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Saturday, June 10th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello and welcome it's too and he grill nations show hosted by yours truly chasing really listened tonight 80 AM came BZ appreciate joining us again this week for grill nation show. You're listening via the web site grow nation should dot com or on that podcast I appreciate it as well. Big show today elites that in just the second states you know and I think our partners and supporters of the relationship with Jason grow the title sponsors of the show our trust. No bank can be okay financial and q.s advisors contributors and on there contributors in coasts are the reeker Casey. One light luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander gets coast partner and honor contributor. He will be my guest today he knew that with me on Twitter at you Jason girl and that girl nation chum also available on other social media handles. Just search for Jason grow of hear from you all and I appreciate you joining us each and every week the feedback has been great. So whether it's good or bad keep become a beacon wanna put together a great show for you each and every week. As mentioned are one of our great on their contributors of the show was close and Alexander from reactor design studio as the what's that is reactor Casey. Dot com he's joining me today for the show are you doing Clifton new great. The good to see union you've been a busy man and even travel a lot. Get ready needs more travel we got to. Washington DC coming up this weekend I got about how. The third of our team's going to be out there are working on big client on site deal this big conference Leon and then come police after the animal going on vacation and I guess pain in my life means indication to Alaska to Alaska just me and the wife fifteen year anniversary in. Kids are gonna stay home and enjoy the heat and we're gonna be off. I don't know climbing glaciers and polar bears and so is your wife Linda you the outdoors I guess yeah yeah totally I mean we're not we don't like we don't go camping and stuff like all the time that. That we love to be adventurous and moon when we went cursory can we get all those. Everything outdoors in entry can imagine we're gonna do that again here and that's coming up some critical spots I'm forty goes there kayaking on a plane to Anchorage refine Anchorage. Then we get on the boats in south of Anchorage Seward Alaska and the morehead gee you know catch and icy strait point it's. Did you play in the strip. Yes. Both cities have never heard of so congratulations thank you think he is now part of that is part of the crews though can't deal you know they recruit road that basically we come here. Floating hotel scene I have to change hotels ever seen in my. On the you can go on experience things like salmon fishing in crab. Catching and bear sighting on staff that we had these towns right there's not a lot of road. Roads and into forever to drive through those towns the jump on the though you go to the next town over you view all this crazy things and then you're back on the you know. Enemy in Vancouver sun got a whole great city whole day extra and think you were there were looking forward to in no ideal. Verticals. That beautiful city flannel from Vancouver. Very cool so busy. W time NBC great city is well love DC or ten under their name Andy some inching and you know do you deal with Dirk you go through tunnels every time. Oh classic essay yeah I passed on so on today show would be a talk about or have two of your interns coming in here shortly. That joined you in the spring at reactor designs to really inching people's. Different stories and and really did the work product from everything Anderson the as big a different type of perspective. I don't care what it's like working man in the design seal like cars learn a little bit what are cultures like just kind of the the differences and in some of the data things in and dynamic that. Interns bring to our team and how important that is for a Aspen and generally get to know them and talk about their experience and why it is import for them as well why. It's important for you guys. And they were Assam font that we decided to make up a little bit we're gonna talk about feud there. And that's going to be a theme first segment or two on the show. Something totally different we're talking it through your favorite local restaurants. Which I believe we'll include some taco shops but I'm not sure yet. And not cheer in in in value actually. Deal with clients working lunches and take in the inching places all the different than the typical. Scenario so the dissent since I because of that and a lost talk about some things a restaurant should maybe be thinking about doing yes you are in the marketing branding design business. And some things you've seen out there in year. You're you're eating days has made us feel a lot there's some restaurants are doing really well at some restaurants maybe need to work. And there are some philosophies on the Tony Roche you talk about excited for that. So what's going on the company you have any updates see yeah minutes left in the senate and you guys we are even some crazy things on Thursdays and happy errors from Friday launches right you want you know we and so work with clients and all of our deal leave work is obviously very important to us and were really busy right now this is one of the busiest times of year every year with. The big conference and I just mentioned coming out Enron going to be in DC that's for all companies or well three possibly can so. That was similar car so it's the national charter schools conference it's all about. Charter fishing charters she shouldn't all that sentence in Denver last week heard conference myself. For trying to pars and