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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always just okay. Even in their radio studio. Is Jason grill. Philip welcome Suzy at real nations show here on CNBC 980 AM and on iTunes via podcast as well as that real nation showed dot com. You we can find all of our shows we have a list of all our shows that we grand since the very beginning links to. Those shows gas gas photos and our sponsor formation I wanna think our partners and supporters of the grill nation show right here at the top of the show before you to today's guest. The title sponsors of the show are trusts. Mo make him BO OK financially to west companies and Ryan rink. New Jersey girl nation should include the Reagor NG rigor and co Ryan maybe is against coasted owner turner. When my luxury apartments as well thank you for your sponsorship and partnership in the growth nation show also that that. Casey eighty CE is going to become a a partner and supporter. And a recurring quarterly guests here of the show. Here in June coming up here shortly. One of our partners and supporters of of the girl nation show its US companies. Connected me to a really cool company here in Kansas City doing great things are brewing. And I'm excited to learn more as a person you. Probably isn't the biggest. Is a huge craft beer guy I mean I like to enjoy craft beer in there I've had a few boulevards and had a few our local companies unlike crane. But I I don't know about the process I don't know enough about the different styles are different case that. Others accompanying rate town Missouri called crane brewing. We're lucky to have on the president and co-founder pat Ukraine brewing company Michael crane himself here today in studio. To tell a story it tells more about. Crane brewing which guy's got a lot of press throughout the Kansas City area and you can check them out at crane bring dot com. Michael walker news shows sir how are you I'm doing and doing very well thank you for having me today it's great to have you. I've heard about your company. Through the grapevine I just through. You have the network of people here in Kansas City but for us for those we haven't heard about it first off let's let's learn about you more you through Kansas City great town guire what branch. We and moved to Kansas City in 1975. Go to school look I am ended up staying here in town nine. Came here and 75 to attend the Kansas City art institute. A while and I graduated in 79 changed majors. My last semester. So I was in ceramics in two aims to photography. And got a bachelor of fine arts degree in photography and one semester so a lot of might I don't know how old is not a liability hell is that like eating a ceramic so for tiger feedback grounding in in that's well. Well I think it's a wrap. Yes RA. I have been doing ceramic since I was about fourteen years old. And while what they're Kansas City art institute as a ceramic major. McCain interested in doing photography because we were required to take pictures of or ceramics. And I got pretty good at it and then sort of fell in love with photography and they've got burned out enough ceramic so when I was able to change so I'm changing majors and how last semester so. They he had known ahead of us ceramic department wasn't really crazy about it. But. And I was against the artist and it was at the Kansas City ours is it's a grade a university or school I was it's it's an excellent schools great reputation and recently have had the pleasure of being able to pour beer and fundraising events there I. I don't know what's going back after earth tease about almost forty years since graduation. To go back and still sees a lot of people I knew back in those days is a lot of fun very cruel. Michael crane is what the CU you got that degree. And then did you get India and in photography after that idea that I you have spent about a dozen years as a commercial photographer. Have a studio in what's called the crossroads now as an eighteenth in wyandotte. No wow you read our operator error wasn't called a crossroads and there was actually no I still expect and it was you know morrow it was called film row on a lot of people when a lot of businesses in the film distribution business are we're in that area home from the building then I was that. Was see how winning film building them believe and in the basement. Now on the first orbiter and bolts of stored there flammable film from back a hundred years ago or so him. But anyway you know down there Melissa like back then though they're quiet eighty's and ninety's yeah I was actually. Early release them through those bit. Actually ate meat to food to about 92. So. It was quiet very quiet. Am nozzle or is not a million people down there is there to there were some film processing labs in the area. Gone and I'm other photographers. And cross the street and around the corner. So yes it's going to change his I know that. When he talked about film I know that's kind of what. Made that very great. He didn't know what's gonna history and yeah it was kind of the Philly the next hundred years ago or so right photographer. So alone he did that for awhile and then and then and then what happened now so I you have. Editor hubby woodworking. Road so I have