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Saturday, September 2nd

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome it to grill nation with Jason draw on your posting to joining today on 980 KM TV as well as those that are listening today via iTunes or stitcher radio or pat grilled nation showed dot com. Rasheed joining me in today can acne is always on Twitter at. Jason grow in that grill nation shell. I think our partners and supporters before he going here with a really function that we have planned for today something new that we haven't done. As far as a business owner entrepreneur. Our show before some looking forward to talking to our guest today our partisan supporters of the show our title sponsor of the shows trust. Milbank BO OK financial and two us advisors in rendering also contributors to the grill nation show and discos are the Reagor NJ rearing co grind maybe. One might look tree apartments and reactor design studios in Clifton Alexander. Was a guest host cup on our contributor we join me again next week. Today show we're gonna talk McDonald's. The that I haven't talked about a while but I need to any Denny you updated on it. Jim away he is our is our guest today and he is a owner operator of eight that are right is right Alzheimer while good north thing guy. After you credit there we. I went over first. Loyal north planners we've got on the show and while. You have you can mark pilgrim that's right class of 82 plus street doing you have been. In the owner operator visits mcdonalds for quite some time. Watch tickets are kind of year your backer and you have a very diverse skill set background new lot of different things here in Kansas City. You're great was great to be windy today Jason and I got started in the McDonald's business. In 1979 actually my parents were in the first so my dad and mom got started McDonnell's. In 1967. Really the French is race started it in 1955. OK so I guess my day can be referred to as early pioneer of the McDonald's business especially here in Kansas City. It would doors like back then I mean it it's just hard to really think about it in the sixties when it was like in seventies. For your eyes growing up always like. Well remember the red or white tiled building so if you. The give the oldest college of a pictures a McDonald's there where the big golden arches on the side and red and white tile and at first stores like that actually was in 67. In Saint Louis. And there was rioting in Saint Louis after. From the civil unrest that was going around when Martin Luther King being killed and Kennedy being killed so they decided they wanted to move my dad. Who is operating in this story in the inner city there Monday bring in black operators in the inner city and have them represented their people there. Friday government of the Gladstone Missouri know so he started in Gladstone Missouri in 1970 and I own that store the idea. Started thinking that unity no we're the first from dolls losing Kansas City in India. I'm not sure of their location I do know that some of the ones out and Johnson County are adept with some the first ones other one on 4002. North. And was number 813 in the system. Oh so that's way down there I think another one. That price isn't standing today is like near Sony fit the Metcalf somewhere in that area. Yet 813. What is that as the north plant store and you. She grew up kind of in this industry as a child I sure did into reworking your McDonald junior high school park hill. Yeah yes so what I was doing that and doing music so I kinda. And they got to Qaeda high school and college right kinda. Came in and out of McDonald's because you know I was trying to take my education my passion which is music these. And so I was involved when that but I started and it's like fourteen years old. In leavenworth Kansas my dad on that stored the time and I was on who can play efficient. French Fries and stuff like that in the back at at a young age of fourteen. And how how is this how is the McDonald's. How's it changed since you were there are your kids. I mean it just just give us some highlights of some things have changed his seems to me it's been pretty. Organized and standardized. Where meego which is what people. And that's what people love about mcdonalds you know it's the same burger weather here in Rome or in Kansas City your servants chamber can tell you this I said he abroad. And Italy and I there was no other facet restaurants or at the time I was on coming up. And there was McDonald's and the airport memory getting it. Yep so as far as how we changed you know. We're always evolving Rae cry used to say I don't know what we're going to be sown in the year 2000 but whatever it is we're going to be so morbid and and an answer Ray Kroc quote so. He didn't know what we're innocents that serve because we're gonna serve what our customers once it's there. Know our customers today wanna make sure that they feel good abiding their food so we're trying more more to get locally sourced. Produced and things like that and they want to make sure the food is safe. So we are leading the industry would cage free eggs and senior currency cage free free eggs everywhere. This because the demand a McDonald's is so big when we say we're going cage free eggs that's gonna force. All the suppliers to change how they