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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to take the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected. The X-Factor do you enjoy brutal nation. And connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show and online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome you're still grill nation always dressed up as. Even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello welcome to grill nation on TVZ 980 AM and on high teens and secure radio as well as on the grill nation show dot com I'm your host Jason real thinking joining us again today. Really happy to have you while listening to the show is always as we enter. The territory of a hundred when he shows I think just relation launch two years ago and about 400 or so shows. Before that was partner Casey. And yes throughout the years it's going to have you back tenacious going to be no different exciting show today. For cellphone think our partners and supporters of the grill nation with casing grill they are title sponsors of the show or trust. Milbank and be okay financial US advisors also are charters and honor guess those are. The Reagor. And Clifton Alexander comes on every month as a guest host and owner contributor. Exe and all of our partners and supporters of the growth nation show. First off today and a preview our show the first off we are gonna have on McLean Bryant who is the director of policy at the office of mayor slight gains here in Kansas City. Missouri to talk about additional inclusion there's been some exciting things happening in Kansas City around. This initiative and digital equity strategic plan that was launched on March 9 2017. Some have McLean Brian come on come on via. Phone here a few minutes. The talk despite what she does the mayor's office would also get into the exciting things happening with digital inclusion digital equity and all discrete things happening. The website is digital inclusion Casey dot org. After McLean we are gonna have on main. And David Reid. I'm David is a principal dueled Evans and the media is a professor at rockers university. They co founded the steam studio which is what's I'd esteemed dashed do you know. Dot com it's located in west or in the gold evans' office it's a really cool things with steam education and programs not only for K through twelve. Our students but also for a teachers to get credits. As well as the architects in the building learn a lot from the kids it's a really exciting new program they also just or co authored a book which will get into his well. Really atop a lot about Steve education. Entrepreneurship and some of the changes that are happening in the cutesy here with regards to. Cool new programs two lets students. At young ages kind of if there in series move out of their chairs it's a unique full of education and they're doing all current degree programs over at. The steam studio located in west were set of each side to talk to me and he. And David in segments three and four today. As always you connect with me on Twitter at reducing grow that relationship. Bring in our first guest today via phone the claim Bryant is with me season director of policy at the office of mayor sly James McLean. Welcome Michelle are you that. A model and will McClain we've we've known each other throughout the years I know the U. Worked in the law for awhile and now work and policies that tells little like your background and kind of what you do day to day for the mayor. Sir I'm from Cleveland city I want to cool. At a state like I came back home actually. Went to get a practice oh wow that actually act. I think I'm weird that won't back at heart yeah I probably won't be eaten meat while he was though they have done it yet and that current. A much different medical bulletin he actually EOK. So. We need to go like we kept them and I think promote and look I'm in campaign. He couldn't park board. You know I think you've helped initiate snapped like cooked and how I. In the with the eagle eye open for only bad and outfielder contempt that he so I'm Anglican. That's awesome Q you've been at the mayor's office for. Three or four years is all right Ian. Kiger raid and a gripping can't see were to George Washington University. Law School it's. It's got a fun talking you because. Were kind of recovering attorneys I think a couple of app app. There are more considered policy it is days and IQ media relations. OK so tell us about your day today when you're working on I know that we're gonna get into the digital inclusion here in the second but. As a director of policy I find all the time the people and keep that that movie you see from DC or who. 01 worked one public affairs and policy. Don't really know what that includes. And so we what are with a -- types of things do you work on day today as a director of policy for mayor because I know there's a lot of things happening in city especially. And a lot of things happening throughout this country on the local level with mayor so what is your data they look like I know it's probably unique but it gives little back on the. Garrett let my my primary got this is good whatever they can't actually do but. But homily at all. My might indeed. Include can make sure that the policy in just a bit more. I have known and that they believe you can't. Actually Carol I. Am the lead liaison for the lead author