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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes your connected. These X-Factor you'll enjoy Bruce illusion. I connect with the Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter and that girl nation show and online at girl nation showed dot com. And you're just grill nation always dressed up and and their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to the grill nation show here in 1988 AM appreciate join me today via radio as well as the listing today on iTunes via podcast or at. Real nation showed dot com. Receipt joining us in each and every week it's going to be great show today and I can always connect me on Twitter at Jason grill and agro nation show. Also on social media on into grand. Step chat and FaceBook to search for my name and I will connect with you on those platforms. Or get to a Roth and guests today on the looking forward to this once in a lot of fun. Always thicker title sponsors of the girl nation show with casing grilled those sponsors are trusts. Milbank BO OK financially and two us companies and Ryan rink contributors of the girl nation show in crude include. The Reagor and Jay Reardon co Ryan navy's against coasted on a contributor. In the Casey ABC to kiss the area duel in the council. Both those contributors come on the show bimonthly or quarterly each year and do a lot to. Bringing us some really cool gas and what not so. We have a great show today I'm excited she talked to Justin Meyer who is. With. Why TCI dot com and just and is on Twitter at. Justin Myer PC welcome to show just makes it to be here good to see man. I noticed in your Twitter profile photo you have two World Cup fear like that. Yeah well hey my pin on my three picks made it past the group stage so notice any better off you need to update that an era I think tonight kind of the kiss of death and two you know I was like why you know I can't limit on Denmark and then they can make either so. Amid junior Twitter because you I had just admire Casey because you you react to launch where. Learn things you like to do yeah it's a good conversation train I think there's there's a good collection of people that the above Kansas City. That there are all kind trying to promote what we're doing here in Casey and it's also an in the aviation world it's it's a good. Medium fur for us to be. You know have have eyes on what's happening in here airlines all over the place check it out and and you also share some really cool stories and information. So just in Tulsa by your back and I knew you the key which you do now the current tickets through the journeyman because. One of the things you like to do on the show before coming into the nuts and bolts of the day today. And at Kansas City is really kind of talk about where that Nike came from and how Gina appears so. The tickets from you know from you know grown up college right where will Gloria me that it wasn't here what I thought I knew you weren't less now I'm my grip on the East Coast I was born nine just outside Washington DC. On the Virginia side and lived almost all my life grew up. Grew up there and always a really great place to grow up I really loved. On the diversity mean that in Fairfax County. There's a lot of you know and diplomat kids ambassador's kids you know in in the public school system there remember there was in my seventh grade shop classes came from Pakistan that this you know next to me in my classes is that whatever so I we get back grown up now aren't. And I think my friend and that's an and quite honestly in the in the North End where I live now that's one of the things that I miss the most is my kids are being race I just wish that. That that that the diversity in the city was Swiss. Was better and get in not so that's so isolated didn't matter can't they see you were in DC always wonder about you know just because there's thank you said the show me who for some different places had a chance to. The work of their first he Summers and you meet fuel from all over the last two really cool right and that would have been a cool experience I was really enjoyable and it was great see you. Grow up in we'll talk a little bit about might have fascination with history I think is the course of the show and to be able to let him take a fifth grade field trip to Gettysburg and to walk around on you know that civil war battlefield and on that date the nation's history so focus on that part of the country it's really easy to be able though just to walk up to harpers ferry in. Talk about you know. Munitions depots that were destroyed during a during a civil war is ever gonna never really thought about that a great school and school kids in Washington DC have a plethora field trips right this exhilarating and 36 grade weird Jamestown right back and talk about that. And Mina Murray needs neither the dentist in Emery you know in any initial colonization we go to Williamsburg Virginia and CO LS a T so is is need to to be part of it part of the the birthplace of our country are teachers mightily easier out there with curriculum has been I always feel and under events or not seeded that menu. You leave for school or would you get a couple did idea idea and I got an aviation probably. Sixth or seventh grade. To the point that even I'm a bite from Vienna which is where I was from Virginia and bite on the W and he trail all the way down