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Saturday, June 3rd

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your host of grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello everyone and welcome. To grill nation with JC grill 988. In team be easy as well as on grill nation showed dot com and on iTunes and stitcher radio what seg in his grill nation showed dot com. On show today we have whenever harder contributors and supporters. On the show Ryan may be is Twitter handles at. Roundtable rise he's going to be joining me in just the second great partner and supporter of the girl nation show. But catch up with the Ryan on as we inner summer he comes on the show bimonthly so he's on the show every other month. To talk about things happening here in Kansas City also talk about the Reagor. And BO OK financially and two us advisors also as I mentioned are on their contributors. Our right maybe. It's apparently district and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander. Brian are you meant to bring you under the show right now and and do you donor can be a lot to talk about image I'm doing Gaudin you know. The good holiday. Yeah when you're at what is so take us through a guy like you you know hero Luis. Always working on something and in any obviously have the rear Casey had. Yeah I I mean that's generally where I spend most my time especially on the weekends because I'm I'm traveling a lot during the week these days. On the one when I'm here in Kansas City I I usually. Spend most of my time at the reader M manifesto and and this last weekend. Being on Memorial Day weekend was was really busy it was great and then. We'll close on Memorial Day so I had an extra day off so that was nice. The web sites or. They're Reagor Casey dot com you did your redid direct such recently and I didn't actually added another one manifesto PC dot com oh ruin him manifesto arm has always. Had a page that was kind of hidden on the rear Casey dot com website that was kind of kind of tongue in cheek kind of a joke you know meant to sort of you know represent the fact that it's a tucked away little speak easy so to speak. Arm and it had like this'll hidden Easter egg on the website for the reader where if you found it clicked on it would take you to. A manifesto page but I wasn't very practical as far as promoting that gets this week. We finally after all these years decided to have an actual legit web site from mafioso analysts say it's that nice a very clean. Easy to navigate beautiful photography from Samantha Levi them. Cut. All these things are available also on social media on your web sites it's even traveling a lot. Let's sell like I mean your base these on every day or it out there gases. Yeah I mean I yeah I'm amount selling mouse when it's what I like to say it's kind of it's fine. It's a little change of pace but. At the end the end of the day I'm I'm out promoting Kansas City in my promoting can city's history and talking about the read your talking about. Cheery here and go and our roots dating back to the eighteen hundreds and we're building a brand and that that feels really good so. Aside from the they Constance. You know being on the move in and airports and hotels and all that it's it's it's a lot of fun it's really exciting. What do when you and a big city like what does this say because I'm assuming that they get hit up the time so people in Dallas or Chicago or you're probably give. Talked other people that have a a company that in spear toe dissent it's. Depends I mean there's the market is so fiercely competitive I mean there's now literally. Thousands of brands out there and yet compete with you look back ten years ago. There are maybe eighty distillery is in the United States dollars a thousand lives so there's so much competition and you've really got to find a way to not only set yourself apart and differentiate yourself but find a way to communicate that message effectively and just get people. Get people excited about what you're doing in and selling your product because it it. It's it takes time to build especially outside of Kansas City here we we get to benefit from the fact there were a local company men but in Chicago or. And New Orleans or Louisville or New York wherever and in all these other markets ran. It's a little different. Approach but at the same time I'm Hammond really experience any. Push back. Because of the fact there were from Kansas city of mean people are actually interest and and they're excited about it. And what do you think that is. I hope it's because it's good. Yeah that's the guys we know it's kid eating it's just is it's a branding is the backer and you have and what is this a little bit of everything I would say that we have. We kind of have a little bit of a leg up on some of the competition just because of my background in the bar industry and and all that so we kind of already appeal to. Bartenders. Of a certain ilk. Also the people we prom board you know I mean Tom nickel the former masters sore from tank ray adds a lot of credibility charge and and not anyone else can say no one else can say hey we have the former masters sore from tank re making Energen. We've got the form massive solar from maker's mark. The federal we've had on the show before you can he's a character and a lot of my friends