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Saturday, June 24th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who's sir did the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and a host to the conversation to the net's global. Prepare and get rare access fascinating. Give us your connected few at the X-Factor he'll join. Brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grill connect with the show on Twitter mad girl nation show at online and grill nation showed dot com. Welcome your host of grill nation always dressed up and ready. Even in a radio studio. Here's Jason grills and welcome to a grill nation I'm your host Jay seem real thanks for listen today on TM BC 988. And in effort she joining me today as well on the web on grill nation should dot com and via podcast at. ITunes or stitcher radio today beach showed today I'm really excited we're gonna have a host. A different topics to talk about some really really great gas and before it's no one introduce and thank our partners and supporters of the show. Other title sponsors of the girl nation shell on came BZ 98 Ian mark trust. Mo make VOK financial US advisors and Ryan Reid really appreciate all their support every month. Usually does delivering great gas and great people over there are those organizations. Also I think are on their contributors and some of our guests toasted show either your case CJ rigor and tell Ryan maybe eight. Bimonthly guest on grill nation shell. One light luxury apartments and reactor design studios Clifton Alexander who's also a guest every month as against coast and honor contributed to show brings on knowledge and the branding and marketing space. On today's show we are going to start off with very Grissom who is a former US attorney. A more to talk about cannabis prohibition. It's gonna be realistic conversation I've never really delved into the stop him a very has a long history as a US attorney for the district Kansas and he's illegal industry a veteran and really excited to have him on the show he was appointed. By president Barack Obama in 2010. To the US attorney position he's now on private practice or start off with him in our first two segments. And there's third and fourth segment today we're gonna have on a different to mine grip with this guy actually went to great school and high school together. Todd Mac news of vice president sales at the Kansas City mavericks formerly the Missouri mavericks when I haven't come on a talk about. Some of the re branding of the I can't see hockey team as well as talk about some of the exciting things they have going on over there. He's he's busy man but I'm excited to have an NC youth today here in their third and fourth segments talk about. What is going on with the Kansas City. Mavericks as well as hockey here in the Kansas City region. You can put me on Twitter at Jason grill and that grill nation shell also available on other social media handles to search reducing girl sits is that Chet FaceBook. And instead grand. Okay let's get started here their first guest very Grissom welcome to the show former US attorney for the district Kansas. I don't meant. Under Greg I mean you're glad to have you here never met you in person I don't believe me you know we I was in politics for awhile there always is being kind of curious and as an attorney is similar he's been kind of in the public affairs Rubin. And heard your name many times but never connect to be some happy to have him show well I'm glad to be here that's also your background first in double in the more than canvas top securing a little bit. Sure I was in private practice here in Kansas for a little over 27 years I represented folks and now. Discrimination claims. Over failure to pay over time by employers to employees. Basically what I call people all men and which is kind of a nice feeder or segue to what I did as US attorney. I always viewed the US attorney's office as one of those great positions where you could do great good. Then you have the power of the federal government behind you to do those things so. It was an amazing opportunity in so I just you I'm missing every day itself. So when your private practice take a series. The you know how do you come used to turn I don't think a lot of people know that no doubt crept ahead as I is that as benign as. Babies so your blisters may know there are 93. United States attorney in me and being given time in the country that's because there's 983. Federal judicial districts. In you represent the interest of your client the United States of America whether it's a matter of bringing criminal charge against somebody. Or whether you're. Or present any interest of the social security administration for the veterans administration so all those governmental agencies. Is your are your clients. IBook was. Active in Kansas politics and I had a great luck and good fortune to be good friends of congressman Dennis Wharton. Who are still. Think just the world forgive me this opportunity and very pragmatic. Legislator because he was he he was this was a consensus builder Dennis was not an ideologue. Dennis I think. Encapsulated what is the best about the public servant. EU. Did such an amazing job with the being responsive to his constituency. I don't think there was a weekend that did