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Saturday, May 27th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome you're still grill nations always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello and welcome sue grill nation with Jason grill on 980 AM came easy and on the grill nation show dot com appreciate joining me today as always it's been a great week Summers about kick off I hope you're having a great Memorial Day you. Grew prix week I guess you would say hope you're gonna have a great weekend this weekend as well. Will take our partners and supporters of a grill nation and by the way our website is growing nation should dot com you can find all over supporters on that website. The title sponsors the shore trusts mode banked UK financial and its US advisors. Injuries you rogue nation are the reader Casey and G re hearing tell. Ryan maybe is a guess coast in honor contributor. Yes you are my district and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander who's also a guess coast and on her contributor. Appreciate all your support and from Macon show what it is today you get heckled me on Twitter at Jason grill and that girl nation show. OK so on today show if you're listening B 980 AM podcast on iTunes or at groom nations should dot com we will be having on its city city Nancy Missouri City councilman. For the third district councilman Quinton Lukas I ran into counselor Lucas last week. And without him on the show before. Only for two segments that they were talked more about his background today. There's a lot of issues going on in Kansas City right now on that are did a lot of media exposure whether it's in the business journal on the star. On television one and Della things are happening in the city and I thought to be good to have. Counseling quick and Lucas on today to talk about some of those things and kind of give us his take of what's going on over at a City Council and you know with with a different out a different things happening such as the airport discussion in a street car. Hotels development. You name it there's all kinds of things happening here in Kansas City salt spring on the council and now are you councilman Lucas. I'm doing while with the talking Jason you to talk to your busy man these days are yet. Now the last week it just got a good deal bears clearly I would have thought I was gonna go easy and two Memorial Day weekend but it's been everything the opposite. OK so Quinn you are a city councilman for party your life the other part is a you're an attorney by trade be your a professor lecture at of law at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Yes I am my involvement in teaching law or about. 56 years now it's probably one of the most enjoyable things like it to do it won't. I feel like when I'm back in Kansas City government. I give you my legal look at all types of contracts and everything else good look at the top of the booming job in Kansas City to look that mean do we have a lot of due diligence to conduct and I'm I'm glad to be part of that now the people critic. So now are you. Yeah and perhaps for the semester now at KU. And I were smarter man I would have someone that's a great it is to be damned yeah he's no look I think you know that story Jake and I need to carve out about ten or 153 hours or I can actually just take a look at some papers and and I need to do that on Friday and. Could that happen and well no law school exams aren't like your typical finals they are three of four hour types sit downs with. Many pages of of writing in complicated. To excel. Hopefully get that done. You have a lot of work guy I know they're also you or committee meeting you thought you knew this week ago to get it easier but. My student who serve the constituents little girl to get that all thought up this leak and it actually can be a peaceful life enterprise. Better I do need to exploit yourself away from the public for a few minutes. Couldn't let this is our guest today quick and you are on Twitter at Quentin Lucas TC. OK it's a quick take its third kind of for those who don't know we'll get into some of the issues here in the next segment by kind of what this what the City Council looks like what was the commitment is for City Council people the support part time or full time gig for I mean does it. People treat you like that today not kind of take its in the city all because of make a lot of people. We still live in the Kansas City area or against the user really don't world and they just think. You know the mayor is is just you know wave his magic wand and we have a we avenue hotel learning street carts it's it's it's a it's a full body with all the people vote correct. You know it is so there are up thirteen members on the council including the mayor. And I think the reason that's important even do your listeners outside it you sort language may well be most problem is that a lot of the assets with the regency in Kansas City, Missouri yeah yeah streetcar. Certainly the candy in the international airport median millions it's ever. So you don't that's why we. I think are in the news so much not just because we're trying to go everybody else and trust someway we that we appreciate someone else. You're doing well so. Well I can tell you this just from some and he's worked in the public affairs and goes to City Council hearings. Throughout the metro Overland Park. You know Lee would NC Missouri sometimes. You know they're all there are you're you guys are all dealing and females with all of the same issues. I think a lot of people in Kansas City are kind of reason they don't then they're kind of resistant to any change in the neighborhood in the oh. You know when you have these great projects to come in these these business leaders who wanna do certain things sometimes are some push back but I think at the end of the day. You know through them the sausage making process I think some of that stuff gets figured out people are able to voice their opposition or support obviously these public hearings and I know there's