to. To Washington. National airport now it's Reagan airport. When my favorites yeah but not fair it's a love ports located out of the simplicity of it. I bite bite down there and and just watch planes fly over. Little partner in on the north side of the runway. I got an aviation pretty young as a kid in wanting to you. Wanted this did make a career of it in. You know when you're young it's you don't really see all the behind the scenes stuff I wanted to be in aviation so I figured them and I am I need to become pilots. Went to college in Florida enough or attack in Melbourne Florida. In studied aviation flew all through college only we take a you know communications class and then would go to the airport and fly an airplane from you know Melbourne to you Tampa and then back. And then you know do whatever so that's pretty cool it was it was neat I realized. Probably my junior year and we're realize a couple things one that there's a lot of other jobs in aviation besides being the pilot. And tila was agree. You there was my complex. Commercial training on an airplane is had to have a lot of horsepower to it it was one. I had Cameron what was we've weathered I got signed up to solo in. Gotten. If there was three weeks until actually got to solar airplane and it completely forgotten how to fly messiah. It was just it was a race course of business that at a top mile and the since Israel ended up whales like this isn't for me in the alleged cells really hard. The of will come to the reason I'm in Kansas City Issa is a girl like many guys in Kansas City did they come from here but I met my wife. We are in college together in Florida. And there was the right you dial a pilot noticed I wasn't. Seriously environmental environmental science in plain and on the at least a team there. But the it just you know. The opportunity. Did stayed evasions this is really good men and came back here. Yelling graduation in an axis are within our airlines so so easily so the girlfriend brought you here after college illustrate a guy that's right and you immediately got a job with the vanguard and her attorney. And working in this building. Oh yes yes yes it hasn't been what may be it was as a different floor of the there OK okay. It's been updated maybe a little bit since then. The reader for them. Little bit everything SR it is an intern in the summer before my senior year of college and then the job offer coming out. And did pricing and revenue management and scheduling. Charter sales week actually charted the university Kansas football team one year and that was that was really fun a firearm with them. We've saw them winning game and love them. I Justin Myer is our guest on girl nation should today just so we come back from break we're no longer segment only talking about. Out of when you sir is the accuracy aviation department W in your journey went back to Florida. Offer a few years talk like that experience in the value recruited to come back here. In your current position which is the deputy director of aviation. Marketing and air surge development obviously been very actor recently with. New flight path and and terminal so we'll talk about that as wealth goes into the gorilla nation show here in 1988 and we right back after the break things usually. Welcome back to the grill nation show in 1980 GM theme he's he's hands on iTunes and via podcast talking to Justin Myer. Who I will post photo us today and also post in my social media he is Whitney Casey aviation department. He is on Twitter at Justin Meyer AC. Justin you mention you got in the city because a woman you worked for the main garden. Airlines. I airlines does it is a sore owner no no no no. They are sent down summer of of 2000 and two in fact are coming up on that that in virtuous life correctly you went on to. AirTran and into Casey aviation department so. Talk about that you obviously started their looks like you were there for about six years. I think you left again Quebec's border and it illustrates I came I came here in 2000 and and in 2006. Started with city Kansas City, Missouri which which oversees the kids in the aviation department. Ready these apartments and impressed on. As the manager of air service development that's a really interesting career that that has kind of fell into open. Ed anger we talked a little bit about the happen at any AirTran I was also scheduled planners so you airline would take delivery of two new airplanes a month and somebody had to figure out where put them right where. Where can we take these multimillion dollar assets. And where can we make money and so. That was really my role there is trying to put together a flight schedules you know. What's the earliest you can have a flight animal lean. Quad cities. To go to Florida you know it's. This is 530 to earlier does indeed be seven you know eight the city if it's if it's 530 he gets more fly no later planning to make some money right so. I did after awhile and then now we started having kids and and end of the work life balance wasn't quite right so king mountain. Wanted to be closer to home and and in came back to Kansas City and became the became the airport. Talking to you the airlines as the which is the person that I used to be so I was able speak that language I'm revenue per available seat mile an insight turns all the scheduling lingo that that that the airlines are considering they're building