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Saturday, September 23rd

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your own stuff Brill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grill hello and welcome to real nation with Jason can grill thinking. Joining me again today on nine AD AM came easy as well as on line at grill nation should dec com and as well as on iTunes in tune in radio as well stitcher on podcast. Very excited to have you all listening today wanna. Quickly mention. And I teams I was it's very much appreciate we have all listeners who are on the go whether they're at the gym at their office. Working out. Working hard that listen via iTunes and would love a few all agree this show and support group nation. However you'd like with the review or a rating. On the iTunes page because. We love to spread the word to many more people are in Kansas City and throughout the country and one way to do that is through rating the show itself. If you like to show I would love to have you give it a few stars and I think 45 star program there and but a review we appreciate having you guys listening or weaken the feedback has been well. Taken and I appreciate all the thoughts yea or nay that have come through the emails and Twitter. And FaceBook and whatnot over the last few months BC listening as well. Via podcast. Take our partners and supporters of the grill nation show before you preview today's amazing show we're gonna have they are title sponsor the shore trusts. Mo bank and the UK financial. And two us advisors and Ryan rink. Also contributors and gets coast to grill nation are the read your interior eco Ryan maybe you will be joining us next month. He's traveling a lot right now one might luxury apartments great folks over there two lead is almost up and I'm assuming three light will be becoming onboard here in the near future as well they're just continue to grow downtown in downtown Kansas City are. Great places to be and lastly reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander who's against this in honor interior. Loved the show we do with him recently with John Amos from a com sports talking about sports are architecture and sports stadium financed very cool show thanks for Clifton Alexander for green coat. Host of the show and on air contributor to the grill nation show. On today's show we are lucky to have on the two great Kansas City ends Greg house Lee who is the steam and director at rockers. High school they have a impressive and very impressive. Steam program. Going on around you and then just the second. Joining Greg houses we on today's show be Millie brown. Millie brown is on the Iraq Hurst of board and also. Had had two children you went truckers high school as well as her husband Michael Brown. Who is CEO of Euronet who was a rockers Tice who graduate Michael annually up pledged almost two point one million dollars up rocker. Ties to implement science technology engineering arts and mathematics steam curriculum. Around two years ago was late teeth out actually summer 2015. When this became public in the NC business journal. And really exciting news and editing some really great work over there rockers high school which delegates you just in the second putt. What local things they're doing is. Working with students touches all students are rockers is the high school I believe around 2000 how thousand students. Private Catholic did private jesuit you high school here in Kansas City only all male schools well. In the Kansas City area but. They're teaching students why Steve is important they're impacting not only rockers were also impacting the NC community at large with future people that can now hold down. Really great jobs here in the area also go on and do other things. And just they actually didn't back credited and receded one of the best gradations you can get in this field. With the associate member with the national consortium of secondary stem schools and CS has asked. Amid an advance ED designation on certification the only school. In the Missouri and Kansas State's who are a steam certified advanced egg. Designation and we're any and that in the show that. Really really congratulations and accused of rockers high school for receiving a sacred accreditation in such an early phase. I believe they will be talking to other schools and teachers about how they did it. And hope in the community so we can grow as well and it's team education. Also talked to the folks are rocket Tice will live up. With Purdue and entrepreneurship for others in their entrepreneurship classes which is a really cool program and of their motto really is you know. Book besides meant for others on turner for others it's you know. Schooled in real world they should be separate we need to advance our education for folks that they can they concern the filling these jobs in thinking the community in the country. When they graduate so they're really big on ownership for off Brothers are really being on C education. There also reliving encoding every student rockers high school is required to take a freshman quoting class. Login to that on the show which I think it's pretty cool because. Knew nothing like that obviously existed when yours truly was an ice will we did have key boarding costs which already keep boarding. As a freshman was in the was probably the most impact class ever had a watching Marco they're using the hunt and peck method on his computer. As we