a lot of them taking place in in city right now on a whole host issues we had a bunch with the GO with the go bond issue that you GO GO bonds. Last election cycle and that turned out pretty positive I guess everything past and that election if you were supporter right. I have I'm literally everything guys can go what I think we saw wasn't just. Let folks see it time Brooklyn that's an infrastructure. The east side channel instead you know the public unglued. There's often appear government that you know everybody can relate to monitor not responsible electric we saw during that referendum. An opportunity urban area citizens of Kansas City to say you know what we like progress like what's going on and one of the city continue to grow and get off. Mean Quinn what do you say to those naysayers out there that. Are frustrated about yearning sacks they think they're overtaxed a local level. You know admitted they consider moving to Kansas where they have no income tax right now currently here and held him. I know how do I mean Vinson that they Kansas City is not being taxed. Too much the city kids in their. You don't mind I think that's a very simply go what do you wanna be Kansas City, Missouri right now is on more dynamic action. And it has been at any point out that global recent decade perhaps increase. Add up part of that is the fact that we have to pay the freight grateful I got a portraits. You know there are real cost a billion and a growing city and so. You know what else lose drive to the lowest tax burden place you can't. Right any city in the state somewhere that doesn't have any of these cost. And I don't think you're looking at a place that's quite as exciting isn't quite as dynamic man down about you know what my answer to that I think we played two of the best to burst your country. With growing business is in mind that they grow the business is that we really ought like we've seen the tech industry invested heavily in the northern California. Couple. Not a cheap place to be not a place that's free tax burdens. But a place where the economy continues. Which in Washington State the Seattle area as another area of growth particularly new economy Amazon whatsoever and so that's what I think is the answer. Which is that you know who we want our appears to be who appears to be told so all the court so they don't let our. Municipality. Who won our peer beat Seattle Washington and I think that I goes a long way to answer and some of the tax burden issue. Very true quit Lucas is joining us today on the show he's a third district city councilman in Kansas City, Missouri. Whole lot of stuff to talk about a wanna kind of break in the that a little bit more than in the next David Wolf. We'll start the debate about this new plan for the TCI international airport. A mild stomping grounds of that but panic. QC to grill nation thanks for joining. Welcome back to a grill nation with Jason grill 980 AM came easy and on the grill nation showed dot com. Bishkek put me on Twitter on FaceBook concept tenancy ramat. JC grill or find me a grill nation show among all those. Avenues and doing a great week here is a beautiful Kansas City, Missouri. OP guys have a lot of things planned in the upcoming holiday weekend. And it whatever you're doing here this summer. We're talking to councilman Quinton Lucas from Kansas City, Missouri is a third district quit and give us a little heads up of what areas that represents. So they're you're third straight tour is the area of troops little south independence avenue for much of it. Take all the way to the edge of the city include the stadiums and then it happened to brush creek. And points north so that is. The area I'm elected at large loan so I represent all of Kansas City. Yeah and that makes it even more on some dog leg of the go to community set comedians from somehow contribute their streak you know the airport and all point in the tour. So your email box a little more full than some of the district people's dollars change. As you know I I would think so I know granite a lot of the very good counsel people to think it. I'm having a lot of fun right now we'll look fairly fully automatic that you. On that note when you think about it were talking about tax burdens Kansas City. Is one of the most sprawled out cities in the country and that. To meet sometimes I think that's a negative obviously for for all the if searching needs you have in. And people's tax burden. I'm you know fortune that's all we have you know it's he can fit. By every six pretty largest municipalities and cities around the world inside our city limits. Yeah you know and I think there is this got caught a big large as we ought. That's why a lot of bullet the last few years certainly during mayor Jane ration cards without rebuild their Canadian candle sitting on illegal more develop probably actually make it so we can afford the extend to them shall we. Mean and also hopefully gets more people move here at some point right and you don't ever want a thorough look right yeah we want more people and can beat anyone on my goal where a broker council look at our population against the property 600000. Let's try to keep the metro area growing and then we'll have real kind of a real dynamic play with diversity to move. Yeah I think that's happening I think most counties I think you're growing in the region some faster than others but we are seeing some growth. Speaking of which. In airport discussion we're gonna have and it probably might take its couple segments but. That is really heated up here with some new news. As you know the that kind of its stall for a year and I've always been a proponent its own new. Grew up in the north plant I mean I think I did in my car remember it collagen you know take five minutes. It's the airport I didn't checked in about fifteen Tawny immediate it was so can be because if you live in the north and it's just. It's so close do you to the funeral of all over the place and there's all kinds of different issues there's people on each side this debate but at some