the governor is there and gets talked a lot in they had 260 charter schools and cholera. I mentally. You hear a lot of folks from Colorado at this conference so it's a big conference for 5000 people we view every single piece of the puzzle related to marketing bringing in the conference. So all the science all the logos all moved in the 250 page program book. Sign in succumb mentioned senators on that now he did all we view all of that work and it's it's a year long process. Your network and all culminates with everybody working like mad crazy Karen who leading up to getting there in the moron sites. Make sure there is thing just really won't round say with a presentations in the graphics and everything going on in Perry who and it's a little bit of wind down for us to you as as the conference people are just winding up. For the conference where discerning the wind out all the ground work and advance all of that we had down a couple cool things we did whereas some is that where I'm in the words show season I guess you'd say. And so at the key CDMA they can see direct marketing awards in the Kansas City business marketing awards we took home best of show up both of those away king grad so now radical. The thing eyelids lowered orders casinos are well it's a seat that has orange who pals in our inside the main I don't know if I yes we've seen TPC universe that they. The great thing about those types of awards shows is they are and they are not only driven by the creative. They're also undermine the results. There are a lot of awards shows that only look at pretty pictures and give people usual words. These particular shows are based on the results and the way the work looks and how it. Help the client and we write me case studies they're very intense put together back. We can come away with a whole winter awards for those and winning a best of show. That tell us is like is icing on the case because there's other people recognizing that we are also doing really good work for our clients. In the important things cool thing isn't one of those is a nonprofit which is pretty cool and the other one was. For a come a very large company in town that we did some direct marketing work for you so we sent out some really amazing. Kits further sales team to get their foot in the door for some new clients and have actually already won that come over 67000. Dollars worth of business just wow. This office sending these kits out and getting names in the door and making phone calls and get in some people's attention so that's the kind of work we do I think and we're being recognized for me it's great for my team. To your guys for their hard work and this and that. Well things really juice do you guys have exciting show and am excited to get going here we talked to. Tyler and Lori here after the break we're live you listen to grill nation show on team BZ 980 me. Hello welcome back. She knew grill may joint chasing real 988. MK NBC is wells on. Grill nation showed us how she's doing. You podcast is well on iTunes or stitcher radio you can put me on Twitter at G seem real natural nation shell. Where can take our commerce station where it's closed and Alexander from reactor design studios is on Twitter at cliff Bo let's be O. On Twitter also his website is reactor TC dot com music contributor and partner. To the growth nation show were lucky to have him as always the first. Week of each month close to welcome back to the show was our main aria did. So. We talked a little down the first they would about the show and really excited account of talk about this next subject which. I don't know if we heard on the show's history this is show 110. A grill nations show probably 4500 of radio experience for me in the studio. We have some guests for thus in seated today we have. Two. Your interns and reactor. We have floored me youth and Tyler price welcome to show that's. A area it get a I'm Lauren. In the defeat so Clifton let's let's gonna talk about this yes we've never done suddenly this a trend trend is similar different BSE decided hey let's three and so the interns and let's get to know there. When so why don't we start off with the Warren. Lawrence a tells herself. I my name is Lauren I'm going to be as senior IK EU in the fall and then stained design the focus is on a media. Photo media yeah yeah. That's cool I didn't exist we're in college path. I don't I don't believe. They taught us that easy you know back then when I was and disappeared. Cool side he connected to this guy. Right so as a part of our program now is pushing us to look for internships as in most colleges and programs. Like this started out looking in that design around photography paintings and I was studying and realized. And warrants in the marketing and events like I started searching for a company now and allow me to integrate all sorts of those aspects in the things an island to work on and I came across reactors so kind to some of the player development and then some missions that and then and right away and they. On the back incident like in an interview. That's pretty cool hand. Are you from this area I am from them on par OK see you knew about kind of Kansas City ray I really functioned. As far as the multi talented person as we found out pretty much every any day we need something. Kind of random we just asked Lauren to do you have and then she goes yes here's prestigious as that friend it's amazing so that is cool. And then Tyler. Also yourself. Tyler on the scene here at the prestigious university of misery Kansas City nine season. Local guy and a amount marketing major. I'm pretty excited graduate in December so. CA is in your premier team. Now. And in your throwing the last seven years that I grew up in Texas Texas a part of Texas Lubbock tech lovely text Texas Tech right so where that is yet there you