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Wednesday, September 5th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert newer and national writer and contributor attorney who serve in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected to you at the X-Factor you'll enjoy it. Bring illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter. At Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter net girl nation show at online and grill nation showed dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and than an hour radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to a grill nation our host Jason growth thanks for joining me today again should number I think 17 you can grow nation show. Here in 1980 AM Cain in the easy appreciate also listening on iTunes. Via podcast enact grilled nation showed dot com. M early fund showed today very exciting topic. We've never really talked about on the show and no one knew I'd get to that very quickly here the first cellphone I think our partners and supporters of the girl nation show with Jason grow our nine ED AM. One of those contributors is actually in the studio today that's the BC eighty seat at the NC area development council will give them just the second. Also I think our title sponsors of the show. Trust Mo bay field if financial and two US companies and Ryan drink. Other contributors to the relationship OR Brian Sar from throughout the company and the reeker Angie returned though Ryan may be used against those in honor contributor. Thought today show we're going to be talking about he sees Smart port he sees Smart port is a nonprofit economic development organization that works to attract freight based companies such as manufacturing. Distribution warehouses to the eighteen county by its stake in the city regent. Other web sire website is I Casey Smart pork. Dot think Casey dot com and I'm sure there's a shorter version of that that's what I had out there our guests and air Chris Gutierrez who is with. Obviously the president at Kansas City Smart port. Mark long is the commercial real C advisor in principle that new marketing group the grub that Zimmer at their their mark current and Jake Sorenson is a director of business operations that aero tech welcome to show everyone. Angela Lotta Lotta great guests here and seeded Elena think Ashley hand as well and Tim counted from the case CDC from. For helping get the show put together it's and he really cool and so an area that I think that. Most Kansas City and maybe don't know enough about itself. At the start let's let's each introduce ourselves. I'm gonna go more into the reason why you're here today and so while we search Krispy heiress from. He sees mark great thanks Jason it's great to be here this morning I'm with Kansas city's more or ruler regional economic development group focus on that free based attraction of companies. In this market is patriots station it's not some we wanted to be at some we are and continues to grow so I'm going to be here. And you've been with in the organization for awhile sixteen years yes not not nearly as long as Ashley pretty close so many changes and a lot of things to talk about. Very excited about having you on the show they Crist. While we sort exit Jake. On down the far into the room here I think I guess they'll see it here in the states Jason yet Jake Sorenson how much they're attack have been with their attack for when he years on Kansas City. Arrow attack is a full service staffing company so. We're privately held in the US have to earn fifty offices that are all non franchise. And just really. I'd be here and talked about the stock market and Casey I was curious about air attack you know and outlined in the researcher Mike. That's on that are really innovative cool company yen as it now it is we staff. Engineering science energy. You know labor skilled trades administrative professional but what we try to do is we try to gets. Specific niche areas where we're gonna specialize. And a freight based conversation we're gonna have they has been really really big for us locally and nationally very cool and you are a board member to KC BC yes I am. If thing. Yeah alerts and tidbits about that border there heard one of the best to be on Kansas City absolutely absolutely very active very active and in mark long is also with us he sitting him all right mark let's introduce yourself and your company what you sure I'm I am with that new mark grove Zimmer not. Necessarily the easiest name to pronounce we've inherited and over years were in our seventieth year. Practice in commercial real say in Kansas City were part of the Newmark. Family. Companies which is if you're really an international real estate company that. As 400 US offices and in Kansas City we had. You know we do all types of reels and we do the glamorous that we really like to talk about we were involved in the spring camp that's the generals are bank we do office leasing. We do. You know retail. But we also do a lot warehouse. Some of the stuff that may be. Off the beaten path from where people typically go on their usual transportation itself. An old Danielle real estate development yes yeah we do development we do brokerage we've managed buildings and ended and we and we you know it's only. And and your office released awesome I was there. Was is is downtowns are yet we're still downtown we're just we're on the west side against him in a building that was built. That we moved into in the eighties that I get there. In 95 because I was in there we moved in but. I understand it was on the west side which was in the middle of nowhere and now you know were were in a building that are we have a hundred people. About fifty in an office and they don't wanna live we we like our downtown presence of we order missile parts of the. Very cool we yens of all got longevity or your businesses. Which is rare on the ship is we have a lot entrepreneurs on