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Saturday, August 18th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert newer and national writer and contributor attorney who serve in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected to you at the X-Factor you'll enjoy it. Bring illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter. At Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter net girl nation show at online and grill nation showed dot com. Welcome your most of grill nation always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Here is Jason grill. Hello and welcome to grill nation I'm your host Jason grill thanks for joining us today on nine EAM came easy appreciate you joining me today as well on. ITunes or through listening at the grill nation showed dot com I appreciate you joining me each and every week as we continue on with our show I think we're. We're into the territory of show 167. Assists Weaver rebrand it to grow nations are appreciate it's crazy thing about the guess we've had on. Just since 2015 entering our third year. A little bit over are actually third year anniversary on the show. Five years for a Miette intercom but. Lot of fun and I appreciate joining us each and every week I want to thank our partners and supporters of the growth nation shell. Title sponsors are trusts. Mo bay can be okay financial and two US companies and Ryan drink. Insurers to the girl nation show are the Casey ABC that's the key is Siri development council. Tim count over their does a great job. Brian Sar from two true wealth and companies against posted on her contributor. And the Reagor NJ rearing tell Ryan maybe is against host and contributor to the growth they should show. On today's show or to start with Joseph Goldberg he's on Twitter at Goldberg he sees a host and reporter for all 150 royals games on fox sports Kansas City. He's also a TV play by play man for the can't see maverick CU Casey bass sponsor also way. On turner and businessman as well and keynote speaker. Always have joy on the show today to talk about what he's been up to you as far as his business we're relating that to some of the things going on with the royals right now but also to. With his own company that he has as well but bring in Joseph Goldberg welcome to show Joseph are you. I'm good man so are you in Kansas City right now where are you right now. Got that look we'll speak. A recurring guest I can I get here that the either. That's right yeah but we do tonight to square kilometers an hour. Here although. 100. I have in my house in. A while that make public I'll. Keep you probably want. What it. Go to year. On the radio at least I'll be in Chicago. Which in. Order screen schedule or an agreement not only because. Me and they'll argue. You maybe nobody else is of course cover it every member. Where we had. Creek road trip. Where you road trip include the green city. So really how America so that he went thug go recently there. Two other cars you know but we want Chicago. Middle July ending at the all star break and and also we were home the next road trip we went equipment over Chicago. And now this road trip we go Chicago so every trip goggle that about a double. Joy got to tell you LB in Chicago on Labor Day weekend I'll be going to the Notre Dame Michigan game. Season opener so that'll be a lot of fun quick trip you make a lot of quick trips. Your farm your air flying these days is very that's for sheer. Well. Oh although not. No no critical chart per year but I'd idle all or model at all Curtis the oil or so the white cocker or. Or that very night good to go out there doing who you who know that a stop that. And getting it out quickly is no point mild but. It's. Currie nice very easy yet. Jill Goldberg I got to mention you have a sandwich named after you I'm looking your FaceBook right now the Broadway Delhi who tell us about that how that happened. You know. The unbelievable. Oh. All the builder group would. Go off and they'll go call the whole auto on board the lap. That we're here on the trees that oil putting a book the Australian yet the city of Yuma oh. All time he's he you know that I about the New York put. We really could have water covered or while lead over one Einstein. In a lawyer up. But. Certainly. You have interest in having. I bought them. You know one god and so. It well. That's. One pastrami you know all week in law. And so it ended up going on the U. Now. Are on. Cool moment a color all right. On now on the value rexrodt. I don't know that I was. The amount of people that would. Set you back gradually you look at bay. You know. So I don't. And that is that what electoral. Any card anywhere that I go oh. I like it lecturer at the oracle will be here. A local group. That. That's who knew that the don't look at what you're about. It'll go to our current record. Yes seen Miami although you remember the Larry it is. Oh by the public out there with that though. You know you on board and they become wipe out the news. Well blow like it. People in or create created a couple of those would all welcome Butler with all the whole article though. On. On the last or. What what happened. That you want to trade that would that it looked better at. That or who may be bought an app or walk in. To bring home so I don't know. I vehicle look like they'll. Let her lawyer. Why go look it up. That order girl what this the American