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Saturday, July 22nd

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host due to the conversation to the nets. Global prepare to get rare access to fascinating guests York connected. Factor he'll enjoy brutal nation. Connecting with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter mad girl nation show ever online in relation show dot com. The New York Post grill nation always dressed up and even in their radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello and welcome at sea via a grill nation show with your host and JC grow our came easy 980 and and on the grill nation should dot com drew listening via the web and also on iTunes. And stitcher radio if you're listening via podcasts and appreciate joining me again. Each and every week for the show episode. Believe a 115 here of the relationship oath but time flies in now we're lucky to have some great supporters. Of the show I want to thank our. Title sponsors of the gorilla nation show with Jason grill trust's move make the okay financial and two us advisors. Also we have some on their contributors off from the Reagor KC one my luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander. More importantly today we have on. Our monthly show. With. Supported by mode bank be okay financial we have on the CEO. And a president with me today Michael V is no legally stirring is I guess coast if you will. On today's show you combat veteran great seat time flies a Philly you all are just here dot did a great show last month and the show. Will be interest in more GNU. And I talked to a take you something different we've done in the past you're gonna have on the national both of will be the national commander here in a week or so on July 26 you'll be named national commander of the veterans of foreign wars. Calling in from Ohio today on our next segment. Isaiah missed Keith Harmon and he'll be assuming this one of the reasons why this is gonna cool is because. Lot of people don't know this that the VFW's national headquarters is located here in Kansas City Michael I was not aware until we start talking about that that it was here yes just one of those other. Another pride of Kansas City that I think goes unrecognized and we're for the benefit or harm relations with them for many years and and discontinuing astonishing amount of impact the governor communities that I think folks in. Ground is just don't know they don't know that and I think a lot of folks don't know about all the things the VFW does there what's that is VFW dot organ. Maybe they don't they know a pound their chest enough may be on the national level so we're open no doubt that today. To kind of talked to Keith about you know all these different things we're gunning into a lot of different issues say Michael one of which is. You give us the background it's been around for 118 years what do you guys doing with the younger generation irrelevancy. What's in the future. And you know what are your legislative issues and howry sporting veterans and a family throughout this country. The other side services size and scope of your as I smoke probably absent from art. When it's over a million million members of the house members from Europe altogether and that is a tremendous month people VFW supports not just arms in our community nationally. And they go to international reach while then it's inching because. Growing up he saw VFW post their halls and smaller communities we have a lot in Kansas City bit. With the way the population is country's changing. And there as well talked to there's a lot of veterans come out of Iraq and Afghanistan is how are they serving. All of these different people and helping them on connecting with them because. If you live in a small town in. Small you know in a state far far away. How do you connect with a VFW and you connect with them and Martin broke rule do you get the services and mobile talk brought to his. There working really hard in Washington DC to protect the benefits that active servers meant today men and how does that then tee them up for. Most combat missions when the practice volume action in the sport now as well it's tough they always there fighting for fun and have a lot of big corporate sponsors that will will touch John and some really cool programs that they do with. Not only veterans. And their families but also. Of the use of this country with regards this college scholarships. Very large a scholarship funds that the VFW. Puts out there says they're doing all kinds of different things or what Sagan is VFW dot org. They have a really cool about us Faison has PS on the right side that they go through the facts that we achievements all the legislative victories of late. Programs and projects and the VFW at a glance at doing so many different things. And that's one of the reasons why would it have on their their their top guys the national commander. Keith Harmon on the show today. He is going to be a traveling man that sounds like who'll get in that was him. These guys travel all your round in his visit VFW sought throughout our country and and doctor veterans each and every day and tell them through some of the issues that they're going through solar mass suicide issues prevention type issues. Health care issues funding financial issues education issues and they're doing so meter in the east L Bobby's veterans it's it's complicated mix of trying to results of them is difficult to figure out and first in the largest. Yes veterans organizations are your kids sitting here in Kansas City and we work cited two I talked to keep harmony again. Michael. Things have been busy for you what what's the summer look like no bank the okay financial well it's it's. I'm Terry I've I've been excited about pol. We've come together. Or lives. A year and a half since we first announced us getting together and close remember. And and gaining a lot of stocks in a row. And it's. We are rooted July 1 as the next chapter in our evolution as an organization and it's been. Really fun time even just