taped the show and I'm just kidding but it can you imagine if you were still hunting and pecking. On the keyboard no I can't and one of the things I learned is the simple thing nowadays it's Cody. Not only coding to learn how to be a program it's going to teach students how to think analytically how to solve problems which are ruled us we know. As a big deal problem solving and no matter what occupation you take on their imports were to talk to him about how they've implement a coating your rockers high school. I get along with her entrepreneurship class to have totally redesigned from the spaces in their school. The important accreditation that they announced now with the acidic as an associate member with the national concern of secondary stem schools. On with the advanced and education certification for their steam program that science technology engineering art in mathematics. And talked them all about that's we really exciting show today and you know what this the result our have a rock precise on the show volleys because it's a great high school and can't see and is excelling that. Because they're they're doing things that are unique they're doing things that are different there are programs that they're putting forth they're really helping serious in training the preacher workforce. As you mention a passion as the Casey tech council study shows that there's a shortfall and educated workforce here and can scenes David Seaman stem areas. And rockers sing Greg Housley and Millie Browner trying to fix that and also own a institute is all about job creation is a about job preparation rockers. I school is truly being departure of her young men before they hit college so excited to have not only at great great smarts in the studio Greg is a brilliant person he's. Mathematics major and he's also a gentler which will get into that. And Millie ground just a great person great flinch pristine in Kansas City and site to have him on the show talk about the steam program rockers as well as entrepreneurship and Tony classes. Rockers continuing to be a leader in the high school the world here in Kansas City in both Missouri and Kansas side. What I currently quickly mention two. The program going on right now the key is he business journal they're launching a talk on about company culture on this show. With our guest at the launching a coolest office based contest it was just in the business journal this week. Now what makes a cool office it can be Dubuque didn't ping pong table can be the tribal despot to be really impressive design has to go beyond Earth's. And so they're launching contest you can check out of business journal I Casey does journal. And it's going to be pretty cool and one of the things we pride ourselves on here again is culture. Company culture and CBC to see who wins this contest but they're looking for business this minister bought short application and some photos of their offices. The strongest contenders to replace them brackets are competition and will be up to readers to vote on the favorites. If your awesome is your office awesome as a marking to have your marking apartments in the nomination. Vertical contest going on at the Kansas City business journals the chicken out. Pools office space contest for your clients for your friends for your company. Sentinel for sin against they show we'll have great house leak and Millie brown Greg is he seemed director rockers high school in the early round. Is a on the board and also a contributor her husband of over two million dollars to pristine program at. Rockers high school site have you listening today again favored are showing iTunes star rated review it. Appreciate you joining us today are the grill nation show and you can has always connected me on relations act on Twitter excuse me at Jason grilling that the relationship. Picturing semantics with those last few weeks we hope you enjoy the show from Greg packer. Welcome back to grill nation on nine AB and came easy I'm nervous facing Gerlach received joining us again today. As always via the radio online at girl nation should dot com or on iTunes or security. Precede joining as well via podcast today as well they're excited about our shoot as we re as we briefly previewed in our first segment. After the different things we had to get through we are gonna be talking about steam education and stem education on today's. Grill nation Joseph we've had some discussions about that he recently. Ceased being very trending topic. Very lucky to have on the show. Greg house Lee and Billy brown who are involved with the rockers high school steam program and Greg is the director and as one. Is also an avid juggler which we tune a little bit and Millie brown is a very well known philanthropist and his made a very strong contribution. To program her and her husband have rockers high school so welcome to the show what happens in what have you. OK so first off let's talk about rocker's high school. You know I've almost went to school there but I would saint Pius Carlos found Luna. Earthlink did it was like back then it still seem far away now I'm not enough. And as much now as you know planned bus that brings Iraq as soon yeah I don't think there's a handful of people that went to rocker spent. From my rates cool seeing trees but. Tells about come to the high school little bit number and get into the programs and how exciting is that that's kind of what's going on there in the size and and and what