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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert newer and national writer and contributor attorney who serve in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected to you at the X-Factor you'll enjoy it. Bring illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter. At Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter net girl nation show at online and grill nation showed dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up. Than an hour radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello and welcome to be grilled nation show on nine ED AM came easy appreciate joining me is well today on grill nations should dot com ticker Lucy today. In your car on your phone or at the gem I appreciate you joining us via podcast on iTunes. I want to for you toward guests to our international actually the senior really fun shell really exciting new company we wanna talk about here. Based in Kansas City currently going through the tech stars program. A friend of the show Lisa Mitchell connect me to the great gentleman who introduced here in just the second. Org now I want to I think our partners and supporters of the growth nation shell. Title sponsors of the show are trusts Mo bay Dubuque a financial and q.s companies and Ryan drink. Great companies here in Kansas City and throughout the region. Contributors of the girl nation show are the KC eighty C that's the inner city area development council. Bryant's our fourth cure wealth and companies against coasted owner contributor and the Reagor NJ rearing tell Ryan may be yes coasting under contributor hopefully get him back in your sin. Talk about funds are tapping his life and with this company. He's a man who's traveling all the time so looking forward to having him on again and I appreciate all her title sponsors and contributors to growth nation shell. You can could be on social media as always I appreciate you doing that at JC and grill and act grilled nation shell. On also should media channels. Just search for my name and I appreciate connecting with me and didn't feedback on the show and also. Talking about different things happening in the world on social media. Real quickly again today show we're gonna featured two individuals who started a company. I called town Foleo the website is with that the second but it's town Foleo dot CEO. In studio today with me are Riley Iverson and it DV Leah co founders of the company. They're going through the tech stars program here in Kansas City which is I believe is based that we work we'll get warned that in the second again Lisa Mitchell. Offered tech stars share their formation with me and I thought. What a great group to have on the show one because the from Canada we're gonna get some. Inside what they think Kansas City into because there really are revolutionizing. Industry in finding a problem to solution. When dealing with local economies the wanna look at men Riley in Davie to be grilled nascent show. That you'd good afternoon guys are you. Date doesn't have an air straight to have you. Burst off what did you set foot in Kansas City Helen have you all been here. And let things. As is about week six weeks six that itself undersized reds aren't as I used to the hot lather I was two. I don't short. Now. Wear panty okay and they can't attack at that school. So what's the Riley Riley tell me about your background in a word from him and how you guys and up here. I would say the really not much different then people. In the midwest where from the praising Canada men's small town and I birds. We're the prairies and gas so we called to praise you guys call the midwest that basically any. Between the West Coast in Toronto series L. In the middle upper middle. Syria I grew up only small town farming community there. Entrepreneurship runs deep in there it's there it's just kind of a way of life and I mean that that's where I grew up. And in living kind of across the prairies S and Canada fur most of my life and yet it's kind of background. Sunday. You went to school in Canada. Did he get yet so. At this time. Most people were leaving the province and I grew up in. For opportunities in other places and this is me kind of digging into a little bit at the Genesis of what kind of sparked out. The idea for Tom foiled and ended up back in in my home province and at a time where. But to see you were based in actually cook question Saskatoon. Never heard of it. I'm not a herd of Saskatchewan. I know. Just about province and another kind of one of the drivers behind Moby view is on new down here we say. Where Canadian aid because nobody's really ever heard of we came from and that's also one of the inspiration behind influence how can get these places noticed that people are over looking for opportunities and virtually. Davie have by yourself men and you've been around Iran and about as well yeah. Study Canada absolutely so I mean I have to buckle American I am restoring my parents emigrated to that back in the early eighties. Gave birth to me. And I grew up in a small city continents Ontario worldly renowned working on counters aren't going. I thought the idea is a very funny stereotypes so my dad noticed here when we first I guess it concert yeah. Didn't text you I did not she did not taxpayers but half pet food food and that's and you know fighting about the peak of her career. Pistons honestly you know. Is now long gone inverted except for I think. At the time. And when issues pretty popular day at it but this time museum Goer like they have like our trust says Harry thanked the problem though the grand opening their expect like hundreds of people who smoke I think when he when he did. And didn't think