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Saturday, August 5th

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Successful media and public affairs commercial an accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who's served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access and I. And leading give us your connected you have the X-Factor you'll enjoy it. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grill tonight with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show and online at grill nation showed dot com. Welcome your most of grill nation always dressed up and ready. Even in a radio studio. Here's Jason grill hello and welcome to the grill nation with. ADM and also joining. Me is well today on high teens. Or stitcher you're via podcast and add in grill nation should dot com we can find all our guests supporters of our show. And photos. Of our guest plus all our podcasts as well are on. Grill nation should dot com appreciate joining us again today and I appreciate you contacting me via social media at girl nation show and act. Jason grill on Twitter love here for me on this social media channels. Today show first off let me detour partners and supporters of the show who make this thing run our title sponsor is the show our trust. Mo bank be okay financial and two west advisors contributors to the show. Are the read your NJ were your co write maybe is a bimonthly guest one might look tree apartments and today's featured guess coast cooked and Alexander. Reactor design studios aid discos and honor contributor partner of the girl nation show he's joining me now in studio we have a fun show today the scenario I am very adjacent did see you again. Thank her so. First off let's let's pre your show and then kind of we're gonna get in some updates here after that who's coming on the show today you're review. Brought in what is our what is our. As they're talking a talking point and it would it was our our beat subject today. So IA thought it would be really fun to bring in some in my senior designers from reactor my company. And so I'm bringing in chase Wilson he's been with me for over ten years maybe almost eleven years now. And Julie Walters he just celebrated her five year anniversary it reactors so these are both two powerhouse designers in Kansas City there work. And reactor in designing and creating every single day for our cost clients. Such going to be a lot of funded just have those guys in the end just to talk about. Design and talk about creativity and all the things that are associated with that and how it affects business and all the sorts of things is susceptible to Eli every day SAS's a this was NB a high level. Really kind of dip down and dirty about. Design and creativity and how it affects. The bottom line after and and how it's how how have you as a designers and stood out in. What does it mean what does it mean why would anyone care about it what what's the process you know. How do you make moments that people remember and what's the industry like here in Kansas City. And I think you scan your instinct for our listeners because. There's so much so much noise out there about. About. How designing and how creativity and how social media has changed kind of everything and subtly which is talk you guys about. Two experienced people in the industry as well as yourself. How this is effective business and really how it changes in ways that. People industries think and how can change. People's lives and in their businesses. Yeah I totally agree and it's such an interest seeing world that we are end and everything has changed even dramatically in the last. Three or four years from what I what used to be to be in business and she whom. Care about things like design is this a totally different place than we were even five years ago then so we'll talk a little bit about it and chases from me. Our background. Yeah chase it was a yard to yard institute like I didn't disappears after and in America so you those it tenderness you guys wrote the other way totally understand that concept. Being in designer but also. And artists first and what that means to you. Be. Creative on that level. Starting as an artist and translating that into what it means being designer and the order and the way that design has everything sort of put together artist kind of can be very. Explosive in and out there and design tends to button things up moves how do we take that Ahmanson chase and I both worked very well together of the years because of that. And sort of background. Joining chase again chase Wilson again will be Julie Walter and she she comes at a Kansas stayed and Hannity. Creative and arts degrees well. Yes she is a designer case stayed a little different type of a college so. Scenario then there than Kansas City art institute ever Opel I don't know I didn't have yet they have full team Jesse artist and inevitable noted no sports at all we had an intramural soccer team. I called the black on the other and where is against the artist. It's right across the street from the Nelson Atkins museum art. It's actually in between the Kemper museum in the Nelson directly across street from you know I've heard so much about a reduced I had never. I'm never seen him this amazing old buildings great CDOs. One of the top ten art schools in the country who are you know I've always heard that and was what is the enrollment like a school if it's something Ireland sent an 800 a lot of small. Now that's pretty big not small but they asked me I was expecting more under 500 now. That's cool that that's me. Assuming and thinking that's about the number your feet are getting a millionaire when that update access I'm not sit well CC yeah I had been urgency kind of. How as we talk about these subjects today I kind of a high level. And out impacts. People's businesses whether your own your company were