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Saturday, May 20th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello everyone and welcome to grill nation with JC grill thanks for joining me today. 988. Yen came BZ also on girl nations showed dot com preachy listings on iTunes. And it seemed in a radio real fun showed today gonna a lot of energy today are really excited about our guests which I'll get to and 12. What a first off thank our partners and supporters of the relationship with Jason grower title sponsors of the show our trust. Mode bank BOK financial and two us advisors. Our contributors to show RJ rehearse he's Vijay Reagor Intel and the reader. Casey Brian may be as he gets coast every. Other month on the show. Casey power light districts and reactor designs he has Clinton Alexander's against coasting contributors all on air. Ownership today we have on him we're gonna start off with Eric Willy who is the key main man by a lot of on the main man in the concierge state got to get everything done that one lie he's also. Just a really Smart oh. Wind this on the day and the guys have a say and Eric it's just fine now that's. Now for the holiday. And he also knows a ton about defeated beverage industry and has worked in some of the nicer restaurants and you know. Places in in cities such as the National Golf Club boost their restaurant clearing Corky. Aids he's pretty much knows about everything going on in the city and it's just too great got to talk to him. Does some really cool stuff a one night and with the quarters companies sell really excited to have him on the show after. A few minutes from now and Ralston and have on mega napkin burger who is day. Girl I met about three or four years ago when she moved here from Chicago. She was in the branding and design world we talked about working together with the media relations stuff so entrepreneurial type person and since then has. As a two and a half year old married and is the artist on Kansas City gets a really cool stuff growing her campaigning in this training business and Blix said he talked about that turned that turns aggression in progression of how she. Decide you know what can make a living in an artist here in Kansas City and talk about how she's been doing that she will be on her show after Eric. What's Edison meg in EGH. Makes art. Dot com some relief side to have around haven't seen her and be yourself look Ford to talk in the Maggie as after a few segments are there are here. Again you connect with me on Twitter at in Jason grow and act real nation so let's single nation show has photos of all our guests. And also all of our old shows seeking you can scroll through their analyst doubts descriptions of each show also you can impetus again on also she media. Twitter FaceBook snap Chad and they had an answer at Jason grill. Our first guest today is air Willie as they said from one lights a man about town guy. Can tell you about pretty much everything going on here in key indices agree resource and great person he does a great job working with working with one light and obviously with the people. That operate apparently district and Cornish folks are your onto while you're busy man. I'll tell you what a good and segregate sap Jeff followed his ball Erik because. Some days you're sitting around the account like what's your own on that and yet on Eric Sapp Chad needs. Easy either at a golf course somewhere he's that a feed tasting he's at the NASCAR beneath the royals game he's an charity event there's a sector government. I feel like it's kind of my obligation right says devolve go left to sell them to know what's going on accuse Syria and what's fun and and things like that you know it's it's a lot of fun to notes like there's something going on every single day men this all the Connor and so we can fit and that there is the consonant people person and really is just the personable guy so Eric data they tell to slow your kind of your day today looks like decimated there really with one my eight my main focus. With one night socially used to bill the community need and with building the community is for us two. Great events on so on constantly looking for a different intensity for the residents. And they always say that I get an email is Ellen one night a luxury apartments in downtown Kansas City. And I get an email once a week in its is stacked. Debt and I say you know one you did today is is pretty awesome. Thought I'm really excited because an hour and or into spring and summer and you can roll up doors and do a lot more things outside where. The winner yolks with a lot of indoors since limits on things euphoria Nancy's so. It's getting nice the polls generates open and now it's do a lot of events that are outside London a lot of fun but during the wintertime you also did your very creative. You came over the events I mean we had did you have like an Irish. Looking dealers and our conference Tom Brady is the stuff over the reserve and he's actually he's Irish native. So we had him come over we've been talking about doing a cooking demo for a long time and and there was near Saint Patrick's Day in and sells like I don't wanna because say you have already do are stricken about you so you guys came over and he did his spend nos news muscles and animals are gonna sauce and then not Firestone's then you Irish coffee which is amazing in the we had Russell spirits. There are so with ski. Do you Padilla these events and had a lot of community collaboration. Yeah and yeah you tell you you've recently to set pudding club Samie gardening class on the deck SF they don't want one I believe you