electric. That outlook over the owner a cook at a local. Or whether. These you'd want oak mobile O. Got to look at that. Not corporate and comic book. I like that it would. At a public. Or whether they become Larry if any remote. At all. That is operates story you know I haven't been very Agile so I have to decide that we got the Jill Goldberg or not I'd now. I think you're great say would you get you go lucky Danielle lucky. You ought to get people involved. At all. There are allowed got a couple sport popular guy there. You know or. An echo what a good. You don't go through our outlook Hewlett order you want it who are we ought Ottawa. It when it's time that would be to be in the at the restaurant that day in medium and George threat what Fontana. And at. Joseph Goldberg is that this today he's on Twitter at Goldberg Casey. Joseph we give back from the break let's talk a little bit about what community with your businesses. That aren't involved with the royals. The Tennessee where you're I was that elect to have you on the talk about some. The thing you've learned across a journey with growing a company had a lot of people probably don't even know what you're doing so its first off we get back from the break talk about. What do Chirac to. I think a lot of people who with fund inching to know the jewels also a businessperson and launch partner. On the side you know he's got off seasons to use city Kennedy things when other royals are playing itself. Let's talk about that we're joined by Joseph Goldberg from fox sports Kansas city's also. A very active on Twitter at Goldberg Casey's. The listening room. Welcome back to the grill nation shelves JC grow your post I appreciate you joining us after the break in each and every week here on 1980. AM came easy as well as on iTunes were talking until goal Burke fox sports Kansas City. Also not a burner and great guy here in Kansas City were talking about is his new sand would you want non known talked you buy your dear. Your business so what else you've been up to need a lot of other things besides them being on our television there each and every night. You ought oh this'll put some more in the last year long ball well of old purple or reporters on overture. And which is a great place beyond all that. Not planning on leaving lol lol what like you. All the games and all that. But cyclist suddenly realized. That I that I. Learned so bought over. A quarter century here now all of leadership. Team war in culture and although it all we got a strict orders or. Whatever they like it as. We're totally on the passion for getting out on the groups of all sizes or equal to what people are more at all quite an edit that. The story about yours that that I in the observed. Don't worry. Can apply to. Any compression so even if you look at the last real law Europe. I'm good luck speak during the season obviously. A pretty much of a small window when I'm home. Bought one out and spoke to Mikhail Gordon. Lawless home that was a lot of on spoke to a regional culprit so HI MA. Region eight so folks from. Well in the city from Peru Saint Louis Nebraska. Chicago or on you know help part that people. And so it's it's been on the give up there and then. I think the beauty of my job is. About sports there's so much leadership we all saw older patient. You're having to orient people over the course workplace. That could make a war. And so personal recently. You know what I get a chance. The talked to all these people whether either or let the world whether. Lessons have been learned our car wall. Well whether it's all in the Joseph Maddon talked the other variants and oh yeah. You know music bought this property consultant or you shall meet some are more that the users to talk about the importance. A communication. And trust an argument turnaround that perhaps that ought audience. He would in historical article or. So that the actual. A huge part of my everyday life now on on top of the baseball that we're hearing you and your. We'll edit just like people over that on doing this because we ought to. Really. You're really rewarding. And good but not the most people and at a the Gatorade bucket down on the. So Jill take us through without looks like when you walk into I mean obviously McCown gored in the construction company here locally. You will what does that look I mean different people out there that are listening that her own company work for a big company. Are you know wanna bring you in tells what the process of. Yeah well you also look at all of this. Is he getting out there and actually beating people because. Feel like you if there at all oil and they want the that so there's a lot of it you know there's there's. So much and in relation to building trust. Add insult so much of this comes from Cornell copies or the year or you know launcher. You know networking and getting in oak lawn looked at a a law that at all at Long Beach human meant. It took wording from people you know it. And I don't hear Michael ought to go on mormons and their audit it is becoming a speaker insurer outlook a bubble goats. In my heart that and and each person lets the currently unloaded on but you know that. It turns into speaking engagement or I'd meet somebody else that ought. Or whatever is what I tried you a long way. Up almost over obviously on Robert Butler spoke on which Almonte historical. Good about maturity goes to the. That's what's best