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Saturday, May 12th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the net's global. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected few at the X-Factor you'll enjoy it. Brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grill tonight with the show on Twitter mad girl nation show ever online and grill nation showed dot com. And you're just a real nation always dressed up and he's an inner radio's studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello and welcome to the grill nation show here and came easy ninth 88 am I'm your host Jason growth thanks for joining me in this week on the radio and on iTunes. Obvious podcast has ruled that grill nation showed dot com appreciate you. Thought coming with this again for today show we've done about a 160. Of these shows now I think today's going to be a lot of fun. Take our partners and supporters of a big relationship with chasing grow the title sponsors of the show are trusts. Molding UK financial two US companies and Ryan Henrik and guess coasting contributors to grow nation should include the Reagor NJ rehearing co Ryan maybe. One might luxury apartments and as always we look for more and more people to jump on board of the show we. We'll have on. Casey ABC easy to be joining as a quarterly guess Tim touted in the group over there. Exciting things going on there as well so we'll be coming on here in the next few months. You get equity on social media at the Jason girl act grill nation Shaun Twitter also available on its grants that chat and FaceBook. Thanks again for joining us again today on 980 AM. So for today's show we're going to have on a friend of mine to and I've known for a handful of years I guess probably at least ten maybe fifteen I don't know. Time flies when you're having fun right. And we met many years ago when I was a state legislator. In Missouri he is a entrepreneur business owner and owner of the Westport flea market. Joe's Willem burger is with its NC also a very strong Missoula amnesty and supporter welcome Michelle well as the 161. Guess so good relationship I don't know where that person that put them on my radar but that's pretty exciting thank you have yes it's great to have you so. Joseph first up we'll start about almost our content. Take you way back here do you background. Tell us about growing up and how that when he gripping can't sit here now born and raised in Kansas City an idea. Into group and a three bedroom one bath on now Gregory in moral Dartmouth rodent and you know I I we never have a lot but we had a lot of fun not you know cousins lived across the street. And I ate I always had a always had a knack for working in trying to make some box and so is my first job was at the other Baskin Robbins at this its third Burke signed. Two dollars an hour it's Tom and I got hired as a thirteen year old Dennis Cooper. And it was pretty it was pretty cool idea you know not to mention the fact that you know at that time in oncology giveaway beer but when you're thirteen QA ice creams that could affect my family's. We're probe was pretty excited and it was pretty neat you gave me strong foundation I remember getting my first paycheck it was like 62 books and I cash it at the dying sore and I went in you know the Don sort of like all the pennies are all the candidates like in my recent would write a time. So I just felt like a millionaire I remember I saw the paycheck from my first bend them. You know sit awhile which is we're actually worked in. Your industry for awhile restaurant as a busboy a place called Rembrandts up north sure I was comic a fine dining establishments that time you can do weddings there and you may pay ten dollars an hour Mike tourists you were a bow ties toxin. And you know that was the first day I gotta tell me a lot about customer service and people and I think that's probably the same for you bask in rob yeah. I mean honestly it taught me a lot about like cleaning up like you know procedures handling cash. Customer service suite we got sent to N. Was hilariously sadness actually to that how well I'll anymore. Right down the street let's like for sale property now. And we have a we had a seminar where we try to come up with an idea to sell. Is some more ice cream and so I was big and and acronyms and so I came up with smash cat so Morant sell high which means song double scoops. And bass drums actually rolled it out nationwide. Really I guess 25 dollar gift certificates alike. Brooks I employers and I'm out like. Yeah I think national campaign and it and that's what I get at but it was really fertile years old yeah I know I was thirteen and it was a big deal in and they had. It was just a really cool thing to to work in Burke's side and have that neighborhood and and to get money which was huge deal and it when I was when I went to high score which number Kelton I can city little woman that you should yeah yeah I don't read the pious guys we you stats and fun times we don't bug you guys in the rush Brothers came along in. And he kept this from state and I know now you're nothing greater generator and you can actually heard we're not playing pious and mourn football I think they're finally scared of us I'm joined differently to show fruit. That was fun those those are those who do Robertson. It was you know