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Saturday, June 9th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up there. Even their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to be grill nations show I'm your host Jason grill thanks for joining me today on ninth AD AM. Came easy as wells on iTunes if you listen via podcast and at. Grill nation showed dot com we knew find all of our guests information about each of our shows and our. Show's sponsors and show partners and supporters I want to mention here off the top for you to our guests today. Title sponsor of the show our trust molding puke if financial and two us advisors and Ryan drink maturities of the grill nation show include the Reagor and KC eighty C one night luxury apartments and reactor design studious. One of those new contributors and partners of the show is joining me today. Very excited I've I've mentioned this summer few oral past shows that he CDC will be doing. Quarterly show. And today is our first one and it's very exciting. Because they do great work over there I've had the opportunity over the years to work with our guest today. As well lies with the other folks who do really good job over it he CDC some excited to learn more about what they're doing and also learn more about. Talent in Kansas City in ways that he CDC's making can see a better place for all of our businesses. And job creators and upcoming superstars if you will in the business world. To join me today to start is just a cup hall who's the main Jeter managing director of team Casey. At the NC area development council. Welcome to the show Disco area. I am well Harry I'm good thank you. For those of us who don't know you and don't know peace CDC. And what you do it team Casey for you to against the you brought him wheel drive and our second segment. Also about what you do it he CDC and what team Casey. Chart he CDC the Kansas City area development council is a nonprofit organization. We are there regional economic development group for Kansas City. You represent Kansas emissary eighteen cash needs it's fifty communities and home to about two and a half million people. We are essentially the sales and marketing team for their regions we attract new investment into the Kansas City market. And great you companies coming into Kansas City as well as talent and people at work and live in the Kansas City eaten. Mean that's exciting. It's always fun knew you had a great job. Yeah I would garden promote Kansas City so. USA is being cute he C dot com you wanna check it out and you've been there for awhile now Bryant yet an few years. I just celebrated seven years that he CDC. Must like your job might you know I never had that same day twice which is very. You started Hurd started team Casey Mears who goes all right. Re so key CDC has had some sort of talent initiative or thirteen years. And companies are coming to us as we were attracting business since the market. And said hey you sell Kansas City for business what about people we have great positions that we need to sell. We need to relocate some key executives and our market how can you help us do that. You have a map herb pressure me we can do a little bit pattern we treasure hunt Kansas City. So we actually commissioned a study. Back in 2006 on the Young and the Restless which was all about millennial holes before they were relieved and and the survey. And and research proved 80% of people picket city and a lifestyle before they picked axle job itself. So we knew that Kansas City needed to get into the game. As it relates to talent and teen Casey was born. Thereafter. And now has 250 company's top employers that we work with them it's a network of almost 800 recruiters and HR executives in Kansas City. And we essentially do storytelling on the Kansas City market. As it relates to living embarking and our region and walk alongside all of the different companies and their talent acquisition and retention efforts. Guess a lot of resources to under website. I think he seat com. It's amazing all that everything you'll deal. I mean team Casey has so you when you digital content. Video boxes VI yeah I'm excited yeah ulcer it's a great. Staff we've a huge intern program that we basically keep the social calendar first thousands of interns over the summer better in turning at the different companies. We drove down as are in serial. Or I do a lot of networking and I need to find a nonprofit or to join. We are back hitting resource for every in Kansas City so a company can focus on their company the position and that culture within their organization. And where that experts are in Kansas City to make sure that those individuals all in love with the region as well as the topic Europe. And we're talk about the internship. Our programs here isn't pure guess would be on after the break exciting to talk to them about all the things you guys do with the local businesses and with recruitment. Pat how are things changed since you've been there are over seven years with Kansas City as a as a national player. Have you noticed a lot of change recently. Absolutely. You know when I started it he CDC there is a lot still cow town and Dorothy and Toto and flyover. By the perception or lack of perception I'm Kansas any. And in particular in the last five years into city not only I feel like has come into its own. And we have got pride diversity in our region were telling her story more than we ever have before. Bites nationally and internationally Kansas City is making big strides and is competing. Not only with bigger market just