this didn't get back to the district. To be at any number of events he always made himself available to folks. He wasn't a hard and fast partisan. I I miss that. I'm right politician Nancy we need Aaron and indeed he had a really should never or elected official but you kind of aura active in politics I was ever elected I've served as Dennis is legal counsel is very first congressional race. And after president president. In Senator Obama was part of fund raising team not for the senator. Ended after the president the senator than one became president and I got a call and from. Dennison said what would you think about being United States turning the enemy and adjusting calling Europe fat ass absolutely otherwise. It's not as absolutely as a lawyer until one is it's the best job you ever have as a lawyer because all those reasons used to till. Your mom and your dad and your friends if your parents about this a while wanna go law school and I got to do well here in the US attorney. You get to be out there not only to protect people in communities that you also are out there. Not only protect you from bad guys protecting your civil rights and doing the things necessary that people can. Go to their house of worship and and not fear for their safety and you know be able to. Exercise your right to vote be able to do all the things that we as American citizens just take for granted. That you are able to be the watch corps the guardian and make sure those things to get their confirmation process right you do you work you are nominated by the president. The new growth to be very lengthy. Vetting process in. I would recommend it for everyone's prepared that it is. And then you're ultimately. Confirmed by the senate and inaccurate confirmed you remember the executive branch you earn. We were we know that's a tough process for all guys in Gaza there is and you know like to say that mine moved it I guess what they would in DC call light speed my bidding was only seven months long. What they do is ask. You'd get and 25 names of people talked in Indian they asked those folks are names so I think in mind vetting. Process over a hundred people were a question. I'm I'm I'm sure there's. Couple of not to they didn't find it probably were hindered my. But but so likely right says good things I guests seated that. Until. Obviously there's an administration so April 2016. Jets doesn't seem you know you represent most Kansas or was it just speak well which Staal was your area. Well we you do US attorney for the district of can't of his entire senate district yeah it's our federal district is a Kansas City you know we have the western district eastern district that's right there in the areas of Missouri right. And in most a lot of states in the midwest like you know the Dakotas. Nebraska. Colorado Nevada Idaho Montana Wyoming. That's a single judicial districts you have when US attorney but there are states like Missouri. We have is your western you know I think Florida has three Californians for. On New York has nothing belief grief and shame. Yeah well Barry okay now you are in private practice though we wanna talk would you today he reached out to me about campus prohibition so we're gonna get rid of that in our next segment with you. Really still hear about your take on this and now white's importance. Still listen to grill nation with JC girl my guess today is very gruesome falling very luck Todd and I think from. He's he's averaged six journeys down 980 and welcome back soon grilled nation with JC girl thing to join me in Sudan nine Canadians seemed easy answer Oz I teens and security is wells up my website girl nation should dot com we can find. All of our shows info about our guests as well as photos of our guests in the studio we're talking a very Grissom. He's an attorney and a former US attorney for the district of Kansas. Really give person ya a lot of experience as an attorney in and working for the United States of America as US attorney for 2010 to 2016. Whatever on the show today talk about an interesting evolving topic which is canvas. Prohibition. I don't know enough about this topic so I figured Berry could lightness and very. What major action in this obviously when you're working as the US attorney answers these issues here about every once in awhile. They did indeed in an if it isn't me quite frankly. Because I'm a former federal prosecutor and you know I think I had a somewhat unique perspective. On to see how all our laws. Weren't forced. And I believe that. Canada's prohibition. Is morally wrong. I believe it's I believe is is an affront to us as Americans our own individual liberties. As are still people I shouldn't have to say is this anyway I don't use. By the same token I'm wondering Bergen. I don't drink Scotch in debt doesn't say that in my own home if I'm not harming anyone I should be able to involve myself in. In needles and right now. There are thirty states. Or six years I would oh absolutely and in the last election. We're now up to eight states. They have for recreational use in the state of Colorado last year. And you remember it's it's cash sales business because the banking laws have been changed. I'm the city Colorado they are reported sales. Of Campbell's products with one point three billion dollars in which