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Saturday, September 16th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. And yours is still grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello and welcome sued the grill nation show on came easy 980 AM on your host. Jason girl I appreciate you joining us is well on iTunes and stitcher via podcast as well that grill nation show. Dot com our website begin a lot of hits lately and I appreciate that. Politic our partners and supporters of the gorilla nation show before you start with this big showed today. The title sponsors of the girl nation show our trust Milbank BO pay financial and two us advisors and Ryan rink. The contributors to show gets coast are the reader Casey NJ Reardon co Ryan may be one might luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander. One of our great title sponsors of the girl nation show is with me today Michael easily president and CEO of mode bank. BO OK financial kimono show Michael thank you very much very excited about today's show we're gonna have on Joseph Reardon as our guest is the president and CEO of the greater Kansas City chamber of commerce. Joseph is a interesting guy he he's a lot of lawyer has a law degree. Not a political science group believe in undergrad. At his JD from KEU. Worked in aloft for awhile at a tea promise affirming KCK. And then ran for office was the mayor of unified government of wind I counted KCK. For about eight years to turns in this 2005 to thirteen in the a lot of good stuff there and then has now Lola. At a couple other gig since then but is now the president and CEO of the greater can see chamber of commerce and have them on today to talk about better Casey I. Talk about regionalism. And also talk about some of the other initiatives they have going on and maybe some base in city goes well some things that we need to work on so it should be pretty exciting you helped set this up you've been involved with Joseph in the past. Yeah and the thing about Joseph is truly need to kind of see his progression and tennis different curse ups has taken each room's been. Are big on regionalism. Connecting regionally trying to understand economic drivers behind. Our overall success is a regents have worked together and he's done a good job of not over time. And then matched that. Experiencing capacity US was at our. Greer considered chamber of commerce is really pass were doing and it she's taken that burden on themselves packed house. That local regional coordinator and I'm Oprah talk about a few things that. Really exemplify what that means and all in a more about Joseph here's a little bit argument would even up to mow me puke in financial deal for me it's it's been ushered greats greets. First half of the year. A new center of Everton man had a or some ponder and reflect on. And where we years of business all our. And the last couple weeks from pretty pretty invigorating pin and each day assists another opportunity another example of while we brought these two organizations together how that's proving out how we're different thing ourselves. Every day is also an opportunity to do things better and so we're very focused on the by with a every interaction have internally I think about the talent and I'm visiting north that we've hired recruited. And as that are part of our coming corporate family and a match set up with our client base and now while. How are I'd like to believe that our people reflect our community. And dom being a part of Latin it's feels really good and Cyrix cited and you've you've got to get per share was via merger yup. Yeah but I mean now you merger woody woody and call it. Well there are musicians. Had a ten kilometers to go Larry there was an acquisition by Bewkes financial about it on the local level and think about size and scope or pregnancy was. Payroll misery bank and trust was put those together the way current perch from our thought about it was when we meld these two things you know it was a as a kind of a modern family type situation is. The true immigration of you know we've created our own. Framework for operating in our market for. Us that is different than elsewhere via their financial and and that just makes assaults unique in terms of work culture as a border and were replace our priorities and grant myself for our leadership team we've just just there were another. I really neat session about what it is we can take what else can reduce sickness or further. And. Michael easily argue that's cosic contributor title sponsor of the girl nation chose Mo main UK financial. The web site is no bank dot com. You're here again is our guest today on the show we we'll be three segments to gel we could probably then we'll probably could deal like ten of them down they'll probably flyby today but it if your interest at all and with the region's doing as far as growth in your business. Or a us citizen of any of the great cities it'll be really cool show. One thing we're to talk about his was better case CI and in new terminal which will be on the ballot in November in teensy Missouri severe cant see Missouri resident. Make sure you don't vote are kind of the the business case forward and and I think people are realized that. You know major companies in throughout this community are making thousands of flights a week. Through Casey I and they're greatly affected by the lack of nonstop flights not when trying to transfer their employees and also do we're going into the Amazon. Bid and one of the things that they want as an international airport right now we have one will have a few international flights. Kansas City has the ability to grow on that and have more international destinations I think. 