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Saturday, June 17th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up and even in their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to grill nation with JC growth thanks for joining me today on nine AB came easy as well as on. Rogue nation showed dot com appreciate doing as well on podcast on iTunes and stitcher. Radio can be a fun show today we're gonna talk a lot about. Tech baking and what's going on here in Kansas City before we get to that I wanna think our partners and supporters of the relationship with chasing grow there are really great people here in Kansas City and do great work in one of them we will actually be talking to you here very shortly our partners and supporters are title sponsors are trust. Mo bank BO OK financial US advisors also contributors you are a nation are the re your Casey and edgy re hearing co QC apparently district. And reactor. Designed serious clout in Alexander as well one one checked out too quickly got one let the truth parts all apartments also is a partner and supporter now. As well as Ryan maybe. OK so on today's show. We are going to be talking to Mark Fitzpatrick who's the senior vice president at mode bank Milbank as it says a title sponsor of the real nations show we have Michael easily on. But we're lucky today to have Mark Fitzpatrick joining us. As well as Sean trying to who is the president and CEO act cavern technologies are really cool. Data sinner here in the region section on the Kansas say it's a Roche talked to him about. The different things that are going on with tavern technologies what makes the unique how is business you anywhere and get behind the growth of the data center world Ross gonna talk about why the midwest why Missouri Kansas. And also may begin to some other stuff about how the real issue works with banks such as Mo bank here in Kansas City. You can't put me on Twitter acted Jason real and that grill nation Charlotte here from folks on social media. And all senior Camille on FaceBook and snatch had a search for Jason grill. Okay we're gonna bring in our guests now welcome to show mark and Shawn mark you are from low bank and Sean you are from cavern technologies I appreciate it's coming into the studio today great to see it. Reynolds thanks and you close your Mike's guys sewage in we can hear you OK so mark. You got the great opportunity today. To come into the studio and talk. For 42 minutes about no banking relationship. With cavern technologies Michael is. Told me that you were an amazing guy and some excited to have you on the show I think he Carroll reported. Plus your miss you grab yes I know let's start out there that. That my and that mark went to New Zealand is very involved and moves do and it's good to have user people kimono show usually it's. In this votes and it's you have tiger on the ship well rendered by advanced and do another tiger just tell us about your background and you'll talk. China grew up Graham Kansas City. Rockers CIA powervu mercy Missouri started in journalism right and make sense now original career was saying college athletics there or through Stanford for your and I were to Missouri and I. So I negotiate an MBA man in 98 to enjoy and Mark Twain bank in Kansas and you may have just. They were Saint Louis bank did you start operations here and I stayed there about ten years. Moved on to our first business bank. For a couple years in between going back to the zoo or worked as this manager now blood parliament. And then tyranny of the law school Bob Bailey Iranian and I don't know about Baylor he's still there right now he's still there he's still he's Asian amateur asserted that at address certainly Colin out in the law school and those are twenty some years ago so it isn't all there is still there he's still issuing back to visiting you got back in the bank you know back in the banking at first business bank that was acquired by Goldman bank. In 2000. And and then then I went to work for a community medical heartland bank and in 2011. I enjoy in Missouri bank. And in last year Missouri bank joined be okay financial and we always call ourselves Mo bank before well now that's our official Brandon. Works real well did it seems like your relationship so far it has the great thing is. Mo bankers size. Ira thank you call murder ouch for Nouriel bragged a lot small businesses. Men don't or reputation for sure joining be okay is give us a hole. Host of new products and services now we have a trust department we Jane offer mezzanine financing. We have investment divisions private banking it's Lotta love more arrows or wherever and gotten. And I have an account there for years now is when I started my company. I get an at a crossroads location we are very very very. You know that you felt like get a place there people were very kind every time he went in and out since I've started using the the mobile banking. On the have a million as much but I kind of miss that. What's neat about our branches is they all fit in those neighborhoods I think they're crossroads branch in particular it's one of the coolest bank branches you ever go into yet it locked in their words are it's. We were one of the first businesses to we have a building. And it was LED certified green building. And I think that you know start giving the crossroads going. They definitely stands out. Show on that tells by yourself you are from where we're Georgian and for a originate from India Coca Vaughn and guard at the New Delhi and came here and as Stewart and many many years ago. Not a tiger not a KU grads don't hold that against URC Chicago's errors to Chicago. MBA and before that was of wolf pack from North Carolina State. Glad to be in Kansas City have been living in Kansas City for seventeen plus years over Leo Coca. You know Kim you're