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Saturday, September 30th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. And yours is still grill nation always dressed up and even in their radio studio. Is Jason hello and welcome to. Grill nation with Jaycee and grill I appreciate you joining me today as always on nine median came easy and on podcasts at your listing view podcast on iTunes or stitcher radio as well as that. Grill nation showed dot com appreciate you are reviewing our podcast pages are writing pages if you like to show. Please give it five stars and sinister reviews who you know hiring on the high teens face some more people can listen to the grill nation show. Well I think our partners and supporters of the relationship with Jason grew without them we would not have a show trust. Milbank be OK financially to us advisors and Ryan recur in the title sponsors of the relationship though as well as our honor contributors and guess those who come with come in once in awhile and bring us a really good guess they are the Reagor. Right navy guest host an honor contributor grape brandy growing brand you're in Kansas City. One might look tree apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander great company in the crossroads of Kansas City. On today show we are going to start off with Eric Willie from actually from one of our sponsors one might luxury apartments. He's the kind Sears and puts together amazing how programs. And events at one might end is connected to most people here in Kansas City even loved to have. Erica among every once a while to show to talk about. What's going on some of the events he's playing some really cool things you can do here in Kansas City. And also talk about downtown Kansas City and its growth and what's happening in the urban core and these days. After Eric we will have on the show a dust installer sees the professional studies facilitator at par kill school district. Todd Dustin and I met many years ago when I was the state legislator. He was the boys soccer coach at park a high school and is also an entrepreneur. He now as running the part of professional studies program at ArQule school disturbed and working on teaching students. They connect DC into folks in the industries they wanna be into you as well lies talking about different topics about the workforce and entering the workforce and I. Deputy to speak out park hill school district few weeks ago. To Justin's class. Gentlemen and it was really get opportunity really. It time it's really neat things that you and up there Parker school district in and their innovation in personal space program as well as an entrepreneurship and connecting students to. Professionals throughout the Kansas City area as soon as. The life full to talk to him and I speak to his group and we're gonna have him on the show to learn more about. Everything going on up there and with this program it's real exciting stuff and students I think you're getting a lot of it. And I'm looking forward haven't Dustin sellers on the show in segments three and four today. As always you connect with me on Twitter at Jason real and that drill nation shell. Ratio is reaching out about to two guests as well I was commenting on so the guess he's on the show and I appreciate you joining us each and every week. Let's just thirty here on the show today with air Willie from one might luxury apartments as well as the concierge and man. About town. Give him a fallen social media. Eric what do those social media handles. That you they months where it's hysterically Twitter it's Eric Willie and you're also it's your own snapshot. Circle it as their Willie welcome back to the show you sir stake in laughs are ready teasing crackers or your Twitter profile data I was actually. Somebody I came off more a long time ago when I was working five Charlotte thousand National Golf Club and you know it's it's coming in Europe behind this season and certainly people second officer and director tickets and eating cheese crackers truth Africa. You've worked throughout Kansas City obviously mentioned the national but also that. Different golf courses wells of blues than any cleaver cork in now at one by what's the experience been like because we both now lived there for a couple of years. Talk to me about. How it's been working and living in in being in that area you it's been it's always fun you know it did the growth of downtown it has been an easy and kind of to be there at the forefront some of this experience of the season a downtown and the only creative alive solve. Within though one might in our community. That not only. Helps to build the drug downtown but. The dome there's a lot of we have a lot of people are moving in from downtown. From. From out of some things like that outer rim giving them exposure to different cool places. The valve you know with their fingertips they're downtown news and our building 34 and one night marks not okay yeah. Is I keep seeing new people move in and out in a you know it's funny and there's all dogs and building. You have got to thank you you wouldn't you and thank you know a lot of people misconception. You know abound on Tom and and living you know but. With a lot of you welcome comments on the you know