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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert newer and national writer and contributor attorney who serve in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected to you at the X-Factor you'll enjoy it. Bring illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter. At Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter net girl nation show at online and grill nation showed dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and than an hour radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello and welcome to grill nation on team BZ 980 AM I'm your host Jason growth thanks for joining us again today after listening on the radio work for joining us on high teens via podcast or through listening via. Grill nation showed dot com where you can find all the photos of our guests are wonderful sponsors and all of our show's podcast is in linked to. Listen to them each and every one of them we've done over a 167. Shows I think this is 167 of the show so we're excited to be back here today. Port bring in our I guess today and make some really cool introductions. Here in the second I wanted to thank our partners and supporters of the grill nation chose Jason grill. Title sponsors of the show are trusts. Mo bay can be okay financial and US companies and Ryan great contributors in the show. Are the Reagor NJ rehearing co Ryan maybe is he gets cozy owner contributor. Casey ABC. Breakup great group here in Kansas City begins here development council. They Camry and against the quarterly on the show and our guests coasted honor contributor partner of the relationship with me today. Is Bryant's are from true wealth in company either website is retire with true dot com he's. Joined this last month this is the second month just coasting and each and every month Bryan. One brings his his great. Radio skills to the show but also his awesome yes and wanted to welcome him into the show now Bryan now how are you this week and how are you do answer. Doing fantastic great to be here always ongoing and always log in here I'm here and I had that and share stories get to introduce. Incident as a great people and here. How they've built their business and I did go through life and so we have two wonderful rescue fund once today this is going to be eighteen story and though. A little bit about one of the career paths not as much about the other cell want tutored us use our guest we have to conceded today with the sprint today so we have Karen and gene called Maine. From the house of diamonds if you lived in oval on Parker Kansas City for any amount of time. You've heard their ads on the radio you've been by their location to spend the same spot since they opened they're over college and career. Right next to reach goes in to Cuba Kerry's. Is a house of diamonds Jeanne. Who played football for many was a plenty of wide Washburn university graduate there got to. The draft and go play four or was a free agent to play from the Steelers. And then he got you have that transferred to the Packers. And they wound up his career in Montreal playing football in the world football league in. And found the house of diamonds and then you chairman married for a few years and and built a great family of three spunky little daughters we wanna hear about them today as well but welcome to the show gene and caring. Great to have you here elements. Lewis will start at the top UQ you played football Gina Washburn. I did it come to your nick Abbas did you. Grow primary I noted and as scary needed a nearby. Yeah I'm from it. Great military relate to Omaha Nebraska OK so I didn't have the washer. Athletic scholarship Oka and peek and look for yours there and school and education and play football. It's so Maceda pretty well I guess I'm Karen I mean I in the pros right now I am not completely. Spent four years in the NFL and into pre season games and that's much of career but he gave me an opportunity to. Open jewelry store and you were doing today. Always that like me and an NFL team nervous yeah it and a but this is NFL's not for long and I knew that apply to me so. And every day was. You you you wonder when they're gonna calling in the office of ego and so I experienced that what did that mean. It's so high how did you how did you actually reach that level I mean that's. I was pretty clearly got a long term career I was I was quick for a fact. That's all eyes are you impressed on the forty of that talent and hate filled the tape or not think I think Jim I must have played well tuba. You know. I think the NFL if you knew it. If you complain that they look each in the give you an opportunity you know plus. We put a position where I can. Was it for years chasing that dream in some point you say. And move on did you did you. They'll care at that time and no answer ahead. They're very good decision so. And tell us about that so with with the NFL what what Taiwan's Jeanne I was I signed with the Steelers and eighty and 89 so they're pretty damn good back you know. Yeah they're good they're going to say we won't do what I don't know they want to they weren't. They were in the beginning of becoming really good to him 89 in and then. Ninety maybe one of those a camp guy. And stay healthy. I'm myself with those are sure attempted sprained sucking your blooming. I tell my recover from the knee surgery I think they realize that maybe I was their organization. Makes me moment. And I was fortunate to get a phone call from Green Day. And I thought it was a joke it was really different than a joke on me so hung up on. Jesse is director of player personnel. He called me back fortunately in and there are plenty of kimono. And at. So I entered the developmental squad practice squad. In got to experience an Indian ponting and then on the next year at the experience Holmgren and semi home. Tennis at the wheel