go. So IG connected is. Miles looking for in turn ships for the last year so. In the reactor. Internship popped up on the year and Casey rue career network site. And I applied. Those applying for everything I possibly couldn't complete and they hit me back up pretty quick today and and you guys started in the springtime of T doesn't seventy. And you're still here that's is that here and I could go to. This summer and sometimes we. Put out an intern ship requests firm one marketing intern. And sometimes we get more than one qualified applicant we say you know what. This is Paramount America different skill sets and those. Bring quite a bit to use the table and so we ended up hiring both of them because we can we ate at the end of the day we can really decide honestly do. Between one or the other until retirement. When you're so did you do internships. Before you got involved inserting your company. New Q you've totally the opposite of them yeah it was back when I was in school getting intern ship was not a requirements. And so it is now most schools as yet says it is that it wasn't when I was in school and so. I worked so. Retail jobs to make money into the just kind of keep myself flow laws and school. Yes and I wish that I had worked in intern ship pentagon instead of the store of knowledge and the plaza. Chris I think he's he's he's he's storm now let's just a I was the guy sitting on the sidewalk flipping the other hoberman sphere up in the air and trying to get people walk in the door out of school. You know my internship that this the streets there. And you guys have probably different backgrounds. Non traditional traditional that launch take us through that because. Off very talk and Connie your pathways to this Tyler your. A little older then. In the Warren is just dismissed the scrimmage. Tells about the and why you decided to do this now yet so some 29 I'll turn thirty in October. I'm minimum custom lists of this my first bachelor's degree attack so weird road. After high school stuff like that you're we did Kansas City got married. And elections also and she's told me she encouraged me go back to school. That story could go in two ways and I was thinking leaning. The other way that's a it's how you say outside utter Xena million got married a young age and I was doing something else I've since moved on from my wife and I. School Andy things and I'm happy that turned out the way I did yeah the more encouraging of Bluetooth as very. You know if you are positive yeah I think he's busy mom but look for in this party held up aka so well ultimately lights. It's just going to be different more difficult for a thirty year old legs recent graduate to get a job anyway. So. And we have to do internships as it is just to get the experience on the resonate. And I really want to work replace its Kansas City based. Smaller in reaction was just the perfect alignment there when he he's starting to start wanting to do this kind of work. Sit sit fit it's sort of a so I went to art school originally and dropped out art school. India whenever my wife and told me to start to pursue a degree asserted a philosophy degree mean. Which. And I know. No offense to the philosophy majors out there but on to jobs eventually so. If professor yeah. Art Ross defeating Mary I think is is marketing I think the philosophy of life why we. Do we do a Bible we buy and sell we sell I think that's marketing applied. And so I'm just progressively getting more employable essential exhaust it but it's intra city. That's a good story you know you go to you don't. In his seat every team it's good to see him yeah I like that concept the philosophy in. Mean you know for what we as marketers we are philosophers we are we're all kinds of things we put ourselves in. Really need situations and trying to you. Understand what. The consumer is going to want or need and how we can. Push that out to them and and we do that with. With the traditional route if he always wanted to do this at dinner marking world branding. Yeah I mean I think it's something that I kind of started aid grew up flooding photography you know something that my mom like. Got me into regulated. I was exploring that didn't think of it too much as lake Meade or something I should presume. But the more telling Tyler teachers and mentors like. Am planning you know I'm not win a real as you know it's like business journalism backgrounds things and I diamond that and I can make. Good living doing something that I love so the more than a look into human rights and hands and and is experiencing beer and a nice this year first internship. I'm not I have some other ones I'm in the Lawrence area Scion also worked under radio station and I aboard and thank you DK paper. Meaning author of stuff kind of along that path that I think this is one of the first ones. I feel more integrated in the real world and working with clients that they. The saw school experience. So what are you guys yet this Clifton having great interns working with you all and then your team because they seem to get their stuff together so IA. I personally. Always say is that what we get out of that or when I get out of it is having some really. Young people in our office to how are not jaded by. Working in the real world yet. And it's true right and it as you. As you start working in the real world especially in design or marketing or herb or branding or whatever it is. On the more times you get told no my client and the more jaded you can be and the less. That the less creative you can even I think you tend to you want to you discount an idea. She soon sooner than you would and so for us interns on the marketing side in the design side. It's a really big deal because we get it. And are able to experience he's really big ideas that are that are very. Lofty. And a lot of times