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Saturday, May 26th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always just okay. And their radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello and welcome sue. The grill nations show hearing came BC 988. Am I'm your host chasing grill preachy joining us today. For a great show that we have upcoming as we a lot of fun today. With one of our partners and supporters of the gorilla nation show he's. He's on every other month we're happy to have him back now we're gonna come on the air here with Ryan may be here in just the second. Oh I think our partners and supporters as well in addition to Ryan. Title sponsor of the shore trusts Milbank BO OK financial end to US companies and Ryan drink. As I mentioned guest contributors. To the girl nations show are the Reagor NJ rigor and tell. Ryan may be and also one that luxury apartments and as well as he C eighty C. And other great folks over there will be joining me here next week now for their for ship. I.'s admission we have Ryan may be on the show today he's with the Reagor and NG re hearing Caro great pumped two great companies here in Kansas City. Ryan comes on the show we every other month and he. Talks about 'cause some of the thinks he's been up to and sometimes we have a special gas but today we're gonna focus on. The really cool things we're gonna talk all about some changes in downtown Kansas City were talk about. GA reader and it can no we're gonna talk about some new things going in downtown. Rossi you talk about Ryan's upcoming trip to New York. And talk about some of the different diversity we have in restaurants here in Kansas City to have been popping up. Is all talk about some exciting news with United Airlines and G re hearing coast so. Well welcome to the show Ryan maybe it's great to have you back saw a few weeks ago and it's great to us he and in studio man how are you. I'm grim and get to be back I'm just we have so many different topics today. What even up to these days to travel lie you work Milan you know I'm always I'm also traveling a lot on behalf of the virgin Reid and company is as we continue to grow and I'm out young spending most of my time focusing on distribution and sales and you know getting our our our products and in people's hands on store shelves on back arson councilman is that's right spend most of my. You know most my energy but I group last couple weeks have been here in Kansas City nice and that missile rule. Little downtime here and Casey and those weird red if it doesn't love it you know I don't mind the travel so much. The hardest part of that is just kind of missing home missing my dog missing the restaurant you know and being away better I bet I head back out on the road. Again this week and then have a lot coming up in June and July and he. I need to figure and you. The dogs it's where you you're gone I don't have I gotta go I got a couple people on on reserve that's also an umbrella talkie will get a lot of topics today revolving around your businesses in about Kansas City and some things have been happening. In the crossroads as well as throughout Kansas City in downtown. The first some more talking about this article that you were mentioned in in the New York Times recently. And one of their issues month or so ago a crap distillers facing lower taxes invest in cells. You can visit the story the New York Times. It's written by Robert size. Size since Roberts Yvenson. Mentioned. Yeah I was noted there is in. It was fought well it sort of gain. That that whole thing was it was a bipartisan effort home I would actually one of the senators from Missouri. More humid it's been in in the works for a few years or something that we always aware of that they've been trying to make happen. Since actually well before this big tax cut it was was passed so. You know once these are working on the on the bigger. Tax bill this this part. For small crafts the stories that slipped in into the whole thing him and went through. But the look of the belief was originally it was gonna get passed anyway. And really drag craft beverage modernization and tax reform and ray and they see what it says is you know federal excise taxes on alcohol. A low or something like thirteen dollars and some change for. One net proof gallon which is one gallon of alcohol 100 proof or 50% and so that's how you pay your taxes on this on. How much you produce a much so mom. But with this plunging 15 July. It is a very good compared to try needed here but that's right yes Leslie is a lot it has dramatic impact on. Obama is very heavily taxed industry because you're paying this federal excise taxes as well as. Local and state taxes as well so it really does add up. The base to this bill did was it. Com said if you love our small producer of the produces up to. He was a 100000 down 200000 gallons. You paid. They went from that thirteen dollars down the 250 and seventy yes seventy. There's huge cut mean it is its massive when you think about it when you think about. Small companies like ours small startups. You know independence mall brands