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Saturday, May 13th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your list of grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello and welcome to grill nation on the 980 AM came easy and on relationship dot com preaching listing today. Feel podcast is well nineteen. And on stitcher radio. Gonna be a fun show today we have a lot of things to talk about regarding. In the city and entrepreneurship as well as development and all around our city. And how lucky do I have on today one of our. Great partners and supporters of real nation. Title sponsors of the shell mode they'd be okay financial I have Michael B is solely. Who is the president and Chief Executive Officer of Mo bay and be okay financial and Michael. As broad a guess with him today and a man is those are really cool things here throughout the year for many years. With UC. Beat. Development. John Hoffman is also joining me today in studio welcome guys. Thank you blow it going to be here so Michael kind of and reduce our guests here and how you guys Connie are connected because. I'm looking through the the website and his bio and I'm just. Getting excited about everything he's been doing Kansas City in the future. Well truly meet story. John span declined a moment for many many years and after we announced that we were gonna team up with small bank when the first events I went to met John and we talked about the history of that relationship and just all the things that he's been doing. In the community and then Tom to enable a fall or last eighteen months or so went. And this is we were thinking about the show and what it encompasses them when it tries to share. John and his company and he's been doing over the years she's nationally came and a thin line. Lose and the website is UC dashed DE properties dot com. Jon Katz also about your back and you would theory sue Wisconsin and done some amazing things here in Kansas City but kind of take its third just kind of you know the the elevator pitch I guess the elevator speech of how you Connie got into this industry and then why you're so passionate about it. Well after a college. I AM this headed for grad school win now. President Kennedy talked about ask not what to. Your country can do for US which you can do for your country right and at that time Bobby Kennedy in. Sargent Shriver NG. Rocco came to the University of Wisconsin campus. Talked about the peace corps. And a lot of us with the University of Wisconsin and has pretty liberal campus. Man maybe isn't quite as liberal today but in those days. It was then down a lot of this queuing up it was the first year the peace corps. And wound up going to Bogota Colombia and in an educational television project. And afterwards say yeah worked on the staff for the un peace corps insurgent forever his office in DC and this. For those of you remember back in the sixties that's when the Vietnam War began to build up then and I thought I had missed it that. Had drafted. Became an officer. On them before Riley Kansas soon. Enough to Ferraro I'm not too far away and that's gonna you ended up here and I never went to Vietnam I was coaching Little League Baseball. And the tank commander came down on anything well. Or Vietnam and I said well my draft report he said well. Do you like the good news or bad news even. I said. Well what can the good news do you have any symbol I really don't wanna lose my league baseball. Fan so I've with somebody else in you're spot to go to Vietnam. I never went wound up near the end of the army and hearing me had a teacher from Kansas City. I parents still live in Kansas City and Brooks and and and am I came back here right at 33 year career wins. He later and then Morgan Stanley so I learned. Two market. Stocks monsoon. All people would their financial planning and and I always thought there was something missing in what it was doing. And that was given back to the community. So along the way I became. Involved with the story can Citi foundation. Under being president. And again and always been benched because my grandfather. Was I easy chance who is the founder of the Castro in stores switched. You're several iterations between CBS and that I used to hang out downtown all right Daryn here in Irving got I have them very urban guy. And group or groups say nick. Wound up living in between groups that in and the plasma. Most of my life and my kids and I grew up than. Move both moved away moving. So I didn't mind them stand you know 7000 square foot house that is just the two of us than. We wound up in the river market Oca. And that's when I began to no interest I retired you know to from Morgan Stanley. And I took my background in finance. And I am began to apply it to. Development you've you've only been in the development peace for fifteen years just fifteen years it's amazing considering everything you've you've. Stop oil. Well yeah I may groceries step for person and I put my money worm my mouth is and if I have a good banker. If you go on with any. We can do a lot of good things that I am I'm AM visionary. I look forward. Yeah I look backwards in a way to see what what's happened. And do what Kansas City was a hundred years ago. And I reference all those beautiful. Buildings in part ways in and Merck's legal words when I care. And now I'm with my son in law. And they they moved back here five years ago. In my daughter. And she's an urban planner also she has her masters from end. And her background it was it Sasaki. Who did the downtown. Plan for Kansas City who. Go to all the Kennedy Kennedy comes back together again. We about a minute and a half left in this segment. This is kind of