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Saturday, June 30th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up there. Even their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to the grill nations show here on 988 MTV C appreciate joining us well today on iTunes and had gorilla nation showed dot com. Really pumped per share today and before you started I don't think our partners and supporters of the show. Title sponsors of the girl nation John nine ADR trust. No they can be OK financially to US companies and Orion marine creature readers of the show are the Reagor NG re hearing go right maybe. TCI area development council key CDC in one might luxury apartments. On today's show you know we're lucky to have on one of our title sponsors of the show that is Milbank and joining me today from a bank. Is Olindo Lawrence is a senior vice president and relations manager at Milbank. The website is no bank dot com and each and every month. They bring on an awesome guests and this week I'm very excited about our guest because one. She's notch critter with a great story and to. She brought in a ton of beauty source today which will be interior in the next he segments but I wanted to welcome in. Linda Lawrence in the show and our guests today whose Robin night. From Enrique de Bakker either website is Kimberly Cates bakery dot com they're also on social media. You can just search for implicates baker on NC Graham also posted a video. To my answer Graham showing off some of these streets also posting a photo to our website as well. When looking you guys to the shall argue that. Very much did a good to have you. So Linda first off how edgy to me like I know that you know you're here in the banking industry only in the kind of the relationship and how it started will go into. To Robin story here in second about a business. Well I'd like to hear how Robbins wrestling match test cricket. Because I honestly it it was quiet it's a long time we've we've been working together now for a number of years. And as it's what happens and then professional or else some times you just meet through networking and through him you now. And so I honestly don't remember the exact moment of needing. Other than I knew immediately when I met her and she is at CNN VA that rather says financing. There yeah. Analysts and we immediately to dividend Delhi immediately connected. It's so weird like sometimes I have that same issue like you build a relationship with a friendship with someone our business relish a night. You know how do we meet and make when do we mean how long ago is that emulate that reminds me that is FaceBook because basements in Judas. I became president eight years ago and MI okay it's a ten years ago where was that that they I write like you to death. You work together you build a relationship you have you have chemistry and then it's hard to remember like when you actually that Al. Sir Robin. Tulsa yourself now old. And tolls for your background are you from Kansas City I think you would to me is due to grow at a loss with such applies only to. It took us out it's. I picked onion Erica on other interest in little commonalities that old ass so I I didn't miss you and I cat. I agree it's actually a bachelor and general studies and is. Making fun of me. And that's what list that is what he was like what is that now right that's what he says what it is I was actually in our minds in an hour yeah. Is in the ceramics class and I'm like don't get a different living techie here it's not can take the economic Elaine throwing pots and so. My mom doesn't advertise. And society went the journals and school on marketing and business school. And found that there is degree bachelor. Of unease which she. Did a hundred years. An on site at triple miners in the triple your mind yet I've never met with a draft minor. As I can they needed avenue mile per cent happy. And what it did prepare me for. Advertisements yet he got you said which were the three guys journalism business and finance actually also TD yesterday because. As I am so deep and are about. I just haven't yet so look kind of argue. So. Really I am an art director and I was an art director in advertising and the kind of desperately in mind and can hit it yeah see our you're good at drawing insecure and I would not. I wouldn't say that weren't as more creative if you're anything else and what did the work to matter to advertisements like the perfect place where. Person who's created may be artistic and once for a CC you've done the Arctic air India and at ad agency kind of advertising being for quite awhile yet I am hookers I started. And appetizing as an art director and what it is being creative director. And then techno anonymity to earth for awhile and went and learn means mince ago. And now I still work in advertising. Companies are. And actually our department as well as ours. Work. So you don't mind on the side we'll get into your entrepreneurial throughout the night the client service industry. If that's what I've been in my life yet noticed a little I'm not church of us guys the built a 100% is innocent has exactly. I kind of becomes a crime in so that's gonna life exciting hey you. Asserting your and company group walking into the story we just give this kind of a flyover. And about what you what it is and then in the second segment after the break a wanna talk about kind of the how it all happened and how it's progressed in its growth because. This doesn't I think you thought about I don't think we hear entire life where you get a college joy if you notice certain company news indeed. This is something you weren't Q. Knowledgeable. Now I Nina and make Irina I mean my man saying an inept it's advocates is. Mostly. Wholesale. If repay