look at sprint and rotational program in and did well there. What worked in New York lieutenant and a mean we decided never to move my family does something specific about Kansas City. It's makes Kansas City unique place to to have a family men and who raise a family and and it's been great really no reason to move out of this place now. And one thing too is my travel once a while now and you are centrally located so when your in new York and Atlanta and if they're pretty quick. And it. I'm sure that the cost of living is cheaper price reaction to install that and then I think there's something about the culture in the environment. We think that is what I think I think there's something specific to. Just lead the way people. Deal with the each other numb nothing against the East Coast in the US without work on the West Coast as well by the way. And feels to me like come. People are driven more by and their watches and their time to sub base starts and ends and and then life is regulated around schedules on sub at times Mitch makes them feel. All this sort of time and they can high strung if you heard that earned him on the East Coast in the law and the West Coast news more relaxed nature of conversations people have time to go to lunches with people. Good relationships which is why I'm here Missouri bank a more bank now as we call it is is really driven mind and its relationship you know even. I agree you know I I was in town do you toxic over the weekend ended the west. The mountains you get further you can try the closer in Selig speaking as city and county Colorado and Utah or is it seems like it's. There are more chill people are more friendly. Maybe it's the mound there out there. You know you looking at beautiful place though times are usually think he admitted in when you're in the city life. And a big city sometimes it's you lose track of this is so I think kind of the mid tier two to 3000004 million people cities. In this country are really count turning turning the corner just great places alone. I think a couple of other things that I've noticed there's a work and elect us and I lived in Atlanta lived in Chicago and then lived elsewhere in the world as well. I think that talent that you have in Kansas city of individuals is really unmatched to you know there's some. Views that hey we've got to go to the East Coast of the West Coast four talent and we actually have really good talent here in Kansas City hints. Oregon to them more as we move forward Mark Fitzpatrick Sean thrown excuse me. Her random through my Rania. It's like for owner and access I think we are my guest today on the show we right back on real nation think children. Hello and welcome back into the show you listen to grill nations with Jason grown 1980 and came secrecy joining us as well today. On mining grill nation should dot com and on iTunes or stitcher radio for listening on podcast appreciate you joining us. We are talking to mark fits Patrick who is a who is a senior vice president at no bank and Sean runner who is the president and CEO. At tavern technologies preachy guys joining us again today. It's great to hear about your backgrounds and what you're doing here in Kansas City. A lot of talk now a little bit more about cavern technologies. Sean Tulsa about. Every technologies and what you do and let me mention to the website or cavern technologies is just cavern technologies dot com. Mostly thanks again Jason Knight for so wanna do think Missouri bank for the opportunity to be here and tell the the cavern technology story. It is a pleasure to be doing business at a local bank efforts and our culture and our values. I appreciate the more bank management team mark. Mike and norm Bagwell and before that grand they've been a true partner of cars. Regarding the cavern technology story you know Karen technologies is a leading did a senator in the Kansas City area. He started in 2007. Started by a couple of guys you tune in John Thune voted onto ignores. And they've had deep experience in risk management and operations intent. Which is really a great. Recipe for starting a data senator businessmen talking what what makes a good data center business. These are more than 100 customers across the US and relocated in the underground facility here in the next and Kansas. Being underground is really differentiator for us because you protect it from natural disasters. Such as tornadoes and storms. And it's highly secured. It's even. That's inching ever really thought about. I grew up enough park hill area and they have Park University. Up there and they have to Kate's. And so I used to be an adjunct professor there when I was a legislator and sometimes we teach classes and so in this case and I never really had seen never really knew those types of things existed. And now Kansas City area where their actual work were caves or taverns where people have their businesses and so you're saying that per data center this is very important. Yeah it is very important because. Think about what it did a senator really is it's a place where people store their invaluable information and historic. They're data this story their business basically it's on an iconic these days. And the last thing you wanna do it isn't enough plays you're not sick or. Or you feel every night that you don't know how it's going to be in the morning the next day. So let's get on air conditioning on his doctors there aren't a lot of the coolness and there on me. What type of things you'll store I'm I'm curious about that link to seizure major. Potential cost. We out so did did a senator by itself is basically you're storing computer equipment right so you go back to many many years ago. People will used to have servers under their desks. And in overtime this are putting that in their closet. And Ryan is a slicing expanded and to prevent