touch on Kansas City right now I mean it sounds like just from talking Yahoo! eat on air and author of the you really excited about. Some of the things that are happening. In the urban core well we'd shows. Urban nanny east. And we did dead because we felt that it was time doing it people young people especially were beginning to move back to the urban core. We so is happening in the power in my district who. We didn't wanna be and that arena because there were so many players who. So while we picked. The area just south the crown center. Which we call. Along Cohen neighborhood and go on road. And then we stretched over to roost. And we'll be these two trees in the Beacon Hill area. And we build over twenty homes and sold every one of them. And am were scheduled to begin another thirty. In the next six months who. And nephew of the web site you see dash B properties dot com he conceded the architecture of these houses is amazing. You're you know you've got specs you've got house's you can people can look at me it's. It's pretty cool when you have descriptions of all the different neighborhoods. Which you mentioned Beacon Hill Burke side Hyde Park Longfellow east. Building on trees we're gonna you know all that in the show because you were parents are really cool projects including one near crown senator. As well John Hoffman is our guest today I'm also joined by Michael B Zoellick president and Chief Executive Officer of Mo bay can be OK financials. To listen to grow nation right back after the break thanks for joining us today on 98. Welcome back to grill nation on 9 AM on your house chasing drill appreciate you joining us today has been a lot of fun so far and really excited to continue our conversation. With John Hoffman. Use seed beat properties the what's that is you see. Dash B properties dot com really wanna think our partner and supporter of the rogue nation so with Jason grow on 980 AM. Milbank and be okay financial. Michael easily the president and CEO is with this as well today and you know John there's just there's so many things you're working on two. It just built some really cool contemporary houses and in rehab houses throughout this area. Both talk about one of the projects kind of may be that your. I'm very excited about deal park. Talked to about that in in town to tell our listeners where that is exactly in. What you're doing over there. A five years you dude we had pretty much completed. The area around the filling station at thirtieth and go on and to the east and we were at a property. So my son along Lance and I AM began to look around and we saw this empty lot at thirty EMT 36 and 37 and Gil I'm where there had been a drug infested. Apartment building for the last thirty years in this city finally came man in Turin down. He didn't disclose that they tort. And we have bought the property scheme when the 1897. House next door and he'd been so encumbered in the end. Previous transactions that we had to buy the house to get the land. And so we came and we restore balance at 3614. Be on in been vacant for twelve years. And wonderful. Couple. She's the CEO of me and not for profit 37 means she can walk into a lot of work. He loved that there is kind of growing pretty quickly I feel like well it is hyper itself has been fairly stable. And there's not many areas to grow Mac properties. At a Chicago came in and two gone armour boulevard and it really great job then. But there were small there's only six employees it used to be properties. So we have to. Major. Development so we bought the land we designed we. Use local law architects. Yet in near your your builds the incredible. As you I told you are fairly okay need to talk Samir guys who is their building homes that are just so cool. And also to eat we mentioned. Kind of close that areas crowds that are. And well you're going to be on heavy there was something of opener on their own well what happened crowned sinners entrusting they had never sold. And either property. And is that calls or is that the whole thing okay golf in the so the oldest service parking lots are there by homer right there where we kind of forget about the well. Sound. They used to be full yeah but when the Internet key men and you force innings many at Christmas cards via. David Keene met excess property and so bill Lucas who's been ahead of consider redevelopment. It was a friend and he used to have his command and talked to about what we were doing it at thirtieth and yell I'm mean. With the filling station everything around it. We came in he says you know we wanna do something went. When these sit empty lots. And keep per month. So we made a proposal long story short. They sold us the land that is much bigger project mirror. Tackle so we brought in a group out of Indianapolis. And I never mill house. Who works in tier two cities Indianapolis though Milwaukee. Oklahoma City Pittsburgh. Nashville and the and ECB properties get together and I've made them strong pitch for redeveloping. South 27 street well. About that time hauls them from plans halls. Merchandise. Back on center and and so they need more people. And. Was very good India and then to build residential right next door Selby a residential development and I'm seeing other things maybe Mickey's they're too. Very close to union hill are close to downtown it's it's a great location is and long Phillip to the to the east were. Robert doctors and lawyers and government people. Used to live men and they take that that streetcar. He's too good and go on road. I downtown and and you can get along foes along foes are about children's mercy and around that it is four book look and he's just some of these houses are just so cool. It is