are a lot of makers markedly this we. So you know having him as part of our team certainly helps so we have some. We estimate realizes there's a new weekend we can really take a number of different angles when it comes sue. Pitching our brand and other markets we can talk about the history of our company or we can talk about what we're doing today that's really different in and unique. Am and one of the things you're doing I know that it's getting your kids he was here in the second segment but the gin though. Went on the tour recently. I'm not the tour we had an event at your distillery which I. And I was really cool. You know I've driven by some me time to not realize though is where you guys made all this yeah so it's it's right on the opening yet completely hadn't it's cool it's all right Nixon knuckle heads and by the local pig right. So when down there in and you know went through and saw everything that the gen was very. Apparently has done very well because there's not many get America engines are. Well I don't wanna I wanna say there's not very you know kind of yeah yeah here's the thing is like. There's this explosion right now in the spirits industry and and all these all might heard stories are popping up around the country and and it's and it's a very trendy thing to do. You know and so people are really getting into and that's great however. Making Jin is not easy you can't just you know retire from her days on sale wanna go make gen. You know it's really an aircraft and an art form and takes a lot of nuance and years and years and years of training you know it's it's a complex process and so. Yeah I mean I think a lot of people get out there and think columns in them. You know make it gin or or whatever and and come up with a cool label and name and everything that's gonna be easy and become a millionaire. You know is somebody easier in the likeness of the competition is fierce and you really do the end they have to have a good product and you can't rely on being. Local. You know for the entirety of your existence you gotta get really stand behind the call is is Jane kind of grazing it's the bar a little bit as it is a growing America yes so you look at our it is so if you look at. Mom you know year over year trends in those categories of American spirits. Whiskey is the fastest growing it's growing at like roughly 5%. Each year and then Irish whiskey is a subcategory that history of the fastest rate Jin is growing. You're every year as well clock is actually losing a little bit of market share every year the kind of declining a little bit them but it's still the number one selling. Oh spirits category in potential by far Erica yeah I mean cars become. I'm so we massive and and it did eclipse whiskey back in 1972. As the biggest selling category of spirit America and its state oasis and they are that category is losing I think it's just become saturated you know now gen. You were starting to appreciate Jen were as they. You know a lot of people thought. When he years ago imagining college or whatever. It was tiny and you know is badly or a registry to you about product and now you've got a lot of good products you also have a a lot of his fueled by the parts and industry and partners that. Are taking more care and more. Thought Thomas in the streets that they make you are making their holy cocktails and. Ryan maybe is our guests today and our contributor to grill nation we read back after the break things. Loses. There are. Welcome back to grill nation with JC grill 980 and came vis. Easy and on grill nation showed dot com as bulls iTunes and stitcher radio to listen to they've via podcast we greatly appreciate it. You can get equity on Twitter at Jason grill and that girl nation should also available on also assuming you know we're just search for Jason. Grill that's GRI LL were talking to Ryan maybe. This Twitter handles at a roundtable ride your Twitter follow these a lot in his life on turner extra narrow soon with the Reagor Casey. Down there in the crossroads and in the east bottoms the GA rearing tell where the distillery is the strategy is stick. Take a look at is really cool if you have men down their believe you guys. Level gift shop there are some cool stuff about a much stuff. A makeshift get shot. It's kind of it's kind of thrown together at the end you yeah I but if you wanna spend though some money you're a teacher hatter or something and we can certainly there were some liquor. If we can do that's and that's and you guys. Amazing history I learned so much more talk few hundreds of times. Talked Jamie's wife. She just was just amazing you talked about. The fact you guys are the first distillery in like a hundred years in concedes. The N 95 years they did exactly and what's a what's ironic about is that not only were the first distillery in Kansas City, Missouri and that's their time but we were also the last. We OK we'd died with prohibition in 1919. As this massive coming imagine a company as big as boulevard. Back then like we were really that big of a brand and just prohibition you know put an end to it and then. It took 95 years for us to come back and no other distillery during that time period though I had opened up in and KC CU had to go through though a lot of procedural type stuff code type stuff. Well yeah I mean it's. You