stuff today say oyster river have on the show who are comment pro or want or there could that even that nominal whats sicker here in the museum at facility and I'm before I did MO watches. Yet nobody should ever be but this is for that but what what I copy apartment and out early on it. You go to a business of the equivalent. On spending completely out and bet that I'm a lawyer you always wore. You don't during war corrupt or. Time and money in the I yet his older cult. Now is hurt or that film like hurt that. You know David somebody your outlook Ole. Beyond. They are all. Right but I mark my feeling is I've got a green wore wore. Talk about your picture or the other topics too but how they'll ship to Coulter are being shipped could cool to look at what will now. Because they're losing. Their or the worst Urquhart baseball. Bought what I yet brigade is that you that the lows because all our blows. Are the hard. All sec report culture. They have not our report the cultural lows at that go FDA. Is the focus in this organization. As erotic. You try to try to try to. What these lows here there they are not that it's that cool so. And we collect are. But then I'm not all of the gate or whatever it is murder your outlook it with a walk off. One of those coming. To a crook so. It's not too sure tropical storms could I'm not where you're coming eight point incumbent what strategies. And how. I might feel a hell and offers some things better or missiles that should or whoever their audience. And then you ghost or yeah. Lot of pictures or videos while on the go are or where all of older but I. Well there are so successful. People are very. That are doing it on the on the highest level it's not meant that you know watching the more they'll hold the so if you up. What I read it Leo will you'd. He yelled at the cause that vehicle who all that that's not a I don't want you go oh you also move your personality. But. That's it. And they never could that could be till that could be a strike against who your pitching yourself out there right they just think he used the the guy that they covers the game they don't think you have all this wisdom and back on the chair and you got through that point people. Why it got caught the box that we are out there like the Electra or were. Yours look my heart rate at which were not so much of what I've come around by. And you know the these guys are performing on the biggest stage. Because they or a log or a lot of structure. And they're doing your quick. All parts of her people from all parts of different background that it you you do everything that would want. Mean is this in in cultures so I don't think it's it's definitely. Or an issue. Not seen the Glen but at the land and on. Learned about all and learning about all these. Most people go boats that got old real world. You'll want or for a lot of years but not cut the reform that I have all all out it's. Joseph Bloomberg is with this Joseph your website is. Jill Goldberg media dot com. Joseph also AGCO quick questions here the process to do this what would that take pre I mean you had to build a website you had a bill. Some sort of framework obviously you can change that just the program like. How on that take you to build. You know it probably accidentally daily worker caught a level but he meaning that. That I I have a pretty picture right now lecturing and be a lump all the playbook there. Yeah in the article and there are like talk to go bad or talk to earn a talker Rick round rear. The White Sox manager left my literature oh. And I just sort of how you how you had problems in there we go with what the royals are hardly a positive one of the things that are all those. Is energy and impart to the better I better. And he says you know people. After outlaw also already lost 11 that they're so men are on our. Noted that our R&R. On the work that pays him any and so that's so that I can count on talk on costly error that there are also those. You know I'm very much. Process. Over results are. Profit lead and we don't and that's what was and what the oil slick now you're processed. Caucus matters a lot closer to I like it. It's like building an acting like a bill that would go out. At city. Which was sort of audience a lot of pars on Gordon abut a reminder that go waters are people out there should log. All the things that go into open so. Then and it works and so we started this business. We'll let the two years ago. I'm not gonna sit there and think. Okay this league built its appeal process and store in the well local. Which is networking. And your relationships. And at and and then torture and learning who could. You know who you trust in you could ask you like or and so leaders are opening slowly slowly over time you. I ask you among many other equally so we're only into the post and on and Edmund in you and all that war. That's not anything I would rule go well because of the amount of people that I have. That and network with over the last year's so lay over a career body. For the first prohibition they want commitment. Minimum of 2000 dollar Rasul all of a starter and and chocolates and everything out oh my that. Every department dollars and 24 hours now. What. Else. We'll just. Draw order that no. That is the ground work we're gonna come back after the break it will say this we're gonna have a relationship party for our. Yes at some point nominee didn't either of the Milan QB can network with tuna talk to me that in that room here in town. Anyway it's all been hit into the still go burgers with the threat back after the trip I've. I guess. Welcome back to grill nation. 