point like we set on Pashos. You have to you have to do something about it because it is dating hold it has security issues. It doesn't have an mid eighties that some people want it doesn't even you know even. For instance just sitting in your data I mean it's. You know I went to Minnesota a few weeks ago or months ago and their airport had. I mean charging stations every C which is seems like something that can be easily fixed. There's all different types of things happening but this last week a proposal came to the table take us through that in the exactly what it is because. I think it's gonna change the whole narrative on the case CI debate. Also I think a few months ago burns and McDonnell. Do Lulu work they took the charge of the mayor would close do come up with a business community collusion of the case CIA issued. Which I think people can get behind better more lean meat anymore on the conservative side isn't it yeah I mean I think the thing about that deal was that they said. They'll try to arrange a private financing as opposed to us Logan Airport bombs to do the idea there being that you know leave you grab the private that it gave. You're actually not. Asked the public to. Introduce the airport revenue bond question. And so the hope is that bad at least is one of the reasons opposition port number to get city. That we answer that question people you can get a new airport out of so that's you know kind of where we are the get bigger point is it allows us to obtain a new airport. But it allows us to okay the new airport also coming up responsible to see the response by some as well from. In the beginning it was never going to be across on the cancer in his original onto a clear rentable taxpayer. And so does the change that is and that's really I think what council is trying to discuss I think you a lot of people the deal of concern to all around the idea that look we need. We need serious improvement in case CI. Patchwork probably isn't a good idea. The question now I think coals burned in my plan and others. It is how do we get that group. And you know what the right way what's the most valued what's the best value proposition or not global working on now. Yeah when I sought what I saw the news I was pretty Florida and excited about it because it to me it's. You went when that with the old plane was in place that you know we are now all vote on it Indian city obligation. You know at the time technically there wasn't even vote needed because there's going to be no tax is raised I know the you guys passed a ordinances said no matter what happened the airport there media and public vote. I under under most circumstances I don't even think you would need one. But you admitted commitment to the public and what not under the same plane if this burns and McDonnell deal goes through your still gonna have a public is Eric. The plan also have a public boat which sort of make sure that we look at all answer the question as to whether they think a new airport is necessary I think this is go all Y. And two I think making that conversation moment to leave your wrap one's. We're it was hard pressed to say a public. Let us build a new airport and then boat on in but it won't cost. Whereas now I think they'll. There's this opportunity recast the conversation in the lack of it being that was a wanna hear the members of the public that. No matter what their view is on the issue when we're gonna create an opportunity of nonstop assault. Yeah I think there's a ton of public meetings going on right are starting at noon. We've got to. This week we're gonna have more only get back. Oil recess as well you know this is something Republicans have a bullet and certainly Mel B I council colleague Michael will be a big. So here you know if it were unique man I mean at most other cities when an airport when an airline says I owning Spain we're gonna build a brand new terminal. Most cities are like sign me up because they hate her they're sick of all of the nonsense that goes on their four we're kind of the opposite which is an anomaly I have no I don't know of any other city that's maybe there are some that it had the same issues. But I just feel like it should be much easier when TDs due diligence. To really sell this and I think we don't talk enough about all the potentially new direct flights. And what not getting in and out here that we might have if we have an internal. And that Eminem matters to people and I and our age group Quinn then other people they travel log business folks start of people people that run a company people that one up. Have more options that are willing maybe that's been a little bit more money to have a direct flight somewhere incidents having a non current couple lay overs and whatnot. Yeah you know I think it's the business case sure this is along that I think has been a clear belong that we need to continue to talk which is. The only way for the future ratio either to really be a all the on the growth. That looked like the an economic driver per economy should rush to really take serious look at the modernization. Plant. I don't mean that we're not gonna give it a serious look another lot of people up there that they will you know also in. We're making sure that we're we're conduct targeted a little Hussein trial. You know it's important recognize that we can't have the same airport you know 101512. Years ago and continue to try to expand our service look huge. I think when people see the when it's completed if it does get passed in and move for I think. Would you walk in they're gonna have that that same feeling I think people have when they when they saw sprints and Jeremy at the time it was. I it still is anyone of the better arena's in the in the in the world and even the United States I think. When you go to a new and modern airport I mean what I've trailed this that you know cities that have pretty modern airports Austin. Others just I mean Al everywhere you go we know there Dallas love field you're just like okay this is is another level from we have you know