there. Building there schedules he did that and low will jump forecast for here though. Went back to Florida. Yeah so in. Saudi venues and doesn't 12 PM what do you. Tim Garcia went to Tampa there's opportunity to you went to joint team that was. A bit a bit of the dream team rank this head heavier park I joke on a from Dallas whenever some of his team and on and they were. Tampa was an airport is an airport in Florida that at the point was really underserved from air service since it is a great opportunity because there. And get them ramped up its who had a lot of air service success got their first ever concept played to Latin America with Coppola. Worked to get Alaska. To fly between Tampa science Seattle and I was involved in the the preliminary part of the negotiations with. Between Tampa airport and the times which is now a flight that's doing really really well. So they've they've. The continued their new terminal there they've they've done about a billion dollar project. On their terminal actually interment terminal designed opened the same year we did the did a completely different strategy where we did this is very unique drive to gate design. They built a kind of a central hub with with its with concourses attached to be trams so they're central. They're central terminal still the same but they've demolished and rebuilt. On air sides as they column and on course and this isn't there two years ago I think it was obvious when you think very impressed stats it's super super convenient I know a lot of people say that no we can be more communion and consider a convenient one among my favorite things about Tampa is the short term parking is in fact right on top of the terminal so you can park right on top go right down. Jump on the tram and be entered to eat and in them times really easy. Yeah there is an area on fish a lot of mistakes in an effort at Syria and those school is very open. Came back in the city to your current position. What was that what wet why do you make that decision black eye I believe we can build terminal. And I and I wanted to be part of saws and opportunity have huge opportunity and an and a great fit for. That does. The direction that our city's going and there's so much that they were we're accomplishing. And growing up as the city and it's it's kind of silly to think and you know it decision that was made in the mid 1960s in the style that was designed in the late 1960s and open in 97 he would still be the best. Offer for now so it's been nice it's been a challenge have been back for four years and we definitely had highs and lows. By and were moving forward we had a positive vote in November we've got as a really good. A group that were partnered with designing and constructing new terminal and while we haven't broken ground yet it's. It's coming yeah Endesa and and then. Definitely is is. Something I want to be part of amen if you look back five years ago. I mean you wouldn't think he'd get in Europe in terminal there. And it happens so. That's exciting for you made big progress that there were so thankful for everybody it's taken time to become educated on on airports it's not not a typical thing that you wanna get Smart on Ryan that it's really that up financing and operation I'm an airport it's. It's confusing who pays for it how does that work you know why there's not a direct relationship between your park costs and an air fair honest you know and you build a new runway doesn't mean you get more flights rates so there's there's all sorts of assumptions that people have that that for the most part none of armor actually true. Always talk about Acxiom concerned about what you actually do at the KC AD okay what it would eat what you do every daily what what's what. Would it would of people know Mikey CD which today no bomb because off fair we're talking about there's flights are canceled. I mean you guys get negative repressed every team goes negative calls native tweets that I think I just I just needed that let's take the listeners through what the Casey eighties actual shirtless so again I mentioned and impress under the city of cancer miseries of the city Kansas City, Missouri overseas. On the airport the air which is UniCredit. And it's kinda unique it inland now managed to city of Atlanta manages there are steel town I. It's we've seen a move towards recon gorge regional authorities and the when I was in Tampa and Hillsborough County reached airport authority manages Tampa International Airport. Then there's pros and cons for for both. I think Beatrice synching with with Kansas City. Missouri managing our airport. Is is that the majority of our users actually conference in Kansas so mrs. let's have let. I like to hear that yet as there and there are books say it will say its original place here now right so it's done. You know I I think that that's that conversation is as one friend of another time I really want and get focused on in this terminal on them and conversation about changing the governance of of airport ownership that's. Now's not the time for that we've we've got enough tough just moving forward on the on the terminal project them so so. Easy easy department's oh yes so part of the city can't seem Missouri. I mentioned enterprise high and there's also the water department is the other and oppressed under the sneak in sickness or in May and that means that. Both of those departments don't