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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always just okay. Even in their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to be grilled nation show I'm your host chasing real think for joining me today at nine ED AM. Came easy as well eyes on iTunes via podcasts and after listening on our website to grow nation showed that come we greatly appreciated. Casey to be held a show have a lot of fun we're gonna learn a lot. Animate appearing in our initial guess here the second and we will preview today show. But afforded I want to thank our title sponsors and supporters of the growth nation show. Title sponsors of the show our trust mode bake in UK financial and two US companies and Ryan rate. Insurers of the girl nation showed include the Reagor. An honor contributor and V Casey eighty seat the KC area development council. Michelle your support and obviously always love having our sponsors and title sponsors bring on. Great guests and showcase the great things happening both in Kansas City and on a national level. You get wrecked me on Twitter at the Jason grill a tweet from adjacent grow often also will tweet occasionally from time to time at the grill nation show. On today's show we're gonna bring in one of our partners and supporters. Joined today by the UK financial Ryan Humphrey. Who is the vice president at the BO OK financial. And we're going to bring him on a second that is first segment and then after that we will have on the show. Chris Harris the chief development officer of cornerstones of care you'll be joined as well by Stephanie Sheldon. Who is the senior marketing manager at cornerstones of air concerns of Kerry's online at cornerstones of care dot org. Great organization here in Kansas City they're dedicated to helping children and families wherever they are whenever they they need them. Prevention treatment support services are integrated into their programs in nature they help. 7000 children families both an additional 4000 me members improve health happiness confidence confidence and self sufficiency. They're over 600 plus trained professionals and practice a certified trauma and four model to identify address treat and monitor a variety of behavioral health needs. They're gonna talk is about their key six key server series today also highlight the exciting news that there will be involved with the chiefs charity in this year. As well as learn more about some of the issues that are facing families and children. In this day and age in the midwest as walls in the Kansas City year. Before agreeing on wanna bring on just sponsored supporter puke if any joined Ryan Humphrey. They Ryan welcome the show it's just the drug it's a good to have you back it's been awhile since I seen you run the show what 23 years ago with I was a least two years ago brought on the alliance is greater incentive. I think in fact that it seems like those for ever go to this one does it nighttime it's weird with times of day and I. A look back a year ago I'm Mike Mahan this year's Roma and sometimes the wicked pictures from three or four years ago like and the team that want to blow sometimes the pictures are always flattered that value out like that they market no I got to get a get back in shape that's all dialed the power. Itself so right what do you do it Bewkes financial. Sure I'm commercial lender commercial banker of UK financial. And the relationship manager point person for clients. I focus on lending that if they have any sort of banking you don't get them introduced to the right person at the banks on. Responsible for handling existing relationships in the developing new businesses while it. You into Oklahoma State and got an economics and finance major even a BOK for quite awhile. I have I just celebrated my nine year anniversary couple weeks ago just like you said hard to imagine from time to time flies and sometimes it doesn't it's. It's been a fun ride non unhappiness that made it nine years that's pretty cool men. So talk to sew up the Missouri de Coeur mill bank you can financial stuff how does that all work out this deal what I noticed showed the sponsors were. We're sported by deal potentially in the bank sure some BO OK financials the parent company of Milbank at this point open next in the Kansas City community for a long time and now that be okay has partnered with them we have an even stronger presence in Kansas City. The OK financials headquartered on and also it's a large super regional bank 32 billion in assets but. Presence in Kansas City hadn't been that strong and when we had the opportunity to partner with someone like no thank you as deep roots in the community we had to jump and now we're operating under both those brands on the corporate side of the large. Commercial businesses it be okay financial than when working on the lower into the market whether it's consumer small businesses it's really branded as no bank because they. Like I said have been intensity for so long enough such a great brand recognition and one of the things we've been lucky with the relation we have here to grow nation Jones. You guys bring a great guests and great weather there and charities nonprofits that but today our. Folksy you've worked with smoke banks were with the rebuke definitions were when don't grow their businesses. You guys gonna offer full candor correct BO OK and Milbank with. Small business to corporation we really do we cannot have all our bases covered at this point it seems like where previously disputed financial focused on the larger into the market and moving can focus on the smaller and the market and our kind of filling in the gap and no matter what size organization you are pure non profit Europe. Commercial real estate developer whatever might be we can Serbian eaten. We're talking to Ryan Humphrey from a BO OK financial. Let's talk about today show we're gonna have Chad Harris who is with portions