you know throw all over the place. This are your ideas of the Bastia bit my point is is that you have people that. Have great ideas. And everyone has an analog people don't speak up immigrants. To this article kind of talks about. Why typical brain storms. Over deliver on certain things that really under deliver on others. And they kinda threw three alternatives and again the circles of fast company notes let's break those down because this is something you do on a daily basis. Yes the ambassador method talk to me about this in the way your thoughts are. This isn't yet listen a little bit more. It's the idea is they you're splitting your group of brings farmers up into different groups and wonder is for the people that. Aren't very. They're not well I guess yes but not now like you and your right they're not gonna necessarily other radio and on yeah. And so there that group goes over and does their thing and they only really talk they just kind of write their thoughts now on the yeah. And then the other group is the more talkative more loud group and they do their thing. And then when you come back together it's up to one of the ambassador so to speak to actually present those ideas to the group for free to those 200. I think it's an interesting take in the sense of saying. Were were purposely acknowledging. The fact that. Some people wanna group especially a bigger brains or group just aren't gonna speak out. The two shy or they don't feel like their ideas are good enough for whatever but this method in a way allows them to have a voice. What they. I guess I don't like about it is the idea that we're supposed to be coming up with some ideas together but weren't but the very first thing we do is split into feet and I. And I am a big believer in and the concept that ideas can roll off of other ideas. And no matter how quiet you are an aggrieved that I'm leading recruits brings from group within my company we. Typically don't have people won't speak out now why have folks that'll reserve their thoughts for a longer period of time. Then when they do you talked you really make sure you listen because when they are ready to talk there's there what they're saying is very important like that. And so in so that's that's sort of that the part that I don't like about like the concept of allowing time I think there's some different ways you can view that. Where you're still inside of a bigger group because when I was so people and as such as soon like that is. Is. The idea that you come up with is probably not the exact perfect idea but that's why everybody else is there is to build on in the end idea at the very green and may not have anything to do with what you originally said. But it's entirely possible that the rolling effect of all the different input on that. If he gets in my hands the way I am moving across this time alliances speak. It all started back from the little might get a idea even though the final decision isn't that at all it's everything that's rolled. And in manipulated from the beginning point becomes bigger and better idea who but there's one little nugget in there that was the thing that. That led to sort of the final decision. The next thing fast company points on the article to at fast company dot com search for brainstorming is traditional brainstorming is time down in a way that our creative. That our brain's natural creative flow is not today advised the sleepover. Thoughts on that. So I totally agree with that statement right. If we sit down in a room for an hour and say OK at the end of this hour we have to have the vessel window remain friends you know that we definitely I don't brand new day and that yes yes. So I. This hats I agree with that a 100%. I also agree with the concept as saying. Everybody come up with your ideas and then sleep on them given an overnight and them come back the next animal restart this process. I agree with that a 100% because one of the things I talk about in my A in. Creativity talks and now all the sorts of things that I do is the idea that our brains work better when we're not trying to force them to tune to think creatively. That's why we in our office will go to lunch we bring some recovery doesn't rain storm but talked about that before here on the show. Is when your actively sitting down at a lunch in your being interrupted constantly. But you're also trying to brainstorm something your brain isn't focused solely on that one thing for an hour and a it's got all kinds of other things happening going right so. This idea and this concept you know people tend to come of their best ideas when they're. In the shower and more when they're sleeping or whatever. Is pretty solid idea actually that the concept of let's start out a little bit coming up some ideas sleep sleep on it in the very next morning and when you wake up. Tried is right down your thoughts immediately and see what suits come overnight so I do agree with them. Our brains do a tremendous amount of work while we sleep the reason many people wake of the communities because during the process of falling asleep and waking up our brains are an in between state were our creative engines have the ability to speak to our conscious minds are very clearly. Tapping into this look the state can help deep in the creativity process any creature team's overall creative output. And that's it yeah that that seem right there is exactly what I've been telling people for. Probably ten years the idea of the green as the brains are. I've actually never heard anybody else write it down and like scientific kind of way I just kind of assumed that that it was oh tree semen because I understood you know like. Understanding that concept that. Some are best ideas we've ever had have come when we've been in the state of constantly being in erupted or whatever but the way they say is. Are creative engines have the ability to speak her conscious minds clearly. When we're obviously not thinking about those things. I love that I absolutely love that it's a 100% what I believe related to its. And number thirty of this fast chip in the article on brainstorming I you agree with all of the somebody marked a little well the personal endeavor but now. Number three is destroying meth. This one has the same beginning a group of people come together to bring certainly given problem for a half hour to an hour. You know a bit but here's what would if you pressed for time yeah there's all kinds of things that can happen. They're advising Milwaukee as a powerful creative exercise. It is basically to go lots amount of physical effort that it takes opted. Oxygenate your body your brain without your muscles need to pull intimates auction itself so that's a deep that's way that's what's so so let's just break can