for Gambino creativity in design can affect your clients and other bottom line. I just it's inching demeanor and the no see how many people are applying to artist artists to these days and with with the world talk about the nexus with the changing landscape and creativity in design. Now and how the curriculum might be changing or is it is it like law school where it's. It's they counted teach you all these different things about how to be analytical and how to think for both sides in the busy news day when you take the bar exam and become a lawyer you're kind of there are fish out of water right or hate unless you think you're doing attacks are something you know all the law you know you're sitting in office. What are your record it's kind of like wolf got this is nothing I learned a law school yet. I schools kind of like that envy you your working theories you're working on theoretical projects and design school that are. That are sort of the best case scenario in in all regards right knee and once you get out into the world you realize that. The actual budget the client has nowhere near what you would line toward the directive or what the client really wants for see what you think they want can sometimes not a route and we think they need mean sometimes not Jai and CF to yet to and then flown you have to go that. Whereas in design school you're making up everything and in through the best case scenario. And so it is different it's very different but you know it both of these guys they both came out of school. And they learned it extremely quickly and were able to jump into the environment indeed. Rock stars from day one and both of them had just been winning awards all over the country India amazing work for reactor since the day they graduated. Website for cliffs and Alexander is reactor Casey dot com each and I'm vials and Julie and Walter and chase Wilson who will be our guest following the break. Com what's going on close in and you've been and about. Always sound anonymously headed to new York and a couple weeks here in Miami a downs judge for Lynn DMA international echo awards which is a pretty big deal they invited me up there this is kind of on the heels of a my company winning best of show at our local. And DMA which is direct marketing awards and they invited me to you New York to judge the final round of their big international award chip. Off which we have a couple pieces in as well on some open forget shelling there. I saw you speak city two in Kansas City yeah I was called the infamous are self promotion and new you know and a lot of people know that we are not shy about. Promoting our company in as a brand around around town. And so I did a whole kind of 45 minutes an hour on just kind of what that looks like and what we've done over the years of what worked what didn't work and I was ever cease. It was very well received the crowd is a good crowd I got a couple of really awesome notes that the Indus and on the it was good in the at some good practical tips hopefully. At the end of that the F are the art of self Russian where we're were very good. Yeah. What precede joining me today we right back after the break would have chased Wilson and Julie Walter. Joining Clifton Alexander from reactor design studios director Casey dot com. All of a monthly guest here on the grill nation show you're listening to it. 980 AM. And relationship dot com thanks for joining us. So welcome back Susie a relationship though on came to Z 980 AM on your host pacing grocery C joining us as well as always on podcast on iTunes. Or stitcher radio or on drill nation show dot com. Lucky to have on guess coast and interior to the show Clifton Alexander for reactor design studios located in the crossroads here in Kansas City their website is reactor Casey dot com. Great thought leader in they can see area and it's great to have them on as a guest each and every month do great work at reactor design studios and joining Clifton Alexander as we mentioned our first segment is chase Wilson and Julie Walter from reactor design studios welcome to the show that's. It's great to have you here as lot of energy in the room today. I'm on the least creative person here by far. A case of chase to kind of talk cool about your background. Give us a flyover of kind of you know what you do at reactor in kind of you story every story you know we know he went Casey artist Yuba. Fill us in on some of the other holes there yes you're seven now with the reactor for eleven years now. And being on talk as their past hit a lot of talk because that's visitors. Now the classic concern for some police story. That's crazy in Canada pretty awesome that it. You Bennett reactor for eleven years I mean that that is it seems be somewhat more rare in our culture these days theory barrier especially brilliant creative industry near as an industry. Seems like he seems like people her. And I probably would say it's less of a factor of I mean being really a great. Abbas and more of chase being really get that. Putting up with everything for close your strength that has only I don't know. That's just so you lead the design basically you're the creative director for the for the business yeah RN I kind of you know on. Lead and manage sells it to the creative side of things. That. Got a pretty good voice on the other side of the business aegis. On the cancer. We're on. The right path. As a company you know when in relations. Paula projects we do entry and it's so you grew up in Oklahoma I didn't and to shank. And in new. Majority can see artist you which I just found out the top ten schools the country for our Dan created design and it's it's a nice little. Unknown place that gold. So I'm here I'm on your head shot you have your eating a doughnut vendor in iced coffee I think yes the guys copies kind of mind. My thing and I got a regular coffee this morning and