of care and Stephanie Sheldon as well. Joining us here in the next segment with a right in Ireland they show. Tell us about these guys and what they view in how you can things. Was involved sure courses of cares a great local organization that is library working in city community and as we'll talk about later beyond her reaching further into Kansas and Missouri that. They serve underprivileged youth youth that have gone through trauma and might need some support and then also families have values then. They have a smaller focus on early childhood education and early childhood development which really comes well into the fold with. UK and no bank's charitable contributions and charitable focuses. We really focus on early childhood education and from the top down with our organization. And George Kaiser runs about 13 of our shares were publicly traded. Has made it a mission and his life to focus on that area chaired and to really. Make sure that kids have what they need from the outset to steer their lives in the right direction. So whether it's that are another charity both no bank in BO OK have been charitably focus for a long time so. We like to work with folks like cornerstones of care when we can and even if we're not working with them directly elect this support them in other ways. The website is is cornerstones of aired on organ to be exciting to talk today and have a lot of cool things are doing. And I'm looking forward to learning about different services is a very complex area. Dave Grohl. Treatment and they're also gonna talk to assembly today about ways that. Fathers can get him all of them as well as teachers. To enrich there a knowledge around some of these issues. And again they're gonna talk about their upcoming chief security game first game Patrick loans is August 2 game of his career. But first game as a starter. Officially president for the whole season right there ought to be preceding game an August ought to be a lot of fun. Right you would begin to see now for awhile. After blooming in Oklahoma it's gone up on the stage and also what would your we think Kansas City right now I looked out of Kansas City it's it's home now I've been here for eight years and can't imagine leaving upset on my roots here and you know it's it's a great place it's it's a big small town. There's you know very few degrees of separation and there's a lot of good things going on in this community and a lot of growth potential and he compared to Oklahoma City. You know it's a little bit broken down and a much rock vocal sure it's a little bit bigger and I feel like Kansas City is maybe just ten to fifteen years ahead of Oklahoma City welcomes it certainly heading in the right direction that Kansas City just seems to be a little bit ahead. And but it's very community focused and. It's funny to hear the people sell about kinsey when they compare us to to Austin yeah and yeah the startup tech world it's like you're about ten years and inflection point. Or you know city day you know similar growing city like Denver on here attend if it is selling were aware that Oakland city and death similar idea that a similar words from Ryan Miller Brian Humphrey is joining me today we right back with Chad Harris and Stephanie shelters from cornerstones of scared to come out exporters since hairs out or listen to grilling. Welcome back into the relations show here and nice 80 AMP. Easy as she calls joining me is well today and I teams. Via podcasts and agro nation should dot com where you can find links to all of our guests our show sponsored supporters in more information about what we do here each and every week and took all world choose to that are on there as well. As Ryan Humphrey is joining me today from. UK financial VP over there bitter. Just sponsor and supporter of the show for many years and lucky to have both BO OK financial and Milbank. Support the show as we talked about her first segment today. We are gonna be joined by here and the second by Chad Harris he's the chief development officer Eric cornerstones of care. And Stephanie shelled in his senior marketing manager understands that care the website is. Cornerstones of care dot org I'm excited to learn more about. This organization and when welcome back Brian Humphrey and bring in Chad Harris and Stephanie Sheldon TV show are you guys had a great thanks Larry Jason's great. It's great to see you guys. OK so I don't know anything about what you do the start from there no I'm excited to have you first off. I take us through which you guys each student kind of your background star with Chad. And it sure Ohio State guy and and and have also gone in the zoo on the way and that's right so I've been tense city area about 1012 years now. And the spring joints cornerstones of care is the chief home officer for awhile so recently read recent test so Stephanie is here help me today to to a talk by the organization but it's great group and it's what it was so your background is it and is in development yeah so I served my career in higher education advancement work so fundraising alumni relations food that's hard work in this but it's great ten. People proud of their alma mater says there is as they are. And Davos and any opportunity Tenet to see development take off in different forms in different sectors of the nonprofit community men and been a proud Kansas City and with the specs professional Roland wanted to have an opportunity to. Give back to community it's given a lot to me last decade that's pretty cool and it's not easy to always ask for money isn't it's not about. With an organization my cornerstones of care there admission that it's easy to get behind him and people when they hear our story in the stories that we. Talent share in the lives of impact every day. It makes them. That's awesome Stephanie what about you and you. It's her master's in journalism from K you are yes and marketing and you're active in Kansas City I can tell really