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Saturday, August 12th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and even in their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to grill nation with chasing girls on TVZ 980 AM and on I teams including radio appreciate you keep me up as well on. Grill nation showed dot com where you can find all of our podcasts photos of our guests. And information about our show wanna quickly. What the listeners know that we will be doing the show again for the next year mark did you know that I don't know if he knew that but. Looking as always for new guest ideas and or supporters and sponsors if you like the people that we have on the show I'd love to have you join us. Now and down the road excited about the upcoming year really appreciate all of our supporters that we've had. In the last year. And I wanna mention Emeril quickly hopefully. Oh for their listening right now our partners and supporters of the gorilla nation Joseph with casing growing came easy nine medium our title sponsors are trusts. Mobi and be okay financial and two us advisors and Ryan Marie thanks for all their support also contributors and gets coast of the girl nation show with Jason grow our the Reagor. One might look tree apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander thanks for your support. If you'd like to join these great supporters please let me know shoe me an email or contact me at. Grill nation show at This shows you be really exciting. One because. There's an organization that is near and dear to my heart that I had the opportunity to. Go through throughout my life and not gonna take a role in coach sharing some events and lucky enough to be. Awarded a award a few years ago the kind of brought me back in the fold we are going to be talking to. Two individuals from the boy scouts of America hard America council we're gonna have on the show a map Armstrong he's the senior marketing director. As well as Greg Reese who's the vice president of recruitment. At the part of the mayor council boy scouts of America I him. Was lucky enough to make it through two eagle scout and I know there's a lot of people out there that have done that or maybe fell short. Maybe they just went through we bullets or cub scouts you never know. But we were gonna talk to them because I think there's there's a lot of us things we need to talk about is regarding the voice cuts I think. I don't think people know enough about what actually is going on with scouting in the last the question is scouting still relevant in today's society. And you'd be shocked all the different things that are happening right now that. This is not your you're 1970s. Fathers scouting anymore and really set to talk to. Our great guest today about why not in some of the things that are going on in the heart of America council and with he boy scouts of America. Let's welcome on our guest Matt Armstrong and Greg Reese welcome to show guys how are you the bigger things are very great first off let's let's talk about your background I know Mac you do with the scouts for quite awhile now. Well we're we're let's see there's an age bracket here. Tell me about that how'd you how'd you get involved in in how we stayed involved on. Eleven years now with the council actually started. In scouting as this second grader so I started as we collar area a wolf scale back then and have scouts. Made it all the way through the program like yourself eagle scout actually grew up in Omaha Nebraska. Went Q Northwest Missouri State editors and broadcast journalism actually wind in the TV business for a couple of years now that's that's on right it is fuel for holding its glamorous and in May. And it may realize you know oh my gosh am working crazy hours and I'm. Always on it is I mean it was challenging but is also a lot of fun at the same time. Throughout doing TBS and it a lot of volunteer work out well though. After a eight year career be behind the behind the camera scouts kind of said you know we wanna much to come and work work for us. 11 years later I am and still there giving back Kathy organization that that I love and trust me you know we do a lot of things behind the scenes to make scouting relevant here in Kansas City and the maker huge impact here in his. You know you don't you don't do some jobs it's her job you do it and in a singer for eleven years actually you know living breathing scouting all the time it's it's a cash. And it's something that that that really makes you feel good at the end of the day in and you know that you've made net and that's great. Per share. We've mentioned you lived in Omaha did you won't blow would Omaha people when they're gonna think Kansas City. I being I think they think it's a bigger Omaha. Both just carries and a Villanova. You know it's instant on the Big Brother off yuck don't speak for all Omaha onions that that's they say it. Ever I do you know you know weekend on weekends ago at times there was always. Aid part Europe and Obama coming down in the royals been huge roles anger on the Obama. Indy we had a minor league team you know that it's the triple a teams there yeah those are always disorganized Storm Chasers I wish it was still Del -- royals used. With literally. A cool. Now I need to get there more Greg Reese. Vice president recruitment you tickets to your career is and you know a lot of them in interest in things also did the FBI citizens' academy have learned as we walked in today yet for me it's really community involvement but. When it does is allows me be involved