they had this the senator and our good PR firm didn't know they did not and is museum was opened for like ten. And like almost like a good dozen years and it's always anti. But funny enough they found out like underneath where they'd built this between senator this museum was a gold mine. It's an eight. So they basically roulette they blew it up. And it's an open pit mine out in the middle of the city wreck site a public park. And a grocery store and what is now an open pit polish guys tonight to initially come and a legal mind. Cassel was hustled for economic activity creating jobs I. He you're up there in the semi restaurant and it and I grew up and and the business so. Entrepreneurship and runs an arm and really took on a blessing and a curse because yeah. You can think outside the box. We don't really fit well into conventional jobs it's important theories it's you know. You you kind of forage on past me living so. I'm kind of the same way we knew that at some other time off there but you juggle a lot different don't matter what industry here and in. Two asserted companies my dad started a business so it's it's one of those things become ingrained in you and your blood. OK we have a minute and a half left on the cement Davey talk about your experience in Ireland yeah I guess I worked for the Irish governments. It was like that certain contract they came up recent grad and it's like there's an opposition to work and you go to Ireland and I was like a hell yeah I know I'll go to double that Africa and I was working requires companies helping them expand and you North America prepare primarily in the US and that's kind of where I learned how like it's going to shoot back on the awkward it started. In terms of like how international this is how globalized it's known the fantastic experience for like when your second job I ever. You know to get exposed news back in the industry I've have been Ireland have been all cross country it's beautiful place loan fund all total it's not that big it's like Kansas City size double and a half million people do bigger bit. Super friendly super friendly and you're not Toronto. Yeah I was in front of her CN never been there I've always wanted to go for the Center City it's yeah it's a lot of fun everyone I know that place that was an the analyzer sports writer that struggled Toronto's that's when their favorite cities and although it is such a great city to get him down phone. It's it's awesome and I would've stayed there but my life she carry out the task team that right now the some. And let's all the other story can. I don't. But you know of your wife obviously sports your entrepreneurial lifestyle PC and yet the link there right yeah that's right. Guys don't wanna talk more about town folio we give back from the break on a breakdown kind of that the. Reasons why you started the company what it actually does what it's revolutionizing with disrupting in the industry and ways that people can check it out and get more involved. And we'll get into your opportunities taxpayer. Do a city girl nation show again towns Foleo in studio today thanks for joining me today on nine ADM or podcast on I. Welcome back to the growth nation show I appreciate you stick with us today and joining us for segment number two on the show today appreciate doing on nine medium or nine teams via podcast or a girl nation should dot com. Where will post photos of our guests today and they've brought me a gift which will reveal a lot the last segment of the candidates to stay tuned for that it's the Canadian yet I think grand exit so worsening we're very excited just to see that I will post photos of that as well. OK Lauren Riley Iverson indeed Davey Lee from town Foley or other outside his town Foleo dot CEO. It's an online platform for municipal and and that's been attraction. You can fault them on Twitter and on and cigarette and just search for town Foleo. OK guys let's hear about this company I know you do a lot of different things but they just get this kind of the a high end level what you all do at town Foleo. And then we'll talk about kind of tiger changing the game as far as economic development and with local news out. Yes we are gonna simply describe it Tom Foleo is in economic intelligence platform. Focused on presenting data and analysis on local economies so. And DV being the data mind behind the company. It's seeking data from hundreds of sources whether that's public or private data and put it all into one platform and there are. 38000 Sudanese government to to view root yes that candidate to Wear us tonight sir I for Kansas City what do lights. Is this this is a suspect is city. Yes you pick when he affair you should see you like basic profile. A lot of and they became important thing was visualize it because like people. Raw data. Charts make it very easy or the end user to tennis consume information. I'm making their mark detestable. And you'd. Five million plus data points in its saves about 181000 according your website of for cities each year. Yes so working with economic developers. And the launch pad for count oil is realizing. That and they hurt tasked with putting all this data together for themselves. You're typical economic developers. Could be expected to be a dad analysts and economists and as driven by counsel down in leadership down. Sales person at the end of the day you sit there where all these hats. With the Subaru amended budget and it's usually following on one or a couple of people. So when TV now look at that from the outside working in the economic developments it's really this is ridiculous it was soft and better so you guys. Came up with the idea. Based on year working experience so hypothetically some he's an agency