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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert newer and national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host that conversation took them that's global. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connected you have the X-Factor you'll enjoy. Real solutions. You connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter and I've grilled nation show at all online at. Gorilla nation showed dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up there. We've been in a radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello welcome to the grill they should show I'm your host Jason growth thanks for joining me today on ninth PD AM and appreciate also listening today on iTunes via podcast and if you. And into the show online agro nation should dot com we appreciate you joining us there as well. One new appreciate you guys all joining us for sure number 171 of the gorilla nation shell excited to have a fun show and now when he gets you our show here in the second introduced one of our key partners and sponsors of the gorilla nation shell. For sophomore introduce our title sponsors to show their trust Milbank puke if financial and two US companies and Ryan Greene contributed to show our. The rear NJ rearing coach Ryan maybe Casey eighty CD NC area development council and last but not least. Is argue I guess coasted on their contributor to the relationship today. Bryant's are firm true wealthy company. The website is retire with true dot com Brian is the president and chief investment officer true wealth and company. Very fun showed an ailment dominant dominant handed over to my guess coast introduce our guest today have been look reportedly show and one of the reasons why is because I love Italian food and it's always nice to have talk about and that's for sure it's always good to eat as well towing it over Bryant's 20 winners our guest today welcome to show O'Brien. Many thanks Jason I'm hungry already and women who started talk I don't know. So haven't heard that a JJ had declared September national come holy month. You know I thought it's only fitting that we visit one of Kansas city's finest chefs being the first children haven't September. We have a shift Jasper Jaber Rob Blake and Jasper today JJ. There's a homegrown sensation in Kansas City he runs his friendly's a 64 year old restaurant consistently rated one of the best in Kansas City. JJ is a culinary instructor. To founding member of slow food Kansas city international board member of the American institute of wine and food. He knows many famous chefs on his weekly radio show live from Jasper kitchen on KC MO 7:10 AM. And he sells a line of dressings and sauces and just as a fabulous restaurants over a 103 and in state line. His third book on McConnell we trail should be on bookshelves soon. I wanna welcome JJ tomorrow. Good afternoon and the heavy national could only moment now and let's talk and always been here come all of it doesn't look you know Akamai. I feel bad. I'm an embryo canola is unlike the well I have just a miserly old Brittany dude I was so embarrassed right now you guys are young and my goodness no early notoriety comes we aren't a whole month September to make up for that I don't think he knows my thirty days. Did you know that you were immature repeatedly ED tasted 52 no it's really made me it's a little embarrassing but my nephew and I were on a trip to Italy and the minute we off the airplane we go. In the airport and grab an espresso and numb. I grab it can only when it was only. Like 7 AM in the morning sets that's OK can do it's at 6 o'clock he could he can always. And and we get more on the on the highway that pull over we get a a little call deny Graham another one in the afternoon I had one and then that night at dinner time I had one as after dinner we had one. And happy so could take some college you have a somebody were on the can only trail in the right then being being being hit me. We are so let's just make this holds you're looking for the world's greatest cannot usually wiwa who want to throw the ball exactly nobody runs the world for sauce on there you go exactly go for tomorrow backlight. Where do you find that can oil and gas well it's that beamer is the world's best the living room next cookbook and I'm like give it away and it's actually at the end of the other cookbook. I can make tee and and in that the Jasper is cookbook. We went through Sicily. Twelve days. You say that the can always their mourn particularly. And the last day we leave. To go back to the hotel in Palermo my cousin that lives and you believe that Sicily take suspected hotel. We get back till till the front desk man tells me he's got a box remained. Take a box upstairs when that. I'm home they'll let's have a little gift for a big grain kids in the nephews and nieces. In all of you know that the scenes we did date they wraps up up like what war pounds of twine. In my nephew wants opened a box of CJ to sleep for later on we're up in the room and sensible get a tomorrow we get home knowledge opener. We opened up an in the box a little leather and net pay in it reads. You wouldn't all through Sicily looking for the world's greatest can only you failed to ask your cousin of one. And network you can go. And I mean there you go about