of youth a lot of our media organization. She. All. Actually can feed all over the act picturing you can all. The French they called third. That. And I propriety if they're given me out of my my primary responsibility. Wild with the all the politic work. Yup that this kid is that the candidate income and the patient public safety. Any need to eke out. I asked directly. And the ball England policy related economic development workforce development. I can of Asian markets move entrepreneurship. And you know I'm economic and include Obama I didn't want to see and then I had. I expect people that the only experience. Men and for our listeners who don't know kind tickets through the the office of the mayor and see how how big is the office American city I think people. Probably soon it's huge but it's probably a little more. More than people think as far as the team. It definitely is a blog often thought about that yeah soccer which is. Much smaller and far in a game is pretty apparent. I don't how we we do. That we can't let what we haven't quite adequately equipped with pretty effective on any Indian ink everything we haven't but the fact that I. Mean and we've had City Council folks on the show before in and then there's twelve of those in Kansas City and obviously the mayor and the city manager. What have been some of the surprises that you being countered come from that the private sector getting into a government maybe something that you didn't dissipate. Or some of that was surprisingly good thing that you were excited about the G touch all these different areas is there anything that stands out to use something that while that was. It was a bright surprise about government. Yeah you know eat me out crowd looking on woke up to complain about how full government is in new. When you met Mike and eat you know in our offense. I think he had known as being I'm gonna be here particularly when it comes elect mark said he did. Tech innovation. We've been at an early adopters have a lot of low technology. But. Well allow the program meant that they folk feet. It is. It didn't really true I mean we're. It will likely that they can bring it over 4000 employees he get part grit and confederation and we have to make that. Yet Kuerten might not appreciate or that it uncommon in the private sector. Where our ability our responsibility it is really the livelihood. Of all the critical of the Indian that we have to be very up on our approach is the picture that. You know we need a different communities that are going to be ultra quick or. Week we take any action that I don't like. A little while or something you actually didn't in city government. We're talking with McLean Bryan director of policy at the office of mayor slight gains in TC Missouri can have a brat back after the break appreciate you you're gonna talk about. Digital inclusion and why it is important in Kansas City and get into the the problem and and what deflated her office are dressing you're listening to real nation pictured are. Welcome back to grill nation with Jaycee really listen became Z 988. And as well as appreciate joining me today on iTunes and stitcher radio via podcast and at grill nation showed dot com we can find all over shows information about our gas photos of our guests as well as. All the good sponsors and supporters that we have that have joined the gorilla nation shell. We're talking McLean Bryant. Who is the director of policy at the office of mayor slight gains and Kansas City, Missouri. We're talking all the different things she does under day today and all the different things the mayor. And his team is trying to address here in Kansas City is as far as huge city it's very spread out obviously there's a lot of different things going on right now. You probably read about in the newspaper reduce also. A ton of programs if you go to the mayor's state of the city address that a lot of people I don't think. Really truly understand that the city and and the team is is working on and and and making an impact in. And one of those is digital inclusion I know this was something that was very important. To the mayor has regard and we as soon as the Google fiber initiative took place. But it's been expanding ever since there's a there's a there's a problem with axis Internet. High speed connectivity for all citizens and extremely it's an extremely. Tough issue right now for those in the disadvantaged areas. And so key cities addressing the digital divide recently they had a digital a day where they address this but they're working really hard to bridge the digital divide so. Would have McClain back on the show to talk to us about what they're doing kind of address the problem McLean if you wanna give us kind of an overview of some of the issues that are happening in Kansas City regards to the digital divide understand that it's it's it's people understand how. You know how big of an issue it is talked about that. You're so lucky that they can. Eat you know the body kit if he would really highlight on track I think a lot of the group of plaque that they felt they didn't. Cause it putt. When they went out he would get evidently trying to CP and initial arbor you'll receive basically take. Neighborhood like ethnic and chicken having Google fiber come here and week out ball. Let them and are lower income area it lowered if I'm not. Which translated into. Relevant issue. Both