position had people lesson guards kindergarten. And that's inching Green Day and then Pittsburgh doesn't. Obviously both stir French literary franchise due to buy of the team in my youth. What I Europe and Cape Girardeau and so we only have. The other cardinals in Saint Louis for football men were horrible right and so we are through for the Steelers as kids and you know Terry Bradshaw and watching them play in a rooming house it was it was a joy to watch him play is still goes in a ruling now I've. Or would come under fire chiefs for instance. On school Missouri in the ninety's. That football's a cornerstone of my life from a coming out of that. That period of summary when when football star's life begins. Now he's back all right it's exciting. No he's still pay attention GQ you did NFL through. Along common and our time watching you in your dreams coming evaporate you use soap a little bit muscle injury took longer than probably should. So unfortunately I'm you know when I'm when I'm not important when I met my wife unfortunately. Fortunate for her she says I would watch much football and I think that was one of the things she intrigued who's the intruder mummies that I didn't. Stick to my son is watching football. In a few years after we were married. Unfortunately. I'm in a Chicago and then just to put with and watch Indians. So when when when you met gene over the noon yet storm Erika and Suze ardea successful entrepreneur I mean you knew you were you married its success front burner with de NFL background. Yes take RO of that right Brian I mean it is about. Ninth and oh wow okay cool. That's very cool did you have any experience in this industry yet I hit their you know actually went. And we're gonna get that more bow wow that's and that's inching connection and there are brilliant absolutely not every day you you meet someone that is. As experience in Illinois. Has she does she designs. Much of the jewelry they're victims on a house that I am insurance there. Can program a deserving of treaties you command and the design of forcing you to look at what you're visiting that you wanna create. But you wanna build for a vote for the person you care about your love about the U wanna. Wanna put together and so she's been out that four. You know thirteen years now house of commons you know we've and I before that I'm sure you have. Many years look. We always did custom woodwork it was from what we try to carve a niche but where do it for you all and not it's not the change. Right and she's we've we've been through all of the point where she's actually doing ED 85% of the product we sell she designs. Interest and we we create rights on site. Yeah so so thin that the very gonna talk about elsewhere talk about. Jeanne had ended diamonds. At the start for humanitarian you're listening grilled nation. Welcome back it's just relationship ABC's 980 am and I think. You podcast listened today I appreciate you joining me and I guess coast and on air contributor partner of the relationship O'Brien. Writes our food is there with I'm sorry Brian a retirement tour dot com always always and it's a true wealthy company first. The website is retire with Tree.Com. Great company here in Kansas City and now Brian is a person she talked to you if you need any. Life playing financial and you know basic how to eat your life together bonus if it. When you wanna make were optional let's if you wanna make work optional we help you did put a plan together and work if you want to not because you have to. And when you're ready to retire him and and and call today and move on to the next phase your life went up to hear any. All day and gene called air with this from house of diamonds. Here in Kansas City. Jeanne. You mentioned your NFL past. Four Ginn did you entrepreneurship concerning this company a what's let's ask you about Montreal you continue to jury sneak. You went to the what was it called back in the Canadian the only football world football league so what was like his I always wonder about football on. It was it was interest in much roll. Was. You from midwest more useful little different and part of deserts beautiful place is it's is beautiful. It's you if you speak French that it helps a little bit better. Let the moment and there was was the season and you picture for guys within three been important apartment that's what. That's what we did so. The memories are or are. Or fat guys. Pitcher to have. So do you so we needed a list over the practice squad for years this mean you you can make money obviously it's not like he'll tell them I really listen they this stuff with. What we have paid back in his now with the parades today mountain what you can live until vomit and I knew that I was gonna be. On planes for long and so around older than me and discussing its active open. On that really known as the duplicate knew that was me doing that for long and. And that's where it at a Verizon question any luck yet here here's a beautiful part of what genes passed is that. You have to wash for university and got a degree in business and finance something that you can use for the rest of their lives of football does and I'm having a full time period summer and fall back on and by having that a lot of the opportunity to. Have the knowledge base from college to begin a business so how did you make the transition from the NFL. And playing football to die to the jury the custom jewelry and diamonds this time to get well when I. When I signed with the Steelers. Kind of remind him it's important fish with a unit to restore its picking Kansas called gold Jewelers. And he asked if I would seldom with teammates and the person I was apprehensive but then I thought about it. You know I knew it was going to be forever so maybe I can make some extra money transfer its own jewelry on the locker room to my teammates and that's Alia introduced to the