here in May elect to fail fast. Send it back so very cool well let's not let's start off he ran a few minutes left in the segment kindest. Talking about Smart port and then the next segment are really wanna come delve into the real estate market's supply chain logistics well this means to Kansas City and whatnot so. I know Chris you've you've kind of touched on the top of it but also you can't take it's more in depth of he sees mark or its origins and you know what. Each and every day you did. I salute thank you we or an affiliated organization of KC DC back in the late ninety's son there was a study that. Looked at this region and what industries were strong and traced it to a just six definitely stood out. If you think Kansas City was found because of the original bridges over the Missouri River the lead to Kansas City being created where it has station console sharper was formed. To focus on this in the treated grow wood and really embrace of a foundation of being a centrally located region in the country within North America. Infrastructure one of their earlier days of the highway if the church who was here rail infrastructure of the barge all four modes of transportation. Today. We continue to focus on that until the market that this is where your distribution. Your manufacturing operation be because of that location of an inch in because just the great labor force and there's some barman you're considered so we were created in 2000 as part of a key CDC efforts. Mean when you guys again focus a lot on site location you you talk about the case CDC does. A white Kansas City is the place to be tons of supply chain resources here in Kansas City and then obviously. The trained workforce comes into play in and that's where my friend the right over there comes in played Jake. What what are you singing Kansas City as far as workforce development and whatnot going on right now in Kansas. Well I would say I mean it's very very competitive. But we can get to the workers. Is it's just you have to have a plan with their customers that are. No in this e-commerce. Demy ain't. Close a warehouse on the West Coast one on the east Austin and start winning Kansas City which means they might need 500 people short years. News was very very important. They have a plan with these partners may be before they come to town in you can kind of overly an airplane with your hands Obama so. We've been very very successful launching new plants or new warehouses. But there is a lot coming here Christa price beat stats and it's been a few years with bringing new customers account based on what we've got going on here so it's a great place to be. That does create challenges that we. At the mark premature. Mean he really does make sense red nosed country this is a no brainer feel like. As far as marking Kansas City this is going to be whatever top priorities. As far as the as far as this industry and we'll get to that little bit more after the break you're listening to the grill nation shell I have Christie here is mark on and Jake Sorenstam with me today. He sees Smart port is a topic we're talking all about. He manages. Kansas City for real estate. Position and supply chain resources and they trained workforce as of heat going here on the show today. Thanks for joining us on nine. Welcome back to the grill nation shells unrehearsed chasing drive pretty keeping with the sale in 1980 AM keynesian as well as on iTunes via podcasts and at the website grown nation should dot com. We're all post photos of our guests that are in studio today and you can always find me on social media. At Jason grown and grown nascent show whether it's Twitter FaceBook. It's NC grand you name it Linkedin were on their cell please connect with a sponsorship media. There we have on the key CDC partner of the grill nation show we are piloting Casey Smart port. Great. Initiative here in Kansas City a really counted us. A portraying and showing all of our advantages that we had as far as site location in logistics and supply and real estate. Advantages is just amazing industry here in the manufacturing distribution warehouse space. Mark long as with the season and of our guest is long with Christie here is in Jake Sorenson. So mark your real estate guy. Oh let's talk about current trends in the marketplace. And maybe we can compare this to other cities appears cities of larger cities but. At a worse Kansas City our right now turns. In this industry realistic. Yeah purposes. Unit. Jason trends affecting the commercial real estate business are. That there's this fear that I would point out one would be the type of owners that were working for today noon and you mentioned entrepreneurs. That are typically on your show in. In. The early stages of real state and Kansas City it was full launch reports and as an example you know eight. An auto supplier would need a building in Kansas City so one of those local entrepreneurs. Would go by PC grant to build in the building and do a twenty year lease and in so those people still on the buildings today in and they create a lot of wealth doing it. Today is totally different ended. I sit 25 years ago when I got into the business my clients who owned buildings. We're typically. High net worth local families them and and today the clients that work for who owned buildings are that we work for who owned buildings. Are you know fund advisors and when we're working for. You know the the the people on Wall Street who are who are required to. Demonstrated their investor pool a certain healed or certain return. So the way they think is totally different no waiting to make decisions is different in the amount of capital that they have to spend. Is totally different so. I think that one of the reasons we so one of the trends were saying is this. Incredible and that really historic amounts of space are being delivered. Use the market today and it's it's being delivered by investors who didn't exist. Ten