know I try to reach from a broad spectrum right so one on the goals noise to focus on businesses that are downtown. And making people aware so reserve that summaries. A great little hinge on the people normally wouldn't know about. On so what's clicking the moment as relates to promote the business. I'm with the potted plant pots you know I think that people look for you donate their Cummins Saddam downtown experience this urban living. But they saw how that needs. Have enough to fill Greenspan has yet to filth all that's that suburban and more he's probably you know that would meg here and after you because she's a doors burst yeah yeah I get out yet to see things when you're down attempts in times indeed. Yet the park. I which. I tell you man there's so many dogs that they're now there there are bingaman of their lost weekend you guess who's crazy. It's you know having that rooftop. Not parked on Tom really is does that benefit 21 my residents especially but to downtown. And it's off. And when I hear parts is though train car there and they the prey logic. Art installation men in his pretty cool so when you when you start how do you put these things together I mean take us through that because. You could not so many events. I don't I don't think anyone else does it's pretty I and is it easy cannot and Charlize are lame events these Charlie hey guys are gonna go. Whenever I mean I had some evidence in some places I used to live but this or like first class. Yeah and I think they you know with my with my hospitality in and rush on background earlier lends itself. On TV allows you to do a lot of these events and these events you know they're not. Third party you know like word you know we we create them weed in some and so with the events really no way of it really is just connecting with a lot of people. Not by connect with the guys from from RK. I've read and may not do an event and morale of let's keep it may or June then so. Early assists like you know trying to cross different sections so wine tasting spears. Potted plant passes. Music is safer path and it's not just air isn't playing you know drinking on you're planning stuff that is. Yeah well it's sporting event whether it's can you talked about like the body parts of the the Petit then whether it's action news that wire it's. Number you know local entrepreneur to come in talked people whether it's cooking classes. Everything. Yet return and return it cover all all the basis and so let's lay it on to see you like every month you know we go from cute. Events. It almost instantaneously so now we're over year olds you know not that I term you know Washington. Do the same thing the same things out and I can look back at events and things that worked and we can build them upon those events and we create new events and or is not changing anything else. Do you love that air Willie is our guest on the show we're going to be negative net murderous well later on in the show. They're 21 my luxury apartments we read back after the break we're talking therefore about things going on. Welcome back to grill nation with chasing drills. It has guys back for a second segment today. Listen in 980 AM and also be joining us via web its relationship dot com or VI I I teens or stitcher via podcast there. She listened as well if you're in your car war. Our runner do whatever you do pre she always listening every week. Talking air Willie he's with one might look tree apartments. This is a guy that makes everything run that place yes ha ha he he he he he's on the planes every single event that we have going on minced. You know off duties. Some day that the right I think. He's he's a gay guy Kansas City and now. Derek do you find these little like contingents are a town that nobody's heard. His city has a lot more of those right now. You know all of us remember seats seat seeing the park's team into city who's really really growing and returning it and you know it's it's. Come in the last five years down by key I think can city and its office like a maker community Brighton and on the socially it's really been embrace and and the restaurants. And and it's more entrepreneurial. Ever seen and and I think a more restaurant Jersey more publicity to wreck position. How they can in this state and they all compete. You you know in this industry yeah I mean and there's really mean there's there's really in this for everything and you know I think that. No crossroads as royal Lotta competition coming and there are I feel like as far as restaurants but downtime crossroads that communities building is all comers. Along street cars source evolving going on. Hours on Thomas crossroads urban market the siding met that now I insurgency to an influx of residents and they can support those restaurants. And so one night is pre rental. The dollars has yet people move out people committed I mean it's right it's like any it's like how some very excited sold today. That is in which is cool because there's all these new people who have yet. There's like dogs parallel that's there's an article in the star recently about how many new dogs are downtown those fascinating because. There's so many residential multifamily units going up obviously one my it was built in 2015 open in 2015. Two I will be opening as well yeah your June of next year and it's been about a year from now be done. Yeah my apartment looks familiar you're right there. I know I don't know my apartment looks Tony Harris LA and it seems like every time my openness aids there's like another floor. Yeah I saw it there on on eighteen of 24 as a Jed hands him a great job and keep an on schedule