business. When rubles or. Now that is really hustling right there yeah unique selling out your pitch you a little bit locker room I mean. Well it's a new one we have heard you on the show and that's owned jeweler in the locker that was the chiefs of the bench and oh yeah neon Deion Sanders look I'll never sold in the chain. I'd be happy to this city avenue illicitly given at all. We have to say it's and I had. A funny story had a friend of mine that was in Chicago. And they are statement and one of them really nice hotels where. Who threw the four seasons and in that. He's he's all he's like six foot six. He's walking on the elevator and his buddies about a little under a little under six foot tall men walking into an elevator. And this was just a couple of years ago and he Watson and his body is eyeball eyeballing Mr. T. Stand there when all was gold jury oh yeah. New poll taken aback because they all assume that he was taller but he was you know 6465. Babies like 510. He had always Jew or unknown he was there to get above motivational speech to. A business workshop that was in town. You know but I remember and visited seeing him run around all of June consult me jewelry no I did today yes it always wanted to resolve real or is it personal friends and even eastern around you know I'm curious to know. So you you did hustle heeded as the deal and then house of diamonds wouldn't answer it many fun. And he that allow a good economy back imagine that drew or Anderson was and wasn't too bad back it was before you chose. You know people still come in and ticket price shop less than. As you see we have a lot more experts today demanded that they think I cannot do everything. Everybody knows whether your memorabilia from him you know to look what do what do people think when they walk in they saw you. And I'd and sorrow like you're you're an NFL guy a football player here and gentleman right here. A guy hitting yet to realize that the the little bit of money and I opened to restore so I built my own cases and and I had all of this case basically each. Every foot and a had a Roemer necklace. And I thought I was in the jewelry business so I think a lot of people in and that they kind of chuckled and it'll sort of forming and they would bring their friends and to take a look at the antique pieces but. We just hung in there and kept growing so. We had people show up or do you have a customer who had very you're you're you customers. Not locker room people but actual like people walked in and says they'll revise them to your. You don't have a and so we're still friends who stay there and we've you know over the course of when he four years you lose some through two movies in unfortunately. He passed away but. And one thing that I think is really. Cool about our shores we build a lot of real relationships. There are still promotes or it is written. We look forward to maintaining an awesome. What so what what's a for your favorite jewelry to create Karen that you make. And he's been YouTube to build four for his client. Or. I kind of image freaks I love all but. The most rewarding when you meet a he says that people out for awhile order. Instead of and passed out and have a story. And then mean create an granny peace that theory in fashion meant from the Wear and passed and the neck it. Making really exquisite pieces that. Don't necessarily look custom and a bad way but like using all clients and sometimes cast and it's about same as what I'm Ian and very handmade. We can make incredibly refined we're just east and pat amazing story already. What's the most memorable piece you've worked on the value ago. There I don't know why you know. Tell you about the watching her deliver a ring she's made from three or four generations of jewelry. Somebody in the the tears rolled up some space because it's. It's very moving into this dude grandma great grandma great regret most ring only one that's needs some special moments industry that's going to. Karen this is passion you had since high school. Yeah China machinery and that I near your Linkedin value plan you won an award in high school and then went to a college actually yeah tour designed. Ice our first person I've ever met that would as the jewelry design degree at ever via a special. I played been so successful never met him out he started a young age so I can do it to an additive. Not necessarily I knew I loved it and professor Crawford it I'm sneezed and it. Help me start my love of it but now I really never sought his career path I went to university in Mexico first. I think it has in new physics and engineering and and love the senate material and see myself in the field increasing jewelry in New Mexico it is yes yes and I'm part of why came back in just because you NM changed their program and shall read this moment sculpture so. Take continuing jewelry and I decided that was my path and went EU is that at the public program known to go and a yes and when he came home. Bright and I we majored in did not major jewelry items. About a majored in and Harper's and willingness. Effective Milosevic clearly got a minor in something if and a so so that's really stinks so. The solar out of college or out of you would how did you would you do next. If you don't you meet Deane before that her after the well. I was finishing up and I was just talking to a friend of the family CNET. You know this is what I'm gonna do bad air by the idea of it has school and a having a job as. Is kind of a leap of faith for me did decide that this has courier asked for me when not in my family had done that night and I know anybody in the industry. She comes from mainly the engineers and you as the market Fiat but I sympathize with him. But I just mentioned it at friend of the family and they said don't apply anywhere there's one place you have to apply and so. Oh and and basically talked teen and giving me a job for