mere. 2% dedicated and treat that's critical. Date. For products in kitchen extradition. With Lleyton who settled our. Because. Because in practice. With two kids who feel act. Didn't do it. Now. The entry. On if they were premiere of business because he is now. And so we also sell retail new and it. So so tell me again let's let's go back. For those of us that don't have kids this good analogies who were our own good now these are. The Sealy act diseases and I tell us about what those things are first of all because I feel like. They've become more mainstream. Kind of like autism became more mainstream ten years ago known and ever heard of it and now third it'd. What is what is it like and why is this happening so much. So I have Hawkins conspiracy theories of how about like happy so much about my goodness. Celia disease is if I'm not like people and it's insensitivity. Eyes and credit. Inquiry which are eighteen. Men. And their lotteries as Laurie it's been around for hundreds of years and not new. But what is kind of new emerging is all the equipment. And it might be that it actually news might be the awareness. And it's just a sensitivity. To the a team that's in and week. And win manifests as I'm on my hands on tests and processed quickly and an act you. It flat line at a news on tests on its myriad of complications. From. Intestinal distress I'm OK it will manifest and an eight. Our heart disease gluten gluten sensitivity. Isn't and sentenced percent this. Then paint it hit hearing and they have an important. I'm coming from. Right right and only ended after the break we're is probably night and don't even know Laura's cell we're right back. Hello and welcome back into the growth nation John 98. EAM treaty think what yesterday and listening on the radio or on iTunes or on the website that grill nation should dot com. We're gonna find photos of all of our guests. All of our old shows and all are great partners and supporters I'm sitting here today with Linda Lawrence who is the senior vice president in relation manager mode a great company here in Kansas City in a partner of the gorilla nation show. And I'm with Robin Knight who is the founder in leak case bakery of their website is Kimberly Cates bakery duck comps also. Did in the advertising world here in Kansas City for quite awhile and is the chief strategy officer edit accompanying her who parked here called C three creative consumer concepts. Robin we were talking about here gear gluten in gluten allergy thing thank you for playing doctor for second time. But I'm definitely have to come out carper we can see end makes a difference. And you when did this idea come to you I don't know how long it's been. You were in the advertising world in your now. On at a bakery. Why did it have been in and when that happened. It's necessities mother invention right and I had my oldest child was in college age men and it is Anderson we're hearing that as usual script YouTube for re here. And Sheen had trained and run parent anonymous at an announcement when. It. And she went through about six months she's Inge and in terms over the next six months Hewitt from being a human. As somebody who last week in. Stomach aches headaches and external migraines. And just. Yucky. Jose symptoms yes anxiety as well as a mother and key thing in issues convention designs and she and I mean of course like. Couldn't good people who handled everything all of her sentence and she got home for Christmas break. It's like I I think you might have feeling disease and your doctor. I'll ask that the amount of not having any meat and and so she did we started that day. And within 72. Hours Hewitt happened she says I don't have a heading. And this is the first and that. Meant so we progressed. Over the next week's news with her doctor and leads of at least they're persistent. She is it different in to a well since she'd never had these issues snapper and Tyson now now so it happened just also it did it'd just it just now on and that was interesting ones. So she's carried practice I'm. Sorry EU we know what it is you're gonna be fine I prices who died in. And I really happy that it is so dietary change you're going to be fine. Especially here. And I was like insist we eat what is she knows this is never gonna happen. She had worked at ultra bakery went to high school or is that a privilege privilege and an had a great appreciation for eight and emotion she's like I know. No more picks and were bright what might eat. He would not dinner for three months after she went back to schools like that's like knows quench it and she's announcing. Anyway I was like how hard can heat and technically and I got to act and the X I did a couple of experiments which in spring break and summer and as well. And not think that really sort of abandoning its own second is stronger. Started to sense from the Simpsons. On this is just head into the southern half says she's doing it because there's just do I have time yeah I was can be the center. Some potentially happening I'm anxious fifteen moments Eckstein. And all the sudden her symptoms chest pass hated in Q. This terrible math her into the acting. And do you cannot meet that advertise. We need. Take care of on for sentence not mean I am weak anymore and that's partly because she listeners we your schools. And like. He'd from. Week. And then of course annaly in the back room. Yeah once when it's finally an acre emily's my daughter's name Danica Haiti's it is my youngest is a mess because they is do in the research might Robyn nice how they don't match. I don't know I'm right and yet my two children yes they're the ones. I'm so once once Katie was home and how once thomas' home and on that had. I started once again time personally I write as a