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Saturday, July 29th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your list of grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Welcome to the growth nation show with Jason grill her on nine EE MT ABC as well as on. Grill nation should dot com and your host DC bureau thanks for listening as well today. On iTunes and stitcher radio via podcast. It showed today have with me one of our guest coast and on their computers right maybe from the rear Casey and also I think our partners and supporters of the grill nation show with Jason grow our title sponsors of the show our trust Milbank be okay financial and two us advisors. Also pictures the show or like I mentioned Ryan may be. The one might look tree apartments and reactor resign studious and Clifton Alexander. Let's bring in Ryan may be look into the show are angry to see you again no balls well all is well thank you very much good to have you back good to have you back. Brian as a guest every other month and one of the things Ryan does is not only talked to survive really going on with his businesses and his travels. Really great thought leader in the industry earned Kansas City area he also brings on great guests from time to time and today we are going to be talking to you. Brock Schulte who used to work with the re hearing now is the Bard director and a partner of the new. Bar opening up on the plaza the monarch which would be located in pulls no we tower. I just off the plaza looks like a really cool. Design build heavily Bev heavily financially back looks really cool and it's gonna be really neat concept for Kansas City. He's coming on here after time. I hear and so excited about this part of it's it's going to be. And maybe one the most anticipated bar's opening Kansas City and long time and they're just taking it to a whole new level from. Everything that the Brock in and his partners have have told me what I know about them and then just. You know check out the website and look at those renderings I mean it's it's gonna be really stunning so it's commuter thing. For Casey the red side is the mark Bard dot com all over social media is a well looks like they're gonna have three different design rooms a bar terrorists and they. Credit parlor room for imitations Eric for a booking was not. Let's face and be really needs seats seat of I was seeing over a hundred people. But it's right there in the apples and only building outside if you drive by. That building you're actually her average Jack's fish house seems to cross street you can see it's gonna be opening I believe in August ending a few weeks yeah so it'll be really cool and very high and cocktails on the food menu. A small plates. And actually really inching bar design it's not can be your typical bar the scene with. We are stacked a tide of on the side of the wall. The bar facing out against the wall it's going to be an open count of concept with all of this the liquor underneath the bar in the bar sitting in the middle of the room. It's twenty to thirty seats around it was just a rich and it's really high concepts. Thing they've got going there by by looking at and by talking to rockets yeah I it's they've thought about every. Little detail and that seems to be a lot of purpose behind every. Decisions they've made which is is really cool inspiration for the bar comes from. Bars in London there's one Italy that defined his bulls won and Moscow. Total BA world worldwide international global kind of feel to it I think there are high and new more and more you know additions. All the cool thing I says that he saying about restaurants in town and they went on and how's the rigueur these days he is clear Australian. We're yeah we're just cranking along like like always have things going really well. We actually just hosted. And I we just have said they the first and mode the hope to be a series of farmers. On meet the farmers events we do on the rooftop of the reader hotel. And and use our Italy and yeah. Yeah I was really cool really well attended and basically just says an opportunity for eight guests to come in in and meet the farmers that grew the food that that we use every day. When. And pretty cool to be in return to such a beautiful building great view of downtown in the crossroads it talks about what's going on your on your street vendors we've talked many times about the the development next door. Looks like it's finally hitting its all because that her for house big. Spot there has been just an eyesore for a year earlier scenes like we have been in a perpetual state of construction. For the last five years. Con who speak but it you know and and all for good reason mean street car. Getting Billiton and now open running. Apartment complex at 1914 mean that. They got built on an abandoned old surface slot and you know with all the stuff happening the new hotel. Across street on twentieth. All this happening it's all great but there's that they're now one big gaping. Okay what's gonna happen here were there her for how she sand in the old hotel midwest and it's a minster and at that. I'm dilapidated right now and I. You think for me we are eighth in almost nine years ago I've been staring at that wondering like when was somebody used to but this prime real estate. In the crossroads and do something phenomenal with it and we now know who's doing that it's in the works they haven't broke ground yet but they're doing. From ground testing environment works are gonna have an underground parking garage and so. There laying the ground where they're getting all the permits in place and and all that mincing surrendering since can be pretty awesome about time right the incident isn't really about time and we. I'm