the summer and. No bait dates we talked me into giving you an interview I was gesture was against all we want I had I had thoughts of college student right and I. I remember when I was a college student ID wanna hire one and where I. The Duma commenced and are different this week interview reminded him within the first few moments I realized this wasn't your normal. Ordinary every day. College student choose preached. And I think doesn't hurt bubbles pop in the I I was smitten from the from the moment I think him from the moment we met and it took me about three or four months. You can or hinting that maybe we she wanted to learn and she looked at it goes nuts and continued for so. But I was persistent. Yes yes. And it its suit. At that point did you know you a lot about the diamond street since she was not only capturing your their knowledge jewelry everything else who. Oh she's yeah she's going to be very well she's she's very Smart. Or intelligently. And I I just. Don't you know office he added I did anyway. I think I had a Ginny had to grow owner what's it like corkum the other. You know of my wife from the same business a working every day so I couldn't imagine not working there we. People asked almost daily dose because we're DO I eat that night. We do it and we do it. We begin on time we're fortunate we need to have children three baby girls that's throughout the day and don't we have a lot of fun together than if we were moments there. But for the most part. Would change things contestant. Is it here is. I don't know if I would via separate and I've I've. I've dated people who have parents are two companies together and a a you're you're together all the time but let me tell that are at a store yet in which you all a music everything you ever. Girls come here we're buying what agreed to experience for them in Europe and some of this I think that does help. The stars entrepreneurship and work ethic CNET. You know did you actually see it actually see your parents do that working yeah there is important now that you see amateurs to be good that's given him. You'll see when I'm cleaning glass through yeah. We need you there in the store right now so it's. Our fabulous city relation to Jeannie Kerry called there yes. Yeah yet. Welcome back to grill nation 988 MTV VM host casing grill on site our partner supporter in discos contributor. Do girl nascent show Bryant's are fused with with true wealth and management and he also it is. Doing great things here on the radio should joins me each and every month. Brings on some awesome guess you wanna check out Brian his website is retire with true. Dot com really cool company here in Kansas City and Brian is. The greatness he grad as a Lanka through that and their format he's he's the president chief investment officer to think company here in Kansas City. Our guest today Brian beginner Jean call inane and Caracol name from the house of diamonds. We don't have your web so what is your website to check it out. Debbie Debbie my big rock pack it's what to make sure that was the correct. I didn't I didn't wanna. Why do I go through it and other out the diamonds of my big Iraq dot com check it out they're located in Overland Park, Kansas the correct that's great Brian they wanna talk about some business. With how excited here. I'd like to learn from Karen NG you have. What are some of the lessons learned over the years of things you've done right that have really helped her grow and propel your business. Not only in Overland Park went through our Kansas City. I think in any business relationships most. Important aspect cornerstone of success. And make tree tree client right and realize that they're the reason you're there. And it's tough for them you're not going to be long and early on I think. Business are now he's in good accountant. And and media networks millions and before them that they can in those two and get some advice those babies and things I would advise them. What about like ether in the count they often are forgotten people that they're important and bookkeeping is the Bane of the existence of many small business owners that. Two we have worked with neglect. Keep the books in order and it's and a shoe box Horry. Our glove compartment or a side pocket of a bag and at the end of the year they dump on somebody's desk and say here let's figure out my taxes just to live. Two way too late. Too late yet to do that you know you have to do that to a few day by day we we let month. And in whole or that person you're sharing that with this as is guiding you and and inflation. If not you can play yourself in trouble yes. Never have a great countenance that's Okie. I find many times along I love Michael do you approve the merger comes oil sharing my Mike Leonard with Bluetooth advisors probably would and he's also over the years she's. We've become so close to ease the godfather to my. Children. We get that. And so that that'll tell you we welcome relationship we have. Yeah I think he beat on the relationships is being one of the positives of the business I care what about you do you have any means that you think are important. There's made you made Hausa diamond successful. Over the years. Sides agree crafted illusion yeah. He just I mean if you're if you're in business and you're not doing things right it's in the catch up with the US news from an ethical standpoint from a you know just being a good business and the people. Yet how did you guys grow that's I don't know I'm curious about because he started with. Obviously you know in you did this you know family has been in this industry you're not a big company. How did you guys in a growing lute decides relationship you know obviously. Know what I know now about the industry are probably like back on prime when he tried. I was naive and I was. I was young and knows full of energy and if I can make us go and have a lot of