available until the all of our resident didn't feed the red development at hackney child beat. Internet connectivity. And for the Google fabric. Does include a lot that low but all the people at a at an important maybe even on my. And a steady. Income won't Wear it out I need. Beat into Patton had not in NY. Ability I didn't get had you know. I'm leaning. That connected he moved on and they're little they can at the important volcanic idiot I feel in education level. Income level on an exposure level. So then got that we can point. Upbeat because it the it. Bill cannot afford them and those who don't eat. Relevant theater and a lot though if you don't have killed Eli quick outlet likely to be connecting. It's an issue that you feel more in an urban area in rural area. And tribal areas. They eat you in the Burgundy. Yeah and you can treaty being like that all equally. The combination of a three exclusion that the cavaliers he had. It still requires. A catered approach in different areas. Phil. Olathe city that the Blake had being. Jack. And it doesn't follow have been really got kicked out again I problem and you can frequently on the Iranian. Connected he had that big Draper is that great in that area but even that presents you that they eat eat and I'll outline of the action he. Well yeah but that I though I claimed was available on my own. Not only educate scalpel and I couldn't agree. Divide but I'll so laid out what what. Council and it can uniquely do you nailed that I can't a lot of time. You know are they call it a cone knack. That they need our money back into the Indian. I that particular issue. I'm looking heard small elephant chasing or IP technology but it it it's the did the next buried in. Even. I am in what I eat a particularly focused on you approach. I at even money he has great they're young they'll collaborate. I am wild card race in. An area where there are a lot of calls a lawyer out there aren't a lot of folk that are connected. They're one big key that he. All now Bob cool on aren't. Each illegal. Yeah. And so they'll eat create an important that it will it. If he TE concurrent and you can get confident when they called it incredible at. Seeking money Ford if you look at the Cheney could they could teach at that and how you can't leave the computer or plaque for example in mine lurch. The latter has been on global. Or private health care or that let me say they. Folk are increasingly only able that you won't mom. They're able to do. We all have created a program called get to a track where I had the treaty donate all of it for a car. He equipment. Can you eat electorate I interpret your utility Hyatt international unit or refurbishing or factly norm okay. Electronic ink. That company then refurbished computer and make available a low cost per out Arnie. It it with a pretty cool that they can't afford the brain to computer can't get I used computers that. In light. I and I'm at the court. For the the few people are a couple examples of of what we have not cleaned none more frequently. We have had a couple couldn't. Probably quiet word in a year and cry me oh I think we're keeping you thinking you pick on. I think isn't there any can be even Haiti could talk a conclusion. That it's local loop near you and that you know looking at the end it. Cool. And we have got to at a extract our nation in the problem. And they match and that inclusion of a lie long. Nick that you treaty which are both. Membership organization cooler and creepy in practice today you and they can let alone get involved in advocating for. Policies. That will be narrow digital digital flat. They are keen and at. The majority of the questions connect around infrastructure. How if I'm being I'm programmed. On the department won't. One local coalition and are acting scared and pretty official to rally behind the issue. How to be effect it on the fate in national level. And actually need legislation and now the divide. The happy aid and then. Where there's a lot of questions. And then let it get everybody gain additional. None out and at the humane. And I don't. And why didn't they can get pregnant and I. We're talking to me claim Brian is a director of policy for mayors like James here and can't see Missouri again. We can't see coalition for digital inclusion in the what's that is digital inclusion Casey dot org and also the strategic. Because he's individual equity strategic plan is on these CMOs doc. Again it that vision is every citizen household in the QC match on area has axis imminent. Equip me to use it and skills needed to take advantage of the mission is to facilitate collaboration among organizations. In initiatives are working to bridge that is to divide in order to maximize our resources for the greatest impact again I don't think people really realize. The claim how. How big this issue is in in a pew study that you mentioned as well as a Google study Internet Ers he's mere Google and pew research study there is today. A quote that said that 70% of children can't see school as you know have their axis in the hunt in the home. And 70%. Of kids seems to not use the Internet. Mean to me that's just this is crazy I mean that you mentioned the problems you mention you know just applying for jobs accessing health care. Keep connecting your fame is a frenzied Enola the littlest things via the Internet. And in finding employment and and in