we even look at him and say O the clown never go for. But the fact that it's out there as what we need as something that helps us as a company in its entirety. Our our employees we have no problems coming up with really big ideas we do that every day for our client. But I think our interns we have in house or big part of that and and in terms of helping us. Tom just be more open and free and I have to worry about what we're thinking and just in every day idea eventually leads to some. Mom and so that's what I personally like about it is that piece of that and then just. The younger the people are in the CEO of the younger I feel I frankly think. Because I concerned they get older and I I feel like I'm hang out hang out with people that are a lot younger than me. We re release circular and yet it's very weird yes. Good to go yes yes yes well Dennis. So woody as reading of the culture over at a reactor you enjoy the the setting in the and he has a lot of first Friday of insults about kind of working area about militants and. Yeah absolutely I love working with every line is such a fun environment may have offensive activity is going on all the time and all sorts of projects. So and stuff like first Friday we get the chance to where it was vendors and then hang out with one another and get to see honor. All of our hardware Clinton the placement mutiny. Thanks for me it's been really cool to stem the newest space and that isn't. All that different from the culture experience at school so like. There there's not a huge culture shift and have an attack my shirt in them and it's high on or anything like that. I'm still able look X like he experienced life and creative and Mike free round. So that's really appreciated in the lot of fun even you shop at the same location losing your shirt. They may not know what you're doing now I know you guys get along for the threat of Tyler and Lauren appreciates coming in the CD today. Really cool which are all up to you in Clifton and now we Rick back after the break with more real nation that yeah. I guess. Welcome back to sue the grill nation Jason grills. Hope you've enjoyed this show so far today you're listening nine EAM. Came easy. Or you are listening BI teams or stature as well as on drill nation should dot com. Appreciate you joining us and sticking with this today and driven it great. Summer so far as we've kicked off summary one of the things on the show we'd like to do is we like to talk about new cool fun. Places restaurants. Bars whatever you wanna talk about. We kind of always think that's really important as the show is is is the culture aspect in Kansas City has going forward in Clifton. Who's my guest today Clinton Alexander us border friend of the girl nation shell. Has some favorites and he has. Wanna talk a little rough period in the semi early hour six up all of them live in order to take the money is off the internship program yup or talk about it. So my ears in the before leaving really started my whole thing is with food as that I am not a what you calling duty. Air quotes. But I like to consider myself a foudy. Related to. Inexpensive food. If that takes and he said okay so street to street food. Hamburger. Is you know still like and are in place for an hour or any other color of their yesterday produced an okay now on our Internet search thing like like I know. I love a really. Really amazing. High quality food. But most of the time it's not a fancy high dollar place a tiny portions. It's usually like street tacos or amazing handmade burgers that are five dollars without so I'm a food we have a different kind of an. OK a little good. A low price we. No price high quality duty. Not at all like a high price we need we need to know where we need together and so you obviously Eric talk. I only type of guy you talked it out on the air here you know tock goes freak amongst. I am taco freak. I love tacos I need anything Tucker related to this is why I was so people. My favorite taco place upcoming area Allen downtown KCK. But I may also. Really like certain types tacos a place like Taco Bell rings and I'm not I'm not gonna I'm not indiscriminately and how many you Kyra something tastes really good in the media and size like LLC and sometimes it's. Young Kamerion. Right so do you ever have that tock if you look talk as you heard. Talk a place no no names on this one yard dislike us. I will say that I haven't. I don't live had a bad taco per saying. But I have had really overpriced tacos that sound a lot better than they actually are and they taste yeah so there are some places in town that are way out call me be like the really fancy high dollar taco places around and the like those because. They sound really good and they end up not being the greater their kind of bland but they're very expensive. What is a high dollar tuck. I'm curious about reform box of taco before about a talking vs your alchemy her out to dollar fifty or a dollar on Wednesday. And I would say I would put the alchemy area out taco any day up against any talk on the country really dollar at about the peace. I'll bet it's. Guys you know that's my point what I saying earlier I get that LD hero outside don't but I haven't had an allowance. Although there as well okay so it's a clerk a dollar fifty OK so obviously that's that's when you're top top of its yes is it open and. There are open all the time and they they open in like 10:30 in the morning if you wanna start eating lunch and tell our. They're okay enough until one or 2 in the morning on Saturdays I think Friday Saturday so if you if you see okay now don't tell policy is if you're Roland out of the seventh street casino Erika Miller nine ethnic and he needs something neat. You can you can get over it don't commuter Allen gets something and Erica yeah I happen to know the feeling