folks tell me that I'm under capitalized on that location was terrible and I wonder if proven wrong and so forge forward and in every year we grew a little bit more in the community supports a little bit more in in here we are 24 years later. Fell on her and that's amazing that's at that that's very cool and in the name. I Uranus and your total us government and what I sure right things no piece of paper. And you know looking back I would've used my name alone means he's you know he's been good to hold power. Like some of you talking about Montreal like color and because. We're. Not sure I don't look at it fits it works I think your last name does ever intuit won't go that name I think would have been just as good. If you drop in the nose diamond industry dropping. The largest diamond ever discovered it was over so I think those kind destined to be. Industry. CN golden from what I want Kinnear your store I mean it's it's you have a lot of different things right take it oh yeah you actually offered store. Such as diamonds isn't just diamonds are what is it. Militants who it's about three of shall we were shown end. Sharma from bridal sets you know hundreds of Ronald substance fashion pieces. Colored shoes and beautiful colored south pars and rubies and so forth fashion jewelry. But we do engraving on site with. Can a computerized grieving equipment we do custom work we do with four acts of smell and prototyping machines and three printers. Our Kasyanov our models take place for the argon gas that computerized centrifuge. And got fine Jewelers on site that are going to make it and put it together. So would you welcome a jewelry store you see the front. It's it looks like maybe at most restores. My should pay attention to the quality product in the case that separates us of course it is. We give a lot of folks tour and and are you from the back of the shop and that's when the light bulb goes on with a lot of folks who. We should limit shopping they realized. These guys are actually making it we're not a minute to Chicago an accident in new York and sent to California. Make it right there are studio and. That's huge that's that the diverge here and there it is a lot of people custom is taking. A stop and mounting in putting together. Through custom we do is target management's sketch on a piece of paper it's. Adds. Pretty proud parents is Pasadena and that's residents say it's changed a lot probably your career. He has done this technology and it's changing your year I mean month in month aimed and you guys have all those capabilities. Of our Jeanne her right there and you never. Oh yeah technology. Aria. Dire three pretty machine on the web cider and information you share in the it and yet it's pretty cool. They can over these days I mean really pretty in in in customization I think as far as business I think is. In most industries are manufacturing ten become in the name of the game and what is differentiate yourself in. Exactly and our industry that's. That's an issue or industries it's CNN aging process includes a lot of jewelry stores are not gonna. It passed on generational like they have in the past and Jewelers the viewers love it all springs children and a woman in what continues beat. The jewelry business they're not a loose your searches or shrink if you don't differentiate yourself. By doing something different offers something different you're gonna. Probably not be around much longer and it's because that technology. Any guess have a lot of issues we try to think of it yet a lot of issues with. All these diamond and she's right that are going on in the world I mean there's all kinds of crisis is all of the times yet to be authentic. True and have great products meet his. I've I've opened the newspaper and seen. People buy things that they don't think of the right things so I think having no relation to content is because the long line. That's well understood why people how I can buy online and you know. And not see before they buy it and still trying to cut cost in Europe and distress. Well once ratified we'll do our efforts and there are but the ones who have been in field sometimes a by nick Mackie in because they want Karen to build peace ergo I'm one man. And we we have lecture from the made of stone they were looking at. People don't compare and a lot of times the questions asked how come your stone looks better than this one that's mostly the same on paper. In addition because it. Bath last this is nurses seats to the union mention that right relations the customer service Bryant in this industry. It's huge I mean I'd rather spend more money DOD a company like yours and by sending a month. Just because I know if something happens is like and call you up genie here and say guys what's going on. Like do we think they can't bat bat at. So. You know what have you learned that. As as you look back over 24 years investments. G chairman of or some lessons learned of things that. That you wouldn't recommend for young business owners to do or seasoned business owners to do along the way are just some some some some hardship she went through moment. I think one big thing is. In advertising. I think we went through a period of time we felt like we've been around long enough that we can. ABC back a little bit and end that are lower years of business coming Ellison perpetuate the business and doesn't happen that way you lose. You kind of lose sight here that's reason cited the pin after actively. Engaging in some of advertising and that was excellent. Over the past five years. And we want to open your fingers off which are notion that. Fresh warts and fresh faces. So we turn advertising again on the radio that's an old school of radio works but it works and start seeing folks we have seen for fifteen years commence on you know. About it. Larger voice and mean they have been in the C in that area I assume. Radio I