the last couple weeks to kind of see what kind of pops goes out in front of us impact on the community. I know we saw Tom on the short talk from our impact on community. I had a blouse. The first Friday down crossroads. We hosted a party at our ranch right there. And at the same time with departure program here Kansas City. Launched. On the next fleet of eighty. Why cheer up bikes are part of this program there are beautiful orange with a mobile and Brandel real world room. And it's just another way that we're trying to get in the community in kind of what is unique to us. With the bike share program. And more really proud about is by church agreed that all mobile customers and 50% discount on annual membership. And it's again just another way to be involved in community were planning our annual rock paper scissors competition. Which I think it's going to be in. To number October game's going to be down crossroads branch. This past week on Friday and a privilege branch we had our. I'm fresh form of that were we work with local former to come or branch and basically give away a fresh produce. 22 or visitors. And not to mention just for me pure business perspective. How we've been able to continue on this path of rowing each rowand to business and connecting dots internally point where. It's. It's pretty compelling proposition. The website is no bank. Dot com. Given the new website. A lot of view the skyline it's soft it's so it's very personalized and supports fact local. Graham Bertram celebrates the only good morning right now while. We're taping this show on Tuesday morning RM journal say good afternoon. The next I'm only here well yeah but you Graham birch or might just I've really gotten obviously know him really well more than I ever outlines two years. Ought to such a great. Visionary. Great passion for war Purdue morning Rick and tuning community group respected person. And it's. We have kind of really come to realize we each have our strengths which are regions combined. Were making were women can work. Let's get a guy like I keep your NF from folks in our members of the bank and I'm glad to hear that there there's a lot more options and they're excited about the partnership and it's seems to be a very well I'm. I'm really. We can always be doing better can only be further and I evolution. After ruling. Today shares invigorate or Michael B is only from low bank. And also joining us here after the break is the VFW national commander to be peace harmony and calling you from Ohio talking about the DF to view which by the way is. The national headquarters here in Kansas City. No single nation. Hello and welcome back to choose grill nation with Jason grills here on TZZ 980 AM and acts. Grill nations show dot com preachy connect with us today as well on. ITunes and stitcher radio via podcast. Today again with me is Michael B is solely who's the president and CEO of Mo bank BO OK financial. Institution here in Kansas City and across the country he is the the main and that is this join me today from their organizations great to have you here again thank you out here series here every month and we every month. He connects his two day amazing person here in the three your national level and organizations that are doing great work. Here in the area and throughout the country today were lucky to have on. They VFW. National commander who will be elected national commander. This is July 26 at the 118 in VFW national convention in. New Orleans, Louisiana a lot of people don't know this we'll get into this with Keith. The VFW's. National headquarters actually is in Kansas City their Michael. Units so that's one of the reasons why we are connected to Keith we have Keith Harmon on the line today. I keep thanks for coming on the show are today. I'm doing just fine thank you for having me Jason. It's great to have you first off. It's of that question for us VFW is located here in Kansas City a lot of people don't know that pretty interesting stuff. It is yet. We've been there per 118 years. Didn't hit that. Michael hour talking off there that is kind of surprising. Any reason behind locating here in Kansas City 118 years ago. I. I think that it's just that the central part of the United States senate just made sense to the key thing in the national headquarters of organizations centrally located. And in and they may tie into the stat that. I think is correct and I didn't make up but that Union Station was one of the worry is the busiest train station. Remove were one and two. For recruits million members of the military going from all places around the country so maybe that's part owners then that's an option now. I teeth. You were you served as the elected senior vice commander in chief of the veteran. Veterans of foreign wars the last year you will be the national commander. For even a year background kind of take us through what that means in all the obligations that they come with that. As the he writes command chief for veterans of foreign wars oh we. All all we care officers just spend a lot of time. Visiting. VFW posts. What throughout the United States simply go abroad as well. I've had the opportunity to make a return trip. Two. Vietnam this past march that was. Quite an experience in itself. Having served there 49 years ago so we're just go around we promote. Our organization. And then get a feel from our members. You know well what direction that they think that our organization that is big going and we do our best two. New. They grabbed the members happy about the organization. Men talk just about your service in the US army. You were you surf from the in the correct. Yes I served out in the united states army from December. Of 1967. To. The last day of November of 1969. I served in PM bombers say crew chief indoor. One Huey helicopters. From march through November oh. 1969. Men. Received a lot of mud a decorated medals in that time. Including the air medal. And right in on service medal this two bronze silver star service SARS he's been. Another good job I'm right. You join the VFW in 1980 