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Saturday, July 1st

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your list of grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to the grill nation show with Jason drill here on nine ADM OK MBZ and on. ITunes in a stitcher radio preachy connecting this as well today. On that grill nation showed dot com or confined all of our podcast. Photos of our guests and the list of all her shows this is. Very happy to be back we were on show. Over a 115 now since we re branded and done over 500 shows so far. Which is really cool talking some really cool Kansas City thought leaders people throughout the United States and newsmakers in our area. Really big show today ominous start off by thinking our partners and supporters of the show they are title sponsors of the shore trusts. Mode bank of BO config be okay financial and two us advisors also contributors to the relationship was chasing grill on there are. The re your case CNG rearing cover and maybe. One might luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander he's a really cool brand wizard over there at reactor he's got some really cool shows Linda forest moving forward with some really great gas so. Well I think all of our partners and supporters all the information is on. The grill nation showed dot com website. On today's show we are going to start off with shame the Cox two is a awesome blogger here in Kansas City she blogs about food and travel her blog is. Out to eat dot CEO. She is. Really exciting to talk to we're gonna have some. Fund today we're gonna were to talk about some of the places that we should be going here in Kansas City. As rules may potentially in some of her background and how she decided with a full time job to. Branch into blogging and have such a high profile when it comes to food and travel here across the area and throughout the regents issue will be our first guest. The website again is out to eat dot CEO. After Stanley we will have on the phone Joseph Goldberg from fox sports Kansas City. Just talk is about the current state of the Kansas City Royals jewels a recurring guest on the show we love having him on he's in Detroit. This week for the Detroit series and he's back this weekend will take the show. Beginning in Detroit series did some tidbits on jewel what it's like to. Go to game there is was also talked about the currency is the royals and whether they should be buyers or sellers going into. The trade deadline here in July it's a jewel be joining us via phone in segment three and segment for today. Again you kick me on Twitter at JC groan that grill nation chum also available on snapped chat. It's a grand and FaceBook to search for my name a look connecting with folks on social media. Speaking of social media let's welcome our first guest to the show Shimmy Cox from our Twitter handles at out to eat. There underscore their Schilling that is and then OK to eat underscore our website is out T. CEO. And also is on NC Gramm ad she in the as 88 in LEY. Cock CEO acts. Great to have you on the show thinks so it's also like your background I know you've been. In Kansas City now for awhile right yeah. Seven years living years OK and you have a background in in mass communications and PR eight cracked so that kind of got you involved there's lot of opportunities here in Kansas City in that world right in the marketing world. There is so I started out and broadcast journalism. Am I realized that I hate being in front of the camera. How many cameras here today we have microphones into that cut cut cut cut. So then I sort of went back to all of them publicly and mean. That the Karen aim for a couple of years. And through that realized that I love right. So after a few writing gig. I approached you know it's tired. Working in advertising Coca and I've been an advertising for now or years now. And for our listeners that aren't I don't understand the differences so marketing you're really kind of writing. Different types of it's got communications materials strategy. Talking points on nine and copyright and and is that is that which you never taking Q were you more of the operator behind the scenes are you in the media buys a one. I'm not involved in any of the media buys so. That's an advertising my writing and doing is basically what you would see where TV commercials. Or any print advertisements. Radio ads. Social media I have my hand and for all. Working with a lot of currently you're Barkley right I yeah operated there working with a lot of big companies that's a pretty cool stuff. Why yeah I am right there for payments account. That's my I mean look it's it's got to you know be created that can make that. This so she write you sell these different types she's right especially. You've worked in this industry for quite awhile and one of the reasons you wanted to have you on the show today was really candidates are often talk about. When you get started with your blog and it seems to be pretty well known known Kansas City take this back to. What kind of just made you decide to do this and when you started. RA analysts are back so. When I moved to Kansas City seven years ago. I didn't know very many people here and from to peak so now I am wasn't too far from home and I took a writing job here in Kansas City. And didn't have a lot of friends that lived here and so. I would just sort of go out to eat for dinner. For alliance and myself and that was my way and exploring and getting to know can't that he. I threw