always been it's Iran or how would work. You guys yeah I've never really had a real job so interestingly I got in a hobby of woodworking and came up my kids were in preschool and and I came up with a play table. That I've started making in my garage. At bay had the opportunity to start a woodworking company. Based on his plate table. So the photography business and started a company called fun blocked tables. And we manufactured played these played tables for kids. Computer furniture for schools. And eventually be. Morphed into making classroom furniture. For schools and our store fixtures. And would you do you out of that was actually in the building where the brewery is oh wow okay toes and loud and it would work and this is a legit business where you are making so here we had baron. We did our store fixtures for a Kansas sampler rally house. Made about thirty different products for US where a company. And made component parts for three different closet companies. Did that for about 22 years then I got to actually is a little lesson that when I got into. Hobby of brewing beer. So long it was bill would say in December 2009. My age wife and I were shopping at target and there's some holiday shopping in my wife spotted mr. beer kids aren't close outs for fifteen dollars and hey this might be fun for the kids. They would they were in college of a time when it started drinking craft beer. Do the crazy thing is I was not a beer drinker don't mound just got into the kids and that'd be fun. And made a few of the kids with the kids overweight or break and I became fascinated with the process. And started researching. Researching now fermentation. And each week I would. Build more equipment and by the end of 2010. I have brewed 47 back to severe test test and valiant was doing about fifteen or twenty gallons every week I really became quickly and your business is in my basement. Started out my kitchen my wife was really pleased and eventually moved down the basement. And they choose even more pleased when are we started the brewery and I moved all the stuff. Asked pat pat. Michael crane firm crane Berning is with us today on the grill nation show the website is crane brewing dot com on Twitter as well at crane brewing. They're Burres and you're living professionals brought together by passions and expertise refiner authentic farm house Ailes. It's. Out of ray town Missouri or any in Timor of the journey here at Michael here after the break and then talk about us. They're tapper in your location with a group. Learn more about bravery here on this relationship thanks for joining us today on 1980. Welcome back to grill nation 90s80 ANC is easy and NIC via podcast. Appreciate you listening in today hope you're having a crates. Week and a great day here in Kansas City or wherever you're listening and the United States today. Back when Michael crane firm crane bring the president and co-founder of a crane brewing. You are a entrepreneur Michael we're just talking about. Everything you've done. Quickly you've mentioned you're new woodworking business. For close to twenty some years over 20 years I am it's rhetoric it's where your buries now to get to the second. Tulsa well Dallas like just I know. You know gone for photography ceramics to the starting a woodworking business and building a company is not easy especially with right manufacturing issues. Competition in mean. The wit hagee has grown how do you how do you maintain our. Beyond her twenty worse well be woodworking business saints that you won't find in doing research. From way back. I don't remember how many years ago I guess it was early ninety's. I was I got involved and resettlement of Russian Jews in Kansas City when my wife was working at the Jewish community center. And then there was one day or a child was dropped off tonight from preschool. It is speaking English she was just apparently the parents to said that they could drop the kid out there didn't speak English. And later of paperwork got done correctly but as my wife was telling me about these kids. Com into occurred amazement at the time I was a commercial photographer and I had never done fine art photography. I had never done that the of the type of photography that I really was interested in doing. So I did a photo documentary on the resettlement. Of Russian Jews in Kansas City and I realize that there's kids were learning English really critically. It depends first must really be facing a lot of struggles. So in the process of doing this photo documentary and working with about a dozen different families. From picking up of the airports. Two. Setting up apartments for them and document in everything. I realized I was on Jewish federation community in turn help resettle these folks and realize that what they really needed were jobs. Around the same time. I came up with the play table just for my hobby of woodworking. And I you gave it to the Jewish community center for the kids to play with them. I came up with the idea of starting a company. That I knew a lot of the UB emigrants were great on workers what their hands. And that idea the company originally was to build this company I would continue to be a photographer. I would start this company to employee Russian immigrants and I goes back a long time