doing the daily things need to do online. It's shocking to me that that that it's there's that big of a divide. Yes I am glad all that much strength he. You can pick it for me is. I believe that he hadn't done a couple of years ago. They saw that. Over said he could form. He can't cry homework online. Yet seen the treaty over Clinton performed back in you don't have access the Internet at home. The defense to have an eagle at McDonald's or Starbucks or on the school half that before school open. Access and I. And often alone in the pro who beat you got it been accused those that let it leak that the Internet. Ought at home. The same because they decry each. Resident who aren't able to apply for jobs online mostly clear that our own Michael they got opening on Monday morning. I'm an order that found that for Medicare Medicaid. Yet if you go on mine or you really have to have a much. So far yet to now having a look at it and if the typical near impossible. And the fat epidemic of Gary Kirby and 4 o'clock that you Republican McCain can she need to get kidnapped or you want them work it certainly claim you're out. Yep we get our mind at that that information. Oh basic need for a minute easily could have I had in the 21 century economy I'll available online and they'll that you can't act as Fidel I. Where we are going to be less and. Newton very important. McLean how to people get involved with this if you're a resident listening and you wanna come help find a solution and continue this progress to make in cities digital. Inclusive. For the coalition web site that you mentor is a good record. There's a bit on what led all the good work in the Asian packet and they. Whether it's you know those popular portable equipment computers athletic outlook IPs that have little cut off screen. I don't I don't let. Federal Communications Commission let our program much a tricky torch arriving connected he. Don't act commissioners there author Julie he killed all one happy the computer. That can't I'll connect you forget it went such organization. I think it will borrow and make it feel free to email me. McClain in PPL EIN dot I ER YE TC he won't dot org I'd be happy to in the right direction. Very cool digital inclusion TC dot org check it out. The claim Bryan director of policy premier slight gains in Kansas Missouri thanks for coming on the show today and appreciate all the information you cared enough. Michael thank you very much we read back on real nation thanks for joining us. I guess. Hello and welcome back to grill nation I'm your host chasing growth thanks for joining me again today on TVD 980 yen and on. I sins and security as well as on grill nation choate dot com pre she can make me has always on Twitter at Jason grill and that grill nation shell. To continue our shared a great first key segments. Really excited about this next segment it's a subject that I personally need to learn more about but is obviously catching on. Throughout the country and here in Kansas City our next guests are Mandy Soderbergh who's the a professor rock university and co-founder and director of the steam studio also. Co author of the book. Unleashing creative genius. We're winning and that a little bit and David Reid who's a principal at gold Evans and as well as a co-founder of the steam studio and also co author of this book. And that the let's say it is steam dash studios dot com welcome to show guys yeah I'll probably get all. OK so ourself you get several a stronger as a maze and backgrounds so first off just guy tells little about yourself. And kind of which coworker or to work on today without with the seems CD so let's take a steer back a little personal. Thanks haven't as yet of course perhaps Louisiana. I know you're at Saint Louis University. I also and there are even tougher time in my career so they greats that that is rare my tactic. And a AM mountain pass in the jesuit university. Folk is so let me ended at Christine C madam. Sam I got crank clean teenage teach her. And IA and managed eight and net almond trees all Manning coming in Kansas City about ten years ago and I teach courses at practice university its meaning year. She's technology and science course is a couple history that presses. You graduate and a graduate cities are going to be teachers. So. I mean though to pull from my prior experiences as teacher and is initiator now apparent. And I am basically collaborate morrow winds that future teachers and some of them are current teachers depending on the program I. I turning it down to what is wrong with education system how can we make some teens is and that's really it has spying. Esteemed CEO. Did you meet did you guys meet each other when you're a professor ideal me that's the question here because Matt Sacco Macedonia on. And it's rare eighteen. Project aircrack Christina first tee and he can tell you an apartment at project and the design I knew. Academic building and repaint comp. So Iran and several committees together me and say ten having conversations with teenage. About the need for some sort of lab far iron I education Sedin snake. We see my undergrad at the zoo we had a lapse school on campus. Toledo and Chinese theories of learn mean new strategies that that I am very diverse kept kids. In a person we just not really have that at rockers down. Mattel audit enacted in David view Telstra your background here also I'm an architect