food which is why I left you money topless. So. I'd be going he I would take photos of my food to honestly it really horrible and I don't like I've gotten that is when answering that started Australia. And you'd have to curse yeah I would send it my food photos just click my mom her friends that you look at a meeting with us closely and eating in Kansas City. And some my mom just sort of had this strange that suggestion might you started it on. Erica and I just off apparently mom that's so Marty I'm not going to be like minorities. Blogger Chris cut up. And then about a month later. I a started giggling high surf blog. Who favourite. And it took off from there. You know as sort of emerging several actions of mine. Not only just food by writing and then from that in my element tiger tees so it's sort of this find creative I'll play. That a lot of meat fuel Ethan and. So you take all of your own photos and I'd kill pests that's pretty. Lotta people don't do that in your mr. Wright and in the blogging world. It's mixed bag okay. So yes some people can do either what they used to get history of photography and loan photography that obviously influenced your ability to put together good blog. Yeah and that that little photography really came from the plug. I realized. Just taking photos on my iPhone was not cutting me you know I want it. My blog and my day really my brand to be very very professional team in so I realized I needed to. Quickly learned photography. And get a real camera. Not just you know to entitlement. Though. You know I went to a few classes. I a and accidents and camera equipment in lacks a lot of YouTube video Huff put the. And have a pretty much down to a science now what you need from each yeah eggs whether it's a feed fell over a travel fun all right yes that's one thing to be about thirty seconds left in the segment you also did travel stuffing your blog. I do. The base thrown through. On if his base or around it by. You know it's more than that I do axes are important how Dion Lewis rushed and I can hang with. Count that's ever more cultural places here you travel out than. Yeah time. I would say I try to travel anytime I have vacation days or others holidays and new. If someone from. Very cool we're gonna units of your travels you're after the break. We're tarnish namely Cox from out to eat. The website is out to eat dot CEO you're listening gorilla nation children Arafat. Hello and welcome back TV relationship on nine Indians came museum here host. He seemed real Christian joining us again via podcast at iTunes or stitcher or on line. At grill nation should dot com or the old fashioned way as well at 980 K in BC. Always great to have you here each and every Saturday or when every listen via podcast we are. Talking to share in the Cox and will have jewel Goldberg on the show in our next segment talking about the Kansas City Royals the chimney only continue. Your answer Graham is just your name and if you scroll through it. It's obvious say your for talk for your photos or anger at a very high quality. If that's something obviously put a lot of focus and I mean is the photography aspect of this because. It's pretty evident in and what you're doing whether it's pictures of viewer pictures of the few who were pictures of drinks he also highlight the ways in liquors and all kinds of new drink she should be having so it's it's again it's more than just a few law. I food you have more and to the to the rest via travel you have. The drink you have. National. I guess you could a broader term can be lifestyle there you go. Found out he had a life a life style yet per share. And again it's out to eat dot CEOs website people to work with you as well I just found that does that work in the industry come. So I get hired a lot to do it photography. Oca I've worked as realists and year. How did those early ships take off. The national blogs and national website obviously yeah. They just reach out to me they saw my fifth and like I with the Tucker you know my aunt and for the reached out. Well and any time there's featuring restaurants and and that he you know on their insert new openings and reach out and. Let's say what is when you outreach by thrill us. Click we even won enough for someone on school sock my company one of the companies like co founded for years it's like yeah. That's a good website to be part of the not analyze that a little happy dance I. Yeah I'm I am the hikes ahead. So you work with people and and it's more so on the photography and also to you on I'm Sumi can write a lot about your background and copy writing about. You know different things happening here kids that. Yeah yeah I did some articles some freelance writing as well. But I mostly get heparin at the talker eaten I've. Have you ever thought about I mean. Starring in new business and a lot of gift for congress in Kansas City. There are some things similar OK yes within. That we'll have to come back and I'll have to it eat you up after that happens but it's obvious you know if you look at the website. A T dot CO the you've got a lot of national. You also were contributor USA today story. Yes tell me about that I'm so they reached out they are doing barbecue and they're trying to analysts together for I think that ten. And that are accused spot and his city and so they want it. Some local and play and I was happy to apply it's been so cool very cool you do. Sponsored post is well you have a pretty big insert him following about a thousand people right so you you can