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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert newer and national writer and contributor attorney who serve in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected to you at the X-Factor you'll enjoy it. Bring illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter. At Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter net girl nation show at online and grill nation showed dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Here's Jason grill hello welcome to grill nation I'm your host Jason grow I appreciate joining us again today on ABC 980 yen and. On iTunes and also if you listen today on. The website appreciate that grill nation showed dot com on you can find all of our guests of all our shows. Along with all the old podcast of the shows up there as well and accounting information for me. As always on social media after Jason grill on all the different channels. And that grill nation shell. When bigger partners and supporters of the girl nation show make this this great finger on each and every week hopefully you. You enjoy it each and every week they are title sponsors are trusts. Mo bay be okay financial and two west companies and Ryan rink contributors that the girl nation show include. Rights are been true wealth and companies he gets posted on a contributor. The Reagor and the kiss city area development counseling you know the missed BC ABC. Great organization here in the Kansas City a region. On today's show we are going to be joined by David Bear from a actually I don't know where I'm calling you and firm here David Ben your website is David bear dot com that's DEA BI DB AYER. Dot com. Really fascinating story got connected to him through a business colleague and friend. Just wrote a book recently called mind hack. How to have much more success more money and more time the six step proven system needs to be the world's most successful entrepreneurs. Used by the world's most successful entrepreneurs to have at all. Various to talk to him about that a law as well as historian Kenneth. You know how to think differently and how to kind of open your brain too new to new options in new opportunities. David welcome to the shell argue that. They are great thanks for yeah but look forward yes all by Al where are we talking to US today where are you. And they were in Orlando Florida which is actually where my. Live and rarely are we and a rare on it. I noticed you travel on around the world actually you you coming off some recent trips right. We we are yeah we've got. We travel a lot Peking and delivering our seminars. It's really built but what else that we do you would have been nice being home. And that's he had been it is Florida's pretty hot these days in the summertime than the wintertime it's. Men everyone in the midwest wants to get away is there Texas or California to get some sun but I appreciate you joining us again today you which grew up that David. I grew up in Southern California so I went from. From one great weather coast to another. Interest in what what how did you. What was the transition like CU European California when did you start making your move by guess to the East Coast is all right. Yeah it with I would think college. I would. Debating between that and UCLA. And possibly making the basketball in the sitting on the bench we're going to Columbia university of play. Oliver oh yeah I left mom and dad and you're. Got it wasn't. They've got to remember that so I know how out there for about 45 years ago thank you. And that brought me news New York. When I graduated from Columbia I started my first business on the Internet. And I also met a gentleman who was the general matter of Italian motorcycle company called cutting motorcycles. And he he said you know what what you're doing on this thing. The Internet which. They didn't understand and very few people understood back in 19971998. He said wanted to come over to Italy a couple of sort of Internet business with the county motorcycle so. I went to Italy and had critical to your experience there were whistled for a motorcycle on the Internet. I've developed tremendous appreciation for the power brand because. We could seventy billion dollars in e-commerce over two years which may the seventh highest gross newcomers like all of Europe thanks to the and then there's the book are. What we called cookie in your country. Know and and I'd move back to the states and just decided I wanted to keep building Internet based businesses than roosters have. Acquaintances and circumstance that led up it'll go well I never thought they did it in your later but here I am. Pinching IE I never report I actually apply the law was singing about applying to law school he still I've visited there. But I loved drew would Westwood area of LA I actually I was just there are few weeks ago walker and the campus. I actually few months ago that I love that area itself. I Judas Q I guess for for taking the journey have I've been a few could've walked Johnny UCLA BR nephew every unit at the Columbia. Which is a great school. More so like playing sports why you're in colleges and universities like that. Well I'll tell you what it was it was. Probably more challenging. That and I've been help you then also during rehabilitation at the same time and so my opinion your high school. I tore my soul and so I was. Basically rehabilitating that throughout my four year college. I never got a lot of playing time. It took a lot of hope and the picture that I would there was a pretty nimble for a big guy about six and eight and yeah ideally. You know can you big men. But it just didn't happen and then you know life is always working for a I gave me an opportunity to really start. Explore other things that I look back on now that he's not have a lot the would have become the foundation