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Saturday, July 15th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. We'll be in your list of grill nations always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Welcome to the grill nation show with Jason drill here and KBZ 980 AM. And on iTunes and stitcher radio thanks for joining us is a long relationship Docomo more excited today because. Let's weaker in a best of show over the fourth of July holiday and have been in the studio for a few weeks. And I've had a lot of coffee today so very very pumped about today's show. With me today. Is Clifton Alexander guess coasting contributor to the real nation show. I didn't Clifton I am being fan. Freaking classic a regular vacation. We'll get to that with Jack garner very excited to have cliff to join us. And and as soon as I introduce our partners and supporters Clinton and I are going to talk about our awesome gas that we are going to have on the show as well. Very excited to have this individual on the show. And very excited talk about some really cool things that are happening in downtown Kansas City but more poorly on the Berkeley. Riverfront. I think our partners and supporters of the relationship with chasing grow they are trust. Our our title sponsors are trusts Mo bay can be okay financial and its US advisors. Contributors and guess coasts of the group nations show are the rear Casey. Ryan may be one might look tree apartments and as always in the mean city today is reactor design studio is close and Alexander guess coast in honor concerto he. Brings on some awesome yes every month or so are on the grill nation show. One of those guests that we will be talking about later today it with third she's on her way to the studio is Marisa cleaver one bull. She is the vice president of corporate communications at pork Casey but more importantly. We have rated talk about Berkeley riverfront in Clifton my friend in my right has been working with. Marisa and team on a new branding for the a Berkeley riverfront because. There's lot of things happening on their a lot of things are getting oil right now right tell us all little bouncy a little pre yeah I mean I'm here. We're basically working with them and with former partners of MS communications to you basically helped them read. Frame it and restructure. What the river Frist and that's through the development that's happening down there it's through a hole only branding initiative brand voice. And the tagline the whole deal and so Burris is gonna come on camera and dive deep into you kind of what the reform means to Kansas City and. And it's been for gods for years per hour and prevent you go to the website Berkeley riverfront dot com. You'll see a amazing. Aerial video of what displace know her life. In the next few years. They are building right now for under ten luxury apartments. They're good they got dog parks that guy they're gonna deal bicycle bar I mean just everything that sand volleyball fitness I mean it is still looks amazing and it's just another component of the redevelopment of downtown Kansas City area and it's a cool come. On him because the views down there of the river and of them the bridge and how that. Works we turned backwards it's either the skyline of the city is is beautiful it's amazing part of Marisa is gonna give us an overview of what she does is she's from the media world she's not been a broadcast journalists on the air for many years throughout the country. Now in the corporate communications space should gives an over you what port Casey does on the show. So also gonna talk deuce about all of the new things at their building down there as well as talk about with Clifton division for the new brand and why the renamed to Berkeley riverfront. The new logo with that pursues the means and also an exciting fun tidbits about things that are happening there it's just. It's just exciting to see so much stuff happening in Kansas City in this is such. An area that everyone is like we have to do something with this so it's it's great to see actual stuff happening not just talk yes there's there's there's. There's things going vertical up down there are others have been Russian happening there's construction down their prevents yeah I mean it's it's it's alive and if you haven't been down there. Go check it out because. It's kind of forgotten in any in its. It doesn't get enough exposure but recently with the new vision and in new. You know press releases and all the stuff that's happening it is getting more exposure which is great national TV viewing your work and also Marisa. Cleaver while bull will be on the show with us today. My reckoning is that name as well. Drama from other areas in Kansas City this season a great Kansas City in and really happy to have her on the show today. Left in you have been traveling throughout the world actually United States are well you yeah and yeah. The last thing Canada took ethically. So what was that like man owe us. It's it's a whole it's very different. OK if it's kind of what I it's kind of what I expected but not you know I mean look at we we focus on life and I go on a big trip without our kids every five years from earth so. This year. Those are fifteen year anniversary and so these I want to some really cool and different. Which has Alaska and so we focused on the southeast part of Alaska which is basically encouraged all the way down the coast the West Coast of Alaska down into you think you can. And it was a lot of what I expected a lot of mountains lot of rugged miss a lot of little tiny towns and that's her thing but it's just a really fascinating. Thumb amount of nature everything you can do you have any of those little towns is related to you. Making their loading her or. Grizzly bear watching her from what areas but it's just an incredible thing one of the