like talent and companies here. Pulling talent from other markets. And they have in the past you know we're also competing at a global level in the industries that we represent the market so whether it's. Top five for global design. But architecture and engineering or act largest concentration animal health assets or IE commerce hub with previously to six. Kansas city's winning and we're competing with the big top cities now which is great to see us. In mind missing the company. This really cool there's a lot of momentum I think is. Your job is. Well it's not easy speeding easier than it was probably seven years ago. Yeah I now it's now it's. Taking things up a notch and feel like so. We have surpassed that perception of others nothing to do in Kansas City and now it's. Hey there's a lot of doing Kansas City but I'm gonna ask more particular questions. Because I want the white sale than they have in the market that I had before re so hot right buying more involvement and mourned aged men and awesome Rahman's shop that I am I'm in my current neighborhood great. Yes Disco almost what this okay after the break we're gonna get to the show that the main topic of the show talked to is just preview before you bring on. Guess he's going to be joining us that. Sorry seventeen PC network as I mentioned has 800 recruiters and it. I'm really excited to have two of them with us today. Jerry slocum and is the university. Campus recruiting we need act Carmen international and Sasha mass flanked out with intent on other treaty recruiter. I'm on the college scene and they are. Leading men charged with all things talent and young professionals and their organization. We really cool to talk to them discounting here about their backgrounds. You know they've built from what I researched. Have both been in the recruiting industry firm a decent amount of time so inching to see kind of how things have changed and there and working for. To really you very worldwide. Known companies and just that just the talent recruitment in just they competitiveness to get. Interns in talent here in Kansas City I'm village to pick their brains about how that works and in what people think when they come here for the first time. Absolutely and Sasha and Barack compete for talent every day of the fact that. They're sitting with us and Iran together they earned him best practices. And in the states they own a team Casey and the and working. In the spirit of competition went 800 of their peers as they're. Doing something death speak volumes of I'm looking forward to it after the break we'll have more real nation bringing in Sasha and Sarah to join just here. Welcome back to the grill nation show on. He AMT is easy also appreciate you listening dale after listening via podcast your card gym. Or wherever you are on iTunes as well as that grow nation showed dot com very excited to have on the key C eighty C eighteen today. Really cool content and excited to see what you are doing here in Kansas City we have just appalled. Who join us and our first segment today she is the managing director of the team Casey at the guess here development council also joined by. Sasha mass Lincoln. From burns and Donald she's the college recruiter. And Sarah slocum who is with Garmin cheesy university relations recruiting team leader at Garmin international. Welcome to show great to have you all with me today. Militant Puerto talking howry did that. Can you say it again get an idea and I. So Jessica and introduce you guys won each of you take some time to talk a little bit about your background in what you're doing your organization so we'll start with the Sasha. And I have been for the honor I should say of working it brings a Mac or. Or years now. He learned during that time I learn. College recruit nineteen men and focusing. In recruiting interns and each year for her intern program. I'm Paul in new bats which we consider. Then there's senior college student master's college students that are ready to enter the workforce. And so in addition to either current players. That's a pal and most everyone's job there's a lot more that goes on and just you know bringing people on board so there's a lot of programming that we focus on eighteen for interns. And then also in the first year Kemp on boarding experience. And for our new practice so. How did you get a new recruit attention to me I would guess what what what led you to this career I have financed sound. The path is fine and I basically I graduated from and your assistant Missouri Laurence. And decided I didn't want to do finance but I really liked it thinking tumors and and you know recruiting students. May peers at apple eats TD university. So. Ape at basically continued on after I graduated at me and admissions are present and or the university. To recruit. High school students to come to college and and is just kind of a natural progression through college students and that's awesome. And Serra. Here you are at garment. And mostly your back. Yeah I mean receiver continued Carmen and so we recruit about 300 internship and early career. Engineers specifically to Carmen and the majority of what the hand elitist here and in not only think in this or had. Had critters that we ought to support fourteen locations around the country. He. Then I also managed her Rinker says some media center while really active with committee they're bringing in and I'm a college program. On an interviewing him and he's Linkedin. And Twitter. You've got a along Kurt too of being in record yet a few years. So a look right you do this this