associate from other larger large cities it's something that very. Erica she's doing right now torn dog parks on and and and I think with one mine are grew our republic space. You know considering. Living on timing it's it's a good accommodation and then really is a building that. Is doc firmly in buried at Carolina even a dog treats this woman dogs in three pounds the to admitted that there IKEA to stop giving milk bone so. And out yet. So that's full and in to lie is opening next year correct yes who will move in the first president's going up pretty well confers I mean it's. We saw on to state through people on my June 1 hour up 1% leased now on. Me or really hit me the marketing course. This is due but I stay one might buy a house or mid ditzy life so I I really like where am now mauled the is not a party express back ahead. Consider this though so so I really like I like the one line I'm curious to see. How everything changes and he has been to let opens his one mind is full and into I will be building new guys have plans for future buildings are consuming and so those will be announced in. In a bit too idle different it's all the units look a little bigger. Yeah saudis are different over there are some serves as the one I resident. You shouldn't see anything different from us opening up a second knowing you know the amenities. Service the programs are doing. Will be the same you know from differences from one nights to idea to let the department's loan larger. With one might not think you probably become accustomed to walking you know through garage to. You live it down more to cost you those are shop the convenience of you know it is unmatched as laws have then one life in the in the going there. Men. You know the size although I see you at the the one might Jim. I don't make it over the one life. Yeah it's I just burqa in the gym in the building yet and I image of the billing have seen all these smaller less essentials you know and then if you don't want to go fight the crowds are just more comfortable on these in the line John nominates trailer a minute and a half men so we'll stay the same one of all the admin isn't into that will probably offer you more. Yeah that's I don't minus the closest to bigger shoe store you know you have to open yeah just like their till the you know me appalled outdoor spaces or Arlen answer it to light. And again you know the things that that want my house offer won't change as far as concierge in many programs and you know we just continued to our team and to grow and to. To build ways to. Period the experience of living living downtown. No one like Casey's that one like Casey Doug comment to light is it to likely see that come in the photos. Look pretty amazing into life and known to searching Ameren and actually look to them and quite awhile but it. Is this is amenities in the spaces are going to be pretty awesome I'm looking at the that this thing it is politics religion deaths of endorsed Bob there's going to be you're really nice sexy ticket to a little tour event. The indoor pool there. It's getting finish right now and yes I mean it's been really sleek. They always adjustment other mistresses are going to be pretty amazing man. We're talking mid air Willie concierge at one line luxury apartments and we've talked about woman in July wanna get into some of the programs and some events are you working on it's coming I think in city and some that we've just gone through. So listen you relations thank you. Hello and welcome back that you have to grow nations show with Jason hurled nine EM TPC and appreciate you joining his on ice seasons and stitcher radio as well as that girl nations showed dot com. And very excited to have you listening today appreciate you joining us were in. So number 130. Something now since we rebrand it which is crazy to me from partner Casey to grow they should show one of my guess early on that. Boy that journey was Eric Willy who's with me today one might luxury apartments. Great supporter of the cruel nation show Eric is the concierge in. No it's pretty much everything going on here in Kansas City air you are tasked with figuring out new and exciting events put on one line in the community. I'll wanna which we we talked about last year but with three and were forced him one of the greatest perks of living at one life is the met. Is the affiliation with the d.s now and then what happens there we recently just had our our second annual golf tournament last week and until spot Dutton and then there's MB trophy I've. Has so you know I again living downtown and in your record is nowhere there's there's there's there's more Greenspan is coming hopefully with some of these projects that people working now with. Over the highway type parks and yet. You know I've seen an area. Up and hopefully hopefully they'll be alive when that data and a finalist itself but it can be down the road but you find it a key said like you when you're in their recourse in times did you wanna. It out and yeah so you Johnson's so beyond what I see who's viable is say you know people living in her record sold. By economists are on call these and so one of the first whose the foundation was sick created a golf membership offer to a woman residents and the