cool things that I did and maybe why did you feel like it here in the United States. I know. I don't feel like I entertainers alike when we went to G you know we went out on this expedition where we. Tie act for a couple of miles across is big lake. And then we landed on the shore of this right next to a Jiang enormous glacier. Icy feel like you're in Iceland or something and then we went out and we went underneath the glacier into one of the caves which was one of the most incredible. Is sites to behold your eyes like he came to describe how beautiful it is inside and guys came in glacier. And then we popped out the back side of it and we walked all over the glacier on the moon. Premises and as is such a really otherworldly thing you feel like you're kind of on the mineral and on Mars or something out there. You're on the middle of nowhere but yet you're still pretty close to civilizations of his very weird. Feeling to do that but just the beauty and the nature and all the animals that are just dust everywhere there's really incredible so it was a lot of fun. Good to get away yachtsman venture in hand. I see that part of the country and never seen before and they know extension yeah I think you are just a really cool and enjoy yeah I think viewers a really really neat town a lot of activities do you a lot of things to see it's pretty modern city now Rick would you bring back Tiki in the city from undermines that after all of this. To stop working today and hard for. Right hand I don't know like I don't believe in LA and I was on email us like till 2 AM yeah a leg right so as soon as I get back out party spent the last five days up to 1:2 in the morning emailing people think it's crazy late that's what people say in the gutsy and Diego or LA or Southgate Southern California where your your own just. This is up again why lot of mileage here all the time Hank and I were what I know people live longer of their people live longer and now. There's just a media that that you walk out your door and the weather's almost always nice and you can expect. Businesses under Libya today. So I I felt pretty rejuvenated after being gone for that amount time and it always does inspire me there's an amazing amazing nature. Native culture and our work in throughout Alaska in the candidate region that just inspired me for my own visual and design perspective it is very cool. Listen Alexander is with me today as. Well as Marisa cleaver one bull from pork Casey were talking Berkeley riverfront. The new vision and all the new things happening on their riverfront. Website is Berkeley riverfront dot com amazing aerials of all the vertical development happening as will's dog parks and fitness and just. Mixed use on steroids it's going to be happening down there which is really cool. On the grill nations should today Clifton is the owner of reactor designs CD is great for any firm here in Kansas City has been working diligently with. Poor Casey on the birthing room we re back after the break with Marisa cleaver wants. You're listening buildings. Welcome back to grill nation was Jaycee grown here and came BZ 988. AM and at grill nation showed dot com pre Sheila C news Q on I teams and stitcher radio today. You can quote me on Twitter at JC grill and that grill nation show appreciating me up on also issue media platforms including staff chat its agreement FaceBook is well there's a lot of places to find the show and me online. And world lucky to have on guess cosic contributor to grill nation show. Cooked and Alexander with react here and design studio. Back again for his monthly show he's. He's a great guy and brings this amazing deaths and does a lot of good work in designing and raining here in Kansas City right there in the crossroads welcome back to the show Clifton a season. Reactor Casey dot com as your website we had a good conversation in the first segment about the things that you're working on and kind of preview our first guest in our guests through the showed an air highlight guest today. Marisa cleaver wobble is pork Casey. She joined there in February 2012 and she serves as a liaison between pork Casey in the area business mean developers media and public. What to have her in today Q talk about some exciting news regarding the Berkeley riverfront. But also get to give us a deeper dive on what's going on out by the river here in often right around downtown Kansas City. And it what were Casey does and Clifton has had the opportunity to do some work with him the organization and so we thought this would be a really. Good natural fit for an exciting show because I know that a lot of people here in Kansas City and visitors that come to town are kind of wondering really know what's what's going on down there I mean. It's involved a little bit with the with the park there's a lot of things that are gonna be happening and it just kind of all the public so when a welcome. Clifton and the Merced the show Marisa how are you great thanks for having me it's great to have you OK so first off let's learn a little about you. We like do you have with all of our guests before we kind of delve into the the more pressing issues. You have a broadcast journals and back does that crash. I do I do I worked in TV for ten years. Aaron. All over the place power around the country around Tallahassee. A Florida at CU Lincoln Nebraska and it's in Fort Myers, Florida and then back count. Here Dave Kansas City we knew went to Oklahoma city university and in got a journalism masters at northwestern Chicago corrects what was that like behind all over the course I had. I know I love. You know traveling in scene country in the world and I northwestern was great I mean you know it's known as one of the best journalism schools in the country I didn't accelerated programs air. Time part of it and Chicago part of it in Washington DC we