of everything that we can I started getting the creative writing. I started sending more philosophy comparative literature and I really together like open academic in my junior senior year being clear that. Yeah the weather couldn't be any type of you know post college athletic opportunity rather than you know playing pick up with a bunch of other cool guys design in gotta Alter my audience but. Been dealt with and often experience and at Columbia that unique experience that this. You know small almost you know it Lock Haven in the middle of New York City. Ed you know I got experience about the book world which was you know an incredible Ivy League education. Yet spending you know might my years from seventeen to 21 years old and what about in the book dynamic city in the world it was illuminating experience. We got it out emitted thirty seconds left in this first segment is one of our shorter ones David let me ask you this just briefly touch on the sick you know getting into the online world why you're twenty years old launching a website called pop wall dot com I mean. What did you have a technology background did you wanna do this or how did that happen. I didn't know I just. I think I've been someone that always. Allowed myself to have vision and that so I saw an opportunity. Early autumn weather and I think is worthy of the opportunities were pursuing now with our businesses and and and as an organization but I saw the college it had a real challenge on equal step for the Obama. Hope so I want my current business which are basically taking. One of the largest. Store in Manhattan and awkward thing like who is being back La Hoya inflatable furniture being one of the per e-commerce site that sold that. And building out of network across 300 university of all the students who basically wrapped up. Into the that was that was my beginning of really understanding what we'd like to be or it certainly wasn't my but the triple venture but it would look for. That's awesome David Veres with this day that it's cool because I remember in college were about the same age of William and you I think by fears that. I was in college for 97 to 2001. We're gonna get a break and a second by remember the remember bind the posters at on campus and media and in order sadly was the star face won the Q pock was I I I I just I can remember like the animal house climbing. I've just picturing these colleges these college posters that everyone had that been. Did the bears are guesses but that is David Bear dot com gonna talk to more about his his background did Desmond successes but also get and his new book. Mine hacked checking out path. His website and it might hack program dot com fuel senior group. Welcome back to the grill nation shell I'm your host Jason drill appreciate you joining us he's today on 980 million came easy it on iTunes if you're listening via podcast enact real nation should dot com. Very excited about our guest he's on the phone today from Orlando Florida David there is with us his website is David Bear dot com it's all just like the aspirin BA YER. He's got a great website he's also got a book called the mind hack. How to have more success more money more time boy I wish I could have all three of those things. He is joining us today via phone David welcome back to the shot wanna talk more about your arch venereal journey here. Thoughtful about your your young days with. A company called chamber of commerce dot com in in in that was acquired and Kennedy entrepreneurial journey and and how that how that really transgression. After college. It is it interesting look at backers now because during the summit that's make so little that at the time but. But but when I graduated from Columbia started my first in the on the Internet and by that but only got into an opportunity to go Adobe cutting dot com and I came back. In the US and decided that we can keep building business and then I became fascinated early on search engines. Ed how the algorithms and search and worked so and that that that we all have superpowers. But in my it is kind of seeing the patterns within. Complex systems Glor Dave. And right to fit on my back porch and just a word and a word she what it showed up on on the search result and one the the higher developer might you're not I'm not that technical. But I hearted developer ability mortgage lead generation web site I apply the principle that I was seeing how the search engine operated and within ninety days I have been number one generation web site in the in the mortgage industry. And I utilize. The business case that it go outrage four million dollar venture capital company to build out one of the leading. But it certainly generation network you know that you don't report about your doubt that. And along the way I would go out because culprit is about you know how did you search engine optimization how did your website to make it to pop in that was really wore everybody. You've been on with the engine optimization work now and it modified. I didn't know all the lead generation wasn't on server in the start of world. Carol it's like it's like what is this new term it's like the lead generation coming got popular there at like the 2010 to teed I mean you win ahead of it but I mean here at least. I've never heard that term before. Yeah that was well that I oh but isn't what it was about it. It I could do would like all going to matter where you'd come up with the ultimate in what the opportunity. And so along the way. Operatives like look at that one conference we don't meters. The only demeanor but like they're always really eccentric interest in men and women who just had the vision thirty years ago you go to start reserving dumping. And and and out doubted that kind of built their entire identity significant the fact that they have really you know powerful portfolio. The it was