and we should deal to move people and you first of next year and how winter so it Dubya how many stories on the thing Sosa one for altogether there's when he. What six and one night when five point five yeah it's when he five. About same high funny because. I'm looking in now I'm thinking like it's going to be more horizontal. Brendan and all his one night for skinny right if you look at it netted the new building two light is more outline its Diaz seems a lot more massive there's actually less use though. Oh this is the abuse her herb are bigger its mountain sort. They're one minus is different spaces. And actually when you're if you if you arm and Lisa come apart and now you can picks me offenses there's some different things you can choose from. Ma which chemical that is cool because some people like white marble some people don't like. Light hardwood floors are darker yet is that what they mean so there are things you can do that's pretty cool building is gone past ties to a at first that's gonna annoyed by and I'm like how all this traffic now it's kind of like salt on you can refute their pretty quickly. Our Tug and air Willie and Eric. A piece so what are some of the things you have planned we're at some of the tightenings are playing for residents right now solely for the for the next few months now so that's. Months Odyssey of the pulls him right open so. I don't notice I looked up when there's people out there all the time already and now already soul walls start on memorial weekend more sort sapping it with whomever service on Friday Saturday and Sunday. Wrote down power and you that we can review a big memorial we can party on Saturday. And then some guy wants to do is on creates I'm calling a last Friday's. I'm already deal last Friday reverse happy are basically at the pool lost Fridays on. June July and August and Alex are about I'm last year we did or a river sucked Aaron. It was like a Latin I have a Latin band and is just really really cool that you a lot of fun so. On doing sophomore. Poolside obviously some more stuff outside. Won't affect tacking on a loser here reverse it'll nurses that we did I have last year yeah its now this happened we only have one person fall water. And I'm idea this year actually this is actually it's a blast there is that in the summer. There isn't summer they consider open now you know after falling waters are a little bit cold but. As it's really did its as you know can be a good thing activity do you buy yourself on or with a couple. I was just there a 510 and fifteen mar. It's just have you with a signal to galleries news or fire Tamika. I think five B try to months ago yet acted these physical activities to death. We have some some physical activity is marvelous tool will keep aligned with our wine tastings. Indeed relevant either royals in the death of ex generals and then is this Thursday as a way to amend wall or give it a group office where he can city and antsy or else and I don't want to arrowhead it was zero degrees my it was the cause him mere half game via a piece of carpet to stand up thank yeah. CL kinds of things going on and you know you try to be more innovative and creative every year you'll yet we I mean that's that's the goal as soon as always says it's improved than. Learned of from things that we've done the past and I think we're really hitting your stride and no room listening to people on what they wanna do and trading these different different events and you although all it is the events are different you know main purpose is both unique and it's a place that common and to be residents and to build a community. Let's think about that because I think there's a misnomer about one night at least when I tell me when there guess they think that it's all. Young people. No not really saw people and I can tell you this it is I've seen families I've seen professional athletes I've seen retirees I've seen. You know young couples I've seen single PI mean is everything it is it is. It's really not that young it's not known as I mean it's executed mature crowd. We know what I love. And I think you even within building you you can make big what you want it didn't you know if you wanna if you don't be harmful scene and the junior on a full season if you're just come to advance. You know it's really what you make of it if you want him to view your part and the apartments are beautiful. And a sign that your outside is it is the you know in this summer's big party plays and except yesterday you seriously when one night was an open that the poll was more party place a pretty worked it full were tame now yes so we know we've tried to you know we don't have DJ is now I chatted. It's reversed by the band's reggae bands and Latin bands and on to slow up more culture and a school. One thing all seed they were talking there willing with one might look for apartments as you decent thing for mentioned getting out there and kayaking and seeing the nature one. Mince mentioned off fair we re talking about partnership you'd do bill with the national d.s yeah residents. Yes so again you I think one when residents of new downtown in creating this urban lifestyle. I think it's so important for them to you how this these suburban Claude is are available. So we teamed up with the national are that the d.s golf club and paid a special membership for one not residents. And you know it was something that I wanted to put out there but it's really taken off we have. Seventy. Residents sign up now and it's really like it spill are really tight net community comment with and it's often. There's guys just going all the time golfing