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Saturday, September 9th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your host of grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello welcome to a grill in the nation I'm your host Jay seeing growth thanks for listening today on came easy nine PDM and on. Real nation showed dot com preachy doing is well today via iTunes and stitcher radio via podcast. Opry she always connect to me on Twitter at Jason grill and I grill nation show appreciate the follows have you been enjoying our last few shows. We really enjoy them ourselves really lucky to have some really great guests. And we will have won it in studio today that will. Knock your socks off another good another saying of the death. And we also are lucky to have one of our partners and supporters of the relationship and you mentioned those real briefly before we get to our show today. Title sponsor of the show our trust Milbank BO pay financial into west advisors and Ryan Greek and contributors and guess coasted to show our. The Reagor NJ rearing co. Ryan may be one might luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander music gets coast. And on air contributor once a month he's with me today in studio welcome to the show clip the eight Jason has gone. So are things in your necklace first off for them to that I want to see you preview our guest yes it's tough the show today because. We are very lucky they Clifton is very well connected here in the Kansas City area. And he he from time to time brings in some really great guests and one of them is today. John neem infuse the director they come sports for the American yeah and so tell us about this guy before you to segments he's going to be following this after the break. But if you like sports architecture if you like. Book going to different sports stadiums and you'll see they got the design them in and help get that done he's going to be seated today. He's worked in some amazing projects cross country all over the world really on the you know John is they is a gay guy have known him for. More than fifteen years probably almost close is closing in on twenty years Suisse to work together Eller Rebecca architecture which is now eighty com about day anybody out there among got mine out and but you know John still works there I left there a long long time ago but we've we've seen in touch and we have lunch once in awhile and this talk about business and life and sports and architecture and all sorts of things but. You know John as one of those pioneering kind of guys he's been around in the sports architecture field offered for decades. And has led to end design and then project manager on some of the biggest most interest seeing. The stadium arena. College sports product projects all of the world youth and he's part of the KC. Architecture sports architecture community which I wanna talk with him a little bit about as well today. Yeah I'd like to talk throughout that's he's response for strategy next usually comes integrated sports file form in the Americas. The economics cost consulting planning and programming architecture engineering and operations. Where I talked to him about kind of the about how we got in this way he's worked on some of the stadium projects to a well prop begin in the new and then he he had a huge hand in which was the Sacramento Kings he stadium. He is a diehard Packers fan that is and did some things for the Seattle for you remember that Seattle stadium football city which are epic. And really helped to create their home field advantage and there's metrics I'm. Ball's gonna talk to about ten of some of his favorite things he's worked on some of the spirit stadium he's been too. But also talked about kind of the process for stadiums. And with taxpayer funding kind of an issue these days what is he sees the future of you know sports stadiums design and then we get into some of some of those future thoughts with cost labor innovation but also maybe potentially if we have time. Talked him dot com of the company culture and company were any company or 80000 employees to its how do you buddy bill company culture it. And really kind of why he stuck around in this industry I mean it's exciting always thought about. If I had the the math and science skills. I always thought architecture is pretty cool and when you do with sports Arenas and stadiums. And when you're a big sports and I imagine that's pretty cools wants to see the ins announced that looking for some of his inspiration today and kind of a learning more about what he does I think it'll be some talk to him. Yeah we really get discussion. Alias and Johnson around a long time in this industry and is a gay guy I've known him. For awhile he's one of those innovator types. And little known fact I am. Bit of architecture. Buff and in go to school for a minute. If I did we not there's little I know everybody by so in my honestly like my choices in college were either architecture school or design school. And I two's design school here in Kansas City instead of our. Tex for school if she did well we do your job I did so clipped a little bit this as well today is a thought leader for reactors NC is the website is director Casey dot com. Great company we are lucky to have him as a partner of the show he brings great guests and great knowledge each and every month to the grill nation shell. Before again to some of the connecting that you've done through the radio show I just want to mention a quick event. That is coming up in the month of September. Wicket