ago and haven't really thought about it for a long time right but so that's not necessarily the basis of starting a successful business because I was an even if they can barely dry grass trying to help people around him that was stats were very way it happened eventually though and I I employed about a half a dozen Russian immigrants. Only wanna you spoke English. And as they learned English. They were able to get much better jobs they were engineers. Very high level people. And as they learned English I realize that I needed to find people that could actually do the work bad when I need from the general community. And as the business grew I was able to automate the process. And by the some. Large machinery. But. I remember and so and I really didn't know what I was doing better I got some investors started a company called unblocked tables. And died in 94. Moved into well actually go back there we were in the basement of a shopping center. And rates down and there was an article in the Kansas City Star bouts. About what we were doing and Harry Russian immigrants and the city solve that we were doing manufacturing in a shopping center. And it wasn't zoned correctly is certainly payment page you visit one day cancer and they actually help me find a building. Ben actually use them home now of crane brewing company. Owned railroad street it's down I don't know light industrial area. Just south for 63 and rate I'm probably help me find the building. I was 181000 square feet I leased the building. I was there for about seven years growing the business and been bought the biz bought the building. So. And a over the years we wiest we go dime store fixtures. Classroom furniture for schools. And component parts for three different closet companies. And a lot of other contract manufacturing. And sing. But he did that process he learned a lot I think and here's Ernie company. The F. And then during that time that's me sir the group kitty your house so. And December. 2009. And I was not I was not a beer drinker at all. But there are my kids were a college and I I believe they had turned 21. Don't assume that they had yes. An and give him a little earlier but they had gotten into breaking craft beer. And I remember them bringing bureau braves and bottles home and I would taste and just found and I'm just unbearable as big guy PA hasn't been stout some. Why don't fermented sour Beers I just thought were really totally bizarre to my palate. But Don. Anyway but. December 2009 my wife and our holiday shopping at target it's our mr. beer can on clothes out for. Fifteen dollars and found it would be fun to do with the kids. They took it pays you to give it yeah we did it together and made a few batches of beer and I thought it was really fascinating process are started. Researching. And I knew a few weeks later barked some additional things are to do five gallon batches mr. beer kids back in time I don't like drinking these the time. I really wasn't a beer drinkers I didn't know anything about it. But a lot of physical process goes up front process I got into the science of it. On I've also always enjoyed building things and pink green and solving problems. And so what I I would spend our time during the week. Was upgrading my brewing system researcher and sliding copper and building gadget stood to make the brewing more efficient and more fun than. Make larger batches then and it's seed did that for years red analyze it that im starting to by the end of 2000 tenths of a mr. Beers it was December 2009. The end of 2010. My head route 47 batches of beer and I was doing about fifteen gallons every weekend still wasn't a bit beer drinker. IE. It the last wanted to do with all the beer I said. Well I made a lot of friends. As I go Crayola crayon brings to you let your friends strident and hey Aaron and they are like this is dead that their best to and I. I joined and I home brew club called Kansas City beer meisters. And I remember first meeting that I went to. And during the meeting one of the ladies on the board of iron and an announcement if you're new to the club please come up and introduce yourself. And so after the meeting I went out open. So maybe I'm Michael crane. And she said that the board had gotten together recently decided they wanted to go out and have a beer with the members and talk about what they wanted to learn. From being a member of the Kansas City beer meisters. And she proceeded to say what would tease me like to go and drink beer. And the work I look better dumbfounded a little bit and said well I've never done that and she looked at me and so then. Ryan yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. So I was really naive I never really equated the idea of a brewing with the actually drinking the beer moon that's been stupid again. And hence my guitar. They're just under the noted you don't know that tasty. Well I I did start tasting everything. I still don't drink a lot and it's not because I don't light beer it's mostly because I have a low alcohol tolerant and I don't like the idea of daily drive. Yes I'm doing well and our people were like you I guess our business but you know I'm sure for people in general let that's the only thing I'm glad that most people have a much higher tolerance for