do. Bring an ambassadorship and falsity figuring your rest Pete and I'll tell you. Are you good Coker you just how are you just negated eater out there. I'm I'm much better at going out eating the food that people put in front of me than I mean making my own food but I do like to cut. I love me team come up with new cocktail recipes and by chance your question I would much prefer going to eat the. I can tell I don't know that Paramount T and making other for photos. What's your favorite during summer drink like what do you like to have when you're sitting on these Pattinson I've seen on time IE. You post a lot of urban stuff I was wondering if you like burger. Actually me Jen is in my. Favorite liquor Moscow mules are very Moscow meals I was just not to save. Vodka market Jen in the summertime I don't know that just anonymous. With summer me. I am also a huge wine drinkers aids campaign. Sounds good all the undue attention they getting their my head up. We have a Ryan maybe is a contributor who shows yeah we always wonder when he's gonna bring us transcendent hasn't yet. Mark and I've been waiting for years for that so hopefully. Before that happens in the he's Hickory cocktails of their Jeffrey your mom assuming you've probably taken photos and tried their stuff in different places to write apps chilly and I brand that's growing like crazy. You're in Paris recently and seen on here. Yeah I went to pair up live dream for you blow Georgia I was so excited. I scored a great deal on tickets. And I went through my girlfriends we are for ten days. And just talk about you know. We just basically rolled home and we ate injuring. So much in the free agent doing at great. Nothing but just car of alcohol in its use bag gets some coffee I get out the lines area. I'm assuming your coffee drinker I'm seeing one post here how. Of is three loops on their what does that public charts and. Actually OK I am I have a huge serial addiction I'm working on it by I'm sort of mine. Nice tap every evening visible of aerial and yeah I've been well that's not healthy. This to eat a bowl of cereal are bad I probably not that looks at the photos because. I have an answer while I need. Aren't on that bandwagon Mason's bill. I'm Sheila Cox is with me out to eat dot C a location in the U do a lot of things besides photography and obviously check out her answer Rampage salsa on Twitter bit more so on the answer and we sell the photos one of the things you do on your blog. The sites highlight where you're matter which you're doing is you write articles. A bouts. Some of the cool things going on here in Kansas City in the notched only about restaurants other also about places maybe to have happy are maybe too. Going an anniversary on the dates to. Recipes to a unique ideas such as for things such as Valentine's Day. One of the articles you've recently posted was about. Five Muster outdoor happier and Kansas City obviously you're photography. Sought about that since we are in the summertime and it's been great weather recently. Hasn't been too hot what are Samir favor patty is to visiting Kansas City right now. I love both of fraud okay. The great restaurant. It is and they haven't asked them how our inks five dollar cost of the Y main oyster specials. I seem to act this house. He can't time huge seafood fan. Go anywhere but that's yeah that's on the we share. There are really good seafood restaurants intent to its people probably don't understand there are that's. One Imus asked questions I get a lot of questions on the block from people who are either coming into town. Are they are looking for Russia. Asia and and one of them has always like can I get good seafood here and it's Indiana and yes he cannon. I'd Jackson's house I just think they're seafood is top it's big theme with the new Prague. The good location to yeah right in the closet there did you have a nice patio. Think they're actually putting in nightclub on the nightclub a outdoor bar as well next that. We're always you know little inside every night I don't know this telling you it's got the money are they getting its opening you know I've heard of that so it'll be cool. Because Jack is right next door in so late to fraud Jack's. Obvious agreement and has a nice yeah I think your article. What is eight EP. OK so it's actually pronounced eight OK okay I know that any owner had to tell me because I was saying Italy where none it's a Thai restaurant. But not here to the poll what that they're americanized tie. I'm so it can be very authentic dishes. They never really great cultural program there as well. The bigger topic and they used to be Tom template yes I nighttime love Thomas OLA looking goatee for me some of my friends back in the day. Net there really didn't basic menu there and it really nice that in the stack books I'm looking your blogger and now the need to even looks better it's very colorful. Yeah look colorful on oranges a lot of Byzantine symbol is yet so. Mentioned that agreement done is also a realist do I think. You know it's a great spot obviously since they've been there it's been always there's mr. Liddy is too. Lydia is CI. I don't probably think a lady is for a patio. Know a big job and that's what I wanted to feature is sort of at that kind of off the beaten path. That you wouldn't typically in. And I think if you featured an octopus. This on there needed. Which I think another thing that I love is. You know when you go to happy hour it's usually Arctic. So French fry is. I don't know but I love that