it's in the smaller city kind of a second tier cities like Kansas city's size wise and feel it feels like to me. That when people actually see it and well it's actually builder they look at the the the designs they're going to be pretty excited about it and when they find out they don't pay for from. Yeah I mean I think that is exactly right where we're really just trying to make looked old and well. Bob. Well look this is going to be responsible and that let it all along that is essential really. Good also want little to build the future road can't city so you know I I think while there will be a lot of questions. Is it's important brought to continue to they didn't want folks that this will still be available with a convenient it also be an airport that is. For Kansas City and do the same time it's one that has a broader business case will be the future. The first thing people say what see when they come in and out of our city and makes an impression on them when you travel and you know an airport. Obvious that's the first thing you see that cities are deathly affects you. Quick look this is our guest today on the grill nation city announcement third sister KC MO. OK see you did something last week with regards to due diligence on this matter. Hiring outside legal counsel tells about. Yeah you know I think about an important part of this conversation and frankly I think mistakes that we made up this ought. Was that you know we're told everybody this is a good idea that John it works well but you know we hadn't actually thought outside legal advice he would I think give second. About how good the new law and so what I thought and what a number of my colleagues thought yes I last week was that it was important for us to get. Outside legal counsel not just great lawyers here in Kansas City which I think we are but also a national law firm ma unable woman yelled at officers Washington Denver Boston New York. But B staff in this give us not subject or we directed them to honor financial experts to make of this industrial policy. And I understand there are a lot of people that question well why did you the competitive bidding process. Or why didn't you actually you know look at duke. Isn't the best deal out there and you know that little deal Lou Brock also we appreciate earned tobacco deal but I think important to also make sure that. You know we look at everything looking Gordon this. On the deal and that's what we're doing what. Are outside lawyers and. Counseling quick and Lucas is with us today. Nine ADM came BC can fault him on Twitter at two Quentin and Lucas TC. We're right back after the break more on this end of August or other topics that are important to Prejean and you can see Missouri you're listening to a nation thinks her. I've yet. Welcome back to show grilled Acer with JC rolled 980 AM hey MB easy really excited to have you with you with us today and just really appreciate you joining us each and every week it's great to see people on the streets. In Kansas City who listen and share the love of the radio show we try to bring you great guests each and every week whether you're listening via. Relationship dot com or via podcast at iTunes or stitcher radio. We're talking today to counsel and Quinton Lucas who represents the third district he's an out large City Council and so he. He is deals with people in in problems and find solutions for the entire metro area are skis and cut a tire Casey Missouri. Region and area and it's a really good guy he's. Very awful it is his work in would love to have them having him on the show. I quit and welcome back. OK so anything else we needed touch on the airport I know we've talked about potentially that he diligence section you guys are gonna have public meetings. Bullet that mr. likened City Council when millions all. Heard about the birds and Mac plan mean was it was it we guys just stunned that a company would take on this much. Don't care so much about the airport to move forward on this is to me I was I was caught alight while I mean I was kind of blown away that a that a company. Would step in to put a business with separate the player we hear all the time. What about private part public partnerships what's the that this is she stepped to the plate so irregardless of what you think about it I mean I was pretty priest on the that happen. And you know I think we were all greatly impressed by the fact that. Birds McDonnell gonna take on the possibility. I think some of those we're subprime loan heard about it at different times and you know back at all. Drama and political body and when one near equal or someone else guards but I also thought that you know we also have what is going to be any responsibility. All of us. Because you know they've got weak companies said before you know we don't really represented a chant you're so I think. Do the airport or in Kansas and Missouri kind of citizen and our city that we see are so loose. As Steward early interest of your entire flying public and our regional agreements are but what you don't. You know we'll make it true that we're doing the right and there's a lot of pressure to back the same time I think it's an opportunity. And that most important what I think we're trying to do right so. What else you know we have to do I think we're gonna make sure we have a pretty good contract protects the interest city public. Not just now but the thirty to 35 years efficient in the Qaeda lease term belatedly project. I think you're going to also be used to make sure that as we talk about decided. That we are incorporating principles and convenient that are important are the tree owed Kansas City and beyond. And you know more than I think. You know we want to just make sure that everybody can look at this and say this is the best deals with the right deal. That everybody of their time talking about a little cannot. Then all the all important points to be made there it's very cool. Quit Lucas OK so. Let's move on we talk with the airport for the whole show we have not a segment and a half left. What