988 MTV C I'm Jason grolier host appreciate joining us again today. You connect with the on Twitter at Jason gorilla that gorilla nation should also an answer and set chat and on FaceBook to search for my name. Jason grow look the connect review and I appreciate you joining us each and every week here on came easy or on the grow nation should dot com website or on iTunes. Have a lot of fun today with Jill Goldberg he's our guest today appreciate him joining us today with his busy schedule. He is from fox sports Kansas City if you have wants to royals game you've seen jewel also. He's a entrepreneur and keynote speaker as well and his website is jewel Goldberg media dot com right. Urge you to check it out duels do a lot of speaking and also as a podcast which you get in here into just hear his second. Joseph. One of the questions I have is someone who's gonna entrepreneurial and and you know you never know what your worth right so what it in your in the media so. You know I've been seen events you can see events. From time to time be biased you all kinds of things and it's always hard to to just got to figure what your value is. That's my question for you as far as as far as the speaking keynote speaking gigs do you kind of have a mindset of of what it would cost 3COM or do you. I just you know kind of play that by your own on the different groups is obviously there's going to be something to do you prefer either give me something he charged. So I don't that's always ensure me how you figure that out and I dissuade your feedback because a lot of people listening. Probably whether they own business or the A you know do whatever their dad had a product. Are trying to figure what set price point. I'm not undervalued myself but I'm also. Again provide value and so that's always a sticky situation I think if you have you mastered Agile if you have please tell us. I have not met but I would say that I NBA. Hope trouble with the verses so a year ago and I are people who probably like anything else that light. Others. I think that the actions. Of people live and sometimes you ever get nervous on the in the group or the to know. Go on Mike you're a little while ago stocks saw on. I idol really ever. Eat and the only reason for that used to go on the boat so our. A little portico and I've had more. Help one might argue. Financially. You know to go out. Based on and on our. Number out. At the end of tiger having cold shoulder. Although a couple of you know I agree the government wants all. All so rewarding the current market. A sort record O'Donnell all cost or I don't want. The one who's got those on every. You are a lot of real my only a lawyer who. So little bought aware that you're you're you're a tool that this soccer that I am Scola. What do you do it. We'll read what you do with it don't agree that don't. Is there a benefit period like by this group will lower the ought for a lot of people. And that we spoke. How to water all right. Or credible and because. You would like oh. Crew awhile there it goes on and everybody uses they're not going. You know obviously. You talk. Oh don't regard never. I've never included on real. None at all a lot of people's problems with a entrepreneurs in need of you say yes to everything he says every coffees is every. Policy that wants to talk to you about journals and you say yes whatever like he does do it because you're good person that you have to say knows. Yeah only because it's not the people that. Aren't you on. Outlook and all the way that helped a lot. You know the equal equipment gremlin so you aren't a lot of the well. Big difference. And the batter or all of a ball. Oh. One of those. One of our political couple heard oh and put them on our little. I don't break a Republican gulf oil well a beetle credible that. But that well. The outlook public. Oh or the global that her. People like you know all of the public and you'll vote you'll you'll my other you don't want it got to click here click here the law. And always are in Stockwell ones would be to join always Rick I know I doubt that you for the season. Got a little bit here and then and then. We'll go look at you bought. You know that's a bit the last couple of the people are good that. When you go big. I have a high profile up. Go in and out of them without that the you'll. Look the middle knuckle bill but they elected though are you get pole with a billion direct gold it. But you are again caught up open. Ought. Yeah or people though raw. And that there you go that direction. So look at that couple would reach people and so you really click with because. The oracle people put off. Orkut which would add is that you all like that got the current and my value. But because of their work will howl like a now live at the ball with the white on the outlook earlier. I between them. Come up. Right now. He'll look up the company account and there are some things. One on the I've ever done before in terms of the value it is like you know reform are a couple people that are really auto. They rate they're they look at the end. Other Google ought to be the Arctic Circle all the owe a lot the bulk. No hit it Coke. Not all technical and the that you need help. And the U