sitting on the chamber armor dot com them like a well paid web site. And I had done some consulting chamber of commerce like yours or relied. But I saw the domain and I would like while we have an aid to build out on like chamber of and so that's what we did we actually took the domain and we created like a yellow pages or elk. Out of and and go run that business today we've got. Over 35 million businesses lift on the side we've got about a 100000 active members that we provide twelve information resources to. And that that experience. Well it was a bridge to everything that we do now because. In working with local businesses. And occupy ignores and small medium sized businesses they were all looking for. Strategies that does it mean Ed as you mentioned it was like you know we generate more leads. And what I started consistently seeing what that does the challenge what implement the strategies. It was actually business. It could go out there the fundamental issue with the you know. That regardless of what a strategy you know you put in front of them. They were gonna have a challenge executed based on you know who they were and how they thought that might that would get into a moment but that would be evolution. What are we doing in terms of online businesses. And they'll have a digital marketing company. I own and I don't operate it. We still run chamber of commerce dot com and you know go with a while the current. So where what is it someone of that conversation like you meet the evidence chamber of commerce stock on the demeanor. When you say to hey I work with Chamber's own buyer what's it. Well yes so much to both these guys they're like in my relationship with him with it like that may. I guess we did such a great fit that model a lot of these guys they go play and Adobe developer like we work. You know we've been reading that. And we build up the property and you know the that you have some sort of economic and made that between the developer and and go over. Let's interest think he's always. We think you have to buy those type things you could license that's a good point you know people sit on these things forever and I've started a couple companies in one of them. What's called soc one on one. And I believe we got these sock on a one dot com we do not get socked on one dot com someone else had it englanders so back in the so this is. I am and I think I think the domain of a lot valued today because you see the success of the things like this leader Hulu. You're right I mean you you you can make up your own words out. Had you know but her early on and the need help a lot of important I remember when I graduated college I would rate might provide a poster business pop all the outcome. My dad taught that you're totally the ball doc the rate like six million dollar cell ball on line. And of course you know one your related evaporated in the dot com bubble by but yeah there's been a lot of different changing dynamics. Of the time. David bears I guess is that says David Bear dot com check it out that's David spelled B a YER dot com. David you kind of continued entrepreneurial journey. It tells count of how that transition for you because you know you mention all these different businesses here in. You know as an entrepreneur. You're always. He always try to decide between if by a five keep growing my company Dubai UA exit my company if I have an opportunity July. You know do I start a couple other businesses to relieve my full time job there's so many different things you need to think about when you're you have an idea to start up of the company. Yet partners a lot of times too there's all these different things what how did you balance all of those different things in giving me advice for those that may be our. Doing really well Bonita take the next step or. Have an idea that. You know they've been sitting on forever and are afraid he'd started there there's a lot of questions there but just does break it down. Yeah it is a lot of questions that are big question that should be or you can segment on their feet. And an up and add to the question in the area orthodox way so I didn't know how to. In Q doubt in I'd say he died when I was running. My digital marketing company you know I woke up when they realized my life become all alcoholic and drug. That's that's that's rowand hit on there because a lot of people deal with those issues to. So it it it you know it. You might be lifting the interviewer you're not an alcohol or drug out of a third error. You know a myriad of ways that we are checking out a distress and anxiety be overwhelmed. Good. Feeling like we're not at all along that we should be like. These concepts that. Put it in some form of computer. Shopper what we call there you know. How sometimes people check out some time because they're working their tail off whether they're full time job there. They're on to the girl business and the weekend comes and have like a few hours. Away from there. Their job and they they drink too much and AA vis stuff they should beat him. Those really Astro Burt. That's the overt but most people I mean this is this is broader than entrepreneur silverlight. Think the more ambitious fuel. From a professional standpoint the more likely you are you can shop for what we're talking about I'm talking about Ugoh on the the kitten. Board you know you have type in relationship that you like Abbott and entered. And I always on your on your own checking your email yet I totally yet. And at some level you really get on yourself you're always by. That there were living our lives I didn't momentary interruption where you're allowed to wait to interact with the idea and I spoke. I think normally you experience is supposed to be the opposite we're supposed to be enjoying almost every moment of our lives regardless of what challenges showing up in from climate we