else is gone and so I know the mayor talks about. His priorities when he was due in the airport media bullets was streetcar and I noted this week was the final week to put in. Planet for ballot for the extension. There's lot of layers this process but it looks to me is if that is is starting to move forward. You know god then god today is block today that the request about the now that election to. You know it's funny sometimes the darnedest things got dual layer there is a nice lady was going up the other day who lives in the dvd areas who gets to vote and she said. You know hey you're you're not give me a right to vote in this is terrible and everything a little bit actually have a right to vote. I don't have interest to anyone who actually. Give up their make sure your your interest dessert and then for those who live outside the boundaries I mean Kansas City, Missouri are beyond. I think this is an important. Pursue that and our infrastructure network and our transportation network and you know I don't expect a mile or a public. Transportation conversation. And so I think over as we toddler Hollywood but as we trailed walk ability transit oriented development dozens and you know just another important part of on the future of Kansas City and the region and so. Well our conversation today is about three card real conversation. Can't we make and the city competitive in the corner per century heavily. Keep up with you gosh even Saint Louis has a very low to low light rail system and so I wanna make sure that we continue to push or let them have actually lied metro light conversation. About what the future rail can be. Mean and you know I actually did go through the process to you about one. How well Ron are brought her back. I did and I live off the street car line and I can tell you this. It is always. You know pretty crowded. Even even during the week and it was also tapping in night during the week. Also on the weekends obviously it's packed more so now that the the winner is over but I mean it has to be seen as a success I would think I mean it's free to the public purse and you know it's pretty much always be utilized and I know when tourists come to Kansas City today. Often rave about the fact that you see the great place to visit and they love. They love being downtown and take mr. Karzai I'd I I think a year later I mean we have to look at it so far is a positive so. Imagine if that continues on to the plaza do you Casey. Where is all the other businesses and all the things that can happen on that line overtime with development of mid town and you know connecting people of the plaza. It pretty also pretty awesome to see and I hope that. You know I'd like I bomb all four. Transportation improvements in our city so I hope that it outed him move sorted out that the had the naysayers don't. Don't stifle it will see though hopefully it'll pass in my it and it. We'll go ahead I mean I was just gonna say that. I think in terms of I get people's Bob Berry. Well reasoned opinions in terms of being poor or get a job. You know I I think would anyone should recognize. That the city is trying to progress. And so the challenge I would give today anyone who's up there and I looked all armchair. Is okay but you know how we make this really matter what the different idea. You know IA I just wanna make sure you could to walk and then can't the city we gotta say all right now that things jurors listen and listen directly don't do well. You know it's not the time Cuba and even when I have a disagreement with say the mayor or anybody else. You know I'm currently what could substitute. And sort of thing about the your political thing about recall we think about it all on the other they look good shots each and what better way to do. You know I think I helped to reform a lot about tax abatements conscience let it go look at it was her argument will give too much from public schools and how. But at the same time you know I think. We usually they at least have some role. And you know say not what we're trying to move our city book so this idea look you do. Then what the next best we wait applied to look down down and the way that we haven't done in fifty years you'll probably get an airport it's important in modern Turkey until back. You know what I'm trying to do each day and they got put all the military council urging each day even where we have very significant difference is about the best way to get things done. One quick look this is our guest today and I I had good that's David because. One thing I'm proud of the mayors ten year and working in city Israeli and compared to was. You know five to seven years ago. May be more is the fact that we're trying to do a lot of different things at once which we have to do. They're ordered to stay relevant I think and grow our city and offer amenities to our residents into the future residents that people want and if we just. We just say okay were attacked the airport right now or intent and you have to continually be in the process Ameen you guys should be in the process right now and I'm sure you are of do we get to the airport debates moving for what's what are we needed help in city after that's all through you know and that's the thing that I like about what's going on right now it's not just. Okay we're gonna get this shiny new arena and it's gonna change your city know it's we're doing all kinds of working with people and all kinds of areas to try to. Grow the city and then make it more livable and and and more people one enjoyed I think he got a. Yeah yeah I mean I think that's exactly what we're trying to say right now which is that no matter where we are local moving again this city had a man who would mean that we're ignoring the group could end of Atlantic where ignoring very seriously if you like by gras. You know I think all of those things are not only in court but that's central to the future capture they probably it just so happens so don't want all airports. But I think anybody in Kansas City can say that the reason we're doing all of