I when I was in school so I was the editor of others Italians of north right so we had a lot of fun a case I was in charge of the pep club another way to make money OK and we charge everybody ten bucks to join. And basically it was you know to have parties but there. So when we played pious we had it with I its principal pious and you know Mario Brothers was big message you know. We should dress up as Mario Brothers right. For the basketball game and we did and lay the school went. Not stay Sarah like you can't do that that's wrong and now they're all time they're friends and I knew all these pious guys and I. I even think of it it's a derogatory thing your. And so then the that the follow up game at Pembroke. They all came in in country club outfits tennis racquets stiff. And I'm Lisa arrive there would also pay us so it still happens today even when we play. When we played Pius the kids the highest it's come in dressed up real preppy and the the hammer guys you know dress up and wife beaters around like a parent he says and it didn't but I mean that's how stuff that. We're political correctness has gone wrong and people would nowadays would like go nuts. It's good harmless fun and it's okay to have some fun with arrival yeah I hated that can seven we did that and I worked all throughout. Ultra high school why I was a I was I lied there was a Fuji I told him I was old enough to sell beer and I wasn't. A singing waiter at the wall Louis story on which is now which are more Kennedys used to be. We're now certainly this trooper is. And I did that and I just I had an. And you know into an attorney down there and and we took on business school and I don't restaurant school and I. I was in your blood furlong time gag you know that you and you do yeah I mean Jason I don't know there's certain people they're meant to do certain things and doctors lawyers that kind of stuff I've always been really good at the restaurant industry and just I can walk in our restaurant. I can kind of see what's going on. Without seeing what's going on right I have this kind of I would say. Six cents but it is and it's all it's it's done it's done me a great service and Mike Reardon. When I was at the zoo I didn't want it at heart because you have to work two years to be a doorman to be a part time. And I didn't want to do that because. I kind of like an unscripted and so I didn't want India doorman I didn't wanna I wasn't big enough to be a doorman. And so I went to the owner guy named marina harper and I said listen you know. I don't do that I wanna be just bartender. And Friday night wasn't a big deal goes you know Tuesday Thursday Saturday it was nice while Taylor how do I will pack this place Friday. And he was like you know. You get a clear doorman the we don't need this bubble I said now I'll pat plays her friend and I. If you promise to make me bartender with a been dormant. And so I went around campus and you know back in those days the way you did social media was you have staple gun in Europe leaflets and you put a little muffled yes. So I put on all the polls the sororities free beer 5 o'clock Harper's. And it just said for Joe's party. And so I told the owner Arenas listen I got to buy a keg OPEC cost per keg of natural light which is like 42 dollars surely think back then. I said and I'll and I'll get the scone and so anyway of course Friday shows up the place is packed and he goes what's going on here so hard it hurt me. 00 now is that that is a valid and I untrue loses store I love it Joe's Olmert is with this Westport flea market we'll be right back after the welcome back into the grill nation show nine EM TBC and also an IT industry she's doing this again today I love when you connect me on social media. Search Fred Jason grill or at grill nation show. With today were with just a Goldberg who's with owner of the Westport flea market mandate can't see entrepreneur business person. Told a story up before the break about. And Bob harper is in Columbia. I mean I can't imagine many students go to that linked the right to bring people into business when they're in colleges are all that having fun a lot of times you know. Going to sporting events he did all that do you actually kind of rewrote the book there and Harper's and getting people on Friday night. Yeah I mean I I think I wanted to I mean I wanted to make money I mean that was my big thing is I wanted to be at the place where people went off I love the camaraderie of knowing the other partners in the industry and so when we go to field house like we wouldn't say and it was just kind of it was almost. Ultra exclusive inclusive fraternity. Just the bartenders and just knowing people. I love the aspect of making people happy too I mean people would comment on the birthdays and stuff and they knew I would have took a mop or use to study different shots to make layered Sharpton. You know I wasn't I in the though like spinning bottles in the air like Tom Cruise and kind of tailed it to. I was more into the just the U alas he acted and I mean it didn't hurt you get to meet some pretty cute girls and can I and a cute girl drink is not the worst thing in the world side. It was the best of both worlds I was and those are back in the glory days of zoo. I mean for attorney even during if attorneys I mean after that after bars parties. Was after