know not just the city with the state and federal you've got you know all all three of those government agencies yet to go through and Walt Disney had a amusement park I. Well no he didn't have an amusement park Don Tony I know he was darker I was electric park to park there wasn't hip is okay he went there as a kid was on my behind family who had a Hillary down there and that's were artists or is located in. I see the old bottling plant for the the Burry. But they haven't the first. You electric. Electrically powered amusement park in the country Mac than and they also had because they were brewing your beer brewers they ran. Bit lines underground and had an draft beer like when the first in the country have beer on tap coming out of the ground like how these types of and I am just blew people's minds. But Walt Disney dripping Kansas City and he would go to electric parking lot as a kid. And it really influence. You know what he end up doing with Walt Disney world in and and all that's. Tidbit there is Michelle fireworks authoring every night and day they'll start Harkin Atlanta. I kind of was one of the reasons by the due to Disneyland as our all right yeah absolutely it's crazy it's really cool to think that he's they had that much influence how I mean. Disney did he invented Mickey Mouse here in Kansas City at his office on them like Jackson and 31 or whatever rural us. It is crazy I mean it's just crazy to think about like Kent had things a little different you know yeah that he built something here. I I I don't need a Major League team right in in Missouri when it was done for the economy now. Talking to Ryan may be so east bottoms you've. You've been down there you mentioned some things down there like were you right by knuckle was a local pig I know what tickets are kind of infrastructure mean obviously that areas. I'll long way to go but you think it's it's moving this got a lot of potential. I think we can only go up yeah yeah that's in as far as I may have recognized its right kind of near Berkeley reform party that's Columbus park and a dumb I guess just a little bit. Further north east from. Columbus park and just along the river east of Berkeley were from parts of pure Berkeley riverfront park is a kind of ends. It's eastern edge is. Highway there 35. We're out on the other side is isle of Capri casino and that's front street so he gets into like a really industrial may read let's. That's basically were rats down there there's so it's really kind of a tucked away. Little known neighborhood of Kansas City that's mostly industrials had its kind of ordered by the river and surrounded by railroad tracks. Arm but I think there's some serious potential manner when you think about what knuckle heads has accomplished and local pig is a destination in and you've got urban provisions muscle. Boutique retail store and actually think there's it's like the spark you know that now that they can potentially lead to something much better. And if you did enough college you deftly delivered by. Yeah I even if you don't realize it wears a grayish. Pink like a big building no windows no sign got it's got vineyards all it's got some idea on who you ask some lines surrounding it battle there's no sign now. Hopefully our our plan will be to. Expand. Into building next to us and we'll have. A sign edge and we'll have more of a visitor experience. Ultimately that's. That's the goal but right now we're just focused on grow up on crank announcing Bruce you know. That you would you go there you ministers a ton of girls. You have a good hour and a roughly around 2000 barrels right now. He doesn't yeah got the royals World Series champion and put it well I had that I autograph and it's so come through the down a couple people latent ridden some things annoyed go cubs and cards are suddenly cameos they're sanded off I don't. So loud you're gonna reopen that when they win another World Series there yes the plan is. Here's a this bird. Came about. Our heads Sony can carry had the idea to use Champaign used. In a Berman fermentation. Which panel that's ever been done before and there's always there's like a million he strains out to have difference. Purposes and different functions they had different flavors soon to you know whatever using. Com did you decide to use campaign use when the royals we're in the world when won the World Series two years ago. And he distilled this batch of verve and using Champaign news of the day after they won the World Series and we put it in a barrel. And the plan is to open it. Next time they win. The World Series can be found morality that order and we well we get it's you can't let it go fifty years room he'll just be completely evaporated. But if if they don't win one within the next ten years. Will open net on the tenth anniversary of the 2015 World Series victory coal. As interest and Eleanor Helen Miller bless them very well burden. You know usually you're in this in this climate you're looking at. Ideally five or six years is kind of an average. Good time to deliberate change. What but you know we go as long as ten or twelve years you don't really wanna go much longer than that. So you're talking about these bottoms I know there's a feasibility study out there to extend the streetcar to were riverfront park yeah Brazil there's a moron does and