this is so that we can have this city that has a tax base to address the look very real concern is basic or report I'll you know have people that can find employment I think there's. You know a lot and the pollutant we do really helping this video long term. Quinn Lucas quickly talk to Somalia two minutes left in the sudden we'll have you back on for one more talked is about. What's going on with the abatement type deal you talked about the put in some reform does that. Is that hurt development hasn't helped it is it does it Kirby views what's going on with our. And I think the very beginning there are a lot of people that we're trying to say that we short all development lecture the city will collapse tomorrow. I think the exact opposite been true Wii is one of those guys might have been on the high value by the bell at. Now I think that let quiet and and since you know little little BI herbal subsided. We are seeing. You know. Frankly a good deal development I continue to seek tax abatement other Texans and deal happening in the crossroads dumped out importantly on the east side of the city. On cruise boat on the west side any type straight we have attacked Democrats coming in premier native north why mommy I I think we continue to see business yoga and I think what you saw there was that council took on the opportunity to try to answer an important. Question. It wasn't a much that we needed to destroy it. Economic development of Liberty Mutual acknowledge the very real concern that article Burkhardt durst fiction school district public library I said which is that we wanna make sure we're benefiting from the economic development story from day want. And I get her to say. OK you know a bit but we now have constructed a way that they. And that they can continue to and I think we're seeing economic development all get so you know I I have absolutely no problem. You know concerned with what we've done I think we've seen good progress. We've seen people coming to the table to negotiate more sensibly would neighborhood groups and other and we're we're seeing the Kansas City and economic development you know we don't have an up close of business sign on the door which. You know I think it can. Mean definitely is quit Lucas has been our guess we're gonna have him back on for one more saving KC MO. City Council and third district at large is Twitter handles at two Clinton Lucas Casey's also available he searched him. Integrated bio on CC mode. Thanks for joining us right back after the break for finals. Welcome back still grill nation with Jason Groban very lucky you have on counseling Clinton Lucas for the full hour today. We don't usually have guests all for the full hour that you know what he was. It was so it's a horse to talk about in the third so anything's happening kinsey we figured why not he's a busy man but we appreciate him joining us again for the final segment here in 1988 and came easy. On grill nation should dot com and on iTunes and century a councilman at Quinton Lucas let's get into some of these other issues we we touched on development a little bit in the last segment. Casey convention hotel every time I see something in news about this site. I do it's like another direction. That it may again every every every issue these day users. There's a group of people that are against it and have no solution but they're always against itself. That's why these issues come to the forefront. Where we stay aware that I mean I keep thinking it's gonna happen but. People you tell me it's not so I mean what what what's going on right now. You know from what I know it. It's still happening but I think the plan. You know these troops continue with the petition effort among other things and the bat back there right then so I'll just. I'll say that but. This same kind of you know I think that project is law that little with a ball sort of Roland two years ago the group continues to look aren't aren't answered. And I'd like to kind of look on the other issues. All right he's accustomed retrospective. Would continue to litigate already decided issues. It ends up and then I think you're rather good curve opt out of public efficacy for the future can't sit real job. Right now the group continue the hotel group continues try to. OK final financing until they were meeting included city manager yesterday. And I think that that would continue so. I'm just going to count the number bolt on. I guess I'll have to continue to do so well into the future but. I think that you'll live to get a bit it's done and I'll look import to a strong local open it in downtown campus and you bring you more convention took a look. We'll go rarity and there are a lot of other hotels are opening up as well it seems like in downtown are being built right now around the street car. Which is exciting in UC. More more multifamily Ono. Whether that's on the plaza or downtown in and out of that area which is really cool we had on down. John Hoffman from ECB properties two weeks ago talking all the stuff he's doing on the east side as well as neighborhoods and developing truce. Indies Burke side connecting based leave the city. Central city more to the site which you briefly touched upon which is kind of exciting as well. Yeah I get out I think one thing has been positive about. Yeah it another basically development lately is that we have actually finally city. Been able to see this excess. You know some of our development pushing towards these jobs are and so but it's the best and a lot about. But I think you know something that we have to continue to do is to make sure that as we're talking an element. Part Bartlett a conversation is how we help all Kansas City how do we help ensure. Wrangler are encouraging development of population attention that he can't beat Kansas City. I think frankly an older parts of Kansas City ourselves Kansas City, Kansas city's north plan particularly in southern cal I continue to have to Beijing neighborhood and I think it's important to make sure we're directed this as an investment. There as