with Libya as or with a pretty that are places at three more upscale. Anthony Kim are being here by Q. No one of the other stories you have out as where to find bottomless brunch a show. On the Internet got a lot of eyeballs oh my gosh I sure girl into your daughter feel cat and that's where my most popular articles on my blog is there really people just want to know where to get all the alcohol. And what I'm looking there really helps your blog I really think is the photos of photography really is. Exceptional and when you deal with soon. I feel like you watch TV you see like pictures of theater you see pictures in the newspaper and so I would never eat. And then I'm looking your website and it's like wow that. That. Employee Mary looks delicious or that a cocktail extortion that food looks delicious that's obviously been one of the secrecy of success. Yeah I mean we eat with our eyes. So. I think. You know you have to fuel to. Feature food. In a way that people. That makes people wanna eat it means so I guess I go into the Arctic. It's hard Shanley Cox is my guest her website is out her blog is out to eat dot CEO our answering machine in the Cox check it out. Sluggish photos show audio and articles about places to go here in Kansas City also recently featured. My a old stomping grounds can work grip go there once Moakley golf in the park malaria yeah I really were shocked how coolest. I yeah I look I'm Mike park fills newest band. You come for all the years I've lived in Kansas City I'd never been up to park Boland hall. Two months ago or so. What Hugh a little city. So much offered in downtown park they'll just. In I don't know how. And that's treated like not even half a mile wide Gary hack RG. On scraps the word now little coffee shop park the car are you coffee. The putt it. Same idea I didn't play putt putt did you yes that's awesome yeah. I I have never done that and I need to do that some hope it's right there I can't speak to my skills I'm sure your game is a good time to time. Shanle Cox again checker out out to eat dot CEO I'm excited here about what you're going to be doing here in the future as well. And also some media should search for RT or she in the Cox receipt come on the show and talk journalist hears about are we doing in food restaurants here in Kansas than. Thanks for having me thank you very much we're right back after the break the courtroom nation thanks you sound. Yeah I guess. So welcome back to grill nation with Jason grow thanks for joining me again today on came easy 980 AM and on. Grill nation show dot com. Appreciate also listen to them iTunes and to end stitcher radio via podcast. There is guests have been great so far Merrick said about our next guest he's a re occurring yesterday show he is from fox sports Kansas City. He's a man you've probably seen on TV's Jill Goldberg calling in today from. Detroit as we gotta take this segment for today and have Joseph wants it talk more about the Kansas City Royals as we get closer to. The all star break in the trade deadline period as a good time to reconnect with jewel and talked about what he's been up to Joseph welcome to show our Easter. I'm doing great recovery of your busy man. Busy busy man he's this archived on a retired it. I know that that's okay that's. Hello I don't elect as its goal ought so that we did you move around them and like to lobby for maybe a few more hours and every day. Appeal or or but don't look better to be bitten and not. Yes yes it is. So you're in Detroit right now for our listeners student travel to that Richard tells an offense they have. Stadium you know horror are all booked up under the executive. On. Publicity may be that the that the troika we get whether that's a fair or not for profit that god I Joba. I'm really revitalize their belt comets and look at the last year although I will say that we stated there. So Brooke. Always tell which is sort of like a little robot describe where we stay. All the more so broken pilgrim plot but the can knuckle. That cut a deal to it's always pretty great area but the stadium's really cool it's really good spot. Are a lower rate cute if you wanna raped stadiums are probably. You know the vision. Put it behind Minnesota's. Done bought idol I think I think the carry out everything settle it like I'm objectives. Although most people up baseball code that the carrier is one of the best. Political much stadium ranking to buy or rent the case. At the doubts are going to be accused group of being a homer about wanted to Michael portal are applicable the waddle like so I also thought there every day you know. 81 times a year I have here at Detroit also visions stadiums. Nine not depend harms your attic or get here so you know Burton's Alice my third straight season of oh breaking preacher to Detroit and so army for realistic about his plate at all was off vision about the weather like ops over at the worst. Stadium in the division but you know you can use to. Stadium the orchards were on routine and all that so that the group or watch it. Yeah I've heard that I've heard that and I heard it's not as difficulty to take in that state. If you know people go to their seats available. The you know what their nursery pale almost everywhere we go anywhere that you'll separate Cisco. Where we were at earlier in the month. And they have this law but the bracket well sold out streak going on what. Maybe you do on picnics speak up tickets sold but that stadium two days Rivera was. Two thirds full. Report it to the real ball