I thought about the ice coffee and I was like. I went back and forth but it always seems to be good choice yet Scalia was in the summer and it's very in this time it also donuts so I hope I die I always did and that. OK so we gotta chase those and Julie. Tell me your title you know I don't know if I can pronounce it. The visual richness OK so you got your start. Working on Photoshop and collecting paint samples as a young child and don't matter. He says so my parents have always been and Q home decorating. Ace to go through model homes kids are fun at my parents. And sell as toys and home staff was home deep and I just laughed penile myself. I started collecting all the paint chips man I hole punched a corner and make a ringing in Atlanta swat sparks. Basically made it pantanal but where you can tell. You were totally into this a young age and low enough to K state. An added got archery from there yes I had a different experience for you had the full college experience plus the arts degree when these guys. Or on the plaza every day. We just went to we're largest. And apparently you are in the pop culture. Yes. I. I have always been a huge fan of TV and movies and was always my dream but it works for movies. And eat in the background like with DC and a menu that characters are restaurant always wanted to make Aiken and you. Well I did it my all my school projects always had you know in names you know Michael Scott was a person on the business card. You know stuff like that ice and he'll try to instill. That we that we need Julie some freelancing gigs in California help yes she can she insert the reactor design studios L talked about out of they're eleven and are excited about it wasn't for Venice Beach. Yet. Now that it's cool suit the visual virtuoso and Julie Bennett reactor for five years is all right. That's just had my five year anniversary this month. Very clean number three in Newton and five years it easy and how many employees are there and you're on your team now we're at seven full time the couple and interns as well. Did very close that best places of work we can see business or I don't know plug in their I don't know that night employees and now we're close to hire me is they had 1099 movie. We'll just looked at Iraq perfect OK so guys look sky start this conversation off. You know it's cooked and I were talking offline about you know what what is designed what do what does it mean to people like if if you're a listener listening right now when your. I own a business and you you turned to the show and like. You hear what is designed like what is that like what does it mean in 2017. And and why should we care about. Whoever wants to start off solid US that the creative people on the rim take that question. Yes honestly design I mean really is everything. Around here. Everything you can eat unlike conceive within reach right now has been designed by some. And let's get designer that designed. And there's another thing. As far as we're focused it's all things that are marketing advertising. Relates your logo your brand. You know we often say that goes all the way down to like year. How you answer the phones. Is that that's within our realm of design. The things that affect all of your customers. Are pleased. And so an and Julie what why should we care about those things washed a business or him being care about in a logo. Of brand me. Direct mail piece of me visually it's your first impression. I mean as a person you always want to make it great first impressions. And how you act in Preston. You are as a person when you're meeting somebody sell him how PD data as at businesses or association at. Have an impression. On someone and that's where design comes app comes that first impression. Is that. Is become more or less is more society with that. Reload as you well and seniors it in less is more in general we've had this conversation very recently about how. There are alleged that as as chase said everything around you is designed right but there's something about. The way that we work as a professional design team that's thinking about our clients is doing things are thoughtful. There's something about do the restraint that we show in the design that actually enhances induce the designs so. Sometimes you don't have to have a lot of bells and whistles for something. To be really really well designed really awful imperfect that client. And there's a tremendous amount of that restraints that we have to show in order to make it the perfect. Thing. For whatever that client needs and and there's a lot of people out there that we'll just. Add more and more and more and add more bells and have more whistles of more colors and more. I cuts and more of this and and the other thing we just tense conversation yesterday and they can end up looking really terrible. And not be a good first impression because it's just too much it's over the top in home. And so there's there's there's a big scenario there were I think I think restraint is the biggest thing that professional. Good and designer has that other people don't have. We've seen that movement web sites are feeling yes so you know ideas or did on my web sites and it's it's just one page. Remember when we sat Lisa design web sites that had like. It was like on a plan ahead in those all the other plants would spin around end and he flicked these things and are noises in video games and if you know what I write. I doubt part of your website it was like an experience and now gone away completely to that and to say. How do we get people to where they need to do that is that's because the mobile Oldman you think it's a huge part of it or should I mean yeah everybody wants. Information quickly. And easily. That's a good point OK guys. So how are things change this is something. That I've noticed in in in the in the last few years is that. Design is is the lust is