lifestyle. It's six it's just. My mom was an HR. Or 41 years at the same place and socialists talked me when I was in high school and college bars and stuff and just. You know all these different things now is not as inching talker about all the different people that she's coming countered with a bike you guys do. Tells volley and in recruiting will. I feel I have a passion for helping people me and I actually started out in social work good and I'm so I was doing a lot of volunteer work for head start and they have a really big heart and probably got a little too connected to Connecticut tennis are now pure and so and. And talking to an intern have they recommended each hour and so he started on December heating assistance. He ends and just and the passion for college or redeem and so it's been a large part of my career in something that I just find. I felt constantly being pulled back tears of love and working with the students or something very energizing about you know going campaigns in and I'm just hoping. Young people you know formed. There clearing. Just watching them I just a lot. We need to pick their brains just. Ways to corona Linkedin profile in Airpwn. Reza Mays and whatnot I think pretty silly Elaine yen's cuisine of bond everything's what we're a couple of things you look for. When you're talking to a college student. I would of the things that jump off the page that he's leaving college students listening to absolutely sound. I think that one big thing and for college students it's remembered as the that if they're prepared to have an opportunity to. Fell themselves and this themselves a career fairs and it's a great way to get in front of a ton of employers all at one time thing you know our engineer we take engineers out of campus with us and and we take presence at risk or appears in online obviously that. You know I'm from a 100% over the Heatley were electronics and Consumer Electronics Show. I'm we. We focus on GPA. We are three community here requirement and we like to do that very involved in campus or maybe they were in first robotics and things. And then what are some things. Yes and so definitely the exact same arm and that well rounded angles academic extra curriculars. And he. Other areas look all of them so leadership skills order where you spinning it. And so. It's exact scenery or when we years specifically just looking at president first inning through. I'm academics eight GPA classic he's taking in previous work experience. He had applicable. Internships which is always a laughing point when you or are looking for an intention of I am and then I'm just as the sex partners carries and I. Work at school. When do you we're talking I internship burns here today. Windy kind of start looking at students like held today in school it would Lincoln may apply for an internship the organization. Well we're currently exploring internships at the high school level lead count how many school and turned and other companies in Kansas City do. We turn into. In all alternates and to try and focus on. The junior level the physical and internship program is to convert them into full time associates who but it's we have about 241. Interns that's. Summer yeah and and there are freshmen and sophomores and that's I was hit the large majority here and it in the top. Martin junior level tan while that's a lot that's more than I thought you just a few 141 in the year there's thousands and apply for an organization indoors. Inching what do you Brenda burns and yes. Probably leave he. Came in will have a few sprinkles. Schools and EU this summer and we can maintained. Pretty. Austin K through twelve program where we post summer camps of it that's it's it's an education effort plan. Specifically we have one is for high school seniors that graduated that are going their freshman year college engineering you. Men and that's our. We and exposing those early on students. Don't necessarily have abundant internship opportunities that the juniors and seniors. Cell. Of the 200 eat eat that we had Misha and one half this year and and Katie. Lines. Entity you know as the slimmest majority answered this juniors and seniors hopes to. And that not only do they keep great that they love their extreme difference in ranking member. Today inching emission high school students just. As well. Sasha and Sarah because. Yeah I'm noticing that's a trend right. All the schools are doing things were ministership programs has high school students going to a law firm going to. You know garment or two burns and McDonnell ploy work in their specific industries eating out there in that seems to be a new trend from when I was in high school I mean we didn't. You might have had an intern ship or worked as a waiter or tea no mowing grass it's a one. But you. I rarely I mean I worked in a bank. And that was kinda cool thing back then was being bank teller and learning about financed it. I feel like now lake people and industries are more willing to take on high school students is is that's on the dollar seemed to as far as like me Tricia programs over. Extra credit her school credit. Is seems to me it's more than just policies and. Absolutely from nineteen PC perspective. And major players in Kansas City area. There's a really strong pull for workforce development efforts now. We will hear about companies want to send engineers to effect great pizza party to get them excited about and as each and am in particular women and stand right right and girls excited about math and science and islands. I'm by its unemployment and the lowest