with elevenths been practicing thirty years. Sutherland architect myself so while it runs in the family of to an exciting career. Noticing little too excited very diverse. And our. Median with a man there was actually pretty soon and openness as far as seems to do man do his brother and a hope. Bring all the teachers truckers university and a more into the 21 century as we've designed this new intimate experiences. And as Scioscia and I kind of are connected on the level of early talk about where education and go in and those very casual conversation Monday about whether she was seen in the world of salmon scheme based learning and you have this. Designed that you want to execute. Simple we have some space in our office. Should come look at that it Dowd it's gonna work this looked a little third level in the mezzanine. Through long and Lanier and it to those fantastic and then in the past and it's what we call the anti cluster looks nothing like a classroom that's part of its match. It and first off again let's go back to what is this what is steam stand for I've heard it stand for many years there's now an AM there. Why is that. Well. There was an initiative actually started the Rhode island school design New Year's back roots not. As much about integrating art into the stem fields of science technology engineering math that it's about. Integrated more creativity and innovation and that also works beautifully to make a lot of intimidate an engineering and science projects more approachable. So if you ask middle school students which is when kids are often think about. A clear direction on what they wanna do then it's not about some in the cubicle in the engineering firm. Living the life of an engineer that's not a middle schoolers think if you overlay and our problem. With an engineering problems suddenly it's approachable it's that's on anybody can engage. So in our minds a it's kind of this on ramp to. Stem fields to have helped him alleviate the leaky pipeline of professionals moving bless them written. And I would add that and Italy ten and he sees some extensive research I went at. Most on them keys researches at how creativity is killed I fourth aid. I am because of the way we teach decades I think acts. In can end and pulled an hour heart strings as educators and professionals between it and I is really technical. And inspire creativity edit kids is be here Alan tank house and just pack it and I'm not artsy and that's not what it's about it's about a neat scene is treated scenes in him as Patton. The title. And also to give MSAs for their comfortable Q. Men around it's it is and doesn't like anything like that class and David exactly cracked I am. In the end it they're very. Accountable for what they're doing at all times meaning in get a project to finish as Aladdin re seeking. Much failure involved with that which is purposeful. Mr. it's not like to feel meet in that's really important see with the stem aids. In schema personally take and we used in nineteen. So we don't use coming core her. We don't Palestinian parents and. Media anti classroom your your point it would first up to I wanna get into. What is the ages for people to attend the steam studio where is urged on earth. And lo recently skated 12 me I am piloted a preschool group as them reverend Jerry insisting. Similar scene that aspect. And yet so we are committed to keep your child we also opt for her. Professional development for proof in him. Professionals out and it feels I guess she is saying it aide Kathleen carries on into. Adult life play so it's hurt in and teachers the other team write notes to teachers and are required. Added seats to fulfill so many canteen at credit your hours as many professed. Professionals have to give as do those either as a lawyer even though I'm not practicing. Very much yeah I. I have to give up. But again it's it's CF to Phyllis to teachers they're there to the scene studio and learn and figure things out and it kind of cutting edge of fuel yet. And we have a. And get a sedan. Got to write this down not China's strategy is my knees scenes however. It's night as meaningful as it's a teacher comes with our class. And we'd folder professional development into working with the class in the answer that she's seen. Designed inking process than any key senior Syrian systemic TDs in the management of all that. So they're able to really identify the strategies being used and why it's MM full with their class citizen eighteen. Gaining NM you know auditorium about the strategies that they may. Actually be able to connect with that's going on their classroom you and we have found that speed very success I think teachers appreciate it. And so that's and wine model that we use and IBC now we have the black. Weights we're gonna have chapter summaries in reflection questions went for professional about many can also be used as attacks that. And and then we offer other professional development opportunities for. Educators and on educators. New surroundings and the website is steamed dad studio dot com where is it located. It's in the hard out west are at. And it's I let it's an eclectic area. And became speeds use amenities outside and say it's it's very has Amos has a city feel. So emir IBC and housing gold Annan's architectural firm and a lot space however we can take at her. Other levels you sound cook. In David here. Your co workers were