did in junior league and all kinds of charities of one now what do you do that portions care. You know I had the privilege of leading our marketing team Oca. How we have to primary focuses let marking it corners and that cares so we support under it thinks that we need. Work very closely with Chatham and development team regime I'm and then that we recruit Foster and that's one of the biggest needs of our organization. Is more Foster parents born children in state custody of those are Q priorities. And. Had a chance over the years to. In my life both public and private sector to work on stuff like this and it's amazing to me how many people understand how many kids. That need Foster care. And sign your parents. In our local area that's why are you guys based in Kansas Missouri where you where you work where is that where you help them yes. So I persons of care we actually have twelve locations across Missouri and Kansas. I'm currently in the state of Missouri there's 141000 children that aren't you know Foster families and cares about 8000 in the state of Kansas. And so we come through the states and after contract services work that we do provide that care. We are the primary care provider for crew dean and aptly seen children and northwest Missouri. In a thirty county area that spans from about Harrison though accused the Iowa Missouri border and Mary fell for him to daily 228. So that's the area that we primarily serve with Foster care we also do that were conceived kansas' well. But our reaches even beyond that zone through these various programs and services that we offer for man on behavior health. We actually and preteens about five different states across medalist. Was inching. There also differ write the rules and regulations in nonprofits in private and public that's right yeah I understand sometimes isn't it it is set out somebody new to the organization and obviously the mission is important and and gaining support. I Stephanie said you know our biggest need continues to be in need for more families who who opened their homes to help provide safe home. Now for children that are in need of a home for men. So right how do you. Guys were with with this organization how did you did you guys meter what was going on with of the UK financial Milbank in the partnership there yes we've had a couple people involved with volunteer level for several years now and some board members as well so pretty dissents and first introduced me and it's on our institutional wealth side he manages and assets for cornerstones Willis are on board. And then when there is a Lindy need he brought me into the relationship we set up a line of credit and at the relationship now for 34 years plus I think. So just a great local local organization. Revered we'd like to support local charities and cornerstones of great. Mean. Talking more in depth plea about you're gonna services we have a lot of time and so I I just I don't just talk about Foster parent would talk about there's six or seven everything you offer that's an end in sight you know people can't help the community. Let's let's just slowly go through those one is education crap about that one that's important out. So cornerstones of care we provide K12 education and through three different schools that operate. Are fully accredited schools to Greek nineteen. Programs. Four youth that. Peter now it's numb often they are referred to as I school districts in the area that maybe don't have the staff seen. Expertise to be able to address those needs of the youth. I'm currently we have about twenty different school districts. Oh runs the area that sends children to art school they treatment programs. And and we operatives have three different locations across Kansas City area. What what are those locations there and so we have one in blue springs Vietnam so we in the blue springs will restrict. I'm we actually have. Classrooms with in the school district that our staff go affair and you know some youth are able to be with in the school district and state. In in their school home in on pace to be have process. And then we have two other schools one at Dulles campus music 80% on home. And then one that where I was and am campus switches and seventh and the ball never heard that name of foresaw into it down right announced it was an ample evidence Dahlia. And so all are we seeing a higher need for this I mean is it is it is fluctuating weight lately I mean I feel like there's a lot of more emotional behavioral disorders that children face the young age that they miss it you've been there and cornerstones now for over three years I mean what if what have you seen. Yeah the trends there definitely is. It does can go up and especially in the years and that. You know. Right when kids go back into all of this can of another little hyped up. Because there's a lot more pressure going back to school there back in there with all of their peers and kind of trying to navigate and figure out. How they're supposed to you worked together after being off this summer so there's kind of fluctuations happened throughout the year even none but it's always top priority to be able to help children transition back into their own school. We never want kids come to Ers line and you know something and they do they end up graduating from there and that's great and successful amount environments. But whenever we can you lines to help them transition into their homes school with their neighborhood. On that appears that they've been growing up went. Yeah yeah. And what are the ages of these children that diss the service IK through twelfth I'm so for all programs now. These guys touch people that are five years old. On what is it thirteen now being indicted in LA yeah yeah yeah so we have I think we had a math isn't very good how. Thank you had 12100 students graduated this year. From high school bathroom so. Worm credited so we have athletic teams so we work to make it you know as. As. To