alcohol. Is because thankfully a lot of people drink their beer. So anyway aren't. Yeah our salesmen. That I I travel with often writes a tell people when I have alcohol tolerance of a seven year old girl could pull out and work you have to them. Michael crane is this okay so you you sort of bring all these you do you do know these clubs. When you decided hey and you it's our business well. Well actually I. So a and M in the process of going to meaningless. I would you bring samples of your beard to meetings of the kids who need their meisters. For people to try and evaluate. And I and I was bringing five or six different Beers every month of the meetings. And also with the meeting say we're talking about home brew competitions. And I thought that was interesting I had never I'd been doing barbecue for years but never entered a competition. So I'm going to be fun day Ener1 in my Beers on the competition to sort of get some my feedback that was not just a friend if you. Anything that you may do you know you asked a friend had a Leo I just know what's gonna tell you that it sucks. Generally want to give an honest opinion and brewing. You and her competition it's all done born into its own the judge's only see a judging number and they don't have any idea whose it is. So I a senator and first competition I. I entered a Cezanne which is a Belgian farmhouse in on traditionally brewed on farms in Belgium years ago and I Jennifer and. A guy one on one of gold medal a gold gold medal and the people applauded and I got to walk up and they don't I really doubt that I was Toronto I'm so I started enjoying more competitions. And brew more beer and memory more competition started when he competition started winning medals every competition I entered. And in a couple years won about eighty medals and couple of best of shows. And I. And made a lot of friends in the craft beer community and in the home brew circles. And which is the Star Magazine did a feature story about me sort of titled the home brewer that doesn't drink. And I'm just. I'm now on what. I and I wanna get into more than happy to break here Michael Michael crane is with us. President co-founder of train brewing. There was said his train bring dot com wanna get into kind of a different Beers the business growth and where people can find you here in they can see here you're listening to drill nation show here in 1988. I guess. Welcome back Sunni and grill nation show here in team BC 9 PM again listening if you're listening on podcasts and I teens I appreciate doing anywhere there. You're in the gym in your car going for a walk with your kids or whatever we appreciate you always listening to the grill nation show. Where to us again today with Michael crane from a crane brings a president and co-founder of owner of a Kansas city's greatest. Craft brewing companies doing right now. There continue to grow and expand you can find them online that crane brewing dot com. I'm Michael were getting into have a couple segments left and show we're getting into kind of when you this became an actual business you mentioned the NC Star Magazine ran an article. Prop pre vis you guys talking about the how you've got to be ready for fifteen dollars a target and then. Next thing you know you and even drink beer you have heard ruining and eighty metals and competitions and and growing and you mentioned off there you melt wanna hear. Fellow people you work with. He reset here after you read that article. Right so a and M October 2013. Star Magazine did a feature article. And gentlemen I've Chris Myers. Had been in the process of doing in investigating and planning to start to brewery. And he was working with a friend of his errant Brandt then and two to do the research and trying to put together a a brewery they were their plan was to build a small brewery. In the Lee's summit innocence he doesn't thirteen is always end of 2000 October 2013. There. And Chris reached out to me when he saw the article. And came over and brewed a few Beers with me and I had already been brewing with another guy I had met through Kansas City beer meisters Manges ray indeed strange. News now are head brewer. But that Randy had brewed with me a little bit Chris came over. At the time I was doing. Woodworking business and it looked like bad business was going to be growing. Back here the following year quite a bit but I. It was shortly after Chris had reached out to me and we had brewed a couple times. Found out bad and he was planning a starter brewery but he. I found out that our largest customer was gonna have products knocked often made in China and I knew that would. Pretty much be an end to my woodworking business. So I started investigating. Starting their brewery and and we do I think it's thing at this time though I would kids I was great power I food was. Breaking out requests. I would brew every Saturday and see what Barre. I would I'd get up about every Saturday morning about 5 o'clock I'd get water heating up I'd make coffee. Would have breakfast my wife would go shopping with friends. And many many times should say won't you know we're going over friends for dinner we're going out for dinner what time they going to be done. I'd say oh just brewing 1520 gallons but I'm probably done by 4505. Apartment