armour clothes so I root out where they're big on I was like oh we're going here and they were amazing the arson was close and on and you know we were at places I mean I can tell you a story 19 it was with the Anthony peeler. At harper was the night before he scored 43 I can't just concluded it was 4 in the morning how much did you think game at 11 o'clock of course norm would never go in the night before Roger if he wants spend money Kansas. And auntie was like well I'm catching the bus you know and for our selected please go home and sleep I wanna win this era it I don't hang on every BR one score bunches like or score 434 but we'll we still lost ticket itself and that was the days of wins in cancer wanted to hear often about how my freshman year actually we were number two they were number one we win in Allen field house. Actually Travis Ford hit a couple free throws to ice the game and we won and then. They came tumors do and they were here we were number two and they were number one cause we've lost and we've beat him again and it was a great get another great read yes phobos rough I mean my five years there with all stalls with a still wins in five years. But you know what is adversity builds character right and I mean I wouldn't give anything up for what. And I told that security goalie got hired at that I'd won fifteen games in five years and he said well that's not connect me while and you know. Technicals is a friend and it's a he's a mentor and he's a good guy and actually how this is great how Wallace is a body mind. Channel four. He was there when I Larry Smith got tired of regular Smith got hired after. Met today after stalled a fire. And so my good friend Tim Hendricks and I we actually. Went to the announcement to the press conference and we walked in without Wallace and they're like who are you don't you know we're in the press corps and he's been through you know Michael I'm without loss. It's still als like a minute just just act like with the because once the press conference right there Larry Smith he coached at USC's talk about this great stuff and so I raised my hand ask the question if I go how Wallace fox floor for Florida sits fifth how're you gonna get more than fifteen wins in the five years I was at school and well still I mean we are. In best friends used to set my birthday party at the Pina and he still talks about that day that top now along this it if necessary programs are low that there was it was a fun career resume and then. Yeah level question is yes but she came back here obviously after you graduate yep and then where do you from there so I started out I went to work for who Williams restaurant group. Erica and can anyone in the restaurant business and I kind of had an idea that like I didn't want ceremony and I wanna go kind of a paid graduate school. And I mentor people now know with talent. You know they once home. Strong on the get oxide no is yes to that was down the stretch because that we were both a lot of restaurant owners obviously didn't see a lot of restaurants coming oh yeah there's no heck of a lot of new restaurants in city an empire racing is not. Increase seen business potentially is not increasing as fast as for people traveling here yet. You know and in mixed use developments on almost certain to take off that. It's all American pad and we'll get a nice you talking about it's people wanna open restaurants with. When your mentoring a what do you tell them. Well and I mean I told complicate look I went to work for billions for two years and I got paid to make mistakes on their money. You know I learned their secrets right and I made a lot of mistakes I mean. I had thousand dollar mistake on a deposit I mean I mean it's pretty bad mistakes. And I also you know Pat's and learn learn some great student and I was tell people you know to get paid to go to graduate school is a good thing. Maybe it's not the thing you want but who cares you know and so. It's kind of like well a lot of pilots torn air force you know you might be a pilot leader and efforts to get caught out of it by plane to get hired by delta right right so. It was a great experience for me gone a little hands I actually I tell people I got fired. I got fired from New Orleans and the reason why is. I'm a pretty strong willed individual and what did you tell Najaf exact like my job manager and I didn't get along he just didn't like my stylist who's in Kansas City wrestling can't say I got actually. Again moved down to New Orleans for Mardi grow week which was just a rough assignment right. And then I came back and he just might stop and if it was yeah I came back and it went to a chief's game I came to work. Thirty minutes late and fired me for being party and I I use as an example of people and you know. I was right I was a great employee but I was in the wrong situation for me. And I didn't do the right thing by being on time I was wrong and I fire button and I'm. Subsequently about three years later I'm fine Italy with my wife and I met Casey high and it was a little Korea shop in the guy welcome on the counter is again fired. In whereas at the store you shop at the at he had left to Hanson hunt to work for PCI air correct Aaliyah. Ends at the airport he was at the upper working the breeder shop and looked up and I'm like oh this is awkward. And he just Mottaki