national Medusa them really good look some 1000. Creating its embarked fill just about fifteen minutes from downtown debt is as sexism we've closes private or public course armed announce a the value is it's it's a good rate on membership mom it's all along Tom term commandment you know before coming and going. And you know it it builds communities need to learn united to meet a lot of new guys you have an ability to share something that's in common. You know we can buy try to put on events you know if we do a a potted plant costs were we have our oracle tourists come. And we'll teach in on base on your. Would the views of your apartment polity of a balcony you know things you can grow words it's flowers or herbs or vegetables and things are now won't won't buy all the all the materials and you bring your your mom potted plant down and and mole on all charities are you trying to build more greed yeah. Yeah that's real cool and I think that did. The membership thing has been a big and added value for me at least yeah mutt played a lot more golf than I ever have and get out there meet new people and you know there's also with tigris frosty because in the which is really who is brilliant if you're on the plazas and yet. So they wanted to do you know that term limits on the no wanted to do it every every year beyond just bill some competitive that is growing. And the building and you know we have a trophy which Jason grow in on the 2000. 6068 where. Not me adversely in my teammates for any parallels is the time I hear did I did luckily it was pitch dark at seven and which is awesome so an out and going forward each speech going online to Iowa on its own tournament and then. The ideas that take top five winners from return men and then have a nice little bottle between each building mean and that's for future developments as well I just him excites you a drink of beer out of the of the trophy have never done that before the I don't believe so we'll definitely talk. Well I bet on social media. A nice air Willie is our guest a case so you always create new and exciting things wanting that. You do is kayaking on the user. Now as coming ever need to do that debt and outset that I am a lot of things you know that we we do what we turn to do is expose residents of things they probably don't know exist and can city no you know one being kayaking on the route Missouri River a lot of people. Think it's crazy talent it's exit of it's a lot of fun we do a nice 05 mile are fall by happy hour and things like that. But really it's you know it's the Expos right. Since things. That they typically wouldn't know existing can city. You know constantly posting if it's. You know top hikes in Kansas City and and things that that'll just make them aware of what's going on Rama and so. They are you know this expose the things more than just downtown and in their apartment but things are close to downtown and things they can experience. I'm excited to try that out hopefully that one will take place here soon. What are some of the other things concerts concept concerts going on Odessa area Wisconsin's all time on C. You know with MacKenzie are my district you know we have texas' tickets. We are raffle off tickets to sprint center events and things like that. No I love fall on his lot of fun soft coming out what our events we have a lot of outings we just recently did a sporting accusing the outing and you know we always try to take it 11 sept one set up the house so not only do we take residents of the game we got them fields who were. Men just come out and adding to the value of next Monday that football game against the Redskins on the second we have. To see an active gas into us going out the Redskins game sixty residents and the system last known residence you know they get to take any game. You know up where of the travel all mates meet all the residents and don't even know or were full you know there's there's constant change and there's constantly people coming in into the building you know and so. On building next unity is something that that's it that's ongoing. Each and every month and yet keep driving him and yeah. One thing I noticed is that you've done a lot of residents and businesses. Yeah yeah you know talking about a clothing. He did something with you lie thinker yeah with the U you know until enjoyed doing did the united and our experiment. You know just bringing new things to residents thought these people that live a long night. Are from other places yeah maybe they don't notice as much about Kansas City and you can connect them to business owners yeah NSC is whether it's ongoing. You know we're just. Talking to the residents posting on our our face a page. The best part of the best way to gain from a resident's you know institute events with those businesses and the amount exposure and and business and that's something that we we seek actively is it. There's a new store opening restaurants things like I know we reach out to comment. See how we can partner with Ayman. Get them business and exposure expose a range of residents what is been your favorite that you play insofar. The last few years since you been doing this job really you know only a false hustle was was probably you know the golf tournament