do things it's gonna. If force all the supermarkets. To evolve to cage free eggs so it takes time where we're going to cage free eggs. No antibiotics and our chicken and calls already happening. So. You know we are changing with the demands of our consumers and we're always gonna continue changing given us what we can't that's who we can do. Targeted Jim way use the owner operator of a McDonald's most from in the north and I write you know one and Meryl I do you have Maryville bearcats. Legend up in marital. The owner retired and called me kind of been a friend in my dad's been in the family and wanted to get out and so on. She called me and we made a deal now resident I'm really. Glad to be merry go to great store great occasion when I was a kid I remember going to the longer an all time. There you read the the gosh pick ourselves Ronald show and had it all McDermott a statement after school. That was pretty cool McDonald's and it's it's doing well today I drive about all the time let's write a new facade on home that's right that's my story remodeled that. I vote for years ago organ you know the facelift to it next year probably. By the idea that Stewart always been a great par kill location arm ruinous and play canning. Finally get some McDonald's because my dad and mom lobbied for mcdonalds and like Annie for so many years and they want given its location. They're original location believe it or not was going to be on the defunct Kmart parking lot different at 72. In. This implant very arrogant and so I remember going out there were my dad in the real estate agent was laying out cones we're gonna put a mcdonalds here in the corner. Of this Kmart. And we look. And we just didn't think that was the best location but that was what they found beef. But they decided to go any go with a better location was worse yesterday in a lot more. Use there although the other places or the highway too that people are really Salah. Pummel younger than you do win it went like Kenny was growing. There's nothing there there really wasn't it was one lane on their own that's right I mean it was just such a relief to get a McDonald's there and even implants sitting. Which I own today to those rule. Long time Cummins stores and great location. Then. We do we're gonna talk more about kind of running this kind of operation how you do it and how you learn throughout the years early going kind you deeper dive and that also on today's show weren't talked with Jim about. Kind of what was Ray Kroc like apparently you've met ray Crockett and also to. Toggle which you with the Ronald McDonald house here in Kansas City you're on the board of directors. And have been very active rural community. Also touch on some exciting things that you. Worked on with the royals and the chiefs are the years on branding and whatnot and also talk about some local things you probably didn't know about they came out of Kansas City. That are worldwide famous now McDonald's. Very soon talked to about that. Further on the show up more time with Jim will be right back on and grill nation show again. Pick me all the time you want on Twitter love hearing from guests and people out there that listen at the Jason grills on Twitter. And that grill nation shell puts photos of me gym here after the show today. Think shoeless think we're back. Welcome back to the grill nascent show on nine Canadians seem easy preaching joining us again today online or on the radio. Jim away. He is a owner operator McDonald's. Or out Kansas City and has a family history. Working at McDonald's so what is your for everything needed McDonald's you've you've been there long enough let's discuss our of that because. And they say you use it like deet it's still in there forever so I. I guess my death row meal would be a double cheese playing. Large fry. On apple pie doctor pepper that would fraud via an I I do it enjoy a lot of the mean you're actually meets about. And at that that's just the one that you can give. When McDonald's I like that you guys started all of this dollar menus and out of all. And that's a false are having a member as a kid. You know we can talk about the innovation the happy meal. But it seems lately you've you've you've got to make things there. You're he had meal deals and all that supersize you know all those things yet they continue to be innovative and and view. Do you have any selection that your stories is that stalled corporate. I'd be very action that because they go to McDonald's in different cities and sometimes a cedar. I think that's right well we're getting more and more national or were evolving right now words and being more. One voice speaking for everyone but we've traditionally been a pretty. Coop based. Business were we spent a lot of money locally that would allow us do things that we wanted you try different flavors difference now which is different ideas. But we are in the process them revolving two Mormon national platform. Which a lot of the competitors beat you right. The button. But yeah Ayman charges that Kansas City co op for the Kensing McDonald's operators so. We bring in a lot of different products and promotions things that are specific to us like our partnerships with the chiefs and royals and different products like me grids and we can test certain pains that. Other farm Missouri Kansas city's