touch the city. Tax Payer general fund writes us if you paid. Property tax or pay. Aviation and water don't touch OK so that that that promise there's no risk to taxpayers on the new terminal project that is true because. We are an enterprise fund and the revenue that we used to run the issue apartment is from airport users only. Yet passengers or tenants or airlines themselves that investment in airplanes. So we got about 40450. Employees in the UV in the aviation department. And everything from finance to our commercial development to. Airport maintenance or port operations. Lighting in facility is having we do. Bus drivers we've got we've got jobs for just about every different type of employee you also. Provide their services at the Charles B Wheeler downtown airport that's right so aviation department oversees both and CIA and M Casey. We can hopefully fought through their one day we have private planes yeah right. I've done now one time have you won so all right I've flown out of it. With the Cuba years ago and a big guy that we went to Miami with had a private plane that does decide to actually got a chance to do that was pretty cool. The play and in you know flying out of there with cities frame. It's pretty awesome secured for a dog right now I just runner on the front and ten downtown airport merit on turning your nerve. Half marathon training you know there it's to get cliff it's not sunny. Your surgeries. Very good loop to run there's you guys obviously operate that is well. Like you mentioned. This is an enterprise fund of KC MO and so it's supported by airport user charges. And original tax revenues are used for administration promotion operation and maintenance of the airports in the system. Very actually yeah. When it's knows what happens yeah so we've got out and says the crew that that are power feel Maine and seem right that's out there. On cutting grass in and do work in in this in the summer they're they're pollen in the winner so. We've likely hadn't had pretty decent. Decent weather last couple winners at. It's always ill what do I guess there's a what do I do my flight is big kids I wanna tweeted just in my case seek and the people's Auxerre and people there. I can't help via the but I'll listen via the who controls that the city of the best way to ten talk about the relationship between the airport and our tenants are airlines or are concession airs whenever. To really similar to a shopping mall. I work for the company that owns them all done our job is to have paved the parking lot. While the parking lot. Make sure their security. In the air make sure the light our line and managed negotiations with tenants as they come and they go and that is. And in Taylor loft need more space let's figure that out that's really our role non. I don't get to fight for free because I'm not an airline employee break the airline employees it's intuit has been. So I was who have been hurt and Atlanta earlier sorry it's a bit but that's that's really I think think the easiest way to help people understand how that how that works is. The airlines make their own decisions on how much to sell a ticket for orb or what kind of product they should just like just like the loft. You know should we sell mission we sell that how much it'd be that all those decisions are made by by the airlines that are doing business in Kansas City. Our jobs just to provide as a place for them to do good business and that means Powell on this pile on the runways in the winner makes it the airport's open. If somebody makes an operational decision and says you know. We're not gonna fly this late in because we think the weather's gonna get worse or. In that plane that's coming in from Chicago comes to Kansas City and then there's a blizzard in Denver. So we're not notify the plane in Eden you know those are all their operational decisions airlines make just in it's gotten it's gotten better in especially in the world's technology. It used to be that when when we have them a big storm. That mean he would show up to you try to re you know find the crowds are crowds anymore because when play gets canceled your phone vibrates in there they stay home. Just admires our gets you right back after the break but more room. I guess. Welcome back to the grill nation showed 9088 yen. Came BC also appreciate your need to listen Dalia I teens via podcast or act grill nation should dot com we can find. All of our information that our shows that we bear in the past you can listen to them and all our social media contact info. We're talking to Justin Myer today's on Twitter at Justin Myer case seized. The deputy director of aviation at the can't see. Aviation department very active on Twitter. Very active in the local community Justin and we've been talked about penny your background which you guys do over there at the key is the aviation department I'll suck but the growth. So you recently flew to Iceland that's a new new fire we have it's gotten a ton of media publicity and actually took that trip within the first one. As I mean our fight of my twelve year old son with me how was I imitate it tells us I guess here I mean it was. It was emotional for me that negotiation with that particular airline took place over about nine year period in. Kind of got escalated very quickly towards the end but it was nine years of commerce of conversations of telling Iceland air about Kansas