a great well a lot of doctors are beginning to say well why don't I need to drive forty minutes each way every day right when I can live in a really cool neighborhood. And I haven't contemporary accounts and walked to work in a much more can we might well if you Mike we have a question. Oh I was just I was cheating a little bit on my. On Chris McConnell not commit the map analysis. Brewing and should see these different areas that you've been involved and and a warm comments in the other and others. The general theme of what you're doing in each of those but I'm also kind of rule. Amazed at how each property is different and unique in its own way Sosa use honey cookie cutter approach. To every single house servers and member of the Thursday. I guess so there's a general theme to everything is consistent theme of which. Well the theme is high quality. Design. And we feel that he's nearing his deserve the best. And that's what they had 30020. Years ago. And now architects scheme in mind is that really cool. Houses that were contemporary then. So. Between. And draw architects. HOK. Architects which ship has to be where my daughter works. And Richard who then. Kim Kim studios. They're all there all basically a local architects who. Have a strong interest in it and following our design criterion. He's saying really interest in houses and a permanent only in. Select we set I mean these are affordable. Well there for a bulls so far. I think. When you get to. Into Longfellow and and east into Beacon Hill. The land is is still reasonably priced in or was sworn Barrera landed. And we set the set the market now the city thinks it's more valuable but. And that's another storm that is still. A fairly inexpensive to by the land and that's the true developer looks at his land cost. More than anything when when he started development and you can't make it work and let's you can buy him by right. Because. Are pro forma results dirt. From the top down. With the final price that you get from. They really goes back to which appear for the and then and you mentioned. You're gonna be looking other. And if I mean there's a lot of house is that. Need to be updated Earl throughout the eastern part of the city well. If people come loose all the time and say you know we do build mourn Brooke say. And we build morn I perk. Hard perk has been pretty much picked picked over. And Brooks led to it has it that's actually you know I I hear that I talked to that live there and you know it's been. There forever you know it's it's pretty picked over your yeah. So we can infill win the single family houses men what we what we like to do is meet K we wanna be catalytic. We wanna commend to a neighborhood. Like we did Longfellow and Beacon Hill. And by and enough property. To build. Say a five to ten houses. Longfellow like we did. Fifteen to twenty. In and Beacon Hill. And we don't mind other developers coming in. We don't think most developers have the same aesthetic that we have. And the high quality news. Craftsmanship and design but. Nevertheless. We've sold everything we've built. And I mean I. I'm a little bit amazed that we were able to sell 500000 dollar houses. Easter truce in but the market seems to be there there are a lot of people especially young people who don't see chews his a barrier. Really. That's inching here. Well they didn't you know they've grown up. Since the eighties. And they didn't have to go fuses. Civil rights issues of the sixties and so they that they see opportunities Easter trees they don't see it as a bear then. And it connecting truces cities is very important and we're seeing indeed in and per cent area I mean well maybe you and other people that we're seeing and it also to a crossroads it seems to be connecting more news. Eighteen and nine that's east crossroads is growing rank the well what happens is. Developers command to a core. And what they do is the area. As they picked the low hanging fruit. And then Nate price they get too pricey. So grassroots is pricey now in downtowns pricey. I Westport is becoming pricey. As is though already overpriced. The word you go and you have to go. In the south to wall though and that's becoming. And Mitch king. You know north. With a new round back into. Hyde Park and crossroads again. You can go west into Kansas bit. You're here in yeah yeah seems maybe it would make I mean and people are moving back from Kansas to Missouri. So the way to go is east and luckily for us we've got several what we call legacy properties. The Nelson gallery and you MPC rockers. In those those institutions aren't going anywhere. Chose mercy Truman America they're there. The long long home. Well of this conversation John-Michael and we have a lot more to talk about kind of fasting I like to peel back on the some of the motivations and some things are looking forward to future. As you continue to vote in city. We're right back on grill nation thinks doing. I guess at this. Welcome back to grill nation I'm your host Jason real thanks for joining me again today nine EDM relationship not comment on iTunes and stitcher radio. To quickly again I think our partners and supporters of gorilla nation with Jason grow our title sponsors of the shore trusts. Milbank puke I financial and q.s advisors. And I would also think some of our honor contributors and Kos which is right maybe from the Reagor. You see apparently district and Clifton Alexander from reactor design studios. Michael V is solely Milbank be okay financial she president Chief Executive Officer and it John Hoffman from. Use CD properties. What side as you see dash B properties I urge you to check this website out. They're doing amazing things here in Kansas City