like ours. That reduction in in federal taxes it has a big impact on. On the bottom line and it. In the affected everyone affect all receive in the bigger produces for the bigger producers you know they only see that benefit on the first 100000 gallons you know when they're producing millions of gallons per year. For a company like ours who you know we've got a long way to go before evening and hit a 100000 then. It really does that allows allows us to be more competitive. So the articles really good it's at the New York Times in their wine beer cocktail section really cool to have you mentioned in the article bill through relations with in New York. So Ryan you have the option a lot of people say this is going to be two year. For sure ray tax a lot of people are are lower their wholesale price some of them are actually hiring new people what would it. So and there's future. Ways that you can use it. You know one that one of the brands mentioned in the article he. You might sound so. You know we just lower price he did he lowered its price dramatically which is. You allow you to be more competitive but I am I'm also kind of surprised that was the only thing. That he did for us the way we side value the value in this more than anything else was. We are always continually continually looking to grow our brand and grow our distribution it. Then. At the time oh win this past we were really looking hard at trying to get out to California and distributing California but with our. Business model and business approach. How we've always said that we're only going to expand our distribution points as long as we can support them and help cultivate those. Relationships meaning manpower meaning that we need more people and sewed the main. Benefit for us was we looked at as an opportunity to hire some more people and was rehired a couple of people. Full time for a assisting in sales you know the other side of it. I you can look at it as. A potential opportunity to invest in. New equipment bigger equipment you know to expand the production side of things. And there are some there's some opportunities there but I think within only being a two year. Reduction right now and and were hoping that it gets stamina becomes a permanent. Situation but with an only being. Two years you know we're not really. If you lower your prices down much let's say you lower your prices violate you know 30%. Amid dramatic. And then for whatever reason it that it doesn't go back up. Or it's or they it's just get extended and then all of a sudden you're really gonna be hurting your most likely gonna have to raise prices that's something that. I would never wanna do I would never wanna get to the point where. Because of the the taxation we're gonna have to raise our prices and. It's really pushing article the New York Times and they go through all these different scenarios where Ryan obviously they hired in this other guy he dropped its wholesale price most of half. Checking out those prequel to Europe in the New York Times and it's always coolest Kansas city Michigan national lol oh man so congrats thanks Ryan maybe is our guest the Reagor and if will be right back after the break I want it talk more to Brian may be about all these different things happening in Kansas City. And also talk more about J. League if you listen really. Welcome back. You can grill nation shelf 980 AM in on iTunes because podcast and act relationship dot com. Appreciate you joining me and them Jason grow your host you can connect with me on Twitter at in chasing grill that girl nation shell. Our guest today is a partner and supporter of the rogue nations show great Kansas City entrepreneur and he is Ryan maybe from the Reagor you've visited there to eat it's a great. Location also manifesto in the basement he's also the co-founder and owner of so Ryan in your neck of the woods there's all kinds of things going on one of which is a hotel in the old Pendergraph space is a cracked about. Has actually to Billings does when he first air and central okay are in the heart of the crossroads sued the opener gas distribution. Warehouse. Our own Lola thousand yen and the perhaps. Brewery with distribution. Warehouse once crow inroads it's a group out of Chicago or yeah I think it says circle the pairing him Ehrlich a boutique hotel group. Base out of Chicago and they've got some properties in a New York in Detroit in the Minneapolis couple of the places brick building. Yes really cool and both buildings are really cool one albums two stories than me the bigger warehouse is three stories. But and they have a great you know historically look to him very classic Kansas City. You know it in and in that area those warehouses. I'm excited for I think it's. Yeah this is a great example of you know outside investors coming in Kansas City and and developing. Really cool projects but it. You know what I love about it I've met with some of that with you dream group and and had some conversations with my love is. They're not trying to do something that is like you know they are concept. Their brand it's a chain. Hotel so to speak it's gonna