it chill and tears. And the world's greatest family within my own backyard gold time would you not against city but insists that my mother world's greatest canola. A dream about you're grandfather Leonardo let's start yes the first. Restaurant in cancer he was in New York wall and then moved here tendencies are how do you get from New York to Casey and then. And and and how do you pick here to start where it's been such an incredible family tradition. What people don't realize my grandpa came from Sicily. And came to Kansas City when he came through Louisiana and that up to Kansas City couldn't find work and left them with a new York and then came back. And my grandpa never gets credit we always talk about gas for my father. But migrant Paul was behind my father doing everything all the time. And it wasn't like he had the money because they were very very poor and less important they didn't have a doorknob to the house if you screw driver to get into the house. I mean quality rough from people not people now see the grand restaurant and a mole the mobile five stars and all the awards and everything in this Fillmore and while these people you know what a well they must you know happen but it all started back a pulp. And Nona back in 1954 but you could get even part of back. When they had to ship bar which now been redone you know you heard about the ship down in the in the Al west bottoms no. On my gavel to ship was downtown. For many many years my grandpa owned from 1950 in my father from 1950 to 54. And they also in the bar called lucky tavern. They sold the lucky tavern and the ship and they came he said he that the worn out. And everybody told my DN AM pop up at it was the biggest mistake they remain. You know never mean there's a streetcar stops of civic history. There's a dirt road if the county line. And who's gonna go up the Sony for the morning so far south. And Don Lee exactly easy news alert we come on I mean now to 167 and that's not you know there's Google partnered by them. I'm Lee and my father both had a chance that by ear the Savoy or Jasper. Jail McHugh was BO realtor. And my did talk a mom and they decided no let's watts now. And and this from accuse old this avoided Donnelly who had up until a couple of years ago which has now been redone at all. And the restaurant my father opened up twelve tables. A bar and grill. And nominees that mom used to make aids and put him on the counter in the jar just like you see a margin known. I did when he really really carry Camelot you it'll ask your legs and that's was the money she made they made around forty miles a week back in the it's Islamic cookbook also the story. And little by little my did just talk himself because my daily big football player. 12 ideals out here in Kansas City and he. You've got a military school that's limited. Ray in the restaurant the same way would do what life lessons and values did you learn from your father and grandfather colony say some discipline. And you know what conservation. And I'm talk about how to how to save. How to how to watch every vein that goes on I mean everything you eat we have our eye on everything we think we do. That's great that's great it's just her left side is Jasper is Casey Docomo may be right back after the break. More fun more stories were advised him talking about Italian food it's can be great shouldn't in gorilla nation just coasting attributed to show Bryant's are does that mean president. True wealth and company you're listening grilled. Welcome back to the growth nation show appreciate stick to withstand nine AD AS ABC and as well. Relationship dot com and on iTunes via podcast with Bryant's are from. Two wealthy company the president chief investment officer. They agree company here in Kansas city's gets coasting attributing today is website is retire with true dot com and I'm Brian great conversations so far with Jasper desperate restaurant in Kansas City is Jasper is Casey dot com one a lot of awards. By the US take this say about what you start off with a story in kind of in the ups and downs the thirty restaurant. I mean you don't hit your your grandfather Leonardo and you're dead Jasper who's been there restaurants named after. I just wanna learn what are some initial struggles that you saw you heard them talk about and how that shaped you as as you run your restaurant today. Well I look back now and I see you my grand parents went there and what my mom and they went there and those are lessons that I carry on today. And I try to teach my nephew in and even mine my key employees. And people who numerous for a long time because. I think if they know the story and the struggles they had back in the day. When you only get in 69 cents for area and this tipoff that. And of course when your you're some whole pizza pie at least the column back and or 89 cents. And trying to survive on a little bit of profit that you do you make. In the restaurant business because people don't realize everybody sees. How he had his grand restaurant I can just imagine the money that this rest must take him. You realize the insurance Iran you know you're glass breakage you know and just everything just accumulates. And in the end you're probably better off getting the job somewhere right then than owning a restaurant. But my father stuck what are in my and I'll say what