something that my kids are so. I work for grant towards public accounting firm human development executive and a earth pocketed who used to be one of the strong leaders. Hallmark talk about coming to Kansas City. He not only in a job whichever roll the community and an inspired me. And I wanted to be like earth right now and I saw her as an older gentleman. With a mountain bike thrown on the back of his jaguar as he serves on the board of Ford Motor Co. And I saw this guy making an impact in the community but also doing stage so as a young lad I saw that that's one view. Wells it turns around and got two boys they're now sixteen in nineteen by the time they were very young they're getting involved in cub scouts I was not very involved. But as they got a good voice now. I saw how important scouting was in the real life and I also sought my brother's life growing up in Saint Louis. And it's you know this is something where I can get a little bit more involved in it's I threw myself into the aborted directors that was involved a lot with fund raising. In the last four years I've been VP of membership. So my focus is really the bringing on of all the new. Members. Within our four programs here in the greater Kansas City area nineteen counties 30000 scatters. That we have here in ticket Steelers counties and what we look at it here for the heart of American council well par part of the station site is certainly can't tell tell you what ninety counties and but I can tell you geographically. You know we stretch over. It into towards to peak we we go. East towards Jeff city Columbia when I intensity Columbia. Up north just below. St. Joe and then down sore south towards Clinton if you think about it's a huge geographic. You know area it's it's kind of one into our drive around the metro. And that's what makes up the heart America council. Here you know I never realized that when I was in scouts that we Kansas kids as we didn't know that we go. Plus we're all right I never knew that I never knew that it expanded over two Lawrence and speak at the end you know our our footprint it's a large here in the in the metro we are one of the largest councils in the country meant you look at the top ten. Based on membership wise 30000 kids. There's a lot of kids in this nation we actually broke and the numbers not long ago. Of our scout program 20% of is that are eligible to be at actually cuts. Which is a huge comedy 20% twenty for specific rubble. One in four of LW so for that you know it's always it's. Grades one through 41 in four are in scouting so it's pretty exciting week incredible marketshare but we're trying to expand that. Not just out in the Johnson county and and those areas but certainly in the inner city and a lot of my energy and focus has spent thinking about those underserved kids. That are deep in the heart of our community frankly Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Kansas. We're putting a lot of emphasis on on how we can serve them right now we're doing a lot after school programs. But there's other ways that we can be serving those folks. That's great one of the things we're talk of. Our after the break is the question is scouting is still relevant. In in today's times in them lucky to have met Armstrong and her agrees with me today from the heart of America council. We right back on growth nation. Welcome back to the drill nations show with Jason girls 988 and as well as people that are joining me today thankfully on. Ike on iTunes and on security via podcast pre Sheikh yankees he's well on. Social media at G seem real on Twitter and that girl nation show always connect me as well on line at G seem real dot com. Breakdown our guest back in studio we have Matt Armstrong senior marketing director for the boy scouts of America heart of America council and Greg Reese who is the VP of membership for the heart of America council he's been on the board of directors for quite awhile visa also development executive at Grant Thornton. Guys after we left the first segment we sir talking about the question is is scouting is are the Boy Scouts still relevant is that program still relevant. And I think that's open that through launching because as time moves on with technology social media. Leadership all of these things kind of kids are growing up the different things these days and wielded and and I kind of wanted pose that question view is is this program still relevant in today's society also set Gregor regular starter Matt whoever wants it. Yeah it's great request three we hear that a lot has a lot of people know scouting from back in the day but they think past these days. Lot of kids are doing video games and there on YouTube and the lot of my playing sports and so in those things existed I guess when when Matt and I are and Elvis for an scouts. But maybe not as profound on the technology side right because we had Nintendo. That's always do it's let's start oh yeah it's there's so much information on its information overload it's not just a social media with these kids are doing and I'm talking about. New kids in grades so much as kids and high schools and but how did they entertain themselves right now so much of armor. It you know on the video games and doing all the things that. They can't to entertain themselves on the computer not even the TV right and it's one on one with the computer. So what's so different from when we grew up I listen I also save what from a sports perspective I'm I played baseball we. We had our first game that we are last scheme and I was done and then