in the basement ten. And in large companies they're typically a floor that it would take on within the company and make that a data sent this. It wrecks and equipment real wind wind into when did it change Italian coach says Internet grew okay that's pretty much in it along with that was a data senators may proportional to that Oca. And dumb in the last ten years or so it's really taken off because. The in my honest data you're storing. He's really in the cloud sort of speak or no server that you have so that's typically resides in a data center and then the question becomes who I wanna keep that in my own facility. Or do I give it to an expert who's outside moan facility and that's with Cameron comes in and Cameron would be. That outside party that you crossed that this information. And I understand that expertise and put it in a location that would be better than my own location and Ambien I being a bank. Or hospital or any technology company a song. We're talking about pretty mainstream type guys sort of discuss our hospitals. You mentioned those types of guys and your point on customers are exactly that our customers are. Anywhere from small customers to fortune 1000 companies. And they're could be there's several national brand name banks. Financial institutions. There are hospitals. That really trust in us and they've given us their business need and on a regular basis via adding more customers. Because of our track record with these costs. That was a question that is it is. Heidi he Heidi I separate yourself because I IE. I've met. We might actually edit data center on the show when I started based media entrepreneur KC show and now when I got an entrepreneurship world is about 2010 right when Google fiber panic imminent. So you know all knew about data sinners in life had done in the legislature like there is you know different types of people wanting more data centers coming to Missouri incentives in in in on how how do we work with them because of the in the there's all these debates about job Tina because it's not a typical. A company coming in Guizhou geyser assert you know you protect things so. That's Anderson is how you all differentiate yourself to grow so quickly I mean I'm I'm noticing you were found in only ten years and years ago and now you're seeing him over under customers in. Right and we've grown when he fired 30% a year. And we are very profitable business and and the fact is that we continue to grow it decorate yeah so. That is a great question homer differentiate ourselves in and generally what. Would be the last reason is our first reason is how we treat our customers as our. As our founder and chairman would say our customers on our friends and if they're not our friends. Nick come in new. The quickly become our friends thought approach biggar. Customers really differentiates us and that's a day to day management and hope they come into a facility hope we answer their phone calls home week. Answer there and requests in general on boarding. That's very important the second one retired city is also important is how we position ourselves. To reposition ourselves as being really flexible you and so we could have a hundred square Ford you know. An open location for a customer to 101000 square foot. Location for a customer sort of flexibility is a very flexible you be it also obviously like this had been a great location which makes us unique. And other special thing about our location our business is if you provide our customers are whom are meaning sweet. So if you think about it I did a senator if you imagine what it is in Q school will lead and you. I'm eyes are picturing I'm just takes a bunch of machines exactly with much of blinking lights yeah those are typically cages and cages are basically and you go into a larger room. And you have these wired mash he ages now and each customer has their own. Now contrast that to the model that duck tavern has and these are many Swedes who have specialized rules like a five star hotel smoke every one of them has its own private entry. Private security. At their own ability to monitor have their own and actually have your own space where you can put your and so find and connect me. Enjoy your evenings. Well and do the and that kind of environments are. Typically be encourage our customers to come in and take a tour because that's when they're really see that third piece that unity we've differentiated on so that makes ills that's. Is as they have data suites that are built a kind of for the person or company that you guys to kind of work with them and build confidence. He said how many of 1101000. Were. Yes so you could you could be a very small customer of his time 100 square foot requirement or you could be of America customers do you have one. Large bank and down in and and hospital that us. There's a law firms Tim's in India have a lot of data and a look at the website to there's a virtual tour on cavern technologies dot com in. A lot of really cool stuff give two weeks for data suites built this week though to see you rackspace co location in virtual tours. So mark. How that how the heck is Milbank fit into a data sinner. How do you guys what what are your thoughts how to get involved and how do you assist great guys like Sean well my connection. With Karen goes back to the beginning in 2007. Those were and other bank armed bank and leeward and I knew the clintons somewhat. I think I know than to actually now I mean I I've maybe that's a popular name with a college with the Clinton. Yeah me included because active wrestler with me it's him yeah Kelly probably realize it so I and I knew them through a my Catholic connections and you up and Sid Mark in our front we have more in common thread is the I. As you can say is humane people but is really aren't that small community and Leonard tiger