or fifteen years ago and it's it's really fueled by not only that access to lots of capital. But also by eight. Cannon in the middle of this retail revolution. Where where people are focused on e-commerce and we'll talk funny about that but. We also see what we're seeing three primary users can absorb a whole bunch space Indian industrialist and business one is. Anybody related to. Home goods. You know when the residential market is good people are buying furniture people are buying carpet people are buying anything that goes near or home that has to be stored in a warehouse and that's locals so we benefit from that. And and then. We have to. Very active automotive plants in Florida city and says the people that are supplying the Ford plant and supplying the General Motors plant. Occupy a lot of space and in some in some years we might take. Two or three million square feet of space just along to autism buyers while and then in this in this retailer revolution this as e-commerce thing. Is. Is really I think we're just starting to scratch the surface on it. And people talk a lot about last mile he talked earlier about being in the middle of the country and and dad. I think it's I think there's a whole lot that goes to it and if you look at their e-commerce that it. In the e-commerce companies that have come to town those are big warehouse those are you know I mean for the first ten or fifteen years of my career. 88 big deal in Kansas City for a warehouse building was a hundred or 200000 square feet. Today you know I mean we're doing deals that are 500000 square feet and million square feet unconscionable. Now building sizes and that. Part of that was because the local investors that I talked about. Take Cary. A million square foot building might cost. To their thousand dollars a month while that's a lot for a for a local investment office take care vote for a pension funded new needs to invest money in. Big amounts. That's fun and answers for the bigger trend. If you think about where the market is going. As e-commerce continues to grow. We're gonna continue to see large investments may influence the city for those those big Newton. In August to her writing supply chain in in logistics in this but it bid and also to you know that affects jobs right the technology currently right and so. Feel like everyone. Says you know automation is Unix kill jobs and all the stuff that I think about banks. You know. They had ATMs that were implemented in in that kind of at the time was thought to. To kill I guess spank shops that there's still people working in banks even though he can give money machine yeah and so that whole process you've aged and see how you guys in. Can work with that as far as the warehouse. Size buildings and in in jobs and one on and how that works with. State governments and local governments in tax policies that I mean it's his it's my involving how at all change here in the next few years and because of that now. Yeah. I mean it and then also who. EE used to view and again I would come down to find a warehouse building you'd go I'd look for warehouse building you negotiate the best friend. Today when you go to find it. A building for one of the users that were talking about. It's it's much more than just the real estate although that's important we talk with the trends in real estate design later I think it would be inching to hit on. But we're talking about available labor as from a realistic perspective which. Hey we didn't talk about that before were partnering with staffing companies to make sure when we rent the building green actually fill up with people fear and we're talking about transportation and in many cases the transportation spend. And the decision as to where you put a factory or where you put a distribution center the transportation spend. Isn't some cases much more relevant than the amount rant that you spend and certainly the amount the cost of labor. Is. More than the amount of rant that you spend at least. Hey Chris how do we how to weave pattern we re hearing Kansas City as far as the spaces are we. But apart we need to build more and edited this is some that we've been growing as far as the spaces that are we right now. Up to follow up on mark's comment in over 50% of the decision where to put up fossil these streets preaching cost second comes labor bill states kind of down the line. But you'll over 45 million square feet of space has been built on Specter the last five years. We always need more that's customers are telling us their decisions within six months so we're gonna put the facility. We've got to the building up we've got to space available form there decision their speed to market is so fast so. The market continues to grow more spec we need now is change shoots from the thing about. We need buildings that are available for manufacturing operations that are available from Marco tell you the vacancy rate or marketed sold tight. There's not a building available for the next manufacturing plants we need more moments of my fifth at the news well. Then we hear a case that we build these buildings were we have companies or is it is it parity of Lee stuff space sensitive then this is an issue and as far as I know with. With the class a office space. It's different but and then do like you like we'd I'm doing some stuff aside and working with the building going up and it's like. You know class say offs is expensive seek and a half deaf Tenet early half your tenant for the city will say. You know so is that his work like this and industrial or is this source demand he is bill. Olden people will be cool you know that's agree that's a really good question and in what's fueled our. The growth and our market is developers have had enough confidence in their ability to. Bill these buildings on a spec basis with no commitments at all. Ended with the idea that they'll have a sitting there it as is as you know warehousing air nandan