let's say. Man I can do so much better than people that work floors are designing whatever they off certain company. You guys were in the economic developments based consulting work whenever. And he decided. Let's do this better yet it's we could we can help there was something like and a graffiti art expert in calling on developers. And actually giving needs unity and and you know all the time they would send me this fifty page. Media on community pro it's that this thing's not over and fastest growing city most sunshine and rode past Pakistan as super friendly people. They don't such blurring after awhile. But what we learned after interviewing economic developers there's not a mother Wendy produced these pro policy is manually predict that we saw an opt out dramatically on. So. I saw it from a completely different standpoint. And even nine man working in an opera off its colors of pseudo economic numbers. And like to glorified term of micro finance two's fancy term for her we did start up loans are young entrepreneurs and so he sought from the gods sight having worked on that side I saw from the business side and that. Entrepreneur is regaining some census that day trying to make business decisions based on that. Wasn't necessarily fine with me and I'd sit down with. It's seek crossroads neighborhood here as an example the network and neighborhoods like that my province. Meet the fist entrepreneur of the year ready to launch copy shop and take on a massive risk and kind of master Mike what. Kind of data are using to support this decision and he meant to keep competitive announces. In that has really stuck in the back of my mind. In CNET TV scenes from the government's I seen myself seeing this from the business side in saint. Is going to be the way we can bring together all this data available in today's world. Mobile sides make better business and so. Somebody actually equated this to the weather's the other day which at first. I sort of found insulting. Him and answered it thinking about it and inspect all. You're gonna step outside you're gonna hike or something new probably check the weather. Well if you're going to step into starting a massive project or business. Or you need analysis on your economy you might want to check the economic other nets something. Moving. I'm trying to among your website against town Foleo doubts CEO. And take me through some of these things that are on there at the data that's on there and look at her right now you have an example on your website. Prince George is when you're examples that just popped up it shows you the demographics it's all pretty stuff your pretty charts and in in great data. Labor force taxation quality of life how seeing transportation education companies utilities opportunities it's all broken now. Get to figured it all out there that says so loved with Fonda who who's looking in this whose seizure Custer. Well right now we work along with economic there's right now so in Kansas City that would be Casey Hamels is the amount two count and they CAD CE site selectors. You let people have to sell the city to outside investors. Yeah as he did sometimes you get fitted into the State's election space and it wouldn't really say that's harmful to a caller when you actually start digging into the analytics of who is using palm Foleo things really start getting interesting. It could be any anyone from. A citizen whose interest in cruising around toyotas because they're looking for data. Because we get found a lot through Google searches never know who ends up on the answer could be citizens. Could be students working on the project. A lot of it has been small businesses but we've actually had a quite a NATO reach from bigger companies as well looking for. Allocation decisions. I guess another element. Of the of the user base of tongue Foleo. Would be I guess that the target dates would be more centered around. I realistic decisions so you've had a lot of outreach from real estate analysts and I guess something that you wouldn't see on there is an avenue that. Tell Foleo is taking is a lot version of what we do so you have the census. Out of that anybody can view. Now we're working on some very intricate private sector sources of locked down version of oil that brings an analytical tools so. The bigger. Play for Tom Foleo is. Working with analysts and private sector space weather that's the banking or release its actors who want more real and. Interest and we're talking mid Davey Lee and right Reilly Iverson from town polio. And some look at the can city paid no I have an economics he missed passing stuff. You know the median age in Kansas City according to your dad is. 35 point three. Yeah go at some older and that some not in meetings. Now unfortunately I'm over the hill. Another Singh is the median household income for Q is he Missouri match ball excuse me TSE metropolitan area 6100385. At the in United States averages 57006. That team in Kansas is 54000 users if you want and this is just fascinating data I can look at talking just. It here in all day long in the all these different cities to compare and it's his passing and the guys and all this information. We like to look at you can't. Dad and aired by not anime it's cooler by your city though right I mean. Even if you aren't economic development or use your arch herb this dispersant you know it's kind of neat to see with the average current rates are pouncing on is he transportation and being. You know who how many people have car ownership and how many do they have I mean this this is passing formations and it's a talent Foleo doubts he ought to search for my community can see Missouri. All kinds of stuff in knots on I'd have to pay for it. It's cool it's cool