is like two or three groups and you offer for us immensely you were in them and they use is amazing and NN's rusty builds and builds retention. Or one night. Because you discuss membership view search create these bombs residents and you sort you resent leases. And and I I'm a member of the abuse that and I views that I've. I charting a third night just like quieter there Hillary's men's league is fun there's over a hundred guys that plane that the it's amazing Thursday night it. People I knew people solely on the politician. So I walked in that aren't you always thought about until I'm out of my house house legislature might have a dog that's six years ago guy I don't say that a library that's great people are so nice of me now I group up there so yeah. It's a great community we're gonna have on the president. Of them at some point here this is even William and Mary brother to me on the national the other day but it's just a great facility. It is kind of therapeutic go up there and and playing golf in even if you know there's two different types you play with 45 guys that are. Little more robust almost have a few more cocktails are Brazilian you can play with you grew up there by yourself picking up there with a friend any. It is remake of habits a beautiful course of the innocent fifteen minutes from downtown which makes a communion is isn't a private course but I think. Prod or Republicans are close ones in downtown which receive communion deathly is. And also it's either simmers proxy for Dinara who was side. It's amazing what you having usage which is crazy to me I've been good art yup there's maize and oh yeah I would sign up and cares club an after dinner which is amazing and so that's part of the deals you know if you have dinner yeah. Very cool air Willie is in my gas tees with one light luxury apartments. Air what else is going on I mean you've been a man about to anything you've been to recently that you think is literally cools you. One of my favorite places dollars core Reno supper club and tasting room. You like it's amazing he was on the show about a month. Margaret Ellen yeah has him on the right may be yet they why might my music or and I and I am I and I'm a full dinner experience but all of them are and have a drink in stocks and the fuse is this perfect every time the army announced the live music it's monitor prices. Should defeat is good yes it's Tuesday night and I mean we can I think we we kind of expected that and you know what I look for him and a lot of restaurants is more than just dining experience more than this dude and of course you know sort of a you know kind of touched on this note with like music and on the south service music now. And these have been there my other favorite my if Pirillo he's our bumper imperial. And there simply that's the crossroads yet answered debt ten challenger and brought this upon our room 39 and just open it by about six months ago. And so defeatist casual but it's the same quality that you get it in there and I'm which is it's always amazed. And I go for breakfast old time when a mission farm through meetings have meetings on the earth my parents communication gaps so one might I feral her imperial its other than to bet. I'm beer through there air Willie has been my guests on the show he's a great got to know here in Kansas city's Salma on. Any kind of social media which is social media handles your name air cooler air Willie that's Willie WI LO EY also won light luxury apartments. Let's say it is one like TC dot com. Eric usually is even some funding so it's really good to have you on the show you and Eric and as careless there's a what's going on downtown. Which are excited about Jesus Christian this and appreciate you great senior game we re back after the break with more growth nation with imported into the magnet overdraft can pray for her. I guess. Yeah. Hello welcome back to grill nation with Jason growth thanks for joining me today on 980 AM and on the grill nation should dot com appreciate also listening via podcast on iTunes. And stitcher radio. As always you can connect could be on Twitter at Jason grill and that relationship also snapped it's a grand. And on FaceBook to search for Jason grow I'm also going to be posting photos to our website Nvidia's George Graham and Sacha pages. Okay so our next segment we have eight artists few I've met I don't even remember it's probably been five years ago maybe six years ago when every mid Kansas City. I sure as an artist back then she's launched for nerve. Worked in that kind of an in design for a long time in marketing. Meg in Napa and burgers with me her website is meg in EGH. Makes art dot com and she's listening to the show the other day and we hadn't connected awhile and so. Here you are hearing. This so I have and yeah it's great to have you on the show I love what you're Dylan. Could be other some really cool art. And has just blown away by its so we were having you on today. OK so let's go back in times he moved here right yeah Dario. About three years ago three years ago and develop us and I'm like god actually what I meant you had just answered in my business in the now it's not seems like it's been a long time to go to three years I know we both come along way. So look Casey moved here. And you kind of know what to expect right ray yeah I grew up in saint less of a pentagon decay you bet. Kansas City was avenue animal right brow. I love that but you agree ebitda came from Chicago's other initial move Telus on how that all took place and well either happen now we. My husband and I were living in Chicago for about ten years and. We were