they get testing ground is and I see that all the time with different facet operations or groups there. They wanna test their product here in Kansas City that's right it's a short plane ride from oak brook guard national law world headquarters in. You know Kansas City has led an innovation McDonald's while we invented the extra value. OPEC thug that that bush won was again though that was like the big sale it's a fry in the drinks supersize OK that was a bit in India there was a minute now is really say that was a minute here is at a minute by the co op Coetzer the other co ops folks operators and regional manager came together and or what if we packages together. And we we started out with 41899. We had a big Mac or quarter Cheney's two cheeseburgers in. Which is crazy really about you guys really innovated the entire fast food market right here in city right we did and well before that. Bob Bernstein Bernstein rein came up with a happy in which you would hear how long goes guys that it needs. Yes there was a cell is a lousy Iger of the tiger was born 1979 in the eighties obviously I was he would have he knows all the time that was those moronic Kansas City this year was. Wow and so it's tested here and it won't dwell on the other marks are adopted it has Bob he started advertising with us I think in 67. And he did a lot of premiums so he brought a lot of stuff like Tzipi dip birds and and flying saucer frisbee that would actually be a cup lid and you know just puppets and who. I think you know pencil erasers that worm looks like Ronald McDonald he was kind of in the premium business. And finally McDonald's and Bob do you want him being a premium salesman or do you wanna be advertising agents. And he's chose to become an ad advertising agency and a one point usable one of the top fifty biggest advertising agencies in the whole United States when it all the national Wal-Mart. On national blockbuster and some really big national camps. But he loves McDonald's he's passion Mel McDonald he's had a relationship when those were. 45 years and recently they were chosen to be one of only seven. Advertising agencies that can service McDonald's. The whole nation. Well. That's essentially and on here in Kansas City I don't think in a few mother although I think that happy meal think certain make its rounds. I think Wu got kind of the new the new millennial world is starting to find out that it was actually in being here in Kansas City in the the great thing about that is it is. You know you always get a toy right now. I don't have any kids it Genzyme I've min didn't have to mills and while that those involved at all they're those. Jams at all or how does that work now. Well you know we partner with the greatest brands you know whatever it's going to be with the Evers and demand whether it's a movie theater project you know something we Disney years something with transformers zone like that so we always. Being in that we have a big buying power in a large distribution network. I think the toy manufacturers wanna come to McDonald's first because we're gonna get a lot thru at our volume and so we get the premium of the premiums. Think you give away and are happy meals and. That's interesting you mentioned your death row meal what what's what's pop through these days with your customers. You obviously have a lot of data if you're you're running eight stores. Here in the can't hear what orders were still some of the highlights well like whatever is on cell. So make a doubles are very popular after royals double play. Big Macs are very popular after big Macs act with the chiefs. They liked our core menu really I mean you can bring in. A lot of other semitism in the day the season now the in the rim. Do predecessor and now the mic grid is always been kind of that cool yeah classic. I've had a before bit. I know a lot of friends who are obsessed with like when immigrants command end. It's just kind of it's I eat a seasonal thing where you guys say every year it's going to be in the fall it's it does it change we try to keep it in the fall we try to run it. Sometime between September October through January we try to keep that. If anyone else is going on with the national counter and it's still hot people still want it yet I love it because they wait for you know it goes away and comes back. Though he added there is a cult following in the record but you're a French Fries and always been. One of the finest they're they're the best you know we protect our Fries we always have our eyes on our Fries mixture of degree in. It is always took the same what's one menu I'm that you love that you wish more people Linda. You shot him. He would always go for the classic in our signature craft to mine is so good. I don't know people really know the quality of that product you know we have this artisan role and we have shift. Crafted topping that come on now and right now we have a Newser Rochus sauce one that's really did that are painted a guy does grade. And you know are spicy barbecue is great in terms of bacon and we have need cheeses like you know chatter. White cheddar cheeses and just score and all that you guys they're really evolving because the market is shifting but then you have the people that that that wanna keep classic. That's right they love the classics but the new stuff you know. Now