stuff going down there and office apparently is a big development happening down there and so that's kind of been looked down I I've read about yeah eventually be cool having all the unity spotted I would love to see that it's really not that much earlier I distillery. It would be great and actually be it would be historically accurate because back in the late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds behind family. Bildt's a streetcar line that when. Down there to there to their brewery rates are buildings where we are right now and so we can recreate that I think that would be amazing to the hunt Finley early blows. A lot of stuff I'll man yeah they. Yeah a little little known little recognized in Kansas City but back in eighteen hundreds yes and with three your family take a reader and starting up concerning at the sort of thing it's around the same time you have time family in the in the east bottoms building up that perimeter of one of the largest breweries in the country. Yeah it's just amazing so if you go down there we're gonna have to on. Andy's wife Lucy some time because yeah she. I'm not talkies so many times that she was thrown out tidbits that I would never thought yeah and it was it's just the history Kansas City. An end in the liquor industry and what you guys are doing just. It's mind and I had no idea that the electric park was ya and I knew about Battery Park those kind of the next revolution. Closer closer up up closer to downtown that. This crazy is crazy and cities got a ton of history it is kind of buried it's there and got to go back later sold at. That's one about it see guys really were kind of pioneers. Getting on this coding now with the city in her writing in and bring in a back and no using more more of these. Marreese craft spur either distillery is gonna pop and yeah you know what's interesting about I think you Andy deserves a lot of that credit because our law he moved he moved from Dallas here dead. In the he brought our own news. This girlfriend now wide array range quit his job Ryan turned down a job and there's some way they eat and you guys apparently you guys talked about the idea for about a year. How about two years actually is about its year long roughly a two year long process between the time he and I met. And then. When he finally decide Yemen do this thing up and quit his child announced and then moved back here and considering bay. You know what's interesting about that is with. You know that the prohibition. They're and having not having any distillery in Kansas City for so long. Getting the state approval was a piece of cake. Missouri is Missouri's easy process alcohol they're you know all the players in sizable just look however the city had no idea. What to make us they didn't like so you're restaurant no we're not a restaurant or like your brewery no no we're not want to remember your. We they just couldn't wrap their heads around like what you are we were trying to do and so. Was on hand holding during that process. You know but now it kind of kind of pave the way from there to be other distillery Syrian in Kansas City is now you've seen a handful of others open up and I'm sure there will be more. We as death clear on the forefront I mean it's gonna like the boulevard when boulevard kind of became. While many hints to getting you guys are on your way to. Being kind of the face of the the liquor industry here in kids I hope so let's go to brand to scoop the brand to school. We're talking a Ryan may be from the Reagor Casey and edgy Reagor Inca right how much peacefully your time between as to what what's gonna break down. Come right now there's been it's been kind of shifting over the last. A couple years who were were distributed now on seventeen states and so on spending a lot of time on the road and I'd say the vast majority of my time is being spent. Promoting. Does this story Lauria at the restaurant or on a daily news. I'm probably at the restaurant more then but come out of Kansas City more than anything else working other markets. But when I'm home. My I generally. Try to spend some time at the reader and him in office and get thirty seconds left in the summer Ryan what is that what is in the toughest nut to crack on the State's what state has been the hardest. So far. I'll tough call man com. Yeah I just visited New Orleans just two weeks ago because I was really has some liberal laws down there yeah and just you know we hadn't you know maybe it's a matter mershon here recently cracked that's idiots I went dollars and some time and trying and when a fire under him and get things moving him let's also. Ryan maybe is our guest today contributor partner to the relationship we wreck back after the break of your doing the show and have a great day and we're gonna talk more more about. Things going on here with Ryan is well some kids she's she's after the hour. I guess. Welcome back to grill nation with chasing girls nine medium came easy and on the real nation showed dot com you can find all of our partners and supporters on the grill nations so as well last for dessert guests. And all of our social me information one of those are partners he contributors he comes on every other month. Easily with the guests sometimes not is it Ryan maybe his Twitter handles at roundtable right check it out