goes on rockers there's Iraq. High school it's looking many realist inland road where the university is. On 55 and choose basically and the high school as a thousand all boys is the only all male Catholic jesuit high school in Kansas City. On nine through grades nine through twelve so 2000 students in each class about 250 students and it's happening Nixon's are involved in the yards are involved in the sports a lot of people know us from the sport side of things but. What we know we don't maybe see is that will lava football athlete do. On Friday nights is playing a Farsi football game in and the previous there's and I sang in the choir concert concert resists fantastic so there really encouraged. You know breath of skills that all arsonist learn a new nearly try to connect allison's. Outside the walls a rocket test as well also there are a lot of service projects commune service is a major core value of rockers as well. It always has been it's always and one of the things that you strive for and I think. I think it's pretty good seeing all the things that are happening in Millie Howard how are you connected to a rockers did you get involved. Well mine has an alumni minor. And Alan nine my teeth and Finland Iraq. And they went tenth tees that's right in often and then. And my tonight kind of and their. And pan. I cartons and and have. And the bikinis and the best email nation ten young man. A leadership and rockers within meeting they were onboard and ready to jump on announced they were already looking for a way to begin than I am thinking. And and I am with that a bit of financial backing they were able to. Put together a dream team mr. Alvin Lee and this and we clear and after. A hot day Debbie Meyer. My dad. And mr. Al they would they care at the map that I met weekly when they can find department. And I'm T got to though three people and if you lean and incredible innovation and education and complete education or rockers and well and and they take it means is that just me who I work with amazing people those. Now Greg you were and Campbell mentioned too late it was a great donation of over two million dollars in this program. By millionaire husband Michael. And really discounted and it just goes to show you just pick community to community yeah right I mean that's always thought of our rockers it's a comedian you you actually went to school there right. Yeah I'm class of 2000 and I exit and we came back to visits from my. Well math teacher arousing college in and told I just receiving a math major in mr. Franklin garrison has already ended a degree in. Clearly joking as I got an army Il and appears some day and an a hole I send an infinite. A force in you know from forces that I did he said well you know. We need someone to help to summer school this summer French student. That's in longhorns seeing and then non working in the door factory that worked on the summary for so through society seems summer school when I was nineteen and I guess like in education in his hand and looked back and loved every minute of it and also to mention the juggling thing yeah ended at the nuts and bolts of the program so your area. A actual professional juggler is that true yeah hey I jungle for a new job circus is so local community circus we do every day on Saturday actually and a guy that. And some media stuff like in first Fridays than we do a lot of the corporate parties and and stuff and then nature. But what I love about juggling is it's engaging activity. It's problem solving is on its Raleigh failure so you in order to get better you constantly have to fill. Those are great life lessons that our students encounter every day in school so you know a teach math by day general by night the late. And during the day necklace students' math is hard so they struggle and that's okay and it's part of learning process and you have to go through that struggle in order to accomplish. Whenever goalless at half. Mean that is inching I didn't even know I am I'm learning something is. Children went to rockers in there obviously are have done well it sounds like Steve you've been involved as well just on the board but also with family. I know am I can I noticed that these young kids coming out of school no matter what Marianne and act as a gallon and land diet went. Broadcast journalism major and is now doing investment banking he wished he can't and coding do author of modeling men and my phone. And it's I'm doing marketing. He needs to eat out like he need get a little more because everything now is on the land it's all digital hannitizing. Everything dinner at all. And and and that if anything engineered. There you go it is what you know and given earlier that he kind of I bet every every student every said I think hanging need. A stronger base and that and Nina on the ninth eighth and lagging in our math. And yet so and pull an AM mountain time. The one and and I I don't need many math mangers Greg yeah you really serious side and in so tell me about that like. I mean night I took calculus and all those things in their struggle for me. Once you get to college in the nets like. Like to close to right I mean that's so easy for. Earlier you read through what that's why that's true I mean it's really the math major hopes. To show I think it's about problem solving ultimately it's a lot of my math major friends and a Bunnell high school because they can think logically. And and the thing about masses is just a way