it's been in seventeen years and in the US attorney in this in the US and in Kansas City we sit below the US operate so. In the city right now sitting at 3.3. Percent unemployment which means are fully employed as a region the that's important to us and we have to keep understanding that trend because companies are hiring and continuing to hire. More than ever before coming out of recession so. Our eyes and getting impressed students right away in helping companies get in front ever educators and counselors and and parents that allows them to understand career pathways which not only helps companies and the students now to hop Europeans. That's right. And on the next seven or talk about how both the guys interact with he CDC NT Casey but. Talked his real quickly about some of the things you guys do their cool for interns to build back culture with your internship class for your organization Gallup. Actually we have navigating Garmin today and that is an opportunity for all of our interns regardless of. Which segment of new York and a lot of people associate agreement with the GPS on. Near the desperate if your car and found. We have eighties and marine and automotive. Fitness amount aren't so interns have an opportunity to go around and explore each segment in each despondent engineering with and parents over who really. And a new programs are excited about and then I also. NG. Mid to liable and I interns feeling to come to permanent fire. I simulator. In teens winkle products and just see you know where their children are working for the better. Dust of the room by you or their doctor so and so we're really excited. About one of our sessions hosting. And and its use exposed and use different industries. So prince Mac being done in different industries you're. Wearing on electric and you're turning one of and what we've done is Ian Ian. Penal presentation. And it talks about why it. One electrical can lead engineer can be doing in certain area and the way you learn how to mechanical engineers and accidentally left his. For apple. It's got to be a lot of fun we're gonna talk more about that after the break you're listening grill nation thanks for joining us. I guess. Welcome back. To the relationship I've received stick with us today on 988 AM TV's younger who's facing grill. Appreciate you listening as well on pod cast in on grilled nation tour dot com. A lot of fun so far with Jessica a call from Casey ABC either web site is being TC dot com. Dusk is the managing director of teen Casey. At the TC eighty C also with us today as Sasha mass Lanka who is the college recruiter or birds and Donald. And Sarah slocum who is with Garvin she is the university relations recruiting team leader. Both of these great. People have a lot of experience in recruiting and Jessica has been with he CDC for seven years so. Or talk about kind of how you guys are back connected to ACC. NTU. This great program with internships are pretty mortality in the city how that all happened. Aideed is all neat and in talk about the evolution. Sir the start down that teen Casey is an initiative of the Kansas City area development council. And we are a nonprofit that growth Kansas City in our region that footprint. And we have amazing support from the private sector from burns and tunnel and Carmen and several other. Top employers in their region and as the conversation around talent became more prevalent within our reach and intercity needed to step up an attraction and retention of great people and telling her community. Ease. Lovely lady is Rick to avert our employers are involved at senator. The spirit of competition are all competing for talent now we are at more powerful we worked together so. Teen Casey was treated that and has a collective of more than 800 recruiters in the Kansas City Marquette were all competing for talent. I know that they need to work together to create solutions so that Kansas City as a whole can win. Who that's how. We are yes the user friendly than you have to now. And what do you guys what it would he utilize it a case CDC team Casey with this program I mean how does that help you reach your goals. How to ski CDC LP law. I actually occurring in and we definitely CKE TPT instantly see as an extension of our recruiting process. Remember when a reason for decline in its location and we. Every happy and we're fighting since people have that's. Rock to the West Coast. I'm especially from attack perspective and so. You know starting in the early loner sitting talent to Kansas City. And patenting case he can out to determine when we have a software engineers from Allard country commenced around. And they highly Kansas City. I'm Jessica went on a tour with a slash your tech. An entire group is after engineers monitored Kansas City and they just really help us. So canes and song you know the lifestyle of living in Kansas City and we are separate offers. And then Darian and Mikey he. And during the summer. Angela Oilers and we the emails about all the cool things going on in Kansas City I personally learned from dean who every week. You about what's going on in the city and so is just a great ties to we have. Albert Shannon for he went and turned about a hundred and or a year from outside the Kansas City area so where were well over 50% effort for 2% so we're working hard Q. Not only seldom long term and to the streets and so we just. It's amazing race cars or anything and everything that we need to hated to Kansas that you mentioned mighty Casey what does that again just. Sorry my Casey is our regional intern program. And