it 200 million dollars went in revenue to the state. And it created 181000. Full time jobs through now. And I don't I tell you this I was actually out there and not been there since maybe had been there but not actually in Denver and I. We'll work on with a group we took him a retreat in the governor was there. And added the mayor and very pragmatic guys. But it's extinct is just a different when you've not been to a state words it's legal. And recreational it's a different kind of inching visionary C I of cinema content sinner and it's IT security guard next to. People selling. My novices this is just as weird at first well you can pick and what I want to resolve to have security guards is because it's a cash business and I mean they can't use credit cards okay and Canada it can't get involved because you were in effect the federal standpoint because you'll remember. If the state says it's okay and is still a schedule one drug. Just like heroin you can believe that on the same Caroline. So you can be federally prosecuted. Now we've got away from that when what was known as the cold and Jim Cole was a deputy regional states junior Obama administration. Basically what he set out in his memo was if they state has a regulatory scheme. Much like regulating alcohol. In that state the referendum. The size it that's what they wanna do like Kyle Orton. Then the federal government is not uncommon and preempt. Trying to take away. Now with. Attorney general sessions actually. Questionable whether that the weather cold and Ramon what it stands for is going to be allowed Stan so as far as a country go as you sit eight states now recreational correct. In embassies. They're not a blue state turn it. They're essentially correct and also Fo this and next year before workers reasonable can't. Oca which don't you know and that's our preference for politics and a kind of shy away from this I I think it's a winner I think it's a winner for this reason. Four pay state university every two years does a large. Your expansive. Polling that issues that are important Kansan what we will or won't accept. Do we want tax increases on this or that one about education 18 back in 2014. I believe it was 63%. Cantons believe and from. Complete opinions and 68% believed in at least medical use nets here in Kansas. You know miss those fears it's yeah in this is you know means that the last election mrs. Clinton didn't Kyrie. North Dakota cheating cure for negotiating cure Arkansas she's in curious on Montana Wyoming to Islamic. Although states now have medical marijuana. So that tells me is not an issue of red state blue state I think it's an issue people look at of individual liberty individual rights if I'm not harming someone. In there is a regulatory scheme in place like they have in Colorado. Then why should man why should we be lose well the big reason is is still a schedule one drug. This can be up to somebody at the senate and congressional level to change so. We're sitting here in Kansas but obviously we know a lot of people in Missouri. I don't see maybe a little bit it's gonna happen maybe through the petition initiatives I would think referendum simulate it because I don't see a legislator in the states and bold enough to do exactly your pets you use case you released it Manila ahead. All these states worst pass is done by the people so this is this a situation where the politicians. Are not leading with their following the people and opt in 2018. He will be on the ballot. In Missouri alone and yet they're there is that there's a petition. For medical I I assume that'll pass. Sure I think so. Because you when you look at the look at look couple perspectives. Right now we have an OP or aids epidemic and in states where you have medical marijuana or even recreational marijuana available. OP or use decreases by 25 to 30%. While added on and when you have someone who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and it is come back from Iraq or Afghanistan. Why should that person have to take. On this whole. Milieu of our rainbow of these different pharmaceuticals. Alan start. With campus if that doesn't work than it graduates who knows why given these and psychotropic drugs then that really. We could very lethargic we can't do much in. But from of prosecutor's standpoint and I'm very law enforcement friendly and so what I tell folks I think we need to remind fuel that is yeah area federal prosecutor a US attorney. You are with you dealt with absolute in violation I roads I would prefer because one of the things you find out when you are US attorney. Is that you have a finite amount of resources and our case to run three offices. And to pay your people pay your rent and prosecute things so what are your priorities Monday. Seems to me that if we were to do away with prohibition. That would save law enforcement not only would it be you generate revenue for the state and but it also allow more revenue. Four with a with for the for law enforcement keep the safer in our homes our churches our communities. Our school's. Out. As opposed to spending time on investigation. Interdiction arrest prosecution and incarceration of fellow citizens. Because let's face it. That one point three billion dollars I said it was reported selling Colorado guess you didn't