get there another another layer because. I've I've talked to many people that always hit a high schools and great schools of the public schools they became provide these services. Or are special you know situation and so you guys are the ones that. He called and we are good. We also another program where. We go and partners specifically with school district and teachers educators and parents and administrators. On the to behavioral intervention mounds and we have a team of individuals that go into the school districts and help. You know movements in and teachers the skills they need to to help those kids remained successful in her school on tossed in their home and they don't. I is there one is the one they ever dole. Disorder behavioral issues. Really kind of come into the T like the guys think is really the most. You know most important and you're seeing the most of a mean and they're not doctors or or therapist or counselor to social workers here but. Is there one thing ended. You're seeing. Prevalence of I think it really varies. So the basis of all the work that we do is is from a perspective of fiscal trauma informed care mood so all of the youth and children that we serve have experience some form. Either personally through neglect or abuse or from a home environment that perhaps her parents and her family structure is not this if and harm or mom I think we've seen that means evolve over time. I think a classic example is that when you think about some of the national issues that are out there and how they effect us locally. The appeal it crisis in America is one of the things. So. I marked maybe not an issue for the addiction and within our youth. The parents that maybe half an addiction and impact their children and that at home environment if environment and meant so. That's that's a way where I think it it's a much at home a little bit in terms of its easy to care about that in the news every day that you don't understand and it's trickle down effect that out. The impact it has lights on the. Millions does it in this those first few years you're important and yeah perhaps I received here is 405 years of life. Everything I read it out possessed on the most important time and a even early education so there are doing more with fat I mean more more research that we know now it shows that you know 483. It's a lot of curse and so in that. Space to help support youth from birth we talked about education mental behavior all that we just we just meant she no way in our web site one in every five youths ages thirteen 82 experienced severe meant to halt sort of like that's the passing that. And you guys Pruitt Healy inclusion respect for difference in possible positive social change. And you can overcome the mental health challenges that they have all these things. We're talking to cornerstones of here. Chad Harris and Stephanie shoulder with us along with Brian Humphrey from UK financial. Threat back after the break through here. I guess. Welcome back. To the grill nation shop here post chasing growth thanks for joining us again today in 1980 and then if you're listening your car at the gym or wherever you are via podcast we appreciate on iTunes you can listen on iTunes and any time. Due to grow nation showing all seeking connect with us on Twitter at Jason girl that relationship or to handle on Twitter. We are with Chad Harris who is with cornerstones of care he's the chief development officer also with Steffi Sheldon whose. Also with cornerstones of care she is the senior marketing manager. Act corner since the care of the website it's cornerstones of care dot org are also on its Syrian. And social media check out our court cornerstones. On answering ending its equal stuff up there. And also I'm joined today by Ryan Humphrey who's the vice president Bewkes financial. Great company here with Milbank here in Kansas City. Okay so we're talking about some your services the last section our segment excuse me and we talked about education and until neighbor off. And you guys do a lot of other things we've used have youth service program education program talk is about. So living you also do with you besides kind of the education mental health down stuff so why they. Sending programs that we have is related to transitional use housing so as youth I'm become teens and maybe are starting Q. Transition from Foster care to more independents. Now we offer transitional living for them so what is that exit. Yeah so they're I'm apartments regular apartments. Facilities that how we manage and help provide to but in addition to that we offer. Supports related to. You know what it means to. Ian it'll. Yeah you know not those that might still talk about like eighteen year old. Usually 66 and is just now so or even and there living and apartment correct yup so independently mean. Starting to learn about you know personal financial management's. Got to blunders and clearly that sort of thing we after bats both intensity Kansas in Kansas City, Missouri and in which you talk. And this I hear this fall Rex expanding that program in the northwest miseries well I'll show went to marry well. We just recently had a new class partnership that I'm. The Leo women voters in which Tom approached us about one point impeached and civics and citizenship I love that stuff I have and AM and I you know help but you understand what their vote me you know little and how to get engaged in the community itself while it's classes like that or offering an addition Q. That's safe environment for an appeal to start and never ask you guys this do you guys Helen is of course and the care of and in around and it seems to me that you're involved in so many things in so many states and cities. Pretty big organization out so the origins of the organization actually gave back about 1870. With whenever. Early agencies now when those first pounded Dallas on campus was. An orphanage that was founded after the civil war. Four of