so the companies in Kansas and he recruit their interns. And they applaud and semi Casey we essentially keep a social calendar and get them on day and they meet other young professionals in Kansas City while they're spending ninety days and the market over the summer they get to hear about all of the Austin's stuff happening in Kansas City from. Asked places to Bryant stack Hackett pines to slam poetry anything and everything. Kansas City and we planned event at the beginning of the summer so that interns at all the different companies can get to know each other and make friends. The whole point is that they're not sitting home watching Netflix on a Friday night at their meeting other young people. Calling the mother Kansas City getting I'm Dan and saying yes the job offers in the summer. And Sasha. Talked to some of you guys in value in Iraq and why you're excited about it there of the stuff existed when I was during his tipped it but I mean really truthfully you. You didn't have these networks sir you weren't able you didn't know people I mean maybe meets all of them are from whatever at a at a sporting event from. Wherever but you weren't plugged into all these different companies. All at once again I think there aesthetic perfectly when she's at extension. That's exactly what Casey for a the last hour. You share in the thinking about in the city. We are candidates without having us invent the term case CDC has has them. And and and it really well I should and and in your cards today that in my case Ian partnering with and then swim and some of the really cords we mean this past week. I am posted what we call grow teaching Casey so it's a partnership of the luckiest EDT and and he can see each chamber young professional sport content TCU we're. CDC. Are invited to attend this penal Ian to simply young professionals penal. Aaron. Young professionals that are answering questions addicts. The interns so them. Why did you move to Kansas City from Wisconsin what kept you here. What did you do your over your summer last summer when you're in and so those types of questions allowed in terms that he became begun. And you know and they're hearing firsthand or there's that and keynote speaker and since this was it a fourteen that we dining. Iron and of course have to continue its campaign that helped us that they. You hear appears in the head. Yeah probably get Hamas or her or fifteen an intern and to participate 150 every summer so my best and not and that alone. And the last four years with the Nike C program we've reached thirteen thousand interns and selling them on Kansas City and helping them find their sense of community. That's amazing if they I was wondering organizational and you organize all of these interns rose to her company's. Joke if you get groups with 240 interns and businesses mean. Yeah lot of businesses are a lot of companies I mean I'm assuming it's like an email you send out and Constant Contact her on. She male champion they get about 35%. Opener if you're having today and maybe 35% 50% of the intern show up. We are really an amazing team Aggies CDC that works there. Graphic design marketing Miette magic and Angelo or is leading up program for us. For Mikey see and we go out tell all of the intern orientation dias at all the companies out. In about two weeks until about a 150 presentation and phone I. Kansas City well they're from here or not you get to Casey loved that day at ninety CNN the heavy Arctic and turn mobile apps aren't. That gives you access to all of the Nike C information and it at least a group knowing ten group or reduce ticket giveaways. And slide back night and into grand takeovers and we try to engage in and have and turns from other companies participate throughout the summer. They are clicking through an opening emea. If this sounds. Fairly unique I mean no competition in recruitment it's tough but. You know we've you guys have had internships and cereal on the journey and maybe potentially another city. I don't remember an organization from I interned in DC and our members. Whenever the DC area development council called doing any kind of in turn two comments I mean you what you can see he's doing is is pretty cool and special. Absolutely eighteen Casey has been nationally recognized. I thought leader in talent attraction and destination marketing them so a lot of cities sell their communities right. Teams Casey TC need to approach and attitude be to be approached. Are not helping companies find interns or how to create an intern program. We leave that experts in her cream to do it recruiting men to redo the marketing rate and having them connect that the community. Centene Casey at the breath and out that it's doing an intern program has certainly. One of the largest in the country and one of the pioneers and and lots that we and spark. And it's Milwaukee actually leader. To do best practices. Okay look at you guys not just doing all the good things you sharing that knowledge. You're you're putting your best afford to help other people are like. Thanks for joining me so far in the showing in about two minutes left on this center was Sasha Sara Jessica. Do you guys have any memories for me any entrance if you add that. You could share or this or any kind of wits Dundee you gain that maybe. You like to share in other people that are doing internship programs are things you should look for me weirdest ways to take advantage. Anything. A period of be a fun throw in Korea since you guys are working recruiting humor yeah. Turns memories of our internships and in my