City NY this the the hub that they operate in Iceland is a good fit. For all of our transatlantic passengers and how that's all grown in what Kansas City isn't trying to get them out to speed on on the opportunities changes everything we have a direct Europe. It says it does it really doesn't end and who will see that as the as the data starts coming in that that there's a stimulative effect. Of convenience where people fly to Europe each day from Casey annualized is off 300 pound each day each day annualized but we also know in the summer. That that's. If it peaks right so it's probably closer to a 500. I'm in the sat in the peak summer. And do we noted that to me that is spectacular and we also know their catchment areas much bigger you start thinking about what he had the convenience of a nonstop flight. Or an easy one stop. Or low cost like like Iceland areas. In your stern pulled people from Omaha you're simple people from 2 morning in Wichita and some. That number becomes close and 6700. In fact the first the first group they came through the security checkpoints that Icelander inaugural test and from. Arkansas Arkansas with the Arkansas they driven four hours five hours up from Arkansas to get on the flight because they thought the fair is compelling and for his schedule worked with them themselves. Itself. That just changes everything because you think of all the day all of us I'm G five Chicago Minneapolis New York LA heated international fight. It's just it's just complicated mess I have to play this out I think the biggest convenience is the return flight. Because your clearing customs and see BP. You're down at home. So when I book a flight NM and I've got. Another Europe trip and I'm looking at right now or some put together what are my two marys aren't anything less than ninety minutes or two hours even at Dallas or Chicago. And it is that it's a lay overs last not coming back home you never know you never know how long securities in shape even if or or or seat he's intake even if you have the or. Global entry or. I'm mobile passport or every he's never now you know less on us to Chicago the blue train and the connects via the international arrivals building to the other terminals was. Was a service to make source since almost flights from Iceland. If you examine round and float around for a vacation. I'm done that ever but yeah. She you for you use it makes a lot easier well when your heat when your home. No matter if there's twenty people in front of your 120 people in February the past for controlling Kansas City. When you're through your dog you getting your car you call your friend and you just go home. Yeah it's not there's and you lose you can usually don't do any of that stress of wonder from enemy my connection because this thing that I can't control. Is it becomes no longer factor so I think that that's that's the biggest convenience of of the flight is is how easy it is to. It clear customs here in Kansas City in to scan your cargo what are some other new decisions are excited about that we have an and Ashley. There's a time I'm Riley was one of the ones that was our largest unserved market and that now be added to airline arousal. You say now was the one that people one of the most of gas underserved. The most the largest city without service so is about a hundred passengers a day between intensity in Raleigh N on nonstop service that we in the market for quite awhile with a couple different carriers on that. Just it's crazy you know like think about that if you're Kansas City and you think for a small town. There's a hundred people every day at an attorney to Raleigh. That just blows my mine and a SO America's Arad and our frontier and southwest Sargent Alan I'm in April our own conference your star in Jacksonville which is another one of our top unserved. I know we've got a good news and an error whenever one of our other new airlines we've added four in the last year. On the vacation express is to solicit they're gonna come back and operate another another peak season a pattern TU. Open to Connor in the Dominican Republic and their wanna go gals on my list so that's a resident there an element that's a good one that's a direct flight nonstop flight yeah and there's a difference too between directed nonstarter those upright and less of that today is there an air perky or trailer in this for yeah I think president says the difference is direct means you're gonna get there on the same flight number. Nonstop means there are no other stops in between it and so if you remember kind of Southwest Airlines 1520 years ago they would have. In a single flight numbers that go from Baltimore to Oakland California but with six stops in between. That's a direct fight it defied from. Baltimore to Oakland on do either direct flight that doesn't change his flight number but still have toss up between. A nonstop really wanna nonstop here I really want to know that's tough I. So we have to start making sure everyone says nonstop. Com that that's interest in it that's that's one of those those things that just. People started saying to discount on and a heads and you know it I'm also on the proceed for it and it's in the terminal not any airport and I don't I don't know if I'll ever better Casey I found that and enough we'll ever be successful in getting people make mistakes still sometimes. Very cool so we're growing we're