common. I was just finishing up and I knew I'd have about a half hour forty minutes to clean up. So it was pretty annoying to her so I think now I mean after after hitting everything out of the basement and we're starting to brewery I think she's pleased with that let's let down. So right when I found out this customer was gonna have products knocked often made in China I started investigating. Starting to Burry myself. Chris I reached out to me again to show me some pictures of a building he was looking at buying. I'm building and in lease segment and our. That's when as a book Chris I'm actually thinking of starting. My own brewery nude and he and Randy started talking to Randy was brewing with me that day Randy strange. And arm. We. They've they've got to talking later in late that evening Chris called up and said hey how would you like to just do this all together. So that's a great idea. And our. The evidence that was our street yesterday at a luncheon that point and so we are started eating at my house. Every Sunday morning at 9 o'clock. To work out a game plan talk about putting together a business plan. Mean after the first meeting I realized in my eyes I said guys we need to. Comprehensive business plan. And the most important aspect is going to be the financials. We need to give a CPA who can help us with the financials on the business plan. And I definitely it's. And I've got a CPA have worked with for over a decade is really Jason what he does a Mets. CEO of green brewing and is. It does a lot more than that he also. Coordinates are artists and the graphics together for all of our labeling for all of our bottles. And all the six patent holders who worked with different arm artist so we used to create the labeling puts things together you and even he's even created some of the labels. That we currently use on a bottles. But so he's got the whole team here the other man he's always we started meeting mad at her house. My house in. On the Kansas side. Early in 2014. We met every Sunday we talked about laundry list of things that needed to be done. We knew that the part film micro brew fest was on the ground may or been part plugged into that any time I was faster from the park fantastic fantastic. There's a lot of people a lot of laws communes. Yet that was great so. Date we were not a brewery at the time we essentially work home brewers. Want me to start a brewery so the only thing a bit but they allowed home brewers at its part bill. So they allowed us to put up a banner that said crane brewing. And we've that was the first time we were to present ourselves as crane brewing. And that was okay by your luck OK I understand India have decree no we'll let the way that happened back then so my question for my I have got to do a little bit I'm back up your name on the wall. So before Chris reached out to mean. Distant shortly before he read he reached back out to me about. When I told him about I was starting my own brewery. Randy and I had a meeting had central states beverage mean to our who's now our distributor. We're just as. I took him some samples of the home brew and I asked him what they thought about the idea of me starting a brewery will have the time. Something you don't pay brewers do is they come up with bad I friendly name for their brewery. Just as tune to try to present themselves as somewhat professional. So my age my son years earlier had said Don as we should call my brewery dark dragon training brewing brewed. Broken crane brewery. And Don. So when we aren't at that meeting at central states beverage or craft beer managers have bought you thought about and into the brewery. And I said well as a home brewer have been going but I drunken crane brewing. And he said well you know that's okay for home brewer but that doesn't really that wouldn't cut it for commercial break. That's a well ban on destructive drive in a workaholic kind of cut. So that was a Smart move I don't believe that that's that's the all the talk that went into it I offered. Earlier on an early stages you know there's a better name. Yeah but everybody thought that would work at school the sort of capitalizing on the a reputation that I did have been home growing community in which runs very parallel to the craft brewing. I like down Michael crane is with us Michael won a fast toward a little bit so we don't we'll miss you your story here sir you did success you drew you you had the great prime apart fell right you guys continued to grow in your current space he had the woodworking shop there. When did you actually open the the burn so. And let's see we spent all of 2014. Going to beer festivals. And public and and our fundraisers. Who raise awareness of what we were doing we are brewing beer together in my basement as a group and point beer every opportunity we had certain sort of grove. Recognition and to show people what we are all about. We raised. A lot of money from investors. And let's see you February 2015. We. I had moved out all of the woodworking equipment we started demo in the building did we've we've filled up about thirty. Forty cubic yard containers of stuff. And die in April of 2015 the contractor came in and started cutting up the flow worsen. Putting him on new electrical and by a September. We were