and Hank is a Bergen company here in Kansas City and air sponsoring security croquet tournament a charm are. For most of this month it's a sixteen team round Robin solve it with. Over four dates for September 13 230. The midwest croquet association will be managing the tournament and officiating. Proceeds will benefit giving you the base security. We can mpeg is a good company have worked with we've had their founder on the show. In the past Ethan white hill is he indeed. An anyways so they are doing a croquet tournament I thought that was kind of interesting how you want more information about it you can go to the web site. WA. W and don't be professional but I think we can mpeg is trying to bring back the the outdoor sports if you will and charmer to get place to do it to check that out. Benefiting giving them the basics. Here. One thing you like to be clipped in his first Fridays yes so you just came awfully low first Friday and a report selected making this time because you had American role barbecue that night and I committed already. But we had some symmetry there in the grill nation show us Afghan and Syria to help one person who we got to keep connecting. More about a tells about that yes so several months ago I was listening to your show as I always do. And you have a guess on the mega map murdered. And she is a really cool. Skinny painter here in Kansas City issue decided to go painting full time. And had a lot of support behind her to do that and listen the show and thought you know many a check out her. Website to kind of work she has and her work is awesome it's really get it's it's very very very. Colorful and dynamic it's kind of liken impressionists and the way a bit more modern style. Easing up Pallet knife and so I mean breach our tour and say hey. Would you be in sin of first try to show reactor and she jumped at the chance we get to meter. And may MI team helped set this whole thing out that basically she had her debut show. At reactor this last first Friday and it was absolutely incredible. It was crowded the entire night I think she saw the whole bunch of prince and had a lot of didn't family and friends and got some good energy out of that and a lot of good exposure in Kansas City as an artist and up and coming artists yeah it's a thanks Jason for that sort of select until I totally worked you know and I we can. We can ask meg at some point how that worked they would do a joint interview at some point better I thought for her it was extremely successful for us it was very successful and we got to work when that happened coming artists. Help her out she got to get exposure. And in the key season in a bunch and also meant a great time. Great time Madonna crossroads of Kansas City makes a great person and we patter on the show I did some more good meg. I would choose in the branding world against USA. Kind of in your neck of the woods them by the she sees she is successful. And very entrepreneurial doing her art. Paying interest I have a couple for prints are the really cool so. Cited that worked out for you today's guest Clifton Alexander react resigns she is our guest goes the ball leader. We're bringing on John mean this season record eight comes sports for the Americas. This is the show or not we're amiss in John that developed and designed stadiums and art Arenas throughout the entire world's we read back on real match. Hello and welcome back to the gorilla nation show with your host Jay syndrome by the feedback today great first segment today was. Clinton Alexander day on her future career in the West Coast of Israel nation show every month appreciate joining me today on nine ADM came easy. As well as that girl nation should dot com and on iTunes and stitcher radio they're excited about our guests for a B showed today Clifton. Has known this gentleman for quite awhile I believe and we've we've previewed them a little bit in the first segment. But what we have Clifton the reduction of our guests today who is a director of a common their sports architecture and any handles all the Americans and probably took his long list of worldwide to. We really excited about sports in this. Both of us are lifted and we're very excited about architecture. Kind of a stadium nerds if you will so. By introduced John due to the group. You bet yeah I can't walking after having worked. In a sports architecture firm can't walk into a stadium or not. Evaluate the effectiveness of certain things in and talk in my mind about the design in the Hispanics and all that. And one MIA in buddies and friends John. Mean mr. over here sitting to my rights is that the guys that we have on today's talk a little bit about some of those things. And so I've known John firm how close at twenty years probably since my time and Hillary back in architecture. And he's been there even longer I guess I'm now part of HE com. Which is a very large global. Company and so on this is Jon Jon you might give us a little. Hey hi and an oval background. Maybe describe some of that sort of how you got there in and that sort of thing in Annan and and excited to be here as well I was looking forward to this all weekend and yeah it's nice if we know when someone as long as I've known you cliff and you still we're willing to have me on the show that's for you I don't know I know a lot of folks have known how long you still answer the phone that night suspend interest in any night we. Little bit of back story that touted how to land it in Kansas City. And you know it is is a classic for you know high you know it right place right