he was one tough guy and we always have a saying around the restaurant. We still talk about it every day at the restaurant called mode Romeo and it means my way and I thank him. And it was just my father's way of running the business he was self taught I would universe Nevada Las Vegas restaurant hotel school loner with a Denver university we're lucky. We're fortunate we are Baltimore book Smart. My idea was three Smart with the restaurant business and how to make relationships back in the 1950s. Which were a lot easier now it's global more difficult you know we have the bread company and that and the pasta company you work with. And making deals back in what's now is you know it's part of the business but. Everything was on hand shake back in and you trusted everybody. We do you want to be a chef all I know myself I was six years old likes to hang around an honest house and sitting on the counter. Watching her get six or seven ingredients. And put this beautiful beach figured that we will also are on the table and joy in my blood. Can imagine. Sitting around your house all my and just try and all the food and all of the UV experimentation and that I mean. That's just going to be a group to to have for the holidays a year ago all it was funny because we stand in the basement of an of the new house we called it on a hunger not twelfth street. I did have a working kitchen in the basement. We'll which we call we'll be expedited we'll. In the basement. And also I'm Tony at a table that's set maybe 24. When he formally always been about thirty chairs around it. And the platters of food and the late night talk and my did taking notes in a week trying to dish on their forget that's out chicken Frederico came its beaches in the cookbook. I handle this not take this out here based comments. And even your night it's funny Sunday night we had dinner and the same priest is what rpm with bottom mark let's keep. My sister in law made the sauce made the pasta sauce on the because I didn't feel like cook and I have other things I I've prepared other things. And Marco was sent to head a table just like the eighties sit. And when you look at my serve only so I give you a 97. National wool mart as a marker as grating now integrating big and gossip to all you go. And he said it's like jest reason Telus. I'm never give you hunger because then you have not from the start you know the work right so this legal work on a few things and she said really S of does not know work on thinking he's just plainly about him integrated yeah on your dinner and people just sort of good right that is they Armani here you know serious good taste yeah I'd I'd I'd I learned. More than anything mainly in working within me and sometimes it's not easy. I work my nephew my brother and I mean long days three Jaron three days and then what Jerusalem Leonard Leonard deterrent. And they were on the daily operations while I'm out doing the interviews I'll do in the advertising doing the cooking shows and everything can be but there in the trenches some 190. It can be a conscious direction dozens of will they understand Claire's older light doesn't it behind us those are some pretty generic. Rosie office and that and that but he's back there expediting and my nephew he's putting hours and but I put back in when I was Bernie Herzl. I'm 56 years old went home and I said Kate. And I'm I'm not tired and he spoke with. I work for you now with you. All these years you've never said he retires so don't tell nobody has that you speak to resume does give between us and let you know it's it's it's tough yet to have a family. My father Thomas who work with you. We can't talk about family in your community. And all the friends and everybody that was surrounded the restaurant of 75 and moral here. And then for your grandpa on your dad to sell that location and move to where you're at today talked about. We've had have been just a really tough struggle from the failing to make government it was tough. You know pulp had already passed away and the rest are really was letter myself and my again. And we had mark pulls Italian market we have the throughout Korea we have ilk that they and we had Casper. And when Walgreens came around. On their 3000 Disney World and I got a phone call in 1996 from Leonard saying hey we discount offer for the business hustler Kris. Caucus on this roster does win the world. Personal there's no way they can match what our salaries or the time in the restaurant was already known as a Mobil four star Tripoli for diamond restaurant. Mean I can people apply and have dinner the restaurant. And I mean it was pretty what are on the map back then. Such people as Mitzi Gaynor and Ed McMahon he but it came to town needed gas for sports figures president's. We present port rush come on so long story short. A year 10 on and negotiating my father up they might it was a tough negotiator with. At mister Walgreen. And he dealt with mr. walker insult because Walgreens wanted a specific or against it as you know yes now all. I was outside big deal oh wait right now and they wanna semi to the worn out because of because the CVS across street wasn't CBS back then goes it was Moscow also brilliant and those like you like a little worn out BCC BS. And might be at this price up there and would not budged one single bit but they got his price