stop all the poison like that's still. It ought I think you probably get anywhere but all. Detroit it'll get a ticket although a bit I gotta say that he peninsula there are recent years to the world we're living in the Carter and start the ball. Of the top division. They were still getting really good crowds on a regular basis sort of the vipers were pretty good here that I don't know there. No sir or recording this before. Gave water of the series in Detroit so I will cure dispute you creditors because they've spent the Parkersburg. Really atrocious that your and there are certainly lately Marat Kabul has been impressed with the U amount of people that they get a mile or so. Other got pretty good obviously winning. When he dictate a lot of mean Cleveland. Or your cell lol they weren't getting any preemptive before it started while we talk all the public bought out. LO BB plea to beer or those great Indians can he could give particular. Console begins now their work. On a week I Michael Eric adult people. But there are starting to come around again and so at least on the city would winning winning cures all Roosevelt. Mean yes it does talk vigil over his Twitter handle is acts. Goldberg Casey correct Joseph had freeze of on the computer there at Goldberg Casey. On the curator good waterfall he's always he's always Twitter he's always tweeting about. What's going our city royals and what's going on in Kansas City is a whole joint non Detroit is they're stadium so is there any need you around the state news it is I know it's a downtown ballpark they have like. And entertainment district down there. Yeah I there are. I will say I'm not too familiar with a because he's looking goes we've. Got him what we. Let's have a I've been known to look to explore around after a game. Wall a wall the heart that fact let's. But but you know what we're weak state. Airport by a third of the drug oil. Typically up on you bought some and Dubai explored that political cult soak up what I guess that's what it people number around murderers so. It looks like some good up Russia won here. It just the TV crew street downtown. I'd really cool though because O'Donnell rewrote local book and and it goes up the opening they'll vote Opel treatment of acute so. There are loads are peca or the days it was a big in the almost a Tiger Stadium at Comerica Park event Monday that we'll all look a lot at giants. Next door and so little water or they'll tell that. You know it's our I would approach to walk around. With a walk and speak about bigger so inaccurate things about cookbook. But again just to grow appropriate that it. Because of the investment that are written in the security area drool drug dump all the ought. He sees some buildings and areas that look like I'll have a whole lot of potential pick them all time. What I at battle Royal Gold ball. Albany people living dealt how people a belt now. Actually go the other period like we go to agriculture Citi. Bought I argued that the person that you will bear. You know Troy Youkilis hurt or if you're if you're looking course ought to go and you won't go in the world although I highly. A just a different experience than a human being carried out the sort better pursue different groups are no help people you'll be pretty easy trip. I've been so it was reported view and then after that I'll Oakley. So it Chicago even though that release are stated that it does because I don't often do you see here that integrates video. And then probably after that I would say that. Of the tournament you're gonna talk about some off the west it physical part. Mean very cool. Jose Sydor today as we taped the show I believe the royals are 500 right and the Ulster rates here and them weaker TU. Got a road trip than they have home for a some important games. I mean what what's your feeling right now about the team I mean it's. And it's going to be an up and down year. Yeah I got it up and down here a cubicle a lawyer who would like all of not at all or not. And it even believe in themselves well now. Obviously they're if they're gonna make the playoffs that you a while but 08. To do that but you know at that says that we're recording this the factors or one so. Working those and you look at park on her than baby. Or sought only to bail assert. To corn dog that and I thought it may not seem like much. To climb out opinions under part under what you goalie could be able to street. It takes time and that's truly very accused that's or want step back or step or two steps back rule it takes time. To chip away at that and they ate it several over the course of our six weeks and so. You know again as we record this to gauge the royals have cut the best. Record in the American League in June will be law wouldn't do it everywhere old impressive to me that they want out west. Earlier the ball and they want government Q a gets most of that seemed startled at all your partner's not at all leader Eagles actually have a better record than the royals look royal Welker. It just come off vote processor would get the Yankees put. There are other Beatles. Probably irk you that are all factors not expected to be that architecture. So the roster characters as they get the team they beat you without making a while but they they want to three against Boston. On what would you probably between middle with the American League. And I'm looking most played very well. That they've they've nearly sweet Toronto looking that black is very much let the royals. All played much better lately