of thinking that's actually accessible to everyone. Well the front reason I was asked to be steamed directors because from prior to that as the chair math department. Who announced its first started as the show not permit our department would have about sixty since two DP packets to them when they graduate. Now we have over a 132 more than double the number of EP cactus exams being taken. We didn't sell it be over double the amount of quote unquote Smart kids are coming in school. We do is retreated in the entire math department as a whole has happened to the chair we treated environment. Sue allow more students to be successful in peaking peeking cultivate the right type of environment. And more students can also and think to themselves well actually can do math like this is capable I'm capable of doing in this and they can be successful. This to transfer and rockers take my detectives. Class and the first two weeks is Sims does it and all of a class on and do this but like I am not prepared to disclose that previously these are ready. Of I wanna stay in what do I do this and well. Do you trust this process I'll get cute where need to be. But your choice will be probably a low grade now. But trust me we'll get you worry where you wanna go hit a and B plus third quarter and a fourth quarter and got a finally he counts like this in which the Buckeyes scored eighteen yet and so it's really about treating this environment. Where every student can thrive it's not about trying to filter out this the quote unquote Smart students. From the announcement since everyone is capable. And what we're kind of esteem for program Iraq is high school. It's true apps is that every student can be successful and then share will we've learned with the whole community so that students from the entire Kansas City area. It becomes successful in achieve Liverpool it is of their identifying themselves and I like that tells more about what actually steam as an and what kind of is involved with the program shows an active in the science technology engineering arts math. And arts is is it as an addition. Yeah and it days and I think this Mormon national edition so for us for us we are inspired a lot by Rhode island school designed originally for most steering wheels them and if you go and if you go visit Rhode Island did they talk about. Dollar CEO graduates they don't talk about their famous artists made so. For us the very beginning we've defining industry TV and watch partnership and so launch for ownership is major thread within our steam initiative. You know what do what is launched in Europe and entrepreneurs a person who can actually taken idea and turn into an actual real products. And a friend who works for Zander who used to teach an art institute in used to say you know my. I used to think that the best artists to create a SARS the world who once a Lucas ideas. They and it's completely false is sixty greatest artists in the world through the wants to take a great idea and turn into a finished product. And eschew for the British scientists having great science idea actually do the last thing the actual doing stat matters to advance the field of science. And fronts for ownership for like a business that's also the case you know if by identifier from the community. And then figure out how to actually solve the problem to hope the community around make something happen also you know the business. Million points are there are how many students are involved in this in this team program how does that work in. Every single and a steady did all take him out yeah it this isn't just announced I cannot I meant air and this child has come up with the bath prompts him man I am let it leak I do think I'm just learning class and there aren't. The teachers who lab at the most weren't the religion teachers. And language arts teachers are Lenny and raced in and day out every single hand and engaged in on yes we are we aren't known. We're the thousand students are well when Sony today in the next signature and found a credit ace they young got his is it's very impressive it's run. I think only eighty schools in the country threats that's amazing. We'll get that after the break but yeah this is some in every touches every student waters every sort. And that's something that you don't get mania ice and that's one of the perks of a gonna rockers or openly in the ways of those schools can follow it and treat these options for all their students as well. Most people on other came rockers high school I've turned out well Mike you said a very successful and then really care about the comedian Pacific. Irk me that charitable community and and things happening around them so it's really exciting to hear about this. When talking about your entrepreneurship class the coding elements but it rockers and the exciting credit nation you've for Steve program after the break. Listen to grill nation on nine median incomes. I guess. Hello welcome back into the relationship in 1980 and came easy and now I scenes and stitcher radio schools that relationship dot com precede joining us today. Very excited to have our guest in studio today Greg house lease team director for rockers high school and Millie round. Whose day on the board of rockers and also for interest in her husband and permit a sizable donation to spark this team program that rockers a few years ago and Mike humility Harrell a Mike is an alarm rockers and they have two children that attended