it's more impersonal. It's it's the semi sane all right let's and it's it's not as personal he used to be it's more about like you say quick. Well he's button but it becomes more. Personal than ECB. It ducks there's a lot of there's a lot more communication happening via virtual channels. Set Eileen did last as Australia and then Casey case that we hasn't hasn't give way to kind of describe that what the direct messaging and things like that how brain ends communicate with their customers. Yes so you know if you look back on advertising in history. Is always accompanies saying. You need this product isn't it we are saying this exists and you have to. We we kind of went in this other. I wants us meeting came out we decided. That we need to. Be real who are being it our fans and customers. And so it was all about like. Talking to real to people as a company and so the big brand and then promoting the fact that we are talking to people. I still like now it's gone you know if you look at stats that you look at and even Linkedin. And everything his time at a back to private where you can still talk to these companies. But it's it's just this one on one message. That you send a snaps do. The Wendy's and they snap you back. You know only two people know about and. And very little becomes very personal. Just yesterday I was out to polling and I had this rain rip our humor and this range empire. When there's the sign that says do not discard the basket right and I I don't know how many of these baskets they leaves on a daily basis. I take a picture other and I tweeting it to two polling like H Foley how many of these baskets do you lose every day. And ten minutes later had a response but I'm at chipotle. It was an Indiana's a drug but is this same content they miss Lucent we don't really know and they said how many have you lost. Heretic effectively out of this fun little conversation I was communicating directly with. Somebody to pull it was pretty cool and makes it it brings your sort of been down up a notch when you feel like you're so connected to a company that you can communicate one on them. That is inch think they're viewpoint had the same experience with the airlines few weeks ago. We'll talk about after the break we're with. They're great folks from reactor designs CDS chase Wilson Julie Walter and Clifton Alexander looking forward to segments you're gonna go over some case that he's here and really kind of tell you why and how you can cut through the clutter and stand up north you're design and you brand. You're listening grill nation. On came easy 1980s. Welcome back Cindy grilled nation shell and came easy ninety imam your post Jason growth thanks for joining us again today. Here is closed and Alexander reactor design studios is most chase will soon creative director and lead to creative director at. Rector designed Sears and Julie Walters the visual virtuoso. Reactor designs Syria's the reps say is reactor Casey dot com. Great folks here do great work in the cans here across the country we were talking about kind of brands in designs and people being more of personal. With social media these days and it's kind of been a movement back to that in our last segment Julia you in the chime in there. We can't at a time. Yet another. I think that and we've all seen with Howell Raines are becoming more personal even if you're not talking to to pull away for example you might be talking to your friends. You know and I feel like people are really the voice boxes for these brands now irreverent. Blogger later if your friend on FaceBook says he entrance product and it really like get people excited to talk about things that they like now. There's app platform apps I feel like here's. There's much bigger community around brains and people. Are better for worse can talk about. And I think that it's created more business for industries like you guys. With fitted with with the more of the social media web design and it's created more. Business for people like me working crisis calm. And media relations because. There seems to be a lot more stuff happening on social media. Yes so I had the same experience the Southwest Airlines I was I'm a few easily phi delta Beth was southwest and I was on the runway for like two hours and other planes are taking off and I just chimed date chimed in an ad itself what's a better response than like. Five minutes Indians ended up Palestinian voucher. The for under doc somewhat bottoms can customer service thanks within Tony are hours so. They're watching that the key thing is that they're not just out there are also watching and responding participating are participating they're looking. For stories they're listening to people and their responding to people who did brands are. Some of the things haven't mentioned yet. Many times have you had you on the shows and you guys also make you web sites is not just low on designing created. Creative branding and marketing and website did. And we see that is a key tool to you having a brand in inning in 2017 you can't have company and not have a website. I can so that's part of that marketing mix that's part of what you need on assets kind of have a social media yet to have social media you have to have a website and you have to have a brand of some kinda helps what would you say is the number one. Social media. Spot you have to Meehan. All three guys and here I come my answers that is that it depends on and what kind of company you are concede some kind of amazing consumer facing I would say FaceBook or consumer facing you answer and you probably have to be an all. Press. Beaded. So hard these days with with FaceBook ripping off snapped jets and staggered hideous thing and now Mike. You know do I've done post the same day outposts not I mean it's just kind of to social point of using for that the user now I'm kind of loyal staff tent. Alec a US. OK