the children. Civil war veterans who in America more and resource for them and their families. And so on since eighteen Tammany we've been fighting youth and support services in the Kansas City area. Made a wheeled back then in the ceiling. How things have changed I mean throughout the years of the services provided immediate. It's pretty amazing just all the different things you'll do I believe you hope what 7000 children failure. There right. GAAP 7000 and then 4000 other community members that we partner with through our training and so this might need even a specialist teacher than an inch and several other individuals and professionals that are working to strengthen our communities are. What do teachers who responses to you when you want to win your offering training in these things are today and hungry they're hungry for experience that they were like. Nervous about it if they were on record. And it's a cinch I think it's one of those where you know. Again the stuff you mentioned you know the goal is try to keep children and the environment which is most comfortable and familiar to. Those is that is that is that is that like that family. Yeah to assume that everything ever it is you wanna get them closer back that Angela correct and correct now. And so when we talk about recruiting Foster families you know we're needing them not just in Kansas City renew them all over here and has. The more that we can keep you close to their home community you know well. It it's it's very disruptive to suddenly got a home environment. But if you or church or your boy scout troop or you or four H club or your school can remain the same. That offers a little more stability and a lot more sense of community that want to maintain as possible for. Just amazing that the parents of far. Your kids are made me oh incredible you know he's we've seen some media stories recently about people then been Foster parents that adopt a lake for kids that want. Maybe just well life changer right now I think you see these stories of people have. You know 203040. Sponsored it and I I have. Plus lets them like you know like I mean that is just challenge I can imagine being in and there are so many people that needed. His or such and need I mean at least in this area I mean imagine across the country Cuba no mystery Kansas there's. A huge need for more costs are absolutely and what would be your sport beer selling point to to those people they hear that are listened to maybe have the opportunity to. Taken a Foster child let me. What would you tell how would you how would you sell them on doing is it is a big change life. I are both parties could. And I so I would say you have EE. Significant opportunity to answer leave and form future of the child who has experience. It is hard work we're never going to unite the heinous as any income men and and do you have. It is a lot of hard work by it is worrying works and it is important work. There are. Significant support systems that are built around Foster care. We have a team eight pitchers and specialists back our here to help. Make sure that our sponsor in these are successful none as much as important as it is it. As it is accused support those kids in that environment it's just as important for us to support those spots went to make here in the unit. Altogether it's a. What's the timeline for becoming a Foster parent is it by by walked a key guys that millions Helen. Oster child with that. Process out so from probably your initial informational meeting which we have regularly. Monthly if not more frequently across the area. On Q formal kind of license scene can be about a six month process excellence accounts of the I don't downloads. The background checks and includes the I am 26 hours of formal training and education that you go through well. So and we try to do that and expedient time so it. It is. It out process. That's pretty fast actually think about it. Six months is not so well. And you think of all the children in need it minutes of that process absolutely. We're talking do you Chad Harris and Stephanie Sheldon from cornerstones of care cornerstone to care dot org if you want more information. We talked about these everything he'll do. You know you also be stuck with family support so it's always about the use the terms of parity or as well correct correct yeah so. Beyond the use support that we provide come we do a number of community tree means is we mentioned for educators but also. I'm just in general for adults too and I'm have an understanding that kind of unhealthy relationships we are part of an initiative after the University of Missouri. That was a federal grant that they received and then we provide training here in Kansas City area for. I train called show me healthy relationships. Which any community member. Partners houses. I can come to kind of learn. That are really struggling skills related to view. I communication and conflict resolution. Things that we probably all could benefit from I regardless of relationship status semester agree initiative. We also have a program called brave hearts for ads. I don't know if I would wait to how well it's it's a way to help encouraging and re engage fathers with the likes inertial so. In many situations graph and see where a father figure may not be president and lines of children. Especially some of the youth that we serve and so it's a way to build their confidence it's a week Q encouraged them to re engaged to be active. Two and a half an emotional support. In themselves and awesome and to provide emotional support their children as well. Never think about late when you have child and is complexities or on the it and some people. You know they're not they're not cut out for righter than right issues are right you guys help. Yeah and all of these these programs are on the website you can check amount issue and who attended trading is our right that's right in is this something that is expensive her I