go to. Didn't go to organized crime and you don't go to games and it went into this the coffers of the states. And so. I think I think people have to come take a step back and look at subjectively. RC's meet our objectively and not get mired in all the subjective kind of cool stories here where do we stand in Kansas with this team does an eighteen. Well out governor's race obviously there was say there was. Some legislation pending this year I'm dealing with issues of a medical use. I don't believe you got out to the floor for a vote. I would I would recommend whether it's a Republican or do or anybody who's running for office in Kansas. I think they need to make this at least one of their items if not peace and appease this is about individual liberty is about adult responsibility. It's about generating additional revenue without raising our taxes. It's about job creation. I can't see how all those things are bad for campaign I think those are winning teams. Yes I did yeah I feel like we're on the country's becoming obviously. Normalize the little bit. I don't know much about it is here though is becoming may be any deceit and more in the Timor the polling at these cells. I'm obviously Missouri they're taken the first step but medical marijuana in 2018 on the ballot and I wonder whether it and his code go further recreational. I'm its signature thing I don't know. Yeah and that's that's really that's that's a very good question and I think a lot of times. I can't speak to the folks who would do its Missouri but a lot of times people look at incrementally. And I'm of the opinion that look at it hasn't. Look at the facts. What's the death let's look to states who have done this list okay cholera. The sky didn't fall down and now you people are running rampant streets if you think they're building more schools with the revenue. Using that money to address people who have alcohol. And drug dependency problems in gambling dependency problems are so I think. They'll never pass in Kansas and so you know I'm showing my age that are Merrill we did have liquor by the drink in Kansas who threw BP I remember when you couldn't gambling can't just. But you know this is just a matter I think of folks. Sitting down and as I like to say having an adult discussion. And something it's a policy driven discussion and I think if people. Look at Colorado they look at you know California's gone go reparation here a year that's that's 16. The sixth largest economy in the world California. Let's see what happened yet it's now fully recreational there I feel like I thought it once known for its it's got to look around in his speech Amaya there's a there's a marijuana store data suggests we had had yet to have your card. Yeah Ariza and I believe complete fallacy let's admit to what he has soon. Neither let each state had that discussion we don't want that Kansas Soviet. They get treated to say to you don't. You're not a careless person especially not. Actually not not a priority or running your vetting process for the well that physicians. Well actually if you have been a user. Since she passed the bar you were disqualified for the position yes that's why they're having lots of trouble hiring young folks and the FBI the Secret Service into. Different positions in government now that. Test certain types of security clearance of incidents that it's real challenge it really is. Barry Grissom. Hasn't been our guests on the show are talking a Kantor's prohibition. Barea appreciate you coming on sharing this information it's relaxing topic I think it's of the we need to follow here in the local level. As roles in the national of those immunity does an eighteen if you want more information on to say go to Bulent hassle trying to find some things going on in Missouri cans appreciate your wealth of knowledge and it's a pleasure to have on tea. The good guy and a former US attorney on the show appreciate it thank you real solutions. We're right back after the break with our growth I. Test. Yeah. Yeah. So welcome back CU grill nation was Jaycee grill here on TVZ 980 hands. And on podcasts BI teams and saturated appreciate joining us is well on grill nation showed dot com. Appreciate connect with me is well on Twitter at Jason gorilla that gorilla nation show briefly one I think our partners and supporters again for all their support of the show. Title sponsors are trusts no bank UK financial and two us advisors also contributors of the show are the reader Casey. One might look tree apartments and reactor design studios hope you enjoyed our first few segments thought it was very sing. To hear from very Grissom. Going to see much change topics here and talk a little bit about sports and good friend of mine has not been on the show yet which is spreads we've we've talked once before I believe about the Missouri mavericks they've actually had done some re branding here lately. And are now known as the Kansas City mavericks. We have Todd Mac and he's the vice president of sales at beat Kansas City mavericks here in studio. As a Mitch in the first segment today. We grip together in their kids see Missouri north north Kansas seems they're Casey north park malaria. Went to grade school and it. I school together and have been lifelong friends and he's a great guy here in