done and hammer licensed to start brewing beer and we started our plan. There's two was originally to just do Belgian farmhouse sales wild for a minute Beers our Beers. Which we do we use our big focus or sowerby years. But would be expanded quite a bit since then. And we do some other Beers as well but. We started distribution and I knew that we would have a limited focus. So it was important that we had wide distribution so. In December of 2015. We started distribution in Kansas. It right at that time the approval process was running way behind in Missouri. So it was a month later in January of 2016. We started distributing. And in Kansas City on the Missouri side. Later that year we expanded in the Saint Louis and Springfield. And then. Shortly thereafter it's who are at Nebraska and Oklahoma. So why are. You're a lot of states are having problems and you guys have a licking your website now you. You have a handful how many how many Beers you actually sell well there you down a few months ago when when we first started we were doing all over bodily backhand. And realize and we were doing large format 750 no liter bottles. And we realized shortly after we started doing that focus. Really needed to be smaller format bottles and so mom I. I don't know yeah definitely got about forty seconds left it where you to break it. You guys started off the larger volley right and then I had six back yet we are we put in an automated bottling line. And that's enabled us to do smaller format bottles are sour Beers are and 375. No leader Belgian style models that are sold single leak and are non sour Beers are in twelve ounce expects. And it. Yes got it about fifteen to Herm Beers at your website that you all had at some point whether seasonal or year round and a we'll get into that more after the break Michael crane he's a successful entrepreneur and as a great team that crane brewing. Check out a crane brewing dot com really doing the show learn more about him and he. History and hope you are if you do a senior group nation I. Welcome back to the show 9080 AM relationship on the host Jason drill thanks for joining us again today. That would Michael crane of president and co-founder of crane they're brewing a great company here in the SE area. They're tap room is in rate town as well as well as their breathing. We're all different types of beer Michael was a not very distant some really cool stuff I Tulsa the tapper Michael because its place people can visit and try your Beers and have. And yes I am absolutely we've got about a thousand square foot tapper and in the front of the brewery. Where routes it's a beautiful space it's really welcoming and warm and friendly. We have a great staff of employees that work behind bars they're really friendly and helpful and answer a lot of questions. We also make a lot of special Beers better only available in the tap room. And Randy strange own work on special small batch Beers that are tested in the tap room. Out of bed to bed they do some really funky wild staff and we do a lot of fun events in the tap room. But there's always at least five or six Beers that are not distributed better only available attempt remotes are. When you're spotted a new study crane bring dot com he got yes photos. And a lot of cool social media ways to can FBI's website it's great you're blow them brainy is great. Talked to me about K if I was to try he brought in some beer today thankfully we'll try to aria alternatives sometime in the next few days they. If your company your blurry what is your most. Most of the Beers are mainly the Beers that we do at crane brewing right now. But what we're we're really known for his or sour Beers and the Beers Herbert. But dom I would say the most popular is that Tebow is Steve rice is a German style Berman or rice which is a sour beer. It's prior to actual fermentation. It's soured what lacked a bacillus that's what's in yogurt and probe by onyx. Lack of bacillus consumed sugar streets lactic acid lactic acid has aren't as a partner is similar to citric acid so it's really. Such a scene and virtual and Tibet to the T vice we add. I bury Roy boasts Tebow wins from another local company called you go to eat. They're out of yes Kansas sitting him on the ridge Tyler is sprayed me they make this great team win that has discus lemon grass and black that. That's a a year round sour beer event is highly rated name. I'm actually it's supposed to be around birds and sometimes it sells out before we can get the next backed out. Let me ask you this we have five minutes left the show your your logo what it would is exactly to meet you surely any logos all you have to green collar you have the really cool photos that go on each Brandon kind of differentiate it in kind of a really cool. Modern Pennsylvania. Big bill focus of our branding. Originally started with some graphic designers have presented several options to us. Though origami crane. Is is the main focal point oh does Randy yes. Oregon and that's what I was think bad sir yes I did throw me for Lou but I don't do so. An and it just sort of plays on the name crane. Some people Avastin expected on an interesting story. They buy our beds that our logo came from something more interest in other than a designer it was one of the