you went went off and it's something else but these days it's a gosh just went for 7365. Sports right. And they're starting so early in the starting in kindergarten earlier so. I mean Boy Scouts and scouting in general really kind of have to fight for space and help people understand that it's an extremely relevant. Yes you obtain eagle eagle is the only thing that shows up on your Linkedin or on your resonate. And as as a young adult when you going off into anyone's I've never came from terrorism remained constant. Yeah. But I tell people about just and you know you youth today right it's it's a crazy time if you like to see Kansas City with all the all the violence we have all the things that are going on fill their local evening news when I got to tell you I think we need scouting more than ever we need. These young people to learn leadership skills with character and integrity and my goal it's not about tying knots or sleeping in tents. That's how we deliver the program but only what we're doing. Is we're building these young leaders opt. So they can you know. Run the world kept right you know us as we retiring but I want those kids to have a great integrity want them to have great character. And be strong leaders so that that's my mentality for the. These kids. It's too. You have to people a phone and how does the phones were now I can't and then one for. After pitching greats blog because I know they even have phones now. I got my Eagles out I think it's beginning of mind and in my fresh for your high school any. In the summer before or by G software yourself that's kind of when you to wall beasts in my opinion with the sport to you Plymouth high school sports. But how does that work for a or grade schoolers camp with cellphones while I mean any look at it it's changed so much and mean Greg retirements earlier or last ten years things have changed so much but I think it's scouting one of the things that we do we actually are insulin. Technology. One great example that it is our cover stamper and you know a lot of people are doing them a lot of people are doing cutting edge things like that we found a way. We actually have a traveling Stam laboratory callers immigration reviews and you know. I mean people across the country are doing so we're then and a fighting neck and technology we're embracing technology. You know things like yours immigration Lambert doing. Oh anything from robotic drones video drones to laser cutting engineering and things like that and work. We're having the ability to use that Smartphone and the hardest a lot of that technology met the mayor but that is evolve they haven't decided I remember best week. That was that was I must really struck a vote anymore is it still exists now. I mean that's a great when a knock out you know you're doing the lottery card basket weaving you know those are pretty Reich is again it's not about. Building a basket it's about following directions and you know maybe helping others they are but a lot of the merit badges have been refreshed so there's a science technology engineering math components who knows I mean we have to stay relevant right so I'm really proud with what. Nationals doing. And I'm also locally are American council we've been a real leader around bringing in it's down and that's thriller. Burns and McDonnell got on board witness and you think about that means eight. They want some stem enable kids here that are leaders with character and integrity my gosh sets there that's a pipeline right so. Yeah we have a 70000 dollar trailer that says gonna make their way around the camps in the day camps all of our recruiting activities. We're gonna really be the showcase the three deep renders them. All the other great gadgets so it's a great way to show those millennial appearance that they. Or were not just making baskets are tying knots but we're here we're very relevant we're giving you some of release of skill sets that you can take into the the workplace and it's schools. That is the time commitment still some art used to be I mean we had. And I think it was a weekly meeting or biweekly meeting and we had to camp out usually. Every month are cubs cubs are different voice counts are let's talk about right cubs and the Cecile take it typically this is great school lets think it is a first grade through fifth so in cubs on. You know that commitment is during the school year they and it's really some. The ends are meeting. Once a week or maybe they're meeting twice a month and then once a month you'd have a true meaning where you get together and you get recognized and receive. Different awards on the boy scout level which is remind my boys are involved during the school year it's typically every Monday night mean everybody meets on different but it's. It's every Monday night it's three. On the war weeks a year we're meeting Monday. On the and then once a month we go on a monthly camp outs and that's almost 910 months out of the year so you don't have to go to every camp you don't have to go to every media. Yeah I'll tell you that our our troop in particular I mean we have kids that are involved in robotics. And forensics they're involved and all these different activities there athletes right mean. That the football kids that we have we don't see them in the fall right but they get K come back in and we get them caught backup in the spring and they make their own path towards Eagles so. We we get it right kids are busy parents are busy people we're gonna give them the flexibility it ferries troop might well. And the beauty of our