three's you've been around for quite awhile knew Lindsay yes out yeah based out of Ohio right. Where is Deltha saw Ohio or lose the middle and north. Last well part of Ohio. Now why I live about 4040. Miles. East of Fort Wayne, Indiana. And in Ohio. Kind of in between Dayton and mentally ill. He cited. Just curiosity a lot of times folks said I've noticed were four resistance VFW and another kind of service organizations say. Or something about the mission that crates and passion to. Tutu to an organization like time presumably you've got skills and talents that are taking a lot of different places. What is it that kind of prompted you to join me at W me three. My father was a what my grandfather served in the first world war might father served during the Second World War along with his two Brothers and my mother had a sister that also served. Both of my parents were very actively involved within yep that is artillery. So as a young boy I grew up in the VFW up. When I got home from the service. However. I didn't really have that burning desire to join them and then and I don't know why it is because that was very familiar with the organization. But I was very fortunate that I had a brother in law. Who was a member of our local VFW post to every time he would see me he was stick that membership application in front of me and he did that for. Quite awhile it was very persistent that I finally just got tired of seeing that applications up in my hands like just. Given my military discharge wrote him a check and I joined them and thankfully. My wife. Are encouraged me to you that now you're a member of the organization. Now you need to go up there and and find out what the organization is about. So I started attending meetings going to pose functions. And the more that I learned about the organization in. The more I became involved. Just. Developed a passion to but help people. And it has just grown over. The years since 1983 through the present time. Then. Larry destroying your bio key thing you have some connection to Kansas Kansas State teacher's college. Yes yes I got by got out of high school. You know like I got a job that I know local factory and we had in the end they have more Ohio. Where I was born and raised we had a small junior college. And I attended that for two years that I thought that I wanted to do BA. Schoolteachers so I I completed my two years of different junior college in May work. I went to Kansas State teacher's college. I'm thinking that I wanted to become a teacher and the longer that I was out there. The more that I realized that this wasn't really what I wanted to do what I really wanted to do. Was. Go home. And married my high school a sweetheart and and that's why did. Who that's a good that's a good process and sure she. She loved that when he came back that's out of gas. VFW's website is VFW. Dot org. Let's just get let's talk about the the general's. Premise and what the organization does and and in our next segment. We'll get into more of the programs that you all. Help people with not only veterans but also families. Are we we know that it's a 118 years old right. But Mo what do what do you guys see what your mission of what what are you trying to do each and every day. We we we try to touch lives every day and we do touched lives every day we we were formed initially and had a 118 years ago. To help veterans and the and their families and word. And and we do that every day we have. A legislative staff in Washington DC. Who walked the halls of congress. Practically daily we have staff that are in the Pentagon working with the Department of Defense. I will work just they're trying to make sure that benefits. Are remain the same moral or improve or. We're always looking for new potential benefits two. Are there for our members. Not only members that are presently serving in today's military but those who served in the past and for those who are going to serve in the future. Mean. It's amazing to me there's no there's a fact sheet on your website. First of all you're the nation's oldest mayor major veterans organization that yeah just just talking about. What a simple donation of of twenty dollars million. It's pretty amazing. And it is you know help cover rent utilities groceries. Families I mean it's just there's all kinds of things he is do each and every day and how I remember how many members you have now. Combined with what we have all alone over a one point two million members and then when we include. Are adept at the accelerate where about one point seven million members of the VFW and exhilaration. Inching and compete for my benefit their jury than covers while it. They glory tell our new members. The tour members have to be eligible for belong under someone who served. It is that is the F Serbia eligible. Well qualified. Me like my wife conjoined big story out of me. Because on the combat veteran. My sons and daughters. Enjoying under. By eligibility to the VFW my sisters. And if I had a brother. That did not serve the military. They could also join as that might this is my parents. If they had never sure. Those direct directly related to a family members. Someone who. Served in the military and is eligible Serbian combat is eligible for the veterans of foreign wars. Then and then for you live now you've questioned by it. The name of the organization veterans of foreign wars is is is there are a veteran who might not qualify for income. Yes yes there are. When we were initially formed Ian. 1899. The organization was initially called. Veterans who vote. Foreign service and then. In December of 1899. A group or somewhere group formed in Denver Colorado. And then on 1914 notion. Groups met in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. Merged and became the veterans of foreign wars and you could be eligible to belong to battle to the veterans war wars. You need to have been an overseas veteran who received. A combat. Award. And we're talking to Keith Harmon who will be the new VFW national commander. Elected here coming up in a few days July 26. At