mean how it had as it does it function. The brave hearts are dads program has completely free and voluntary. That anyone who's interested in just strengthening their relationship being male figure that is interested in strengthening their relationship when. Your child can participate. Am an idea itself or the teachers is with that time and like for them today. Delicate night staying here today is a weekend thing how does that work so most often it's Susan through it through school district wide program so in service days where our staff our men and doing in that professional education and then professional development for teachers and educators we call those luncheon learns that. And that's right and as you get it didn't get to have a day off from school all but they're teachers get to go to school that day so Dawson that's and that's some of the work that we really do you cross that. It sent to staff that live in and work in Lincoln Nebraska and do that. For the state Nebraska and and school districts across the state. Come when about 250 different school districts across midwest doing that case and what states union. So that those programs reach Illinois and Missouri Kansas Nebraska. I but mainly as it was during cracked up on its applications. And programs or provider. Morgan and it's more of your upcoming events here in the next segment that we're talking about your funding and in how you guys. Paper all the services that is our you know development Mahan Chad that's right so it's a give us your -- or does lower absolutely well. Our our greatest need is as Stephanie mentioned earlier is more Oscar. Non the next is that we want people be involved with us to realize it the Tom presence of an adult and children's lives important and so. To become a mentor is not all of I'm the third is obviously financial support. House that's Q. I'm not only to provide high quality care but also to be responsive to evolving needs of youth today. As we've seen as needs abusive ball so have the need for treatment involved and so we need to be able to be responsive and leading practice ways I use seen evidence based approaches when it comes to treatment when it comes common formed here. So that our staff continue to be well prepared and while trying to meet those needs and know. Financial support helps me off from me staff you have we have but in seconds left with then Mets tenor for these athletes that are there now. We place in it could have. We're talking to cornerstones of care here on the grill nation's children back for their final segment showed faith journey for a couple of subsiding and then. Who syndrome. Welcome back to the grill nation show on your host Jason gross thanks for joining me again today with our awesome guests here you're listening on iTunes or appreciate or for listening via radio. 1988 AM it's great to have you with us again today. He or have any questions or when the shooting he gets our way in contact media at in relationship dot com online you also see photos of our guests today. And now over social media handles as well on the website pick relationship dot com. Again joined today by Ryan Humphrey from a deal could financial partners supporter of the girl nations show and our guest today is cornerstones of care. Cornerstones of care and dot org is the website. Two ended it by Chad Harris and Stephanie Sheldon. Greg great organization here in the key NC area and the midwest as well. We talked a lot about your all services and then you guys you a lot of really cool things to help out families and youth wanna talk about some exciting. Upcoming events. But you have planned you just came out your golf tournament which is to get fund raiser free all Auckland grass right was it hot that day here's G gets some relief here it was like the one. 83 to hurry no cloud cover day in the number of June 1 our federated for golf that's always I always respect the people that but owning a golf tournament because it's a lot it's a lot of work yet ruin there in the all the cards figured out all the food and all the you know they they hand out to one odd and two but a lot of fluids and indeed I got to differentiate yourself duke isn't a lot of movement on his cell. You want people to keep going back and supporting your cause but it it turned out regret it did that Thursday that's great okay so now you've you've got to transition into year. The KC chiefs of tolls though we do with the chiefs is I've I've excited about this event. Yeah so we are very honored to be the beneficiary of the 2018 keeps charity game. Which is on Thursday August 7 in. It's the pre season in a good game every year because my birthday is an obvious that. I say I have season tickets in August 9 I set artists artists like this so there you go right so that's a game you get to it that's our first game of the year and that's are all so simple we're excited her from home starts and a dad -- chance today to walk into the community and comments that string quarterback so what is what is the chief security. A lot of people have never heard of that I've actually got to go one time in the past with the other charity here in Kansas City what is it in and you know what are you guys turn did you hear how does that work out. So. A lot of great things can be attributed to Lamar Hunt and that includes teacher so. I can 1983. Actually hunt Family Foundation and I decided to start what they called the chiefs charity games so picked any pre season game. That would benefit. Proceeds from the team and kind of fundraising initiative around it. Would benefit. Nonprofit that's focused on youth and families in the Kansas City area so. It was the first of its kind in the NFL and it's not the longest standing now when. I think they've shared that in the 35 years since then three is about fourteen million dollars not for local nonprofits in the Kansas area so how do we get involved with them a first off the street it's like Haley the first Patrick