rockers Thai schools so exciting to have them both in studio. We are talking about your credit nation and how neat that is for the year for rockers high school and how it's not very easy feat yet and you guys got it pristine program. I think so eventually consume a hundred people at work if this be received the insists that it took its call to stem certification. And it's awarded by advanced and advanced and it is an international accrediting agencies some many of the high schools in our area are accredited through advanced and as a school. Then they have this done done certification called the stench of vacation. NASA received and you can have a program that's been certified or school that stem certified so we received as the entire school. It is important points and to realize it was back to Miller's point that this touches every state absolutely and that's the eagle eye while in W co pay immediately you said the senior school you're making a commitment to. That's in their family that we're gonna create the best possible learning environment for that's vested in this is the first accreditation of the sort and during Kansas distract or Italy or school if you look at all the surrounding states there's one school is kind of otherwise. No other state this tension Missouri has a school that has been certified right now. Interest and held as the program. The sensor applications have been four years old on this mostly advance since being quarter headquarters in the southeast of the country so let's see more schools in the southeast portion receding in but. It's spreading pretty quickly. And you guys program is not metal either yes or they have a little zoo this year three so we move pretty fast receive the certification a good crowd runs out of all my colleagues because that is the census missed McQuay bigger than just in which we mentioned you have some other. Teachers that helped you with us. A slew different different parts of the estimates team education ranked. So there receive the certification their eleven indicators an indicator one is how are you promoting stem education to nontraditional students and so. As an all male high school nontraditional stem seems to be and I hit barriers challenge to overcome but. You know we did that by we're saying that we're teaching injection computer science class every single freshman so every single student rockers high school learn some coding. Let's talk about you know it is you mentioned in the first segment. It's all stuff that program because I I I Harken back to the when I was learning how to type keyboard in cause I can't I think. We did in high school freshman year ago we might it and something anchor a bit it was really mostly high school where you actually learn how to actually type and now he's gone back method which. Mean some friends joked about might be the most important cause they're too good freshmen high school he boarding costs an old Apple's. Tolls don't like coating is kinda knew you brink is a majesty it's her how to type now. So early or just you you don't understand them coding and asking me cardinal dies or you didn't win you learn coding. Three of thinking it's a logical laying. I'm working to have confidence to achieve a goal and I'm black ink and when you keep thinking together and they need to act and make sure it's working. This is that. When you end up being a programmer or not. This type them out if you can learn how to spell and let me he has that's what makes good vice president and that makes good mothers and fathers. Here they do when that decision may keen has if a problem. A and I just think it's awesome and it's offered every student. It the class ready until we let anybody can learn how to decode satellite so was born with a computer science geno you know the fact is that we look at if we get into this question the second is this school world and real world as an act is that. We have people come on the show all the time say you know the we have a lot of tech jobs unfilled against the Braves six figure salaries rent and you know starting off at 70000 dollars I mean just just for coating to that I there's more of these jobs needed cell. Do your even not only teaching in the analytical in solving problems that was are also teaching them. You know here's a chance have this option to try this might like it and if you do you like it you can make good money in in work for every company. So it around liking opportunity for students in the Amy a code name and computer science is infiltrating every field. It's not just about treating computer scientists are in those 6000006 figure jobs which will happen and also. A bit is also about. I'm lucky Archie for students who wanna go into a separate field and realizing how they can play computer science to disrupt the feel they're going into and that's what's happening behind the technologies disrupting every industry. I was in a wedding on this Saturday and the groom I was islanders and then he just got high about Harvard Law School because he was a lawyer. You decided not to practice on Boston and he'd go to the army is in every day in times of how to code. Swift and python. And then Harvard Law School hires and to write applications from the clinical programs. Like that job was created for him because he has skill set and he jokes are like people on Harvard think Eddie magic. I'm the only African lawyer Abbas inside you get a dealer had a code for us as I possibly 40% of America. I