plus more and we paid employees while we're close which is unheard of until we can open new restaurant it's and that's how we kept the employees here was that that was 1997. The and it took one year to build a new restaurant I was against Obama omelet come around tea. No win the world can we give up just fine dining restaurant the chandeliers the Murano crystal. All the civil war and a fine China it's a two waiters idea it's all the future I didn't. And I admit it right now for everyone. I did not understand why are we leaving this to go Manny gets it because you're not out eagle on vacation once here you'll see what's going on around the restaurant expanding. In what they're doing in Kansas City. In my day it was the first one really close a fine dining restaurant in city. And it just kind of was a trickle down effect in Kansas City what other restaurants I think closed the American EDT. So boy growing up higher in restaurants. Because people just weren't gonna pay that money and dress up like that anymore and we're criticize and we opened up on senate history the tea. The old timers came in and we didn't have that lets those on which of the tablecloth off. And but we still had the Jasper touch that's like call we still ahead that that one thing that nobody else can really. Compete would assume that was mainly be in that called myth. More probably in the house. Implement time we open and so atomic closed as a probably in the house what it might. Rather my nephews even if we had to call my wife member of the same had a heart attack there's always a problem in that restaurant. I know that no running and running a restaurant sometimes when you're sitting there. As a as a patron and enjoy your find me on. And joint service moment you think boy it sure is easy to run a restaurant here but you know I know having worked catering firm. Four years they'll pay my way through college and it's anything but it's wonderful. It's a talk about the backside of the restaurant about him and nobody sees a. And it be great to walk in every morning and see year eight cooks all lined up perfect in uniform. My four K here is just lined up in the walls are perfect and and the dishwasher just running just. Very very quietly. And every just walk around that's a dream. You know is ever gonna happen no do I want to have the know because that's the challenge I have everyday. You don't know what goes on behind the scenes at a restaurant people I think imports were and it just like our eyes are wide open go wow I had no idea. Any of some wrong on the microphone console and we don't do it in new the knew they were guys would. The law I bobs in their ears and I about Mulder but heroes here nearby I think I'm on the my glasses. And now we don't have you know all the computers in the fancy machines we do. But you still him in the ticket today to place your order right. A person still order is that. What goes on now on the rest from business still went on in nineteen before the same thing in the way map on Iran that restaurant and the kitchen we do the same thing today. Yes three about a minute thirty left in the second you mentioned. Sunday bossa and cooking all you don't just tell us not a military all go through your favorite Italian dishes that you don't forget Tony what mama's meatballs assaults at a mean of all the positive. The Putin massive amounts are shot and a clam sauce. Although those Tuscan Rogge news. I still go back. The old Sunday soft I call button to slow simmered with the meat balls because. Sunday morning you wake up these small meatballs cooking. Nico announcer Jeff fried meat off and then about 2:3 o'clock you have your pasta dish. 8:9 o'clock at night we have fried buster. My daughter shall we talk about that because she's in Jacksonville now and we still talk about. Prime Basel late at night a little couple where you put in there. Frying pan that's now you know I think about all have not home back in time and I still the same smell that same salts. My nephew and I went to Sicily last time. My nephews it's down he takes a bite at a positive he looks at me look at. It tastes just like home message hey you are home couldn't hear put to rest he's seen from this yeah this spot get at Villanova in any. When you can do it again and replicate that same dish sometimes you can do that would where the pain from a cup my dishes. But in business and posture it brings everybody together come on he put the table. That's my life just pushed. We wish we had a right now from all we are yeah. I don't feel guilty because it's a renovated every second until. My knows meat balls can always be able to sound solution is they solicited relations show me right back after the break with more. Rights are and we're at talk did you ask for more about his business and probably it's more fun questions here after the break through Cindy grilled me. I've yet. Welcome back to the grill nation jog your host chasing drug precede joining us today in 1980 AM and all right scenes and if you're listening online. At grill nation should dot com we greatly appreciate we will post photos of our. Our guest today and also you can connect with us on social media acts. JC grill in Accra nation shown Twitter and look for me on FaceBook in Syria and snap Chad you name it to search for my name. Bryant saarc is what the season contribute to