have a lot of Kansas City character I think early on celebrate the history of of Casey in the artistic kind of rough where the crossroads neighborhood. That's awesome and beyond should the coffee shop across street to the restaurant slow it adds more everybody and they asked what's crossroads. Run through there once awhile and if the New Delhi down there I think people are. Yet there's there's more action down there are like that and you also excited about 21 C would you on the other side of downtown and right the Savoy space yeah you know that's been ongoing prod. This is an another really. Beautiful historic in city building that. You know was probably in recent years say disrepair and then there was fired hotel and at a restaurant so demands I can see history Aminu Harry Truman was there are so frequently that there was a specific Bruce. You know designated the tremendously that's where he always had a mess in the people who went through that. That restaurant space you know from Tom prendergast are probably Al Capone and Netanyahu knows who else it's it's pretty remarkable. That is cool and I've been to a torn when seared don't Louisville I'm gonna assume they are really cool to mayor actually walked to surrounded. He was like it was a cool concept any. He joked. About how. Concede that one of these yet so he's better than slide Jane and their their buddies but then I heard we were getting one yeah which is really cool is the space is like an art it's like an art. Yeah so there is rejected an and it's like the hotels pretty ups yeah yeah yes and the steel boutique hotel concept but I think all of their properties have. And art gallery kind of it'll have a good wrestler obviously and yeah absolutely there and you know you don't understand there they're maintaining trying to maintain the historic look of the old Savoy drill which I think would be great. To some extent and then they're bringing in sheriff Joseph west's you. News there all the way he's already received prewar in my own most recently a sock hill and also Scott Tipton good buddy of mine who's going to be their friend members record book we're Scott coming from. Army assets around here are sure to manifest their way back in there. Oh yeah what it's like so many have. But he was also most recently at sock hill as there are actually going to suck on serheo. Usually the should never cherica for the whole broad grin border constant restaurant group at least some great things and he's made it. The good name for himself outside the Kansas City in the bar world Munich in the industry is a as a cap down that tells the cartoon in New Orleans so he's he's got some incessant chops it's an experience like that. Talked just about manifesting mentioned is that that's still kicking around and I and how many years is the name. Well Tom we turned nine in April because we turn nine years old officially. And actually for the first time in our nine plus year history have actually hired. General manager from outside. Come in and take the reins name is Jay Sanders he's now been with us for bouts. Medium and I think tomorrow to lose six weeks roughly. Doing great job in the guy is fantastic and you know just it's one of those things it is is it just shows how old. You know he can never kind of ease up on a small business like that nearly always going to be pushing forward always looking for. We sued sued to grow in and improve and innovative and yeah sometimes bring in a new set of eyes and in the appear to smooth things so. Mathis is a great man I am super proud of it it's been I mean it's become kind of a landmark. Bar in downtown Kansas City and it's still rocking the Roman reloaded. Ryan maybe is with this today on the relationship partner and supporter and also also much here in town Ryan knew. Mentioned. In the past you've niche industry car now. You know it's progress as you run that line to your readers read that line I don't read the leader this is really see the restaurants are no managerial either one day. Yeah I said Francona. So submit so they're talking about expansion driving that's been in the works now and they've announced some new stuff then angry with some controversy with people who was born obviously. What are your thoughts about on the street cars progress in the need stops it kind of did propose an announcer notably. I mean I think for me personally I think this is a mean not devote all I know I mean I mean I think it's gonna happen and I am not too worried about star emerge. I'm pretty certain it's going to dim past yeah. Army guy I talked about this you know Tom blue in the face I am huge supporter of it I think everybody knows out of Diana. A very outspoken advocate for it from back in the early days and it was first you know being talked or talked on tossed around. And as a small business owner. And a property owner in the crossroads you know for the last twelve years. IE have always. Dreamed about and envisioned and that downtown Kansas City be combing. The energetic you know vibrant. Epicenter of that has become and it's not just bars and restaurants but it's everything it's. Its