got to go covered congress in schools and Alice. That's pretty cool. We I thought about doing that myself I'm a law degree batten disease can do the journalism masters and same time as the law that was four years than and I I got roped into other things and kind of regret the fact I never got that extra year of of journals and work a masters because I'm sure you learned a lot and a you were in Florida which I I find that there's always crazy news stories coming and oh yes. That's it and say. I sound and I got to cover in Vienna Harry came when I was there which is probably the most memorable I've been well not the most memorable being one of them do you have like a big you know rain suit on all always seemed like guys like as a threat is sitting out there and they're all also blowing themselves hey I'm on the roof on the truth as the winds blowing trying not to. That's if so you. At some point he decided you know I don't wanna be. Behind the camera anymore right it is I'm assuming you're like a lot of other journalists that decide that because of a scheduling work schedule you were. Let's like these sell off there you worked on weekends yes and that that gets to be tiresome right when you're when you're doing a lot of different things in your personal. NN prevalent it is. And dime. Shortly after I left I just got married so I had kids it's kind of hard to do that win. You know you can work NEC FT can be called in at any time so I worked you know 4 AM to noon sometimes and weekends ten to 2 PM or 11 PM. You never know when you're gonna get called attending because there's some breaking news on and new sustains a lot since I got and it just in this sort. On time period from when I graduated from northwestern Q when I was case HB nineteenth. Medicine needed to stay here in Kansas City yes. That is at saint when did you do that pollen goes. On 2006. CU's 2000. Okay cool it's a great studio there had to usage inevitable can the conceded that more American national. Milliken nationally looking duty and so it's pretty cool that that's you know because. Yeah I've talked to a lot of TV people over the years and it's funny like you know the ones that were the night shift in the get married have kids and they wanna. Or the morning shaft and I show you just it's just a tough for professions so you think you went through that you've been through the all of the the work of the media and you decided you don't wanna kind of do more of the community development in PR type. Work for an organization and inserted report Casey been there for awhile now all right yes I've been I just elevated my five year anniversary in January 8 2000. I can't believe it and it seems like forever when you hop around I'm all right. So it's also about the organization because I know it's got its itself has gone through a name change in a Ribery and I think analysts' fears. We're talking cliff tonight are our development meeting for the show about. Well I had Michael Collins on the show. In 2015. I think and I Philly it was just yesterday. Right I was like Gator team doesn't fifteen or sixteen used his time is just wow so we got it episodes that a long time since we've talked about this that. Talked just about kind of first off what it does and you know I'm I don't even remember the old name that's a given ukrainians re so I guess. It was the Port Authority L Kansas state of Missouri which nobody ever can remember it's a mouthful so. We have re branded as port Casey which we hope is easier to do you remember. And when people ask you know what is for Casey alleys read the mission statement and that kind of explain. Port Casey's mission is to Foster the economic vitality of Kansas City, Missouri the transportation trade commerce and development at K so what does that mean. I'm we operate the port of Kansas City down in the west bottoms out in which a lot of people don't even know that we have a port here in Kansas City one of the first things that I here. I see you don't think anybody right I would feel sorry they've been kayaking and Missouri River on one what. So we we actually reopen the port in August 2015. It was operated by the parent company up until 2007. We sick over it's time. Got it back together again reopened in and we set things we have shipment coming in and week out. And that's exciting so we outbreak that Florida that's actually. And richest of our air force space we and operate that we own that lease that out it's a big industrial park down and at Kansas City. It is OK so. What what city is is adding candies in Kansas area for yes. I before you get to belt and look is that enterprise and I like wow I never knew that was end there and there's about a company's hair and industrial tracking you know folks it's it's almost at capacity and slow. So and. Such interest in the U all operate that is correct. Intel the I would never known that is I just think it has the waterfront. Now I mean riverfront it's easy. I mean my brain drain that that's true that and then we do development. And so obviously we Allan. Berkeley riverfront on the misery river and we have a development tight air. Oh we also can do you plan. Development economic development incentives so we came in and help people throughout the city who want to develop we've done court in station. North Oakland park. With north points. So a lot of exciting things a lot of different angels do right it's hard to explain quickly the that is a. So tactic it took tonight you probably won't ask you questions appointment voting Africa. And no sister were getting it to you in the next segment you're probably. So. Tell us about kind of what's. In year five years or five years now I guess. What has happened I mean what is change in wind is the futuristic vision and all that in the next few segments. From when you started like how is it Deval. How it. Everything is saints had