greet the movement stress and we've become aware that we have it will move out of that but very few people live that way so. You know my. Entrepreneurship. That led. Needs to addiction. In my life had become a manageable and I started working a twelve step program. And that that's when everything started to change. It I went on I mean the helmet and a decade long journey now from. I from twelve step recovery to getting in the personal development and standing on the spiritual traditions and studying me addicted brain and then Verisign to let they. I became really really passionate about how could I create even more are in my life of the joint. And so bit got connects over to your other question which is you know what what are the important thing to consider. As an entrepreneur or and I'm let's take a completely different angle on this that the question now what do you sell the business answer when you leave the company you're looking forward to our bring about or any of these things I think the most important question what are really care about. I'm a big believer that the reason you're on the plan at. Is because there are a need out there that. I need to beat the field. And we you can begin to align yourself with something. That you're really passionate about that provide value to other people. Everything start to fall in the place because that passion pushes you from the and so doctor Norton what are the challenges that at least the opportunity to everywhere. Tell me about data where where were permitted the same ilk here we got about forty for a facelift in the segment by. Yeah you you there's we see opportunity meet people your relationship person you knew it excited. Yeah I mean I opportunity to put posters on college kid walls or or to break at the top search engine but that wasn't an alignment with what I got that was really passionate about it. It showed they're good question I would stop and is what do I really care about and trust that there's a way to. Actually go about highly profitable business to go out and do that sent. I love it love them love or talking about today are David baron he's with this today on the grill nation shell and came easy 980 AM is website is David. The AYER. Dot com. After the break we're gonna have David backward talk about his book mind hack very exciting both how few have more success more money more time. I'm really excited talk about this book we'll be right back on her image I've. Yes. Welcome back to the grill nation shell it's great to have you back here on your house chasing grill appreciate joining us. Again today on 980 yen came easy or on iTunes if you're listening via podcast or online relationship dot com. That's any conversation here on the air with David there also offline actually been haven't recovered sixties. Lis were the talking to him from a Orlando Florida today he's. He's a he's a great guy it's really cool program is successful launch partner his website is David Bear dot com BA YER. And he's also got a website called mind hack program dot com and only talking about that. David you've written a book called mind hack how to have more success more money more time the six step proven system used by the world's most successful option nurse to have at all. Let's break that down I know I struggle with. You know. Trying to get as many things done is they can like you said you have to shiny object the opportunity. The relationships you have a great idea there's so many different competing factors and a lot of this is mind over matter. You know with actually you know. Clearing your head he can do something in in going after what you want in creating it. Well it's gonna walk through the mind hack and the book. Talk just about kind of why you wrote this book in the all star going through some of the processes and steps. Sure good bit though the conversation about how to operate at high level of performance. How that consistently operate from close state. How to act at higher levels of intelligence creativity expiration and how to partly crater like it's a big conversation. None of this could. It it is the conversation that is done all of it over the last 5000 years through a variety of spiritual tradition but now we're starting to understand. You know. Really who we are human beings and how the technology works on my hack was. Might have been going down a decade worth. Researching and personal experimentation. And now facilitating greatness without other people. And condensing it and I. A handful of principle that people could start to understand political perspective because not nothing in mind is made the idea getting clarity the idea of gratitude. The idea that you're limiting beliefs are holding you back. But I think the way that we put them together in the way that we shine a light on our helping people really start to see different. Then one of the things in the book. This has learned the mine had for breaking the not enough time trap which is what I struggle with many of struggle with. When they have different careers different jobs different obligations. How you can add ten to twenty yards to tie I'm back in your life every single week. Tickets direct a reader's digest version of what you think in there I know they are probably beat. I'll I'll I'll let you the question at this is where I surprise her with all of our you know this this is what we never like young girl nation when I get I thought I'd didn't I. Though you don't beat me we define. The problem. That is preventing. Everyone from accomplishing what they wanna accomplish creating what they wanna create in their lives and their business relationships that help and fighting since. We distill it all down the one thing which we call. I wanna define it for so that operate. Is. Whenever you are in. Stress. Anxiety. Overwhelmed. Comparing yourself to other people worrying about whether