300 people I'll leave Kansas City every day to travel internationally. Let's Europe with Don Imus for Joseph probably ended up with pretty fascinating. So there's all these different issues but the business community. Really need a new terminal that is different for their employees for the growth of our companies for job creation. Not just construction jobs and also job creation oh. Our businesses. And for markers for the first couple different ways couple different angles that one is as a company headquarters here in severe weather your. Sole proprietor you've got ten people hunt people thousand people. If you wanna grow your business you need access outside of the cancer to region or need. A an airport and that we provide. And and if we do not take steps to make at a facility that airlines are willing to operate and we're gonna lose service. Our own businesses are very imperfect product. Now that's an example of one thing people think about it is that. You know the airlines need this they want us. And they're the ones that that for the victory and operational Catherine good though the people that drive assess our flights are on the country. Also due for an international point of you mean. Getting people through customs and all those things there to her and she right now but also for your rise is as I do when I traveled different places if I have to switch or points or stop somewhere. What are the amenities what she convenience of that airport rum have to switch planes and or when you don't just go there for the day and come back. I will make a decision based on. How easy or convenient. How hospitable that a particular airport is. And we need people to refine more through Kansas City using king in serious obviously get elsewhere. And so. If we don't do got you for an intentionally aborted coming through Kansas City less flights we've seen Saint Louis get more exactly and I think two on that note 90% or close in 90% I've heard of the travelers. Who pay no fees in the travelers that come through TCI. Are from other places where juggernaut they're off from her so when you hear the people out they're saying it's convenient what's going to be just convenient but we got to remember too that 90% of the people. Our residents are sitting. The other pieces so officially from the airport waiting for flight with my family. One have to worry about home on the lives after. Yeah I just hope. There you know this is really aware. So Michael B is always with me today and we're gonna have Joseph reading coming in and the second presidency of the greater intensity chamber congress. Joseph has given over 75 speeches through the community about better TCI. To be fasting to talk to him today also in unison others with Joseph about you can't see region and things that we can do to become a better. Region and city through a city girl nations show appreciate Michael easily for joining me is will today. Thanks for joining us her. Welcome back to the gorilla nation show on TV easy nice beat AMP she's joining us on high teens and stitcher radio today as well as that girl nation showed dot com you can always connect with me on Twitter at JC gorilla that gorilla nation show excited about our. Our partner in the show a mode bank be okay financial Michael easily is with begin today appreciate him joining me. Every month and really doing great job with what he's doing and at and no bank UK financial and also with. Helping set up gas. And movers and shakers in Kansas City for the show I appreciate it Michael happy doing welcome back to the show our guest today is. Joseph Reardon is the president CEO of the greater Kansas City chamber of commerce and there's a lot of things happening right now in the Kansas City region so we thought to be good to have Joseph come on today to talk about. Some of those things one of which is the better TCI. Campaign a movement Torre. New terminal. Nancy international airport which is obviously going to be in the ballot in November exciting news. We're strong proponents of that here at the show also wanna talk to about some of the initiatives other initiatives that the chambers are working on as well as some of the things in C has going forward and some of the things that we need to work on as a region so. Without further ado welcomed the showed Joseph Reardon howry thank you very much Jason's had to be both with the UN Michael Owen and you know Europe's determine have to. The key I area rates that's that's got to where we get a lot of our listeners on the sister thing we get we get the older crowd and 980 we get younger crowd and I did and that's necessary to also be fun OK just so. I didn't mention Euro. So the mayor of NC Kansas but the unified government right find out county right and also an attorney. Correct so but also over about your background. And you DK you. Law law and rockers are under yeah and you suck grounding Kansas City tells about current progression and I guess you are recovering attorney as well or how I hernia recovering politician. I come and that's right that's right end I will say one thing normally I don't really dive into the spent I spent a semester in Washington DC when I was an undergrad and in turn refer Mo Udall who as. I US representative from Arizona was really great experience. And learn a little bit about DC but I haven't stray very far from home while of Kansas City it's. It's it's my home and will always be my home and I think no matter what that's always a tough