to chris' point these people. It did you know. I'm not sure what is exactly happened but the amount of time and we could speculate on why that these companies just need to move quicker. If it takes if it takes a year to design a building and build it. And and it be ready for somebody to actually start moving product and would have limit how much time typically when they come into town. They need to be up and running in the next six months in and actually moving products through that building so we just don't. If you were waiting. He's T security Tenet. That really in the warehouse and distribution business. It really doesn't have a new manufacturing. Little bit different. That's a little more that's a little deeper decision that's a little that's a little longer commitment typically dim sum although these. E-commerce. Projects that were talking about today they're full of so many conveyor isn't so much technology that's at. That's not necessarily the case today. But we would typically you know historically we would see manufacturing operations were they to the where they would have time to build a building that. The part of the reason our market is so dynamic in we have so much growth and so much absorption. Because we have product here to show these people who are considering a midwest press. It's inching and we have the workforce to fill these jobs there oh yeah Jake yeah that's always a concern Mike Wood manufacturing is there a skilled labors they actually can indeed these things to correct us all give you an example though he's the company's name but we met with them in February. When he seventeen about the possibility of them taking over. Main square for it. News that warehouse yeah. And they needed at 650 people so that's a pretty big undertaking in a short period of time. In we met with them last week. And I think we they launched in April 2017 we met with them last week. In the era of 670 people. So there's a lot that went into that. Lot of jobs it's not all just warehousing so that's kind of a challenge. That this industry I think we mentioned mark said sexy when you're talking about like. Hotels and stuff like that when your building buildings. But there is a lot on a nation in robotic jobs and supply chain and it's not just. Moving boxes you know some of these huge facilities may not even have a forklift. It is has tons of automated conveyor recreates more technical jobs sell. We can meet the demand but it's you know it's it takes a lot of work well. It does take a lot of work very much stuff we're talking about Casey Smart port their website is Casey Smart port. Dot com books and of the TC ABC. Here today with. Christy here his mark on energy sources we write back after the break into joining us in 1980 AM in on like. I've yet. Welcome back to the grill nation show in 1988 and appreciate just elusive today on iTunes we have a great show so far we've. Been talking all about real estate we've been talking all about industrial. Manufacturing warehouse is transportation. All the great things going on with Casey Smart or begin in studio today is Chris Gutierrez he's. The president of Casey can't see Smart report. Mark long from new work grub Newmark skis negro Zimmer and Jake Sorensen from. The great company aero tech he's a director of business operations. So to talk about. You know it kind of let's let's just actually started a basic level here we've been talking about real statement. Both talk about what actually our supply chain and logistics and what does that mean early for people listening to it. They can okay I see a truck on the road RIC a train go by what actually is supply chain logistics. Pursue an imminent there a great question Jason the supply team. The movement of products raw materials from the port of the point of origin were ripped comes from words made. The next stage in the in the distribution and manufacturing. Where it could be a value added a work on moment and then a moves ultimately to loss for customers so what's that movement that management. That integration of free of any kind whether it's a plastic bottle. Moret automotive component that goes a new car. Along its track to get to the final destination. So many parties involved from the production companies to the distribution companies to the transportation companies whether that's rail truck barge or career. All of it integrated together in a network and that's why we called supply chain network a move that product ultimately to us a customer the end user. Any can the city that's central location we talked about all of that infrastructure all four modes of frustration. Connect here not just connect your butt is vibrant here and growing here and and again I don't wanna throw statistics but only one all through idea. We're the largest real senator in the EU us in kids sit. They meet here in the connector and they moved Frazier so it's of critical the industry for Ross there's your workforce their knowledge their expertise. And the facilities allow it to get to us a customer wants to buy it every day. Mean. You talk about and I wanna know worthy some of these people come from that call you up and say he has worked really hard there at TC Smart Puerto Casey see where. You know when someone comes in says they want a factor they want to warehouse here. They want kids to see either of they want actually like do more business here where these people coming from a viewer who. What city is emitting from who our competitors kind of go see that because I think we have a huge advantage you mentioned in the largest rail center in the US. Obviously we have other advantages with with airport with with intersections with. You know Canadian Mexican. Coast to coast on things where our people coming from the seller relocate NC. They're just not take those first shot of the on the news or have some comments were right now we're seeing a lot of companies that are both domestic and international. Looking