just ready to have settled down have have and bullying and you yeah. Two and a half year old now wolf so yeah we came back and. And moved at the time has and design business and they have that back here to see you you're doing design work or not is the bigger companies of our member currently yeah I was seeing a lot of work or food industry restaurants things like that magistrate and left I left foods seeking you keep you did you're from here Yasir -- kind of company yes it was kind of a weird transition moving at. From Chicago to Kansas putts. You worked it took little time to meet new people a year and but you know Kansas City is the degree. Yeah did Brady graphic design for duties yes it. Is there remember seeing some of your stuff and and we we tried so many times her way to work in the I know maybe now we can right now all right and so okay so. That was ongoing moon and suns again in the injury of some sort. I kid a guy yeah I hurt my back and that was you know around this time last year OK so T doesn't sixteen who's done yes so. I decided to take the summer off last year to just kind of like rehab it. You know go for walks you physical therapy just like spend the day it's getting better who which ended up being a really good thing for me. Yeah right that time off gave me some clarity. And also kind of taught me how to elect of myself first and only it's you know. When you have kids or even for just like busy. And running a business is like maybe forget. So you gotta give you don't have that. Time you know you're always just on the news and you happen. You take their four. Wherever vacation you know that doesn't happen you know we're doing that now Iowa is so this break kind of refocusing. It's Jack in recent times is just kind of like. Just focus on myself Earl little island you know it when it came around to the fallen it was time for me to second back to work. A certain having people send me projects and extremely cool stuff that I would've been very excited about that as Alex slot things that way like you. Un well cannot quite ready you and meanwhile answered painting again which is something I've always. Yes I've done it since high school and well and I didn't talk about them yeah. Yeah I'm you know it's on the side of sold work occasionally and showed occasionally. I never actually believed I can make a living doing it then and something about like. That time off just made me ask myself like while and I do you and so I just you know I just decided it was time for a new chapter and so I did like the absolutely craziest thing you can do then decide to do. Come full time artist yes yes you're here answer rampages mega mix. Photos of all with so few done then. What not and it's pretty cool so so KC decided to do it knew what happens I mean you have to find. We used our pinning everything in the opening online and you get some of the buys for the. Does that work well it's it's a little bit of experimentation everywhere so you know I've been doing this for about six months now and it's kind of like. Tried this and see if that works you know do you work of different sizes registered working really large which is cool because I really like we're in regards. And yes. You know and just networking meeting new people trying to get my work out there in front of people sound. Alone is there a Missouri a guidebook of places for us to go in the art community here. So like and act like there is for every other profession if there isn't somebody knows please offense any advantage at SFO. So you could end up yet Oka a I just cut tapping the contact Terri had a mean in your emails again at. I think I figured out what that Europe to I'm pennant you know I'm doing few different it's. Shows and Boca festivals he's our guy. Or those like my did the strawberry swing in December which is such a great. You know maker Faire in Kansas City how. I was off some analysis like a great way to elect pushed me out of my conference on a little bit in my. Meg go like show your work there right that's except one like search showing work publicly in getting feedback and. So that was great that kind of got me started and then you know I've been doing. Commission work for people which helps to and it's like keep a little more steady flow of income mean which you know the reality of being an artist you have to. Figure out a way to make money premiere where it. Which is and how does that work for the commissions that aegis. Talked people you know our browser has that gets kind of like started in this circle of friends and family and it's kind of moving into the next circle which is kind of how worked uninspired first business. You know you can't just talk to all the people you know and. And he's friends. It's pretty focus I mean this is an understatement. Yeah you're you're you're worth some of the others that he did you know it's you deal with thing yet with a very Indian design work yet and I can just show a picture so this is yet it is these reported grasp yet. And so. What are some of the avenue as you talk about the shows you've gone to have to house the congress. I've beaten them. Just by setting up a shop amendments I and ends. May let families are invited some other what's yeah mine I have a society six page okay well which is street. Because you can. Silk prints of your work. And an on demand through them in the cool thing is that they produce the prints. And then ship them out for you in and you get a commission often. The sales. So that has been really cool to have kind of a smorgasbord of work over there in a smorgasbord of work and violence today. Right. We'll get an academy