the show and gets coast today is joins us each and every month and brings some. Fascinating guests he's the president chief investment officer of true wealth and company the website is retire with true dot com. Got desperate does as well gestures a restaurant to Jesper is TC dot com on the Internet. A bright it was sort of soft here in the seven that we have a lot more topics to get to and I'm just dreaming of could always right now is now. I just know admit. I was just think of a show this week we're on you're 45 PM today and then when you're gonna listen to the show probably gonna give the driver owner were to just prison test how well they sound like. Well are there any other any offs menu items that somebody can order or give like a speaker menu offers right now. And we talk about that a lot of I always tell my brother RC a we should put that menu out yet add twenty more new items to the menu got caught by the people realize that route you know being in business 65 years. There's a lot of vision that we had we taken off the mini today just reflects the problem the best seller. You know they veal dishes the veal lamb and and that and the baked lasagna and and in the us can't be Lebanese eight and dishes like that. And people don't realize that when they come and put in this get the pasta you know what that would Behar let's solace in the late in the night false. That is still available in my church on assaults is available with appreciate the Hammond and kept it and onions and tomatoes but carbon our policy that. People or that would mean it's a lot allow you using your upon what the bacon and AG on that and a lot of veal dishes like the old school feel but column when people come in. And the city want the old real economy. From Jasper on Seneca street. Which is like Avila Manama on a bed of pots and then melted keys on top of that. So there are a lot of this is kind of like Starbucks has their secret miniature of the secret mania desperate even that Markel poll to tell you market opened up front. Some additions like we get the it chamber and you slice it. And you and in happened you make you put tomato sauce and and pepperoni and cheese on it. And you bake in the culinary pizza and missile groans and industry before we had pizza back on the menu. She's or that that was a low pizza just like red brick pizza. Am so different same wedges are still on the the menu now. But same with his with a different variations. You'll place it's painful for you there was one call that Philly. With that he peppers and onions for the Petit is and may need to have on senate this year we have mark Paul the tea market at all these sandwiches and pizzas impostor. In Jasper is wood about 48 and economy yet ilk they would before Starbucks we're talking. With a real express on puppet you know and all the different drinks so we're fortunate to have no looks today and there's still with us from Soviet history. It's people who want to grilled sausages on senate this week. 39 years with the -- you take reservations and just Aaliyah it went 69416600. Or online and Jasper is Kasey Fleisher reservation. I threw that in America I throw I love I love the blog. It. Well I threw that in there because so many restaurants today that they want to call it's you know we'll take reservation ridiculous they don't go the extra step from that and so we have a special occasion when you walk somewhere. The restaurants that are available we'll take a reservation our lust in my sight on why the train to go against someone it's so easy. No look I know exactly why because they don't wanna spend time hiring people who work the door who have to work a computer who have to work at opal. You call places today only it's the phone or goes to a computer if that ever happened suggest would work computer answer the phone. And there's a big problem the problem and it really when you can't talking MB and were you can't imagine asking about you know asked about the menu. My brother miners have all the time can they pick up the phone instead of just X number of I mean. And on my reservation but yeah over 60% of reservations come in online now yes so don't be ready for that and we don't have Opentable we do our own system. Moto meal cereal here and he might make its own systems ya get what you guys have always been positive things in a lot of things are runway and you see a lot of awards and accolades we have and it and which one wins means the most to you. I have to say is they got. Top. Top. Ten a tame restaurant in North America. I mean that's that's gonna last in restaurants in New York. Chicago. LA Washington DC order until Isaiah Lewis he'll come all right I enrollees are right in that award a little come on how do you say your op. I mean that's how that how that happened east west network which is huge top ten restaurant in North America and just last week travel leisure. Topped eighteen attain a top eighteen restaurant in America. And be included in those are asking delivery needs was just awarded. We're in the top fifteen iconic nations North America and the filming what what is TI ITT Thailand literally I guess a what are your favorites it's it's the dish that name is is just the opposite of what it should be scampi I'll live grenades. Is from love are no illegal recipe. In low Vernal they never ever cook with cream it's on the