the national convention in New Orleans telegraph back after the break to talk more Keith about. The different things the offense because each and every day. They're listening donations and through. I guess. Welcome back to a grill nation I'm your host Jason grills ABC 1988 and as roles on the grill nation showed a come in on iTunes and stitcher radio via podcast. Here today with my guess coast and supporter of girl nation Michael V is solely president CEO of mope bank be okay financial. By joining me again for the full show we have I guess every month. That the great folks are there help us set up in today's guest is the VFW national commander to be here and weaker so keep Harmon. Calling in from Ohio today the VFW's national headquarters is located here in Kansas City which. Lot of people don't know and that's kind of the local connection here and obviously the VFW helps. Veterans of foreign wars all throughout this country a lot of people here in the Kansas City region. We're talking to keep up Keith we'll get is some of the programs that how is how is your life can change here in the next few weeks you're gonna go from the the senior vice. Commander in chief to the national commanders with the responsibilities. Must increase correct. I yes they certainly will in the war increased my travel schedule tremendously. And I am rather looking forward to that as senior vice commander in chief by travel. Probably about 225. Days so far this year. And when I'm elected as commander and chief Sarah next week or the week after. Might travel schedule will increase to 300 plus days. The my dad has been active in another organization here it. Throughout the state so I've. He travels every weekend now I'm sure your high school sweetheart. The ticker named Mary Lewis we're supportive of that correct could get 300 days out trick. How long do you are you elected for this post. There's just one year. Yeah no light in that July of 2018. Again in Kansas City our next conventional being Kansas City. And I won't load. Finished my term of office that. It in Kansas City at the at that convention. It's great. But this O'Keefe. There's a lot of things you'll do. Veteran insanely support programs let's talk about some of the key ones that our listeners knew that were there are veterans can utilize an interest for the general public's knowledge. I don't think enough people know. Just how many different programs and things you do to help veterans and families let's go over some of the key once you're gonna pinpoint. That is take us through some of those some of the some of the key. Key programs that you you're proud of earth the VFW. We hit a well I I guess one of our premier programs as our patriots fan boys and a Moxley you can't say yet contest. And then we. Over the over the course of a year that affects about 170000. A middle school high school students. In those students are. Will receive about little over three million dollars total and each state winner. Of our boys democracy Comcast delegates say they expense paid trip to our our nation's capital Washington DC in late February early march. Aware of the national organization gives each student aid scholarship which. Of some sort of the pop place scholarship but I being up 30000 dollars. Tell taught the youth that are comedian also a touch lot of scouts I understand too. Absolutely yes you and we lead sponsor. A Boy Scouts Girl Scouts that men and don't want. CL you know you scholarship Kearns important you all as well as educational outreach. But also to you guys you do a lot of troop support. Take us through these you do to help our veterans. We have we have a couple major corporate sponsors one being. Burger King the other being out sport clubs. Gordon Logan is they owner and CEOs or clips that when we became. Affiliated with what Soviet sport clips and Gordon happens to be air force veteran as well. But now Gordon has the money that he generates through sport clips and donates to the Viet Serbia. That goes into a scholarship fund and over the past three years and we have given. Over 800 scholarship so totaling. About three point six million dollars. Two over 800 veterans and service members that get a college education. We have our affiliation with Burger King. Over the past thirteen years Burger King has donated about seven and a half million dollars four unmet needs. Program. Unmet needs program is their primarily. To help veterans who are. Serving active duty and the especially those that are deployed. Of their family is our home they run in two. Some financial won't problems maybe a car breaks down. A water heater goes out there aren't as sore they have an unexpected medical bill or utilities or whatever. And if they can contact. Our organization. But we can pay those bills call for them. That's that's a grant it's up to about 5000 dollars. So we can give any any veteran who. Is presently serving in an experience things of financial difficulty or just say a veteran and general. Mean I think one of the things too is under what's ideas to be done or you have. A list of great PDF the people click on that really go through a lot of these TPS of one of the was Samir priority issues. Our health care just talked about that. You also have an expanded a group of women veterans now. In the military and veterans in your expanding health care for them as well. Correct yeah and and those last year. We are our national commander was from Pennsylvania and up appointed a full foreperson female committee. One from. Are. We have four conferences. In and the VFW. We can designate one person from each conference. Two gone around to VA medical facilities. And see box in the outpatient clinic seeing what type of services were available to look female veterans. A did a survey. All that information was provided to our Washington office and then the information gathered was presented to look congress in the way of testimony. To the house senate veterans affairs committee and we have continued debt. I have disappointed or new ladies. To serve during my year. Two. Again. Go to. VA