cool of this when you put this in the office 90%. Have a I'm indebted turnaround I'll let you know we're fairly well conversations and honestly for the most part everybody loves loves the agriculture. They'll love that we walk the walk we talked. About community service and servant inner city kids that love. We dig deeper in an education designed as we spent a lot of time. Education projects and Illinois from the they have a teacher that is pretty humble and then mutual empathy. And we use this kid this focus groups a lot of ways that in studio ruined forms are designed more to slow to repulsive but. Wish there could be a little cell separation from time to talk a little over a period timber up there with. So we don't we have about a minute left in this signal will bring guys back after the rate. How did this get started and then I can imagine this is an easy process or no rent it's her first book and we had no idea how hard tedious they were both we kept getting asked what are your a lot of photos and your side yes I am sure it's like a lot of sense. CA have your own book now yes some people are sorely outcomes and we tried to kind of summarize that and a brochure and a more conflict with just pick a book is we've got some amazing stories coming out of steam students and we encourage or run into. Cup company. We're on charter oh that you guys have been here a really is. Well leases really wanna help support teachers and families and schools and that is Haitians sectors. Teach and work with our kids in different ways now and mean just in the professional. Q. And it can seem more practice in professional settings. If that's where they're gonna land in the workforce. So that's one thing that became athlete offering them it is steam studio in designed to keep focused tackle pat and now. Arts. We're talking to you may be sooner Bergen David Reid. Founders of these teams studio. The website is steamed that studio dot com. How we better prepare current and very similar to enjoy fulfilling creative 21 century careers. The book is called unleashing the creative genius. Really cool stuff but reporter talking in the more about why it's important after the very few listening real nation European easy. I think the. Welcome back to sue grill nation with JC growth ABC nine AT&T and on if you're listening on iTunes or secure appreciated on podcasts and that girl nation should dot com opus. Put as of our guests that are in studio today we have many Indies Sonnenberg. That ended David rejoining us again steam studio Steen dash CDO dot com we're not talking about. A work out facility we're talking about actual learning facility here. My first set you reached out to him India and I honestly I was like is this the GM what is this being studio by Tulsa again briefly like what it is just give us the elevator pitching you know what you try to do with the same studio. It says scenes in as far as science technology engineering and mathematics. We really infuse the art components have all the challenges it's easy to you at accidents. Also at this seemed TL. And we are built upon the design process so. That passes is in her woven into every and it leaves you at the scene seen and how we approach. With decisions that activities and challenges that weekend and yeah so we really want a place for that. Use that come through our doors. And where when he added ready they get a clean slate says geeks so. These are used that may come once or over sixty period. And ate it just depends on a programming and we want and they feel confident and comfortable and the environment that air in and most of not eat it. Men and so leave I and we send me sick PT three different. There's a steam station and no worries seem project that they. They are working. Men and again it's located in Gould Evans office space in Westport so it's cool urban. And put. Why why this is so important I mean I can only take you through our love life a book to your website design thinking process. No discovery interpretation I DH and experimentation evolution. Why why is this something that you both wanted to get form and to move forward with wise is so important in today's society because I feel like there's a shift in education right now. It's slowly but surely becoming more. Entrepreneurial and not as traditional route is that one of the reasons why you guys. Absolutely and education public education is is not involved in rapidly as we know it's the same model that we've had for the last 140 years in the system. Trying to replace but it's a supplement in the sweet a lot of afterschool enrichment we do summer camps were doing some. Remain during the school day all the programming news customized an individual it's about something that no other program it's also programs serving in. You know elementary and middle school kids so there's a lot of good programs in cancer an area like caps programs around but nothing really serving younger kids. Particularly nothing in serving in any student that wants to enroll. Throughout the spread so. Than those underserved schools. Particularly packed full because. They don't have the resources to bring a lot of these program opportunities and then. How to influence Hugh. At a university. I am I just had seen my name since nine teach teens who are either currently teachers and graduate program when he be teachers going out and t.'s equals and dean exposed to traditional