now has us that's the kind of opportunity are talking about it's not just the commute. Who into your scientists say is that. But it's much bigger than. Projects they did you learn and latest call processing which is an extension Java. And ABC treated and animation at the end today so. On the theme soon learns that commands and learn how to draw a circle on Charlotte's and I make a triangle and learn how to fill in with colors and name. Learn how to and they each have their own you know animal percent and so facility was an ocean everybody's trading their own seek feature. And then as the course goes on and learn how to animate it by the end of the class the whole class was all the pieces together and has this unique query and the facts class created. Insists his concede the work that they're doing and on accident that happened you learning programming logic last year class averages like 90%. Like every student is being assessed on the class that the Irish thus there is a rockers is 90% lengthy they TVA's I didn't. 90% flips all the since Regis it was really exciting. They were talking to Greg houses Lee and Millie brown today were about rocker says schools steam program one of the other exciting things is entrepreneurship. For others Bryant Intel's that is we have a lot of launch foreigners have. Sets built successful companies that listen to show a lot of entrepreneurs who have started businesses and are just kind of in the sort of mode now and house are hustling that. One of the things we talk about his school world Hersh reward him and the question of the use why are they separate. Absolutely I mean teachers are anchors include real world problems in their classes students are always asking one will ever use this in my life. Well so that we have this in the these worlds a separate so let's just breakdown that beer altogether and and talked about having students working authentic problems right now. Those are indicators in the stands certifications students were in the real world problems indicator 111 is treating adult world connections with students so. The archer leadership for others class or she launched this year. There's a guest speaker every week on average Korean students come into the new pitch bass driven new learning common space that were. Became sort of how this environment where there's a collision ideas students interact and each other within the learning commons is at its base so. A guest speaker will come in students Nash readership of Brothers class. No on listened to the guest speaker talking and there are a reflection paper. And then throughout the class in a church of froze class students are learning and entrepreneurial mindset. So really sit on and on true mind and developing cultivating this much real mindset. Students are then challenge to identifier from the community that will help the world around them to make the community better. And then create a solution to that problem and if the learn about the problem the solution might be a product to might be a service. Knows that they'll collaborate with each other will connect them with another alarm to help mention them along the way. And that class will culminate in on the business canister it's night where they. Go in from a public audience to and from public audience and say this is the probably China solve this is what we learn from it. Usually we we think we should do moving forward and system gossip it is us or were wet weather what year these people that are juniors and senior misdemeanors. The cut out some to maybe decide on what don't you inning if they're gonna college here right previously we collaborated with you in case you saw that existing knowledge and on the senator. May have a program called ice house program for. Adults that are starting companies honest it helps take a small company making a sustainable company so we skips. Underground recent grads who escapes the notice business school and he was straight to a a non accredited class that's actual real and works with adults and he partnered we collaborated with young Casey. And they're treating this as a semester course for us that were launching right now it's really cool. His colon and no it's very important transfer students learn about these things. Nontraditional. But is becoming more acceptable I think and more need in our society are excellent. Yeah it really is and I I just I wish I would have had an entrepreneurship. Some sort of a class ended up going to law school that I I just feel like that really kind of change your mindset early and really kind of put put you together with the real world and real world follow leaders and you mentioned that this competition right. Which obviously that that happens a lot these days for for funding meant or by corporations that want foreigners to come open. A reverse bitches but it's definitely the norm now and its schools and high school students are getting opting to do. And we're we're to a consider help other high schools and you're gonna have the a conference in March. Whoever your parting with it and send another sensor vacations so Horry talked educators and community but. You know chats every educator listening or if you're the business owner has is a steal another school your school administration now. Feel that school wants to know what the steps. Or systems unification or at least taken out on this from a now this conference must tell us about a conference yesterday march 13 and fourteen