you're making the right or wrong decision. I'm worried about whether you've done something wrong in the past and ticket hitting seven. Your whole situation in the future. I'm thinking that someone should that said something that you criticizing yourself when you're walking in front of beer you know in the morning we sure are. All of that on. And so we we move in and out of opera. What we consider this statement from being your beautiful state of being like to wake her got the excitement and oval. Most update the field and then they're suffering they would be which it struck the anxiety and everything I just explained so. One of the things I learned from what my mentors is that we're always been one Stater via. Suffering Stater vehicles state and we're never in cue stick it out like we can bounce back and forth very quickly. So if you were gonna add up all of the time to really honest with yourself but it doesn't mean you're not actually doing something you're at the you have more you're going per runner you're driving your call her. They you're planning your next interview. But in the background is that. Low level opera. I how much time. You're gonna add it all up by the pier thirty minute their do you think it should you spend in this state and upbringing and an average daily. You that's a good question well I mean I'm really thought about it I. I'm a pretty positive person here David's I don't know maybe in an hour thirty minutes today thirty in our got. So look at an hour. It 365. Days a year. Which is when we do have mapped through quick it's the you know seven hours a week for you. Yeah they you're completely disconnected from any level of resource and talent creativity your inspiration for you to be productive and moving or what you're trying to create your. Right. So bad that avid watcher per nor are they do all over the country. Is about four hour news. If you ever indoor and other businesses that. The guy that just got the hundred million dollar investment or I got they got they discussed the series day are you got a product is disliked Miami is that would either issues are. I wanted to make it that are now. Maybe there aren't social media too much I mean. That's a hold of this thing have you thought of I would think it say about time then I will instigator and the vision kills her web site per per bands that are listening. And promote the show but like you know think of all the time that your when you're taking a break or something you're you're on social media nonstop. Sure or or or yet on social media I would pay a huge part of the continent into Google on social media. There is some sort of comparison to everyone else's life. Where there's some sort of triggering about what's going on politics they shouldn't be doing that they should be doing that instead. All of that moves you into an emotional state at supper when you come home and your rock critic that the kids aren't doing what it should do. Or your feeling overwhelmed because you've got to make there's not enough time or you're out you're eating you know using your I shouldn't be eating what I meeting that I mean what I eating anyway. Or you think yourself while we have this is. You know when you generally shepherd your you're doing something that isn't work we did you know you're you're out you're. You're eating your year you enough yup present I guess I would say between your car. Hitting on all parentage and I'm sure you're an operator that you think you should be working right. So anybody that I. I get hit in the nickel back so. Getting an answer thirty minute to an hour not surprising that you what I find with most people who spent thirty minute. You and Howard that once we actually. Put it on this thing that really clear on it starts creeping up. And so. This has been humbled me. The individuals that I could one on one or all running in the league are a business. The individual that coaches coached they're all running picture businesses more and the number one problem. That is that is holding the doctor per indoors back from growing their business there's. Is the amount of wasted time energy and resource it is going into their incapacity. You put their attention. On those things that actually create joy curiosity and excitement for them in the dead. Are putting their attention on and they can't control them and moving them. The number one issue because it when you're a beautiful state of being. You have the idea that you need your business school. You start noticing that thing that can move your business forward that you don't notice when your stated. They're they're they're re really incredible thing that you hated being active Specter thought my idea I've Olympic that. They affect your perception of the world. Yeah that the much larger conversation but it goes back to what the point oh feature that they can grow rich. Edit edit edit fundamental existential level. What you believe had an influence on the types of circumstances. Quinton Q and they couldn't beat the Ukraine. Love that took so simply put taken themselves out of the game. Byrd B 3456. Hours a day. Interest in David bears are guessing and grill nation we have about. Two minutes and 45 seconds left in the segmented. One of the things he talked about in this book mind hack into that mine hack program dot com. Is eliminate the one thing that is in keeping each Stuckey your current level become an impact and influence and through reading you from consistently performing in high as well. You nailed down now one thing through the book and through your processes. And you know that that probably takes a while to figure out one thing out the what do you find is most people's one thing. In general. Again they've buried at hard to figure out that requires getting present for a moment and kind of scanning your life and saying what is that thing in my life right