pump enough. Hand them my almost my stomach it should fest at Savannah is very much chocolate which was in my early and it's worth oh. And we know I mean. He's image tonight in or cookies and were every single weekend and the course of years. If it weren't for recipes that has. Even die at a normal because. He mom and actually want to. There and cited. As a pitcher opinion that's just. Was. There. So. Let's out of me. There's a marketer in me so is there anyone doing this we needed this town mountain there's there's a big what year is this violent. Along and as I started bakery and to as a fifteen asking. And I don't SOS barely news oh yeah. Oh yeah unleashed a we are still like a baby giraffe China learn why in the world is going on every month and and the new challenges. It. Yet this new and three years ago there is bakery on Angela's mom it's free but it also all allergens. And we don't use tags in patterns. We aren't broadcast. Disco inferno because all of those things. Our other counties and we just happened on matters we Gibson Terry. As well but. Amos what's behind that that that it doesn't really innings. Mark Jeremy understood that there is a market. And there are eight kids that didn't have services or other. It was an instinctive and so. And so that's when it immediately and mend oh and who did you tell your husband her daughters to think you're nuts like what do you look and my. My husband's like act he's he's just a neat thing is. That it's it's my eye I jumped to conclusion I presume merry. Okay that's wedding ring. Okay Gary lately especially. Yet and the girls are really excited and I'm an analyst seems like accounts accessed my youngest is just she was all over having her name on defense I thought a senate never actually really great sensors and has experience. Is he he is unknown. Yes person does not think it is very object. So you so I've done that before the dollars and maybe that's part of the negative I guess I have been here if you're brutally honest with someone that's cooking for your right hand and he has he has now we had a problem with a fair bit. I think he's so he really pricing Cunningham. The level of quality staff can heat you council Kanye is not acting and. The facts so when you started this process only to take before you actually open your nor the cash. Eat eighteen month and that it took a lot of time in part because. I had no idea. Yet another job at Fulton time am I had a fair accurate this is. Anti idea and I Google it. This is from Ike and and study didn't know wrote and then check these guys. Lynda and and it is I Julie you're in Julie and her first meeting nuns this year yeah the heavy hitters that I. I tell you attack and that are in a second ago I had a friend of a friend of a friend a psychiatric contact in years doesn't it usually attack and Linda had. An hour later we were completely abstract argument there. At an Al came back around tutors. And and actually helped me find. That you meet on the financials. Which was great mock him because I'm a creative. And certain. And so really that relationship. On the Monday leniency he's gained confidence now can actually he's in. My husband says it's actions. In that actual physical inquiry. To who was on board for the. I mean who is on your husband jumping onboard with you having his side just as the reading a bakery yeah. Sometimes you just. Clicks from a distance it's like at KFF a mess ends up happening all you need a if you really he he adds I'm full time jobs and then end. He's hopeful that really I just point that out because you know I mean. Being an entrepreneur is is this some people totally have it and some people like being nuts. And so when you're not can't yeah he's pretty he's also risk averse which makes up and eaten. He had he just. In your daughters are on board and I are on board bat at a time. Actually began construction. And build the shop mind youngest. Room. Was. OK so really was and what you faced that it is still today do they get involved in the business now when their backer. Yeah this summer youngest says it has on his on his social media months or not do and if I don't at a at a cup can be so she'll be like. And that's straight out no she's she's great. My oldest is super happy few. Unique taste test mission isn't to say oh that's so far now suffer. Not when he aren't afraid to say analysts he should she should run that and indicated. Can become an entrepreneur and he has dates to become a bank and Astro now. That's bad okay. If so well that's cool that's interesting I always wanted to know like how of these types of things are to figure three years and now moon app readers and didn't really on the ground that we. Started where at least I. Mom bakeries that they'll take bakeries. And it's just wanna be offered free product. He's their customers and or copy actually. There really even a look at your list here on your website. And bakery geez through Dexia believe had him on the show cash and a. A copy shop and Lisa McCullough gusto. Hopefully zero current yes our our our chat archives at coffee shop in the plot at plaza library. One more cup in Waldo dermatology Westport in your camera we've had him on the show big guy pill group pilgrim coffee can be nearly park. Replacing get these in our next segment Robyn only talking about kind of the decision to. Do you more wholesale and retail. And why you decided view that it's funny unique guy. I kinda tend to agree with you on this decision to do more wholesale. But always talk about and then went talked about some your products that you offer that you brought into the through this is well I'm joined today by Robin night chrome Kimberly Cates bakery and Linda Lawrence from Milbank you're listening privilege. I guess. Welcome