the strip and are in 2018 we during our scream brakes a weekend house. A few hundred people 99 students in the way. And we're gonna have a keynote speaker of guest speakers can Manuel talked about how to get certified different programs that work for us. Different programs in the city there's so much having can see around. This is in season and inflection point hurts you know reaching just now realizing his potential I stole that quote from. Victor wrongdoers a tougher foundation is a punishment or there. That's what he says the intensity and it feels like Silicon Valley for years ago and Austin twenty years ago there's so much opportunity right now let's connect their students an opportunity. That's that's the goal Wallace. Did play a lot of resources in town for entrepreneurs that's for sure really exciting we're speaking with gray house the end Willie Brown we right back after the break with the last segment of the show today I really wanna hone in on the thing about importance of Kansas City in helping you're meant for others his game slogan that's right permissions. Rockers high school. And we'll talk more. Are you listening. It's just. Welcome back to Israel nation shown ninth in came easy and podcast at iTunes and he's really connect with me on Twitter at. Chasing real and that girl nation show we've had. Two great people in for rockers. High school today I was in poker website there are two rockers HS dot edu. I'm talking about the steam prior disclosure entrepreneurship. Brothers a classy cutting classes. A Logan assuming your other programs one thing that's really important one of the reasons why you received your accreditation. Is the community you know a lot of communities were for this talk about that because I feel like. One thing you guys instilling your students min for others is. Working with the community giving that meeting with community also has been very supportive of where you all are doing with the program. Absolutely early fortune to have such an engaged alumni base and parents as well. And you with the to a C initiative started and we partner with its interest is academy and together we created a steam advisory board Millie is on this advisory board with the president. IQ and it's. Ever ought to really gay people on the board Kevin Schulman mr. dean you Casey's computer science engineering Terry Keefe case is social motivation Dieter re use on the show about a month ago it forces teams do you uncle levens. And that's really exciting and if that's collaboration. If a of the sensor vacation indicator tanned one point ten. You need to have community partners and so the really encourages schools to partner with. Other schools other businesses other organizations to create these opportunities for students that's really exciting. Even before I squeeze have summer programs for students correct yeah personally and rockers robotics courses camps. You sort of water about a few hours plus your students are learning how to make robust and swim spring yeah. This is before I school. Our robotics teacher annual attacks he is something LC is a former swim coach actually. He and polling third 111 states and championships so they've taken that team concepts memos so many and now armed complaints are about it's got to give Greg a shot out to you know he was chosen as UC's top connector and education entrepreneurship three thanks to the snack. I was ten and yet he's maintained a dream team that was the project with Kauffman Foundation let's say they Q you mentioned Victor. Obviously your fallen with debut as a resource for entrepreneurs and people are you can see education as well absolutely and were working with a lot of evil much real space can seize a foundation anatomy and I know they run a Mecca challenge event for students. Untrue single one day match mineral Sprint's. Nazi run make it challenges that rockers. It's to import infer. A school to have someone in the position like mine I'm not teach seeing. You know all day long and I can go out and make connections in the community very very important yeah I do it will fall into that trap and editor dated alive spreads or grind and now work and we never really I saw just two classes and I love I was and I know you circle right before us. Yes. One thing the reason why this is so important is because of we we talked earlier about the lack of tour called educated work force instead and the steam areas. Creating jobs job preparation you're doing its part to prepare these young young folks before they get college man on these issues that are needed I mean these jobs that are out there that we need to succeed obviously we're. As a country were fallen behind and steam education in one of the things you guys trying to do is combat that and also prepare people for the next steps. That's Lewis and that's important. Marion went and community and the world. Turning the future workforce and you mentioned Kansas City or by Saban as an at an inflection point and what he's seeing. As someone that is. Teaching students but also kind of involved in the community. We loaded with with with the potential here with with the with the tech jobs with writing jobs with. Google fiber came in 2011 we have on the street car. This is the longest stretch of Smart city. In the country who think that's a huge huge in the country in terms of his MBA program and that's mostly because of status signed certificate. The in the world is fundamentally different than when you