a pretty much so I was tired eyes. And at the riverfront they were doing may be a handful of events. That is changed to. When he plus events a year to. These huge events that we've done and bring her fast being the biggest one we just had to be 30000 write its appointed to I possibly at fifty. Thousand class come out of the river front. But on since I've gotten there we've done new things concerts we do picnics we've done pride fest on the past couple years. We had a big Star Wars battle out. Hair we are on your radio Asia battle for Casey. That was an interesting story because they were. They had to get all these permits from the local police and stuff is there's people like fighting in the in the park there's all these permits that again it was I never all the data that it do a but that event on our insane drag an and is a lot to do an event just in Sydney and I've been down there and I've seen you know obviously a lot of five k's right. Yoga festivals are mean and it's not such as if it's like it's like it is like the west bottoms down because. You must she go down you don't even know really what's happening it's the same kind of thing at the riverfront I mean. When you go down there like oh my gosh is all these people that you're doing there's volleyball courts at one point I mean there's just. So we've evolved from doing this very small number of and he's doing. Many events huge. And since I've been practicing the past couple years we've and as you mentioned we have stand volleyball courts now. I Casey crew had leads airs Sunday through Thursday so this 300 people there every night playing volleyball. At the riverfront it's lighted I mean it's amazing to see it's beautiful view they have. We also do riverfront fitness every Wednesday so it's free fitness classes run by professional trainers. Yelled at we have a 150 people there every week and it's it's amazing. And then so we've got the part going to answer trail people walked a picnic a run by so there's more and more people coming down there. Men this year you have the development of union. At Berkeley riverfront park. Which is a mixed use development. And of apartments in obese retail space and office our offices are going to be located near the accident. Actually see vertical development so when people are coming down like for the brew fest we had Casey Ann Arbor news out last month like oh my goodness I had no idea. This was happening so there's not there's a lot of activity it's not. A laughing to a lot about. Diddy word Hogan was a good tease is our necks and wanna talk about the vision. The future look Clifton is working on what branding. Appreciate Marisa cleaver wobble and posted Alexander for coming in to see it and we'll be right back. With more grill nation show on ninth inning and came BC thanks for joining us. I guess. Hello and welcome back to grill nation with Jason grilled 980 KM BZ. Appreciate you joining us is well on iTunes and tune in radio via podcast. With cliff did Alexander for reactors nine CD is great company here in Kansas City discos contributor to the grill nation show the website is reactor Casey dot com. Also joined by Marisa cleaver while bull who's with pork Casey. She she's a great guests we've we've enjoyed having her on this first segment and decision is. Yet we pulled this up through quick she's been talking a lot about the history of port Casey. And now gonna get into kind of the vision of what we just heard on announcer recently in the media. About Berkeley river from oh let Clifton yeah take you from here and start this conversation because. Some really exciting news on the momentum. Down and it. In the city downtown at the Berkeley riverfront that's really cool because. I've lived in Kansas City now four. Almost twenty years and I mean now another front aero once and allow these sorts of things but had never really seen anything besides the park and the park was built I don't know Longo about it. Others in the park there was really anything there there is there's a lot of debris and construction stuff and whatnot but nothing ever really being built. And so there was a trails that of all there's a trail yeah I was on news that doesn't that's about it I ECB and land and how I mean they're missing HL ice and. Whoever's during envision it was tested to put that kind of stuff down there for I have no idea it let but we're beyond that now right where we're finally. Getting to that places anywhere we can enjoy a what what the river from means and so I think. There's really very cool for me and my team. We teamed up with our friends at Venice communications. And we started talking import Casey about RFP a response basically say hey can you help us re brands. The riverfront and kick off a pretty intense PR effort. To get people to understand what's happening down there at the riverfront with all the development some things will. We talked so much earlier and so it was very cool for me to be involved in that in my team because. We. You know we believe that we love it we think it's a really great asset to the city and it's great to see what's happening down and so. At and to be fair we are a little bit behind other cities no no offense. I worry and some bad. You can weigh you when I go to Saint Louis or you to Pittsburgh anywhere to. Name the midwestern city that is on river. Neither have a stadium there they have shopping and every so they have they have Mickey's. So I think there's a little bit of a challenge there with that particular site just because it's a little bit separated from. In the downtown area doesn't just roll right into the river it's eight and has a little bit of that. Jeffrey Jackson that's probably been part of if the issue I think sincere right yeah you can't really it's harder to get there which is why they've been talking about the streetcar line. Right correct starting