looking toward the day when that the whole block is completely finished. One thing people understand about groundbreaking is yet you a lot of environmental studies African actually do a lot. Lot has happened people's civil break grounded you know. Actually have to deal on the federal federal study PA's yeah in this historic tax credits attach your the old until mid west and you know there's there's a lot closer has to fond place the right time but it is you have to it is gonna happen and you thing in the hotel's rooms finish across the way it looks like yeah I mean I think they're aiming for full opening but it it's it's. They're making quick progress. Mean streetcar. Expansion voters happening and you always see first I think he around the corner I cast my ballot as a downtown resident. Mom know I've noticed I do to absolutely. Source who happens I think he I mean you are of the same. Opinion here and they need to expand that thing applause and I I think it and you you have Olivia you live through it. You could have lived through it and I also even in hindsight now. I voted to raise my own taxes I voted to raise my property tax of injuries might sales tax and and I live and work you know property in that area and you give me a thousand chances to go back and vote on that again I would I wouldn't change a thing I think it is then. Probably even more beneficial than I I thought it would be Euro to a B it's been great and limited the writer soups very. Our limitations right they'll be inching to see if they did extend them what that would do the rest the city with development. And more new news structures I can imagine how mainstream would develop if it ran when it runs down to the plaza are down two you Casey knew he mainstream system and helps when you extended to either. Earlier burglar Calero very selfish part of me wants to see it extended down to is spot on sued Dell and other originally back in the eighteen hundreds there was a street car that ran directly to the old I'm building where our story is so let's I would like to see that restored that's purely purely selfish stuff. Around twenty he finished building on but I a lot of even traveling ally you were in New Orleans talks three hours there for a tells of the talk till last week. Com which is an annual think fifteen years now it's the world's biggest cock so conference where people come and tens of thousands of people really come from all over the world. You do educational seminars and parties in the brands participate it's it's a really big thing. My Arizona rappers engineering company I gave a seminar on the history of American. Rectified whiskey I also was guest bartender for a couple different events in national factory day fell right in the middle that we can so I got two parts part send. At an incredibly busy very hot bar making factories. So yeah I knew it was really a lot of fun and a great way to network and build brand. I knew people were excited about Jay your income. Absolutely and we get great feedback garrido assist yet keep doing it you know where is yes really you really hustle right now we're hustle and were hustling big wave we're. A long way to go and we just need to keep growing and in doing what we're doing. A lot of -- maybe gets coasting attributed grill nation from. Our first guest which would be Brock shall T use the barter rector at the new place opening up on the posit the monarchs. Bar it's a website is the monarch bar dot com check it out there's amazing videos and aerials. And galleries of what this new places to look like red talked him more in depth about his background. In about the monarchy bar. After the break your listening relationship thanks for joining San nine Canadian. Loses today. Vehicles. Welcome back to sue the grill nation with Jason grills on nine ADM came easy and on line at drill nation showed dot com preachy joining me as well today on. I teams and stitcher radio as always you can find over podcast on iTunes as well as on the grill nation show dot com. I'm joined today by. Ryan may be a contributor and on air coast every month every other month on the grill nation show is. Twitter handle is at roundtable right he is a bartender restaurant tourney is affiliated with the Reagor and manifesto as well as G re hearing co. Is home this Kansas City AK in Paris of the planes if we talked about a little bit in our first segment today. Right maybe welcome back to show always a pleasure great to have you back. Seems like. Been awhile since we've had you in that I'm really excited about our guest today and been kind of noticing a lot of talk about this a new place of the FB and can see the monarch. It's on the plaza it's going to be near the poles and only building and Jack's fish house is across treatable if in a million Havel history with the Bard director were bringing here in the second. Brock shall. Actually not only Brock but the whole the whole team there the cola. A group of can see bartenders that are really really make this thing happen exciting stuff I'd I'd seen and I heard about it I'd turn by many times but. Looking forward to learning more about it 03 I'm Brock right now Brock Schulte Bahr director and partner at the monarchs. The website is the make sure I have this right to the monarch bar dot com welcome to the show are you. Doing very well things are still Alexi rocketing creature today and that's not what I like to assume the Reagor teacher who skit. So Tulsa by yourself Holland you guys know each other but all right. Ryan and I met about seventy years ago. I believe right before manifesto. Reopened and I was. Interviewing for a job I was. Actually on the plaza back then as well as were commitment escrow. And I've heard that he was going to you reopen manifesto