to. You're city but we also have a passion deep down Q. Help people realize opportunities in places that they need be overlooking so. Geez you're gonna be familiar with this ye hear a lot of lingo dean. Marketed by cities and towns scene where the Sunnis they see where that's cool city in America we're the best the best. For singles for the best for entrepreneurs exactly where the hippest so one thing in town for this I guess China does not your data but yeah. I'm so we're trying to do on the flip side is say let's let's let data tell the real story here. And need you've never heard of this city that were from Saskatoon. Let me be this gets found because of unique attributes that are specific to what you're looking for and that's where removing our company to say. When you're speaking to investment attraction. Not so much in the whole marketing team of this as we are in the data so each year place gnome meaning no one's ever heard of Saskatoon Saskatchewan but the offended because of unique attribute that meets what can. Then they're extinct but will say this Kansas City he didn't know this. The largest employer in Kansas City according to your dad is the federal government of the people that nova 151939. Cerner is it 14444. And so that period stink is you know people think of is is one common purse from his think it was is a government. Hotbed for couriers and apparently we are positioning. You guys have everything on here this is cool what I'm getting sucked in right now unfortunately. Average rental rates for apartments that's very important right now with. While forcible affordable housing issues going on city government. You break and the labor force demographics. Very cool how many cities you have we have both 38000 apparently. Much. But we also when the worker the economic all. It says while. Oh where were tickets and stuff that's that's patents house and car where it. So building permit data. Utility providers will even have. Interest in story. And super small town of about 3000 people called. These 4000 people call can actually. Their population according to census is actually showing decline in talking to towns and that's not true. It was actually people that just didn't feel the census or whatever reason. And they actually were able to use tone Foleo and secure a three and a half million dollar real estate development deal with her dad and so. We're pretty excited about that scene that I suffer is actually making impact especially in some of these smaller. I'm very excited details to share if you all of that. Where I grew up that part Phil Burke it's miserable sparkle area. The median age is forty point four so I've still got Matt thank you still need to do I need to move back a matching median for a hug after clay it's a great place. You listen to grill nation we right back after the break thanks for joining us again today on 980. Guess. Back to the grill nation show in 1980 AM keynesian on iTunes via podcast in that relationship dot com on your house chasing growth thanks for joining in today. Showed number 168. Rasheed joining us we're. Side to be in our third year of liberal nation shown our six year here on the here it in an intercom and that 980 yen. Paula back to our roots they talked about entrepreneurship and economic development civic engagement we all kinds of things happening here. Data economics. Start ups rate entrepreneurs and CD it's they Riley Iverson in Davie Lee. Bird town Foleo the website is town Foleo dot CO they're going to detect search program here in Kansas City. So guys you guys started that in July I believer June right July July C were selected tell us about why you decided to apply at tech stars and and how you did appear in Kansas City. Yeah. I guess detect Sarah's brand is globally recognized since. Slew won the best explorers in the world and eating nineties at. Need to be involved with the best of the best and more than anything we're just if that were part of this program. And the American ecosystem. Mine in the past in the world and there are some amazing. Now opportunities in and tech companies in the Keating ecosystem by. We went learn from the best of the best and so text ours is always on our radar. Kansas City actually wasn't. Subtle way I had a good day I. Canadian from the prairie still figured it was credit bureau is well that's that's good is a great story to this so. An industry mentored two sneak out and yes Cesar Acosta there for awhile I believe yeah I met my mixer what is the dad. So he's now part of sidewalk I'd like autism I thought you and he's a great mantra to temple of the Wii U we had met him in in other ways and he had mentioned techsters Casey which was an honor radar and he said. You know to just have a cause Lisa. And meted memorable five minutes this makes sense and she sees she does everyone he has a found it necessary connected. And has done work with a ton of different company in order. We we don't regret it for a second it absolutely pleased you've been there to avoid telling flutes and as far as I talked about earlier than mining opportunities in places that you might be overlooking. A final a lot of similarities between this city and in Saskatoon or if it's much bigger version yes to scale for America but. I am I love seeing the rejuvenation of the downtown where this he's headed. I citing people moving back to the city techie who systems starting to flourish so. Yeah I mean we could have went to you. San Francisco or New York to be part of an accelerator program but. Not only did it meet sends you to be here for all kinds of actions. It just speaks to the brand new what town Foleo stands for and that you need to do you know and offered the ABC need to find an. Mean tiger if you guys