time. You know good friend of mine from from graduate school we're both interns and college. He ended up down here in Kansas City news. New week he and I are kind of cut from the same cloth being kind of motivated focused and vicious guy isn't. I remember getting a call from him use about a year year and a half had a median college in. Got a call when Naia in my intern ship and in Milwaukee Wisconsin and he's like a very set up dinner re fi just need to get your butt down here. And that was the longest 36 hours of my life in terms of lake. Mean I guess we don't we don't like using any Marvin diet I was put through the paces showing the sites of Kansas City and the nightlife of Kansas City and then at 8 AM. Saturday morning had my interview and cause or to fill ladies that I flew back from Kansas City to Milwaukee with I. I didn't think I was gonna keep my whatever was in my stomach down that flavor. And the goodies plus I got the job they set it looked like death when I went into the interview and it's a great story I've told a more times and I can remember. But it's also about just you know let your passions come through and I really wanted that job and mean you know funny story even before that my first. Internship like official intern ship when I was in college I ended up arguing with a partner in the firm. Because I didn't have the experiences like I don't really know and I cook. You give me 36 hours and I'll learn whatever I need to learn so I can have this job during campaigning I will do it. Her answer to that that sort of motivation and and focus and ambitions. Or serve me well over the last when he three years or so that. That's how I ended up in Kansas City and I think I've been here. Ever since I've never looked back and there's a couple of us that are white elephants like that in the business we're just only had one job and guess I'm proud Sam wanted to fuse and you enjoyed Kansas City sounds like it's an I don't I did admittedly I don't spend a lot of time here anymore. Because I'm on the road a lot my job takes me and some weeks I can travel you know 8910 days straight come on change suitcase and going and you spend a lot more time here to my kids love it. You can set the zoo who were educated you know his rocker saint Teresa's we live right by saint Teresa's love full brick side we ended up from Brooks I because it was the closest thing in Milwaukee we could find when we moved here though is erode and and that's why we we've we've never left Maine where we've been in our house. Our house were and how we moved in. Like right after simply we put it on the market on 9/11 oh I'm close like a couple weeks later he's been there ever since amazing the love love that area of town love our neighbor. It's not like these kids goodness it. Throw it to law schools like any other shot out there. So at aecom. You are responsible for strategy execution and integrated sports file form in the America's economics cost consulting planning. Improve remarked picture engineering and operations plus a lot of us tell us tell us I don't tell us kind of John for the layman out there what are you doing on a databases when you're talking about sports. Of the fantastic thing about the opportunity we had and Eddie any cavity common again you know as a partner Ellerbe Beckett we rate and a and in architecture and engineering and get a little bit and construction but not for sports but we're pretty focused on cell and one thing to you know a group of people with aecom. We do literally everything. And some folks that's intimidating with in the area of sports is things are changing so dramatically would look at. So much private financing coming in the sports projects alternative delivery you got. Unit the day is a kind of like what we went through here in the sprint center you have a referendum and there's a villain. That's in national car rental or Saint Louis who have the villain was that Jerry Bailey rice this this new enterprise. This the notion of they're being you know like a taxpayer funded you're seeing less and less of that now on the night one of my clients. Tillman for teed in Houston to spot the rockets has suffered 2.2 billion dollars and now I mean just like about this morning in private wealth coming in the sports at all levels. Is alt is demanding in different. Look and feel fur for offerings and if you just architecture firm and our business I think you're dying until you're not growing you're dying and I think the firms that are just architecture firms are nine. I'm we felt like as Ellerbe we needed to have a broader platforms we can come in and help drive that business plan for a client. We can talk about construction and delivery we can guarantee prices we can you guarantee opening dates or we can just you really sophisticated integrated solutions like. In our new project heckled once under the first leed platinum building in the world. Construction arm open to what we think we'll probably be the first platinum NFL stadium that Mercedes and and my. Our guys are cut the ribbon on little Caesars arena we are also a contractor and that do we we get the opportunity look at all sorts of things. Differently and bring inputs and value in a way that for just selling. Good creative thought which is not. Still very important mind you the ability to sort of synthesize clients visions and make it Alley that. I think the challenge in front of us so much more diverse now and then when you bring in. I have a stadium in Houston. To slated what can we do from resiliency and a come as a huge global resiliency. And