in the reader and I really wanted to work the reader and a honestly didn't think had the chops or manifesto let them we did a working interview at the farmhouse. I got to make all the cocktails. I. Hope it's it's a funny year B I forgot that was the first sign that we and we met and I and I forgot that that was the actual. Context of the interview and I'm not sure exactly how that transpired and guessing that I. At that event set up and you read coming to interview and I need help and I was like hey what he's come work with me and I. You create the recipes and and set the menu and and I just made you work absolutely apps and you tell me how ice form back. It's very comfortably a fun night but I think it was straight on and you know from there I'm he offered me a job and basically said that I. None of the bartenders were gonna work just set the reader or Justin manifesto. Even though that was alive because of don't sly. But we he wanted to sort both of bars and you know I. Have to leave open now. You've been doing it and get yelled at for seven years ever since. You've worked in a lot of different areas in Kansas City really mostly in the bar area what's so like I mean. Probably learned a lot throughout the years. Most definitely you know on. I'm definitely one that has I debt limit thirst for knowledge whether it's spirits her you know new techniques. On and cocktails. I really really do like the modernization of the bar but really in terms of anything it's really just. Re learning what we already knew. Or had posted like 15200 years ago with cocktails and there's just you know slight disconnect in prohibition and then. The re learning of that it eats and so work and it just bring it all back and just excited to learn something new mountain. In addition you've worked at a couple other places to intensity were what are some of those. Or you know the open dishwasher. And Matthew were there for well it's legally great place it was a great place to call home for awhile. That bar I've. Talk cue from out of town together when they're staying in there and they just love them yeah so weird I'm I think my favorite experience there was. I think his name. And then anyways. It's really cool to see like how many celebrities and stuff can actually come through there and just really really enjoyed just a nice easy on. I got to meet the cast of Walking Dead there. They at a private party. And you know a few others over the over the course of all of it was really great experience. You never know you would never know got a great Kansas revived yet you know that that building in particular but the bar. Even though it was recently refurbished model then and rebrand it really missile has a really cool Kansas City are authentic Nancy I've. Or a big brock's himself enough credit market is by our right now he won the Paris of the plains national park any competition do you doesn't sixteen. And was a national finalist in the Bombay sapphire GQ most inspired bartender competition three different time than does intend to does a four way ahead and execute three times now a million GQ twice okay does like a lifelong dream of mine Curtis talk daughter of a business our thoughts and you know he he admitted it three times what. Twice twice as to why he's twice yeah well. At a mid to cover yet that you got to win this kind of how my work I'm working on that all right that's pretty cool what what goes and like how to how does that happen. Uninteresting to me they sue international competition yes all kinds it fizzled and the cocktail competitions and I think they all really try to make. Make each competition their own. On the sapphire is one of my favorite it's really about you know the story and there their concept is the most imaginative bartender. And and that. As sincere coming up with a story that relates to Bombay sapphire or their relates to you or your life for anything and you know I've I've heard many many stories but it's always. It's always a really want is it at some point. You know when you get to that top fifty when that top thirty minute nationals like. You know for a fact that their all and drinks and it could be like not putting that likes ice cube in the glass that lets that lets you you don't you don't win. Well it's really crazy how technically gets that. Greg you've done these competitions as well I mean. Or the yum I'm retired. Fresh from her from competing at this will be I've I've competed in a handful of dip once I never did the Bombay sapphire mismanagement bartender competition I think that when I got sort of a around the time that I was kind of ending. Ironically just own merits actually he registered for the first one I won in Kansas City and never go to. And is when I was able to know I was a judge I think and maybe if I and I sweat that's understand you know for this idea but yeah I have competed and in quite a few and and they're really really stressful I mean that it's Iraq's point about. How how little it takes you that the zooming in and and not winning is. Is so slim it it's you know you just have to be perfectly happy absolutely flawless honored actually win because. The level of professionalism the level of talent and skill is so high at that point that there's just no room for error and so it leads to. Now that you I think bartenders are taking their career has more seriously and it's more of a respected. And acknowledged profession which is fantastic four for all of us. It really puts a lot of pressure. For our martyrs for competitions like this it's it's it's a stressful yeah there's a lot because until now. And I can tell you how many times that you know I I have been fortunate to win. If you competitions but I've also lost. Many many more by that's all every one