I've achieved that. That you will be the content of the American League east so they came home and then beat two really good teams in this bowl all those curious. I'll bet you'll they had it won a couple series well. Well we would then have practiced or played Walton the big advocate that he won't but we we'll which is the strange at all that opportunity company you know at. Over the weekend here with Minnesota coming of the comet and let's all get the order. It would continue to point to export the sparkle. Of many including myself and so. The royals are gonna compare. It and start creeping. Minnesota's. Or talks. Really everybody that bought the perfect but you just kick you lose in the way that the lose to Minnesota although. Mean and over the weekend is this where rule will put it up before that we are gone I teams. The they play a four game series vs twenty there's a double header on Saturday that's going to be interest. Extremely meaningful what you I don't. Over you have to go to number on what they need to do. Our. Let's be honest to Europe very well how to cook or were they have to win so so you're. Well obviously would help. And I would just say that you care affordable organs into the tunnel almost that what we all are brick. Can report notes organs could lose report right. And inspect shouldn't happen. They could put our I don't think it's hard. Park where important series period every dirt. To go three wanna guess he was not easy. And so that they can do that who think the immediate to do with that yeah but they'll pick up occurred a week or. Where the go or 352 obviously they'll huge. But I I opened bigger reporter. A collude that Syria to the Twitter won't be the end of everything good that's well secured yet other that murder rap rock stretches and on an article brought record or work. That that the straw polls have the the impact of those. Those early season slump swirl of where we help from current. By this publicly. And so. In other news this door that the vision was left wide open because no orders that all that good sort bear the royals are you know. A court order are. Joseph Goldberg and we read back after the break talk more fuel and nothing zero to Lucy you know. Welcome back soup grilled nation with Jason drill your listings and nine AEA and came easy and also joining us down grill nation should dot com. Appreciate kept me on Twitter as always at JC grill and that grilled nation show. Lot of energy in the show today it's Greek debt jolt Goldberg back with us from your. From fox sports Kansas City calls over host of reports over 150 royals games. A year he gets doused with Gatorade often and he's also the TV play by play voice is Missouri maverick hockey team and you can see basketball announcer. Right now we're focused on the royals didn't fall jewel at Goldberg TC Joseph we're talking about the upcoming stretch for the royals. After they come back home and they go on the West Coast you're gonna have some really get stadiums to get to you then at the Mariners and the Dodgers before the all star break I would love to join you out there in the LA series. And that's in the last year's Florida State one of my top five. But I'm hoping the royals can now go on the all star break strong and or other reasons why Joseph is because after that they have a long runs in its trading deadline time and I think a lot of people in Kansas City are. Really tested to see with the royals do whether they're going to be buyers or sellers at the all star break a big we know yet do. No we don't they are a loose some pages ultimately use our lows. Sort of amused I guess I would say what are hurt its vast amount of people. I'll maybe not maps out either but certainly what the people on sports talk radio in general that or we'll talk about all the new cell also last all the looks like this. They can be put everybody you don't see anybody right now sell sell sell a couple moves here there but I think that in part because of a while Clark. You know it seems like a regular law that they can't. Actual laws because of like to write you typically wait owe all that like to get things done on the terms so. Of maneuvering in negotiating an adult that soak. It'll have to do anything yet there's no reason to. Then you've got one break this thing apart people packed two week a whole lot but here's the other side to this Q about. What won't see what happens to your what he buried it. And so we have a month you're really make that determination. And you can go. Really want to. Relate to can go. They've ever worry that smoke. And clearly that they have a really that market that grew we all other. Or cut it around where they are right now all out there right now or an old worker sort of striking is that distributed over Atlanta. So you know your body so you miss their pat. And that figure that I've seen them. Q a cell in the form. Ought if they have this incredible book rattled local acute angle adapter and unequivocal taller than the bed so I. Get to do that. Well you know keeping all the guys that might be created but it would also mean. Ontario pork or that our system that you are really constructed these next year. But. You know look at that you wrote this right now river you're going to be getting get a copy back soon so there there's an additional wrote you should. Tufts is there still are you can you can you can you give missile it's a bit on that is like a month from now three weeks from our. How are I think that there's the upstarts shock that a they'll one up