life gotten into an Indian wedding weekend. That's not really important. So what they'll have the best advice from me recapture previous entries for a lot of advice to UT can our current interns and some of the best advice I have heard. Is it's academy. In. Your all your internship to make mistakes it's almost expect it and so when that's happening it's more so how are acting to dozens of excellent and Ian the actual ache so. That I hope this really reassuring her that this entrants that are going through this summer and have their first they can pass or. And you know stumbled threesome themed it's okay did you goes it's just more snow. Are you leaning on your resources to recover from. Been there is definitely. Has picking them you know until late in that interview. To talk to the team unions and talent. That's in and in an office questions. In real name and oh. Just getting getting ever you probably just you know. I entered an unpaid internship in Chicago your current oh my biggest piece of advice is always in networking. And always asked to do more because of what you put into that is what you get now me and that's what's on the minds he CDC. There you go look at that that's pretty cool like Stuart of yes yes everything and I think what. Yeah have agreed agreed internecine junior in the heavily another year college but they really liked the organization they come back for their senior year internship today leaving dozens. Please I guess and we help the company stay in touch with them. Survival. Packets are finals week in the hour hey you're getting ready to graduate nurse and issue of bag and that that's got to be tough for the interns maybe they go to college on the West Coast the East Coast. They come here for his city for their junior and in the next year at their collective experience there. They're pretty much committed intensive appointed to come back for the team and organist and a back with the turley casualties. That means to destroy them I'll ever the last. There eventually got them. I you can take it via tweet about. I love it I love. Really really cool what you guys are doing and we're gonna have one more segment left don't talk about trends in Kansas City and and ways that we can grow our market. And we're not listening broke the relationship aren't easy night. Hello and welcome back to the grill nation show on ninety Indians came easy connect with me on Twitter at seducing girl and that relationship I'm your host. Jason grow wanna think to Casey ABC hasn't been a great show today. Disco palm who's the managing director of seeing Casey at the Casey eighty cedar website is think BC dot com. Sasha mass Lincoln who was the college recruiter burns and McDonnell and Sarah slocum. Who is with Garmin she's the university relations recruiting team leader there we've been talking about the Mike TC program team Casey. All the great things you guys are doing with internships recruitment and whatnot. Kansas City as a whole you mentioned unemployment is is lowest it's ever been in the US very low in Kansas City as well. Talked to me about some of the challenges because. You know we have these two great companies here burns in math and Garmin. International national reputations. It's always a battle though because we're mid western city right like you said yeah and where were fighting to recruit talent every day for all these job opportunities that now seem to be growing. Amidst cleaner city. I mean when he went you know you're so in Kansas City I find that. People moved to cities like you know like California right. Los Angeles they don't have looked taxes right they have culture they have on different things in these people will live where opportunities are and where. It's cool write it someday it's always about low tax it's about I don't live in New York island EC that amended the politics that element whether. So how do we how do we recruit those people to move. The Kansas City that's kind of mail or ranking question. I had no it's not culture but. What what are you guys doing at Whittier Whittier tactics that you. Kerkorian. Race I think we have a tendency to talk about low cost of living document and right. That's great Kansas City stacked up nicely in that capacity. But it's all of the intangibles not I mean senator scene inclusion is something that our community has an opportunity to really stamp out until you. Especially as her now on the world stage of attracting talent from everywhere. And we're in the most mobile talent environment we've ever been. And then before so. You know right now one in five people in the US are contractor freelance workers and in the next ten years that number in the us will be up to 50%. I'm totally cool place for eighteen is really important and telling unity and a lifestyle because the technology. People can do their business anywhere in the world I mean so inclusion in and having the opportunity to highlight. How are there's a sense of community for everyone in Kansas City sometimes isn't that easy. Place to come into and understand the environment rate in the attic and no man's Atlantic City that you don't really know much about. And I've got a hot topic for us. I would in the community and I think we need to be thinking about me. Job access is another really hot topic you can only access 18% of our jobs in Kansas City through public transit. It's a problem because they're great talent locally that need to find how to access those opportunities are great companies. I miss YouTube your campuses aren't downtown are in we're millennial like to live but how do you how