program is kind of tailor the figure and it's not one size fits all for all the cutting programs. You've got to get in and get out which you which you put into a cabinet part of our performances. There's programs forever. Know the work and we'll get into those and are and our next segment CU. You just have some metrics the metrics is kind of a big deal now aren't everyone's talking about metrics when we got here and get some studies TD wanted to touch on as well. With regards to different things happening yeah I'm an Baylor University to study I believe it's two dozen twelve to thirteen. I kind of look at the interactive. Eagle scouts verse. Not eagle scouts and and is that we're not in scouting at all. And we we harnesses that it a couple of years back we still continues on the data just to show how. Relieved rebel or relevant Scott and still is today. Some of those that kind of key stats that came out of that war eagle scouts are twice as likely to graduate from college. And that's a huge things receive for a parent looking you know what I wanna get my son involved. That's a huge at a point right there share if your kids or more twice as likely to graduate from college just by the Indian now let's be honest with what C a Skype percent and now. The country it is anywhere from 35% and that varies and that's every. You've that's that was admiral I I like say it's 1% but I guess it is manned and out there that maybe that was law students or lawyers on even remember what used to be at its around 5% around and around and that. We did another study with North Kansas City school district so this is interest in slow closer to home. But we took all these students leaned against the S doubters rolls students we determined that this doubters actually have higher attendance. And we think about what they're to all the pressure in these schools and parents about being in the classroom having high attendance. So scatters higher attendance at the grade school level and then she got up to junior and I high school we had. Better grades for scatters and also better standardized tests worse this doubters so. We're able to go into a school and show you that hey you really want co exist your scouting because we can improve grades improved attendance and these mass you know these assessments were being judged so. Kind of exciting what we're doing with some of these metrics showing up the value of scouting. It is important and it even more important audience is that's whatever policy now don't see metrics they wanna see at least in the business world. Go to C a value and you get there will show that a little bit more especially when you're talking about a scouting still relevant you have be able to show them value. Well I think you really take anything away from that is. You know you do you think scouting you think you know campfires on outdoors but I think at the end of the day we are in the character building as. And that's what we do we make kids today. That are adults future I think that's one of the most important thing extract or to. And the council stressed were to get that out there in the public and know that hey you know here's that it back. What is the financial commitment for a family I always wonder that with there's so much stuff going on sports are expensive would discounting. You know we've looked attack if you think about how expensive it is hockey or soccer and an and baseball my kids have played all those of you think about certainly one of most people are gonna do all. Indiana beside the Alamo was scouting especially the couple level you know you don't have to buy the entire uniformly typically buying assure you you you buying a book. And the union dues so to see somebody can get into scouting for the entire year. You know just about a hundred all in. What they let them. Our our fee is deterrent adding it's 24 dollars a year now some like I said before some units are tailored to. Different programs and things like that that's what it costs turns out. Like for. So the couple level would probably be less than a hundred but the boy scout level you probably at 300 so pretty economical when you think about how much we offer. Over the course of the year and how valuable is if that is very very chief I've figured it below iron. On days that. They're saying we're talking no matter Armstrong senior marketing director at the heart of America council for the boy scouts of America and Greg Reese. Who is the vice president of membership on the board and also a development executive maker and Horton. Other we come back guys don't wanna talk about some of the actual concrete examples of being zero doing today it's not your father scouting anymore. You guys are doing some real innovative things we talked with stem adults it is kind of the camp out some of the events that are coming up let's go over scout camp and how large that has become. In our next segment you're a senior grill nation show with chasing drawn nine median came BC thanks for list. I guess. Welcome back to. The girl nation Shaun came he Z 988 AM thanks for joining us again and sticking with this throughout the show it's been a great show so far is all you can connect with me on Twitter at Jason gorilla that gorilla nation show appreciate you listening via podcast on the radio. As well as online today we're talking to Matt Armstrong. Senior marketing director for the heart of America council boy scouts of America as well as Greg Reese season vice president of membership and on the board of the boy scouts of America heart of America council fastening