medical facilities and two of BA outpatient clinics. To see what services are provided and how weak it. Improve upon the services for those people know that. My glory it's a question for you in second by wanna I wanna touch on the suicide prevention. Passed the U guys here are tested that issues in prevention of suicide have become a big issue for the VFW. It certainly they can relate to you you instantly have soared today. Them the they're saying that. Maybe there's about wanting suicides per day and surprisingly. There are older veterans. That are committing suicide. And Anna and a lot of female veterans soul our national commander this year. I'm Brian Duffy. As safe as it is so why his projects. He's tried to place an emphasis on suicide prevention. And we have partnered with groups like. A one mind don't give an hour patients like me a Walgreen. There was some football foundation and what we're doing. There's we're asking our VFW post two are bringing some type of mental health provider. In Serbia at W post oak in the post doors up to no one of their members but to their communities. Just to get the word out there make people aware. Aware of now help issues. And just. Promote the heck out there's no metal help. Is it is not a dirty word in the end we just need to make. More people aware. Luke. Early warning signs and maybe we can help up prevent additional suicides. Diaz also get you know ensure that congressional funding for that with your. Legislative agenda education career training opportunities. All these folks including. Homeless veterans as well Michael your question. Well and has to do on on the inner banker remarks and about the pants on and others. Two aspects of this one is. His VFW get its funding we can get that man maybe in the next segment to erupt compliments like this one let. What about sequestration and the impact it's having a military and additional stress putting on. The folks that are listed how does that impact future. Bequest sequestration has become a very personal issue to me. Sequestration. Came due to the fact when they had the budget the that when they raise the federal debt ceiling in 2011. And though when they raised that the debt ceiling and they agreed that they needed to make some additional some some sort. Federal cuts so they've formed a super committee. To find an equal amount of cuts. And the committee was unable to do that finding Cuomo cut so they. They've settled a net automatic 10% reduction through. Well all agencies would be mandatory at the Department of Defense being the largest at all reality they took the point 8% reduction. The effects as sequestration had to when. Then there's the sequestration you know became law in 2011. Wasn't implemented until the second half of 2012. And immediately upon implementation. All training stopped all aircraft or. We're grounded all ships were docked ground training was stopped with the exception. Of any group that was going to be deployed to a combat zone being either directly or Afghanistan. When congress realize the impact it was having all on the military simply because they have the funds to do all these things. Congress put sequestration on hold. It is still on hold however it is still a law the alliance. I have been. I have heard our Washington office staff talk about the effects and sequestration is having on today's military. I have read about it here. The VFW magazine as well as other service magazines that that I received. But two years ago as says the national junior vice commander I had the opportunity to go to Belgium where I met. Let us shape the NATO headquarters. And received briefings by admirals generals those sergeant majors so warm and from Belgium went on in to germinate and visited for five military installations again or I received briefings. From their administrative staff and in my first question that was what effects of sequestration was having appoint them. They keep let's let's let's let's stop right there won't be back after the break for more prone nation continue this discussion and keep Harmon VFW national command. Fewest he's okay. Welcome back to sue a grill nation with Jason girl 1980 and came easy as well as on relationship dot com and on iTunes and saturated via podcast she you know with me on Twitter always at Jason grow and that grill nation shell. Two Indian today for our final segment by Michael B is only CEO and president of Mo banked the okay financial Gregory organization here in the Kansas City area. And we've been talking to keep Harmon who's next week will be named the VFW national commander. At the national can mention. In New Orleans, Louisiana do keep this calling us from Ohio. And haven't really conversational owning a lot more about the B of W which is based here nationally curse is in Kansas City. The region and Keith was talking just about the effects of sequestration before you handled the break there and you tell us about your your trips overseas. And what came out of those in Belgium and Germany Germany Mathieu and continue on that a path to. And I'd Serb thank you. While I was in the Belgium and and Germany not only that received briefings by their commanding officers but I had the opportunity every day to have. Launch was anywhere from between fifteen to twentieth troops and and my questions were always pretty much the same about the effects sequestration and and their answers were exactly what I have been hearing from a forced them office and read in the magazines that today's military is tired of doing well Mor with less. You don't. The military has continuously downsizing because the effects of sequestration is having. In we're just doing more with less troops less training less equipment. And the and there are very tired of it and those. That may want to make a career out of it because as a continuous downsizing. Of the military they're wondering if it in only if they can actually read my make up a career in the military or whether literally put out the military. Had admirals and in general tell me that during the height of sequestration more