yet endangered species you fine endangered turn on your site we've got people who can help you with that. You need a new highway interchange design we can help you with that and we found that sports products are getting more and more complicated and it takes takes a village of X. I was seem like it was gone forever so yeah I mean it and it's weird because I feel like that is a good destination per team. Just because they've had a team for so long and they're pretty. It sees seems Smith were next expansion team we'll go at some point they have a personal those stadium against the weather to price at the private funding that. Well you announces we've we've definitely been involved in that I know. You know my friends and competitors have certainly done that but that's I think that's a good lesson then sometimes you just need to take a break. You know I think that city and that he and while there may be fans like and how that would Oakland a little bit and I think there was such animosity between that ownership group in that city. That they just need take a break in maybe they'll come back in and of the different ownership group maybe it'll be the same ownership group. I mean we we were part of a similar efforts exercise in Charlotte numbered years ago where then they just needed is. Look divorce has the right term it is these are FBI they said that he New Orleans and got a new team back in a new ownership who wanted to be part of that community and in the community embrace them and at some point. You know like you said those old school mentality is you the taxpayer you're gonna build me some open. I think that's still that's exists in in sports because you have so many so many old school ownership groups see no group. Won the lottery won the birth lottery if you will then end but they don't mess we have the capital to do you. Like what's happening in Los Angeles Europe in the 2.2 billion dollar check for a new NFL stadium or like we're seeing more and more. And that's that's struggling because they've they've on this family for generations they were the first league in the you know the basketball whatever was the EB hours the old AFL NFL and they want to hold onto that. Economic times to pass them by I didn't end and they need more cash than maybe just that family legacy fund that house down. It's relaxing to see us changing in put tonight in our show Oprah talked about this some how be incentives game in the owner James changing now. We're coming to a point where it's pursued budgets being tied say legislators boss ten years. Where people are kind of sick of funding stadiums even if it is a sales tax type thing and hotel owner. It works in Vegas for the new stadium right everything today. Interesting nor is anything that happens in Vegas this is one of those times just ignore it. We data we do like economics were in Vegas and then you can make anything absolutely anything worked in Las Vegas and it won't work anywhere else just because. The the need the money the economics are so fluid there it's it's essentially. It should create a better opportunity for some more really innovative projects because it is in his laboratory at the movement. Things that you just would never be able to have an opportunity did you anywhere else in the country. You can do in Vegas because they just work. Financially you know. Or apparently LA flailing right. We'll see you know see from an old Missouri Garrett think rocky. Yeah the this kid was enough college nozzle loss will resume so I stand out the most on how is that the nuggets. He's Smart guy and I mean I've seen him speak on loses his European soccer holding to mean he's he switched on he's not just. Not just a rich guy who owns the team he really understands. The dynamics of the NFL different from EPL different from indie gaming news. I don't I don't wanna be an apologist for the guys that you know because I think in Missouri maybe I better. Unless San Carlos I forgot your not my not my bag bit. And I think he he's really gets into Minnesota and an owner he really understands the unique dynamics in business that makes each sport tick vs just I got a lot of money on plane. Yeah I I kind of agrees that. John Amos is our guest today director becomes sports city America's fascinating first segment after the break we're going to be back where talk about. Some of the projects you worked on specifically will get in TV one in Sacramento I know that was a was an uphill climb to get Allen bill at some points a lot of potential stuff going on there and also talk about some of the other projects you worked on. As tools in the with the film's talking about about why there are humans or sports architects here in Kansas City area. Do a senior gorilla nation we re back at. I guess. Hello welcome back to the grill nation chose chasing grill appreciate you joining us again today whether it's via podcast on the radio or on line great to have clips and Alexander for reactor designed CD is a thing today gets coasting in our guests today. Is Johnny misuse the directory come sports of the Americas just. Fascinating first conversation I wanted to briefly used Delray back in that. Missouri sort tuck him all these places where things to work real private financing we have saint we think of ourselves has been seen Saint Louis Saint Louis just lost NFL team. Probably should get in molesting if you ask me they probably should have one years ago like. What he sees the future because I I I as a person that worked in politics don't think that the taxpayer funded at least from the state. It's