his. One of the owners of one of the partners at its. The rear Casey or just called the reader and also that manifesto which is in the basement of the Reagor. Bring new web sites for all of us. It's these are all great check amount the rear Casey. Ryan welcome back we're talking about do your business is only talking about Kansas City whiskey I have the teacher now I've purchased at the distillery to blue really cool teacher. And it's the curse of royal type letters on answer ballparks are artists as he doesn't look like a baseball team the a and in that got in the Mike. I dislike the colors like the look of it. The that I realize there is actually you guys are branding and the whiskey Kansas City whiskey. Right and there's a reason behind. It's on your bottle. It says readers in the city with so this raise them a complete. Arrangement and trying to critic in city was used as a category so you think of it lake whiskey is the big. Our overarching broaden. Category wished he can be any scotches whiskey there's Irish whiskey the Japanese with single malt whiskey there's. Urban riot but they're all whiskey rye yeah urban his whiskey. So Kansas City whiskey. We've essentially. And recreated of homeland. That is historically. Accurate to a lot of was here is being made back in the eighteen hundreds when our company was founded. Oz were blending three of wishes together that range in age from five to ten years holders find your urban fight your eye and a ten year old corn whiskey. And then we had a really small amount of fifteen year old over a certiorari to. And that's really does that mean a realist on now. Like less than 2% less than 2% in the final bland is fifteen year old Alyssa Sherry. While that sounds insignificant it has the flavor that it adds even in such a small amount. Is kind of remarkable it changes a lot. And it's something now was a very common practice back in the eighteen hundreds. That today is completely unheard of and so when we. Discovered that history and that that was a part of American whiskey making back then that no one's doing now we thought hey this is a great opportunity for us to. And celebrate our roots our past but also might say Sanders do something that's completely innovative and different and and so it allowed us to create a new category of American whiskey and identify it. As Kansas City whiskey. And that's really exciting it was something that week. And I'm doing from the meet any kind of has stumbled into it by by discovering this this history and when we are trying to figure out what our first. Bottling was going to be. But now it's I think it's become without question our flagship. You know on something that were most known for and so. You were making vermin are a regular basis and making where I am on a on a regular basis and when they're ready probably for five years. You know they'll be vulnerable to be volatile as stripper and an a straight right in Kansas City was he will stay Kansas City was eaten interest it is actually so. Processes column noted that the rise in the murder of Phnom. At least 55 years yeah I mean. You really you can honestly make Bergen awry and and you know agent for one day if you want to. And put in Ramallah on solid but. If you want something that tastes like. Classic American and Kentucky's Draper many other so the people are you still. You're looking at a good minimum for five years and were to get their but it really just depends on. Where it's being gauged in barrel and and for how long and and that kind of thing you and when it when it tastes right by them I'm gonna guess you'll be about five years before we release. A verb and I you've really seen already have your 45 you have now and even had two or three more. Through the collection well so what were pretty Ariza Melissa RR can see with Steve all that none your your your collections Yuri have a whisky gin vodka oh yeah FMR and especially product for sure for dead union Mon yeah absolutely so. When are Berman is ready and when RI is ready we will. We will absolutely problem as new as a new line extension right then. So the whiskey. You can see whiskey is good to make certain drinks or some other. Men had an old fashioned now horse feather you had an event last year you were making in a bomb. It was yeah malicious yeah. That is ginger beer yet it's really just I got hydraulics familiar with like Moscow mule like that. By using are whiskey ginger beer and then a few dashes and Lancaster bidders. And they are sure though squeeze a lemon so it's super easy to make it's really light and refreshing and what was the third thing he said. Angus or bidders to head it's like being paid a fair already get I must leave those. Great ubiquitous bidders on the mark you've seen it before step load the misshapen label that liked how I. Comes up over the top of the solar bombs at the big yellow cap on it like you know for years. Every bar had more mullah bidders and it was about one who has been around since eighteen Tony for you picked it up anywhere than you get into grocery store even though there's a ho much alcohol that. Coca considered non potable so. You can buy a deep throw that in there ginger beer I hope your local ginger beer that you like and it's a great during it is it's delicious for the summer. In essence he's you make me at home you know out