percent. He said it's insurer says it has been with John Richmond and I hope he's listening because it was just a really awesome moment. It's a you know has gone through a tough time in my life and you know you were an upstart you were fired up you didn't hear you just work your butt off. And I was intimidated by it and I found a reason for our unit I won't Alter. While and it's got to say that when it was awesome you're a man by the instant fit directly into the but he was he in turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Without me getting fired. I never don't start my own business when I did. The place that I started my own place. Was open. Lay it just shut down the subway I took over to shoot down a month before it may never would have been opened. So things happen for a reason that's easier to keep telling yourself that you know governor. I got to study his 42 years old and basically bankrupt right now and he's freaking out and I said did you mean a million and five years you've got that. I think you've got that Sparky got that want you got that desire. But you can't let you candy and health and one I mean it takes every single day I mean I was in this morning at 630 mean. I don't have to go on its Xperia for morning now. But I wanna I like blackmail I didn't know I pretty good life there and but I am in nine plays count and a pattern for employees you know I got to make sure. And look they have bad days too you know I got to go in there and make sure their fire may end. If I'm having a bad day I gotta go in the freezer punter for you know punch bag of French Fries are so I can't let them at noon so if it's it's crazy but it's so you. You did all that and then you decided on the surmount company yeah. So what was the first or well I mean get fired me shoot one or for anybody again so I started to do that Leo the opposite territorial holy crap budgeting job. Yeah you do you know I do you have that fired him like you that I knew I can get bar tending job the next day make money. I wanted to. Build something and right I backpack through Europe in 1994 with five of my buddies from high school and I was in this place in Italy. At least in the NEC which which were amazed at the time nobody had Pena say 1997. Nothing. And so I said and I said on the trip a public I think you know if I ever in my basement open will need each. And and it was a 42 remain as a little us it was a subway. 4216 main. And I went to landlord there. Who is common eccentric guy and a homeowner wanna do you tell Larry at the sun 27 with an orca when the 2.3 oh yeah I'd be walking into place and then. Well I know there are young to say there regal had their that the guy had left before he does look there's 121000 dollars in debt. That this guy owes me and police it to you discuss it was really weird property because police do you keep up with that I was dumb of what will share albeit at. It's I want my parents and I didn't mean it looks. And so they say well my dad you know tough guy marine the reason why I'm always on time and it's early beak is because of him. Is I will maybe we can hope because on loan and so they helped me because I know 121000 arm loan Commerzbank and and Jason I'll be honest couldn't sleep so how we can pay back 121001. Under and a beautiful Barron and oh my god that's 230 dollars a month right. Russia freaks me out devices plus the job I'm gonna do this and so. You know what I opened up on a slim budget. Opened up pennies or a penny you shop at time and pastas lasagna 495 pasta special with a drink men and it was right down the street from twentieth century punch my body's work America. And they all came in and and just match extra. Really and about a week later. Some real magic struck. Do the sleep from stark humans when this thing which names Q1 boats of and it's not eaten tribal. And 21 night dinner about it and now Monica there are technical. I don't know about about united united marketing rights based Beckham or whatever and down. So that. You know the following Wednesday was food section and I mean when the star was really a source great paper boat back then then you know it was right. Fourteen sections every day right right and the food section was huge. And so that day. Was a huge write up is called the great meaning and that night was my first date with my wife. That I had met and I said let's go on a date. And she's up there it's like that the media article Iowa orderly taker out we're in Kelly's of course 'cause I have no money sore Achilles in west we're having a beer. To did you read the food section of change does now. Chia and I candidates who were in her eyes just lit up because like names mentioned fifty times an article. This is Gil and it never hurts tellers like a little small chopped. I played it but I love it the article was great in the line was out the door recess while Jose Willem burger Westport flea market entrepreneur in restaurant owner here in Kansas City. We're going to be right back after breaking war. They threw him. I guess. Israel nation shown 980 AM came easy in the nineteen via podcast or yesterday's Joe's Wilbur from Westport flea market and longtime Kansas City. Restaurant owner in entrepreneur Naia. I do dubbed the Z fan and you I think is a negative a jesuit number killed those are the highest ground rules dollars just ahead scholarship