gonna happen much longer and live with the government set up right now so. You know he's either take a rich owners are gonna take power how are they need analyst stadium's old Saint Louis how there. How is they're gonna potentially be an NBA or NHL team at some point down the road here in Kansas City is it. Is it purely just you have to find a bigger ownership group browser and work. I mean it's it's a fascinating topic is he on some with some respect CNN to serve a cave man you know feel the old commercial it's missing cave man's I don't. If so they bring a high level of understanding something's they think we in Kansas City. In a lot of ways have benefited in specifically on a Minor League Baseball and and the last from the generosity of the find text these instances they can't. You know all the legends development star bonds mean you know we were supposed to have an analyst team with our. You know quote unquote wealthy donors the cerner guys in at the Bannister mall that that's the Kansas has. Mean a better economic deal if you Ellen that's you know well worn territory about stealing company's acampora maligned or whatever game you're sure then I think. I think the interesting thing about that bill is. Is is that program is there a model in that program that's in states like Missouri could could learn from you know it's in some ways statements outsold school kids financing in year. You know build it and they will come I'm not sure. He can't argue with the growth and activity that's happened in an area that. You know as a scout camp in a bunch of farmland fifteen years ago and that's the whole legends and now with that you know that baseball park. And that people when I say that baseball park meaning. You know Kaufman would still look to see that downtown Sunday Williams I think the speedway is perfectly appropriate out there in some ways the MLS. In all the stuff that's going on out there's perfectly appropriate I think. What we're seeing in terms of ways that make this work. Any stinking in my previous comments about. You look this isn't just about taxpayer funded build meaning your stroke and some. Wealthier moderately wealthy man or woman checked it's about thinking about the whole economic slightly we're gonna do you. And MLS team in Saint Louis he needs to be part of a broader mix Houston element like alleged. Then it you know one of the things I have to keep forests to England indicate Manning guy. Is it's gotta all be integrated you gotta have the money needs to flow. You know from cliffs pockets year pocketed in my pocket whether you're added even busters or you're at a restaurant courier in a club. Or you're in the blue hell or whatever it might be. All that money still needs economy has quote unquote the team faceless nameless individual but. Because that's how it works you know I think the days of us trying to make these sports facilities all of out. Every everything you need to shop here you beat your haircut you eat dinner. No discomfort there to go to the game and look the nightlife in the community be the community that there needs to be some financial benefit I think that's maybe where. Kansas City was maybe five years to you soon. City owns the building in court she announced the arrests that are really you could say they're in it together but there's two different pot. Pockets in pots of money I think the places where we're seeing and that the most. Lot of NFL teams are doing it LA rams are definitely doing it are building in Sacramento for the and the NBA kings is absolutely. You CNN in Cleveland with downs are spurning a redevelopment of downtown Cleveland it's all about how do you take that experience and economic. Not impact. Not things that you could argue. You know on the in the political op Ed piece that just on spending money I'm going to an event and spending money how does that benefit the team and in some ways. And I think that's what we're seeing a lot of and I think that's what's gonna ultimately be the solution for Saint Louis he can't be just another tax by taxpayer funded whatever. Mean I think they tried a number years ago with you know the convention center stadium mollen. Again there may be some people who still think that's a good idea I think that. Roddick was probably deemed a failure at the beginning to separate masters I think football is involved in the such an entertainment driven thing now where. You're gonna have either an average convention center earn an average NFL stadium and that's that we haven't seen it is not great in east. No one ever talks about all that really doesn't have TW AL. Awesome or well they're great boat shows there we can do really tall tire tracks. Now it's nothing about that now we want so much more out of our experience and how does it connect to the city. I think there's hope for. For first Saint Louis and you know like we are talking a little bit about before the break. I think we need to think about things as misery. In how many pro sports teams can we reasonably support in misery. And I understand royals and and and I'm not from here I got no dog in this fight that Anderson royals and cardinals fans will never get a line. And we were chiefs and whatever they used to be in Saint Louis from an NFL stamp you're always gonna have that interstate rivalry but I think at some point economics. Of misses a why can't this be a misery thing and no. You know our our firms involved in LA 20/20 eight. We talked a lot about it being it's not California. Not the Ellie did its kind in the regional. And how do you get people to start thinking