wanna yeah if they've got to go with all the I like you're a current in all record. Oleg gonna go hooked her up there and better able to. So. I could be oh or better on how to you or what they want it. Joseph Wilbur is that this Julia mentioned we all the positive things happening and why wouldn't have be on the show if you could mention some bumps in the road was doing this. An entrepreneur you obviously learn from your mistakes. What have you what he kind of been. Not not surprised actually surprised by the last couple years that you've been on this journey that you felt easier than it has. Is there hitting that sticks out your mind because obviously you can get a meeting with almost anyone in town now because your relationships you've built the deserting me you're like man I really thought. I'd be easier and how did you how did you kind of may be turned I don't attend. Be successful because nothing's easy. No not an easy I'm not a brand. Then either there. Accusing book then don't get there haven't been any like awful moment a moment. You have gone on. Equipment now who spoke on movie sparkle try to settle. A trucker and your laptop while you're doing on the crow in the law. Okay hurt someone bit it look like with barker later you know although. You know and I need to have all back. A long. There is the result is oh who want. So the that. Oh I pick the old very mark something that I am. That. I've met all these people all of very good or they're kind of former and other. With. Oh we learned anymore Schuettler who want bought. I don't know. All of a bigger though I haven't. I haven't the are out there. Article or a you don't need him whether that's one or whether or your other. End of the people look at a become a global you're I let. Coco. Or you're like. Aren't happy. I don't know about a week ago how. They are that great all yeah on a regular basis and so. That could lead baron account and in the order. I got. All or alt a couple of the local media and I thought the law income promoting micro level that I could. Marketing and what about the you know armed struggle a little bit and look you haven't held a marker Earl you know. That a lot of people literally right now the way it. A primary ever or. And that being very much a right now like oil. He earned the power to. Elect her mom look more ought there are not enough. Yeah those are the links to the you don't do is pursuing able to clients are able to work give a lot of responsibilities Curran in and I'm trying to find ways to do that too and selflessly I get into a you know we're listening the radio long car ride in and we'll send it. Fantasy sports a phone listened into Sports Radio I beware of which I love obviously but. Probably should be listening to Mora CNBC and more. And Alice stuck on politics to duel as you know on the the big political person and all listen I'll watch CNN for two or three hours a night in the mobile oil why should probably just but a book that I. The scene here at your home or the lack. Or does all the reaper oh absolutely I Bernard you know. Turn on the news or watched politics for two hours and it's like. And first off you and I have a problem because we used got a person from like never aimed at him electrical. Problem away but. Yeah I get Holmgren a lot of watcher shall. Oh wanna walk all. In a way a little baseball and getaway boat has stopped. And the that's what we're committed a ways to go on so acute that there's there's so much to learn the of them really truly. When people Perry got was. On William. You know he's he's what you did. He's he's had unsuccessful. Yeah and a lot of great things are. But I go to that they went man that we go. I'm getting up early and got them all like. That it's like I. A Google beltway who. That go over a god because you Seoul where you spoke. Mother Angel we're gonna head to break we'll have a what you right back here for the great great show today and you'll go over we got back from lots of. Think it was just. Welcome back to grill nation with this our last segment of the show today I'm with Joseph Goldberg from fox sports Kansas City you listen in 1980 and came easy and also if you join me on podcast on iTunes I greatly appreciate it. Joseph Goldberg is with us Joseph Goldberg media dot com and on Twitter at Goldberg Casey's with fox worked in city also launched her keynote speaker. Julia mentioned you do and all kinds of new things value also the podcast and in the you know I appreciate you coming on our show is still in an earlier successful TV and radio guy now if your podcast you know you've had a lot of great guests mentioned Terry Dunn recently in. Yeah and the market in order came up. All of a accidentally. Bought. What do you like I was getting from so that people well oh those are. On the business Ernie what after article after. Which it vehicle that will. Oh my bottom of a moderator book estimates had he. I. And critical letter global oil I I understand that because a lot of the incredible group out there. But we all know there ain't. It in their credibility and be able to walk that they'll all of them and then. On Wednesday night open the door. And the nickel from them so I'm low you know because of the both the oil that a double. In the door. Earl. Liked like got a long way a lot. In in instead of writing a book. Well while. A lot one ticker not about old wanna like you're on yet either way. Our crew. Importer. Route