fan you're different you're yeah we're we're both prefer Burnett we're not as many. In Kansas and brawny surface of the the state. Anyway we it's in 2007. Pete and John. Through Mario Rossi at the bank brought this concept for this company and frankly if you think about it they'd come a year later when the recession was getting underway in June probably weren't on the start of company then there really wasn't. A lot of collateral involved and really the reason we did it was. The people behind the day and it is that that's pretty common right fur from a bank I find that you guys it's really invest in people well we. We always like this rat. Rather than saying no is there a way to do Newton you know we're Euro bank is always a lot of restrictions because there's a person you started a few businesses I you know I know great people mode bank in other banks. You know SBA. You always a lot of times that's that's the path though you had year I restrictions obviously or regulate how are very very highly regulated so sometimes even though. You have a great relationship maybe doesn't happen. But you're saying you know he really invest in people. Which I think are also moon landing to the air your people first. People pay the loan back yep well they came to us with this concept we should now we market. And I think our regional loan was maybe two or 50000. Itself and are ya. And they build it out there these days there in the underground it marriage tax who the next and they build out a small space in. Rather it up right away and then they came back for more room that I brought away. When I switched banks I was fortunate enough that they were to come over with me. And now we've we've all the millions of dollars over years and and they keep bill now that it is it is an impressive operation now burned. Yahoo! and NC because it is it is something how it's run its its security and basically. They're selling space. Power and bandwidth. And these companies and me and I think in the post and I don't Levin world. It it's become even more up for important to have that off site storage and on the back. Completely agree. Really really inching stuff gonna come back after the break with more. With mark from moving in Shawn Kemp technologies. And we're talking more about talent and also declined more of the data center operations you're listening drove. I guess. Didn't I. Welcome back sue a grill nation with Jason growth thanks for joining us again today for a third segment on 980 and came easy. Mark Fitzpatrick and Sean. Toronto our guests today each market is a senior vice president ammo bank and Sean is the president and CEO of cavern technologies eight data sinner in villain except area. Appreciate guys joining me again I'm learning a lot I think our listeners are learning a lot about how. Mode bank into every technologies who worked together and about the relationship. And one of the things obviously recently is that he's. Cavern you guys were growing. And Milbank. Recently emerged as we know with. With the UK financial. How did that affect what you guys were all doing because I knew you were growing very quickly and we talked about some of the loans that. You work with and it with with smoke bank reserve bank at the time and what's that transition in the country. Yes great question as as market mentioned. We've had a relationship the small banks from day one in on since 2007. And we can only because of the entrepreneur Ross exactly right today they were there are very hospitable to new people and you know the other cup took off with you talk to you with. And in need but your plan for and I'm sure you guys had a bunch of different people he did talk to need you chose Milbank. Absolutely 100% and goes coffee conversations to locals feel the relationship aspect does make a huge difference. And and it's almost like a case study that you would give read somewhere. Where we were growing so rapidly 2530%. A year profitable business. Ben you kind of grow at that level your your demands of what you need for capital increase and so more bank was in our eyes a very important partner but we were kind of oversight easing limits or is beaten. Four formal bank but. Their relationship more banks had to like mark mentioned and the last couple years with the bank of Oklahoma. The ability to support a business like cars increased as well so that point. Mid with the relationship Morris Mike and norm came back when it was a very innovative package or us. Which was something that was really based on what you're talking when it was less based on just numbers in this Richie. Would really more based on relationships and come in and what makes Kansas City this is your idea relationships. Based on four casting on on the track record our 100% customer retention rate. And then definitely it was important to see the management team. The fact a divot relationships back with whom some I was on board a dollar and they said that when I wasn't on board but even before that. We're tingling proview now for there would be screaming on board so you do those things didn't matter a lot. And if you were to compare that to I would suspect may be a national company international bank. We're the sales team hit in town I think the experience and ended up button. Mayor I had child. I've Graham birch M who own drew ran reserve bank. And it's still very much Bob mull over as a result terror and he is it either an entrepreneur or sell often and he's a big reason why he understand we understand. How these businesses work and we agree on the show actually with Michael. Probably in the last year maybe mid ushered talk about what they're going through and an issue is truly is you know. Very entrepreneurial sporting bank and his daughters do reps for her to leave a mark in grand was obviously is that pondered the company and grant had