a little bit more broadly. Than just you know the geographic of their city and we we have that intensity deal by state initiatives that deter future needs we we have the ability to think bigger than ourselves sometimes. I think when it comes to pro sports in mystery it's gonna take a little creative thinking and analysts say that we witness on. They're stuff you know air quotes over there but I think they're there is a real valid discussion like if there's an NHL team it'd be Missouri's NHL team vs cancer years. Well let's put a lot of blues fans know Kansas City teams like they always try that in sports to say it like armor on the Marlins used in the Fordham again will eventually they all. California angels are back down I mean LA in Iowa and eventually it all goes back because that city is kind of like I want on this you can't. You can't financial team and Saint Louis and in give it to everybody in the week we can now because they're they're kind of claiming the chiefs are kind of claim in the blizzard WNHL team we have the mavericks here can't see members. Or talk about sacrament the identity in the east and Kansas City that we had his hopes and dreams are bringing back and not not now not now. Shea Stadium they yelled bill O'Donnell can't seeking answers there's a lot in the city Kingston float around Kansas City. Tulsa about that project he worked on because for a long time IE. Just thought that was never gonna happen I thought the kings are gonna move somewhere. You know it's interesting need it that's that that project in some ways and I know he says all the firms in town in some respects at the same story that. That was such a winding country road for us in terms of like we. And helped when it was the city we reckon with the motives actually lost that interview in 2003. Or read packet loss to another city firm. And it got project existed and so many permutations over the years and earn. We would get asked by the city of Sacramento and do something and and the price go away in an urban land which is a big one key planning thing would ask us to come and 3COM. It just it twisted and turned in at it from our standpoint it was it was fantastic we went into an interview and we wine. You know I just classic bloody knuckles kind of all the firms from Kansas City in some from LA. Just kind of squash and knuckles and be a winner take all. But the thing that was interesting for us as we didn't win based on the fact that we've done more in areas and any other firm that we have it's fantastic Major League. Her national basketball league portfolio we won based off of urban planning. And a really Smart environmental engineering approach we came in and taught not an all out basketball we talked about the redevelopment potential of that the of the depressed. You know state capital city we talked about. You he doesn't really unique opportunity here in Sacramento with this thing called delta breeze maybe we can use natural air currents to cool. The building that doesn't wanna be open this time we can create an indoor under arena like never been done before her cool and then we talked about basketball stuff. You know and we just I think it was stars align for us and it was kind of ironic as being from Kansas City in the legacy of that tee and it. Mean it's just it's it's really the cases yet are really enlightened client you and it really switched on owner who wanted to do something different. And then I think our our interest in expertise says he can't scheme and and we've we caught lightning in the bottle Lou if you will. The very cool design that's for sure golden one senator fueling bugle and you're listening check it out it's it's very unique I've never actually been Sacramento so. Amid all over California and never been there speaking of which the kings come sprints and these days but ten years old now I think yeah I was there for Coldplay concert the other day. What are your thoughts I mean cadets is it's still play. Good stadium. Out there I mean I know it's you your building 500 million dollar and stadiums in Sacramento. I mean it's still looks to me to be. Did a good place to go to a concert watch sporting event. That's a thing and in the end this is 111. One guys opinion I think in some respects Kansas City is lucky we don't have a team. You know I've always said is in as an outsider. Workout. I think really can seize our heart where college past ten you have. You know it that at school from Kansas and and you got this news and K state may I think this is a college basketball town and that's who we love to support itself. You keeping that billion freshen current. The power and might disagree makes that a great stop on the big twelve and internment were always going to be a great ticket thanks for the NCAA regionals. But the fact that it has an open calendar means if there's good tumors out there we're gonna get it. Because we're not fighting with an NBA team in NHL team or two or three. You look at some of these other these other buildings and these other cities where just managing to pro teams like Denver. If you get cute and and it and NBA and NHL team trying to find open dates that bit. With Coldplay could be tough and and I think that's one of the stories that Kansas City that I mean I don't I don't find it hard to believe that a lot of folks do. It's a pretty successful building because the fact that you can just have anything you want anytime you want. And it's it's good for basketball it's OK okay for hockey and helping integrate building for any sport per say. But it's a great community