office buildings its residential. It's all the amenities that you need to be it's a live in a real city right. And the streetcar. You know you do if you won the UMB negative about it and say well. It's only two point one miles or 2.2 more so pardon or just rolls with no traffic to yell those things are true. But it the reality is is it looked at the end of the amount of development that it has spurred it is really really remarkable. Hum having started my first us in the process back in 2006. And seem consistent growth and consistent development things headed in the in the right direction. Was all great up until May two years ago manned when the when the streetcar. Officially launched it's just like it just injected new life into that process. And it's a start to move faster than snowball and now it's really amazing to see the amount of progress. Edison has temperaments and it's been huge job benefit salutes our business I think to a lot of the restaurants. Iron bars and small businesses town in the Prosser it's so senior extended from. Union Station and pounce on a word and shouts do. You might as well and you MPC I think he would defense. Past and what do you think is immune mostly goes down the street and worse you're. And there's outlets for people to think it's you Barnet we're so let me let me get my a minute and I like a loss as people mean. Sure absolutely I am I love them to him the yeah. There was Eric I don't I don't go to west toward enough but I tell you what I would go more it's a street car went on I go a lot more. But around the site whole controversy came up in the paper a few weeks ago you know talking about the only stops at thirty nicely on the game and that's too far to walk to Wes for me freaking break I mean if somebody can remove listen recalled amount on Twitter and said. The distance from a the premiere street south on main street to the heart of west where is the exact same as like walking from. The capital grille on the plaza sued JC Nichols found in my favorite and how's he was saying its exact same distance as Lott asked. In the that you miss or senator complex parking lot to the gate at arrowhead it's the exact same distance and so. And just doing the things dummy I know right it's not too far to lock that's ridiculous. And so just a week ago I had a meeting must work and it was during the day. Mike you know what I'm gonna test this myself so I I took the bus I took the Max. Down to thirty SU which is the exact same location that the to energy stop on secret will be caught off the bus and I walked from that stopped. You know what sport needs of me about seven minutes I mean. It's not how. It's not too far to walk it's not and safe and is going to encourage development it's actually going to benefit those businesses that are. And after that an area beat you when you tally to one matter that road that connects and there's going to be good for that whole area. I truly believe that and I also speak from experience of sin for Stanton. We need more people like grind out their talking about that because I think. You know I mean the stuff articles always trying to get eyeballs in clay and you know I know a lot of the people that you know Kelly's people mean they're good people and left. I'm hoping that people like you who have been through the street car. Process right who's literally had the actual thing being developed and built. Right for any doorstep absolutely here for years yes can explain the amount of business that is the slid two and I also. Say editing you know while the construction element of it can be. Frustrating at times immunity is it is disruptive. I in 2015 when that was happening along main street downtown and happening right in front of my doorstep who was the biggest year that we ever had. At the reader so it's it's not her business at all from. From revenues and. Interesting stuff Yahoo! makes to see that happen and I. I'm just you know when you drive around main street just think of all the potential that can happen I mean just throughout that whole court or in connecting places. You know I mean is it is a master is a no behave we haven't anything in thirty years with regards to Byron Elton streetcar. I mean you're down to the river market there's the old Casey streetcar to sit there on the corner and you look I know it you'll like. I mean it's legal that's updated it's even harder to get them that like New Orleans or San recess to see our old street cars. Bennett and purchased by the city's going to be used there you know and he's got these this really cool retro look in their actually functional. Around that sucks that Sox could say it looked at doing that man for our line and I I'd have more of modern look and when Buddha. Ryan maybe is our guest today wanna talk about some exciting partnerships that GA rigor has establish recently throughout the country. With some major organizations and also locally as well. In our next segment he's joining us today on the grill nation show right maybe from JJ rearing tell it and he Reagor as tools manifesto we hit back at. I guess. Welcome back to the relations show here