aircraft were grounded them for every month that it aircraft those that I don't want pilots to imply. That it would take a minimum of two to three months worth of training to get them back up to speed so the they'll sequestration as having a major effect not only on on today's military are on their quality of life issues. And I also just recently returned from Vietnam and it's also having an effect on our in my eight POW issue. Because of thirty consecutive. Resolutions that have been passed. The MIA POW county agency. Had to. Cancel. One of their home or some of their plans big shoes to possibly locate some of those remaining. Remains were left in in Vietnam. Let's having a tremendous effect the point. On today's military. And when you hear this from individuals so that you're setting across the table. You know it it it is as a major impact point you know because I've been hearing about this home. Since 2011. But when you're setting across a table from an admiral or general or command sergeant major whatever. They're telling you what I've been hearing 46 years. If it kinda hit home. Q how does this play out or what are the legislative agenda items what is the being secure between Toronto and Ers. Also sequestration. Went into effect in the 2011. Illuminating. At every national convention league proposed resolution and then in eliminating. Sequestration has been Libya Serbia's top priority goal. Since 2000 war eleven we have labs are you know we have a if that the worst of the a core weekly that is put out from our worst of office. And in I have asked our staff from Washington to. This put this Al. At least monthly ask our members to contact their legislative people Washington. This the that so what this issue to bed. Write a piece of legislation to eliminate it end up in the flow of a monthly. Writing does not. Prevail then. It. If we have to will. Distill weekly and light up trees and in Washington on mobile phone lines they emails. A hard copy letters or whatever but we need to. Have somebody write a piece Celeste legislation. To put this issue to bed so there are troops. Have adequate funding. Nine can get the best. Is it equipment and training possible. One thing Michael are curious about is is small towns are shrinking. In America and and we I'm nearly forty what I grew up you know and as well and intensity Missouri bit. Very close a lot of different municipalities where there were. VFW halls and posts and whatnot. How are you guys evolving in that respect BK is in Kansas City you know we'll find hundreds of them but at some of these sort treaty you might Nazi V therapist for quite some time. How how is that changing the way you guys are working here currently as we move into the future. Surprisingly we in our our our membership has has declined. That our organization has not obtained percent and membership since. 1992. We continue to move. A decline in membership but way bold move surprised. Dirk there's a large generation gap between. Vietnam and in the Persian gulf and then I wrecked in Afghanistan. And is and surprisingly. Go where. We're able to recruit. A large number of these younger generation. Veterans. And it is in fact that a higher percentage rate then during the World War II it and that may sound strange but if you let's stop and think about it. How many people served. During the Second World War vs today. Having an all volunteer military. Are only about 1% of the world population are serving. World we're recruiting know about 1718%. Those individuals whose younger generation. But to be perfectly honest one of the most someone boxes so once we get them recruited. How to we retain them. You know what what is it that we can provide to them. Two. Keep them interest. In our organization that is to maintain their their membership and that's what and that has been an issue. Will. But we have faced. Michael and I were just talking about that off areas you know how many reactions we have coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan and if they're actively involved in using the programs. For themselves and their families and in and taking a leadership role in the organization such interest in you touched on that. You know and end and we do have. A large number of the younger generation that have. That have taken an interest in the organization. And and taken the leadership roles and take them to start taking the leadership positions within our organization. About a minute left here on the show we're talking to keep our men who is the VFW national commander he's out of Ohio right now and a the FW is located here in Kansas City, Missouri Michael. By you when they re connect this to our local region here in the last 45 seconds long time when him. Normally instant then it's just so officially Gaza some who's been mount NC for ninety years product factory here. What it was one thing that we can be doing in the community external and a the help help with awareness. We just need and so that we as an organization we just needed we do we need to do them a much better job of promoting ourselves and that and that's one of our shortfalls. Our post do a tremendous amount of work. Nationwide but for whatever reason. There are very real little apprehensive. The tell anybody about what it is that that that they do it and strain on us for for not doing that so you know we we are encouraging our toes you know what they do something you know. Connect the social media. But that's you know that's. So what everybody that's when you'll community are absolutely. And if you notice our web site we have they VFW post pride. We're asking people to take pictures. At an event. Hash tag it says that we just need to do a much much better job of promoting. What it is that we do as an organization. I agree keys we appreciate coming on the show today and hopefully this will help in that mission Keith Harmon VFW national Maine appreciate coming on real nation. Thank you just thank you very much Michael great seeing you again you'll see incident you listen to grow nation. Thanks for joining us every week.