around bad chime in now that's fine okay. It's it's a perfectly good point that's probably a huge part of of the history and an all out there salaries for us there are some mountain passes that are tough you've overcome. And so we started working with. Marisa and her team and we've had nothing nuts. A really great working relationship and really diving pretty deep ended two cat who is porky season. You know what's the riverfront what does it mean that. YA. Why are we doing this now and going through that entire process and in creating a brain and four at something they can last for the next twenty years or so. Has been a really interesting challenge for us but it's generally. A lot of fun. It's been great working with your team and and the Venice team as well I think that what we've come up with has been really great in at the end of the day. The media event that happened just a couple weeks ago was a smash. Smash hit you'd I mean everybody and maybe it's just because. This town has been just waiting for something happened down there I don't know that maybe. And a feeling inside understand how all that became so big. It was a huge huge. Amount of media covers us. I think part of it is you know people have heard from her so long we're gonna do something that there are many decent and at the riverfront and mrs. It's happening we're not talking about it we're not saying we're gonna do this and that we're actually doing it and you can see it. As well let's plug that in right now for the web site. There's Berkeley riverfront park TC dot com Berkeley riverfront excuse me. Okay well you have to directing site we can't get you can go either OK let's look at branded we're talking about river around a sun river on the car area but there's a great. Designed media. Hey Leon there I just wanted to plug as an numerous tickets on that because you talk about the media and all the exposure. But just for the listeners. If her front of the computer right now. I would jump on the website Berkeley riverfront. Dot com. What we're talking about the. You can see these visuals I sit. Part of the reason we want it to do that was because. You know people don't always say well there's nothing air it was just hard for people to visualize what we were talking about what what we're trying to do. So it helps that we have union. Going to happen being instructor and now people start to see it back to help people finished the picture. We wanted to paint that time. In so you can see it pants on and the bond braids over to sand volleyball courts are where we're gonna have another fitness core it and other may be kicked ball court two. You see apartments and other buildings CC union UC arcade which is. Also act NS arts instruction soon and should be done in the spring is 2018. So is it really is just. You know. Instead of trying to get in your mind what you're talking about here go look at. And the land and our team is is is very important here. Which you don't see down there right now are correct trees there's grass like it's it's a beautiful video of so you're talking about the union tells about. Union what is and any mixed use development I'm on player Ian Collins added Indianapolis. They in our building apartments 400 intent apartments there's going to be some parking space there. It's a luxury apartments. And it's kind of a resort. Style apartment living. Where you have these great views so it can be very pet friendly they're gonna have a lot of fitness activities area like yoga studio. I'll we're really excited about that in especially excited because our offices are going to be in the building right now we're in river market which we love. And that's also transformed over the past you know obtain twenty years. I'm and we let that neighborhood and we love that we're going to be right next to it and it'll be nice to be down on the riverfront so union should be dying I mean people moving in. Next summer time. And heard it here and that's an rather than we. I feel like that's going to be. The real catalyst is getting people actually living there right not just going to visit to the other way they're going to be people living. Maybe it is. 567800. People in the first part of that. So correct I think about 400 apartments. Right and then you know we have another development we. Hope to announce soon. And so we have it's funny you get more people living in a bit of an edit in the master plan of this vision it's I mean I'm looking at it and it's it's people. Living there. People doing physical activities there's sand volleyball there's parks there's. Eighty tons of things to do there's going to be a dog park right bar K. Men and there's also potentially going to be an office component right. Correct so people can worked on their kid Paul tells about that I know that's probably not announced yet but. There will be classic our office threat. Right I mean you know down the line I don't think it'll come union has some office space in a I don't bet there will. You know there's that prospect of having an entire building on one parcel is I'll office mean this it really is kind of live work play idea on the riverfront. Time. But our version of it is your city Eritrea part yeah. And from then you can do all these things he can live down there you can play down and eat can work you do there's a bicycle bar and even north that is the thing you've never been a bicycle bar and knots. But I think there has seen the images and it's very dry what is yeah where did I found out website seeking U Khin. Some of it I'm I'm not exactly sure of the full. I did go to public school. Via pat wash and bicycle bar part of the amenities. Indoor indoor out there yet to imply he's studious fitness club gaming lounge a sky bar reviews of death and can see the river in a resort style pool Sunday. Well being included amenities in the union at Berkeley river for