is chasing drove 988 and came easy after she was seated as well Knight seems in tune in radios rules that. Online on grill nation should dot com very exciting show today it was dry and maybe it's great to have him back. In steer he's been traveling he's a great partner and supporter of the show he's obviously. Been doing very well in Kansas City is very passionate about all the things going on right now and as the Allen the co founders and owners of he's also been working a lot in that business to you bill lot of partnerships throughout the country one of which. It's kind of exciting the whole foods is now opened over up volume Casey. His term either about seventeen different times over last weekend and it was packed. And. Yes so on you know I don't know of many people realizes that Missouri has some of the most lax liquor laws in the country. Marker that we be nervous and I'm very very proud of that be exciting New Orleans right yeah. That does start we get the third party you know that I myself play my distributors in my new York and California and everywhere else that. Whole foods. Has a full service bar with a you know talked to many everything in their dislike. Just baffled all right how does that happen you do unfold in New York you can only if you're a chain of safe trader Joes or whole foods or whatever. You have. Twelve locations you can only designee one to sell alcohol alone in my package. An argument might be talking up by the by the drink vodka so anyway this ultrasound and you know 51. Down south plaza. Beautiful. Wow reminded the wow it's really stunning. I think it might be the first one in the country that has a full service bar. Com am and what made you think the little part of aggressor to that put the bar and I've been there I. Com I don't I didn't make it into the your shoes are part and only. I can't say it's like Thelma Zanzibar part par at the current to different parts connected I mean it's it's. Very well integrated into enemy if you're in front door. The universal like the cash registers in the checkout lines are being in the bars how often though the corner there and at the front of the building and allies for they would actually outdoor seating you have outdoor patio and everything it's really well done I mean it was it was beautiful so. When they we're building this one they reach out tell us a while back. And now wanted salute to celebrate you know some local Kansas City brands and and focus on that and I'll work with some some local producers and so we were able to make that happen and he I mean they they opened up the bar and they have a full menu of of cocktails and they're all too eager cocktails. Have to give a lot of credit to Erica soltys for that one of our. Actually one of our newest full time employees that we we run on the help with sales and stuff she did a great job. I cure aiding that that menu for them and train their staff because you also consider that. Talking about a a grocery store and you're not used to being in the business of making drinks and selling drinks and everything so. They really they're really kind of venturing into new unchartered waters and you. We were able to help help them with that because we can train their staff we can teach them. How to sell the products how to mix drinks and and and those things at their company and really doesn't. And they don't know how to do. That's pretty crazy I'm. I just think electorate and if you're gonna see more parsing her she served a negative I was. Your high IVs have an all out to an area millions around the midwest yeah and its interest and I had heard of that that I you know that's that's pretty inching. You know hasn't as a male you know sometimes you don't wanna get bigger store. Peru's I don't. A man Ayala. Check them out yeah absolutely by number may only a billionaire he how are your cocktail shopping experience earlier several more enjoyable so I'd addition to that you've been doing so for the United Airlines seem. They have polar plunges I have opened in differences here in Houston Newark obviously knows her. Extremely busy airports. And you rigors of. Yes and actually Soria at a hair and they opened there the first one at O'Hare in Chicago last year no sort of their like test. Market for it so the players' lounge is there a new. Higher end of you know VIP lounge it's nice when you wake your file video and Blair surrounds yes and yes all I believe it's only in the international journals and only services international. Travel I think you so these tests without an at O'Hare last year and when they did that they won to have awful Kok told more. As part of their experience and answer really get drinks and so they hired. A consultant to help them with and that consultant I was from Chicago and us happen via a friend of mine and so he got me involved disclosed few other and bartenders from around the country to develop cocktails for the menu. And so they they ran without last year and I think it did really really well so they decide to expand the program. And they just opened up the one in San Francisco. A month ago roughly and the timing for