a lot to do that I've heard a block from Pete and on about their relationship and hand and certainly that skating through. So. A question here is you know your industries is growing. Why why Kansas City white teens it's why why the midwest speeches. I'm sure a lot of these companies. On the east west system these beer fortune 1000 companies. Mike go there. Why why why would I know you've you've you've talked about that being in the cavern and the cave but why would a company in U mission you have worked in only and it only and a wanna have a data center in Kansas City. Yeah and and there are two actually two separate questions you alluded to why the industry and what is happening with the industry I think we should talk about that is well. But let me just not as new as it was this not a news ten years ago I mean. Not many people heard Dennis ray said now now more people out. And trends are trends are shifting mark mentioned spaced our cooling connectivity. Even that's evolving and wanted to talk a little bit about that for the listeners who. Mean I know much about the data center business and hundreds of Wilmington but to your specific question mark Kansas City. In the data center business Kansas City is unique and hit it isn't his life. Vs did you graph the location of being in the middle of the country and so the closer you are to the customer. The better off you want in terms of latency meaning how far too I wanna be in is that. Exchange my information between the data senator and the customers in a senator and my own headquarters and I don't want a lot of lag Oca. To distanced does make a difference and we are in the middle of the country and that does. Make a difference in you on multiple locations and customers on a cross country and so that is a huge positive four Kansas City. And it's a positive I think we should play openness over or under other industries in Kansas 100% I think transportation and can think of data transport an indirect ask what is known being different and like Kansas City was attractive place for trucking industry and railroad industry. And is it still the second second tops Chicago's number one for rail exam are monitoring the gophers city. And the area so I mean yet we need to capitalize on that we do need to capitalize on that and so that to me is very important the second one is more. The investments the companies and large skaters have made domestic carriers Ambien talking about. Internet carriers did put a lot of fibre in the ground in the Kansas City area and so when you put a lot of fibre in the ground and actually makes transport. And connectivity are not easy and so Kansas City is a central place or fiber connectivity that's agrees and number two. I say that makes sense and then there's a huge reason which is financial reason. For being in Kansas city Kansas City if you compare read the East Coast in the West Coast could be just what half the rate of power. And power consumption is the number one cost in a data center. Because you're burning a lot of power and money to go to a watch sometimes megawatts. Of power and immunity six to seven cents a minute. A usage rates from Casey can now. Verses sixteen cents fifteen cents on the east and lives used to live in in in Long Island for a little while and and understand how expensive that can be. On the US scored high expense invective in addition to realistic price. That is a huge drive were good incentives we have good incentives. And can wasn't. Thoughts about that yeah so so now is no legislature it would just you know Kansas is doing it's always listen you know the states' rightists are doing this we need India for its and it's you know like for Republican senate. Tax incentives and I remember that debate because we we did something in Missouri it's time to governor Nixon. To try to bring data sinners in the back in the Missouri with a big incentive not Kansas obviously hasn't. Because three author of the book and. Yet we have viewed some real I was Sid good incentives. Up property taxes. You know we don't charge for poverty taxes if you bring an equipment in Kansas. There are some incentives for power as well that Casey piano works with us on. You had one full year of power free divided over five years. After a certain size and that's a huge positive in addition obviously our rates are lower so these incentives. Are important had a conversation recently amid the key CDC team economic development and been John Q and and I went to a conference. Recently to DC it's called diamond conference. Along with the Kansas City team there's a huge focus in Kansas City has. And a real strong showing there at a national really yes and and a lot of that was due McCarthy who was the Milken and leads that gives you BC team. And and put a lot of emphasis on. Kansas City so we are making progress but we do have some challenges in. Getting ourselves organized. What does challenges around and I compared against like Iowa. Compared against some of the other states that have gotten some really big. Investments from larger conflict free spoke. And gu IIU nine and I heard about. Tennis is there there in Ireland or there yes and and and comparison to. Kansas and even a Missouri I think that's where the organizational aspect comes into play. And the political aspects you've been and in political scenario Jonestown hard decisions get made and he. And sometimes. Lack of understanding of a certain business and with the drivers are due play into it. So for example I did a senator is not necessarily a strong. You know generator of employment you could have a large data center every ten people in it because of everything is pretty much automated and that's the way you wanted you don't want a lot of people touching equipment room where there are. Millions and millions and millions of dollars of investment and