case you know just like. Half of a point like in just the judge coming up after you were so close a slick take tracks if it. And you as of years and analyzed it's it's exciting and I think. As a move forward in our next segment and we search on my new bar the monarch there insert him as the monarch bar Casey. Let's talk about some of the guys you're working with his or an article in the star. Recently from I think earlier this year about. You know these three also Berkshire street monitor cocktail bar and lounge coming this summer. It's opening August right yes OK to talk spot some of these guys you worked with and sir this company with. So on the relief on all came out of David Manning can I get a haircut at the same. Place at the salon Casey and main street and he had were a vision to green. Oh West London style clock till Bart in city. And we had a little small. Poppy if you will and and a guy how to get started right and I heard this about a year and a half ago it area Lou almost two years ago now and it kind of just all spurred from there and way. That we had sort of liquid mind and concepts. Which has frenetic activities and events and all kinds of things related to. Related to alcohol and we. As a team Kenny cooers. Mark church and then rain and Cummins. On sort of working on this project. And mark Kenny. I and David are with David B a majority owner are all partners in the concept with. And implements being. Liaison hurt consulting project so David has it architecture background right yeah he's he's really didn't he he you would never. He never boast about it like. The four largest stadiums that are in Asia he has offices in London Shanghai and in city. The most familiar one at the currently believe is for me on the raiders stadium in Vegas is does he and his team design and it's really really. Well. Yeah others historical and the Daily Beast it about how world famous architects. David manic just Kansas City token of our. And it was really just you know make in the world just a little bit smaller you know you there's a lot of cool bars in Chicago LA and New York in there and between an Austin Houston you know it is it was really it's really nice like to serve bridging that gap between all the major cities in. You know. Opening line here opening and an up or the style here and Ryan was pioneer and then that's when you from the Reagor manifesto right Ryan. People Mata doubted you that could. Help the populace through a lot of because I don't. Name there's there's no doubt about that I've just got to constantly told your crazier or don't do better with Hillary thinking in that only made me more determined. Men and I think that's proven out here now. Now we're we we talked a little bit in the first thing and all the real and happening around there and now it's great man I love her so ritzy James Beard nomination. As they go. Tales of the cocktail top four. Spend spend pretty wild and a. The wild ride we have brought shall T the monarch and from the monarch bar and we have Brian navy IG rear ghetto and the Reagor with me today in studio and its neck similarly when a breakdown. And ins and outs of the monarch which is set to open. Just in a few days here in August looking forward to you listen to grow nation. I guess. Welcome back to rogue nation now and nine needy and came easy your house. Jason grills thanks for joining us again today also thinks those senior day on relationship dot com where you can find all of our podcast what is our guest. And more information about our our supporters and sponsors of the show. Also I have on one of those contributors and on air guess because he joins me. Every other month on the show bringing great guests we have Ryan may be from. The guy behind the Reagor great restaurant in Kansas City. And we're also joined today by a Brock shall T used a very well known. A guy here in Kansas City and has a lot of work in the industry. Threat years he's all star bartender Barger rector of the new monarch bar. And also partner in the place. With a guy who actually. Is designing. The new Golden State Warriors stadium from reading this right here in the new breeder stadium in Las Vegas though. That's pretty cool big barn up for the guy that has that come architectural Kendrick credentials in your barking and mixology his credentials there are there to. It's really funny to see them he is a great team and to see them working on two billion dollar project one day in and come and gone door. Our project at the necks of it's it's just really cool to kind Ito that they can bring. So project yet and so okay so you went over the team in the last segment. Let's talk about. This this location and what we're gonna see in the monarch because. The meal looks like it's going to be very high costs in the pictures I've seen the website is again is the monitor our dot com. Obviously has an historic history behind the name. The what are we gonna beginning what's the experience look like in them go through three different areas of design. So the three areas we really wanted to Breen. You know a very modern fuel but classic in nature. So we have the first period he walked into was the terrace of the patio. Win the most people undermine that over the years north or throw a closet and a lot he would didn't even realize that because it could have been built into it ideal means to be honest I. Didn't even think of it at all and then it's always done and it is completely enclose it with wood terrorist. And then it's got a I believe a three inch. Glass roof. And then we have here's an infrared. Either it heaters and fans to keep it temperate throughout. Hopefully 910 months out of the year so outdoor patio. And then as glass had Campillo death toll about. Says that like it's