tough thing is DC. There's lot of opportunities for guys like Joseph and I have known you know when you're you're going through law school in your interest in politics and but for some reason you know it's it's not my if they replace the live all of their two for awhile. Compared you can see it through your gracefully sure is that area city and it's it's become even better over time and in fact they've done some great redevelopment in. In Washington DC three states expenses real estate has gotten real expensive there they're very Canada. Sergio you kind of talk just you know your political. Backgrounds and there. If that's pretty interesting I was mayor three years he enjoyed every minute of it I thank you come from a political family. From wind accounting my grandfather was county commissioner and county clerk and my dad was mayor of cancer Kansas for twelve years. He passed away when he was 45 and I was always a kid that's that I I'm never gonna do you know their political thing I love my dad respected him and I admire him so you'd be laughing out loud if he was seen that am I and you know taking the same seat that that he had had. But dead the eight year Sydney in KC Kansas was remarkable deeply rewarding you know I. I followed. On the shoulders Carol Marie Da Vinci did a wonderful job and really part of my goal was what I believed was important for. Casey came when account he wished continue economic development. Make sure there were stability with in the government which is not always been the case in one accounting can seeking answers I think investments attracted to that. And really try to move the entire community forwards have spent eight years doing that and some of the fun things I got to work on that I never would have imagined you know of what's now children's mercy park in. Announcer office complex itself by the speedway him we build the first new grocery store in Kasey Kahne thirty years the eighteenth and I seventy. Absolutely great project. Us you know witnessed a lot of the great developments going on around keel hospital and medical center which still continues. To this day and then got involved in trying to attract school Google fiber to and the cutesy region which was really a lot of fun and in the middle of that wheat. Got a casino built out it at a wind account by the speedway and so you know no matter what you wanna do if you if you get out by the street when you probably have something to offer tune pretty continued growth there and it's continuing to grow up there. More housing. In and it's some more office as well. It's it's been remarkable in any of the star bonds paid off early. Which means that this this governing body right now currently has and will anticipate fourteen million dollars annually in sales tax additional. Every year going forward button that's it so that's great when you get started. In in a near year chart their jobs. Three bullet points what you want to accomplish or did you have a master plan mechanic into full fruition her. I just start up my job I'm an optimist by nature and so I was on the am on the commission for two years spent in what I you know that was just at the beginning of the speedway being announced in getting bill. And so it was just it felt like things were starting to come together and really remarkable way from when Kenny can't seek chances you know. Index Carroll decides who wasn't gonna run again because there's a term limits in in one accounting. Answer was an open seat in I just was I was energized about what I thought can happening Kasey Kahne who wanted to continue it and like I said Michael I was. Interest in in making sure that there was continuity. Within the government structure you know ethical at every level of government. You know the ups and downs and instability that can occur with changes of administration really ethnic and and set you back and I knew that that wasn't something that one county in case cutesy Kansas should have happened and so really trying to carry in getting of the tonne for Carol and carrying it for a list. Was what I believed was important and then really if you look at the long term for when a kinky is seeking is still true today. I am I think their two pieces that are extremely important one is to make sure that there's housing opportunities to bring the middle class back to Casey case that's starting to happen I think it's incredible. Mayor Holland it's been able to announce the last two years that there's net population growth again in the county amazing. Then the second thing is to focus on education to make sure that the young people that are growing up in wind accounting can fully engage in the economy the great economy that's going on all around us. I'm here in the whole region and so I think those things are. Deeply important and I'm I'm proud of I think warehouse and a great job and in there's a lot of good things that continue to come in its cancer when I can a lot of challenges like that thinks it's burned. And yet a cynic Casey ATA and but one of the things on a focus on as a regionals and that's important you. So tell us why that's important especially it's daylight near you mentioning you Fieger fiber project. We're gonna compete for the Amazon product which we can talk about later but that's gonna take some. You know now bipartisan that state line work out gonna we got to race the state line for that sure here's the here's what I learned Jason. Is that when I decided I didn't I'd say not to seek a third term so it in towards the end of eight years. Would would I ate a surge to realize was. Every project that