right now. We could potentially see him pitch the last game before the all star. I don't know that that'll happen. If you look at the word awaited date or they were saying. About the court all. At another rehab appearance by event so I don't know other logo but. But they were saying at least two more rehab appearances. Are you want those all up. It would get him back there or maybe he. He'll start quite jovial start where either way they're gonna get a you know soccer the third week you shouldn't be getting a local picture and so that's obviously huge. While we go or assist on a Jason Campbell or better. Presumably go to that they'll it would. You know replaced JQ this is in that rotation but the other day and that the coroner political order got that little political. Well mr. frustration but if you look at what this duke it out there and it. To me you look around the diamond then it all the position players are. All we're really improved got a stroke what. Two bit dramatic changes may be had a couple all cook is to solidify. And the role players so I don't think by being in it that didn't go. We all out more in there are other things to look at and Jason is that. They might just their pet period it they don't get what they want back if current situation where they have to sell. The struggle. It may not get the fact is they want or art or theater stock and they may just give more compensation or that and all that they lose a there are a lot of over or a lot of elements are. Oh well there has been at their what you want or really good let's look. Yeah that's kind of the thought process feet from the fan's perspective although I I I always have that issue I guess. Are you got to try to win the division if you if you if you arm from my perspective I mean that that's what I would would go for if if there was with their then. A you know a handful of games upper maybe a couple games. I had been to get this be negated any game last over the last week that these that you think there's anybody in baseball a lot of oil there. But the circuit pork it and go. If you present my experience is everybody in order there'll be anyone that makes the playoffs this year that it got that much well spiritually led the team. The last years of oil to the world that. That's that the viewpoint we're talking until go Burke fox sports Kansas City seem on TV every single night except on off days pretty much jolt. Looking at some of these trade speaking of of buyers or sellers. Haven't turned out there we would have like probably from the dice IndyCar and strayed over the Davis he solar trade if we're we're talking about oil and I think. At the royals' Kevin Dyson you know he can play in the outfield every day can move Bonifacio to DH now but up Spotify shall I never made the team. Or got called up if you missed on the team. And then obviously Wade Davis is just killed it and for the cubs this year or the next step in the open. Know what that. I don't think that. When you go glued. Imported evaluated. Were few years because. Right then you Europa woke up let players that all over the ought. Warriors. Got that award might oval wanting to beat you not want. Would be going into this offseason all 2017. Which typically created. So I felt like. And gamble see our report Coakley could not worked out very low but. Our art all white or with the royals. You know that they needed to last saw him. Now or never let soft leak and the award caught the ball on that have been created or papers. Like sin. And then Escobar came up to caucus on her and got. I thought likely due to open at least the real Bo god they did die in the long term. Retreated Davis. Be treated like a hero in cold they called one of the table let. A third Norwalk and his book concurrent bought a tree because aren't going girl picture got a little Earl Starr. Are important. Currently he's. Pitched the first game of the open is committed these that this auto rotation. And what the new rule. That oh before one example would it would that dominated the strikeouts and everything. Good about the gore so all we want to cover the future they've got more your of their. We've got to go to help you that hasn't happened. Dolores alert and obviously. Extremely well scream but interesting Gupta who because. You know an alert and played really well all the utterly. Mumble the order also better than credible client and they they go out that you got to try and hatred spewed on the radar awhile. Maybe if they know he's gonna have approximately you're. They go to corral. It and make it different that the trick or thought a couple of get to the war. World road a couple of bought into the approach or the big league career order order up your child that's at bell ever feel you have all those two. Yes you're right and who does navy's literally playing DH for the royals at some point down the stretch here. End in Iraq and some other option the DA's Joseph Goldberg has been my guest here on girl nation shared dole is on Twitter at. Goldberg Casey great friend of the show Jill appreciate you always coming on. Whenever I reach out to you love having you on from the road and we hope that we can talk again soon hopefully after the the also written a trade diamond deadline with some good news for the royals. Then Eric Roberts you're out of Iraq reuther who looked up. We'll talk. No that's gonna bring no more win eleven Joseph thanks for joining me today to charges. You don't listen to grill nation thanks for joining us again on nine TD came easy and great.