always over there isn't it and so it's a it's it's think about it. As a glass roof on the patio silly even if it's raining or if there's you know. I mean even when it's light snow falls and intensity it's like you know still 45 degrees I know and I like again cocktail a little bit Iranian elbow like that. That is really need and it looks like did the paddy was inspired by some things that Monday and it's on Europe in Moscow because it's very cold there too that's another. The theory behind the canopy press briefing deterring some times. Even with a canopy over it. What's the next the main nervous from the next thing you designed. The main room was armed police. Most notably like are received and Italy and the con job are in London. For me it's also. Kansas city's first obelisk back or there is no like liquor wall of the crucial smaller bottles and suffer contain underneath. And it really makes the whole feel of the room more like your living room or very. This comparable let comfortable around. Talk about that because. And actually UniCredit amateur I think it's really unique personally and I'm I'm both fascinated by it and also a little bit you know kind of puzzled by it. Because you know me me mine mine style is very classic very like a big. Paul as long wall of liquor you alert letter in your house I do I. Passionate player hit it in and and I think that front from a business perspective you know one of the advantages of that is on my. When it goes on Mars I see back Parcells like that are sparse you know or have several rows of the same spirit. Taking up a whole bunch of space or maybe like a statue or some sort of quirky art work I always wonder. You know what the thinking is behind that because the more boos he put up through more with people up there for people see more like you like the yard Celek and so from a priest. I think from a design perspective what you're saying is really interest thing and I'm intrigued by but I also question a little bit because I wanna know like how do you mean seriously how do you like. I always felt like. Especially with my time a three year like. Selling. Almost always came at the test of who's doing the liberal ordering. Me or who was. Had a lot of insight on the Ackerman you're cocktail menu itself you know I don't know how many times I talked to a hate you come talk to the sky about whiskey in a matter if we had it was you've listed its. They want a personal interaction. And that's we've really tried to design. With that area in. Meaner in the monarch bar on. It's a there's twenty seats around them and on the main more. And each or tender at the main or is responsible for ten guests. If there's any gets outside of that shore but when another aspect of the board that we've added in that room as the or part of a custom maid park are by Peter Warren. On the local some. Until Google would tell spoke so at the bar cart is actually really really need that it we're designing the first menu. Around the migratory the menu period are on the migratory paths of the monarch. Or fly. And whether. There my trading migrating south for the fall our north for her during the spring. We're really taking. Insight from. All kinds of flavors and you know ingredient cues from their there. Or pass all across the world. And on the first one what we're doing is. Negroni. Main emphasis on the new Gurney which is on strong. Hitter. And sweet. Equal part cocktail generally Jin sweet permits in Emporia. Now we deal of the lot federations that are sixty dinner iterations of that there were providing on the mark art. The main aspects of the bar cart is to bring a bartender to your team you can converse with talk through. I'm questions about the menu and religious can become familiar with what is unfamiliar to. I think that my favorite. My Phoebe speeches in a bar always at the bar where I get to talk to a bartender about what's he making what is he doing why's he doing it. That's really cool what you do with that. That until right there which ones that you know it it's that I guess interaction. On that a lot of people. It's too guess interaction that I feel a lot of people. One I think in a lot of notably in a lot of traditional bar settings like that with you just describe the interaction with the bartender that. Generally tends to be more. Enlightened and informed on on all the products. Behind the bar and how the drinks are made. That doesn't always get translated. Clearly and effectively by servers at the table I'm not saying that that. There aren't some out there that are really are actually in tune but at the same time I'd seen a lot of cases you do miss something at the table and so that idea. Of actually bringing the the bar cart to the table actually building the drink. There in front of the guest is is really cool idea because it will require. That you're. Use your entire south there'll. Train bartenders. Right. Us so even like where you'd generally holds a cocktail server will be absolutely trained to be able to step. Behind the bar cart or behind the bar and hope out if necessary mom even. On a bar back that you would normally say was his whose job is to you looked down. Cleanup gets you anything you need whereas we wanna do is really cultivate a term. A learning community in Kansas City and be more of an incubator for on how to do things correctly. How to work fast we'll still be communicable guests. On all things like service hospitality. So you've got the monarch bar we're talking a Brock shelty Bard director at the mark are checking out at the monitor our dot com great website. You have Amare we just talked about you talked about the terrorist patio he also of the parlor room what does that so the parlor room this weird part of it is another part of the