growing obviously we've had many new airlines we've had four years of pat your rear passenger growth. Oh with one month I think the month that tourism hurricane hits Florida and hurt in any Houston. I September of last year was our was now is editor national trade. Idea yeah I it has done so we are likely continue to do we Syria where you were growing but we've also been passed right so it was five years ago that we were. The bigger. In terms of passenger volume bigger than Austin we've been passed I think we've been passed bias San Jose California. About to be passed by Sacramento or that's been passed by Raleigh or maybe that happened last years we've been growing though we haven't been growing at the same rate and then. You know comes back to what we hear from airlines and April 2016 and Sampras counseled look. Southwest. Intentionally doesn't connect passengers here because it's such a bad experience and our we're doing that elsewhere it's a that's all the business that were missing out insurance because she'll grow so I we we do Vienna edit were done at the airport. The new terminal. On that changes everything that changes everything for southwest and these people because and they can't say that yeah that's right people want one of the violent coo Heidi the work provide a facility with enough places to sit and enough bathrooms which I don't think anyone can argue that we. We have. That's hey ray we don't have that we don't space for rent we don't have bathrooms that's for sure so you you. When you're connecting passenger you wanna get off the plane you wanna walk around going use the bathroom and sometimes join fines and eat and we don't deliver on. Any of us. Which is crazy you know we still get flights out as a world where I've mostly appoint a gorge in Kansas City or destination Gansu very little through traffic coming through I was actually coming home from a from Portland. Or again ends on selflessly sitting next to a guy who is going on to Indianapolis. He's like I've never been conceived poorly what which they do issue ACS will first and foremost. Don't follow people outside of the security checkpoint because they ought to just security. Is like my. The jets like right there you know feed off the airplane walking 120 feet you're going to be outside the secure area may not to go back there applied only do as a Clint you know. Did you ever get oriented before you just follow that followed all the groups so you know he was lucky to be sitting Mahan is an easy I think maybe. That is great Justin miers of this today he's the deputy director yen in C aviation department is is a Twitter is at just admire Casey. Great fall for a new flights here in Kansas City while other airports are doing to grow. Great civic. Updates if you will of what's going on with the new airport terminal thinking about myself. What is your what is your favorite airport out there in the US and abroad. Artist and a few if you hit it you can build anything. I really like I really like continue left field. That Dallas built. That's what I don't on this city is an honest we need to have some like yeah and then we didn't but better and aunts and theirs and everyone involved in that process and has some things that they messed up on its on the gate areas needed to be bigger. The the bathrooms there's not enough bathrooms and enough inherent in airplanes got bigger for southwestern and their biggest planes went from a 143 hundreds of five C put it. You know you put ten planes on the ground in their selves and 300 more people than you expected immunity when you're putting it together so. Other thing that I am I I like 08 Tampa we talked about Natalie Portman the year when I was just didn't really feels a local I mean that the concession program there is just absolutely true Portland. We are true I write full that's what we're gonna hopefully do with Arkansas and we are well you know hundred terminal yeah bring in some more competition in and get to it's and true Kansas City flavor to it than the one of the issues we have right now and very Linear terminal designed to terminals we have as you know we've got to just continue to repeat the same thing. Because there's Allen central area where. If you're looking for Starbucks this is wary of this are wrecks we've got seven or eight Starbucks over two terminals that's crazy. It's crazy I mean where's that we you know where's the barbecue place. And we've got one and you could only access and if you're fine southwest that it doesn't make sense and we'll do a lot better on the concession program. And I really like I like Austin, Texas and I think that there's there have been there's going to be a lot of similarities between now and the arrival in the Austin, Texas airport and what we're gonna do here with a double over roadways separating. Arrivals arriving Traficant departing traffic in the parking garage it's right there. Yeah and these guys are low level opening is based on top level name in ninety Kenner area sept. It's you rivals were on the bottom right into the Kodak claims on the lower level up and you go up at Austin gamble do some very semi that's the neat that's have been there really any part of this project as work. He lives teak. You know I guess I don't know. I love this and and put it all together and we've got the sport of airlines says today keep going on that so it's it's been nice to be involved and so far