campaign anything like that and they I think what's really cool about is that. Percent of its customers in Kansas City you know which is is doing me and then also if if you think you're not a whisky drinker and we keep our like whiskey drinks because. Probably associating it with like an old fashioned or Manhattan's on this kind of bruising and the sweet to see just the opposite. This is light and refreshing and ends crush rebel. Elected like you were gonna have to make some of that yet sentiment in the store on the torrid the other net. Absolutely just we've always got on hand Ryan maybe is with me today on the relationship right you mentioned you travel a lot. Talks is about Samir upcoming trips and they're going to be head into New Yorkers seem with a visit Casey yeah he's CDC yeah what is that like. It's great because it's basically you became seat chamber of commerce getting behind. Building up brands and creative individuals as a side you're on a rooftop in New York City last yeah yeah we're doing that again this year you diseases -- a place he put up the side in your your your party it up with a great cocktails and people not quite that he's well I that he's done I try to create a visual for our guests you know it's it's people from New York really with the excellent on well and it's media driven so all of the guests are journalists and writers and media media say the goal is to get some exposure over Kansas City in the and it's really worked I think. If you look at like what they're they've done over the years they KC CN. As a Casey dot com. They've organized these ships from HHS and and bartenders and and fans are we're taking some local musicians out there may increase trying to create. Kansas City by the very New York for all these journalists try and give them something to write about something you talk about whether it's. Howard's due to worsening its he has food or Chris for a look chocolates or. I'm in a hurry. You know and his music or. Our cocktails or whatever it is women getting some good press from that I mean I know USA today is written about us because of the as a direct result because of these trips. I think there's there's a whole much examples. Aware this is really pay off its really Smart if you think about it from what brand building. Up perspective for the city it's really saw a slight Dylan Chicago that you were there is like a new Yorker 20 yeah and there's just. People working coming up it's really fun mess. It it's it's a lot of fun and amber you do it again through the that's in two weeks in New York. Arm before that I've got Minneapolis and Chicago. And in Minneapolis for less than your own would you unit. Loved it and I really. I was there for like two or three days and really enjoy that did two nights back to back just far attending. At these two different bars which is it that's a trip I mean going into not only going into the city that I had mentioned before that stepping behind a bar. But I've never seen before and working and making cocktails and the other is there's a level of stress and anxiety that comes with a because you and kind of an unfamiliar in unfamiliar surroundings Rickie with PP no more foreigners lot of pressure. But at the same time it's a lot of fun because I'm getting to sling drinks again you know which I don't get the bartender as much as I used to and I I miss that that's a lot of fun and then also. She's very much Casey country learn unto you our marketing. Absolutely no lawyers and when you do for awhile maybe Kenneth. You don't cannot yet you rusty you know Derek has they've. Fresh always respected I always thought it was really cool while bartenders that make. Thousands of different types of drinks and remember how to do yeah and in. Not remote for people get upset and right that's the hard part that is that is our Ryan may be some Minneapolis New York City you're gonna give visit Casey of immediate and there. You do to July festival in New Orleans it is where you knew leading a seminar. Right so. Tales of the cocktail is a festival in New Orleans takes place every July and don't you like number fourteen or fifteen it's been around for awhile it's kind of late v.s. Worldwide industry standard convention so to speak or conference a weeklong conference for. Everything booze related cells in New Orleans it's in new oil and says every year they started it and it's just becomes actually a global phenomenon and so you'll get people flying in from all over the world to attend seminars and tastings and learn and I'd go to go to parties and stuff and and sometimes you give seminar so I'm leading a seminar. This year on the history of rectify that whiskey in America. Some talk about all school whiskey and like some of the things happened back in the mid eighteen hundreds that led led up to. You know that the risk is that we know today like Berman and Brian things like that. And so. He will be in the class and it's and it's already sold out. But you will be you know enthusiasts lot of bartenders you know and ends people that are. I wanna geek out it's going to be pretty geeky seminar. You know pretty and I don't want guys are like it's like it's a tech seminar known there's there's there's tech nerds I mean you guys are on booze hurts is nervous I've never I mean you probably the biggest blizzard of government I