now that caught me degrade about it. It is my own self perception is that the calendar that happened with my girlfriend my wife and I've been. It that there is that the I think of my mother that continuing to greet thinking that they should have been different in the way that they were for the last three years yeah. Right what what is is that the the continent that the capitulated patterns of thinking that tell you should be actually further along than where you are at their leader comparing yourself to other people. So what whatever it is that what you'll all of your potential. It's not peculiar potential stealing all of your energy intelligence all of your vitality healing your life. And so one of the things that we do it what it dramatically work with equal to just look at what that blueprint that is what is the upper blueprint. And to keep people how to completely shift those those habitual patterns of thinking. For those that maybe don't have the good maybe maybe haven't found the right balance it is that you're training program David. You book is mind Hackett has the for mental habits of the most world's most successful entrepreneurs. People can purchase that on line three website is that correct. You can actually go to my web site that. Well you download beat out of the 70000 people download the book my public Turkey and here we're gonna actually. Credit and charge money for the fifth Sunday we will. Are right now you can go to David there dot com. Program dot com. I and you get the book along with the with the previous. You know I was gonna ask you for free copy may not be making just go online and download and every area. Now the question is how I find time to read write like I got all these great books about entrepreneurship I never opened them. I want to thank you figure out how to eliminate the threat anxiety over one suffering. We're all that we're all the time monies and everything that you want. Is it waiting. David Bear is our guest today in his who have sided David Barrett dot com gallon several left David we're gonna have you back after the break. Receive joining us again David the website is David Bear dot com he's an entrepreneur speaker writer and a seminar leader and a certified professional development coach very successful entrepreneur. He's based in Orlando Florida and is really great PD come on the show today for our. Great show today in our final segment is coming up right after the break thanks for sticking with the same cocky if you. Think it was just. Welcome back to real nation I'm your host Jason Brooks received in joining us today for the full hour of the show even enjoyed it if you're listening online at girl nation should dot com. Or B I teams on podcast or on the radio on main eighty yen today we really appreciate you joining us each and every week. Priciest spread the word about the show and appreciate you. Are having Naia sitting yes when appropriate and you think there might be some one of the great fit for the relationship. David Bear is our guest again is what site is David Bear dot com that's BA YER dot com he's the author of mine attack. I'd have more in every area of your life discovering for strategies for TV and gradual levels of happiness wealth and success. But his website you can download for free hi Def we'll be doing that. And in the near future industry and try to find some time Libyan. A handful of trips here in the next four to six week so looks lag get that reading done an airplane hopefully David dull all I won't get the wife firewall check Myanmar won't work while I'm on the airplane that will I'll download your book and read it David if that's who you book click it again. Didn't we Oxford hers as entrepreneurs we always. You we're juggling a lot of balls. And there's just a lot of stress that were always trying to think about. What's next and what what's your advice front runners in me what should be focusing on because. Again like. There's just so many different things face and in each and every day and I think is entrepreneurs were always trying to. It is compete to keep moving the ball four to enemy. What would you say notch for who is dealing with those issues. At least we can talk about tactics and strategies and we help people with that but I I don't I wouldn't be doing the listeners. But are there because. You know one of the big breakthroughs in managing my stress land overwhelmed what we just previously called suffering was the stark realization. That all of mines operate what caused by one thing and one thing only which is my Olympic. Been like that the fact that there was a deadline doesn't it and of itself have any drop. It it what I think about the deadline it what I think about my happy to meet the deadline that might think about what might happen I don't. The pertinent you know if you want to have a more toward life that you wanna be Electra on gore which by the way will I could create so much more. Then that you at some point and I've got to make it a priority to really understand how this technology that you work. There are like a jerk and that there's no there's no operate or structure died in the natural world you can quote that got out of pocket by midnight you don't you. Bird overwhelmed in my life in the wrong direction more temperate climate like. Dan has the unique distinction of being able to introduce operated through the current system where it doesn't even bet. But powerful we are. So. The first thing you realize that limiting the that they value alone should be your double focus. I didn't know it but again I guess that be their David because. Because you know I could. I wanna make sure we nail this down because again like when you have a company or your clients. Constantly needed it to I think there. You have to provide a service right you have you have deadlines you have to do that if you wanna grow your