we let me casters have more choice is choice is important to our customers so. They can every choice I have a net sings your craft a line with a grilled chicken we know antibiotics and or the crispy fried chicken or the quarter pounder. Then again a choice of a Bunton. Them it isn't alone. Talked me about kind of market share with the breakfasts so you guys I remember as a kid didn't breadth of the doll lines I answer that still happens but. You know backgrounds are abused actually I don't sit in the restaurant. Drive through his or is as big of a deal on you know there was a drive through the air rid location there was there was area yet there was another think about threw us. But is the breakfast is a silicon 10:30 AM thing how's that work so now we have holiday breakfast that's remember rested up a little bit there's not that big rush. Go to McDonald's you know that Tim gay African skit you know McDonald's stuff serving breakfast at 1030 how else are we gonna know when breakfast is over for former dot. That little funny thing Julia Hernandez but I never remember that it was still very yeah I haven't had direct some Donald while or give me died in new and it was an audience QB I knew it was 10:30 AM it was like. Programmed in your mind that I wanted to end. The mad dash has and the ballots are not all day he gets all day AME tomorrow when I go there right now I can give you pancakes you can get paying Casey get most all of our breakfast in your breakfast around the kid that's right the big breakfasts Norah. Still ran head cheese discriminates nice to her. I elected. Thought that's so gone so. That's interest and see guys really operate at full capacity. And then you know obvious there's a lot of menu items how many value menus you have now. Compared to this. Three or four he started with well we have you know some of our breakfast we got a deal for lunch we get a lot of deals come in and particularly in January when everything switches to national. I can't give away the whole sicker but we're gonna have you know three new menus Rehman dollar menus and two dollar menus in a three dollar mean when Selena items on the one dollar or two dollar and three dollar price point nationally hammered. Do more people. Gravitate to those and they do the actual old school extra guy I mean he's he traded his job in the coming guys that you know from trendy little healthier old soup sandwich from. Maybe united Steve it you know. I remember. And high school it was all of the value means and now I feel like there's been a shift towards. Making just set the dollar two dollars three dollar type stuff. There has been because you know what the customer wants to being boss. And we need to let the customer be boss we'll we say you can have this burger was this fry in the scope of this prize tonight. No I don't necessarily want that I don't know if I wanna count come I want something else though and that's why we were starting their piece Millen out and have some. One dollar to go up three dollar. Offerings because we went to Custer mile pick confusing kind of make up their own meals that's really what they want. How is the does you mentioned desserts and morning you're segments earlier that apple pie. That is that and that seems to have been pretty standard the whole time and you know you have younger part phase of one none now but the the apple pie is kind of traditional. It's still around in his oh. When we first brought it out it was deep fried in some people say I wanted the front and back and I love the deep throat Sunday trying to warm bacon. OK for health reasons those nine degrees and it's it's healthier and it's really a good pie I mean I love that things and is this a little bit different but it's the same feeling with cinnamon it and sound it's really does that mean you all to the dessert menu or via different all pretty kept a pretty small I think we have plans to blow out the dessert menu. The next three years and I think you'll see a lot more common. We're totally evolving our menu right now I mean me cafes going to be plus step in changed a lot you can get more offerings. You see some baked goods coming in the store. Next year no uber eats are coming until my very road location I think in October where you're gonna actually really get on your phone. And have McDonald's delivered to your house and that's coming mobile order and May Day is coming this fall. We can go to your McDonald's that which you should download now. And adding your credit card and you can order our you're apt. And go right the drive through and pick it up or come inside take it to go or come inside sit at a table we will find you at your table. And we'll bring you food they're zero to pay for. We're talking all about mcdonalds today on the grill nation show will be right back after the break I've. I guess. Welcome back to grill nation with Jason grill we're joined by Jim waging this right he is the does the king of McDonald's here in Kansas City head of this. Part of America co op p.s on the board directors around only gonna house owner operator of eight. McDonald's throughout the mostly north and also in merry go go bearcats were thrown in the OK so. McDonald's is obviously. You have a lot of competition are years. That the founder ray crock you're headed and you were able to meet him at some point right