ocean tomatoes olive oil garlic nasal that should be a recipe. My did couldn't afford to change the menu back in 1954. When Emmitt refuge on the menu if sharp what do cream sauce. We look Sherry wine and spices. And it should because can't be Allah. I have people they come in say. We just got back from Laverne oh Italy and those people are need to learn how to cope lesbian mother like the Lebanese leader and has failed cage but I don't really care. Let me tell you the state of but it could afford to pay by dollar the kings dominion so we just want when Lebanese. Let's read that's from just speaking of of food items in menu items I was reading through I notice that. You have a sign or there you're your grandfather have signed for pizza Aaliyah and I was reading through that only you in the majestic served PSI com. And it was an unknown concept now although good pizza be unknown in 54 because. She remembered that and that was a local Paymah who are very good friends or family back in the day on period as the people they came back from the war. And the guys came back and he wanted. This pizza that they were bad. And people think pizza home that you know we we do a pizza like that today but it's it's an old scores to see and I. But not pizza like MP3 PT UC. NAND mussels open up around the same time I Pollard you and cast Sony's and we put on the menu. And it was a hit from the beginning because people in the what you did know what to expect you start pizza and useless not on Jasper shadow market polls I've looked Aaliyah who can. Jesper. Are hungry yet. I was in Chicago this week and had nestled all come all Mary goes so let's talk to us about social media have its impact if you because I know in and the competitive restaurant industry. Social media is very important you know stay in touch through their customers and put out some phones or their wants on chair acolytes. You love it or you hate it now I love social media I love Twitter. My daughter set me up on all of this ten years ago what with Twitter account and FaceBook and and everything and now instead Graham of course we love ins to ram and and and snap Chad and all that but. You know when we come when their Internet first came around and it really bothered me and it still does some things where you can go to a site. You could talk about a restaurant that you never visit I can be in Austria. And review Jasper is restaurant right now on supervisor Neil. And give it the worst rating order best rating in the world. How how much he rely only saints who unfortunately. As a restaurant tour I have to because I have customers every single night coming. We just we just got in town we went on Yelp and we were looking for the best of tame restaurant and yours came up. So unfortunately people believe that these pains now you have three helpers which are great yet fewer people. Who followed supervisor and then you have the same ex employee with the if you back. You know you and yours someone that's so. We you know there's a bad idea is a highly Saudi due to negative reviews design every business eventually gets one or two were through you hope that customers read. 249. Good reviews and skip that one you or you'll see there's one right now on on supervisor. History great ones for the past week. And once as disappointed over its portion size of the Maine to dinner. We have committed that last month six courses I could not impetus not a big guy. And they didn't think there was no tomatoes no dinner so you look at some things and people know you look any kind of laughing eagle connect reviewed. Arkansas and I wouldn't say it is Islam it's hard to get work about a man outside compel us. I'm very familiar photos on the acumen of the dog big like the size of the plate it's easy last year Albuquerque. Listen this is sure you know people people go on Twitter or go on its program and then I can showcase. Some make it we love that people say I think a pitcher. If they ship or restaurants here is eagle is that big where he won't let him take pitcher and he shouldn't be in business. A little place last week in a big sign up on the window no photos or is it. It's not even a -- the way the world these days they hate the same but here why I'm a I'm an amateur radio businesses like you all a night. I I promote my restaurant your radio show and all. Books. You know what's some of drug on this program and promote your restaurant for free and get these influences which you know what influences here these young kids. I think has some 56 now and promote your restaurant all about it. And find one dish like our cable side Motorola. We're in business speaking of young kids who get a minute half left in this segment. Give us some lessons he would tell the person he's a young Jeffrey Lewis opened a restaurant what will which are key since that they should take away any advice you give them well first of all you unique culinary school yes I unfortunate common school and I had to work in a restaurant but while you're in congress will you need to work for restaurant. And now a corporate restaurant who worked for a family restaurants or you know how this. And then when you get out of school unless you wanna open up a restaurant. In your chef and I would work for corporate hotel. Because you'll get experience not only in and dining but also in management and large