building because of lights and all the things it does he go down there I mean I I went to. And the duck I did the Matthew Knight arena affirmed a Nazi stadium and so ignoring and was playing in the NCAA regionals I walked into power and light with my origin here on at. I didn't you Dave Barr of all key you people and it was the classically needle scratch. Yeah he said. Started clapping just in the starting crap because I was the only person in nav bar where Oregon here well that's what it's all about for Kansas City and that's slice it it's a that's a fantastic it's an electric experience like the watch parties for. For an alas the World Cup. College basketball's that. John Neiman directory comes torts Americans are gas passing conversation we have one segment left we thank after the break on the relationship preaching joins. NN albums they go and that. Welcome back to the girl nation show came to Z 980 imam your post chasing girl was thoughtless and Alexander. Thank you for coming in today Clifton reactor designs he is reactor PC dot com can also connect with the show that relationship dot com. John team it's our guests say director recounts sports for the Americas. Really fasting conversation about sports architecture sports funding sports teams innovations. And John we've had a great discussion it let's quickly. Can't say he's known for kind of sports architecture why is that why there's so many companies are doing so much good work. You know it just it goes back to simple goes back to Kauffman and arrowhead. And then just people being ambitions in I make someone might say lama's people being shortsighted and you had that that firm the local can admire term in the Denver designer and admires but by each and TV. People inside an agency be getting frustrated want to do their own thing be an entrepreneurial. You may go off and start a firm booming off and start a firm and that is the kind of like what happened silicone valley we really is. It really is an NA NA they supported that an end you said that Kauffman and arrowhead those who were revolutionary time bill and that's okay Syrians lights on the right. Yeah I mean that if you don't like prior to that. The center was Chicago Ohio they were a bunch of firms and other places that really moved it here. And I would say in some respects if Kansas City wants are rallying cry we need to think about in the next fifteen or twenty years are we still going to be that senator. There's a lot of companies with big national footprints are cherry picking Kansas City people to go to. LA or Texas or Georgia DC and start lose offshoot they're trying to grab the Kansas City culture and what we got our network them to take it somewhere else. And I think you're seeing pockets around the edges. Well none of of firms that realize hey if you wanna start at the resonate is the reputations of people are here we're gonna. It's it's easy to recruit someone LA year parents out there eat or else it's hard to recruit people Kansas City. So having some eight. Let them and give you big job and guess what you get to live in downtown LA hoops twist my arm it perhaps so I think we're seeing more and more of that and I think the challenge for us system hold on to that center of excellence than. We did talk we will get to abuse or spokesperson on we do that OK so let's see here get some quick hits for you here cooked and I thought about. What projects have you worked on the never happen he wished it. Still haven't happens I own. You know there's a second phase of the arts and stadium expansion and I think someday we'll do if anybody's seen us and we had a vision to flip out over. That's that's the organ or you receive organ the Palestinian that would be good on. I don't know I had downtown KC ballpark downtown KC ballpark I'm like I feel like it we need to forget that though is the epic yeah there's an always revolves back to downtown in the heavy thoughts on the downtown DC apartment here than ever in talked about it and you really want and no ransom note. Well I it will happen at some point because the Pasternak and build a new stadium there and I have to say it goes downtown. I have as a couple of of NASCAR I mean you know architect who likes NASCAR suggesting a sit down for that. Revelation that and there a couple of NASCAR projects I was involved in years ago that it happens that an island one and we have looked at some things Emma I'm on the order had a ticket touts the live for along time. NASCAR I've never been to one. And they get out there are only you're gonna come raising its tail gating sits like college football it's a very long experience you can't just do the race you have to do the cool thing and cool with it and check it out. What Sabine did you want to work on you didn't get to that you love. My biggest regret when Iowa City mr. saw our firm does Lambeau Field the first round Lamo in the and I am from Wisconsin and the little. Fingers close together for the radio I'm a little bit in the packed little lit room and and at the time I didn't agree you like I have some philosophical. Cheese disagreements with the direction of that product that's tonight I just can't be too close to it. All the hard time focusing you know won't be able to see you be objective or think clearly insights and I miss ago. Work on something else in the something else word football stadium for UConn new arena for the Memphis Grizzlies. And I to this day I wish I would like I take my son knew the game at Lambeau every year would have been cool it's cool to say our firm did that. He would have