don't know anyone else that's had as they get the deserted you. That'd be it should not be a fun party and again get learning experience absolutely. I'm assuming you listened to emerge as well I tried to say something easily traded to wouldn't you know it can be sell in the old strip area. You are and the meetings are going to be actually die so I mean I do have a lot of meetings so boring real honest as salespeople they go to that. In some cases yeah in some cases yes a year you're meeting with bar managers owners bartenders and that kind of thing to try and get them. Soon push yourself you know to get re out there. I think you're doing your job vision bill up more rigor I am a minute be traveling more this summer hopefully hopefully ill suited some say that it too Williams was that after the break we're talking to Ryan may be. Partnered supporter real nation should just a great guy do a lot of great things here in Kansas City and throughout the country final segment today we talk about Kansas City is she's and a few other things Ryan hasn't worked. Who seem real hatred. Hello welcome back. Q the show you listen to grow nation with your host Jason grows great here again thank you offer was today whether that's via podcast. On iTunes or stitcher radio or alive on the air on 980 in came easy Horry for listening. Down the road that relationship dot com Germany great week and a week and we're talking horizon maybe partnered supporter of the grill nation show Ryan rate during summer now. We talked about horse feather cocktails. You're doing a lot of work with a great. Country great club would side health and fitness. They have. All kinds of things going on mandated work with him for a few years on their menu but the pool is just now opened. Very very great pool on people doing it Tolstoy your partnership then. It's beautiful on so they brought me on the I think this is being number five now they brought me around back when they did this massive remodeling of the pool the outdoor pool deck and they want to build a full bar and everything's there from beyond the consults and help them design. The bar itself. The lay out help develop the cocktail menu. Higher this after in the south salute these ones offer you know a little bit. Better quality cocktails my kind of thing and so now I come back every year. And help mix Emanuel a little bit train the new newcomers and and just get out there's a lot of fun it's a nice low. Reprieve for me in the summer when I'm when I'm here in town yelling get down there on the weekends and help out and you know it's beautiful setting. He has to be that it's in the it's growing Q and MC yeah new developments are at low. I think so too I mean what they're doing their building all those residential units around there are some new retail and maybe there's some of the bars and restaurants are gonna pop opening all apple and others certainly help another histories down there and yeah. That's cool now. Let's Graham have to check that out went down there. Have a year absolute cocktails they recommendations. You get or southern OK get there yet that's like that's all I want this summer Brian maybe is with me today. Right you're talking about traveling a lot we have a new airport proposal in Kansas City. Which is a privately funded. Deal right and what should your trades at the airport and the traveling you know other ports are you. Pro excited about new terminal or you have to do we have her with your thoughts well. So initially. I was. Like why mess with a good thing rise it is this it is convenient for the most part I mean in your in an hour really quick. Almond having experienced a lot of other airports around the country that can be you know a lot of hassle. Mom FI initially copiers does I was kind of opposed some like let's not mess with Libya more important things that we need to need to fix and Casey. But I kind of changed my tune on that and I do think that having a better. More modernize airport would be toward managed in associated seismic costs taxpayer money. You know and it's going to be funded privately or whatever I mean why not. You know and especially if you've got airlines that are saying that they are going to end to increase traffic. Through their remorse shops here are more more flights in and out of our airport you think everyone stands to benefit from that. So tiger and that's the thing people are talking about. People have this notion. In city has like ninety gates that does not much I think it starts at thirty W I talked to their forgot. There's three terminals I think they are like for sure I'll shut down BAA is email and all of them were open I'm saying right there's only like sixty gates. And right now I think there's like thirty. The 35 that are an operation. But the fact is that the airlines need bigger gates they have yeah all gates so. It's not really a good comparison the seniority have all these kids it's just not officiate. So I think I really hope to the city. And the voters I mean this is clinically doesn't even really need to be voted on but it's still going to be good and yeah. Did that because even when you trouble amid tears city either earth like us. The Louisville's the Austin you know cities that are growing. Then great airports in the one terminal and they're not right or not they're very convenient. Right