here. Inspiration in your creativity and in what campaigning in the next exhibit tells about. Tells about kind of mutants here at minister pulled out. Well for us in the states let's just go on TV city inspiration here that's ever happened before a peso hit a don't know here's my question so you can't do these take free to do so vice CU. OK I wanna obtaining. The style or whatever something yeah and you looks like you put a lot of effort is this is not placating. Something we've seen other art fairs and town so how long does this take. You do that. I usually give myself a week but we do appease the does that mean I'm working you know forty hours on a piece necessarily. Sometimes I'll sit down and oh come out and or hours and but usually I give myself a weeks that I can work. Every day for a few hours on it and then you know kind of simple way. And they come back to the next day with fresh eyes and and see you like OK in going to change the colors or the texture. So I usually will try to come back to it three or four times to finish and then I'll just know when it's done. But I have to Kelli tell myself to stop click. Done you're done it's done now is it and CDs on campuses. It's pen some canvassed some on board. On some on chip board it's kind of like started out with like whatever I had laying around its. But I have started working on campus more because they can work archer in on board and what is very. Cents a mile egg. We're dug in a magnet hamburger with says meg makes our dot com. This is Cali writing and yeah there is when you sit down write some thing. Sometimes you can knock down b.'s focus yourself and sometimes. It takes forever exact so we. You're hike in no use Kennedy wake up in the morning. And star pain and money to break us you know sometimes. Actual. Painting part been like leading up to the pain in part is usually it takes on its okay so it's kind of funny some days on needs them like. Go for a walk in the and then like have a great. Once and then maybe ticket my payment app and the Medicaid. It tooth and like then I can paint and then I paint something it takes on our. I don't going for walks in the woods and Hayward do you letting kids. Oh well everywhere guy there are ways around where you bone you know relatively close. I love going to the arboretum that is that what they like a happy place was young and it is. Wooded. Sanctuary again that's on its and it 179 and the valley parkway jet. And which has actually not that far it seems far but it's sexist and 179 yeah I think willow. I thought that you and I are side that. It's just it's beautiful flowers but they have trails at the woods that are very. Woody and this TSA so it's a great place to kind of go out and get served really far away from everything. You know I like to college and getting weird in the woods. Got up. I did it checked that plays out never even heard of it's beautiful. Sounds like its list to go for a review yeah and you can go like it's some you know mulch trail seeking Iran there. Good to trailer and I like to lock out there. Just you know commune with nature Malone. Worth magnet number meg makes our dot com gonna come back after the break talk about some river work and also talk about two affliction she's working on. She's in case. Who Cindy grilled I think. Hello and welcome back to grill nation with Jason girl 98 PM and on girl nation should I commodores I teens insecurity were talking to meg. Happened burger who's a artists here in Kansas City. Her website is a mega in EGH. Makes art dot com. Let us talk about kind of here your inspiration here I've noticed all of theme kind of intimate thing you started out being on your commission were we just on the stuff you sell on your website. Tulsa vote that's all about BK is there's a lot of animals involved here. Essence yeah. He had among working on a collection are now it's it's kind of the first like. Collection. I would say like you know a lot of pieces of a similar theme that ions I'm excited about it. And I'm calling it might coming home collection its a lot of inspired by a sort of like earthy and wild midwest things so. I'm doing a lot of ice and I did a really big bison head as the first he said it was really cool and you know some kind of flora and fauna. That tests we saw that I'm looking here it's your right now it's here and meg makes art and it's a grim it's pretty cool thank you and yeah. So yeah you know like we talked that I spent a lot of time out in the woods and there's just like something about the. Woods here in the midwest that is. Both kind of like feels like home to me but it's also sort of like an. In Colorado are you happy he. Majestic pine trees and had. You know battling mountain brook click here I feel like it's a little more like angled Massey moon that something about that like. Not literally but that comes into the way that I paints and you know the mark making its view trying to make it very. Loose and and a free sound that is you know kind of prominent tea. Lions and tigers and bears could pick that but yes I did I didn't embarrass one day and it's. You know that just kind of like came out of nowhere us into buyers and then I thought only Russia's use. Lions and tigers to be buddies to it and then sets and a fundamental my issue. What you know higher Kansas claim to. Fame so as far as as wondering when I was all done very lakeside also appeared nets and a way to add them we also have prince of flowers at noon eastern. And yet within a burden. The longhorns together known. On a vice and like you said. Pallet knife. Oh yes which looks kind of like a long skinny spat. And it it gives a different