a home game. Utterly involved. Palestine. Out there despite daily does so funky out there. And really one of the things that you can do is pretend element in addition Charlie hustle teacher because that's added to your partner Charlie hustle for this. Finish here Eaton goatee chiefs carry game dot com and there. At that leaning pages on the ways eating and at three combine your teacher keeps charity game dot com yup. We have an equal opportunity for people to use at their own fundraising page and raise their own money. And you can get some qualities charity in flag. You concur here on teacher there and that a predicting AA eking kids' regular season game tickets. And gets you the chiefs charity game and then we have another opportunity coming up on July 27 but just trillion night. Tree and I is at Arrowhead Stadium. Or you can get it he able eight burning on your friends out few peek inside month. On trivia. Related I he's ICD a tree in it so it's a friend mine was was. Dirty enough. I get a tree people of those things on the borrow and they're everywhere and it will become popular talent gap you should invite him and I. Now and so on here in street Rampage are cornerstones. Biggest agreement then you have a photos of the of the Charlie Rose the teacher that that people can get as well as. She's Tumblr is in school photos. He sure looks school. Thanks he isn't a good job with are remove them actually haven't east office as those guys and I'm very got to know them and and over the years and you know. Never can I have another cool teensy -- that's that's pushing one that's chiefs fell. Yeah Rodney redshirt so this has. I think that the partnership Charlie hustle and entities in general is right in line with what you know our organization's mission and that's you know to partner. It's great safe and healthy community. And so to be able to. Help share more information macro or sounds to raise money for the organization and also for Mac called action for people to get involved in the organization into view. Senate to become a mentor to learn about. Foster care to think about the opportunities that you can help. I get back to the community is right line with our mission and so it's been an awesome opportunity to partner with the chiefs. Partner Charlie hustle to work with all sorts of companies like BOK that are. I'm being sponsors for the game to be able to come out and celebrate the chiefs and also support you. That's cool to just be selective right oh yeah I it's a big deal so I mean there's so Reno profits in this community there are react so the hunt and we foundation works with a greater Kansas City community foundation as you can have an application process so. I'm we apply to and then there was a community vote so thank you to cancel community is going to vote and so crowd sourcing exactly. We and we rally there folks and Sony probably a lot to do the marketing of the. We'll let getting out the vote is not easy. Apple we're so grateful for the community came together to support isn't. That is cool locally to get evening out usually is a night game on Thursday and believe it August 90%. That's always fun and and it has an added. Benefit this year at my home. That's right I mean yeah I should draw some more people out of the MO I think were pre season. Was critical to his even beyond this year we've had a relationship somewhat with the chiefs last few years comp. Back when Al Smith was our quarterback Aaliyah his foundation and was a big supporter of course and care so. Through a major gift from their foundation and we were able starts I'm a guest program which is used educations cents. And so that is targeted two words. You know teens who are coming out of Foster care that are wanting to consider post secondary education and so. This is kind of an awesome next generation. With the next generation of chiefs players. To be able to be part of that keeps your game on August 9. They look for somebody like Chad he's new to the the company kind of are really know your stuff man three months then York got all this Crockett role I loved it you are you does have been really good job with everything. Going on and you know it's been honored to have you on the show today. Gentler more about cornerstones of care the website again is cornerstones of their dot org. All penned information about what they do their services their impact even have a lot of stories on the website of actual children that you've worked with and helped with tidings for my name immunity in India all the information on there. You actually have a blog to Telstra value you post that regularly. Yes we did there's. Several different resources on the iron just about. We that you can engage the corners and the tears. We ask him we'll things Blake and it's about it's becoming a Foster parents and their might be some things that you hear on the community aren't as to where they not true. Some kind of information on helpful tool posts you. Strengthening your own elite in your community. There's a lot of myths out there that I must be as a bloody do I think using now and get the keys are important especially if what you do and how to really. Advocates and show people what it's like Q actually become a volunteer get involved in. You know Peron like has the thought about doing this at some point of being a mentor to you to helping people with sometimes and they get afraid of the different basic go and do it so the more you can educate like you all do on the website the better. Again they are cornerstones of care there what's that is cornerstones of care dot org there on FaceBook Twitter. It's a grand Linkedin YouTube you name it check out I really appreciate. Stephanie Sheldon and it Chad Harris for joining me today as well Brian Humphrey picture time today and and review isn't great job and progress on. Thanks for eight kids think it's great having you guys they solicited rogue nations show we'll see you next week have a great day.