in some areas. They have maybe been neglected in past past years bit are quickly coming back in death. Really do a lot of really neat things in the urban core here in Kansas City and in the design in that we talked about that the neighborhoods the house in looks are. He temporary housing that you see sometimes when you but California are you go to. Smoking coming areas you don't see is mature kid city but John Cheney. We're having some really cool contemporary designs and builds and we need more those in my opinion. So talked just about in about brook side so. Do you guys have a pretty swanky development I've seen on that street they stick my dog over to Burks a pet concierge which is right there there. But I drove by it's got the would the would lucky the contemporary look and that also was gonna connect more people I think east which is important I think east Burke says growing right. Well what happened is I grew up from Brooke say yes so I'm coming back to my roots. And after we finished. On park row men and at least up in ninety days. So we knew we were doing something right. I QGU you literally are that building you know it's it's it looks great I mean it just pops the guild room building itself. You know we haven't had any news ultimately and I know amber says there isn't any right along time we we we're the first ones to. Take a look at east of main street men and between oak and truce there had been cola. Medical industry. And then we leave from chiropractic. And then there came in and left me so a lot of empty buildings. And oh we saw it as an opportunity. And fortunately our. Cohort in this was. The which Rigby. And I've had him on the show I've known him for years and since he was an attorney welcome him. More so it so butch lives across street from my daughter and son in law. Oh cool and we told butch that. Oh. We just bought. I'm an empty lot the last. Cleveland chiropractic holdings in and we were gonna build the new apartment buildings that. Really I've been looking in that area for a long time. I wouldn't pull the trigger for them by myself that if you're going in there I'm on and so then you went in around this and bought 105 properties. All basically empty. And we began to design. We call 63 Brooks and and and I said to my wife he are you ready to move out of for a river market. She's what. This alone you know we wanna be closers tour grandkids and and back to their roots and very excited. We aren't getting any younger and actually. Remark is getting a little crowded now with a streaker. Dies it is probably probably a good time to self so. We put her place on the market and we put high price on it. And it is sold in ten days while. So. We were exposed to move in in January. Who are new whenever and townhouses. Next to a fabulous new bakery called heirloom in May create this throws. I did today and that I went across the street to another one and energies place from four between meetings with the realtors and friends and idea it's a great area. Here or property is to tell us is a great. Thank you. Again using a lot of the wooded. We love fancier here. We love medal. Stucco. And in this case a lot of concrete. The base and it their open it's open architecture. People who through tumor finished. That we've had some open houses and people who are few and they just can't believe what they see because they're not traditional and all you have good choices between now. Well the exclusive. I news around the plaza. And pressed to it and then you come and look at these townhouses there very stylish I love it and I. A quick question as I just the way in my mind works one in ten touchdowns are one thing is still put up the building and buildings be and whatever greater power. And temporary row you know Mars wanna buy. If you don't have all the things around. That people panel lifestyles mixed comfortable image removed image doesn't work. And as you mentioned earlier you being catalyst in many ways browned Orleans neighborhoods. Have you been a more have you ever thought about calculating what your economic impact. As men to any particular. Area around which you have all of visit to say it starts at zero and it goes to something. I would think that be a pretty big now. Well I think it is a big number. And I think there's some other people. That are into. Data keeping. It has shown. Did the catalytic effect is dramatic movement especially bright side I mean he struck set I mean. Best you can notice that it and you know I think there yeah then be empty buildings and those buildings dated back to the fifties. And all of a sudden it's cool to have amid thin streak on mid century modern. And we blended blended it with contemporary design. And we use a metal siding. Honor. Both are buildings. And the city was so little behind me they civil. Why are using metal on it he said well there's metal everywhere. From the fifties. And we think it's cool and it blends that today with a traditional. Products like Stucco and in cedar and brick and but. They they say they still stood pretty firm. Until when was your plan adopted. It's 20 in the year 2000 has two things have changed its fifteen years later. Your. That. We email and iPhone fifteen years ago. The point notice 2007 even right guy that's eight years ago barely ten years so. So you know we got it through. And we've built it and now people. Think it's really cool now they leveler suffer a little I can build more please do nothing more but well and then thirteen men and he rehab five buildings. And they're awful and so he's looking for more product that's awesome and that is gonna bridge again be more teachers that we talked about. Do a lot between truce in the teacher's 31 the 63 