another living in your neighborhood somewhere close please sir I don't know maybe like insulin to go in there probably can't do prelates and rocker style of Americans think it. One of these days when asked dressed. Just what this again just so you're talking about kind of the when of the Westport flea market become living in how to that'll take us I was kind of what people I think know you foreign town at. Slowly save in the flea markets so back in 2006 who's going to be shut down and computers and Mike was and he was cute story here everybody loves flea market it's been open since April 1 of 81. And is where I want to go to Amber's team and so I was like well this can't happen in so I called the landlord or the owner of the the west of the American MO club and said hey. Sell it to me. And did this Terry he's still with a meanie yeah I got a little time Delhi on main street in Joe's burger joint at 41 and Africa and the catering company. Mean and I sits sultan needs like now I can't you know I've got to deal with hooters and I said now c'mon tell it to me I really wanna buy these lives in California. You'll slaw think about it and suck on the next. And pitch on the next comb thirty days zero total Charlie Sheen from walls did you really absolutely would only Malone. And because I love the tenacity. Glad I have a deal is I'm actually common end Kansas City tomorrow I'd love to meet you. And I said let's go what's your favorite restaurant because McCormick contract table sixteen. Mommy to her mar 1130. I sit down BM nice guy. We talk a little bit I slide over 25000 dollar surface to 20000 dollars was almost all my savings. And he said what's this I said this is mine nonrefundable deposit on the west flea market I had no idea how much money was he had to deal with with tutors and you know anything about it. As of the year great guy and we will be here as in the city and I need this place because I want it and you mean to you find your way out of the hooters deal. And I'm just a magical moment there it was a match little known officially chemists thought he saw you drive it was never met this man person never mad men never met him in person but he he was he's now not toward me and we figure a way to get out of the looters steal and on March 1. Two correction march 6 my birthday gift 2006. The west Berkeley market became mine we have a sermon the passing of a hamburger. And the one thing I will never forget is leery more it was a big friend of the judges turn near east and an all time. I called him on Sunday and I said Larry the west for former NB CDs oh my god you know the slick huge news in our column I'm sorry column on Saturday just. Well I got a common front at the Sar. And I'm like. Larry I just can't break till Monday because who you're still it's it's it's geek he just. It'll be fine if your brakes on Sunday trust me. And I'm like okay. You sir I'd like no we got a bargain that you re told you have no idea what's going on and the one lead in camp BC gets before the Oscars. Is that to one lead in for the whole show and it's the biggest lead and of the year in and you know everybody watches the Oscars and we Julian are watching it and he says. Tonight after the Oscars the Westport flea market is say that he could and I looked at Julie my wife and I go oh my. God and the next day there was an editorial MacKenzie star about it. And I was like we have struck lightning and with a huge ceremony. And I got to buy the building was part of the deal and come annually dollar savings and that's the time and all my savings go. I itinerary right shoulder and I signed over everything to get this thing done. And it was a fair price wasn't a deal but it was a fair price which I didn't have a problem with. 'cause I thought this guy's giving me heck of an opportunity men and it would enable me to do enable me to open my catering kitchen. Instead it was performer it's a big big building. Eat it just brought. It just brought a whole new level of of income to be quite honest. You know I have alone on building but now I was writing a check to lamb orders ready checked so you can write to that was huge. In my catering operation really exploded I was able to take on some schools. That I do now I think I cater a lot of charter schools out of a solid Georgia is here sure. And I cater ten charter schools and can see here academy Lafayette Lee hateful bird crossroads cabbie a bunch of great great schools. And it's just really did you get an involves about that's actually knew me you know I cater for a lot of pharmaceutical reps and and one of my raps. At the Panasonic has to hope leadership academy. And she says the foods terrible would you ever consider him and I. Went there and I was in a place called job corps at that time. And I said sure I can do this you know and elect would only have three dollars a person spend. You know that's not my not my price range but you know you're feeding kids learn you may be smaller portions. And I could stomach profit because I've got all the people kind of working already bright and it was just the way of figuring it out and now. Jason I'm not to elect its attend schools we cater 3000 kids today for lunch 2000 for breakfast. It's an awesome feeling and to be quite honest a lot of these schools. A lot of these kids it's probably the only meal they're getting. I. And