I destroy us knew what effect does this mean yeah I. Again I like the general concept. I'm getting out of your environment is basically what percent. Getting out of your office walking around the block there's a quote in here about. Darwin and where he had this loop that you walk over and over until he saw the problem more clearly by time and I it's kind of way to meditate in a way. That way don't like about this method and why don't like about these other methods is they're still so incredibly bound by a time commitment like it says. People come together for half an hour than their ideas are written up and handed out the team now everyone is sent out separately it's way too structured who. Way to structure. And that's what I don't like about these different methods as they're they're giving you this extremely structured way of saying. That's saying. Do this than this in this in this in this in this and you'll be more creative and I kind of I kind of believe in a lot of these different sort of techniques. The they're talking about. But in a much less structured way and I think that's where you lead here Altima. The ideas when your really. Not trying too hard like if so feel like these people are trying too hard mean they settle in and out of the everybody's in one room and we're thinking too hard and now it's we're all thinking too hard but you gotta go here for five minutes and yet you over here for five minutes in the passing notes everyone in the group and and they have to read them in the afternoon. Yeah and just like it's a job she is too complicated. Yes so close to Alexander reactor designs Syria's director Casey dot com paid for me. The picture. Of a of a perfect. Brainstorm TO NN three dozen Marines I know you can't really do that though can you if you bringing in outside counsel insults. So you you get a project. Re branding of a shop people look at the you have a PR person in the table you have your people you have you have a developer. You yeah greed isn't Brito who might now work for that brainstorm yes I have not necessarily. We're probably gonna walker in circles outside no cook and a. I will say that it's. There are times we just don't have the luxury of being able to do things like realism rains are going for the White House and I agree with that. I think in that sense you just have to you. Do you what every key and and put in place whatever creative exercises will work for those groups and sometimes it's just a series of questions. Sometimes it's a series of things to focus on sometimes it's. Just purely asking the right things to people right now I don't. Necessarily think that. We are gonna come up and our best ideas win. The developers in the room when the PR partners in the room and creative teams in the room or whatever because I think. There's there's a place in time for the I think that's where you come up with the details in the logistics and things like that. And you tap and everybody's ideas at that point. And then you move forward with the next step which would be more of you know like our team going out now I'm in the launch and really. Are expanding all those ideas to your taking something that's are aiming given or some sort of logistical challenge that comes up in those initial meetings and then you move forward. And I would say that you can end. Make it a priority even if people are in the room you can. You can do it over launch could bring the burritos and in salads we've done on political effort for many years any NB a becomes this thing where your consciously. Disengaging for periods of time in order green to change and that's for the powers. Coast and Alexander were talking all by creativity how to be more successful with brains terms of business on our final segment today we're gonna talk but I really cool article that was in eat. Magazine recently. What one of America's top on turner is he teaches about surviving failure. We really cool our last segment we're talking cliff and Alexander dale and pillage America. Welcome back to a grill nation with Jason grilled 1980 AM came easy and on and grow nation showed dot com his goals podcast on iTunes and tune in radio. Great show so far today were lucky to have all of them are on their contributors and guest coasts of the show Clifford Alexander reactor design studios check them out at. Reactor TC dot com at two he's on Twitter at cliff CL I asked BL. Clift well and it's a great Kansas City and in those longer work for local companies. Definitely if you have any Brady needs creative needs design needs he is the guy you wanna talk to so I highly recommend him and give immediate touch than he in his return to meet. Or you connect with him at reactor Casey dot com. Cliffs and been talking all about creativity today how to get out of the data they rot you know what type of brain surged do when your sadness the officer. Trying to figure stuff out with friends. OK so we. There's an article that was it EP magazine lately ink dot com fear that's actually their an article talking that if we have time but what are one. What one amazing American entrepreneur can teaches about to arrive each other. One good business idea can easily lead to another related business success but it can also lead to a downfall this was an article. That was any recently. Under the icons of entrepreneurship section. It was about a man named. No no Nolan Bushnell founder of China sea and not exactly a household name error saying right here right. And let's let's talk about this guy his companies he started harder some of the mostly just so Nolan Bushnell. This all articles about the domino effect. Indy in he is a guy he was a success frontrunner he's first cup he was a tar him aren't you qatari balding. It's limited to video game he didn't. Yeah he did his story of how he did that was really fascinating and just get the whole story of Silicon Valley and Howell if he had wanted to do you. The video games like Atari and he didn't live any left anywhere else but silicon valley California it would have happened. At least he wouldn't have been able to make that happen and that story of just. Seeing somebody. Playing around with a deemed type of thing on the TV and understanding announcing I'm a bill to make a business out of this. And then it starting to make a business with these consoles they go into you know they went into pizza places and things like that they were CNET arcade games. In first talking to. And that because. He did founded Atari and the whole point this articles feature business that is often come from current business success. And so he founded Atari was looking for a way to expand. The arcade game industry the reading keep our K games in the smoky adult or in the pool halls. They were featured in he wanted to put