well so you know that that's all part of what I think is important political and to the future something about it. Quinn looked as one of the topics that people talk about a lot in in cities throughout the country is crime they know that a lot of people who. Don't believe. C.s doing any thing in the mayor's not do anything into counts is not do anything but. There's so many different things happening. With regards to. Fighting crime in in in educating folks that are in our area and you see day today. Sus happening there are people though the work with law enforcement suffers. Is trying to fix these problems in Kansas City and obviously tapping not just think it's a bit throughout the midwest and throughout the nation. In our police department. I've got to do we all you patrol which is. You know lowland area with some heavy crime does it will it was some. You know the amount worker doing them the number of calls on the economy and the volume and the fact that you know when officers assigned them to ship he basically played catch a retarded I and then not to mention the number of different issues that happen along the way I think. They don't you get home and it's hard core I think we really need to take is serious. Look at how we're deploying our officers how we actually your leverage and our resources even if it's in the right way right. You know there are many who say we don't need more officers are not maybe they're right and I don't know but what I think we do need two more officers patrol division we need more people out on the streets. To make sure that we can project can't. That's what we are attracted to each day that's what we giggled my passions is so we're complaining about earlier. And so you know I think that's gonna be an important issue for the Al little dress or act complex mayor. Mean completely agree education. New guys don't actually have. Forty did this change a lot of things I know the school district has a lot the key seem though. We're seeing a lot of parents really get fired up about NC Missouri school district the more people wanna stay in the area when they have family because they wanna. The one don't wanna improve the schools they they they didn't wanna be part of the solution of the problem. Sus happening all the time to fix it seems they're school district or not to fix of the to make you better. Yeah I you know I think doctor mark and help our new superintendent has got an astounding job so well. And I'll basically make sure the administrative houses in order. But also really think I'd like mayors on campus to make sure there's an energetic spirit around can't exclude. The there's excitement around the can't believe you're excluded or can't get to public school bush should. I had that's. This marshes we need to do what we need you don't so much of the nerds surrounding our public school with a negative. Last thirty years a lot about them dessert. But I think now what we're seeing is people are saying it looked given another chance let's. You know try to address you the best way possible and I think doctor dale is working hard to do that on the ground this quarter I'm I'm all have not. On what I think the community can do to help the public schools and then I think that's something that over the next. And potentially years ligaments he turned around you can't really. That I have so I think that would just just be game changer another game changer for the afar region import is in Missouri in for the future are sitting growth. Quick look this has been my guess two minutes left Quinn. We're seeing people start announce for mayor I mean it's already campaign season and City Council looks like now. Could come up I got it does the night you're seeing I think you're up early every. Try to get that we'll roll it you know through the current. I think it still on the legislate an art talk talk about legislation that about her work where you don't quality low Jason Allen campaign up so no we're. Just part of that cycle now right. Totally. So let's just let our listeners know the next mayoral election is in 2019. We see here in 2017. I elect sin is usually in the in this spring time. They're premieres this April primary in the may June general election is all the primary. We're hoping how much better turn up this ground. When we don't have good turnout in this city that means at all he's got a petition you get all of Alex. You very few signatures to do it and so will a lot of people have them make their voices heard so we can numb the outlook. A better and stronger Kansas City and also you know so people's voices can be heard through their elected represented. That's right that's right that's Eritrea. It's crazy to meet his over in Kansas they. There's they're local municipal elections now Promos are going to be held in November I think through the state statute. So there there they're on the balls of eroding cancer user will still be. You know you see the winner Tom plaudits in the spring mill that helps out with us turn our thinking you know you don't have the reaction. After the mid terms of the presidential race for people are. Candidates are trying to campaign at the same time the state and a federal candidates which is disaster. People are here and whatnot so very exciting stuff quit Lucas councilman third district here in Kansas City, Missouri is Twitter handles act. Quinton Lucas Casey to talk to mall days one of the one of the guys that works really hard for the city of first constituents and held key is he Missouri it's always a pleasure to have you on the show. Look forward to having you on again I'm sure there's going to be tons of issues coming up here in the next years so in Kansas City and I'm hopeful that. The city does the right thing in our counts you'll do the right thing we've moved the city for which and you're trying to do each and every case we appreciate coming on the show today about. Cradle like for being here always written documentation. Thank you Quinn thanks for joining us today on grill nation shell seated next weekend it'll take care.