Kansas City and the show and we have an idea on yet but welcome to the show thanks road America appreciates good to have you think to bring it's and guess who put these upon the website and on a snap Chad and its degree of video but I brought in a bottle line. A teensy mavericks pint glass Charlie Hesse T shirt and a new puck come. I mullah. Showcase their new affiliate Tonys our partners stone house winery does great wideout Lee summit obviously Charlie hustle everybody knows we've got to. The collaboration going all of them you can purchase there mavericks T shirts had a there's store or online at our team store or even it shields and a couple of other locations throughout met Juba. Really cool partnership with them and then oh prime glasses with. With Budweiser and and I counted beverage some really cool stuff the organ up through the marketplace and and really trying to get the the rebrand outgoing. So we'll get to that dissect it and the website he and his Casey mavericks dot com. Tulsa your background Todd because you've ever since she graduate leader in the day. For Mukasey right. Correct you connoisseur working in the sports industry and a lot of people out there. That's something they wanna do and realize you've made credited it's a tough for fashioning it into a there's a lot of people don't want these types of jobs to take is the kind of year. Progress through the a sports Roland how you get where you are today up. Are right after college room today I got may be a god and choose youth sports so idea of running youth sports league up north of the river. A North Korean sports alliance we built a new facility up there two Eagles park and ran a multiple sports and really really enjoy do you side of things in involves kids helping sees growth open seat kids. You know even give them their first job as an umpire. But wanted to really see what I can do on the professional side of things and a a gum up the team with Kansas City Chiefs kind of had to pull for roles there on the tickets suites. And sponsorship side of things and that was it so the lean years it. Yes were if there was very uninteresting transition law I was there were from Carl Peterson to a Denny do. And then on T mark Donovan and and copy goalie in that group mark is still there and Scott has moved along as Bibi is no. But very very adjusting a couple years and while law I was there. Others are really good times when they made the playoffs with Matt Cassel and some fat and Isiah doesn't know or two and fourteen so. There was a really really nice organizational work for very good learning experience. But the mavericks offered me an opportunity to come in there and run my own department. On the sponsorship side of things are really wanted to step up their involvement in the community. And I was excited to kind of take on that role. It's been very very rewarding and fun you really feel like a part of the team. You get to make decisions and and continue to grow up a brand that that I personally very passionate about. And and continue to grow sport in this marketplace that as has a lot of room to grow. And so what are the team actually. Cavity fellows we've done this could be our ninth season ninety's so I started it darted and establish she came on about 67 years via correct yup six years it goes and along yeah. It's it's really been adjusting and and we've even taken a next up. Two years ago Amaro junior comforts the teams so. On the continued growth and then we you know obviously the NC maverick side things. Is really really exciting next step for us in these kind of been around for a of the growth in this company or this team. Both from a corporate standpoint and from then on the on the ice standpoint. Very actually I had grown pretty fast. Yeah I mean we've doubled com our corporate number. Since I've been their almost we're almost to the point of tripling that number our ticket sales continue to increase. I think our brand continues to grow in this marketplace and and we've got a lot of opportunities to see. Other sport grow and not only from our area about that you cited things with unifying Kansas City hockey with the Casey way chip itself so we're in the gym where you guys player games. The source and I said there's a reason there its core I 7470. You can't miss it lot of mavericks branding on that building. 6000 seat venue up perfect for our sport. We sell out about three force of our games is mostly on the weekends and and have a really really strong fan based on the not only our season ticket holders but the individual purchasers in the group purchasers have really been a supporter who are our team and our continued growth and and out with wins this season start it's it's. All right if we start in October. And we run through April up playoff start in April and at that played out along a long year for people who come unseeded team no doubt we have 36 on the weekend. Almost every week yeah you get that opportunity come out there. At school. October OK so season and it'd recently wasn't the best your for the mavericks but they've been a perennial powerhouse in the playoff threat. Yeah we've made the playoffs of our peak season six of the eight. And in our pets indeed runs in a lot of those years. Have won the cup yet but we're still who would get there and I