so guys we're gonna go arson case studies here and things you've worked on. To a start there in the and we can kind of through your process on those types of things you've worked on. Also tell wanna talk about. You know the business of creativity and and go through kind of how you guys cut through the clutter and stand out in your your daily lives with with what you do so why don't we just start off with successful case study that will go through the process. Let's start us off. Chase or Julie. Either Ronnie. Or. Maybe not on the case. Everybody else does in my my a my eight take on this and how I wanna I wanna have chase kind of talk through this a little bit but. To the ones who aren't talk quite a little bit if we have time today one is for printing company in it was a one off project that we created you for that pruning come and help them boost their sales are pretty comfort running interest they're the largest mining company in Kansas City one of the biggest in the country but. You know they have needs to to to sell their services friends and I don't think about a hundred a regular thing about. That's a true BB thing. And then the other one that is for a company where we literally changed their name their identity of their brain and their website we changed. Not who they were and what service they're providing but we changed how they were perceived to their customers. In the community interests at just the way that sort of impact of their business so those are two. Different things come back and I think chase can talk overlap and rumors and. Teachers so mom does this project really kind of covers everything we're talking about in this segment you know how to cut through the the clutter. And it did in front of people that are hard to get in front that's it's a big thing nor can I do and these days as. Breaching the unreachable. So this this kind of pieces. Like that America does come Reinemund that's going to be in my. Attack on president and you reach the unreachable. You know and so that's it's a small quantity. You know higher price point for east you know at the end today if you land one of these clients. You to Brendan to go out there you're chasing. It's a huge and a and so. This project they actually did my and one of those clients and so they're trying to get the then the bigger fish you know Canada across the country that. And it's a lot of stuff among men Adam. They ended up. Winning this one Meyer's job though is. Around 60000 dollars just for that one job. But then you consider that hopefully they've they turn into a long term client that. And what look at collider is you guys design for the episode the sun was really fun because zoo. We it. We and part of our processes we have these like really in depth pick meanings. And we get down to. All of the details like why we're sitting at a table then you know what their problems. And what are they trying to. The Salt Lake. How what's successful to and so the thing that came out of this meeting with his client was that. They felt like they were the perfect pair. With these types of clients. And so we we came back to the the group then I'm gonna put a lot of art. Brainstorming time together in them count this idea of the are preparing. Chips and salsa. So you know things about how hot the sounds Niedermayer and now it's OK to have gone on this on the cents a pound we ended up mailing. Am as jarred salsa that we had custom labels and a and a bag of chips that we custom label and we actually sent them in a medal. Lunch products. And says it's a whole this whole like you know you mind sparkle and opulence box might seem is perfect parent I don't. All the messaging as a related to like how great we are it's together and how much we can help you mean it can't have one without the other. Reinforce partnership and a man and so I'm it was cool because you we've. Newman was less than you get a lunch box in the mail you know it. Never we didn't doesn't it when you guys struck so often our offense a separate. Did you receive at your office the other day there's a noodle a cool brutal attack it all right. But that was interesting I would never thought about that it was never thought about that has now they came out of the big kick off in the process yeah you guys institute. Yes like it's like OK if you were the perfect partner with these types of clients or you're the perfect pair of the purse you know instead of saying we're just gonna produce something for you were actually a partner with Q. Boy are things in our daily lives that are perfectly partner paired together. Milk and cookies being came out of that as well where they were talking about me via meetings they'll actually shopped the meeting with milk and cookies. Keep that that ball rolling. There's him there's a much different ways you can take that the the main sort of theory was. Let's find some things let's send them to them as physical samples. Of kind of who we are. That's got your guys is thing that's your creativity. Insight to stay a logo or brand all the time it's a it's something that. Get your attention that's exactly right that's the whole package in looking at that projects you mean you know we really helped talk through what the client. What happens on the salespeople are emailing them you know thinking about that messaging appropriate partnerships. And when they did get in Atlanta meeting which was the goal. I'm they would bring milk and cookies in just continuing that theme. Throughout every step that these people and act with. Its interest thing barely a school were talking to chase Wilson and Julie Walters the most closed and Alexander from reactor design insidious. You guys we talk about about changing industries that we work in. Let's talk about that for second continuing penalty that off and why that's important. In this goes back to you and we can use that case said he is an