them in defense they only friendly place. Basically what he said was. In the story that I listen to him was he was selling these arcade games to you. Bars and pizza shops and stuff for maybe 300 dollars. Those bars and pizza shops would make 300 dollars a week on those machines. And so he started thinking about it and the you know my guess I'm in the wrong side of the the guys on the wrong side of the coin here right here so that's when he started saying is there away that I can bring this to the masses that are you know something like that. And going back to Silicon Valley thing was. Somebody in Silicon Valley who he met at I use that as. Party herb you know as kids softball game or something like that. Said oh market at this company now we just introduce this new chip that can do things that I micro scale and in all of a sudden. His idea of them being arcade could come down to them much smaller sign Newton and he goes back to that concept. When he moved to to that part of the country that's what allowed him to do those sorts of things. He. Do we like a family friend friendly pizza heat so he founded Atari and then he just started. Base assert Chucky cheese peaked yet and he sold he and he sold tolerated. It was. The first company that bought his stinger it was seers or something that and they just bought. You know 100000 units sold out right away in the became his primary investor moving forward. Really choosing story about Tariq but then he started previously sold that business off. And decided he wanted to on the pizza. Knew he wanted to uncertainties and begin over the domino effect and emergence for launch her success he got in there and obviously we've all heard of that place. Be also us recover from major mistakes that's another article that the an article points out. As this series and much Turner's bushel was he did have a few major stumbles and his life once an employer of Steve Jobs. Under apple Bushnell made me cringe through the mistake of rejecting an off from jobs. To invest 50000 dollars for a 13 ownership stake of the then newly formed apple computers simply because he had no interest in home computers. This is especially now when you consider that is a Manny put an inch or role in the creation of the home video game inched past saying in the my so you don't do well everywhere I did third of the third of apple computers for fifty K. Urged. So this guy now skirted guitar he's basically Claudia Chucky cheeses and it around the way he made a simple yet and that's and that's does that happen. It happens everybody I I would say though that he didn't. He didn't make a wrong decision there so makes sense because I think though it does if you like it here. If you're a position where if you're if you're already uber successful when you've been in business for fifty years and now the purpose of your life is just to invest in other businesses. And that's a huge mistake. But if the purpose of your life is too you. Manage and run and grow a business in a particular. Area or field. It doesn't make any sense to start making investments outside of that field now we can also look back on now and say apple. In the computer in the home computer and all that and how they communicated via games eventually passing up. But it's time it wasn't sinking up at all is completely different feel to let it be like me going in saying I want. Make an investment in the trucking company is because I think it's a good idea like I would never dia because I'm focused on the business and focused on. In the long run history will tell you the thousand idea but at the time I don't think that was a bad idea I think you need to focus. On what you're really get out and focus on what you need to focus on because as soon as he puts money in apple. What happens then he's focused a little look moron apple. And then he loses focus on Chucky cheese in the ideas in the inspiration comes from that he loses focus from Atari or whatever is to tighten and his focus becomes one apple. And those businesses may be don't don't. Succeed again this article is on ink dot com it's what one of America's top punters to teaches about her arriving failure number three. Knowing the right time to exit businesses just as important as knowing when to start one again number one we talked about. Was when he feature be societies can come from curb this success is number two they mentioned the article as you can recover from major mistakes I was apple mistake. And number three as we just mentioned is doing the right time to exit a business is just as important as knowing. When to start we're in this focuses on his Turkey cheese sink. Yeah it which is funny because. I don't know I don't know what Turkey cheese tanking really means because they're still around and they're still doing pretty well to mine now set to be in Windsor bankruptcy yeah so they have pres price to something that needed to happen in a period of time one of the things he says and has in his bios about how. They miss understood the market the market was huge where they were with those individual Chucky cheeses but then they started growing too fast pace things happen. And they're putting these Turkey cheeses and towns that couldn't support. That size of the entertainment complex that sort of thing I think that's ultimately what happened with something like bankruptcy but then it then it restructures itself I am. And that's three learn from those mistakes and you go and move forward at a better pace because you understand those mistakes emea. One mile an hour to an article is untrue and really just start a single business once you get the taste of success it's hard to want to do it. Out went to get to begin by looking properties that are related to your successful brands in business. You can easily expand their first business with the help what's up subs who wants but you Wear a failure in one of your business in drag on others if they're too closely related. The domino effect is as powerful as it is fickle. Very very very true very very same words and again this is no Linda bush now. These are reading on this guy it's lynching lynching story and cook did I connect known it. Again the article is on each dot com cluster Alexander has been my guest today on grill nation show great supporter. On their contributor and thought leader in Kansas City around the country. Really enjoy the show today Clifton and I mean again you can now connect with Clifton on it. Twitter add cliff blow it also reactor Casey dot com he's also linked to interact with and Alexander he's a really great person to have on the show lucky to have him here each and every month. Thanks for joining us today close to your welcomes. We'll see again next trick gone grill nation have a good weekend take care.