pretty well to having gone there for so long and I just I really don't know. And the father he's essentially those the patriarch over the over the empire though Mary Allen. His two sons were in the business the daughter in law others in their big family operation have gotten new. All of them in their story is really really need and they make me really amazing food. Interest it's called el camino real dip. They even have arrest stand powers are real way as you can translate it to just this. They had they got the dad back in the seventies started at taco restaurant in Mexico City. And found that restaurants still exists I have eaten there. Really yes now. Review our you noted there Sarin dip in this moment when I was. Working MX the city a few years ago I happened to be working near where their location was heading because their supporters where they get they're really yeah. So okay. Other places so. There are areas you well duck Oreo okay I'll MA LLC era here's what I'll tell you though is. Anywhere you go you can find. Good to local food even in Johnson county and one of the biggest issues that I that I am feel as a sort of playing John's account used. Everything out there for the most part is. Sheen. Franchise Sampras drank some of them are very good. Very again and some of them are just kind of OK a and a lot of them are not like it rank but there are some. Really nice awesome on wall places and Johnson counties for talk as a result for down which is off honored that the Mac app. The former favorites Stoudemire house. McLean some market is really amazing to bring any shop the popped up but I don't feel good and there detector and I've made sense I have some clients up there. I have no place is amazing is that Paul Malone call hole in the long caught us Israel namely you know and it's brand new that's a simian thing it's inside an old quick trip they mean it really look really nice that it's another thing and see. Market slash. Food place and it needs the good Slobodan. Higher end I guess that it's it's really good good quality fresh local kind of food nets are things so you can find those things even in Johnson County. I've probably been the most and most of them are a little one off owned places are tough they also men all of the franchise places to sell. Yeah we weed out alive in my seemingly and I eat lunch out almost every day network which is unique. Yes so you know honestly at home we get so tired and bored of doing dishes and things like that that you just let's got to eat again cleanup task I focus on so we're clear here very what are your favorite series. With the with the family we go to Red Robin. Franchise. It is what it is but you know I they have good quality through an African bottomless Fries and they're amazing and and you need those Fries all day long my kids love the Mac and cheese and it's bottomless they've done some things that are really different I think in that space where they've said. You know there's an old book that I read called. I think the book is called just give them the pickle and pound the whole concept was in business. Sometimes you just have to give your client that pickled it cost five cents or something as a restaurant for example. Instead of trying to charge them for in the author of the book was going through this. Analogy that. I'm user you turn either restaurant he just wanna pickle sandwich and the and the restaurants and detergent that since the pickle these months insists the typical. And so the idea is in the business sometimes it's okay to just give people things especially things that don't cost so much for that. You know like when Taco Bell throws in 900 packets of hot sauce. Like conflict you don't need. Now and then nobody will ever need that much hot sauce. But they do it because then you're not walking away thinking heading into parts of Australia it's cheap it's easy it's just kind of a lot of people don't do that Brett I mean hillside right subways famous for not giving people napkins and weird things like that right so that concept is is just give them just you know pickle right so. Red Robin they say you know people love these Fries they're gonna go they're just for the Fries or whatever into the system I don't we don't care how many tries to beat. You're also in order burger you're probably ended shake. Kids are prowling and get the Mac and cheese may be two or three rounds of that. Yeah I have heard of bottomless writes an idea that any any restaurant facilities where it's it's a really anything there is treat us I have no kids so I hate I definitely spread around wrecked. But as he tried but it but here's the thing too if you don't like Fries they introduced. Now you can view their. Broccoli bottomless broccoli. Well you. Warned Mandarin oranges he immutable homered to things and menu that you normally get as a sign that they're offering those for ya gotcha and you'll also they will also if you make your order. They will bring them out to you before you're worried and it's sort of like an appetizer. So there there again they're saying to hike either Iran and I never order an appetizer and even though mayhem on the menu if they use the prize is the appetizer. They're saying that it's okay for me not to order an appetizer because I'm there in the restaurant spending money that's really what they're after whom they want me there. And they understood that concept and I think they get that better than most. Miss does that to your full time job market. Yes branding design worker exactly it's about a guy like me wouldn't think about it all of its. The threat you have the background to make she really if they allow all the different things as we're seeing him on all the time constantly men and one of the. Those things that he had and so that comes up in my A studio from time to time right where sometimes. We