I did name his vision was just no matter where we are in life. We are going to be the best this right now the most locations are the most customers we're gonna have the best quality product. It was just entrepreneurs on turner tells about what that was like meeting in the kind of take looser come of that vision of what he dollars and is set out to be instill this. So I get me ray at a McDonald's and our critic mentioned in Hawaii I remember. Not a bad place to get out of bed I see no. We we wanted to go through because my parents are gonna lie and they guarding bin and I said mom can mean. We go to Hawaii and she goes I'm gonna take unify have to scrub floors to get to their minds yet so we went to U why and I got to me range spoke the owners and thought the kids afterwards and he was nice but he was a very driven man he is a very flamboyant man he had. Had goals he had dreams he had visions and yet people around him great people elements acute display. In the UME envision mcdonalds being this big one there right yeah like you said you know earlier he's he knew the Mattel's going to be big news in the be sell a lot of stuff and you know. So it's it's still one of the biggest all over the world it is as far as facet operations yeah ideas and I know when you travel worn out I mean. I guess that I mean asserted abroad I was living in Europe when all or Europe. You know you've rarely saw other place you might CKC ninety pizza. You might see a handful others but. McDonald's by far was that night I know Europe has more fast too now back then you know twenty years ago. It was it was very hard to find right you know when you look at market share mark McDonald's still number one there might be some other. Franchises like some way or something that might get us in terms of units now. Because we've kind tried to get. No less units and make sure those are all working to capacity rather than just building building building more stores in which we tried that for awhile when you have now Kansas City region 136 or they're sick and metro area. What are the two closest the other. Well I got to come world close together red editors and north so credit yeah I've guy in the metro north story and the other one which is. 9551 north monkeying. That there wanted you to north though that's pretty close is the bird flies and in how do you decide okay so how does that work do you. You know you want us your unique obviously but to me wants to franchiser owner operator McDonald's. They they have some money they wanted to wanna do that I mean how does that work with locations in finding. Well it's instinct is that there are some that are very close together from McDonald's does have a. Whereas before maybe in the eighties are so. A regional manager might say I feel good about the in this story here knew that doesn't fly here today so we saw it's all data driven. And we don't have any I'm trying to think of more than. I live downtown now we mid genome Tyson knock on your door Jim when I was cigarette. Elected official did I I am not your fat liar anyway I'm up at. You billboards here and there. But had a heck of a marketing campaign I worked really hard man you got to right or did yes standout in your state your album the minis and your name but. Brit yes just so downtown. Where I live now we have Jimmy John's down there I'm trying to think of where the close of Donald's is to me. Probably North Kansas City don't think you or. You know maybe just this down main street somewhere and kind of thirtieth you know you guys 35 and armour road that's not too far away off my verify in my day you said the McDonald's and cities in the square okay and now we had that for years but finally. You know the downtown before revive us out died. The island down they're now and it's just there's there's so much action different animal and yet totally. So how did you you make your dad had the story you had a stormy. How do you handle that yet owner operators that help you Amir the owner operator that you have many injured people mean. Is you know you you said you like this comes out of me I'll be there hasn't you mentioned you a lot of different things and how do you. And a main Angel. This boy you can't do anything or have good people so you gotta be executed. Leader and I tell you what everybody listening. Should work in the retail at some point alive and ought to be mandatory because you learn how to treat people you learn how not to treat people. You know it feels like to be treating kids by people little sing your praise and all. Point out something small what she did it make you feel like a great person you know how to be belittled by somebody that's having a bad day hasn't been fair when you're at all. So I think retell it's great therapy just for getting along in life nimby and again human being. And you know weren't people game. We've got to find good people we got to keep good people you know I pay all my crew people I have or foreigner fifty. If you stay with me one year. I won't pay you one week of vacation. And now think about that that cost a lot of money but it's an investment or people because. Their time in their quality time is important to them so I wanted to say stay will me here now they are free week they can only people realize how hard it is to to. Keep good people in our industry and also do. All