think our affiliation change will will help us on that direct yellow gates then second talked is about. So people know like with the kind of seeing out there obviously people are familiar with the NHL and and it's that with your affiliation that tells about kind of level of hockey we're gonna see when go to mavericks and so weird double hockey. Where the double a affiliate of Calgary Flames. Our goal is to develop players that have been drafted by financial team. And develop people that we've signed and and hope to develop them into NHL players as well. Very similar on that side of things to what you see with baseball you know Eric Hosmer didn't start with the royals you know he he worked his way up you were played northwest Arkansas. Have a little stint no law saying with all those guys about that take those steps of hockey's very similar in that. That capacity and we're talking to Todd Mac can use the VP of sales at the Kansas City mavericks the website is Casey mavericks. Dot com there on Twitter at Casey underscore mavericks. Okay cuts so threat the years you guys have worked with different NHL teams recently you announced partnership and affiliation with the Calgary Flames. Talk despite how that process works. And what goes into that eating at affiliation and what it means for the team that's a lot of work of. Our ownership and our general manager for these and finding the right. Partnership is is a lot to do with the hockey operations side thinks on the business side while it is very very important rest to be involved with an NHL team. Which if it's not the blues are really the Blackhawks in our market. It doesn't really matter so on the bizarre things we definitely wanna be associated with that team. But where this will really help us hockey operations. In him while I'm not. Involved in that much and I don't get that does that make decisions on player personnel side of things. I do really really appreciate the passion that our head Coach Johnston addiction Dixon. And Brit decent put into this and then our ownership making sure that we got the right people place the better team we have on the ice the better the better will be. As ours attendance and in media marketplace recognition and and obviously the more people we go on the playoffs the more. The city rallies I'd team this is there some how many teams are in the league. When he eighteen earnings yet Andyaat Iran's from Alaska in Orlando the northeast there's a lot the northeast we go all the way up Salt Lake City. So well blur traveling lot of travel lot of long bus treks for these. You know how we fly it does sometimes. But. At in the EC HL a lot of those are bus trips. You know sleeper buses were those guys get in on bus and head over to. Which starts also erred on the Dow lesser. You know we typically fly when we had really Far East but. It went against the American Hockey League which is AAA most of it is all flights so and obviously the NHL as well so this time other last. Step before they get you know I have to do some bus trips but. You know our guys there are lot of them are highly regarded Jeff picks that are looking to make that next step with NHL contracts in and in other goal is out there play as well as they possibly can while they're wearing our sweater and and hopefully take that next step in now what's they all foreign. Usually hear you lesser I think last year's team we were about 5050 and you know Canadian and and in the United States with a couple mixed in from Europe. Age brackets of these guys that. You're just like anything you know like the royals just signed a draft pick who is eighteen years old for sonong you know we have guys there is is young is in nineteen all the way up at 32 B 35. We do have some veteran rules in there and and I'm not 100% sure all the and so wouldn't want to speculate but there is you can have about four veterans which is. A plane about 300 games a year. Curtain professionally so if they played three games professionally than they're considered a veteran. So our goal is Doug young skilled fast players then so when you look at us in the landscape of the world. Were probably the third or forced were best league in the world depending on what you think of the cage Al. Words comparison you right look at somebody exporting. Were on the world landscape there not as high up as you know and a lot of those guys are going to play in the English Premier League and where a lot of our guys you will see and so. And skill levels really. I mean games a year there's 72 games 36 ago. That is a lot of games on travel for these guys top Americans with this from the Kansas City mavericks. About a minute left in the segment. Really really cool stuff here writes it's a stitching to know that. Do most of these teams have affiliations with the NHL teams all between eighteen generally yes so. They change auto they usually are there some teams franchises do with the same team for a long time yes. There's a most of the teams have kind of a stagnant relationship. That is state system with one team. You know what happens in a league like ours is we do have some turnover on teams and one team might go under one other team kinda comes back. And with our ownership were really confident that that'll never happen to us but we have seen some teams you know they do your move cities are dons different banks and that will change a lot of times or affiliation so travel how quick you can get from place to place in a lot of different things that. Our next segment time we give back from brick wanna talk to about your your management end under the team and kind of what that's done for the franchise. And for that the talking Kansas City were talking to Todd Mac today and he's. 