know our guys Bolton and there wasn't too long ago actually so. You know they did his best. Greg and I are about the same basis. Sarah nurse hearings and you've got like six or 70 and being engineering firm there's a lot of them claiming here I you know or. And those companies are growing actually. There really is and and and now I feel like it's. Students are OK with saying and seeing around. Yeah see when they come back from college or figure ecology talent a great price Atlanta attorney on the fact that there yell it's on to say why that's why came back here in. And Greg you know you probably went off to college and a new and SCO. There's Iran assists and thinking back. Indiana love and kisses and its dream time to be intensity is a great time to be an education. And I just have rockers and in a lot of stood a lot of schools are a lot of innovative things senior Melanie from Rita mentioned you are gonna use you Unisys do you hope others gather for other educators episode in the not a first in Iraq has those two be on form the Indian and Brothers so for us how we modeled that and being a school for others who I think the best example of being a school for other uses. The parents introduces two. Bring their eggs are math institute in Kansas City. The films they say caddie his high profile prep school in the northeast Mark Zuckerberg went there. And in the ninety's they threw another math textbooks and rewrote problems cents and so students there it's all problem based learning saw in greed driven. So we have their teachers come to Kansas City in teach. Teachers how this works how you have a problem based learning class so last summer we are a 105 teachers. Nearly 70% of them were from publics in charter schools. And we're those teachers are going through this four day workshop. They're doing math is the best math professor moment either gonna part of Jackson doing math of all time as a puzzling listening someone talked about how great their math classes. You are actually solving math problems with college you're building connections. Remembering how hard math is this the biggest comment we get from teachers is. I forgot how math it's hard like I mean he says so it's easier for me empathize a messy this now because I forgot it felt like devious student I've been doing this mapping for so long. So Leo last summer in under five teachers. We asked whether average class size was added another and ending 121000 students. So written while they don't allow down while Victor Matheson next summer we wanna have every math teacher in the city this industry in on the net and. And the math teachers afterwards after eight hours doing my they would just sit around and I talking to match. About Matt and me it would bode well I'm relieved to be kept I'm not. Mean literally a bill that professional lower because teachers tend to be isolated within their classroom within the school. They're all these physical and artificial also breaking down those boundaries so that we can't we're all the same teens teachers think we're all educating. The future. And so let's work together so we can better leverage that. Each team. A faculty offices at rockers the Dave opened it adds that act of seeking enactment and if faculty staff Leo that's a math problem. And I hope I didn't bring anybody to locked by and mark and it's if it's just a whole different way of educating and collaborating entered its. And it's an aces ever Q for students are looked at in the look didn't look like you guys have been. You're at academic learning commons and one on your news you learn how does bases it looks like get. Mormons face I'd see and an elaborate. Incubator accelerator absent a little right here. They say I'm letting you go before that's Nicole. Yes that's a lie and that's part of this race and design is active during fashion so you know we see learning commons that's. A large scale I can think fashion so we're redesigning over clash for spaces to encourage more collaboration. Nolan the values that we from a first insofar moon men for others to those guys are loaning an opening growth. How do you how you do that. In a classroom instruction environment we have since talk to each other. Sister insert tables there's a lot more collaboration and if you like in a typical classic rockers it's a lot louder than you probably remember. And Irish showed Mike humility a couple of years ago when she locked in the room she's like where's teacher I don't know that teachers trying to opposite answer. This by really you know working our way dryers until it is and it is like the world that you know we in the real world not true world you need people who pirate these subjects and have an energy and that's who were trying to put in exile. From amendment so awesome Greg house Lee's team director rockers high school and Millie brown. Really appreciate your on the border rockers high school and also very very big contributed steam program thanks for coming on the show today. I'm invigorated. Actually I need to take go to class or learned it is something you. I'll keep it that was really great having you guys on the show and congrats higher success in congrats for helping other. Educators and people around the community and in the country. Learn and and help frozen program. Thank you very much they cannot say to come on the show today and that's been great and we'll see you next week on real nation appreciate you joining us and listening to each and every week.