street that's kind of been a community that you guys have made. Portable really cool ousting growing that. Area so that's important you guys well a truce is important and it's not just his 63. When you look at. You know from 30000 feet. UC truce day used to be a very viable meant a service. Core yeah. Andy's got into the Max. The truce Max line. It's the heaviest used. Used. I transportation. In the ET system. So we saw that as an opportunity and people don't necessarily need cars. And so when you looked and a 24 were we're gonna below our first hotel on truce what is it that. That's electing tea aka and that's gonna go 24 and intrusive than ninety minutes. Animal amid price to two. Serve these two hospitals themselves and serve east of true used. Well it's going to be a typical in a time to morrow. Well how you're flare no it will have our architecture attract new ill be like he's you know I sort of look cool critic. Dislike the Philly station without popped up in your development. A generator studios is the designer. Tell fours uncle and their local. And it's going to be beautiful so you really psych intelligence you look at your visionaries that and future. Mean what are you envision I mean how do you see the next thirty to forty years looking in that area because I. If you keep doing all this you know other cities gonna movies again see you're really gauging the city. Got to coming back towards its corporate core this suburban sprawl skated so well. The change began ten years ago we fix our schools are right both schools when I was on another with a two things her security and schools Oca. Answer the schools we have a new superintendent who's excellent men. And we have the charter system who can you have more people my age bracket you know the late thirties early forties. Building their own and trying to get people together to build charter high schools and charter rates schools seems like and it downtown area around him and he's only older buildings that are utilized like these to be right. And young people one to be close to where the work and play then the four who plays that they all aren't mixed use mono so was that forty minute commute to. May be something in the past. Then. And we see. Commerce moving out to the suburbs also term. And you know on the net is better than what -- I haven't had that talk yet that is kind of the the thing the Kansas City needs to embrace me if you put some of these. Huge companies. Headquartered downtown again Orrin. Is that's where what sliver of the live in the current core I in the urban core. I mean just big on the yeah Morgantown you can Ari curiously seek the streaker. It's a calendar in the world ranger back. Eddie gives you that fifth forty minutes says times two times a year and gives you a lot of time to be out exercising. With your family doing. Yet more time back I don't really notice that we had eighteen seconds left in the senate but I. Lived in park Phil and drove downtown every year ago deposit you say all the time and other live downtown with. All kinds of stuff these are you think about Beatty say be commuted Jimmy there's so many other things you can accomplish. John Hoffman Michael these holier with me today we have one last segment left for a talk about. Tiny apartments and my crew units and John Lewis they were in the Wall Street Journal new. Can listen to go. Go back to the show Jason grolier host all Michael is only from those they feel good financial John Hoffman. UCB properties the what's as you see dash B properties that saying. Site testing company either. It's a really neat things here in Kansas city's urban core. Developing single family homes apartments town homes in the urban core area which is going to be growing hopefully in the future. Talked to us about you were you you were quoted in the Wall Street Journal owner John recently about. When they called these things the tiny apartments my Korean my experience here and that the article is builders that tiny apartment solar renters or 300 square foot apartments find it's turning Kansas City in you were quoted in this article. Which is congratulations on some really cool. Also about what you vision in and a tiny tiny micro units like my Koreans in Kansas City can and this is hot on the West Coast he's Astride the major cities. It is and I think it's moving two other cities. Off the coast and have for several reasons one. Via the size doesn't seem to matter to young people. And at convenience. Our units are going to be on you need is a mattress. While. They're all built him. And transient in nature via a young people today. Moving from job jobs city to city. Place to place. It's kind of instinct is it reminds me of when I gotten entrepreneurship of like the co working space. It got to take it off right people don't really care they don't know people don't care if they're sharing an office with somebody or they have shared areas. You know in my dad always has done we needed in office he you know it's wholly different like. They used to be in my opinion it's people are willing to take less stable money and have shared resource. Exactly and you know the city's. Still behind in their planning. That's got a Marine Corps came out fighting on the show we had a we had guys that started a restaurant or vetoes and he was just talking about a code in the beginning your reading approved and how long it takes and I. Was down at the Reagor distillery the other day and they went through the process of thing billion distillery the first once its prohibition against Missouri that basically rewrote the whole code. Up took years so I mean hopefully these things do start to get updated with entrepreneurs visionaries like you