conversation about is Scottie still relevant what kids are growing up with these days we had some metrics we discussed the last segment. And talking about leadership qualities. So what do connoisseur of this segment with kind of what is going on with scouting these days we have early pinned down the concrete as far as what. What's happening but let's start off with first off talking about the four different scouting groups Greg once you start us off there. Sure so most people think of scouts may be they think of cubs and voice counts we have two other programs and I'll highlight in the may be manic and come back Ian do you because of voice counts but. The one of the programs is called exploring and it's the idea that you kid. Get a taste of a possible career these are for the older scouts it's fourteen years in a bath and it's co wet and lots of different types of careers you can touch on the woman I'm most familiar at this law enforcement exploring. We have I think six posts here in town in particular problem park police department. Host a law enforcement exploring post. So we have a number kids I think it is like saying that gathers less than what do you avenue is that pro yeah I know well if it's actually been around for its been awhile or around for a while but think about long enforcement they're really trying to embrace community policing. So this gives them an opportunity to create some connective tissue with the department and the kids right and so. There's forty or fifty high school students coed. And the learning everything from fingerprinting to. Shooting radar alongside the road all the things you might see in CSI the TV show unity they're getting exposed all of that so. You know might just be a better connection with law enforcement or it might trigger an opportunity go from there into maybe be in a police dispatcher were being law enforcement individual. I'll say it's one of our best. At secret that's out and it's boring says yeah I Abbott she can have a besides you know law enforcement we've had culinary we've had marketing we've had engineering we've had law. So you think about just about any you know career we might have and exploring out post and back hallmark for years have had they've had a photography. Outpost and I love that participated in that you have hallmark photographers current retired or command and asked if kids from all over the Kansas City area get to participate in the I'll you know on the export post with hallmark and photography so so that's exploring and you can go through that send really get exposed to lots of different. You know on careers. The next one which is fantastic and that's venturing. To venturing Israel that promise is at its high adventure so it's not your traditional scout group it's not coed it's again fourteen. And above. And you can have a venturing crew that's focused on high adventure might be horseback riding might be Whitewater might be mountain biking. It might be all of that combined into one right so that's what venturing crews doing and yeah they're having a ton of fun but it's not a traditional program there is ranked advancement you in future. You are your words but it's really it's about you know having some non traditional scouting experiences and for a lot of these kids I think you know they might have gone through and they've been the baseball players in the football players and maybe even cheerleaders and other sports. But they've done those things and now there credited to take it to the next level and be a lot more ventures so that's what venturing some of those are two programs that. We think of scouting you typically don't think of that but our bread and butter really is the traditional cub scouts which is both cubs and we blows. And also Boy Scouts he would talk about that. Yeah which is Boy Scouts is what most people learn about her or know about our flagship program it's for you know young man seven or eleven to seventeen years old cub scouts is really that. Entry level program and I'm really so many kids are involved in this program against city mission in the cub scout program in Italy and 'cause imaging cubs got keeping learn how to tie Nazi think of the Highlander. We ASEAN as a traditional everybody knows about the perimeter it's not a and so as so much fun though I mean it's very economic. That is met Tyler derby is not fun when you help your kid build a car and it doesn't finish. I don't think my card so yeah there are growing up in the but think about which we learned as kids and dads by a by feeling right so but you're right pine wood derby and selling popcorn and and always they always have we have that we currency out popcorn to fund raiser we do a lot of that in Kansas City but you know it's not is not raising funds right it's your. Chance for a kid to go to a door knock him. You be a salesperson in on asked for an order and take no as an answer and I managed. Your book of business so the others agreed to a great opportunity. Is for younger honest so many opportunities down that kids don't get anywhere else and that's why you know our program intensity we feel and where we maybe a little biased but we feel the strongest country because there's so many things for it. Let's talk about that. We know we talked about this is your father scouting anymore what are some of the things that you guys are doing right now that are on unique. As far as programming and events I'm and we brought a percent trailer before which which were very proud of one thing that's. Happens every four years kind of like the Olympics is the second time were where were pulling this one off is what we call our scouting 500. That is out of Kansas Speedway September 22 through 24 we're expecting anywhere from twelve to. 151000 scouts and their families so we're basically taking over the Kansas Speedway for an entire weekend for what were calling. One epic camping festival I mean wow this is going to be a fantastic event we have everything from. I mean get this we have scuba diving will have in a 700 foot zip line off of the speedway grandstand mean imagine that kids eyes light up when they see that. Go carts. 