you could think of if you think about why neck crowning. It's a project that relies on the region for it to be successful in for a long time that wasn't the case for went back and we are pretty insular. So if you think about Nebraska furniture mart for instance there if it's just wind a county residents like me shopping in Nebraska for short it's not open for a week. Get relies on people from all over the region. Same with children's mercy park on the season ticket holder there with a point of pride when I look around that stadium they're some other wind accounting folks there. There are people from all over the region that are coming in that same year speedway and so what I became when I came to realize is I was leaving office was. My god and now my community in order for it to thrive the whole region has thrived and that really sort of got me. I'm really engaged in trying to think about where where can I clear role. In moving this whole region forward getting rid of this border worthy extent that we can and and thinking about how to sort of knew this together so I think that's how were. Gonna be successful for the long haul that's how we will grow there's no doubt about it. Com so Casey ATA. Was attractive to me now because I technically know how to run a bus system I don't think god there's a great clo they're seemed to sue I'd recommend you have him on the show is awesome. And of course you know we you've got to come a great group a great team their but I think I was brought onboard. Really to try to nip that back together again that your transit system really had. Had become fractured by way of jurisdictions so there's a separate operation in Johnson County separate wind accounting is suffering cutesy missourian independents and I really was brought in to start tried and of those things together and I think in the short time I was there we made some great. Progress now Robbie Mac and in in my chair and you know he's. There could be no one that's more of a champion about regional transit and then rob Eaton but that's fundamentally important not just because heat it's a good that's the right thing to do. But at the end of the day in this is this is this is for the chamber to. I'm making sure that you're able to get people to work on that they have an affordable way to get to and from work. Is the key to part of our economic prosperity in this whole region and having a system that functions together as a network as opposed to operated separately in jurisdictions could step forward and then. Tony during greater cane seat chamber of commerce president and CEO we are a couple minutes left in the segment we're gonna get in TV. Airport terminal and better Casey I hear in the next segment. Talks about greater Casey chamber of commerce Schmidt on the job now for a little bit of almost two years I guess a year and a half. What's happening in him and Richard which Richard job they're like yeah we it's an amazing job and were regional chamber so we have great members like Michael that are engaged in in our endeavor and it really is a collective. 2200 members. About 60% of our memberships based on the Missouri side of Kansas City 40% based on the Kansas side we really are regional in nature. And it's the power of this business collective that's that's pretty incredible so I'll give you an example. I'm two years ago in Jeff city we were in the state house and we fought against and legislative proposal as GR 39. Which was that an attempt to have a constitutional amendment that would allow certain small business systems discriminate against couples. Based on their sex relative to whether they would get services are not our chamber was completely against that. Oh we went down to testify come against that piece of legislation. We had somebody on the legislature attack us and say hey this is just big business trying to bully small business. Real to pull out a sheet. A 390 businesses from the smallest guy in the crossroads to of course some of our largest employers that collectively were saying. This is not right for Kansas City it's not right for future menu could see the impact that made the right I'm on that on that committee that we were in front it's very powerful the business community. It's a very powerful leader in the long term destiny of Kansas City so I'm I it sits in the sequel we get to connect them all together. Comment in it's it's a very rewarding job. DC chamber dot com Michael got a good break here but one of the aspects we can touch on two as the public policy aspect you bet you guys do you have a rule on that as well as supportive. A local businesses and a really great programs and events will be in to those. As well as the Big Five initiatives and tennis on the other initiative you are working on a chamber Joseph Reardon is our guest today. You senior relationship thanks for joining us. I guess. Yeah. Welcome back into the relationship is Jason grills. Nine medium came Xeon icing and stitcher radios roles that. Grill nations should dot com we can find photos of our guests. In our podcasts as well talking to Joseph Reardon who's the president and CEO of the greater teensy chamber of commerce also joined today by Michael via solely who's the presidency of mode bank in the UK financial contributor to the grill nation show. Joseph we got a good background on you on the first segment one a dive into one of our hot topics in Kansas City right now the new airport terminal. And I know you've been traveling around to different businesses throughout the throughout the teensy region giving it a presentation on better case CI the