do you fight that. Mean what are your what are your tactics that because as an intern right OK some an intern gonna working Garmin didn't and I'm from. Boston mention you have an intern from Boston there. And they seal late I mean you see your selling them on everything in. Leon there's a lot of people are gonna live. The young talent or your island took on the look for companies like yours. Are very. Herb and write their very connected wanna like. Live work play mix she's like that's that's got to the code word of the millennial generation right. How do you how do you guys kind of work is that with KC DC you know all these great events. We definitely do and we have you know we have a custom web site through Casey do you see that highlights all the different. Areas that you can live in the city and intense it just based on my conversation they tend to be content. And the downtown river market privileges are really big areas that we tens of Ireland Neal Levine and. And and it's you know about a 22 minutes. You knew it's and he knows that they can they can market our men and work aren't really cool products that feel people's passions are fitness and out or be passionate about that still. How to somewhat of an urban I've been down. The trailers. Area so that's part of where this relationship turns into play as just hoping showcase all the different. Opportunities and in my files that they can in intensity so. Can also say that we have the best of all worlds right because. A lot of traffic you can you can you can. Live downtown or live in Prairie Village and get away in in you know C would only test offer all the great things happening out there at your campus and Norman development happening everywhere right now. Yet in and we teachers Celine and we do have some and end his injury from Boston and we do have probably at least ten to fifteen and turn to come into Kansas City. I'm from outside that area and they are used to public transportation and they don't have a vehicle in Kansas City right now really is a time in city. And so we partner at other interns to Ana Peterson referred through this summer and we you know they get from Qwikster if cards you can think that. And that helps Islam. And then we have a lot of cycle it's your first there are a lot of people honestly it's your vital work every day we are like that they're clearing third. In the country for being you know higher bicycling tours are instinct I that are out in the nation and so you go to your crew I don't. Price miles an awful about it. Many different Sasha what about you guys I mean you guys are located. Four parkway from cracked right okay. But ninetieth street grade his opinion that. So where he will what do you see most you're folks living we're added commute from all over it. You know and it's down a lot of very. If he or perk is get. Certain and that's a pretty pretty. I tracked in place where our new tires then you a lot of out of towners do we ever got here number about fifty salient. Channel six interns that are not from Kansas City and it's amazing and you have. He hires that are. Full time hires are Fareed you and probably on the kings island I am so whenever they are. Re looking. Experience with me because this here ten explore those at its cleanup and conversation what your style you eat and that. Experience and years of. It's so important because this there's been a movement towards purchasing in cities is keeping millennial here right. You know we've had a lot of CEOs on the show or people who have may be moved here in their thirties when their wife and a couple kids and they. They talk about easy in the city is compared LA or wherever they came from and they love it here and they never wanna leave their involved in the city community either involved in everything. But it really truly is what you guys are doing its. Interns as the college grads the league deals that are the key I think this. Truly like making concede reaching its full potential bids are charges that cool cool and culture Fulton you know colorful city has ought to offer I think it's. This group of people as it's heating vents that bit you're off from here that's that's that's that's a fun thing to actually means and it and it gives me energy right you love doing it obviously. Yeah now it's fantastic and it's really interesting. We hear a lot from companies all our interests are primarily from Kansas and need. They're plugged and when we actually found that locals of Kansas City know the least amount and I'm here. Do you say damn that's some menu to the mark asked to explore it forces and to get on to find the things at their passion about and and take the time to really look at Kansas City. So we spent a lot of time educating. Employees with an organizations to about hot topics with and the community like. Public transportation or better keys island I get them get them cynically involved absolutely and in Kansas City you know I think. We've heard repeatedly from young professionals in particular it's much easier to join a nonprofit board or my not core group of friends quickly. Iman how impact within your business and went in your personal life. Much faster than other markets. That's awesome why appreciate all you guys come in and we can talk for hours about any of this stuff he has been really great. Sauce immense lake as Sarah slocum and just the palm print EC DC. Being DC dot com the website thanks for coming in today and progress on success in these can't even listen to grow nation will see you next week after she's joining me again and we'll talk to pick.