that was perfect as we had just started. Distributing. Is he did say menu they had from Chicago and replicated the whole program in San Cisco. And right now one month and they are way ahead of the projections and there's flying through product so I liked their discretion with rigor whiskey. And next week they're. I do any rates due to the ribbon cutting on their hub in Newark new balance from actually going out there for that is due like the media event L cool the ribbon cutting. For the players' lounge and Newark in the Houston opens next month. While so let's get to did you mean a New York market Yasser already you know we already have distribution and all those markets are she's so New York. I'm Newark, New Jersey. Thing about the people that traveled through Newark. You're the National University I say we look at these things not necessarily has okay cases sold you know revenue bottom line. Snapped out as much as it is notoriety or recognition like the exposure the amount of impressions that were gonna get. On and you know two people that are traveling. If they see it all the time you know the more they see a brand and these witness like that with anyone the sort sort of a psychological thing. The more you see a brand or something in front view the Maurice. Oh yeah. We're now a household fashions if you just go into the players' lounge. October are and you want an old fashioned you're gonna get it with realistic the United Airlines if you had a chance to travel. Do that and aching get a local Kansas City flavor and I disagree you so much on impressions of man I mean I remember. You know before this kind of industry has took off I go travel and everyone would know about a certain whiskey from certain and writing you to Utah they have that highway us through it Randolph and a mile that's so cool it. You know now all you're going to be seeing. And then now you guess it's a new distribution channels someone mention those on the seven giving those a partnership with a high VC guys are really conquering the rush is too pretty stern related SI. Somehow I ever really can't predict it would happen I thought about that you know I he's been a great partner so far they've been you know they go on I'll write you know they're based out of Iowa. But there in 96 states or seven states and so we're with them in all the states that we had distribution and so. Wisconsin Minnesota Illinois. Missouri Kansas and then they also got Iowa and the Dakota or. Our Celtic and then sorry you have north yet. Now we hit the but the base Ohio and I think we've got something over like over a hundred stores in the state of Iowa and so based on the success that we had with them. Here in Missouri Kansas and the other states. Bitter they bass a suit to pick up distribution in Iowa so that we can go into all of those those stores as well. Really yeah that's success that's actually. They in the word's been in the works for a while I was oh wacky wacky state to deal with legally. Get away. It's obvious you're obviously they're a domino plug that jobless but again give more tax its owner bill obviously thought for you guys. You guys I mean all delivered state laws that just tumble in every way every State's a friend and you to deal with them similar among us speaking of different states have different laws let's go to California. Where there's a lot more taxes and a lot more about it and I nearly as good that's not true in our industry that's in fact. Doing business in California. From our perspective is far more. Accessible for easier and more friendly than some states that. You'll you'd like Texas for example in order a Kansas you know like. There's a lot of barriers to so cal entry that are Torres yeah he's pretty easy and it's been easier yeah you just came back from there is there yeah I I've been here a few times in the last couple months you just picked up distribution and husband auto accident. So far so good and now after really fast start there I'll just start in northern offers them. Well you know when we need yet set up with a distributor and save your license and say you're in the whole Satan Ahmet as far as me focusing my my efforts. And our distribution efforts that started out in San Diego and LA. And then two weeks later I hit San Francisco and Sacramento. Soccer critical data he's grown man a quick story though. Socially kind of find thumb. When I went to Sacramento. And I'd spend one day there. Distributing in and working with some buyers there. But we had somebody send us a copy of a Sacramento newspaper from 1910. He told the Sacramento beat the 1910. And it was a liquor store ad from a second oil liquor store. Advertise readers monogram whiskey back in 1910 poli episode that was really fun to go around and show. Bartenders and buyers and and people in Sacramento IK US is my first time here but our brand was here. Over a hundred years. You know there's really need. This cool that is cool just to such a good little acting you know momentum to have the shaft people. On C bending you've been in the California world mentioned teaser that's you know. Inserted in Southern