the Twitter handle that is better underscore TCI. But also well which have been up to because is a very important is seeking NC. Businesses in order to pause button was pressed by a city government about a year and a half ago announcement believe it or not. Now we took a deep dive the chamber case CDC in some accounts collectively. To get deep dive into what was important about this report in in in its importance to our future. And coming out of that and I am we realize that they need to be a conversation that was deeper. In the one had been going on so we can we do a presentation a better PCI. We're not really talking about army steps she taker which side of the wall you're on or whether the restrooms have been cleaned. There's funny talk about that. We're trying to talk about the business case for PCI how it's connected to jobs how it's connected to growing Kansas City. How better air service matters to the future cities across the country including bars and the single terminal can mattered all of that and so we've. Gone through a lot of research moved on this amazing presentation package. And we decided to reach out to our members and engage them directly in having a conversation with their employees so we've done I've done personally 75 of these presentations were well over a hundred. On everything from a small company to one of our largest was we were at the Federal Reserve Bank not too long ago we had 400 people. And the building that came down four for the presentation so and we got to mix everywhere between. So thankful to our members and businesses across Kansas City that have opened their doors for the conversation and it's been a great conversation. A better case I have some of that that talking points here in the the Pulitzer. Axis tortoise a nation stronger economic driver resume growth and jobs improve conveniences and a mini stronger airport security in modern technology and innovation. Major League City status for the next generation and if you don't fly you don't pay ranked what are some of the questions you're getting at these presentations from votes. I mean anti you have all kinds of questions so you know we really focus on the Weis is a lot of questions about you know it's more announcements elected by the selection committee recommended by the selection committee so there's a lot of questions about that that. We are really privy to some of those details because that's inside of City Hall. So we really try to keep the questions in the focus on in the business and why why why we need this ranked. Answer the questions you know we get her around air service you know if you if you do put in any single terminal. I can that lead to increased direct flights and you can be competitive for those in a way that we are today. European destination European nations international destination or just going to be big I guess where you're competing for an Amazon headquarters it's much different search and deserves a legislator from her. Well I can't promise that area I have been hearing the other might be it a direct to London at some point from the airport that's a lot. I'll give me a give a sense of this com so when we visited Dallas Fort Worth on our leadership exchange trip that the chamber takes every year last September. They told us that every international flight to them as the economic impact of us Super Bowl turn fifty million dollars a year he bring that back to Kansas City what does that really mean. There's 300 people to start every day in Kansas City and end up somewhere in Europe and with that number a midsize cities like Kansas City can compete. For direct flight into the European marketplace probably by European carrier because US carriers still likely wanna send you through whatever their hubs are. I'm when I started giving this presentation three months ago there about six cities on the short list. I'm all of them now I've received at a flight to Europe including Saint Louis most recently where the last guy standing. Our aviation apartments out trying to get this on business because we have the numbers to justify it. But think about unloading 250 people awful wide body aircraft and processing them through customs and immigration and our current. I'm configuration at the terminal it's physically impossible as it exists today. We're not competitive in how we can offer that. I'm two carriers that might be inch in the currency market. New Orleans is a great example of a city that's been aggressive that now is building new international terminal. As a four day week direct flight to London on British Airways and I think they just recently attracted a flight to Frankfurt as well. And they're an air mark did not I mean you aren't going to New Orleans to fly to London. They've been able to exploit that opportunity we have that opportunity in Kansas City the terminal design is holding us back from being very compete. And at noon and so that though take us in November take its so weird it's weird. The logic of how kinda came to be the public both for a private financing that price happening that's and I'm excited about it and I say I think that. I think that the education process is ongoing obviously once we get through the the selection of a veggie more in Vegas a City Council. Once that happens we search our animate things you're talking about more than the City Council stuff. I think that voters will see that and I think it's important make the business case is I think people just think of convenience for the does the regular traveler. I mean we talked a little bit about Amazon you're right we're trying to attract