working with the planners and because people well not. I mean nice. It's it's. Sometimes they a struggle. To get them to see our point that. The point is this. We're gonna build these fifty micro units. At fifty fear contributes to it will be the first new. Berm project on troops. In many many years I think that since the early eighties. We were also fortunate that. One of our bankers. Is that come with this. On this and so will be able to finance him led. These units will be a smaller than 300 square feet which is like India. They dorm room well or Kerry Cavanaugh on a ship a cruise ship right Leah or you know hotel rooms motel room. Let there everything's built him and in fact the bathroom doesn't have a sink. I think I don't I yesterday in the morning the browser sync is next and yeah you're not okay and also serves the kitchen. Think there's new stove. I don't that's something like zero. That's the one thing about living downtown as I have the core the Constantine has earned the right side of the cavity in my refrigerator civil case is set the Croix and give them some wind or something I mean it's always eating. Wherever you can exactly in young people. You know they wanna go are super. Starbucks who you know whatever conference they can save them money because of these units pretty affordable. They're very affordable. Obese and Moran 800. A unit. And and that's including all utilities. And no furniture you underneath the mattress. And there are very cool they're beautifully designed the design comes from Singapore. And so that is actually in the men's mezzanine. Or sixteen to seventeen feet. I'm an. Did this happen kind of on the coast because of all things you talked about and also TV is you know when you live in New York City. Does what spaces there is in Missouri Kansas that I got these media availability yeah. Interest in the so we are first one in Kansas City first one guy. So are we on the Wall Street during off of those cool I was in April if you wanna check out this article. So who's in removing the ask yeah secure well. First of all. Rockers keeps saying we need more space we don't have enough dorm dorm. And in a sense of real little bit like a dorm although most dorms have four beds. One bathroom. One kitchen and you know the commoner commentary do you think you know Ian Casey rocker strata around there. But you're right Betty as you get to be junior senior. Or grad student. Or a young. Graduate. Who enjoyed the experience around campus men and wants to see clothes and knows that the M. The Max winds right there. They can buy to list hours. It's it becomes a natural for them and 99 he moved to move away from from this area. And so that's way and that's who we think our posts are starting off the careers right so they don't have as much money. So to have some student loans so makes sense. And you know young young people today. The the bedroom will be on the mezzanine. And Nubian queen size platform. Put a mattress on so young people union you can have two people in their just as easily as one. And. And I couldn't but other people could island and an eight hundred's where food and it's it's it's tight it's not tied but if you have a cup a dog or two in. Oz is facing mean autism is your thought easier fits it's one person in this instance now and there's no washer dryer and these units. Because we think if that's the and social media area. For young people. The Bay Area. IE right that's what I did until I was yeah gosh I mean I'm PC and I lived in Saint Louis I go to the under Ralph character and it won't be another area where you can plug in your computer and a group of you can can march show this is Netflix then going to be existing user an MBA. Comments based on each of the floors yet or and a on the main floor no comments besides my floor. And that what this what's this going to be called scholars. Wrote scholars grow at FT bars for that Michael. And we know like I see that I like to get a tour that young. Now what. When you when we don't know tiebreaker around this summer. And it should be ready in about ten month. If the audience. 1515 it's aka 47 my cruise and 380 units cannon and the city was real concerned about parking. And there always are concerned ends up I'm sure the other oh yeah you're neighbors were two days they've been abused over the years because a lot of the students park. On residential streets. And we said you know have ninety spaces. Fifty units and we only required to have. Forty spaces. But there we have retail up and down we don't know block and so by 55 interest between 55 and 56. My years westside appears to. Yeah they wanted to drive around town John moose are driving around at all these new neighbor that I haven't seen in years in this complicated is how search has now I know I've by I dislike seeing all the different parts in the city you know. Well something else that we've done that I think is a very big part of our company now eyes. We partnered with the a young man. Who's been re having older homes east truce Oca and we just finished a couple of Mannheim. And they sold in the first week that's awesome and they sold for for REI prices and I. I asked the buyers who have you know what attracted you may say well that same house. Two blocks west in in hyper. Would be thirty to 40% higher you know no we don't see truce is a barrier. That's awesome Michael B is only mode bank the UK financial president Chief Executive Officer John Hoffman you see the property that appreciate coming on the show today and for all your own great inside now. We're glad to be really makes my term as the sounds fun. You listen to grilled nation with JC growth thanks for joining think in this week with CNET.