teacher. So even in the teachers if you go ahead and try something new there's still in this ax me and they're still it's time. For mar section because now that's I want and Dan have a space as well to go I'm Chinese methods and teaching and learning an awesome to see. How uneasy can be when you have organized chaos going on in chasm now kids are messy air out. They get frustrated and that's okay that's what we want because it's pretty scary to think about kids growing up not ever. Taking risks are feeling our Nat genial do their frustration in the workplace. So that's lame pranks last year in knew it was going handle LS downing. The old Evans professionals. And to be able to walk around and seen the link for their projects and how much stock was in sync creativity is hopeful far it's come through the. And it would have the programs you offer 58 a child who's. Excited to friends are doing suffices Honda had any involvement in what's the time commitment. Sell and we have a couple of different programs and you know I just met also prefaced the space seen. We really try different sheet for different eats so if a school approaches us let's say had led to come out and users eighties and be involved in this. And a leash end of learning and what can we worked together on Jimmy find out what their needs in retirement caps have. It appeared just slices and a child and making go to her web Saint Regis posted after school programming which as many tease you Wednesday's. And it snapped a 6 AM ES out and an and we also had. Different types of camps that are available on off days from school we have fewer chips that. He is contained in their employees scout girl scout or the ages when he needed it together to come to our studio any occasions since team. Eight cities and challenges beacons at an app for them. And we do a lot of service projects as well. For different organizations through our program mean which is then exciting to see. And how that affects others. You're space to accommodate coating workshop one day solar about Nixon Nixon and outdoor biology project the next that you very. You did Bursa title and what people can do in the programs David is that that's pretty intentional. Obviously you your architects do you guys LC and serve all these. Children running around educational designed as a laboratory. How does that influence you all it at work. Well we and we were excited to get program underway is simply because we did see an opportunity though to bring kids and their effect in and to our own work. We had a workshop. One day and we don't turn the kids into a mini focus group and said you know tell us about your dream library of the future and and incorporate them in some school work that word. You know we're also just try to. You know accommodate. Other mission of the program which. About serving in any particular school wants to stay with any particular kind of program their interest and so. We go to school come in and now that that wants to have a course and watch a realist and so we've tailor made that program. We can tailor make programs to support you know we're scout girl scout merit that if you want we can workshops. You know so. You can do a lot of different things to see you also mentioned another segment the teachers can also get. Credits there and learn and how they can influence their students more in this on the way in. Creativity and not just sitting at a desk on there aren't paying what what are the costs involved with this type of thing. I mention it's very accessible or it says and it's a pet Zion the program I guess is yes and so. If it's an after school and B charts any ten dollars per unit for six beat its oil program and that's about an hour and a half. Witness at the seams CEO. He steps are up two classes in which is using roughly twenty's when he I had thirty students is 200 dollars and then. There's little that at additional costs for transportation and beef and that. Transportation. Is only talent she cut its expenses that we do have a bias. That week in news for chance pretty she's been great but it's still has a cost yet and out of her profession and about man. Depending on the group there. Ranging from the numbers he's coming teachers actually in the ass on the behalf I have to cheerful day no professional development sessions. We prefer that they Canada seems studio but that's not mean to Torrey. We can relax and and provide professional about and and I think. Well we enjoy doing most is working with kids and is at any other segment having teachers wives it's worked with their students. Easy to nineteen Kenya and involving others aspects of design eking might wait time. And there's lotteries it's about PodZinger mind is kind of in the these teachers lead and a lottery says his teachers about that in nineteen and a lengthy may have an issue with is watching it seems. Since bond authority checking out. We have been talking to Maine he Soderbergh and David Reed with the steam CDO. Other book is called unleashing creative genius check it out and also there. What site is steam and dash studio dot com for more information. Really cool thing they're doing in the Westport area called evans' office. And you know it's been great having you guys on the show he regrets knowing success. Having had a thanks thanks a lot of fun specialists say guys to grill nation will see you next week take care and have a good look.