them but just think about existing businesses in Kansas City the way regions grow. Is they do business more than just the region. So if you look at some of our growing businesses there's a lot of them cerner. Blackened beach. Earns a Mac name aware realized startups detect and a lot of startups they're reaching out to you know they're Weyers in goods are being sold their services all over the country and all over the world. Better access to those marketplaces means they can continue to grow in Kansas City create jobs here. That matters to everyone even if you aren't the man or woman has skin on the plane every weeknight. So. I think I didn't realize stooges just how many jobs when we lose it for companies on a mid Kansas City because of not theirs on a nonstop flights to direct flights. Two destinations and UT from states maybe that there are on the coast that one have a midwest. Location display folks that we yours through the bank that. Either in new drawer business purpose. There on the road awestruck somewhat site. He's going sack around for pitch karma and if we don't provide a service that keeps up with the demand folks are gonna. Lose those types of launch wars. How do you deal with kind of the core question of if you don't slight if that's huge issues its release. Got a lot of people. Confuse us not finished there head right normal issue. Right I think it add I think it helps that it's private financings coming forward now. I do think it was difficult for many in the public to understand that your you'd be voting to allow the city the issue bonds. But somehow or another use the taxpayer would not be responsible for them to the private financing I think helps better tell the story that. You know it did this isn't this isn't funded by tax dollars you know your property your cells Texas and go to up to pay for this. It's paid for by the users of the airports that's paid for all those that are in the region the use the airport. So if you think about Africa Quincy Missouri voter it's a great leverage. 88% of the users are outside the city limits of Clancy Missouri they're gonna be the ones that pay for a bowl of a brand new airport. And that is ceases to reiterate to people there it's the same think it's the same doing the law stay at a stadium and the last week the Las Vegas he's negating possible stadium architecture in Las Vegas. Irresponsible thing because of all the tourists who pay for. A threat to your sanity for so we paid for by by people that don't living Kensing Missouri and bomb and if we do this right. The percentage can even go up because could have folks transferring through the airport more because there's more connecting flights and every time you interact with an airport all of us. Part of the point to get we've paid helps offset the cost of that airport. So we're paying for other people's airport every time we fly where we go we're paying for others so it's not as if there's a way to control costs by saying boy if we just don't put a lot of money into this airport. You're gonna have the cheapest tickets in the in the country the fact of the matter is our tickets are increasing at the same percentage rate national average. As brand new airports that have been built across the country this Sacramento Indianapolis. Their tickets are increased by that by the national average after they opened those new terminals as well. So and really what we're talking about here is is an opportunity. To allow Kansas City to propel itself forward I think it's one of the last assets that really needs our attention in Kansas City to continue to make it's that. A great region that can compete for an Amazon headquarters you're darn right we can get your front door to your city right it is the front door. You know I get to work every day in Union Station that was the front door of the past for Kansas City and talk about the renovation there like when it did for you triple I mean just your offices and they're now I mean people are going through their iPad. But people informed DC. For awaiting few weeks ago they went their murders blown away. When this reaching gets together and decides to do great things amazing things happen that building or a little over twenty years ago. Was literally falling apart. In this reaching got together in the business community really led the charge. Passed a sales tax across the state line we raced as. Rebuilt that building I get to work and every day and guess what just two years ago. It was the front lawn. For our celebration the royals winning the World Series and so. I outs he wanted to check your regionals and yeah that's exactly right I mean a net in the same it's the same is true in a lot of ways about the gateway at Casey eyes well. I'm I think we're having to make up for first impression every single time someone new comes to our city and it's you should not be that way by the way I think one of the of the myths to dispel there is. We're not building Atlanta Hartsfield this is not going to be Chicago O'Hare my third Yeltsin would love the right on the train like he doesn't Denver airport. I had the talent that's knocking be the case this airports gonna be scaled to a size in Kansas City that's very manageable. But with 35 gates the can easily expand. From our marketplace so it's going to be a livable kind of terminal not a gargantuan one that you have a hard time meaning but. Innovative. And very intimate epic Britain should be shining star for innovation in news bulletins similar sized cities and say. While they did it right there that's exactly and and we have a lot of minds here in