would say. For any business you keep your face your name out there who. I was curious about what years did advertise I know I I as a child I not that. Young but I mean as a person growing up you can see I didn't hear your commercials cheese's has turned. Did your commercials Jean Karen I mean I remember the commercial. We've done magazines and billboards and moved on radio and real social media announce a new thing we are trying to get a grip on that and that's. I'm not I'm not all be it's tough it's tough but I think that you have shown yourself right we have. There was doom and incoming house from upload a little bit Scopes advertising and the guy does a remarkable job worsen. I wanna put my faith in him and they're just let inducing thing. We see secret results and as a business owner that most business owners to try to have a tendency to try to. To control when and try to has he just sit back relax with a curious when I do. It works. Of their business owners forget about brown we audit and control everything. And our business and auto and have a stamp it and dungy and a delegate yet of people popular you have to remember Michael Gerber has booked Jimenez. Said that there are three things you can be as a businesswoman who can be the entrepreneur in the visionary. You can be the manager or you can be the technical person who's during the work. And Mo and a lot of entrepreneur start out having to do all three. You have to promote the business you have to grow the company you have to manage everything you have to technically deliver the work at some point along the way you have to begin giving up along of those three impact wanna you wanna be Baskin and leave the other two to somebody else so if you manage it are you currently build up or you be the entrepreneurial vision that you can't do all three as you grow. If you will if you do it's what holds a lot of entrepreneurs back. From getting through that next level to achieve the next level of success is giving up that control finally somebody they can trust. And empowered to go out and that and really excel when those three areas. And then nova won their best at and that's what you do. And that's reroute and maybe for some tips for some business owners is is your knocked the CEO and you need to give that to somebody else to run. A London knights and continue to follow that that's been on my ancient trying to throw him on each other enough mixed this morning. You're city grill nation show we right back after. Two real nation 1988 and came easy for she sing with us today I'm nervous facing real thanks for joining us again if you're listening on the radio or. Via podcast. Gene called lane and carrying culminate our guests today from. The house of diamonds their website is my big rock dot com also joined Vegas hosting attributed grill nation. Brides are fused with true wealth and company has website is retire with true dot com. You guys do tonic community work in charity work here in Kansas City you you've always been involved he talked to us about why that's important you. You been in business now for over 24 years he said how is Kansas City kind of been media been helpful to you and how the gun given back to the. Unity wolf. Like I was saying earlier. Clients can go over the years they continue to take faithful loyal to us and help our presence in. Those same clients come to us with. With charities and organizations that are near and dear to them and ask us for their. Ask us for our our systems and help them. You know being able to build jewelry that's unique and different in being able to create an item that is tailored to this specific organization. That makes it different as adds a tremendous amount of value. Those. Some of the ways that we. We get involved with the giving back. And done it's enjoyable because you are evil Washington give. You know it's important not the case would decrease supplements is symbolic of of the cherry that represented its gonna cool. I was looking on your on your website and and reading through the accretion you ready for the drug chairing a golf invitational pretty incredible the work you've done for Kansas City the chiefs and master's program. I'm in supporting camp quality with. Talk more about that they're all. Customers they're they're great group of guys that are doing good work all the time with Mellencamp quality but recent scholarships for. I inner city kids on their constantly they're costly do things to help the community and with our relationship with the organization. Were fortunate that they come to listen in assets to get the ball and so friend and Tony he's different on items built to bring them their organization that. They probably do something seems like it seemed like that he took in every month low income. It'll come and ask me every month but they. They you know several times throughout the year we involved in the different different charities of their Erin Baldwin. He had a great look though though the ring looks great teacher to dump it did the trillions and adware that I'm not I mean not a no offense I'm not a ring wearing guy I've never had one and I'll ask you to question about that. What are some trends we're seeing for guys in there like what our guys getting these days because. You know the women's during always tussle words gotten what what what can we where agonizing get away with Jessica. Terry you cover now. Gary I build a lot of jewelry and I and they'll mark eighties but I do a lot of mentoring you and so. A whole lot of like more natural materials as a breach and you know would rains or. I've seen those people are aware in his wood or yeah your meteor rates it does mean a simple gold the simple gold what are your music is it still dominant factor ego it is coming back at yellow gold as. General trend. Morse and fashion that we are seen it right now is coming back it's been white for very long time. It. You