been more cool to say I did and I wish I would. It I was young and stupid and didn't think the one more he made a really good reason. What is your favorite sports did you ever been to and with sleuths excuse limbo because we know that's what you probably answer it in I would. And well I've ever been there. I've never been there the thing about Lambeau Field that again I think it's it's we were talking about owners there's like there's no rich owner to blame in L in mean Green Bay there's just you know essentially an endowment trust fund. But I just think it gets it right it's got all the sweets it's got all the premium but that seating bowl is as honest as attended college ball I like Seattle. Seattle. My bank has yet on the Dell for their most cup in 2009 the same thing with such a tough sites so many weird silly constraints that just maybe rate it's a great location downtown. Usually think. Our live on my NFL stadium retinal them on north tailgate right but it works in Seattle works there in the L go to pioneer square and they march along in the Mears has picked it up now I mean it's such an integral capital we were doing you can't do that and now reflect its T mean it was sort of what. What about Maryland I mean if you like where it is for tell gained got a very good thing I mean you have -- than him up and tradition you're there right as is is all volatility in line. I just I've been this in games there it's usually been packer beating science add memory is as good as far as an old stadium because it's still an after the renovation you know bill. It's still functional and at some point there have to rebuild that too. I think and the united it's it's again I'm an outsider hits he keeps and that I think the end is near for early and I know we we as taxpayers spent a lot of money on it that I would abdicate that's kids. It did it was and it's time there's an deacon meaning and and then the godfathers are around the Vince he he came up with a thing that threw transform economic model stadiums. But I think we're seeing that thing now be also a significant economic hurdle that a lot of buildings are facing a personally. For at least. I haven't gone away yet I think. I think what how many how many years I'm at least decide how many years of longevity in these stadiums bottom Coffman Airpwn and so that's the two billion dollar question for folks like media stays in the I think what we're trying to do you were all trying to solve the problem of longevity inflexibility. You know eat you'd like to think you don't have to spend a billion dollars more than once in your lifetime know what can we do as designers or engineers her. Graphics people to build flexibility into a building mean we go to places now likely. You need to think like your your stadium or your arena your ballpark like retail. The second the paint dry now what are read and Dunn did. Start thinking about the next thing you need to start working because it needs to flip over and there's some things that are going to be long term investments that the majority of your experience were. We're also fickle now that you need to be cheated out constantly in this notion we can do a renovation the taxpayers will be good for thirty years. Not gonna work and I don't well think that's where we're on innovations. What we're something you're really hot on right now at stadium renovations are on the world. I I think you know one of the biggest innovations. It's not really an entity since its capacity recede buildings its smaller. I'm not a guy he does on the cell phones or in sports of the flat screens now it's the products ruining sports we can better product people come design cool stadium or arena. People will go we just sit human talking today about places like. I would buy a ticket to that no matter how great my TV was that homer I'm good my cell service lets your meals are enhancements to the experience they're not the end doll. So I. I think this notion and again right now economics we've seen it starting to happen from. Say like 9/11 going forward everything needs to be smaller. You know clips gonna buy a sweet someday do for reactor but it's going to be a four person suite is not and it when he correctly people don't want the headaches of managing it. You still have people wanna see the sales people and entertain networker given as a perk. But he just needs to be more consumable and bite size the people are buying experiences you give them a phenomenal experience are gonna idled on it doesn't matter it's a I end this this customer or a family you know. Taken their kids to their once a year gains I think. It in Indy experiences the innovation what is experience with different every place and I think that's the other thing that we're learning is this notion you can just copy paste stamp all around the country and people it now it's it doesn't work anymore. We've seen that happen in a couple of sports. Where it's the same building copied all over the place and we wonder why no one comes tonight. Johnny mr. rector become a sports Americas closed door and have them on the show again can we waiting to test what are we just I don't like to ask him any question in the that I was designed and I'm here tonight I have a lot of follow this in the future. We might do this again especially if there's a hot button topic going on with sports our picture. In our local analysts to be great John thanks for coming on the show they cook to make for setting up things. It's been a great show appreciate you listening today. We'll see you next week take care have a good.