at the midwest for the location of engines and again it's industries from as mark said e-commerce. To retail automotive to plastics of food manufacturers. I'm our target basis to its actual companies that are in that industry and the differentiator for Kansas City area development council. Is that we become part of that industry we know that automotive industry we know those suppliers. Were part of their industry base as we talk about in city. The second group is what's called site selection consultants they get hired to find that location. We know them very well across the country but what you're seeing is can the cities on the map domestically within North America but globally. As a point where companies wanna do business because of a lot of reasons on the business calls side labor side. And mainly Petraeus officially to six and then the sorts across the board but we are topple mine to all these companies now and since then what do you see Evian. Added that as a great description there well. I you know I think that Kansas City was we were on the forefront. Smart for Chris what year was Smart port started 2000 in 2000 we were on the four for a of a Smart four was on the forefront of businesses. That were created to attract this type of user numb freight based users and and you know I mean it's if you look about the evolution of supply chain Chris when we started even in 2000. This supply chain manager. Maybe headache cardboard. And in eggs and that made you may have to go back a little bit before that but but but the facts are that that they amount of sophistication. Developed around supply chain in the consulting that is involved. With figuring out how to move this product from its point of origin to the final user. As we get really scientific and it's. It's so much more about the time you think you have it figured out you realize its use it just gets deeper and deeper and deeper because you were thinks. You wanna thinking in this city I get this your first thought as teens cities in the middle of the country and get an affordable workforce. This would be the perfect place for people to store all of their goods and services and remember you know the next semi buy something online and that comes from. California and you know it gets to you in today's. You think wow if something isn't keen to city would be. You know that this would be no brainer in the facts are. That different users have different algorithms in and you wanna be back population basis in if you if you think about. Kansas City is a pot as is access to population base. The good news is we're right in the middle of all the population I actually think Chris in my rank if you look at right in the middle of all the populations like Memphis. Let baker know the geographic in on number sinners right here in the student but I mean if you wanna service. If you wanna service customers the quickest. Speculated true. President of the Casey's car or smarter man in his head and hit her so much so I assume. You know we've had a lot of recent wins playing off of that. One is Amazon and they're beckoning goes into the holy congressman of men and getting people things quicker one not. So wanted to kind of talk about that Jake what are your thoughts on that I know that that's a huge win for Kansas City and how that whole thing works with. With the workforce and in in bringing in all this new new sexy. Sexy jobs that pay really well that people love and it also the big named that kids in the area. Yeah it's just awesome in the in the cool thing about it is it's not gonna go anywhere. So if you think about this if you buy something from Amazon. And it shows up on your porch right or. If you drive to a store. And you go shopping in your locker you're essentially free labor ray because if you leave your house and you're dragging you go do that. So why wouldn't you use companies like that. And obviously we do excessive package iMac or Thomas everyday. Could no effect but. They're here to stay. You know one of the things we discussed it at one of the keys CDC board meetings is. Remember this Chris and we are talking about in in in some of the people on the board you know I have other interests whether it's engineering a real estate or whatever rumor talk about e-commerce well. You know one of the gentlemen sit up and said okay well we're gonna have to redo. Bridges and roads and infrastructure it's gonna lead to all kinds of different growth in the region. Indian logistics. And being able to get the labor. It just makes so much sense and then to get companies like Amazon and there's several several that are coming to town and it's going to be sustainable. In MI business we want to have partners year over year in and residual there so it's just exciting. And it makes business sense these companies each year. Is that it could take history that's as out of what what kind of workforce trends we talked are realistic turned what kind of workforce trends he's saying here in Kansas City and in your business well you know we're privately held and we have. 250 offices. So Kansas City. Interest and did not know that 250 officers yet to perfect the office is non front franchise so I concede. All the numbers all across they're going to get some real data here so and they constantly be careful share in this stuff I can you know. A share some. We rank. In the city always. Almost in the top fifteen. All through their offices. And you can't get paid the staffing business and my she placed. So that's. You know the results that we will have here in you know pretty yeah and I've been there twenty years. I can't really speak to other cities that you have partners that moved here from San Diego and one from Milwaukee and they just can't believe. The collaboration with in the business community usage issues in this for a service. Thank Chris and I and realistic folks we will meet about company's problems before they get here. And I wore meet