so we give them my goggles products. Again real good food homemade stuff not fried. And the schools. The partnership we have is pretty incredible look I'm not. You know Mother Teresa I do make some prominent right but it enables me to keep my employees have been the 1520 years working. The flea market runs really well funds announce stops all birders are bureau will be fine and there are right. And it's enabled me to really explore whole new avenue of of customer service to quite Austria a segment of the population that I'm not against fast food. But she shouldn't be that every day or analyze inner city kids that's what their life is fast food. And we're able to give them actually like fruit and vegetables and don't Enron they get flea market burger she now on the area they get lasagna and all this great stuff but it's. It's pretty it's pretty awesome feeling. I did the FBI academy last year and you for you cater that I thought oh well I got excited I'm excited for those days we had the chicken farm yeah lasagna out there designate a murderous. They're they're great. They use meat is then we have a lot of corporate clients he uses that. You know I'm one of those guys I don't sing now Obama I'm an old school guy you know my business is changing. The whole world is changing and might honestly I've been able to. Open a small real state company that owns the buildings are working and and it's enabled me to be. You know if we have a bad day you know back in judges at 42 main. When they air conditioning went out and fix it for a year now they have 4000. The right now now they're commission is out. My guys yeah I get a fix open in new cooler deal was twenty grand. Yeah it hurts a little bit led. Life is a little bit easier because of guys like Mel club at the west or flea market because guys like John Richmond hired me at at who can't even though he fired me. I mean the experiences that I have over twenty years been in this business. Get me through every day. Man I'm fired up for everyday that's the difference you know people wanna. People wanna franchise west for flea market I won't do it because they think they're gonna make that kind of money they want you could going to work every you've got it. You make sure the meat is the best media got a taste of murder Renee you gotta make sure. Your cook is 125 years. Is having a good day because some days he's not then you now and you gotta be deadlier and I love doing it chose longer Westport flea market is with us. So you do all this out of the the building gaffe is a lake out of schools I can't even imagine the amount of feet yet produced thirteen. Fourteen caring man and every day every day. Fourteen cameras we just got a new Klein a sleep study place we cater breakfast lunch and dinner to every day of the week. Three so how did he tell me about how that works for the employees because. Well you know you've got you got your restaurant operation beyond two yeah those up to star in the morning yeah obviously before you open yep. And then how do you and well is this is we are so early come in at 4:30 in the morning Boca and you know they get things started. We police closed every day. Will we close at midnight aka. But every day every catering every group that we go to every school has happened so I put somebody in charge that they literally on that school men and the only thing get fired as of if I mean to a kid or they don't do your job then they get paid a bonus based on that school and they're responsible make sure they have everything in the and I have a catering manager. And I have are gunning pretty Henderson coming overseas all the operations. And in my girl she's pretty great. She's pretty good except she's pretty strict she keeps me in line which is good which is why hire her because. Jason beyond Sam and I I tell people is about a year ago. Things things go are going pretty well for me. I'm taken alive vacation and I felt like in my own sense I was slip a little bit. I'm not talking about big mistakes but I just mistakes that I was problem make him because I wasn't spending as much time focused on my business. And that happens ray and then it's it there's a book called burnout some people caught our thanks and Brittany was actually Custer online. Just firms who wrapped interest kind of tired of doing heard you on my so we'll listen I need somebody be kind of on a life coach but kind of a person who's gonna keep me straight narrow keep me focused and and not let me get away with the stuff I'm doing and maybe I shouldn't be playing tennis at 230 on Thursday. Right you know maybe maybe I shouldn't you get that play really got to work pretty hard right I've got a family right I wanna decent funds right. But again I can't say no and opportunities right and so hot I continue to grow and. What have you continued to you I mean because every says well you know you got great employees but if you're not the leader. Employees are gonna make mistakes and they'll never opponent like you do. Now you might find that one or two great employees that will and I do have those kind of people but I have. Three operations going right now we cater you know a week we cater 151000 people plus the flea markets are running a restaurant. And you've got to make sure you've got your t.s crossed and her eyes and so I hired her. It wasn't much fun the first