California it was a reasoning behind that Regis sway your success. I'm into scheduling. You know lay in Europe you know is suing your schedule with with distributors in their knees as they have other supplies lipstick Harrison just. It was a sort of coincidence is second to continue to be one year. Major targets Iran's war is what the fifth largest economy in the world. So hopeful he thought I didn't know if it is what suburban as midwesterners didn't Heyman the rock murder burning out of Iraq with the gen re now I was so lucky that. Go to Europe digit II I think didn't come back in every way and very big way very good way to get summer drink. Go to new Moscow mule is stuff. Ryan maybe is our guest today on relationship partners supporter of the show check out his company's one as. Edgy re your co dot com and also the Reagor great restaurant in Kansas City the Reagor Casey dot com. We come back with Ryan there's couple more things are talking about today. Why it is in Bernie's movie potentially in the group. He we his trip to New York coming up and more talk about conceived on fan involvement in. In the restaurant growing team city's fewest usually. Welcome back. Do the drill nations show for our final segment of the this show with Ryan maybe your listen in 1980 and came viewer appreciate joining us on iTunes via podcast. Or agro nation should not come pre show my partners and supporters what do which is a grind maybe do you rearing code and the Reagor KC. Ryan. I saw the story in media star something near and it gave me was online about why Jason birdies palace. Why do is one of the first places in the crossroads I can remember late night eats strong the most iconic man right what's going on now their men would be. Really no. But it's a little bit concerning. Yeah from the floor I understand it better than the same article you didn't you know that the building there's two buildings connected right there on that corner. Was purchase you know mine outside developer and it is it appears only gets finalized but it appears. The tenants in that building. You know white jays and birdies and or Cole my it appears that they might have to relocate which I think would be really terrible that's if I were to happen I would hate to see that because. You know especially wide jays could mean being an anchor in. In the crossroads and in the overall development of of the crossroads and being sort of narrowed great embodiment of what the crossroads really means against said he would be really sad to see him go. Yeah however when there is a time where worked on there I can get launch anywhere you have no idea why digits I mean your bracket yeah. Absolutely and you know I was living there. Ten years ago when. And there are plenty of Saturday and Sunday mornings afternoons where you know you could year old bowling ball down down and he street her Baltimore. You know I'm not hitting the thing that you know why Jay's is always open and. They're liable got to support why Jay's and birdies it before potential news in the movie hope that doesn't happen. Ryan what is Negroni weak and dissolve. Negroni week is a promotion and that was started by him par and it in by magazine several years ago. As a means to. Openly I think it means to have some more camp Hari and I get more people he hidden by the magazine but basically promotes the Negroni what's the classic Italian cocktail it's a really delicious. Cut so when made dry and it's a three part drink using gen. I can par eons we remove. Old Peter refreshing. Great stuff. Anyway it's it's a week and every June where bars and restaurants around the country. Can. Embrace it and promote and grow only on the menu or Negroni riff on their menu and then make a donation of their sales to. Maturity of of their choice so. There's a yeah actually involved in an absolute yeah we're out actively involved in it every year we have in every year. More promote will prove both three and a manifesto. There's some you cooperation with the the local US PG chapter to help get the word out and and spread the word so I was kind of a fun light hearted thing that allows bartender says to get together. Pumped promoted great classic frank and give back to the community. I definitely come to trial of those on a firmer at. Oh man I'm sure I've had one of the year after tries out and have to come in yeah that your barn Charlie of those please do and it would when is that happening. Well you can get anywhere any day you want it would isn't charity thing happens it's it's next week it's June 4. In fourth through the tenth okay cool on the flip to check that out. Right every year you we're not every year maybe but you have gone to visit Casey trip to New York yeah showcase Kansas City tell us about that I know that's upcoming intent of what you liar at the strip. It is coming up and I think they're going even bigger and better this year. So it's I think it's it's cooperative thing between visit Casey. There's a Casey website and then he CDC the cans the area development council so the purpose really is it kind of both promote Kansas City and market Kansas City. Two the