with them and consultants not on behalf aero tech and on behalf of Kansas City to answer any questions about. You know would you do this which should not do that what's gonna be. You know related challenge. And what's highly doable and give them some examples in those meetings. You were bad a really high ratio once we get them here and they can hear our story than Christa price beat. Yeah on the one thing I might add Jason you don't you think by Kansas City NJ to suck Obama team and approach sort of mark that's the one. Clear advantage case CDC provides to this market. Is the team of our specialists can help that client decide on the right location. Works together. I talked this morning at breakfast about Saint Louis and they're sort of disconnect with the business community there you've you've hinted earlier about who our competition is it's nothing Lewis but. But Dallas Columbus Indianapolis. We have a team approach to deliver the volume to the client here that a stronger because I think there's that. Approach that this is the business climate this is the business environment that companies can grow. And intricate or right whether its animal's owner Jeff dot com which was wal mart's e-commerce platform they're here in Kansas City because of all these factors. You ask if there's a minute left in the so many other big logistical winds of Lee you wanted to speak about that Republica. I just on up the jet dot com was they are Wal-Mart had not know that I did that's Emma sky purchased recently. On the last few years maybe maybe not I. I know I did not button a few things from that now I know it's a Wal-Mart product had no idea if I didn't know that. When Jeff dot com ruled out a few years ago and selective three cities for their initial distribution can the city was one of those. Soon after that Wal-Mart auction dot com and again it's operating your intensity right across the street from him as announcement of but Papa bump we just cut the ribbon cutting on CBS CBS. Announced in an open 800000 square foot distribution facilities serve 500 source in the north when governor Parsons here. Missouri to kick that off turn five a big e-commerce aftermarket auto parts company just located here. Half were CEO and automotive supplier just recently saw a number of both manufacturing distribution. Companies that have selected and I'm mark and I'll tell you there's a couple more right on the edge that so we we're about to announce as well. I'll focused on this market so we're working Tennessee's success. Very exciting stuff here on the grill nation should they re back with one more segment we're to talk more about TC Smart for what the future looks like Hoover had a crystal ball we'll talk about. How on government or technology action to defect. Goosen who. Welcome back to the grill nation show I appreciate joining me is embarrassed Jason grill. Picture stick with us for our final segment stay with Chris Gutierrez mark long in Jake Sorensen were all talking about Casey Smart report. And the it would just school binges of Kansas City tracking freight based company's manufacturing distribution warehouse is. OK guys so. One well one thing QG PG scenic and really just. Take this the next level. As Kansas City on the map I'm seeing headlines all over the country every. Website every newspaper what is out one thing that really is the one thing you really want. That happened here and kind of put us on the national map even more star mark. Oh well I you know I think the I think that we are on the map no matter how you rank is for industrial. Real estate development. Pat absorption. I think we're certainly on the map there are so I you know I think that. We will continue to see it. Jason and you know I I think as far as is just in real estate circles what. We would like to see is what we always like to see is. Businesses locate to teens a city that Brooke and then have downstream effect positive downstream effect so. As an example you know you've mentioned the office market previously in the office market what I guess my crystal ball I'd like to see more U. We we are doing a good job and we have a great. Resource for technology businesses. We talked about the technology that's it in some of these industrial buildings that were building today. Down. The cerner and Garmin. And net Smart in those high tech companies the you know they are bringing a type of worker. That we want influenced city into inane frankly they're bringing. The type of jobs that we want our kids they haven't flown to sit here and in they will be partners frankly that type of worker will be part or in some of these buildings that were talking about some big picture. And I wanted something I'd want more tech jobs in by the way in the office market. You know tech jobs open up a whole lot you know they're well hello all firms a whole lot of engineering firms all learns consulting firms do business with them so there. You know I just I read in a real estate magazine. A couple of weeks ago about the number of economists. Automobile companies that have opened in Silicon Valley men and the amount of jobs associated with that and you know that technology will. Well and those types of users will come to Kansas City we see it to come sooner than later and there you go. Yeah. And I also think a tea as far as that goes the other kind of wish that we have. Indy industrial business are in the industrial save business. Is. Frankly for. A diversified. Group of investors to continue to express interest in Kansas City so. That really drives. If you don't have the mandatory sitting on the shelf and in our world inventory on the shelf has buildings and if you don't have the inventory sitting on the set shelf than you don't have. Is not easy to tell something none. When I say diversified. Your market does better when you have competition for inept in the business and you know that they can be local developers can be national developers can be