Kansas City that are very innovative sure that's the case and obviously dead you're team is big it's like to buy City Council has said that they wanna be. One of the reasons he gets elected was that wanna work with city in with community which I think is either expectation at the amount of up to them out but I would targeted just. This topic about the terminal. It is one of those transformational. Topics for our city that if we don't deliver on that. We're gonna end up just with her wireless automated midwest towns ours. I kind of agree with that it and I think it's I don't think that's an overstatement I Michael I think you're right. Well be exciting to see the campaign news that it got to get 50% for the spot that's right low the last the last Kansas City issuers have to seven option that's correct that makes a little bit easier but I seem to be. Hopefully you'll you'll rise and and but you know these things are always competitive right always competitiveness into third and nobody. We're talking to Joseph reared in greater density chamber of commerce president CEO Michael easily from a bank be okay financial. Presidency also doing meaning their relationship we back our final segment of the day precede joining us today on nine. I think it was just. Welcome back to the grill nation show with Jason growing co host today contributor to grow nation. Michael easily Bewkes financial and Milbank presidency goes with me today. And our guest today is Joseph Reardon greater can't see chamber of commerce president and CEO. Passing conversation around better Casey. There's also a lot of other stuff. On the you work with. Joseph tells of its own one as healthy Casey healthy Casey's been an amazing initiative. There really has got the chamber engaged not just in looking at how we can help support businesses and making sure. There workforce is healthy which it is a fantastic part of the work that we do. I'm but it also is allowed us to create unique partnerships to really move Kansas City forward overall so one of the ones that really combines our public policy experience with. Health outcomes was a partnership we formed with our health care institutions. And with Tom are an insurance companies as well as. Foundations that deal with health. A cult tobacco 21 which is an initiative to move the purchase age for tobacco products. From eighteen to 21 years of age and of course the foundations in the hospitals they know the data. That you can absolutely have an impact on smokers by doing this and we went outside of going to statehouses we went out to cities carrying gives them. And we've now been to 24. Cities across Kansas City. And they've changed their law to change to purchase age for me to 21 such pretty significant head when that. So it's not a resolution sent a letter in Missouri it's. It's change your laws so I've missed some of these meetings where. You know the police chief there to explain how they're gonna enforce certain. Licensing is there to make sure the businesses know what's going on and so that affects Tom almost one point seven million Kansas audience and in it was a really agree it was a power of a collective it was the business community getting together with others. At you you really. Sent a message you delivered a message when we come together like that you really can do it and the other once. Amare resiliency efforts so if you look at young people and really their ability to learn and early childhood it's one of our Big Five initiatives. Resiliency in dealing with trauma that happens to so many kids you know on a day to day basis is so fundamentally important so. We've been doing a lot of good partnerships there in the one that we announced recently we're the first chamber. Have a partnership with the Sesame Street in communities. And so you know I can hook you up with cookie monster feet and a and a photo op but it really is important so our ability to affect young people to get them. It to be in a better position to learn early in life is to see it that's what's gonna lead do. Viability for Tennessee in the future. You know those two things that. You were in the greater conceit chamber or. If taken on senator scope responsibility is much broader region not just conceding Missouri in the two instances where. Thought you really. Shoreline one is the legislative issues we talked about a couple of years ago and then this healthy. Casey particularly to rack up when he want to see. How that's just kind of build momentum such common cause. And it requires humans to bring everybody together. And you two toll on that and it's been a huge success and worry MC. Years and years its markets and Michael I agree with you more in what what what's cool about that is that. The business community can play this role. Of initiating regional strategies because you know for each city either obviously their constituencies that city they're concerned with that not that they're not concerned with other things but. Without someone like the business piecing what's new at this together you right now it's tobacco 21 but put something else on that platform. And with credibility we can go and engage and get regional movement to happen. And for Kansas City that's so fundamentally important or future 'cause our competition is not across the state line. Our competition is other regions. That are doing all they can. To beat us at our game right that's where really it's all about and and you talked about some of the singular leader says it's exchange and you go to Q. Different cities right Craig so let's talk about that first of what is it an hour talk