that's really cool and you know. It's about time we did something like that because. You know. You've got to have Friday you're Sunni in so the first thing the notice when you find here is that no offense a disaster. As far as a set X and them. It is it does make an impact I know when I find the cities that have great airports. And they have modern cool amenities your palate wow like an abort thought. Neighbor city and aboard a thought you know I was in Little Rock is greater part I never thought like the of these cities have. Great airport some excited to have a new terminal here at. In Kansas City next PCI were talking to Justin Myer to have him back on the show for one final segment time as. Lying here and grill nation hope you're enjoying the show went out repeated approvals is more about the airport in. Have some fun yeah Goosen proved. Final segment today on the grill nation show. Appreciate you joining us today on my medium in on nineteen them with Justin Meyer he's the with the aviation department is the deputy director we haven't had him on the show before to shocking we've done over a 165 shows a growth nation in probably over 200 to 300 entrepreneur Casey. Let them on as we move through this process the new terminal. But they'll have some more fun here today talking about some of your favorite airport. What is your favorite city in the US seek relative. And as you travel what I wanna know like what if it's something. Policy with a cool seat issued to BT go to summer vacation or you know I had a and it blasts in Portland that was last month I add a little bit I thought about running the a marathon there about to secede decision met the mayor. At a function I was adamant that in Austin it's up on a technical did the mediums and it's simply a grip on it's you know I didn't. For a lot of the same reasons I left Kansas City agencies right size for me right here Portland's like Portland or not Seattle. Means that's on the same kind of cool weather that's nice since got a little bit of that more Sunday Pacific northwest field and yes it's it's a small city. And and so I really enjoyed. I enjoy those but I guess it's hard it's hard to pick one that you know I I just go there all the time like aside. I love the journey out of seized you know see something new every timing and somewhere. What is a destination that you want to get from the airport. Perfect world new terminals bill to. I'm off and you probably for us or that you can't talk about the what is a destination that you love to have Kansas City have access on nonstop we've been talking I talked to who's been nine years on the ice and earpiece rein in and so we're not stopping. Her talking European carriers about. About opportunities in Kansas City are of course our goal right now is to make sure. It's an air works in and we're encouraging everybody that cares about in Kansas city's connecting EDT you. To Europe I can't wait. Don't go to lake every summer until I get ten nonstop flights. You know whatever city in France you wanna go too because that time now works we got. The young Peruvian show the airlines that we support the service as it comes in. And that's how growth happened so. If you figure dispatcher to Europe I need to go and any suffice when there then how can we gotta make now work it out and let that 500 people in the summer flying I mean at some point there to pass that he had. I teach in your question I knew I knew I'm and the German it's soccer fan writes I like the Bundesliga and I'd I'd love to have a nonstop flight into in determining we're talking a couple years now actually be. Over in Germany with done with this Casey doing a sales promoting Kansas City doing a sales trip with them. In August and just next month will be over there on the very nice hidden immunity studio here because yeah if browsing colleges and enjoy it flew into Frankfurt rebel movement spans of time so my favorite my favorite Marreese the world's oldest buries actually five commoners from Munich airport's a fine give myself a four hour layover there can easily. We gotta love it got quick start and all of Germany gill of billions in her happier there Belgium. OK so those are some things were when work on what about. Pretty much and on the domestic front we're cover right. Whereas Ernie nonstop she will increase. You know I love to see some some additional frequencies in this some you know some of the markets lake like Washington DC. Oh yeah war. Yeah I bet. The markets will go with the kind of grow and Dell so OC register me we'd and we had orange counties probably one of our top in there's there's a lot of does when you know when you say it will be at a facility that connected passengers better. It would make my conversations with an airline like southwest a lot easier that I could say hey look you know. Sacramento Orange County. CN. San Jose all of those if you carry local passengers plus some beyond passengers you know you can make a lot of this market markets work. With the connections that we can't do on the local so Cleveland as well. Columbus while LeBron leaving their son now I have a three flights into the mirage Sele who say Iraq to pick it. Whether what's your favorite innovation you've seen recently internationally. US like what's an airport that's been recently though I mean you obviously on these are pie in the sky may be in Asia. Not flown Asia and Japan that was an experience