the different things that that come with a running me down I mean just just getting in touch with folks seven managers connect with people. So like your typical Oregon the office he donor and kidney mills and I'm you know it's a different world it is for a world's number one challenge were all dealing with in retail. I don't care where you go drive anywhere and everybody wants help one and you see help wanted signs. And busy never thought you'd see help wanted signs for not just to make dolls I mean just look around you know unemployment is very low. And people are selective about their jobs they wanna work you know with people who make him feel part of a community they wanna make him feel involved they wanted to be fine. And those are things we try and do McDonnell's. Don't tell me but don't tell me about what to do with the Ronald McDonald house here in Kansas City and you've been on the board for awhile. One of my companies I am sock when no one did Iran McDonald's stock yes I agree and so we have we've we've got some on our website and they're great for chiefs games because the color schemes are similar scenario could that I embarrass what do you do on and tell us about it because I don't know if enough people know about what Ramadan Hostin is here and be happy to talk were Ronald McDonald house it's a great great. Program that we provide services for people. In the city in their biggest time of crisis so. People are going to pains like a cancer of a child newborn people ended nick you were in the Picayune. They don't know what they're gonna do and their kids or dinner received treatment for four. Three weeks four weeks six months a year and half and when you deal would that. That's something that people didn't necessarily plan on when new AB gave birth or or whatever. Those unexpected things that happen. And at the Ronald McDonald's there we partner with Children's Mercy Hospital. And they know us well we know them well I'm board chair at the charity have been no board chair for about two years and complete in my. Seventh year on the board and it's been some of the most of feeling time. My life because I seen the work that we do. Helping people we keep families together in their biggest time of crisis in the wean know that when a family is together. That the child has a better chance of getting better and they have to worry about words mom. Where's that where's my brother where's my sister you know we can keep them all together and keep the family unit together how do we do that. We do that by housing 87 different families and night in hotel room. And you know it's really no cause I think we asked for ten dollars a night but at the campaign it will weigh the costs and there's a great community base in this city. Become an cooked meals. Many different banks. Very different companies in numerous Reno mentioned here all come in a partner whether this could mills so we know that those families have a warm bed. They don't give us early gonna hot shower they've got mills they get a family room and get a feeder they get a place that they can call home. Why their kid is being treated in this is a one of Kia city's best charitable organizations sure is and we noticed a lot of families in you mentioned children's mercy hospitals as a partner. Great great Austro. One of the best they come from all over I mean I was seen a steady of the day I think we have served. People from 36 states. Out in the United States right here turtles mercy hospital at around my house because they come for all or for that special care that you can only get there for kids them. I'd like to learn more about them and drama on the web right now. Now Ronald it's RM eight seat Casey's done a war that's right you wanna learn more there is a great link on their how you can help. Talk about some of the upcoming events you are having some of the stories and and ways to stay involved in donate that's great so how long we'd be of torture for telling in the year to engineer is taken off then so be so you may not even on the board for all of seven years seven years Luka. Jim it's been really sting amana. Figure out some quick questions here than than our next thing and after the break. What is your favorite all time McDonald's promotion thought that was if you want. Well you've been through a lot of big kick it was painful level one will never forget is that beanie babies have remote choice typical we are not ready for that we didn't know what. Phenomenon beanie babies were right. They really were one point or when they were the first time we did that I mean we were out of groceries. There warehouse routing gross she's learning hey it killed us. What is that like when you have a happy meal to a nowadays nowadays it's maybe you'll differ with the Internet that you know in the eighty's and ninety's when you have that. That popular thing to me with is used cars lining up. Car it was craziness I mean. So the good the bad and the agony we saw parents find and over and giving toys and mad at us over limits and you know kids being. It was your typical home you know what's at Arnold Schwarzenegger movie when you know it's Christmas and you can't get the toy it was it was at a McDonald's through all day for like. A month. The first time there are so many different ones we changed amount and the newer come in in new