look when you apply the paint with that it's a little more like. Angular I would say like a brush gives you. And it looks like Russia sounds just like the wave that that looks and it's an easy way to build texture. And a lot of color like alien Nero work. A lot knew a lot of pain ear olds yes yes and on my floor and I'll need all of floated on your arm you kick at. Yet easy cleanup today that the FIQ. It's a lot of color to the kind of year. Yeah. Yeah you know there's something about like. There's an energy to vaknin mark may minute talks about you but there's also an energy to color and just kind of like. Not being afraid to. Add a weird color that might make it uglier you know unusual. That's again part of that process of dislike. Letting something come out living it just be. You know what it is apparently planning to much in advance. And it's you know that's. That's a style painting and at him practicing. And wouldn't and successful every day but I think that's and it acted like. Coming back to something every day and practicing and when I have that I do a painting and I feel accurately succeeded and Mike. It just kind of letting myself do whatever came out than like that feels. That feels like when I'm trying to make Mets had known him. Shooting four with this collection. You can see most yardage may get makes art dot com. Very cool stuff here I'm just gonna go and throw your photos here. There's some really neat stuff now is your son. What are yours what is your son and a husband think of all this tell our life. They love it in my husband is so funny he'd when I. Decided this I took until lunch. At boulevard at the tasting room in an endemic problem with the beer ferret that. And I told them and he said you know. Trust you to do anything. Except beyond time for any Africa a country is director of you know he's he's so supportive and. And just you know he's the biggest and every time idea painting he's Sadr to let that one go than the previous that's cool. We our house is going to be deceit did he go to he's getting this when he married you yeah. You know I painted a lot actually when we were dating non that was a time that I are showing work and so he always knew that I painted and and and he's just happy. That's cool it's. In the sun is the. Yes he really lights up from the house hey you're really likes my studio and you know there's just wet paint and stuff everywhere meg. Can't really let him in there that occasionally. I will. Clean things up and you know put a a big sheet of paper on the ground and paint there. So look here yearns to Graham and you didn't you can find your art you've been some stories hearing in new Yemen that are eagle Kansas City stop you in the meeting in city show her shops. I don't know how. How does that process for you getting at wholesale law must rate you know they are so supportive and lovely to local makers. So I just went over there and showed him some work I think I may have emailed its. And they're like let's do it let's hear an introductory. Order and see how cousin they've done really well better sound really yes. They're they're great I love shine with them I made deuce. Some some pieces on consignment some larger originals with and they have a new e-commerce chop up to that I can choke but later. Nights I can't answer that. Getty coverage Shia wholesale and they knew we talked about from the show you've no Muir also you we talked where you're collection your persuasive collection Mitt was inspired. Summer and fall he's going to be do it's more festivals moon or we idea well hopefully you'll find me at the maker Faire and at the western apple test I have applied for both of those so if you're listening less an apple fastest let me and that's a plaque on the world that's where grew up that up there now really are north. The is there many times been to weddings at the barn red barn affair. They no malice of data commercial shoot up there once when I was. Younger. Double. As just up there. Last week and. One of the shop owners there we got to talking and she told me about the fest and it's very well attended there's like 30000 people so. Work with benefit and there it seems like a good potential place and debut ends you nineties. In my work outs allergic to the audience cheer cheer as a lot better prove that you can't Piven in your career. You can now I. Or for major corporations and their other great marketing amber any assert your own business and then just decide Monday you know what I wanna. Be more creative in a different way and third. Building opinion artists business yeah then the people of its border itself you have very supportive and I think I'm Mike. I'm very excited about it and so much happier doing that he's a lot more children when I met you at every year altar as what. I'm we give business here legally docking near houses were here really I mean like this is more or mean I think like. And able to just kind of do them at me whereas before like I. I was very good and decide always came in naturally it's mean but the business side of it was a little more. It's tiresome to me thinks and more behind. So this feels you know. If feels more like exciting and I'm excited to market myself and get out there written all the parts of the business that it and necessarily love before now feel different to me sound. Magnet and bird is our guest. Appreciate come on the show today thank you for have a website is I may get makes. I definitely will be looking around. They go commission something with these days who never announced another have they make thank you faceless integral nation we'll see you next week haven't you.