150 activities and over three days of these of things site. That's crazy I mean it's it's going to be an an event and everyone's invited here in its pursuit in Kansas City scouting. Community residents Sarah's siblings everybody so people can go for a day or they can camp out exactly so comfort three days come for one day we and we wanna basically show what Kansas City scouting is all about over the course of our week. That's a lot of many it's just there to lot of space trio there's a lot of space trust me that we are in his every square inch of it and I. And activities here from the perimeter and then inside the bowl the speedway that's where we have more fun that's when disciplines can be and have stages. All those activities that you mention it's. We'll be talking to the International Space Station live on Saturday Saturday morning at some point though. You know that's it that's for unique I mean when I was in scouts are our big adventure like you know an iconic places gonna worlds of funding camping out so. Thought different then having a 150 things happening wants it it was like cool it's cool to set up a camp out of worlds of fun panel acknowledged. I get a camp denied negative on the riser in the debt that was that was the big. Unique non non typical about back then and we stay and we still do those. Every single weekend every single month as well you know we're great part of for the royals sporting Kansas City you know Tebow I mean you name it we have got a veteran mavericks Missouri mavericks are just gonna bring them back actually are. Tennessee mavericks actually they changed their letter of the threat other gifted. Well and every year we're doing some work. So this past year we had 20000 kids go through summer we have to summer camps one. Can't match which is in Bonner springs and that's a cub scouts and a lot of 'cause we lows in their issel but Boy Scouts going on here but a Boy Scouts typically they're down at camp Arnold. At least ten days champ attendee can only one left in the country down the now no way. No it's ten days you really get to have two sets of merit badge classes so it's like two camps roll into ten days. It's about to our south near Clinton Missouri so yeah extra Bartel. Traverse got to try to support remember and counted 20000. Send us an answer all our camps throughout the entire summer and that goes all the way from our day camps Birkhead scouts all the way up to you know attending camps are well how was barred a little. Since since I was there are many years ago. How how is way camps the camp site I was Bharatiya Hollywood it LeClair when you know yeah. The question I've I I just some curious because you we talked to our first segment about staying relevant and and I I just wonder about. How is it of all. Had this couple things I would say for small Dryden and you see the traditional. Camp that you recognize and all the sudden with a right hand side you see a B and extract it's just risen from the ground. And you've got to twenty kids out there there's bikes and they're riding around we have mountain biking. We have scientists golf. He you know Solis and you realize that the programs or are different it's the same camp right. We have some nickel paint powder where you're shooting out. It's power ball not paint all the powder balls and to met still targets knocking those down and so throughout the camp you'll notice that there's so much more lot of innovation really. No minera San. The traditional looking at paper card check every archer archer is there of course you got but it's action archery so the the targets are moving so united auditing a stationary target so. Yeah we we've put you know nontraditional stillness of the mile swim. Though the mile swim didn't do and I couldn't hear I was like third in total have a I mean you DeLia the Jewish looking up into like the archery shooting sports but in my favor new ones as ice. You wouldn't think a nice little summer but I mean we totally have an ice climbing well. It's not that it's not real ice of course but it's just that breakaway foam that you actually climb up all but I mean now do you do ice climbing the middle middle of summer the end. Think if you get because of the spy HA and he had an ice pick and you're going up the wall and there's more there's more things it's that the at all you're right. The of the biking alone I mean just. You know weep I just remember the you know three meals today. The classes the merit badge fuss is the hiking. The camping out and the camaraderie but now is so much renovation so many different things and those traditions will never go via you know. Oh my best friends and edit the work. It still continuing an evolving every single day for her our scouts that can't just so many more activities. There's so many more things to really get them involved and keep them. It's getting 500 units September 22 through 24 that the east Kansas Speedway. The website is the me find you have your actual website is. I www. HO