ideas he came up with a. Good idea I like to show my arm and like you're your logos and each and each period I promise from the Omar's a cat to either. He's got a he mentioned the key rice is like hot air balloon and the hot air balloon is actually his goatee is logo at school that we we sort of feature on that brand electric trail Smith theology and invite org on the buy an Arab. Higher brewery to tap room sits right on the trail. Matt is our in the works to make a bike trail it's on the railroad motives are going to be a trail that goes from Lee's summit to Kauffman Stadium alone and that's directly about fifty feet in front of the front of the brewery. And trail Smith's Farrah is a branding on baton that sort of an origami bicycle. Train brewing dot com if you wanna see all the different things they're doing over there. Ask you about kind of the competition community I mean this is an area that is very growing obviously build our kind of was a leader here in Kansas City that there's so many people like you out there maybe not best beer like you but there's a lot of different where there aren't enough ball working a lot of great inner cities I mean I talked to mayor of Anaheim a couple weeks ago they're starting yeah. The changing their zoning rules to allow for more per succumb and Anaheim are just huge boom going on Colbert town there there's 203040 buries. So so yes so I I I'm just curious like what you like here but we. It is wonderful something that I think is really unique in their craft beer culture. Is very idea of sharing information with the each other and brew brew reserve do collaborations. And we've done our collaborations with torn label him we look forward to doing more collaborations with other breweries around town. Where are best friends. That's what we go to beer festivals one of the most fun thing about a beer festivals actually. Not just Arab point differ patrons but sort of hanging out. Whereas other breweries folks in the craft beer community. And it's just it's. At the end of the day it's beer it's a lot of fun it's very I mean here you say those things dad served a lot of sharing of ideas of fire. One brewery. There's been several times that we've been and I. Little of packaging and run out of taps or. Or something and reach out to a local brewery and they help us out. And share information there and but the greatest ever growing industry and see if you found a way to make a dishonest now. It's just not good as your full time job how we are so an entrepreneurial venture for its really all about the team. Around the brewery might have my name on its. But Aaron Brant is our operations man and he keeps things running at the brewery. Randy and Michael and an errant. Are brewing the beer and working really really working hard every day Chris Myers. As. Keeps a tap room running well. Planning events from the tap room and we brainstorm all the time about doing events and we do a lot of charitable events and raise money for great causes. We try to be very active in the community. Both the rate town's community and the greater Kansas City we do fundraising events all the time he. We donate beer we donate our services and pour beer at every opportunity we have. Bad. If there's a good cars out there will find it will participate. Michael what is your advice for seller you once you in this industry you have well I would I would give us some advice to anyone has to follow your passion. And I did the ability to. To make a living doing something bad that you have that you are passionate about it's really a home run. Not everyone. I think is willing to take a risk to do that. But there are following your passion and our I think if you really do follow your passion and work hard. I think successes. As something that will find you and without really trying to focus on. On all of the deep towels and they just follow your passion and work with good people and reopened to new ideas. I love talking to Michael crane from cream brim because you it's me fired up about of whatever I'm gonna do next in the job not turner as well now is like me people like you because you just make here. You start thinking about potential things you can do in Kansas City desperate that it relationships and India which you've done with cream brewing in. The short amount of time and obviously there's been the articles about you and mr. beer can anyone not to just. The success do you guys have had an injury town obviously. That's great part of your part and I mean even also intensity as whole as inspirational and I'm looking forward to it trying to beer and looking forward to you losing your tap room at some point again. A crane brewing it dot com you can find out more information about Michael and his company and in the try to be here it's available in Kansas City. Netware and all the liquor stores and and lots of bars and restaurants all the time. We're getting ready to come out. With our new great town common it's very easy break in American male. Alana and appealed to have people that aren't aren't in this hour and wild for a minute OK either. Michael crave from Kramer very Texaco on the show that premiered here appreciate your time thanks so a lot of fun you to listen to grill nation we'll see you next week kept doing guys if you.