need to use through a bone to client just to continue that relationship or further that relationship and it's not about. Just giving away free work or doing one more rounder revisions without charging them or it's about understanding. Relationships of clients and how important it is to have a long term long time valuable client. Mean the life time of that client is what is more important to me. Then throwing cash around revisions or or thrown in something from here here and there right or throwing in extra basket of Fries. Every now again but I'll tell you we we around Robin probably two or three times a month and and that's like that's like the ultimate. Thing for a restaurant like that. Is what Thai police are taking an endless legs look locate winner take at a place like Jimmy Johnson or no you take it. It's fast it's it is in the east lead us somewhere else well you solo Jimmy John's. We. It's only judgment pickles well there's a right right attorney for the pickles we found out they were turning us pretty high rates as for the delivery. And then one day when we had ordered Jimmie Johnson took them over an hour to get our food and we had already missed the meeting that the new food dispose becoming for. And so we had to you Tyler is part of that actually was his interview Kim and prisoners humor he had mean lunch yet because the lunch was over an hour late. So we are all like well let's just go to grinder is and Tyler Tyler's interview was a grinder is over lunch dates because. Jimmie Johnson or sheriff's here's the crazy thing about it. We got an example we haven't. Ordered Jimmie Johnson and their entire philosophy is about quick fast whenever. They messed up really royally one time and it kind of all of a sudden makes us think. It's weird it's like it's like what if they mess up again this time and we haven't ordered it since I feel bad in a way because it may not have been their fault I don't know what's going on Freya. But this happened interest here interest. Closed and Alexander reactor designs he is reactor PC dot com he's on Twitter at with folks we write back. After the break with more than real nation thanks for joining us. NN albums. Events that. Welcome back to sue a grill nation was Jason grow I appreciate you stick with this on the show today you listen in 980 GM -- easy as well as potentially on iTunes stitcher radio or gorilla nation showed dot com. Get say is being Clifford Alexander run our final savory Clinton is from reactor design studios a great company here in Kansas City very creative guy. His website is reactor Casey dot com and check out a fiery you. Tell your friends were also talking about figured today food and people and pulse test I think we did not expect to get into the ethical debate. OK so we had a couple more things you wanted to talk about we talk to Lenovo makes skin and do it and breach that Berger said today a little do with Red Robin and there's another place called big bands that you really like holding me now. We and that's close by here similar anybody Z isn't Shania often Neiman spectator burger place on town it's neo fight all rehearsed yet. So we're on there some point we'll we will go there I drove by at once just to see where Le yes. This bloom it was it was close it was like a late it was a after City Council meeting was real area. And so interest in order to check that out so the whole wall. Don't tell you as her office in the crossroads what year. You know YE a there's so every we'll launch a lot as a team and then every single Friday we've bringing launch into the office for everybody we have we have eighteen launch and Canada place robber you know room rally around what's going on in the company with all the different projects working on and we knew we talk on all kinds of things right and we just hand have have a meal break bread together says speaker. We're big believers in that kind of concept we've talked about brainstorming over food re really really everything's trapped by it seems to revolve around the attack. Somehow it does revolve around fitted. One of the cool things about being in the crossroads. Is we are within walking distance of some of the from the most awesome. Restaurants right there you Nam and many of them are very hole in the wall places like the bring your into the brick yeah I heard there it's just like it's just haven't dive bar and it's just bring them off the street and didn't get the grocers do their suit is amazing you know is very high quality fancy it. In a bar like saying griner of course Arenas about grind jurors. We've got a bunch of new stuff opening apple really really high fancy high dollar stuff really. Corina supper club up a net zero assembly and among the show must see out. I'm roster formula. Courses the old standards Michael Smith the next version those types of places that. We have just about every cuisine you can imagine down and across Serb assault within walking distance moon and in or quick pickup and delivery back to the office and we like to find a different ish place every week to bring food in and wherever we go back it's it's a great and the visit me Tucker shot by him we are oh yes I'm reserving my niece. I'm reserving my knee problem weeks since my excitement. Reserving my senator for mission talk a joint until it actually tried it. I am very excited the mission talk a joint is is opening operate literally two blocks from our office. It's kind of a dream come true to have. Yeah shop in the office are they in the in the in the Prosser is our borrow a ticket you know meddling set I had never had their tacos I've heard they're really good I know they're they're trying trying to be more the street tacos type stuff which is. Which is my favorite kind and we'll see hammer version reserve remind. And until they open always did a hell no it really