know the economy was soft the alternative smells real popular there and expense for the guys guys like dampened. Now the economy is swung back the other way and in people are a little bit more confident there won't. We're sure seem a lot more demand for platinum in the old Michael for guys. We're certain CD insert diamonds and gemstones again and where we were CNET for a while so. I just turned fashionable again like. Look out there. What's so what's the runway looks like for you guys Ameen you guys are both very young by average people I mean is this something you're gonna wanna pass down your family here is this something you're just gonna. You're gonna we gonna work until I tell you you know like every entrepreneur work cannot retire you know what I went. I'd want to reside. Was always intrigued with the jewelry industry because I can I can tool around Segway or something like that she will mirror and wills. That's something I don't know I don't see myself retiring I've got three little girls 1283 in the they're gonna want to get married and go to college so movie work and forever yeah. But you don't mind if you like with no love no and I but the girls you don't say they want me to Jordan's I'm I'm I'm not against but I want to move up and find their own way I want to know. Find things are passionate about their loved to do the things that intrigues him and what the news following the footsteps of so we can discourage them from. I'm thinking that's the pathogen ago we want them to make their own way and it is something they wanna do maybe it's a hobby. Maybe me who. We'll talk it's gonna go what are you either too is an extreme in my dad's a lawyer with the Los with the media gonna see them working their tails off going to be like. I want to do that or you know say that do something completely different has nothing to do with your industry admits there's no in between for kids that parents are entrepreneurs or have their company. Mostly I do have my eight girl walked up to leave it appears on the story and the ladies. This beautiful necklace on my old proposal which then so beautiful I like that is it real. In the league come in and looked in its most of courses she's. I pulled my daughter looks and this I am a Social Security would look better when you. I'm not so that's a nice job. That's very. I guess there's usually a little elements of drastic. You don't need a lot of the human relations still on the floor he's got. No I'm not a music brutally honest in every facet of our lives so I don't ask their opinion accurately on. Did you guys ever dean here think about. Growing into more locations are just think it's better locals know. OK with what we do so specialize find Jewelers the guy's back you asked earlier about. Advice. Give him doesn't surround yourself with great people you know to me. The business is what it is because the Jewelers and of people that we employ and the guys we have in the back they're hard to find they're just not. They are all world craftsmen and end their. Some in my opinion some of the best you can find midwest and I think. That that is an inhibitor too much growing. You just can't line. Great Jewelers. To dying art it's like watch makers are you kidding we're there to watch maker and every George. And now you're lucky to find one to encounter good right and the Jewelers in the same way the guys. Just people wanna get their hands dirty and it's an equal help. Happens folksy jewelry as this glamorous beautiful. Saying and that the kids to me personally login into the introduced to the pitch. In making sure they realize it's dirty and it's hard and you're in the blisters and cuts in your finger it's gonna. Commissioner are stored during the month of December and all the ventures helped. Crazy glue. And it's for going their equipment jam their fingers in that first game back together it's it's harsh. None of the glamorous and the pitch making it one there were the two busiest of times here for you. Bridal season may and June. And those little another October's on the royals' season and then month of December. It. Proposals yet Errol proposes are on Christmas I know who this guy that's got of the stereotypes so guys don't give EU engagement ring on. It's easy you don't have to soda so YE IE and that's as well as. Like police selector yeah and there you know they're getting killed in a month and arguably get out regularly. A day and given a counterpoint. Those people while they're family there that's what they do well you know what what happens is the guys will be that the Christians think the end. On July afternoon. I would have pulled off pay that's pretty pretty Christmas gift to write and I gotta get I get I get showdown for the not tell you. My my dad was born December 18 I was born December 8. And when my cameras drawn up you know his birth there was a slump of Christmas so my mom and dad made it you know maybe it's separate from me they made appointment that. You know that in December it's not going to be everything's on just that day and they have separated him and but haven't had. Combining a holiday. With the engagement that you know kind of takes away from it being your special day that's not a solution that you did it. And needs to be another day means to be a special time now Valentine's very quickly OK I'm out there you know have your head and have your time and and enjoy. Yes have a great great company. Gene carrying coal name from Allison diamonds. Ticket out of my big rock dot com thanks for coming on today and sharing your. Information about your company in and sharing with us information about the industry and in business advice as well it's. It's great to have you guys Brian thing was Edinburgh coming on the show as an unwanted a great job day grind starts with. True wealth in company retire with three dot com you've been listening to grow nation chill seated next to.