scale. But then for restaurant tour someone who does says hey I got fifty dollar I'm a thousand idea gaining some ground doesn't to a restaurant. You think twice about that. And this other way my own and don't try to he'd tell you how they've always invest the restaurant now live look what that would look at your you return is and and look at the failure rate of restaurants today. Mean he also gets a lot of competition there's no latte residents against city. But I would hate to open up in the same restaurant in I worked because I mean number one they're razor critic. But number two people have their favorites. It's in the big city but it's not a big if you think then so I mean we have a lot of followers among the great things going on. But you know you're not as good as your last meal. Do you serve at 39 at 10 o'clock goofy and people remember that and Ellis to be that you get all the school and everything but. You'll know what's going on the back and house low if you don't want him bottom line. Betting numbers. Jagger dagger you're listening to grill nation regret back after the break her final segment and excellent. Think it was just. Welcome back to the growth nation showed 1980 AM on it chasing grow priciest thing with this today it's been a lot of fun talking to Jasper. And Bryant's our visit me guess goes contributor true wealth in company. Wow Brian let's let's lead off the next segment last segment of the show I'm not excited about some Italian talk here. Oh yeah this is definitely star. And when the show's overnight until the show's over you go over it to table adjusters they will take your reservations. Come over and and hang out there. So JJ. And I like you call me JJ because people don't realize my friends. Like Steve Bell. Steve gear. Where you want column know me as JJ and them customers walk in the front door and they say we're friends at Jasper. My daughter my wife worked indoors or as well you are well I'm desperate daughter on as the white nice to meet you here. There are in Macedonia. And so any plans Obama's second location. We've been assets so many times and you know about ten years ago Larry and I were offered a arrest from Las Vegas and major hotel and we turned it down. And it wasn't because there's none of employees are whether family or because I you know I this item wanna leave my my wife and daughter home and go. The Vegas I lived up there with the school up there. And it's because we believe if you're gonna do some you do right. If enough at this restaurant for three families. And I think the more you start spinning you lose something. And I just know. If I know location can see people commencing. Well we liked the restaurant entered a little better than meat balls are a little bit different down there or the sauce taste I'm a bit different that location. And I'm when actually we turned down at least I've offers a year. They go to casino here in town or go to another location. Will build to build this man who do this and that gets you in there even even the putra. Mean you'd put our name on something to be before we put our name on the evening that it tests we do catering. We did catering and that's because we could still watch it out of my kitchen. The indicator for tuna for the people here at a wedding and I saw every different sauce that was blown out in those containers. I knew at the mine atlas tech before went out. Of first time if in my from a first timer rude gestures. When what order would go which are beyond my idea on my list I think it's it's everything you know darling I'd say something new something old LaMont come up all through them say about old school dishes. Something new would be a lot Rick Pitino. Puppets you know I'm Kirk has gonna do it that it's a lot from this serve in the cup if you. With foam on top and I'm not Taiwanese fancy phones come out with cream bowl sweet and savory. Or this can't be Allah Lebanese which we talked about already and if you're in the cream sauce if your bread and a soft it's better this ship itself. Definitely have a positive now which one had its progress on the ice off a regular solves. He could get your rest on the assaults. And then probably and I never throw people's names around some certain actors from Kansas City who grew up in Casper is. You very famous ones I'd over to chicken parmesan desperate and they upgraded as. Hannity or they and I had a from many many months. And let's. First on my food Thai restaurant always have speed million people why aren't these assault apparently can't makes for good you meat balls are not coming back it's a shame I mean you can't make meatballs and you Indian business. People who buy these rubber meatballs. I'm Smucker company come in frozen out here you shouldn't be in business and if you can make me open era or I shoot for 500 people they will make meatballs. Yeah go by him and you know think about it big another career maybe. We had a cuisines but we do get Jasper you need to tell if you Torre for seven men are not the early evening at all if you follow me councils community on a tear down this title of other restaurants. Right chickens my fear through in the world. I beg my wife opened up right chicken house. Just yesterday we saw little house special look. It could be a retirement from the little house like we are right we can check a you can make your fried