'cause sales at can't see mavericks and you listen group. Welcome back sue grill nation on nine AT&T easier listening to us as well on iTunes and saturated or by. The web at gorilla nation showed dot columnist Jason grow our final segment today it's been a good show so far appear enjoying it. What do get back to our guests Todd McEnroe is the vice president of sales of the Kansas City mavericks newly re branded Kansas City mavericks are website is Casey mavericks dot com and on Twitter at Casey. Underscore mavericks taught why did you guys decide to change the the name Syracuse city. Mavericks the citizens are remembered. I think it was just pretty simple for us we wanted to be on inclusive tour marketplace. We are serving so many different people in and McCain's signature area. When we look at our zip codes for single game purchases group ticket buyers all of those different things we see a lot as a coach from Kansas. All our bread is always butter Dniester Jackson County we understand that. We wanted to be all inclusive and all encompassing of of what we are as NC it's been how's that been received so far it's fairly new debt they're very well we actually just kind of started three branding on June the first when our season ended. Hum and were kind of going forward with that right now and in order to hit hard coming in September when when training camp starts and and really push it out to as many people as possible but it's been very very very very well received and from our sponsors in RC that. Logo design contest. That's gone right now right yeah we just changing the logo of the that the typical may have the you have a Muster stuff for you just Jersey love or forty topic here. So the logo design contest is for one game. It's an okay opening game. We discuss the jerseys that we work with charitable partners on saw that I needed via negro leagues baseball museum does Terkel Jersey awesome we worked with our Kendrick or there was a great great partnership. We're gonna do another one later on the season with the World War I museum this year. And so we knew four of those a year typically. You know representing hockey representing. Cancer awareness representing. A Kansas City iconic location and also represented military so do a lot of different things are on the charitable side of things this is just one piece of that. So with our opening day coming out as kinsey never who wanted to cool different Jersey that we had never thought ever done or yeah whatever so organ in your contest. Partnering up with Charlie hustle on that. Where the first opening day we're gonna Wear the Jersey without logo on it. Got to be auctioned off at the into the game for a charitable partner. And Charlie hustle and Emeka T shirts without same logo for that week leading up to it and we're gonna kind of cobra in this process. Thought it would be really really fun for the community engaged in it. We have a cash prize for the winner new cash prize for second we have cash prize for third so in you designers out there that are excited about you know the potential of designing a professional sports teams logo and having there there logo on on T shirts are on the metro I think this will be equal opportunity I'd love to see college kid or something like that. New fund that is cool and that's who the Aristide admits that coverage with drug policy brought and it's frozen teacher form today appreciate that. There are a lot of local companies do a lot of collaborations but I I feel like Casey mavericks are really into that you're really neat collaborating with local businesses. One of my business suck on one early on had socks in the team Stuart see you guys do a lot with the organizations as well as charities the F. For sure I mean we also partner with Nile watches and alliger he's been great to work with you know electricity with the stone house winery and and county beverage which is the Budweiser distributor ship a blast we do a lot of different things to work hand in hand to make sure that we're both. Infinity of Kansas city's another example we are today and add together on the back of 435 magazine so although we know little Aaron Allen a. I was there is your address position though. Yeah driving him an idiotic idea infineon yes so they have so many cool you know collaborations work. It's a really important for us for our partners to really and truly be partners in and in the morning get our brand out our name out as we continue to grow the sport in in this in this community mentioned a few years you know the Lamar junior of purchased the team and I feel like from from that point you received. Really really focus on hockey growth in Kansas City. So what does that process been like is and you were there in the former regime and in the the hunts in the overseas well known in Kansas City. It was really passionate sound alike of him to grow the sport