media mostly its media focus event. I'm channel little light on the creative. People in Kansas City some chefs and musicians and entrepreneur or isn't brands and things like that will obviously be focusing on. Jeanne reader cocktails neck and I think that's why I'm going out probably making drinks and answering your cocktails on the then you're the keys CDC's mission. I'll I think his policy focus on getting businesses to relocate can't see your open satellite offices here and and do business in Kansas City so. It kind of works that have attacked from both sides you know getting out business to work here as well as promoting. The cool things that are that are happening here what types of people show up dude who are you serving in the season and it's mostly media there yes it's almost them the majority of the guests. The guest list is media day it's meant to get. The attention of national media to promote Kansas City. And it makes sense it's a really great idea calm when I talked to other. Other cities you know and and and people that do this kind of work they say it's common for cities to fly journalists and like select one or two journalists. And fly them to their city and show them a good time and take him around try to get them to. Yeah of coverage that what the TCC India visit Casey does is really unique in that they say we're gonna ring. We're gonna bring Kansas City TU. You know because stink about it Hume the majority of the the journalists and people that that you know right from media outlets. In this country are going to be in New York more median on the West Coast or maybe Chicago so instead of picking out one or two. And bringing them here. We take a group of of professionals to Kansas City and we broke party. That's pretty cool I like like to check that out yet you state Kansas City on the road taking its Kansas City on the road and it's a lot of fun man I mean maybe I'm great venues of the you know if they take great venue in Manhattan and this I think it's a rooftop we'll have some outdoor area other taking the band Embry. This year which Henry is a local menace and get some pretty big national. Attention so they'll be although I can see through cancer the music and art and drinks in the whole thing so you can't see food. Ryan maybe is our guests. New concert downtown is more diversity we have a Korean barbecue restaurant in Puerto Rican restaurant talked just about that. Redding is really great about that and I haven't been Indy either one of those yet but I'm I'm looking forward to checking out was really great about that was what that says to me has. 510 years ago the local. Small. Small business entrepreneurs are trying to open up restaurants and and concepts and in downtown in the crossroads were in the majority were kind of high and high profile chef driven type places like my place like the reader like manifesto like Michael Smith the war or whatever that now. You're starting to see so much in Phil. And you're saying to see it. A lot more diversity in these little places like a Korean barbecue joint may as far as I know might be the first one we had in Kansas City which is. Really really cool you know preventive Korean barbecue. Restaurant ago is really really fun Soledad drove by the fitted. I don't know if I've ever been through a Puerto Rican. You know specific restaurant. Let that's exciting just shows suit that there's some there's now enough intensity or re getting to the point where there's not densities that there's demand. For more there's a man for for more than the high end. Restaurant but those blue eyes and still exist absolutely stone on. Salute all right. Novels none there off plus the restaurant 19100 and collector having turned either version. I was up like Turk last week it's beautiful is a very very cool. Yeah and I am into the restaurants here and yet they see is just there's like. It shows that you know we're certain choose to have the need for more amenities more fast casual type stuff. Just for you know just daily life side so people want downtown right that would have office down there and and they want something cal local and not to anyone a fast play he can't have every restaurant via special occasion. Mean restaurant in May have test that this can see the every day. Everything he take your take your coworkers out to lunch she don't want maybe. Spend a fortune either emailing your summary and get a good luck to her fifteen bucks and you know make it not be a couple of our experience exactly. Let's really cool Ryan maybe has been our guest co sponsor and check him out at. On Twitter at roundtable rise he's also all over the Internet with the re your PC dot com and you read your coach doc come right appreciate come on the show for your support. And may near busy guy excited to see slot next time we talk on the show you have another. But I am hundred partnerships and get things going on but he lawyer success in the long funk thanks appreciate it. You Millicent grow relationship I'll appreciate you joining us again this week we'll see you next week hope you enjoyed the show they have been doing guys talkies.