him yeah I mean they're close they're I think I think they're gonna open in the way what building they and then. There in the building that's it's right next a grinder is an axe grinder is this the last. There's also. A beer hall opening up in the same building it's the building that. Was partially collapsed there's only yeah I don't worry I've worked on the street when medical yeah she is evading the the police on high speed chase fresh rain outside the building and it partially collapsed so they've they've rebuilt that corner of the building and made a big glass entry in it's really cool thrill drive by check articles so that should be opening up pretty soon in very much an imported out the one thing the crossroad since he missing though is that. Quick. Service fast casual kind of place every single literally every single us on the roster as they sit down service restaurant. So that's the jurors though that's by design zoning designs maybe. People don't want people alone best simplest yet and I attorney Ed it is you need to be fast to write it can be like it's a polish style place like. Like he does have to be a fast you'd like with a drive through like a Burger King right you can be something that's like the local version. Other fast casual you walk up to the Canner they make in front of you and you walk out the door where you discuss it and you really clicked you know you tips you know how to do applaud stuff. That's the thing I think is really missing as are so many people that work down there and live now endless. But even even even for the leg for the lunch crowd like that's what we need is we can't go and sit down and spend an hour and a half once every single time ago march. That's the biggest thing we're missing down there man I'm sure I'm sure somebody's working on something. Every time and billing as a for sale did it sells pretty quick and then well you hope so it's his skin can live with the city in a sport that. That's always the issue. You know so far so good right now no one they don't want directors and a. I know and that's fine and I need to be addressed through your collective mark there trying to have accents but thinking about coffee shops for example right we. We have always had and Mildred street close by AM PT's coffee pretty close by then now Manson thing. And then now there is Treo and and now. The messenger copies of an increase in. And then there is. Coffee inside and the bakery that sound when he is the main and then there's in your coffee in the isn't easy is that eighteenth and wind up you know like. There there are literally six or seven coffee shops he can hit within two blocks or is. I always I'm not coffee drinkers I'll always wonder how in the world. Did they all stay open and they're all busy of how did they are amazing video. Yeah we are we ever copy choppy imagine in order I wanna touch briefly were talking to Clifton Alexander about taking clients launch. On the I love that yeah I love taking clients lunch it's one of my favorite things to deal I do all the time and I don't ever it's very rare that you'll ever see me at a fancy place with a client so even if this is a client from a banker for primacy. We actually had banker clients come in town from out of town to visit us. And we took them to you our favorite hole in the wall. Taco shop in and the reason for that is is. No matter who you are. You would appreciate really good quality food I. Matter where comes from and so. If I in the validate your this hole in the wall place then and then it makes the person sort of feel like they now have been in. On the soul on the wall place and nobody ever heard and everything pain. And so you become. Become the expert in the food and you become the person used to letting them now we'll secret. So to speak and so I always take my clients places like that because it gives. Them a sense discovering something new and interest thing. And after they leave that my guess I've never had a single person ever tell me that they have not been back with their friends. The very next day to say I didn't really got to look down upon in net they never do an in fact a lot of times it seemed appreciated and they invite their friends in the next semi see in the only dashed. The very next week and I took my family there and we went to his sorrow that thing I like I hear that all the time. Beak. Places like you and remains totally different they want the play book tells you it's totally different right. But I'm not the kind of guy he's like I yeah ever to your world. And in marketing design sure you know you're that your. Yeah but I'm straight game and I'm still taking. Bankers and lawyers nonsense the people and and PR people and yet I'm taking those types of people to those places. And it's to get in between for you than if he'd wanna take them out Mino early talks. And with that in Africa there a figure doing this isn't like. A west side local type O well now you have. But we're so they had earlier about I don't love food that's like really to be food a really high and pretty cool because I too many flavors and now yet he handles it up Jimmy different things in new burner yeah guys holing a murder that's really amazing and I needed to have. Radishes talk and the weird things and. We're really in a camper now I have never heard of yeah well I am excited for you signal and some time. We need to garments like two or three tell ya right I mean I'm fired up spread over all these places. Cooked and Alexander reactor designed serious contributor to the grill nation showed great guy great company. Check it out at reactor Casey dot com also available on Twitter at click to vote. Great guys in their creator Chuck Norris in city thinks you're doing media today you're welcome and it's we'll see you next month. They soliciting girls nation have a great week.