goes and Derek Derek investments in their jobs that are created with hardware. Bid contractors some debt aren't. You know link and that that is an issue because yet there's all these other economic implications yes and I don't posit these don't need to be accounted for whom spent a target legislators it's artist Alpharma went a legislators don't of their dollars and cents. Yes so what for every dollar we spend you can't prove that sometimes means hardest. Economically prove all the new things that are created out of the data center but there are a lot. And a lot of business. And some states have done a little better than the other it's hard but that's where it takes leadership from the local businesses there entrepreneurship of business says. It's takes leaders of people like ourselves here are sitting here talking about. This more clearly in making it visible mean and and talk and back talking to the right decision makers make sure they understand him. So mark. It say it is damage it went start talking about it makes him makes it more makes sense and if Iowa is. Is it all this great investment from major corporations and I think Missouri Kansas skin and improve in union better. We need a nice. Unified effort. And not to get political by. Which we we don't mind them marked the guy and I believe we were what we're talking about death sinners that's not the most hot button political issue we'd be talking our Edmonton track. These business says that I feel like ours state legislators from both sides of the stabilize or going somewhere different directions and and can't agree on any thing and you know to trusted tracked these kind of companies to come and you bring our unified effort and focus on bringing him as. And it won't mention so cavern was two local guys right. They're good guys is father and son who kept so today and ending in the Kansas City area very well. Relationships. What cereal on Norris had done other businesses like that good relationships with the Kansas City can also you know understood the risk management and operations business so really come made sense for them to be in this business he mixes a great partner pequot. And the father and in better bank for awhile so obviously had a good idea risk management and well connected and it's very cool. Right back after the break with one more cigarette. Marking John experiencing conversation who seem to grill nation on. Pentagon for us. Welcome back to sue the gorilla nation chilling nine Canadians is Louisiana coast it's Jason grills appreciate you joining us and seek with this for the entire show we're adjusting our we have Mark Fitzpatrick. From the bank senior vice president and Sean corona from tavern technologies' president and CEO really appreciate him joining us really appreciate. Mo banks partnership with the gorilla nation shell. So in our last cement. Plus the soccer talent more we mentioned at beginning Kansas City I think. I think people don't realize how many tech jobs we have here. And how many more there could be with Wii with the right talent you're mentioning to us on the we have a lot of the town intensity. Yeah this is the tech world and in growing that is very important how to do we really grow that and how to we evolved that way. You know I know I mentioned to you might share in the early days I was there in the early days sprint I was its friend and I came in in 1999. And I experienced a growth of pop technology and I was in Kansas City and I saw. A huge emphasis in Kansas City and investment to the ten city community made in technology. We'll clever being the first one that came here or state city up for city that they came to and another Google fiber team and the decisions why they made it. It some Aussie you won't see that dot Kansas City area is sometimes the first one or. Companies to come in and test new. Concepts. So if you're at the intersection of Metcalf and hundred in nineteen street and in Overland Park is actually. A young brand trio that goes done good to talk about and KFC and and third one. Kids do you judge and as franchise in reds they take an endless trial there because. It is something about Kansas City area that draws different pepper demographics and and luck attracts certain type of customers that you're seeing companies like to try out new things and try new things they work here Tuesday there's a bit cross section so it's not just technology and his point number one but certainly from a technology perspective. This is a great place for innovation and is gonna the calendar good universities. That are feeding into that talent pool. Even if you're tiger fan Ari can you friend you know they're good talent pool here. Yeah it the only hard part is is that is is distant threat so we have three pretty well known state universities and you and Casey. But none are like right in city right so if you go to like Austin obviously and the capital major research university. That is one thing I think they're close enough we got all worked together. Mean if the KUK state few working together on different things indeed in you know bringing in you people I mean I just feel like they're can be more cohesion. As far as. In Kansas City and I and that would lead to more jobs were talent more education more. No innovation and I think I think that that is one thing that may be hindered us a little bit is is they are close but they're not like you're not super. And I totally agree review I think the universities and I'm not in the universities gotten your North Carolina that's my passing too by the way in my. My future job at some point would be to teach at the university app partners retires no. I can study this and I understand that. You is and you know coming to Kansas City bid did Edwards campus and you know Missouri is is making efforts to be more integrated into the cave into the