a well. I think any numerical what is so I think yeah I hear you read it. And what we've got to Ceci great response from people who are dog lovers which mainly is almost reliably auto pilot dog in the US this change my life so barred cage has gotten this huge response on. They've actually opened up an airport they have a temporary facility there while they're waiting to build on the riverfront so. They're gonna open up of I needs dog park. In the and it's going to be a restaurant bar for humans via side where you can go in people are very very excited. So yes some I'm looking at the website again Berkeley riverfront dot com great website check it out. Also you know if you'll fast he can put type Denver cleaver from park Casey dot com house says. But that's why I have a poet and you know this RK is a place where people looking grip shooting cocktails on the river from your dog. Plans in the works for unique dog park on the user front near the heart of America bridge that proposal includes a two acre dog park would designated areas for large and small dogs. Train staffers who watched the pups while honors in two of the restaurant to compliment there Travis through the building a feature materials from reaper the shipping materials and a rooftop Aris. Very modern. Very cool Egan you've you've probably noticed by you probability Brasilia. And most other concept down. Go anyways I don't need to have a dog you know you don't need it needed I don't know the bar. I on the hang out of the people out there that I've yes there's a lot of exciting things in and it's our it's gonna really evolved and in this process I mean how would we look at after this vision is and we have forty seconds left went back after the break but it's it's a twenty year that I mean this is old long term long proposition for the river front right close to. That's a long term thing I think that. Were off two really great start I think everybody. Or Casey has such a great incredible vision for. That part of the city and I'm really excited that we're part of that and am I wanna talk a little bit more about the the name and so now we come back after the break I think they'll be Smart I want to know what does the thinking was via because the brainy looks great you guys did a great job. With Marisa cleaver. Mumble today from pork Casey as well as. Platoon Alexander from reactor design studios who syndrome. And then albums. And that. Welcome back into the gorilla nation John came easy nine PDA and great show so far today appreciate you joining us as well. Up on the on the radio as tools and I teens in tune in radio and on grill nation showed dot com great conversations so far. With Marisa cleaver wobble from poor Casey she's been a great guest and Clifton Alexander firm reactor designed serious they have worked very hard on on. The new things that are happening in the vision for the future at the Berkeley riverfront and coast and I wanna start up to submit. There really counted diving deeper into that why the change you know I've always noted as. Berkeley riverfront park and I've always it's the port authority of Kansas City, Missouri now for Casey very very. Tulsa up the process. Of their kids. When I think one of the more interesting pieces of the puzzle was I think we all at least from my team kind of went in. Thinking that we were creating something for. Berkeley riverfront park as that one just the green space that's just north of the roadway there and that sort of thing. But as we as he started diving into the brand voice. And you worse viewers river your city your park. As sort of the tag line and turning and thinking about that entire area and not just the park piece of that. And we started getting into the brand voice all the other things and talking with numerous and her team and it just it became more apparent as you guys were. Talking through this that we we don't want it to be just. About the park we want the entire area that entire eighty acres down there to be considered. The river for a and so the brain ending sort of evolved from being just about the park to being really just about the riverfront and so that's where the name change came in to say. Let's not call this Berkeley were from park what's called the entire area Berkley serve and the scale that and that's the area. So now as you're coming down the bridge on one side or I mean. I 35 on the other side you're entering. The Berkeley were prone area not just the park partisan anymore and so that's where unions can be located in in Berkeley were for a I. And that was an interesting piece of that puzzle because I think it it really. Allows that entire area to be set apart from. A little bit set apart from downtown but also just to recognize the entire areas part of your. I feel any additional benefit from the cameras that I think those have been directed from your team right let's just drop the park would mean death specifically have that on. That's that was the idea and you know when we were reference thing. Time and how do we distinguish these suit Berkeley are are clear on development. Really it's it's this whole thing this is that a package where. You know feeling of work down here you get to enjoy all the amenities of the parks and we really when people see it. Men. Yes I think that's part of how the logo laws to you because the logo itself for that area really includes. There's very prominent piece of that that has the water of the river part of it. But it includes the bond Bridget includes the skyline of Kansas City includes pieces of the park itself what the iconic. Lamp posts that go on that through mile long. And a sidewalk in front of the river there includes all of those things because really the Berkeley riverfront. Is all of that when you're standing on that Mon brain injury years' time on the other side of the river you see all of that he