back. Do the grill nation showed ninety AD and came easy appreciate joining me today on iTunes as well as that relationship Docomo and with. Robin Knight he's the founder of implicates bakery and and the website is Emily Kate's bakery dot com. Also with show partner. Milbank represented today about Linda Lawrence senior vice president in relation manager mode make. We've had a lot of fun off fair talking about entrepreneur ship and they skiing and one. Let's talk more about Kimberly Cates bakery now Robin. OK we went through kind of the the idea the process. You start of the company. Did you have a store for when you start it is I noticed that a lot of your business is wholesale. As a fine I initially came into this conversation not knowing that. And they'll look to the web that might allow there might every cool new place in Kansas City offering gluten. You couldn't of treats of one non pastries what who are you retell. Or just holds though our primary businesses. We have we commercial kitchen. Wreath store. We d.s. Retail and direct customers. That. Some OK on day. And you wedding cake or adequate for me at like it doesn't it's where it's pretty school as long as they they asked mourners. And gives 48 hours and then they come out. And it's the first time Castro is not. It's a commercial tenured black and you're gonna see mixers and boxes and things around and where is that that it's in privilege so it kind of and it's rent just this tiny little strip mom kind of fire station with a conscious on the personal lines and doggie daycare. What will we will win that a decision. Do not go Rivera and the glamour in the and they haven't Larry I'm like why anti did you started kind of the opposite way very much. It is not the Martins and so if you on retail acre. England than anybody in your. I'd act at 90%. Of your retail end and bakery and purchase something. But when you consider. And percents may of your. Need for X series. Instead. Nineteenth at all on different individual consumers you make along and at this nation. We decided equals hill and distribute out and. In the hands and even larger if you lose the brain Amer you lose the brandy you lose Samir you're. Profits it you'll lose them it's kind. The horse and start. That is any pain you listen Randy until you weren't wealthy which we're and now whole foods we aren't able the do it on and. Oh I know about it we never hired James is like outlook you can say is is since hitting millions of dollars there and you take the streaker there at some point yeah it is a can't wait past hour right now it. Is. Easy. Hammer and tail on. Big action and go refrigerator uncool were announced a new products banana bread and haven't Avago things if you're just want to happen. It's and so we're there so that's where and how did that happen. Dolphins really Russian action of connection and connect and so Aaron Brown who on stilts entries BTU. A couple of lovely human beings. Well it's who actually year at Creighton center. NAND they were really entry and actors until an impact infinitely I mean it's. Different tests. So so whole foods Oakland whole foods. Rich in their store then you have science room and then what what's the what's the. A lot of you get more of sellers get more name recognition that it's so our goal from here is ancient right. And we we always or small manufacturing and would be. But I and that's not the goal is is to have machines. That and requiring them. Mold and measures to preserve the cap yet you're talking about a lot of it as you're gonna have to call the banking and yeah. I husband and I just I am brand and I went in every match I. And that note that idea is that well in hand and Tina markets where. We're talking. About. Oh and other markets have opened yeah yeah yeah ushered out we aren't they ship you. An answer announced just a learning. And things I've learned about. Bill of waiting and if you look at what's required in your house plan you know it's a comedy on its a lot of. That isn't and pretty cool and you know it's pretty cool off assets after it. Mean yeah it has another really interesting thing or not it's just spews in this year is we make. All the eyes. You know how well in the first year. It was they place the order for 400 which found that massive past it's actually been in the creation here and there is ethnic. And then last year in the house and end this year we'll see. Why are there so to me it is an outsider feeling this is a growing market. But it sounds like there's not as much competition is it or maybe there is your product is appear Linda is talking about that are out there and indeed it's the best memory an absolutely at the NASDAQ Canada differentiator you think or is it just really know. Buddy come in this market out there there are couples and I think it's our business model not retail. We didn't have competitors there. I'm not and what to say that's training national level that would free. The world has this has exploded right there's so many people that in a gluten and so. To me I'm pretty I'm this is great but I'm I'm I'm kinda shocked that there hasn't been you mention this three years ago I thought maybe 510 years ago. There's more not more of these types of things popping up that you seem to have a unique business model. Think the business models with unique because there are a lot and a free bakeries travel and I go and he said it's in the air UC. And you and I'm just let their products and there ingredient merchandise. That's how many had a couple of eighties where union. And they're both patient and hair samples from. And they packaged product and mr. The United States there's. I am aware there's nobody is to be Weirton witches wealth. Then. It's pretty cool front in that you found your little stumble