example we can use a lot of our differing clients is an example. You know some of the industries that we work and are not very sexy industry's race or their industries were people haven't really thought a lot of now. Design or creativity or really reaching out to the customer and unique way and so when we get involved and we really challenge our clients. You. Do you things that are meaningful. To their customer and that's speak to them and just the right way. We have this ability to really really cut three to a lot of that clutter and how it ends up alternately changing it can change the landscape of what that. Type of industry looks like. Because if you then pull up trade publication or. Have a client that says they're looking at the materials we've created or the ads were creating or whatever it is. And you see something that's just completely different in the industry isn't normally used to seeing the changes the discussion that changes the culture a little bit about around how that. Industry needs to market itself because then the other companies in those markets are now saying we gotta try to keep up with this now because these guys over here all of a sudden they're like. They kick up their game big time we have this ability to terror and it changed and these industries in taking industries I guess send arm they're not really exciting. In. Theres gonna make up them very excited to be like Jaycee could be business changes our client really do you have any thoughts about any of these things and you were inch rule and all of on the end. Any creativity things that you've seen in the last years that you really like. You guys have worked on yeah I mean I feel like that's why I mean you're saying earlier how rare it is more people to be in a creative. Space for eleven years or five years in the same place like in the reason why we have that it reactors can we do get to work on so many different things mean and some of those things are really crazy an exciting like coming up with. Chips and salsa kits and some of those things are making flyers are banks now. If I could answer really cool things that are allotted for people. Mean Mears have and that's crunching in I IE always excited when something else comes in the mail from you guess. Whether it's for a party here for a always traded it's always does always cutting through the clutter and I think. That's one of the reasons why you've been successful. We right back after the break with our last segment and talk about some really cool things happening mean Casey as well as talk more about is this industry says centuries and it's hard to stand out through time. You're a senior girl nation thanks for. Welcome back it's too negro nascent show on your host chasing girl and I think our great guest today. Who have been joining me for reactor designs C is great conversation about draining designing cutting through the clutter. For your business or your brand or chase Wilson. Julie Walter and closed in Alexander. We're gonna continue our conversation. Really into staying signal on seven about. How you cut through the clutter with they have training a trainer large scale printer on the chips and so also paring and I'm sure they loved. They're next suggestion and and we're very surprising you guys came up with a or talk loaded about. You know the Casey design seen what what are we looking at now because I I know a lot of people don't know that it's a pretty big deal here there's a lot of creative companies in town and and you know I is that growing year where we are without because a lot of the typical listeners probably don't know that. Insidious kind of known for its design seen. What she started a cliff and we are. One of the best. Creative and design cities in the entire country. And we have talked about this about how this is something that has been going on for decades. It's for literally forever I mean I've been here for a couple decades now on on the senior as a catalyst I was the cash. Well you know that we Elisa old as close as the I don't look now. But as the as the crossroads started to use mature has all those and all asserted that happened a little bit. Around the time that I did come here so maybe I am a little bit I don't know that. But it it's really the it's been this way for very long time the cool thing is that Kansas City is now finally starting to be recognized for. There we are being recognized for the things that we've been doing all those years. And that's sort of the biggest piece of it the sports architecture. The engineering that we have here is the technology companies that design firms the I mean. The free happy meal wasn't meant to tear in Kansas City. In the seventies. That's a really being remembered he told Minnesota Salmonella. And so you kind of take that history of Kansas City union move it all the way through to what's happening right now. And the design community we have literally one of the best designed towns in creative towns and all of. Zora so how have you do you maintain that growth of your business and power you guys successful and in a saturated industry at least in Kansas City it's growing. Is it relationships is a networking is it your actual designs what we're really is the key. What are you guys thinks the key is standing out here in this market. I think it's all of them now mean. You know it's. It's the people that kind of make up the company. That's huge part of him and I think we've always positioned herself says. This kind of personality first company. You know we've I feel like we've got to design chops. Back it up and you know we've always kind of solar cells on. Results. And I think that's huge factor. We have the same. Designed software. In the same training. As everyone else out there right the only real difference as the people. And the combination of those people and so that's what you have to sell as a way