few months she used she wasn't sure about the restaurant business being in corporate so long but. In and it brought me a great insight and it's enabled me to be quite honestly better operator and chiseled Gergen is with us Westport flea market. What's that is a Westport flea market dot com join almost or Lester snow or it is the discount shows begin we asked so have you ever been Westport. It's 817 was for a road it's about four blocks. West of Kelly's we got a big hamburger car that's actually mobile that's it's out in front it's worth a picture to. It's a solid. Are people taken at the other day and we got a good breakers Jimmy Buffett the New York City to new yeah I met an artist and in New York City and that's a great great story here and that that's okay Gallinari the very new. You didn't. Not every day fund hamburger car right now can now and it's no Jason if you don't ask you'll never find our bracket think it I love that I love that. Joe's overdue as what this again Westport flea market checking out guys best for the Kansas City. To a city grill nation show back. Welcome back it's the last segment of today's grill nation show its chasing grill 980 yen came easy and on iTunes via podcast in that. Grow nation show. Docomo post a photo of me in my guest today Joes who lumber from Westport flea market there and always you can follow us on social media are at Jason Carol our relationship. Joseph. Four and as some other things going on just give us a quick story about via. The hamburger mobiles so I've always had this deal that like if you don't ask like if you last the key Graf for a day in Oregon on David Wright is so. I am I'm not opposed to going up to a stranger in just saying what's going on here with us in the sky drove by me in New York City in a vegetable car that he had made for a produce company. I literally flagged him down I was jogging flagged him down into what is this initial permit you know and I said. Well I on the best hammer joined Kansas City and he said ha I would always wanna make hamburger car. And I said IK yeah I can a few bucks around when I'm in New York you never knowing your C south and it's myself ten what how much December Cox. It's like I don't know 14151000. Well. 141000 sounds better. Any as what do you mean and so I'm thinking 300 dollars right now we're down payment due got to make me the most credible thing and he said let me get this straight. You're gonna gimme 300 dollars for hamburger car in the middle Times Square. As an absolutely. Any guess this is shot and Cooper and and he calls me about an hour later of course they got back to my tar mom Sharon I tell my wife she is let me get this straight. You escaped 300 dollars to a guy for ever car you idiot you married to see you again. And this guy calls me goes dude you reaffirm my belief that human beings are trusting awesome people he's a total you know artists that I he has on the ability of most incredible thing you've ever seen and I swear on my children thirty days that day. That car pulled up in my driveway. And the guy that had driven it across had to pay for the shipment. The guy data driven across the country. Said he said sob and driving costs for 55 years across this great nation Abbas and I have never had this much fun if everybody was taking pictures. Everybody was stop amigos just the coolest thing outfit. Pete. So while I don't places that fit and you know that that means stopping mag guy Jay's new guy. You got that car delivered. Mean it's been on the Food Network it's been all over media it's been everywhere it's on its again and all that I mean it's probably a couple 100000 dollars in free advertising if I don't stop that guy that. Mean so. He's a story sorted out driver on 100 yes I never having a bad day I'll literally get in the burger car and I'll driver on the closet and throw out tokens for like a bio India on. And people to smile and then we'll take it to the schools. Oh my god it is like Palin coolest thing ever we giveaway on school auctions a lot like it did you get to ride with us double pick up from school. Taken the flea market and Islam that's awesome it's just a really it's a fun deal and you know it's fun being your own boss she can make those quick decisions you not to run up the flagpole near you he seems to work out. See you figured out early on the need to have a good team around you sound like it's always a tough par for much better and I've had a problem is a business owners you. You you have CE searching Gregor company you have money you put in the bank you know having yet to decide welna at this and half or whatever and make no money. To hire people around me don't grow the business that's always a tough decision to make it is I mean you know various. I've always done really well. Getting that beginner level employee I mean most my long term restarted with me its Xbox now no economic and six bucks an hour now they have families and their make it a lot more money. But throwing money at an employee year had a problem doesn't fix it you've got to find that right person I always tell my employees money. Does I never had completely reform. I completely be for better opportunities now they wanna become their own owner of that kind of stuff but. What's what's your reaction that I I'm always ecstatic for employee you know for them to leave because I know