Russian German and never stop never stop people we want to pay whatever for that I good. And must your store is not children's areas right now that's gonna evolve into that market very good. When I was a child you know it was it was the shows it was the carousel it was. It was a couple little things now it's it's a lot bigger player ground staff playgrounds in the restaurant that's right to food but. Well this is village saying we're talking all about McDonald's. Looking forward to learning more after the break we're to talk about how Jim help build some of the royals and chiefs partnerships and get into some more of his his funny stories about McDonald's over the years through senior drove nation Jason real in 1980 pay in hand. Welcome back to grill nation with Jason grill 9 AM came BZ on iTunes and stitcher radio as well that's. Grill nation should dot com we can find all over old shows photos of our guests. And connections to us on social media Jim away he. It's an easier again for our final segment he's the owner operator Dave McDonald's. Here in the Kansas City here are mostly up north and he's ahead of sports share their own McDonald. Charity here in Kansas City as well as a added a musician we have you talked about that's right. You you do a lot of things the community and you seem to meteor yellow line energy. I did you feel a lot Ngo and need a lot and imaging to get all the stuff I need to get done so. Royals and chiefs. That's evolved over the years you guys do a lot of stuff from them I know. You're the at the heart of America. McDonald's co op kind of built an innovative partnership Tulsa about those is and others want exciting when coming up through the chiefs' season. Starting to that's right we're starting our fifth here in our keys. Partnership actually were star in the first year renewed for years partnership the fears that will be when the chiefs. Or more years and we're really excited about that's a great partnership you know. Mark Donovan values sees present of these on the show before Alia is that he is a great guest and gay guy he loves us because we signed when they're like two and eleven and nobody believed. So now another get a regular playoff that is right and this so they made us again deal stick around and we felt it was good for them good for us and we just love the branding because our colors are the same our customers are the same. We all go together really did and I'm like detectives for a few minutes about a red Friday in our partnership this is a big. Staple of the chiefs red Friday and were honored that the keys would accuse Ronald McDonald house to be the beneficiary. I'm already Friday proceeds you know you can't really. Fine the community involvement a red Friday anywhere any NFL by hearing cans sitting invented by Lamar Hunt all those years ago them over and actually I think this the 26 year red Friday. But a keynote Clark's involved he's on the stores all the chiefs. A manager and around the stores and their communities and their. Out there helping the self flags and all the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald house so when we started I think 5 in the morning. Go to eleven. Or was supplies last we might even have until 1 o'clock this you want to see. But. We have these special designed flags at the chiefs themselves designing Clark kind. Says the approval on the final design with a Clark Kent family and their signed and dated. Which is my suggestions so and the dome back the beanie babies make during the you know other than I knew her memory I knew what to do that so every year they just signed and dated. And there are different designs similar collectibles seek and putting your man cave or. No I shipped these flags to California. Assembly can can they've been flying to South Africa my friend there. So they're they're gonna slow and all dollar the all over the place and England their flown in England these flags. So it's great so we hope everybody comes out on September. 15 on red Friday. And it's a flag in their flag red Friday morning of the red Friday at your local McDonald's. You guys also have a you give you about cheaper to winners sack right. This right so area. But is now what I should know they'll minus the big Mac for sacks which is great we're in India and it in pre season cell the of the day last week we actually had a big Mac for sacked. So there is a by going to when freeing and we had him. Meet royals went double play the same day so as the dollar in doubles so we gave the store away. Last Saturday if anybody wants to know there's a lot more and you mentioned the royals two years of surgeons who work within you mentioned though played yield them the dignity give partner an innovator refuse well Damien did and you know we're just really. Happy to be part knew the royals and just excitement again. We have the same fans we have passive and same customers. And we wanna partner would those people that you know love the royals some of the chiefs from the McDonald's in the kind of brings us all together. That's like he sounds like you one thing you value Jin is. Ability community obviously it'll community in finding ways to partner up and help help out different organizations in town and do things that make make sense. That's right we recently gave way 7000 backpacks. You Kansas City, Missouri school