to. Tune. Make an impact because it is very saturated and literally anyone. Can get a computer for a couple hundred bucks and had. Do we re asleep for thirty bucks a month and their own business right. And how is that it's so. You can go online now and have a logo design here 120 bucks and you know us and how how that changed the world because an all startups such pair here's that website initially their when there. There their lean startups and my my theory on that is that you know sometimes. I don't love it but sometimes it's okay for kind of do you through something I guess I can't imagine how you look at these things yeah some of these loaders it's WI we've been in an experience where we clearly had a company that we design a logo for. They were waffling. And they decided to go ahead and go on nine yen designs and try their luck there. And when they came back to they say you know it was clear I showed all the different ideas to all my friends and family and whatever and years was always the one. That was the winner every time and I talked to our restraint earlier our logo is easily the simplest out of all of the ones that that this client was seen. But there's something about. The way we design and I think Juli is one of my fair people when it comes to stuff like that's the restraint of design right. When you look at the main star. Brandy created or somebody Korea I think museum that. That is literally says mains are the only element is just a simple. Sort of know north. West facing aero but it tells the entire story that brand. And very typing everything has to make sense have you are type they'll figure type B would you creative background and not. Not so much I'm anti hey guys I think early on. Sid of critically important. And you know organized drills and unicorn. In our world Annika Juli has the unique ability to you being incredibly creative designer. End a very. Organized and detailed person. Knows most the time don't go hand in hand she also has the ability to use this is Thai rice and ties she acts as he also writes she likes our bullets because she's giving us at. We're referring to you right now not saying. But ultimately goes back to that right the restraint that we talked about the ability to do things. In a way that dead just make more sense. And are what the client needs. Not based on what we think needs to happen right. It's about understanding the client in those initial meetings it's about designing something that has just perfect that client doesn't have to be flashy. I that it doesn't have to be crazy quick question here up basal we talked paralyzed semi tuchman declined re change everything. Brand name website old old thing like what are some key things that people and think about before that you. The biggest thing I think is the reason why. You cannot just changed the name of a company or brand just because you're you're failing right. If there's there's a lot of other things wrong with your business just change in the name is not gonna help. And you have to still be a solid company sought to have good ideas and those sorts of things. Where we always suggest that people change some thing is when there's a major leadership change. Or when the brand has or the company's complete Petit didn't know what they do which is a little bit as of year we rerun that there's Buick growing the brand it's no longer what it used to be used in the case of main star which we just talked a minute ago. Their former name must first trust company of Omega have you ever been to donate a Kansas may never heard of it. I this is a company that was working nationally with people. On self directed IRA is but nobody has any idea or donate it kansas' right and so. We. Worked with them to help them come up with a name that makes more sense for them and a brand and so a lot of times to pin it in. Customer it's a pay that in leadership or its eye on something else of that nature who has is when you can kind of get to. Please let me ask Julie real quick about colors he's talking about your pain and Tony created when your kid what what do colors mean to a brand and logo I mean because. It's amazing how intro you guys did about these things I mean when you know outside of its purple and sort of blew her body it's just like come on man but why's that so important. Well what colors are out right now. Did any of you sit here and a pop culture some of wanna know what what color is how you got a website what color you wanna see. If you're gonna make a six. Well farm house style everything's like it and I know I got an answer grammys Ali act there's always a white background everything's clean. It's gonna hipper now yeah. Mean it's just I mean we've said this I think in every segment today and you we have these a kick off meeting Terry do puncher researching and data and every facet of who they are and your business and the color comes out of that in our bay. You know one at a bright and sunny company does the coloring on makes answered. Yes just typical color theory stuff I guess at that it is kind of a gut feel. Sentencing in May and the one thing don't mention is a lot of these TSE companies including you guys are having on national success. Tell us what Kansas city's growing as a design city even today as it has been doing for many many years. Very cool on a thank you guys for coming on today it was a great show clips to knowledge remainder. Chase Wilson and Julie Walter from reactor designs he is the website is reactor Casey dot com great information about the company on merit. Really preach become more of a high level discussion about. Hi design branding logo and cutting through the clutter and reaching the unreachable. Is something that people should be thinking about. Appreciate guys come on the show today I think it is yes it healed the loss on. You to a senior grill nation we'll see again next week have a doing take care.