AC slash. I think it's easy BS they go to work or can just gonna scouting 500 ordered scanning 500 out are okay as much as your armor Garrett there yeah it is it's good website has all of the things you're going to be doing. There and we just cool we've talked about before on the innovations were actually building an app for the really exciting so you know you Milliken and on the web but you have it right I felt he concealed activities going on scouting and our. And her out on your very own app though we are we are getting varying. Some Mac announced that owners can attend. This is dwellers is just for scouts I mean it's open scouts and there weren't inviting all friends family of scouts and things like that anybody who wants to come out and check out really what world. It's very cool little begin on September 22 through 24 at the Kansas Speedway discounting 500. We're talking to Matt Armstrong and Greg Reese we re back with more rural nation our final segment today. We're going to be talking more about the boy scouts of America in the heart of America. Welcome back sued the show grill nations show with JC grill nine median came easy appreciate you sticking with this today on this great little show we have here today with the great guys from the boy scouts of America heart of America council met Armstrong and Greg Reese mad as the senior marking director and Craig is. EVP of a membership and also on the board of directors. Guys we were talking a lot of all the different things you have coming up in going on in the in this scouting relevant and we went through all those issues. We guess have next on your play and you're gonna be trying to grow. As we continue on this path down. When we talk about the all the programs on the great suffered in Kansas City bit premature lifeblood of our program is is new members and and finding new new families to join the fun of scouting so. We're undertaking our our busiest time of the year right now which is our file recruitment season. These school starts again schools aren't I we say back to school means back to scouting so that they're not trademark. You guys. So it is it is our busy time mere we will have we call our schoolmates for scouting at over 500 elementary schools this fall so there will be joining opportunity really for any family across Kansas City. At your elementary school and I know grace and a spearheading a lot of this right now with with his team. Making sure that they were getting word out making sure that the payments are known no about joining scouting. After the cubs mostly it's just it's your local grade school so all these joint opportunities. You can come to a joining night. Which you wanna do is go to our web sites. And now always. I would say I Casey scouting dot org vary easier member of so Casey scouting dot org you can find. When your joining Knight is or we're candidacy last streak actually joined right there online. I'm find your enjoyment guessing what is it. What is it joining night where you go in to KC scouting dot org and you had a find your great school. And from there you click in don't tell you exactly what night it and am between ninety command you to meet the leaders and get signed up like math said if you can't do that all the parents are very busy you can just sign up on line which is a great animation but. So that's what the focuses and you know bull will recruit another 5000 U scouts into the program most of them first and second grade. Here in the fall so what doctor Cynthia lane some are. She is our chairman of of this events she's a super Tenet for Kansas City, Kansas schools and when I first met her talked about scouting to assist. We need more scouting in Kansas City, Kansas and elsewhere to we have an educator who police so strong about the program she wants more and more kids in her district and throughout. Be involved it's out and so she's putting her on influence in our time right against. Well yet to engage in these urban areas do you make sense you know get out there and get outside and they get out of the concrete jungle now is there word of people. What do people camp out here on Kansas City. Indeed worse than with some of the highlights of people who are they get there's a lot of opportunities if you wanna just be around people are going out to Clinton lake we've had. Days where we got whiteman air force base we can't get non roster nearby but that during the day we get a chance to go out soon to be too inexperienced they had the bomb squad and everything that they have to offer. We get out to lock in spills the park there's a there's a mill there seat the seat and the industrial revolution. Right there in your backyard. We've had opportunities go all the way up to Omaha. Where we're visiting the Omaha zoo and the were spending the night at the strategic air command museum sack museum spent the night amongst the airplanes and I have been at the urging America to the over there by a member of the room that the president president. The street you hear committee yeah yeah I've never forget going that you have bush bush who had a particular desk and podium he spoke from when he was. Flying around September 11 but we've been out take pieces well a lot of us will do Katy trail which is quite a bit of fun to a camp in around the house and and get up and in a ride 510 miles and back into camp I'm. Also T mentioned some your high adventure stuff and I've I was lucky enough to unifil month as as you'll see dates back then yeah one of the first people I think to go to the sea bass. And then did Whitewater now