district to get the most stardom all the up lots owners are there is stuffing and we film ukrainians and no books and papers in a racers include an. OK as I stuff and we gave up 5000 McCants and Missouri public schools and 2000 the Boys and Girls Club in which the great organization with five locations here in Kansas City we work with the boys and there. Girls club to. Very cool. Jim so you've been doing this to pretty much. Must your life. What are you excited about I mean moving forward I mean with McDonald's and you know that that the future you shoots well our future's going to be a very technical future with technology we're in embrace it all in like has talked about earlier with. Mobile or order in paying it. Rumor eats and we're going to be remodel and all the stores all the stores are going to be remodeled. By 22 when he they're all going to be the new look everyone and now. Do we have any new looks stories here against Cyrano yeah we do you know all the new and have the big arcade the new fronts on in my one eye toward them very wrote. Looks like that Smith looks like that I. And plant city's going and a the wrecking ball in October this year. You know less is something people think about remodeling of the stores. You know it is an extra thing do you think about managing your sister cycles. Yet managed people we got to manage products we got to manage equipment we got to manage. That's cycles we got to manage community involvement while the other must see how many team members you have your McDonald's. I get about 450 him or fifteen years. Yeah well. Lots of managers I can't do bomb itself we gotta have good people off and are you logon of these different allocation bomb going to be out McDonald's today so you know I have a lot of responsibility rent and necco right now then so I've got people that kind of help me but I'm in my stores you know. Every other day men some store in talking to people when I'm there for crisis cinema. Phone call away and some people I'm a pastor or some people Orman dad some people. I'm afraid and you Gorman employer. I Wear a lot of different hats ready and he's McDonald's. Yes you do that's for sure now aid is a good number four and it seems like am I mean just seemed like you know if it's a law. I mean if you go any higher than eight you know Jim you be able to handle that anymore I feel like I'm always hiring. I'm always tired and need good people and you can't do anything that good people. So where zero when your favorite Don you've ever been to that outside of Kansas City if anyone's ever traveling in. You know what's your visit visit the originals at the when he should check out unlike that old rock and roll McDonald's in Chicago but they didn't destroy it and made it all brand new but it was really a Kirkland got in their view. The Beatles walking across Syria and all the memorabilia and they you know I didn't meet. Standards anymore in the building is old buildings there Regis that's a landmark store there in Chicago downtown Chicago that was a really cool thing now we stopped you in the new one. Off I four in Orlando Florida off Sam lake road as the course. The world's largest McDonald's owned by the orders and that's a great story to stop and whatever you near universal. And then I foreign sand lake road and stuff there. What's your favorite all time McDonald died or maybe you had overseas that we wouldn't have an America overseas man's is that I've been agent before we know some crazies or else I. You know when you're overseas you just thankful for a big match. He's been garnering big Macs still pretty popular and they have but I there's been so you guys have grown those right there's that the bigger now in agree they're great Yemen and the -- big Mac mega Mac who might do that again next year but that was a good promotion this year how often easily run these promotions like how long is their life cycle three to four week period if that's this month but next year it's going to be a long term strategy a dollar menu to dominion three dollar menu long term everyday deals. You meet McDonald's every day still. Well I can eat some stuff on their money keep your diet so I do you know no cards no sugar but. I Udall a safe to bacon ate the burger meat onions I eat some of our top means I mean. Grilled chicken yes Oreo lots of people and coming dolls and their on the you know these whole thirty Ted things of these Tito diets and they can find many items that that fit their diet it's not just all car was in the Fries and you can find what you need and he is doing all the now absolutely men were always there and we always have options and that's really the best option when you undergo. Go to McDonald's and eat this stuff because you can. You did all right there pretty affordable. You guys have done that well over the years Jim I appreciate you coming in today and good to have a north player park to grad he's been very successful over the years and has helped a lot of different families and people here in Kansas City. There is work as an owner operator McDonald's throughout the region and also as the board chair of the Ronald McDonald house here. In Kansas City congrats on your success honored to be here Jason and a lot of funny Q. You've been listening to grill nation joke you enjoy itself you learn a little bit a look forward to see.