in this in this region. There's no doubt. He's been awesome and and we're really excited lucky to have him as their owner. An end to your point exactly what you said his goals are to grow this the Mark Kerr group hockey in this market. And and in not only just didn't where were playing out but I think there's some ideas of some growth with additional rigs on the line now and I really try and offer an opportunity for kids to play. And one of the first things he did when he came on here was helped unify youth hockey in Kansas City. On developing Casey why HA which I think it so far has been a real success but there's still opportunity continued growth that. Other more kids we can get on the ice the more fans that were gonna automatically have and the more opportunities that that Kansas City and have them to play hockey I think the. The better the sport will be have you noticed a big change very in the hope these first years since you Serwer of Amaro junior have you have you seen more interest because I know. I'd seen an interest more so since you started from the Teamsters obviously I mean we are kids dedicated city boys and they were pretty bit. So I mean I know hockey was was there back then but now it seems to be it's taking it to the next level. Yeah I mean our attendance is one of the best in early. We can seem continued growth and that. I'll while we've always had really really good support even prior to when Lamar purchased the team we had great support from from our our fans in the city. We've seen that kind of spread out a little so we're gonna see a lot more from Kansas zip codes in the north landed. In city metro. Were before we had we still have such a great support system. Are right there own backyard and we were really really excited to have that non now we're really seeing our name and our brand. Be seen throughout the throughout the metro. And one of the things you're doing that to Asia to TV contract yes so talk to me about that and our good friend of the show lineup royals insider contributor Joseph will berg is via. The some played a clip for you guys now yes and your TV contract now correct we we've partnered with kids amount of the past two years. And average about ten games a year. Had some great ratings out there on on TV and in just Stevens stepped it up last year with bringing jolt on board. One of our assistant coaches Simon Watson. And former player does our color commentary and they do a great job the broadcast is NHL quality. Niles media helps us do the the production of it. Men and we're really really excited about that partnership and continuing to grow like his. When we look at it's a nice three hour and commercial for us we've done our Friday night games called Friday night ice knows his stomach clever with that but. You know the sport is is is fun to watch. On TV but even better watch burst that's reverend says right pillows in person. Tell me about that experience what to expect when they come to IL hockey game at your arena and what's the time usual time of game for kids. This that there are watching I know people involved with a closer to the ice what are the options are idiots who eats you up in all there yes we have 29 luxury suites of the ledger options are definitely there. Swedes look exactly like what you'd see at the sprint center so everything's very first class. The lower bowl. There's not a bad seat in the house knew we have glass seats all the way up to the top Rosen and ends in and just all kinds of ticketing options. Tickets are as low as fifteen dollars so opportunities for anybody in any family. Odds come out there we've group rates if you bring additional people but our experience really is about the only affordable entertainment. It's it's going to be a fun atmosphere for for anybody to come to its it entertainment value is that a very very high level. We packed the place the energy in the air as high as he would any place in this. In Kansas City and and when we score a goal and and and the place is packed I think there's nothing really quite like there really isn't. It's a fun game student missions I think you are taken. Yeah I mean Tug truck Yucca bucks the the runner right now are pretty good enough team to throw putt on the ice foam block. And if you make it in the casket and he can win up to you know I've seen some anywhere between 500 dollars for a really good dollar out there and and that we in almost to a good cause we. Workers are charitable partners on that sell the puck so it's a the very community driven event. JC mavericks dot com time appreciate come on the show wanna do quick shot a tear GM who's named executive here last week in Las Vegas out well deserved break does a great job leading our team both on and off the ice that's very cool great personal work with top Mac and has been our guests VP of sales that beat Kansas City mavericks. Check out Casey Merrick start come on Twitter at TC underscore mavericks appreciate all the information and they're reaching here about what's gone in the world of hockey your kids and thank you very much. Thank you very much size they soliciting to grill nation with Jason broke he enjoyed the show we'll see again next week appreciate your niece is well on iTunes and stitcher radio today avenue when guys who talked you since they.