fall by the fall possible and as far as the last you know awful awful fast laws probably one of our biggest events. Something that we continue to grow on and expand. We will policies meant that green space that. Usher in a band then we put a petting zoo on cover of you know we had local picks up a whole pig this year we actually have into on. He's gonna. Roast a whole cow for us awhile Seattle so that's going to be where is adamant the experience of some the 22 October and Coca somber lakes are about the now some are things that will really enjoy doing is our shot demos we part north local. Shouts and businesses on how van down command Travis Napier from the Bristol just came and did an amazing demonstration with fish. It was summertime so fish was appropriate. Illinois you know like our our wine events are fund by Vietnam and I get that reflects the Islam. Somalia a knowledge now on. Upcoming this week makes she's in my pairing and some thing. You know I've visited Constantin and have a great she selection and then you know what I wanted to do is just exposed residents now maybe they've all the knowledge some of cheap that she's on there. So so residence the you know give on the knowledge apparent mind she's so. Now Jason is going to a party now popped on the Constantin and remember this grade she's wine pairing that's. Attack you I doubt you down together party indeed you have your tooth real takeaways from from the education costs and nine Olympic. Rocks are the party it's awesome that they Diaz do a lot of cool events Eric Williams with this from one might luxury apartments also concierge. There as well. So where like Debbie talk about some cool things happening in city maybe outside the building give us some Europe you're near tip to your favorites on who places popping up you know I live at the crossroads it just seems like every time I turn around there's so many equal places opening up you know that. The same this transplants. Dollar crossroads. On a most recent and I really enjoy I top. Given nights I'll I am not old mission joined taco economic kind of chlorine into over the building. I'll some more upscale grocer is growing minute talk to bow at Dell made us and he was. Is dominant most of those buildings have been bot and it's a matter of now justice speaking a liquor license and honestly can't. Doing some serve food trucks down there I mean inside a building and there's all these cool concept Netflix has blown out there really is Odyssey court you know clubs life my favorites met him on the show I have not been an area the it's amazing I have immense you know I I Disco bar and and get snacks and drinks and the smog music Nam. Obviously. There's this some new cartel bars. You know the swordfish is it's amazing and I heard about that place down there either area gas kind of impact or remove or about entice you tell what is cool about dad is vertical bet you have very good design is that is LA grime maybe spicy you Steve news ago. Reservations that are. There's there's a rosary is is actually you know assist you come back door and have a sign that it's or it's awful. It's awful you re normal. It's fold and you can that you can't yeah Scott Miller Yang Decker cocktails. Theatre LA if you have a person with a cocktail pursing words your menu that's its spot. Yeah. You know as a teaser rates by manifest so obviously. The reader news to so many great places. Most are in the crossroads looks like that and there are markets are into it is it's a lot of replaces commend them or market. That's great I just hope that all these hope that we continue to build more. And allow more open it edit legalizing zone stuff you know I am you know the moment I'm really have of getting the residential you know is really allowing. You know young not entrepreneurs take that risk you know whether it's it's downtown crossroads room market. Where as before you know there there was it was a lot of action and maybe. National. A regional concepts on mouse while local concepts is as this year the movement with residential and the council's comment the chicken and egg thing you know and it's finally it's all coming get togethers. She Karros has a lot with. And and the connectivity over market crossroads definitely helps. Air Willie has been my guests on the show one night look your pardons concierge check out one might Casey dot com or the new building going up this can be finished next year too late Casey dot com. Appreciate your on the show murky and upkeep of the work. And sicker of these good to see embody this area. We're back on grill which I guess. Oh welcome back to grill nation with Jay seem girl thanks again for joining us in 90 AM came easy as well as on iTunes and stitcher radio via podcast in on grill nation showed dot com hope you've enjoyed the show so far today wanna quickly. Make our partisans orders again as they did the top of the show wondering emphasize all the help they do. Each and every month put the show on the air and also sin is great guests titles onto the shore trusts. No big deal could financial into us advisors in Ryan Greek contributors to grow nation are the rear NJ rearing coach Brian maybe gets coats honor contributor. One light luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander who's against posted on a contributor. Well there for me again sometime very soon. Our next guest is today gentlemen IA we have a lot of mutual connects. I think I'm looking your FaceBook right now there's about thirty John Mara. Doesn't Solarz is the professional studies facilitator parked at the park you'll school district I had the opportunity recently to. Go up to you par kill and actually the high school but the new the new area that the business campus yes the lead innovations that are made innovations CDO recently give a speech few juniors and seniors about fretted Tressel studies class about. Preparing for an interview dress how to dress appropriately I think that was a play on the sock company that you kind of connect the dots on Napoli knew that the second. Doesn't also buy yourself a little bit animal Connie and how we met church so I am. I am mate teacher at the year in the park or school district I was at park a high school for. Sixteen years as an English teacher then and few years ago decided with some buddies. I'd try to be millionaire we wanted to open up a business and and makes money and yes that's an entrepreneur aspect that's how we get there and I am endowment so I open a business for awhile and a little bit down the road that a couple years ago. An opportunity presented itself park hill started teaching a class in entrepreneurship. And I wanted to teach that class and partnership but didn't have. Would it took because I was in English teacher. And Abbott he connected me with some people in our professional studies department and that eventually led to this and now I am. I helping prepare high school juniors and seniors to get them. We have an agreement we have an. Had an English teacher gone launch that are on the show don't see Israel. Now we're 03 cents at bat. Sixteen years of parkas and you went our killer and now I'm from St. Joe so that's right foods and Joseph. German cigarette from Seagram. We are all mutual friends over the same fraternity is you now I believe. Yeah we we we can talk and welfare benefits for police say a street is that some fun. So as they'll like that during this transition from becoming English teacher working as an English teacher for sixteen years to. Thirty year company. Yeah well I the interesting part was that I did it concurrently so I continued teaching English while I was trying to get this crossed that Jim going so. But in my and also from Truman also a fraternity brother. I had no idea to open across the gym and he started doing some three classes around. Around the Norplant. And I jumped in on it immediately and after class two or three I said hey whatever it is you need and help in doing this I don't have any money but I would love to be part of this. And so we started talking about opening up the gym together and pass and we eventually did but I got to be. Kind of a stretch just to teach all day and at the same time I was coaching. Boys soccer and so I would teach and coach and then go to the gym and you Jim staffer I would teach at the gym at 5:30 in the morning and then go to school all day and then maybe game that night and then back to the Jen so. I it was it was really fun it gave me an opportunity to. English at least at the level and I was teaching that was all about. Understanding your audience and understanding how to appeal to people and how to how to how to change people's minds a little bit how to be persuasive. And it started businesses not unlike that rent were trying to figure out how to win new customers were trying to figure out. I convince people we're doing is important. And so they're a lot a lot you know my cross over there in this two Arenas which I feel like made it doable I knew absolutely nothing about. Business or finance or any of those things that probably sustain business but I had partners that news that's no mean an economy energy industry that was. Growing fairly quickly probably has that I really quickly I thought the rules and regulations with that is so down now son easy business start when you have people looking. 30400 pound it through their head and product liability issues there a little bit a little bit we're we're pretty safe about it so. A real sociedad and it up when I was assailants there we connected as well we didn't. Gas settlement yeah I was I was like is that because they're remembered it when you when you film historically get. That was down and so I was the boys high school soccer coach and four. Am in Easter remember all of it bad maybe like fifteen years in a row I think rockers was always the high school of that. Came from the Kansas City side everything to go to the the final four for a boys' soccer. And one year we finally broke through that and we got past them and it was 2009. And at the time you had sent me I think to face a message that said. Revelations that trojans of park a high school. Good luck in Saint Louis I doubt it's I thought it was a handwritten letter and I was that thought it was better and that is that it was a members say it's a hundred matter and I got edit this day I played that and say listen to that play and did you played in Saint Louis they play intensity now a little bit to get to go back and forth but I'm based Edison was in that listens and