design is where we can really. Shoot for the stars so to speak from there are eight cocktails on the parlor menu that are only available in the parlor room. And they're more on interactive. More of a show we showmanship if you will on. On the serve non all kinds of we also taken advantage of using the Coors and spirits that you most notably Mo and most the time wouldn't play in a normal populist. My fear is probably a riff on the I'm a classic directory on. Even though it's not run the basic build of the same design and talk to us and were actually and using Macintosh an eighteen year. And a chocolate banana Decker island that really has. Any real like that it doesn't seem. Like something you'd once I'm already don't know him I had that you know I'm like trying to figure out this way or the other sounds cold mean yes sort whereas usually being. Just hard pine apple corps for the S and portion and then we're gonna make it real plane containing cocoa. Syrup. And just half past few nights and symbol with via a concussion. And eighteen year in. What you really get on the on again and each directory is the barrel notes and for me. With Steve from Scotland that's at least fifteen years old has a lot of similarities they gonna get some smokes and found some. Some barrel characters that it really just takes time to get there then. So it's it was slick the size of this place later keeping you in my mind has lived in that building so many times it pulls in only area. The gauges source of the parlor itself taxable only hold about sixteen to twenty people. I am I believe its occupancy is twenty to you but if we have a bar America Europe the bartenders servers nets in time whipping out it's down. On the main room will hold about 65 to seventy. And then. Terrorists will hold sixty fives or shoot in for the 15870. Area on. Trying not to do a lot of standing room but were obvious and turn people and we want everybody to feel very comfortable but. Environment there right compress it to the reader. Precise purposes RNC. Who refuse from figure in all the components of their you're not counting manifesto. I mean you've we've got to balance. Carrying patio about the same at a 150 total if if for a passing and all those areas so it's about the same mystery man. I eases inching meek is that your mother patio I'm trying to think who must have. I've been on and obviously that is driving by Mike in does like that big a look at your photos. On the website and looked a lot bigger that I that I think it is from history yet we're allowed G feel like we're we're easily going to be able there's. In Q3. Three separate. Seating areas. Byrd's seat lounge areas on the patio and then since a standing earned it very cool we're talking a Bruck shelty Barger term partner in the monarch Barroso Jamie today is yes Coastr. And maybe crime Bengie Reagor and fell and the read your piece you wrote back after the break. To a liberal nation show at 9 AM keynesian hosting some girls joined again by Brian maybe. Read your PC is. Well as. My good friend Barack Schulte from the monarch. Really cool new concept bar. Happening in on the plaza near the website as the monitor our dot com. Relief seeing place excited to check it out Brock let's talk about again locations you guys are located in the across through projects Fisher house. And the bulls know only candidate tower there was no Mozilla Billy JJ's across the way. Seat about a 150 people 175. Why teaches delegation because it's it's a growing area in Kansas City. So I think that one and and Ryan can repeat again. One the most important things I think when you're open you know. Restaurant or bar is location location location and I think that. We looked for about eight months. Easy access on and off Q you don't mean area's traffic so. With that's really good is like we can get out right offer it right off Roanoke around Ramona and Nancy and get on tough ethically really easy which gets united 35. There's also hotels and we're in the shopping area of the plaza so there's a lot of foot traffic that in and around that area. And for us it was you know being. Nice and close to. In the saline Mission Hills. You know just being a little bit closer than everybody saying like. I don't want all the way down town tonight so people or even you know from Cuba who had under downtown they can supplant have one more drink before their own way on them. And India a ton of lawyers that we're kind of building yet there's 200 lawyers who have unreliable patrol probably like cocktails half. Then and law that when Dillon read and but it. They really enjoy haven't there's. Pretty cool and I guess is picked up a head chef frank we did executive chef our procedures such as tree C go to and she's put together really nice and you live and small plates. Our intention was never to be a place that people stayed for dinner. Though if you had dinner plans and re enjoying yourself enough that you could say teachers don't know enough to maybe skip dinner. Era and whether she can have from jacked her she did she worked as a whole United States and yes your for the bigger and a Finley for a ten years I believe. And I believe the last two years has been in at Jackson in the city. She actually decided they believe we're gonna think about moving away and we presented her with the opportunity and that we wanted someone that can really. Bring small plates. But in no way that really matched. That's the cocktails non I think that's one of the most when things I learned from Ryan Howard and a that the reader was. That your concept really match each other across the board from on the layout of the bars textures. On the feel of the boring and especially your feud your drink options you know really curious in setting. She