upon. There just talked is about here you're products here I've got a bunch in front of me. You brought which I am excited to try and I'm excited to share of people at the office later hopefully those last per hour. Are you run a lot of fear yet what what are Samir most famous. Now highest selling a product here so we think you can't CDs on the radio but I will we will try to explain there's a say in general we had some chocolate chip candies and cookies and he's. And memories of these my mom to. Mom and grandmother who love this they want. And so we see. It as it is normal to eat. Out. They're very big tip and Havoc and and I as a on the island and probably are our most remarkable product. And general because easy. Norm. And it fizzled. Descent general you cannot you cannot tell the difference that you cannot tell them free app so I'm noticing these like cookie thing yes that I like Philly you know what those. You can't just showcase they would have silk pie and then that and one of the medals in better. And it definitely will try out one as a substitute pubic cookies and then. That's in the actually in she's seen athletes win. Announced jamaicans and not literally talk to them that is talent and it went. Cream and we didn't actually messenger. Office just a little bit of passengers. Just. And then obsessed that he's on. Ankle that he. I'm noticing these these look for good I'll let us this carefully because just a poster cupcake yeah has just it was my favorite big ticket you know pilot may until panic. And so it's our. It and it's filled with mark lean economic times he used much in today's. And then we brownies and as she eats cheese. In the. We're gonna definitely have some phone this I also missing your website you guys make the popular thing oh heck yeah I did I popped I know I. How I know these are like he need I see a lot of places might you know like now may is through different coffee shops. They have those pop tarts in the room of them and most in Decatur popped its ones like protesters' camp which has more flaky. And and then there's like a pop tarts and that's what we are a match like the traditional pop tarts and ride. I might as well as announcement aimed at Enron favorite in India and so not only. That's actually aggregate toddlers. You've mates and takes it looks like we make are a lot of wedding it's now making pancakes and little smash eats babies for expert. Also talked about your overhead. When your whole Celadon customers with app so you don't have to do product at. And we did you do the rebate for your inventory can be smaller gavel in order and that's one of those. Things were still figuring. Okay because. Percent or if you retail. Application or eighteen please explain for people and yet you're you're deciding on and that's. Until work. And and as well and it is this month they. And it packages. How many people are your team so I have four acres you know our time. Prius has sent an and I have a part time this is that your and I have my husband. Did not as important as he uses his real job. His real job he's in construction aka and then and then he's he's working and he wants the day traders so. There you go. I'll say now you've you've given him the buck on the website again is Emily Kate's bakery. Dot com there's a list of the other story about bout them in their products where you can by the meat in city. And whatnot now we got one segment left or talk about the future. The growth in what year what you're looking forward to doing and and maybe talk more about the business as well and then Linda owner talked about and how you guys who worked with. When Robin implicates bakery through Milbank. To help the growth of one on it and how you guys help companies like Robbins grow and succeed. Absolutely yeah you're listen to the grill nation shell here on 988 in came easy check this out. Online agro nation should dot com you can also content with me on Twitter at Jason Brunet broke. Show Brett back after the break with our final segment we rather. Walking back through the drill nations show. Appreciate your CN CM coach Jason drilled 980 and came BZ am also joined today by. Robin night from Italy Kate's bakery great a couple of company here in Kansas City. They make all gluten free bakery items and joked about it implicates bakery dot com. Also joined by Linda Lawrence who is with Milbank he's the senior vice president and relationship manager there. In the making sure for quite a long time in his as though worked with Robyn on implicates bakery real quickly let's just talk about that so. Obviously need to work with the bank a lot of times that to start a company of what is that relationship been like and and how did you guys in Iraq and how did this all up. Take place and would be done to kind of help. The bakery kind of grow in new Ford. Sure I think we were Robbins founding board at the start then I you don't know it's out now and and especially in banking. You know a lot of people. It very nervous and intimidated and picture what the next step is. And and I have Dan has the banking industry a long time so what I've learned to do is to listen and consults. And then clone is not always an athlete right thing to do some times. And you can even work through without getting a man and I just I pride myself and being that consultant. I'm also an SBA acts are so I didn't use that we need to pack two to a immediate lot of lot of people use that tool in the sort of broaden absolutely. On BP's credit cards to me and that can sometimes work I mean there's all kinds of options math that I China. I have become that expert for. That entrepreneur that and they don't Catholic health care. That with rob and she was my perfect perfect. And I take customer on her friend and she kinda