and so I think that I really believe this to get this done there again making convenient. And these are honor. No an and that's really key and and is as convenient as easy as it sometimes seems to go in at a key CI. The reality is. For such he'd never wanna get stuck there for a nine and a half that would be the absolute worse and in second. Armed there's not enough direct flights you know I I find all too often I have to do you have lay overs in in cities and better way out of the way. Did you get to someplace it's closer and and it's it is so in that regard to inconvenience and we can increase the number of direct us direct flights in the incoming outgoing flights I think. That's the biggest advantage and then it's upgraded to modernize. From I guess experience Islamic I don't really care usually about retail and and stuff like that and therefore I always want to airports think you why the hell would anyone wanna go buy a suit. In. Universal brotherhood or something in particular search revenue right exactly see I don't I don't get that but. You know there is if you get stuck you know you wanna have a decent place to get a drink or and or why is he in that does not exist at at our pour and that's something that. I can probably Oreo were thinking it's a secure enough yet transfer bridle lake Summers and if you're an international marais. I've flown to Los angels want to remember this is ahead in. Which terminals writing in our pain to see a go back to security again via any Kansas City that is like. Impossible re. Much if he flew here in the had a flight and Ashley just like get out. Take the bond righted her I mean it's just it's it's just not well it's an almost eleven years in the real problem is let's let's just say. We're happy with the status quo or like OK let's just leave because it's convenient it's easy and why bother. Well than if if all these other airports are stepping up their game I think we're gonna lose flights in and become even more challenging if we don't keep up. The or Kansas will take care for. And and it all the people that we Europe around and half the world we have to drive delays. Yeah I don't gets I don't think we have much choice and I think reality we have to do something. That we do and the business community is all for it and they use it right more than your leisure traveler. We've also talked to tech folksy you said in Italy they wanna locate offices here that they don't have enough direct flights and yeah. The pain in the butt to what do you people are now it is so we'll talk more about that on the road but I think that's gonna hopefully go on the November ballot. Handled either eulogy and squiggles on the show what Lucas City Council last week. There have lawyers at the docks but. It really peeves me off when I hate when people are like old birds in mcdonalds you make money in my. So why like they're set up to the plate like if they may force a big deal like wire people against. Private it's he's making money to and then when people like but they didn't have an open bidding process all the mayor basis said the city in the business he says. If this is a near it sure if you wanna. You know and so they did that and they stepped to the plate now all these other companies are coming out from LA New Orleans and I want to be involved in this race but dated one of they don't wanna back the bonds and yeah debt so. I don't know I just feel like we we step on our toes sometimes kids city and there's people are so afraid of change that usually the change comes out works look at all the things have happened downtown absolutely no means all remember I mean it's it's continue to grow ranked hopefully we get a commission hotel known yet which I think is still happening both we will send the streetcar line yes and most without those things they had a continuing you work and have a business on the street girl and I live and you live two blocks and you throw line and you've. Say it's been pretty good. I was like more than pretty it's been spectacular. The impact a positive impact it's had on my business as well as property values you know being a property owner of business owner. And the consumer and that area I've paid taxes all those increased taxes on every level and who and I still in hindsight would absolutely do it. Ten times out of ten again him. Ryan maybe he's been our guests partner its border real nation here every other month on the show robbery at about 45 seconds. You're gonna can essentially committing a single barrels for. Different events right. Possibly you're for or any idea restoring the idea of selling entire barrels of whiskey and having private label. Dining that he used custom his future and you want one blue jeans SSI are going I would like Dalmatian confirmation Madeleine demo bowel Brad I can't tell you how and yes I like 200. Okay all Merrill who can't get a few hundred bottles yeah that's a good gift for someone them have to start saving some money out. Ryan maybe has been our guests great great guy web sites are. Manifesto Casey dot com and if you wanna go hungry by cheap they're re your case C dot com Ryan is on Twitter at roundtable right. Right picture contribution to show and always who were forget some if flavor to a preacher and those pleasure. You Billiton to grow nation we'll see you next week have you guys.