business you have to invest more money you have to spend more time allotted time. How how do you remove those things it's still be successful but. That's why he may you may conducting more money and spending more and then meet deadlines and experience rather than what you get with all of these emotional input figured. If the meaning you're giving them let them. We've we've brought them here it almost ten million dollars a year in a very saturated that can space and let Internet your. You know I work seven hitting ninety hour a week. There. Yeah you're running your business you have people helping him. No I haven't hit I have a game three people. May not his friends are bad. Not not the pressure adopt but I he would what it. It's my own ticket. It doesn't mean that I'm giving an experience that we've discovered is that even true. I gotta get it done at a white male true. But we're still not ready to our own thinking that it running in the background in the current controlling our entire Europe ideology. That moving and the fighter flying. A bunch of an intelligent thinking is causing all of the stress anxiety level. What on what I've forgotten about you know did we come back larger conversation. But what I'm suggesting is that there are going to have a bit. But they don't have to be struck well. They'll have to be overwhelming. And the person who is making its got overwhelming you and the way you are doing that is one thing and one thing only which have been meeting that you're giving it. Period we ran a bit. I'll get a dog and a friend who did this is it. I didn't I didn't win you'd think that you're not good at using that they're not and I admit they're I bet you're gonna ailment contributed after you're gonna run out of money you're gonna. I don't know whether Michael picked the under the heat but. Or down by the river you do what it's about the death riverfront property. And someone who has now. So it's a David how do you would you like to do for fun I'm curious just you know you mentioned youth you dealt with addiction now away back in your life in and obviously a lot of people and enjoy a how happy are as here in there about what a what does a guy like use even a successor on tuner who who's coaching all these things we. You pitching you have fiance I believe that's part of this interview on the what do you like to get her funding you live in Florida saw imagine there's a lot of things. Is it in and that question and have that doubt is where the ship that isn't. Everything I do it. Everything Edgar's bunt when I got it down a Buick you webinar it's fun when I'm coaching my iron grip on when I'm speaking on they did the un. The ways that you build an empire. And live on like he loved. You could figure out how to dissolved the line between your business in gambling and and to create a truly integrated lifestyle in the way that you didn't. As an occupant or you don't just go pursue an opportunity. Figure out what you're. Ash and about in the world and often have a partner who like like I really loved a kid. A completely case the educational system but I can make that like why not. I don't get everything every every let you got people at the ball are who had a miserable time. Or you could have someone who worked for the presentation Abbott the black the other day I did you. So what I've started to do over the last decade condition myself. It just wouldn't do it. And my perfect got to know. There's nothing pop up about it in minute vapor leak yet. Am I aware that when it absolutely into at the tool in the field that technology to move back to beautiful it and being yet. And that's why I'm having like like I enjoy an area the number one attribute it to the extraordinary that the planet except. Then I think sting David bears are guess couple minutes left David. You got me fired up IE. I've got fired as baca. This is this laugh on this radio show I admit this is this is fun for me guy and if you're a studio for an hour. You know learning. Connecting and hopefully the listeners to the same energy out of what you're saying because. Again like it it's so true like if you can one of the things you said there and I really liked. Was was was you he said yep that yep to get rid of the line right between. What it's fun with mainly work it in all it needs to blend together get rid of line when you're built out like. You can have a black jury duty here moving in the right. There you go or a blast if you're an attorney doing legal briefs are blasts if you're. Crisis media I got your heart with good ice. If you don't Levitt and you're in the wrong you're in the wrong way you know you and I talk about that like other with the corporate attorney with 7080 hour week. But he loved it. Mean. Yeah he loved it. BI I I I I definitely think this is a good image here really excited to have David Bear on the show today as website is David Bear dot com. I just check it out connect with them on. On also she needs also. On mine had program dec com that's his new book mine hacked you can download for free. How to have more success more money and more time and I got the odds that you David as we closed the show I've had people come on the show and talk about on these things that. Immediate which you're saying. If he's very sincere you've done it in your own life and that's kind of what we wanna see young entrepreneurs people that. You know we can we can actually relate to soak in rats and your success making grads and you're you're you're you're having fun and all parts of life and also congrats congrats on your income growth and your financial statements all all they can do positive means that you don't see you on changing your life and making it better for people. All over the country in the world. If it's been great having you on the show and thanks for joining us today on the growth nation shell we'll see you next week.