all types of industrial. It occurred in that Evan investors that think of Kansas City is a good place to park their money. If that continues for us the downstream effect the mothers. This very exciting Greg you Chris what what one thing you wish we had to accomplish. Or have as a crystal ball in the future in all of our group for marks and where we're already just institutional it to six help but think what I would look for as the industry changes whether that's automation. Autonomous vehicles or mark mentioned. Workforce skills we you're in a good place on all those where we sit today not only from location standpoint or from an industry base. And I think we we talked a little bit of Bob the North American market and how well we sit in them and how connected we are of that and as we progress with with. A modernization of the NAFTA agreement organist and to continue to see growth the one thing I'll tell you make I think we're gonna see a tremendous growth in. Is the focus on this workforce in supply chain and getting middle schoolers and high schoolers to think about supply chain shops. And knowing what that means for shall never heard of that and I'm not gonna continue its gonna grown we're going to be a hollowed. For workforce in the supply chain here in pushing stuff tick whereby you any new view like say. Yeah yeah actress owes a great point we were talking about it needs to start early with. Them getting out to the schools you know the high schools and let them know about this industry. And as it grows and becomes more a more. Desired it's it's gonna continue to build so I love that come under crystal ball. We are we're already there on e-commerce and location and all that. I wanna continue to build on our manufacturing base and maybe some more high tech jobs like mark mentioned has. We have. Years and years of automotive here we have got a great story detail in regards to. Engineering firms here and that talent and we wanna take it into that space and grow that space too so that's just something that. I am noticing some of the numbers. In in our operations that we like to see a little bit more of in the future and that's talking about so there we improve upon. That we you have any weaknesses maybe that's of the week a group totally. Totally and making get those. Those goods out I think they'll never have that that. Transportation. In an and that proof point to deal wouldn't do that. This is a great place. How does the infrastructure that's a huge topic right now in the United States house. In effect you guys I know. You obviously what you do plays a larger role when you talk about. Local state and federal government of and logistics imagine across states all of the different rules and regulations that. Our infrastructure mean it seems to me that's like something that should be. Top of mind as far as your industry. And growing it absolutely if you think about all four modes from it highways import we have more lane miles and any other city per capita. And today you it's pretty consistently upgraded. Or maintained. Of course all of us kids who can complain about I 35 rise seventy traffic but we don't have congestion compared to work. Competition so it's working well what we need to continue to look now where the growth is going to be in our market we address such frustration. Real search of the rules put the money in the that if structure and they are very of aggressive it keeping Kansas City in the forefront in terms of that. Aron barge as well you've you've heard news the pork facility in Kansas city's about to be upgraded from fifty acres of 450 acres. We're paying attention to what you don't wanna do is take it for Brandon and then we do have congestion and then try to figure out after the time so. We need more funding obviously don't get in that debate but both federally and state to look at federal transportation funding is critical right now and it's. In discuss at all levels but. All right an hour and a good good spot compared to our competition. It's sink. Four you have a minute left. What is the slowdown coming in realistic is it cop marked. So you're also slopes out of both the cherry on top and no lights on no we ask that question a lot jammed down. And so we you know we actually put a lot of thought into it week. That the honest answer is the only reason you would think that a slowdown is coming is simply because the amount of time that we've had in the sixth period of expansion. And we're not seeing or not seen any indication. For a slowdown and in fact Aminu and by that I mean sublease space we have hardly any. Bankruptcies in the industrial business we you know the only bankruptcies that are occurring or early banker he's that are probably necessary then. So we don't have any they can normal leading indicators for that be the and I would tell you even. If you look at those macro trends that we've talked about the way product has brought into the United States the way it's distributed working in this city fits into that equation. The amount of e-commerce space that's continued that's gonna continue to be absorbed. The growth and an e-commerce business that is undoubtedly gonna continue all of those macro reasons. Lead us to believe that there really isn't. Maybe the real reason to. The light and just slowdown and likes and that's positive right secure way to in the show. I Chris Wright Wright Jake and absorb absolutely Chris did here as president Casey Smart port mark long we've talked to from new market growth and simmer and Jake Sorensen director business operations at air attack. Passing conversation. More information check out. He sees Smart port dot com I appreciate you guys committee today and I appreciate he CDC supported the show and all the exciting awesome thing to do in our market. The thank you very much for joining me thank you thank you great having if they solicit new grill they Sewell seated next we kept doing everyone take there.