and you guys are any a lot more exposure I think you're too which eternity. Relationships. And in Lee seeking the Cuban anyone across the United States to get placed via. Sort of gets done Savard textures I mean this is where less than half past the well how does that work has the program work. And there's about what a company assets ten. Hours ten minutes Colbert it's a fall from around the United States' laws some for kids that there there's a Dutch. Yeah yeah such as well so not the only international media. How to got that we worker and are we were. Units at a nice night's patriots were gone so it's a three month program where they have like three pillars it's the first month this partnership and we just. Where we network like over a hundred actors in geez dad and three weeks it's something like speed in venture whiplash is very serious. Spain echoes that every textures and goes through he gets so many varying opinions on me how you business should be or you can improve on. And right it just went through to those awesome. Is there any that you think you were really impressed by the really helped you think in those mentors. Oh I mean not to single people out there will single them out who that man. Not really speaks can help you the media who were you impressed by the you know. It's really hard to go through the whole list and 108. I'm this your first big if you I had to take Landry I was actually it was nice and actually finally meet meet nick Allard and in person I've only ever stoned him on the phone and that is cooler and we've always had like you know a couple phone call is here and there that I community thing as the surgery. That's cool this could face and name a school and a very cool. Yeah I mean. They were false and seemingly helpful in their debut sentence it would come into one person's Somalia and I mean. They had nothing to do with our business just an outsider's standpoint and then like. Every day Davy and I would like walk back to our apartments and what just happened I got button on yeah I mean definitely e-book one thing to a nick is that he just understands us he's worked in this of tech space for Regis. For the most part of felt alone because that's what's important and emerging space is very much so and yea he kind of has a perfect combo to to I mean. Also convinced us that that we should come here understands that. Rickie for an offshoot of Google never hurts so he's he's in arts and spent it all been. They've all been very endless. So that was section one or phase one what's face due to phase two is they they call it on actor like noting revenue finding posters here are so they called voting this building your careers here you featured new products and LeRoy through that now yeah we're going that right now are trying to find some early adopters first this news distant future that we're looking to develop. And that's like everyone's kind of like stressed about this right now can now attach a cue from time to do you have what it was thought about that so. You have a team obviously help Kenya and thus we have to we have cute and the ten employees that's awesome. And it. What what is that building and revenue growth how does that work yet yet so the way it turned flu started to lose and only focus on smaller guns 150000 which which. The tours we have no money and power to you can't give them to pay for product that was tested on a pilot and first accuser they get the Doritos. Yes. Doubled that and add further once it as the game went to earlier. And then I guess coming to. Tech stars working with all the minter here. EV nine decided that the focus these two of oil is seen. OK you won in cruise Tom followed lyzard hearing Jason and you did the basic at a that we put together eight. I'd think of phase two of Tom flows like I have an exclusive private club. We're kind of EB testing slogans here one is like. Into that like the car fax cities and I think more of a finance dynamic itself may appreciate. Is to tell employers are Republica Bloomberg from the ground. Focus on city data working with Smart economists mine's trying to build indicators behind in his ember Myanmar real time sources. So that'll be SaaS space subscription model that you. Get effect of the article idiot and idiot on as a consultant remark because I would be together would it take the next phase it should be like let's implement these politics and yes I have. Let me let me help you let me bring the T Smart guys with me was that the meeting whoa guys take talked to the mayor and tell me as what you guys seniors that we yeah outsold Weaver I don't charge you much time. Acknowledging that we bring the data to the party bit of a mile people do is they oil. OK so it and face during the third month what is that a text so that's that's primarily fund raising and that's where yes they've masters which isn't where it. Riley's and beauties that time got to grow out and got to grow. It's kind of like you know we're we're going through preschool here yeah it's graduation day and that's demo day and so. You know it's it's kind of matching to investors throughout the process and then there's obviously the big demo at the end where a lot of investors will be at that so. That's that's kind of a three phase approach of tech stars and thirty halfway through in. I mean. We use work it's it's been got a pilot saw him win does that successful entrepreneurship. Is building yet to keep building and building and building. And then obviously haven't memberships really get to fundraising. The idea has done on that inning here. So we are family or what. You just all of you just Moulton a multi millionaires in your hide that from me but yeah I can cast somewhere in Canada and and the ninth visit and