Whitewater canoeing up then about underwater that's right. Are those stalled effect alive and well yes there's three now there's four high adventure camps the fourth when that they just added. Is in West Virginia it's called the summit back to reserve and this is really high adventure camp that you camp in camp headquarters each night. During the day you go out and have to adventures I did that last year. One day I did skateboarding in PM XIKA. The next day we did shooting sports which involved rifles and shock it's. The day after that we did sit clients and that can be tourist which is a specialist and isn't so. In Agassi's kids who may be early and locked inside a city a chance to go all the way to west Virginian you some Whitewater rafting and get to explore all these different activities and you know out there and summoned back to reserves and others for high adventure cancers Almonte. Which is a you know Willis Tony found your dad we kind of weapon not back out of that went from our about tying knots although it is Atlantic in every two hours yeah all of those I meant we've covered Saunders is so much she's and actually do there's so much but. Yes a lot of lot of opportunities here locally two to camp went with a voice counts. We have. They get up throw water on their leaders and you know just have a blast during the summer so. There's also family camps where we're having kids come out toward boys got properties are traditional voice properties. Spending the night with their families and enjoying some of the amenities out there. And giving them these families the first phase of the outdoors. A knife welcome the scouting Tampa but I mean that's the world. What's your best advice for people. Kids in and in adolescents who are thinking of quitting scouts will would you tell them. As they go through the process winners it hundreds of other things on their life. You know that's great question and and people come up to me when it's what Sonoma involvement scouting they'll tell me that. They might have stopped right ahead and give my eagle and never proud of that they always wish they were continued so. You can be shortsighted. You can say you're too busy. It's never that you don't have enough not money it's about time C you have to be able to really think about. You know what's what's the best return of my time right scouting and all the metrics that we share with you me we proved it out it's worth your time. Whether it's grades. And we can activity or even least he still says that learning means I just tell people hang in there music guaranteed date with your family with your boys with their kids. And there's really nothing more important that really I just find a way. Some folks are just very very busy we your key you don't have to do this with your kids your kids can go off to camp without Q. Let them you know billable grow you don't need to be helicopter parent right to believe we have plenty of those we have plenty of kids to school often be camping grounds so. My best advice Mattis to stay in just hang in there. Yeah look I think it's more rate a personal level I think basal kind of agree with me on this you know one in my. Proudest achievements it in my career is is becoming eagle scout that's something that. Next meet to a lot of folks remic into the community because there's so many people that are eagle scouts rank in the city so many. Allman of folks in Kansas City. And it's just that fraternity at that connection it's that sense of achievement that that says. And I really did that so there's always time to chew on Cuba and there's always times you gonna quit but I mean if you can pushed through that. And actually see the and a look back and say and I really achieve that I think that's that's the biggest thing outtakes it's on that note to you mentioned you have a lot of corporate involvement in the city. Yes we do you were talking earlier Sunday blood evidence events like car. Eagle scout class reception. Where one has which has come back recently it has come back seven years we took a 35 year hiatus I believe in just brought it back six years five or six years ago and we've had. Just Eagles customer in Kansas City we usually average about a thousand. New eagle scouts just here in inner council. On each and every year though we've had the fortune of having. A great venue to showcase the lead and and highlight their achievements they've they've accomplished over or over the past there's got to do really should still on the with. Lot of these people. CEO level president level liabilities. We had some corporations for scouts to hear from in the connect with fiasco like this Muster you honor Clark content of your guess so there you go yes we did yeah we've heard Michael illegal mean he is currently the the chair of by the fast growing company in town cerner and cliff told us that scouting is a European tour. There's a lot of scouts over there he feel strongly about the program and absolutely it's but yet people like cliff. You have people like I Don Finley and others to realize that this is really good business to invest in the youth of Kansas City. Very cool guys Matt Armstrong senior editor marketing director. And in Gregory's VP of membership of the boy scouts of America hard America council appreciate you come on the show the web saying in his case he scouting dot org thanks for coming on guest. Thank you thanks for sharing all this great information you've been listening to the girl nation show on came to Z 980 AM. We'll see you next week and thanks for joining us have a good ones they.