now and maybe gone who. And but they. The and so pot got called out. And yet they all terminal where it's not like like it's not a big ball on yet but the ball. In terms of being in co. You know we we do a lot of background and who are it would cook cook got. Or that it never know who gore on. Electric current article on why why are you an arm and you don't you know you garment and a problem. I fail to include all the all the McCormick was not. The open the kids could go over the operating out of ought to let. The third quarter of the art equipment to vote. Go Kart but you Lou what I'm doing great great. Although. I have the ball. Micah. But not a ball or equal one nuclear. That or at your local art on a. A while older and they're running for officer Joseph with a deal that I I I I still waiting for my invite to be on your podcast. I I've got to do that because I can share some I actually would cheers them on a street. Who can get there is all opinion get I go out. We are on the air you Michael clearly. It's Atlanta and at all oh. You're. Well what do ball all. All the royal all the little bought in the like that people that there. Everyone else or the hole on. So that at all because you can meet people they create a cargo or a what over that and any school back open. And you are our very own oil that probably. You know I'm the outlook the more what I. Idol that that line I read every day our. Our people there why. Why is he sitting there in her lawyer. Then you'll go wrong that this is baseball and and outlaw. Better here that. He's more than the ball. Then Joseph Wilbur is with this Joseph we have about four minutes left in the show. We could talk about the royals relic the way this is going. Or OK if you pet. You've had didn't intensity for quite awhile now you know when you when I was in law school in the zoo. You're in Saint Louis since I I do remember you. You're recover and cardinals. A way. I'm sure you've had other opportunities down the line. What is kept you in Kansas City is in besides your your network you bill I mean in your industry. There's so much turnover and there are so many changes and people go from market to market market. You're still here man how long has it been now. My eleventh season we've been a family moved here Mayo. Always liking him. Oh the night before the the opener in in April oh waiter or whatever law although it left. And you know durable and oh O worker here. At about whatever deal. He got out of market more. And I doubt you'll oil though and look. Where. All important although the air so outlook on that map here. Now that. Mobile with the weight and don't believe in a little while on the look at that somebody's a more. The ball that they don't want. Lose sleep over the reality. Bought. Are are at a point in my career whether family and one of our long battle all the basically the only place they go on a remember what. Oh our only way so this current uncle. Like it here at that don't go in that or maybe maybe that'll look at your body realizes. Note that the last years. In the years to. A couple of major an apple hatred of while I like yours are good I can't. It is my opportunity anywhere else because of oil because. Ahmad Abu O'Malley. In every country where you're 0000. No order you know. And at one element here. That that I didn't realize electing your granting him bet. Like that on. People like. Oh like come on people think I'm good on my apple went public that it. You know that the order the article about. It a bit. We know we will hope that political. And that we really know the article you'll. Ogle birdies with us minute and a half left kill royals are having a pretty bad season I think they're close to fifty games under 500 as we sit here. What affect what's it like this year menu you touch the highs and higher tuition does that the supreme lows around town I mean no one's really talking about the royals at least. In my network of people have been to two games this year by far the least I've been to a long time. But what's interesting. You in the Coulter is they get apparently the competent ratings were good goalie you. I think you meet their current market are there are much or. Your you know what were critical of government and on the ball or they'll come back or a law and know that that being good at. Having spent Google in all the women who. And why why don't want out it'll go look at the quality of the more the law did not cut it again. On those also are the political look at the end I know gotta go. And you'll be on the a good one humid and you're gonna get that mark echo on it like it anywhere. Not yet but I will go out of Coke or where. And multiple. Oh wow can't wait to see what happens there and do what you have have you on the show organ joined the women had you known as much this year does the royals aren't as well doing as well as they used to but I appreciate coming on today to talk about. You know your journey into what you view Bob besides TV and appreciate come on the show is always and look forward. Haven't some haven't beer having some sushi or whatever once the season's over with you catch up after that. By a record for Robert walker mill. I could ever track record okay everybody who talks it up record. Think you'll picture joining a son grilled nation will begin next week we'll be doing today show and always check this out on the grill nations showed dot com we'll talk to him.