under no violation it's one. That's way yeah I buried a couple of I there you know I knew east's. What we started this while we energy jobs arm. And honestly we bought it for sale. They go DV I like working wire frames that would you buy this. We knew we error really crazy started streaming Saturday jobs. I was diagnosed with stage three cancer before reminded her first you know he took over for awhile. I'm at a pretty if you remission. And then and its name. When I had to lose I'm going confidence panic in my job probably a year ahead of him. I mean for solar vehicle bike everywhere it's in the dinghies intervene to ease. If you read you don't really did it into this new us an hour for two years and then yeah we only raised our first cedar around boats. Month and a half and for reach into tech stars because he said you know mrs. This is the real deal and and we really need to head to amp it up to for a week and he answers and grow. That's inspirational to. Yeah really did it yeah we put stuff. In you got ten employees or any year that contractors and whatnot and their their firmly behind him. Obligated to website your answer and it's instinct. A lot of fun it looks like elements here that you've known Foleo. The pattern really crazy opportunity not just to travel. Mean the smallest towns and our country. Coast to coast even up to. Territories which are going to know and keep you know that's the thing they don't ask how if or remote in the prairies its editors is even more remote if even had an opportunity to go to Nigeria us smaller invited Hughes an international forum for African economic development to speak at. Which was one of the craziest watch most terrifying experience to our lives but. You did it we have a global vision for this company. And we've seen that it can assist not just small towns big cities but developing countries as well and I mean that's that's always down our road that is huge. I was at south by civic last year they had five or six of tech companies present do solving problems mayors and pitching pitched competition and just did you see the mayor's eyes light up. May have been trying to solve that now the city's a ruling to work with companies they viewers more and actually like say let's try this. It seems to me you guys are on the right path to some and they can be very successful and and innovative and also help a lot of people. Riley Iverson and Davey earlier with beyond the girl nation should today town Foleo is their company town Foleo dot CEO. Check it out they're going to protect our program right now and have some fun we get back. On the go nations show fictional. Think it was just. Welcome back to real nation I'm your host Jason grills thanks for joining us today on 980 yen and on iTunes via podcast or rag relationship dot com. At a lot of fun today with Riley Iverson dvd from town Foleo great company I go into the text search program here in Kansas City. Town Foleo dot CEOs are website urge you check out play with their website tons of great data. For a real state economic development all different kinds of a things they can help you with. And it's despondency about the demographics of Kansas City, Missouri an errant on a funnel. You guys are from Canada quick question. I've been to the boundary routers I've been there few times but have really been a mini big cities and you from the prairies but. First trip. Two big city can't actually get to Montreal Toronto or Quebec city in orbit acute relatives of the for the popular men we have to be politically careful we have votes that declines. That America but what if you're taking your your golfer we thought. You can usually if I had to pick one of the big cities Luongo. Vancouver or bad. That's and I usually a never heard the second city so I night while Calgary but you jive and our rodents into the Rocky Mountains and physical little. Kind of like Aspen. Aka the super swanky unites expensive now owe it to its. Yes I thought maybe you really cool yet to see London marathons errant no look evil and see lived just on the outskirts one kid. And stolen records if that's. The make you grew by you do would you suggest. Montreal Quebec thank you very withdrawn Vancouver's first time like years ago I think it's not quite the first impression but. If you're looking for like European field. Are much. Oh yes that's it's different from the rest of the country and it's it's quite different experience if there. Yes thrown into. Yeah you feel like cats and a love that color and you do that at some point. OK so you guys have come from can you brought me gift is our right he did this is. Blair on relations severely gifts and it's a very very important meeting tradition and I'm seeing now is a 120%. Okay. So we are here that's just gypsum does it make sense it's. Because we couldn't bring your teacher we thought lol what could be the next best thing we'll put dug in and and ships. So some days that's a famously candidate Canadian ketchup chips as you know I actually got thought that the border Tynan. Bring this and any openly suitcase and they are they saw were the tip tips and all the tests it's sailing. And I swear the guy who want to eat at the this is great facility and you go to Belgium and they they dip their Fries in mayonnaise right. That's an exit your day in the right which nobody really does hero thing routines and you can you bit ketchup chips how to give Levys have made to American BC. Let the most Americans of all time that people love cats in here and elected kick your ass so. Catholic kid is a little bit healthier than the bid the United States is as far as maybe I'm wrong but I think Canada like seeker it's. Own identity but it's tempered his little brother for the most part I think