is from Hawaii that a meat and she is she grins well a lot of that flares under some I heed to the tots were columns that are gonna really great people like tater tots and like I do they go. Let's look like something on the order would have put a little bit similar types of looks like tots it's actually fright are Oreo rights so a small play. On like resort ovals but without. Those solutions they're really. You see any any actual direct connection between the two in the park sells it to tasting menu or any events like that we actually. Creating drinks to specifically over the food or vice Versa. And she is actually in this sense taken. That what would normally be vice Versa where. In much of my experience has been finding a drink or creating a drink to match the dinner menu whereas in this instance we eat. And curator of the first created the first cocktail list. And she's created a menu that hopes that since accentuate the cocktails on that's really cool he never would have seen that you know. Even 510 years ago sure no not at all pretty awesome and then another thing that we really wanna get going. Is like on Monday Tuesday nights is do you. Little late night dinners around the main board area as well. And fortified courses I'm bring in a shaft for bringing a partner locally in relief. I'm just let them have more themselves and show with the news and that's on my anyone to talk briefly about another issue. About the monitor current number acute government. The issue the I don't know. See I also a trade if not I'll do. You know but one thing I I I just wanted to point out about the monarch par and everything that I know about Brach and marking Kenny in this geyser you know just. You know first class. Bartenders vote what they're getting the opportunity to do there. With the backing from their their partners and the plans that I see are just absolutely stunning I think. I've been pretty fortunate to to travel around the world and see a lot of the the bars in the world that get the most attention and hype and yeah places like new York and Chicago and London like Brock mention there's a lot of influence from London doing into the spore. On the receiving quite to that level. In Kansas City before usually little start up bars and restaurants that are. I created by independent chefs and and bartenders can have to you know bootstrap and and work on a shoestring budget then and you know piece things together and and try and and and make it work out you know with limited resources we have bit. When I'm seeing here. You guys legislate. Shooting for the stars it's like really. New. No expense spared its gonna be a world class level of overall experience and I think that's pretty awesome for Casey it's. I salute you experienced that we're trying to cultivate. It's been really great also commend like we've we've all open bars and then there you know when you know this going to be your. Starting cocktail list misses the glass wearing it and and you know this is the warrior working and you make it work and from this design aspect we started with a concrete. Ox is fully and completely filled it with every decision we we were. They don't make them on the it's been really cool that. To see that aspect of it become a part of it you know really make it feel like it's our own and you know you speak to the film. The luxury living room style feeling that where you see almost hotel or East London Tobler. And it's really like an investment in Kansas. Me ask you quickly about the name. Let's talk about the modern name truths of the market whereas like you know it has a lot of reads on the market and take Kansas City especially has had ties to. Then you basal team on which gunning Asia you see mark Syracuse city monarchs. And they took their name from an old term. The people aboard that sponsored the jerseys actually. If I'm not mistaken and you know just like the kinsey royalty all the way across. The board you know the chiefs the royals. Imus and a ton of them right now like crowns in town are got a lot of images there are two backgrounds and right. And you know and there's you know we took the aspect of the butterfly. To another level I think and really just like it is and it really just speaks like how unique of a creature it is I mean it's the only creature. If he speaks on the net only ways few grams but travels 3000 miles. Once a year and it's. Unbelievable feat and seeing there is also famous pretty company here with the name on our rec is well that's wells which India idea. OK so. Opening talked despite the opening with you have to with the people check out the monarchy. We're gonna win are quiet opening on. August when he first. Which is actually video clips which we really cool solar. He'd do in special for that. But then on the dot Friday the 25 is when we're gonna do a ribbon cutting ceremony. And and concede chamber ourselves into a grand opening. Great so that we can of the 25 and torn six right wing or going to be an oral I don't doubt about it the monarch. Hope to make it out there to check it out one of Brock. I'm Brock majoring though. I'm I'm near apps like roll your sleeves again just let me know it to like it and pat. Appreciate come on the show this is really cool the monarch is looking to begin on the plaza in the polls and only building. The monarch barred dot com is the website they agreed in Seagram Twitter feed. It's like an amazing spot even Nvidia they just put up as well. Ryan maybe I think you did a great job listening great interview appreciate Brock coming in today. The import check out and Internet. The right great to have you back again this week appreciates and Peter great job. You do a city grill nation makes for joining us we'll see you next week take care yeah.