about some of the things you notice that we do well in Kansas City in some of the things we need to work on as a region. Leave our leadership exchange trip com is come aid group of about a 150 thought leaders from. Business to government and nonprofit. They get together every year we take a trip to another I'm region where we think we might be able to learn something good that's going on and bring it back. And continue with the Dallas Dallas Fort Worth was to the airport deal airport among other things we did saw the airport we also sold Clyde worn park. They covered over what looks like I 670 with a partner is. Go to town on our a lot of people want to mark offered from a fox four contact me about that that we do this ago. They ordered to look at this man anywhere along time I was on the trip now Lewis I was really telling who's all around. Tempers are efficient infrastructure poll also. This Anderson you re development and now most of them to believe me that's something don't get me to work on and I think downtown is developing a very quickly and and it. You know for going to be attracting potentially some of these. Major companies will probably have to be pretty innovative with. At some point in downtown campus for some and again I mean there's all these ideas that you put together that are really interest me yah I had some cities are the place regions are the place where great things can still happen I think the bond election and it's a mystery is an example. Of the voting public might be skeptical at the national or the state level. On the one of the right things brought forward. Kansas City into believing Kansas City and I think we need to take that leverage that for us to be competitive and be innovative were on the cusp of that right now dollars. I really believe we're in an airing Kansas City. That's unique I think we're gonna grow the in this region stronger than it's ever been in my belief and it's a Soviet continue we we had yeah N. Exploits it Brian Jones a former elected official he knows. There can be pendulum swings often elected officials and hopefully. We have another married a few years will continue to grow and I'm pro growth guy so but also see about some of the momentum spectrum and some of these initiatives we talked about the chamber cumulative Casey's seats here with civic council and Caremark is there a time doesn't. Those strong institutions and you know themselves at some ownership of that. So we're at that cross tourism continues said. Very good right now regionalism and pride in in Kansas City what are some of the things that we can do better as a community that you notice that you've been on the job. I think we a lot of of room to go around regional transportation and transit I think the streetcar is a good example of thinking about a different mode that we ought to be the innovators. In how you knit a whole system together the looks at innovation to drive that end. I think there's big opportunities there I think the business community absolutely needs to have a voice in that to talk about job access and empowering people. I'm if you look at the way that region's work today at the regions that are successful. The ones where you'd you've got regional economy that gives an opportunity for everyone to participate. And that's growing robustly and so we were in Dallas Fort Worth they talked about decades ago where the mayor of a Fort Worth. East curious sack lunch in the Dallas feet had to go to Dallas scuzzy one gonna pay for his lunch there if you fast forward to two today that region is growing so fast. That all the of those lines have been a race and their focus now is to equip Chicago. Become the number third largest metropolitan area in the US. We need to find our enemy and focus. And our enemy is not within it. If I mean it's in a mural sports right such Seles also we live is that sailor it's us about this last week right should be working with ms. Saint Louis should be ready and Lewis but yeah let's look at Indianapolis and in understand you know what they've done well Nashville is an incredible mid titles and becoming a a very strong economic. And in tourism is huge there that's exactly right and there's nothing physically ill and well look his daughter Mary is very awesome and he's an afternoon. Today you really have to have strong leadership you're right you gotta be region and it in the business the business leaders of this feel like Michael and others are the ones who set. The expectation for. The elected sitcom in the future because those those seats are gonna change you know even without. I think will attract Pete people gravitate towards that into elected office that's important for. And we always have to be thinking about doing. More than one thing at one time obviously better TCI's seizure now on the U like you said you've got. Five or six different you finished any of the Big Five LB DC you guys are constantly. They can down the road on to your I think we need fundamentally MP we needed to keep thinking down the road as the city. And continue to grow and cinema club in the challenge and Casey as the tournament last week. At brands was incredible and we've got just a rotation. Of young people mark companies and government experience. They don't appreciate you coming you better today salute Joseph Reardon in my presidency of greater Kasey chambers now it's Michael B is only mode bank UK financial presidency thanks for a put this together today it's been great show. Her work alone worked out well thanks to crazy with fans will see you next week on the grill nations should take care.