he. Is entertain them but I think that you were so influenced by Imus in culture. That is true and we're pros by Justin Bieber or in America yeah marked US and you get. Every Canadian that. Man okay so you guys have been in Kansas City for awhile let's talk about. You mentioned you're downtown every day at the crossroads that we work. You know you've left friends and family home. I'm here so what does that them like I knew you said you're married right yeah I just I just went act in this week and and whites that are. I know it's it's been interesting moving away from the white Ehrlich wildlife. But I say this and she let me do that pearl was electricity alone you know these bags. But it was funny enough we got married last year and she actually it's a position that she laughed and went on as. If you're like three months immediately after we got energy like wind abroad. And just a mile of per like prematurely to bash that are out on its it's okay Dave is Smart guy there he knows that any married position but I don't. That's Smart man see you guys have done this so this works for yeah I think CC's decision to minded yeah I mean. Stuff I have you onstage he. Oh you cannot say OK our our weddings tied to you fundraising and sales of the company back I quit but we grew to so. Let's see a series they were but intent. Offense to what was that like that when you tell your fiance or wife they're moving to its city. And your sister glad you got your city to set Saskatoon I guess it's a column yeah I mean. You know let I think both of them have been on movies supportive. And they put up with their stuff the united in the evening I'm living out of it in case for the past two years oh. I mean I I guess they're used to it by now played. And on support of pardons process would be. Aaliyah much harder so huge boost and connected. Up with us that in the day I was today on. A how tired in so it's it's tough I mean it's three month Brandon. Now that's the downside and it will stay there is an upside to leaving your life and he's you have. Undeniable focus of growing the company I think that's the absolute best thing that you need to do. I think if you're sitting on on the coast we need to go hiking or surfing or something and take to be distracting outweighed by. Laser focused in on what we're doing here and that's a huge. It's a what are your impressions the instance of our you've been that applies even to sporting events I'm assuming you've been to the downtown Ares you've got some time away from the office. Ameen ya been impressed right you probably had no. Ideally be well I mean from the Perry is in cash and I mean. I think people people here do the same things there how the heck did you get here are you hear things like Phil obviously lower Shiites were just trying to be united. Speaking of that that's the number one thing I'm surprised by. I actually think people here a march and they think comedians and I don't think people here even lead at people here are unbelievably nice. And the lakers and super fascinated by places and I just loved. Rejuvenation going on here a year all these things of vote meant to last in the decline of manufacturing standards so. It's it's amazing for us out weigh on sporting events desperate and excuse the local I don't know what's he got to go to chief's game. Soledad we've never mention NFL game they'll be fun to see if fills in quite the same and I don't know. I football not quite. What is your favorites were going up in Canada saw Wayne Gretzky on tea interview the day had a new learned a lot about wind and I didn't know. Or he talked but my my said he said the actual national sport as a crops. At Wayne Gretzky said earlier we have approach you inner city. And I wouldn't say it's that it was that big but I think it's it really really quickly growing sport in the keeping occupy polar violent. Those guys just solve each other with the crazy so hockey though any other. Us hockey is my thing growing on. Seekers are typically Canadian. A group aggravated assault Tom and hockey are ergo Obama talk he's always been in the very day. Basket offer go to Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors but you know it's an ox Olympics and now there you gotta watch yourself a lot of Missouri figured Missouri's I don't like Jay Haas because they recruited a Canadian and UH you know yes even Toronto. Xavier he sees a name we've heard over and I. But he was a great play there are a lot of college kids that come out of Canada on its that are superstars in college vast right now there as his though Vince Carter thing package oh yeah raptors. Dot or open one day we get an NBA team that does the arena kind of backed off of that because they're getting every concert they want. Topped it topped in concert venue in the world. And so they don't wanna fill all the dates with the NHL or NBA even though. Both of the leases so they wanna expand potentially here one day it's just getting an owner but. I think it's more viable now I think people are are in the area until teamwork here so this is what they needed. Yet and try to stay under the theory to be cool that gives you success in Nashville and they're get a so I went on here he geeky dads who were. Did you leave and rightly Iverson from a co founders of talent Foley other website is town Foleo dot CEO check amount. Take him take about for beer you're in town to meet them may be some blunt south than welcome to Kansas City it's great to have you guys in the Sherri thanks for coming in and you just you and all your hard work in picking rats and your successes. Coakley continues in the future. It's an experience. Straight daddy gets asked you to listen to grow nation show we'll see you next week W when guys stick.