I'm now working you based on the outward about somebody. Stealing ideas just often. I want employees do well. What what it is an industry that there's low turnover there is but you know my average ten years twelve years. Most make people do with B twelve years from more while and I treat people with respect. I don't pay the most I don't pay police but I treat you worse with respect the true I let them. They know my expectations when they don't. You something the weights those to be done. Then there's a problem I would say I don't care how you wanna do it if you wanna change that you come talk to mean and we'll try it that's great. But if you're gonna just go do something on your own and decide hey we're gonna not feed. Twenty kids today because I don't want to that's we're not doing you know we have certain deals and can you very hands on T image here at 630 today yeah. Yeah I mean I work I like to work you know I like to work and I liked I liked to see. Every day. When you feet you know. 3000 people for lunch 2000 Cooper for breakfast at these schools every new York and it's a challenge right now I would say it's like driving a Cadillac with a semi trailer full food. You've got it you've got to work and it's hard work led. It's a cool feeling when at 1 o'clock when they come back from schools and her base everything on great you know to give it is really cool yeah. He would touch on different types of people each and every day you have your loyal customers and you obviously the school thing is really cool you don't need Joseph middle America is with us. What woody what's down the road from you always been kind of creative you talked about Baskin Robbins is as high school kid in turned to fear a new. Innovative things to do arrestor industry you mention is is very saturating can see there's a lot of people that are opening up places all over Kansas City. You know it's very competitive. Population's growing but it's not growing that the rate where you can pack in your restaurant and keeping going all right time and is going to be changing immune you know like you said new briefs in. All these other things and I mean I'm going out to LA I think I'd get hired as a consultant for sometimes for companies. Gone to LA to look at this guy's going to be doing this huge catering kitchen that's going to be delivered by uber eats and then. That's got the new thing with it all this and I always say you know those two holes are great that's good ideas but experience. And going to a restaurant having a beer yeah that's how things are never gonna go away that's what Amazon can't take. I hate I realized long time ago my first landlord who's not a good guy. There on the property is a big deal so. It is back in 2000 I started buying property. My wife and I Julie we don't property in from west four to Waldo. And out called willow properties we go to stuff Burke's side we've got some stuff what's pork and although and I have a lot when did you start doing the real since the 2000 Oka and it's been great because especially my tenants like all the pizzas one my tenants. How Pena's I mean those guys love me as a landlord. Because I'm in the business there and I understand things I have rats are fair. You know I don't turn you know for me the real estate is a way for my future for my retirement from my kids that they wanted to do something. And it enables me to have a relationship outside of the flea market to where the flea market never has a bad day jitters catering does really well but if they did. I've got another avenue. Where I have you know I can relax and I go to sleep and not worry about that 121000 dollars Andre via you know in jail I don't worry about your tests you right yet you gotta worry about tenets but I think I to my tenants a little bit different than most people I understand that. I've had great tennis right now that's having some issues in a message you know look. I'm not opposed around reduction like why you're telling access I to I'm fine with that as long as you understand. You have to make me eat meet certain criteria like I wanna make sure you're doing this this mess and you know they're. There and hit me in the day they they they just that they cannot believe my generosity that my generosity is. If I have to find the new tenant nuts and Burke's side never finding lieutenant tomorrow right Burks it's great. But if I had to have some downtime of three or four months. In hope that that would take a couple of years to make back then so it's. It's to my benefit and I like their food. To help them along and and methods they they they've people like I appreciate. Joseph Goldberg has been with us today. Owner of the Westport flea market and obviously many other things catering real estate whatnot here in Kansas City all within that. Westport to Waldo court or you said Alex appreciate come on the show today and love to have you on again to talk more about confidence that inside baseball restaurants in and business and any time when our panelists some of these other restaurant I would love to thirty fun bring out some of blue stemmed isn't clearly and with. I threw my arm wrestling competition. That be a lot of fun to resort resume with us appreciate coming on the show today and thank you ought thanks everyone for joining us again here on the grill nascent show we'll see you next week.