chicken mashed potatoes coleslaw. And and gravy and we can do little the little donuts at the end. We can't be our retirement to. That is not retirement is still big and restaurant right now that's that desperate journey you're still thinking about that they have other ways to I don't know I love Asian cuisine island evening cuisine. It's just intrigued me use all these different spices. In Italy we have already know. I am basal of legal we call it. Partially of course will carry a gun but. We don't you know a Rosemary of course but we'll mix of these different flavors compliment did we do for five ingredients to make a whole day. So speaking of retiree chips. Our or Indian chefs. Mario partner or elbow to his then current elbow to have the top morrow struck just off and we were just talking before that do you need to limit. We used to yeah my we didn't carry out from he was a personal in Kansas City. Who had carry out boxes here or weeks to come on 56 years old we don't you bag each include home web bag. You're taking home a Puerto preposterous in bag he weasel cartons he had these containers. And I would go just because you get tired of attained dude now. On the people are gonna have a criticize me about that what you want some different. And I bring back if he had in my salad if there Ellis told about this movie I'd watch. And around a hundred yards journey about this. This Indian ship who went across the street fifth French restaurant learned that to repair. Wrench Corzine and using these different spices and the same thing but. I really consider my Diop kind of easy. I don't have that many greens the workbook I can make a hundred different dishes out of you know one day you 45 ingredients I love. Blue blue balloons time when Purnell pops through the front door with. It does show up with food for us to even imagine the house also I got your mind yet I also know this is a new effort to opinions of Greek epic well. And all decide this is on Micah Jesper what is you've had a lot of success of readers and your family what would you tribute as the top. Maybe one Artie thinks that's success of why it happened. Here the city and it and then following up on that Kansas City the water fair ending about a belt being here in order of business. City because the people here are low they really are and they love to come to our restaurant remembering their friends and I like if you would think about cheers. Or think about olive garden you know tears had just the same you know as you know when you're when olive garden at the same when you're here your family via. And cheers everybody knows your name yet and that's your olive gardens told they should have that for corporate restaurants are we opened up when he or she market. That I better not let up but you don't have any unlimited breads it exactly but when you're but when you're here you come in my restaurant. We want you feel at home because we live here ice and fifteen hours a day here. And is less than nine hours a homer somewhere else you know come on. So this is my family you come here in new experience in my family. Once you're in my home. Immortal I do come out the year IP people not today I know guys I forgot what yeah yeah I want never get over his in my own my own has such. But here's an incan city loves me more. We shall warts can zoom in The Who won the open coming shifts. In Thomas the people should do our. They won a couple restaurants still west. Apple I've had my round yo and he was abroad more he's now brought more school he's now the Savoy grill. Is fantastic. Not open coming because he's my age it'll older mammoth but that right out there Michael Smith. Knew what he's doing and he's gonna open up at a restaurant arena I cannot wait people say are you crazy here promote another day of rest your promote and I shot. Why not I love donuts and a 45 guys doing doughnuts right now iron in city and you know that's that's what it's all about. Who doesn't hurts and it's only gonna do day just we would Saturday not a picture of an 11 o'clock. Value and we were down there we went we went down and let them like they're 3011 to 1230 no later than it was like I was again out almost an hour ten minute wait due to the line. So winning is a generic windows or not because they're too busy. So we went back who's we Joseph Biden shook and I said it's just too much so we went back Sunday morning at 6:30 in the morning you don't yeah I'm going. But you know people people who opened up a little restaurant on the guys a little pokey place down program artists have Gergen thank you watched people like that and what they're doing. If casket go far but there's a lot of young chefs in can't see Ryan was over at over a novel. In your spot as he had these guys are incumbents watch out for somebody shows who work and for the restaurants right now will be open up a rest and I'm not forgiving me. Is there may leave a name I guess Bradley we've we've had a great time answers are what we death well I love getting out we did a great job rents are fakes are setting up the show imparting up to me yes we're a nation show retire with true. Dot com and also check judge Naspers TC dot com and a Jesper is very active on social media so check that out as well. You listen to grow nation will begin next weekend Amaechi stuff by desperate. Have a good we'll fix it.