Kansas City community itself. But I do think that the it is and there's a gap here in taking the university's thinking and making it closer to the businesses almost on the foundation board of Johnson County community college and I largest meat collagen there exactly and one of the best it is in the country nationally. And and I'm very hard to say my affiliation there is really taught me a lot of things and and say you know the president there in the team their really innovative in their thinking and that's precisely what they're doing at a community college is linking. These college itself chewed the businesses and to the university to the a big corporations and so I see a lot of connections back and beat. Top fifty companies in India Kansas City area to Johnson County community college and and I think similar connections he took her and he sometimes it's as simple as. Formulating your curriculums based on what the feedback is from the industry. For example Johnson gonna community because there was discussion about entrepreneurship and I was there and the connection between. Management and technology and the confluence of that because you can get technologist. You can get management people on an MBA there movement very few people have that. Coronation connection and the talk MBA schools that when I went to are doing entrepreneurship classes they're doing. Connection between the two and and getting the people more ready for the next I think. They that's important too because if you're not going to it's Chicago's Booth school or. Top 25 public university ME. In the cut CUNY college and that industry has got to continue to grow put people in the these jobs educate them on the job the direction do you innovative and I I think they education is completely evolved. I think we could be sitting here in twenty years and it will be completely different. Regards to training and what people really want out of a college education I do wanna put in the plug effect redshirt. The data center industry in Kansas City I do think they did a cynic industries. Very important. Industry and already evolving industry for young graduates to consider none of just high level you get you're paying jobs good paying jobs. And very interest in jobs to me it's pays one thing and I'd like tell my kids. Can I interest dead don't just go for the money there's very interesting jobs. And just high level 70%. Of the did the senators in this country are still in sourced with a company like I was describing him in the closet outside in in a basement or on the floor at a certain company. As we 80% two years ago. So the trend line is shifting to words. You know expanding their business to experts who would like ourselves. Also within our own industry also ourselves a trend lines back to our mark's point and what it's beyond space power and cooling us connect to redo the clout. There is in discussions to be had about and make sure that you're providing hybrid solutions to customers meaning you can story or missed you know in New York. Equipment and our facility and you concluded it up as your or read. It WS you know the Amazon and you can share that information. In multiple locations and so. There a trend lines and a completely changing. And it balling this industry into a different. An and different space that is going to be even more interest thing. And certainly I think from our perspective as we look at talent than Kansas City area I think get his there's a real. Need for qualified people talented people entrepreneur Norris people who have that ability to go. Break the more and be more innovative and be more excited about the citizens. Mean if that's in the you don't hear reject mark you don't hear about the data center jobs as being. I can't I mean you just hear about what she'll do and and maybe there's not as many employees in this industry is there would be in a a fulfillment Serra. Whatever you know typical. Job like that which is actually is a factor and all near the year relationship when you're talking new data center about making. Well we see it definitely is a growth industry for all the reasons shown described and yeah I think there's great opportunities and what. Cameron asserting that there with the underground. And the protection from the elements in the natural disasters. It's really I think it's the it is the model business and. And I'll say this is not a minute left in the show. You guys take a lot of risk a lot of things are changing the technology role with with different types of risk with preaches one. How does that how do you guys protect yourself so now. And and certainly need to think about dad every day fingers the John Thune says you know we've not had any outages. And big in the ten years have been. And we've we've had the risks in our business but it's not an accident merely minutes it's something that you planned war. And there's a term close redundancy and preparing for the future and if you need one you actually more on and less to them. Could you could have diversified risk and you you have seen this source of information coming in to different parts completely independent is close to end. So basically it's in the design itself and it's been and how we manage our business. Very stink stuff I want to thank him Mark Fitzpatrick from a bank and Sean corona for coming on the show from camera technology is the website is tavern technologies and dot com. Appreciate guys coming in Marca. Muttered mark's voice the sprint senator in the vehicle turn and if you're on their next year chickened out. He's the EPA guys for the vehicle turned his wealth and how much. Tune in more marked when there and that's your second here's Joyce thank pre she has come and then sharing all information thank you very much. Having us. Thank you very much for listening we'll see you next week on grills.