seizes. Skyline up on the hill. EC you can see the bond bridge in this room iconic nature that he conceded pathways the parks. And you'll start to see these new developments. Pop up and kind of go vertical their Q and so. That's where that. That's where that. From the design aspect of the brain came in was we really wanted to showcase the fact that. This isn't just about the park this is really a bigger. Part of the city. And it just happens to be on the river from which is one of them were uninteresting pieces of downtown. Area right and I. One of my favorite things that happens though is at the river it was very important at the river be included and it on you know we were talking earlier about. People never went to the riverfront and they did anything was happening air. Kansas City ways pounded on the river and people just got away from it. And one of the things that is really important assets were Casey is to get people back to him record. So that's probably my favorite thing about Newton is the river in inviting people please please come. It's so close to downtown and it's thing you know it's it is like you said before it is a slightly separated and it's so close you know and it's. It's not like it's not far away and hopefully at some point we'll have streetcar expense. Right down there exactly on a street car extensions Eddie it's. Part of hopefully the study will be out couple weeks and and hopefully it'll say let's let's do this and we can do it in gig going and connect people that way we do you have to town and key interest rates which connects people from. The river market neighbor made it down to the paths they can. There. You know it's. A little bit of a lock you have to wanna I wanna get Aron went and that's why do if you guys have all the fitness thing. We do for people that are fit gonna wanna work out but if you just relax it got picnic it was kinda gas and rocks people I see people hanging out on the decades since it's looking around. I think that's going to be key really is connecting it to the river market New York he said you have the bridge but just for the rest of Kansas City and also to. Op at some point you have to have some sort of a convenience type thing for the people of their right yeah there's 410 luxury apartments those people are gonna wanna like. Able the get stuff done down there and I opted not to head back towards the north plant or downtown get that done. Right. And where we're hopeful that the street car will be at peace and we you know we're also looking at some other multi mobile paying thorough. You guys know little bit about that billion. Transportation being one of the things and we did sound yes. Where we're very aware of getting that transportation connection. Four people whether it. Ike pedestrian. And street car. You know things like bury it I imagine most people they used the. Riverfront. Park right now or the riverfront are people that live in the river market or downtown it's too. Run into all those things and it what you guys continue to put your message out there I think you're gonna see people from all across more even more so than just the riverfront event. River fest. You know showing up I mean he does he progress it's in his interest to know for me because I hadn't. Before we certain this project and spent a whole lot of time on the and we talked about the challenges that lie and this and that and the other thing that. The more we started researching about more than a stern talking to people about it. More I realize how many people do you go down there that don't that don't live in the room marketer downtown just go there. With their families are they discuss their run at lunch time. And from wherever they work or they go now on the weekends or whatever they take the family's honor itself I was I was pleasantly surprised at how much. Activity is already down there and I think this is just. And the next catalyst to take it. I think searches I think so too on the side to see the progress I mean. Like I said you guys that turned down their few times since the groundbreaking and since the shells of the bulldozers and the vertical movement is that. It is he gives good energy doesn't merchandise. I mention I was AK scene and a bruised and everybody wanted to talk about happening across the street lab and and beer. Yeah aircraft there. It was and I think it's got a lot of people excited and it does bring new energy. In Clifton and his team created a great that we're excited that we've had so many compliments we've added. On T shirts everybody wants and they T shirt in the latter I I want is something click to hit it to do what do I try anyway I now. How many more events planned rehab tense set up in the videos are handing elsewhere and I believe we're gonna do it we and the boot solar eclipse as you know is on his first first lot of sets out and got a lot of people want me to come out to tank in streets and parks we. And we're gonna bring article. Yeah and be out there on the look out for for his knees or water bottles or whatever with that new feature it's pretty cool in the T shirts yeah so that this why isn't as hit town for sure. And there'll be more of that to come on terms that yes very cool warmer so we appreciate you coming on the show the web site he is Berkeley riverfront. Dot com. Great aerial designs of what this place is gonna look like you're down the row I mean it's just amazing the progress that's happened. A really appreciate you coming on the show from porky seat educate. All of our listeners on the exciting things happening on the riverfront the Berkley your front in downtown Kansas City thank you for your time and keep. Clifton thank you for setting this up and offer being an amazing event host and as always appreciate your kids the things that science is reactor PC dot com you can listen to grow nation shall see in next.