seems very intelligent very Smart. And grasps things very quickly and so. It was it is easy with rock and you know it just listening providing that a little bit of advice here in the hair. And offering of course there where bank. Opera that accounts and loans satirist and needs though that she was really easy work provided information quickly which is necessary outer business plan ready students and labor here. So it it seem Israelis. And that's. Okay what about the absolutely am I was an act iMac in here. And anybody's ever. Roll their eyes when he's an answer or not. I am and you guys gave me. Confidence. I remember going I think this'll work and then it looked like shaking your head nodding your head you know it's like really AB on. And that you guys yeah this movie sense and he urged rampant and and then leave them. Narrowing in the first year Q now where. He New Year's. We've been talking. About it. Again because. There's some expansion even their freezer which gets crazier freezer and then that big hit and you. Freezer weenie delivery vehicle yeah. I was. And. Is talking about every every restaurant tour may now I didn't have idea moon and moved recently a friend of mine owns a a pretty. Big still a restaurant here in Kansas City he would like ten of those and not only time marlin not been set up. So he attended a white man's ever and you are talking about delivery vehicles you know those special with a lot of cost more. Yeah you do and we weren't very right now it is is comparison. Mileage it's it's it's now and again it's much. You. Have. Insurance high. Island not certain acts that additional. In your daughters are at would have a pretty proud you are now. There's no reason who think they worry may end thanks sir I thanks chase daughter and I grab your racing you know I guess that's a business illness you'll deal at rest and. I think they are and really I think they are up and it and beat the and I think there's there is happy to assess anything my oldest this year. Next weekend at its essence. It's real closer. Or theft I have like they're public interest. I am on the perks. Then so it's a next five years and what he would be thinking about here I mean is it are you still kind of in limbo because of the you know wholesalers retail or do you really useful and take this thing national or what would tier pitcher out here has promises and sound actually wrote. It out on enough that the term usually charge people who are not your average. Strategy and and he always prefaced your iPad and actually doing my job with myself I'm. But and I wrote out here's why it short term. And nor term is TU. Shore up all opportunities exist in Kansas. It's music that was another question is they've been supported the city has in him you really. What is tacky mean. How often hears it and history as a might. While I mean I mean I I I had her idea yeah on the go round excited though. We are nowhere near as. In this market has actually short and mid term. He can regional and see where you. Know there's opportunity and can markets. That requires it and that's ever eaten out. Long term is figuring now is retail something that we couldn't make any sense in our business plan at any. You you probably don't need that I mean usually I we've had Danny O'Neil on we've had other people who have a huge wholesale. World. And all The Who have said most of their revenue comes from their wholesale or Miller and and the retailers. Hey we need to have some six. Publicity to get these old Miller's. You kind of the other way around not yet and it really it worked out and I really it's just the citing. Do we do that are doing. It's on the team now wars. Cancels it requires Kuerten at that time and I. Went when was an army Kennedy had a. It's something that can be really successful. What was that kind of on the on the link in city we like OK this is a dislike. You know I'm gonna make a couple grand or is there. It was when it was when. It happened. Like now. Which is hey we're going to be back in into sitting next month we'd meet you minister and since that time this is without. Maltese. He's a couple of things no penalties and they Symbian and here's exercise its. Work. I was like oh wait I. Having more legitimate that you have to feel worse. Many nuts for apple that was them. And what is your we have a minute left in the show Wisconsin mere biggest surprise and in. Biggest challenge is as is our house. Meet people. When they happen. They've had it recently diagnosed enough Anderson. Justice. I didn't know that it is it sounds corny now how. In the makes it. It's challenge is happening. Data. And trying to figure out you know he'd grow bakery. And then. I'm mad when you really get that that decision if you take over full time and they're really expand I think when that makes cents or. Let's of the you have to think about them right average start and deals section of the vision every our friends are cut a deal with RAI it's like you got your your your your money come in from here in the stability. But you got this and they can potentially be huge. And you and yet doing. Like that's fine. Can I start asking. Prospects for this and maps and yeah. Excellent I need someone help me through that do we'll hire you do that. Roddick united has been our guests today on the grill nation shell with chasing grow at check in her company out implicates bakery it implicates bakery dot com that he cuts and stuff they wholesale. Other located in Prairie Village. Not a retail shop today commercial from to tin cup final sale loves to. Linda Lawrence up from Novak appreciate you offering it Robin on the show and appreciate both you guys who joins me. Thought have been a lot of fun and faithful listen to grill nation we'll see you next week after.