that when it crazier or Dallas bank. Is there any images like you saw the recycle crap that is so freaking cool. The I really appreciate. The new and they're not just in the in overseas there's infect someone and in Newark the new security checkpoint. Systems that they have. Where. There's kind of five people have been from the bottom instead of on the topic VC and it's gotten so April there's there's like five positions and footprints seat there's fighter from people can be unloading at the same time you pulled in now he says and on top you take off your value taker she signature laptop with with whatever. And when that in slowly pushing forward on to the until then moving. X ray belt and and then you pull out another one and finish so if if you know I got to sit in a video and if you knew. Every where everything is in you in your backpack writes a year in and out your quick. You're not slowed down by the three people that are in front of you that are struggling to take off their boots with John metal buckles rain because. You once you put all your stuff. You just cooperate through so that's absolutely something that organ we need to have done the terminal on say your not you know and you get to kind of meteor suffers and there are so much in technology. In self I'd a gone on a plane. Got on the plane in Europe without using without talking to anybody write everything has some iPhone and went to security boom done. Got to thinking eight nick said now boarding group three. And I walked up to attend automated gate and put my phone down and it went to an open and I want done and then sat down and the first person I talk to you as well as the flight crew and they said you know. Make sure your phone zero point. Joseph Myers with us got three minutes left. In desert cool innovations is there in mid eighty's that you really enjoyed airports that favored amenity costs are because errands like all these women that I talked to was there in the airport process. Like I've got to have a nail salon in an airport I gotta have listening America branch like people that are business travelers think about that stuff and they don't they don't. You don't think about that was she traveling every week Blake Taylor indeed these little things. It's always about shopping. What is that I mean what is the third inning you it's changing and that's the neat part is it it's constantly evolving. Less barber shops but but. I was when I was in an up or untrue by eight you know I can I see airports differently rail go to the airport two hours earlier three hours early just to walk around and see everything you try to figure out how. And from parts work they had. Providence. Madison or Providence medical group whose and his big up against him get west they have made they have a walk in clinic in the important so. I have time to get your flu shot don't have time to you know get checked out like. That is so cool that right there behind security everything so you you know flights delayed an hour analyze enough field now well you need to. Asif tactic that we can turn could get a few hot bath. So that kind of stuff and I'm not I'm not in non on nail salons have probably not after me but I love saying women I loved us island getting outside. And I was in Zurich and they've got an. Field observation will do what they're still observation deck with a you know it also exists signage about this is what these are with the airplanes are they. The coolest thing and I hope we can replicate this is just read this little box of according to press a button and it would start piping. Lighter traffic control team to sit there and listen in as seen everything move around in the orchestration of his planes his love well or grown kids let me hear you I was I was totally geek out speaking it was just got a minute left Dublin was the first time you flew in the where. China or in your life I don't really remember now I amid aviation kid we traveled a lot I remember for Mike. In a weird twist my grandmother actually lived on tea broccoli excel I remember early when in my earliest flight memories is flying out of Washington. On ozark flight going in Saint Louis and then flying from. Saint Louis to Springfield. On and those are DC nine been where we probably had full moon Neil service right on the third what about your kids. Older they when they pursued their point oh well I mean. In infants. I yeah I took my first flight to Florida to Orlando to get too is that Disney World and Disneyland Disney World is your world around about five remember that. Don't know if I threw up enough by Kara memorable and I got airplanes that he was a lot of fun it's still amazing to think it's nothing really gets me is I'm I am in my right job I love. I love airplanes and I I I am still amazed when a plane takes off. And I'm sitting there you feel betrayed the way transition from the wheels to wings it's it's the most incredible thing I can believe that in two generations we figured out how to fight through this guy's pretty awesome. And Justin Meyer has been our guests Almonte Twitter at just admire Casey Justin thanks for coming on the show in death as a new low with a new term run love to have you on to update us some progress as we. Through through the upcoming years my friend thinks it's big threat thanks for coming on and I hope you enjoy the relationship this week have a great day we'll see instant ticket.