Saint Louis and it was our pursuit and I was. In hammered obviously because somebody state representative is here on high school soccer where I'd never heard about. Politician like soccer reaching out or whatever never yes and I don't actually do that they should not a lot not but it was that it was months and then I think guy yet and we connected and then you know you open up sock company and I've sort of where an image so the rest is history. You were in today I am is that those that there was fossils and cut cut cut. Very thoughtful doesn't soldiers our guest professional studies facilitator at park hill school district. A lot of a lot of education folks on the show recently it's just not by intention it just kind of happened lot of cool stuff happening to. Talked is about parking lights will be key you have the mention the innovation. Oh lead innovation studio what is that so I believe innovation studio is aid. Center for high school students and it was originally born out of an idea to kind of alleviate some. Some crowding they were experiencing in both high schools but the same type of growth going on what it is actually went around and yeah I'm but we are. Particularly it's it's a new look at how to you. Face education in kind of this changing landscape so. I keep thinking back to back kind of education and and what it's been for a long time it's a lot of a lot of lecture a lot of I can sink quietly in the CNN and following you know some genius up front. And now we're getting more into this this lead innovation Syria is more project and problem based. Marine and I did it leans a lot on May enter ship and kind of helping kids. I get paired with adults that I care more about them in in kind of academic sense and can help them kind of navigate some of these. These are things that it's it's a lot more authentic in terms of learning experiences that it's trying to provide. A lot more community based and so right now this is a center with an 150 freshmen kids from both park hill on our heels out. And that next year they'll open it up to another 150 kids and and that kind of keep going and their plans currently to build. An actual building. And no sooner than 20/20. Which would be like the fourth year of their their existence and it's sort disperse when there. The junior and senior. It's going lead innovation studio is just freshman and I read and they'll be fresh and sop or next year and Christmas shoppers use there mine is a the professional studies program new study the second out is that now as this Leeds city you know that is. Where we were the editor that is where we work and sue Todd talks of that because I think that's actually got I thought figured I was going to par kill. High school did they wrote their mode and then the second. I actually drove to just south of the airport. Often ambassador of over by embassy suites Tiffany greens up there now big office star that's where the sit down so I walked in their life. In my at the right place yeah turley did so I bought glad I thought I was so we had somebody to meet you at the elevator bet I did you did but it but I just say one under par and I definitely are my doing your chair yeah and so we are Alec so we're gonna build that lead animation studio in that in about three years so now they are at least in some business space and the professional studies department. We currently leased two floors in that office building at 101 Pfizer and ambassador. And indeed sixth floor of the top floor of the building is the 150 freshmen who are going through that problem in project base learning experience and the fifth floor. I is where I am a couple of colleagues were ran in the professional studies class. I think others on itself is pretty innovative. It's leaving the school yet well I never got to do that in high schoolers guess an endless conflicts BAA at just just having classes in a a business complex. No typically you don't have an internship I guess at least I didn't until. You know junior high school maybe now senior year. Where you're working in the business saying guess you have Micah professional type of when do something in and a professional world like prints were in a bank you work at the office he you know or whatnot you that you never really experience that you guys actually. Are doing that well and that's that I think that's part of the goal to the professional studies department hopes. Too so we spend about a month at the beginning of the year teaching these kids just a bunch of soft skills and teaching them how to be professional in Asia in a professional setting because. I you know I school kids don't have that skill to the glee as sue we spend we got a pretty rigorous curriculum for that for weeks that. But there are things like business ethics. How to how to think innovative we have today look at this arch reminds said how to work with groups and had a get through UNICEF all the way down to you know I contacting. Handshake and stuff like that how to dress. But then. We send them out so we'll partner them with someone who says I think I wanna be an accountant and we go out and find a business partner that not only is an accountant but is willing to take the time to kind of serve as a mentor for. This young student and and we sent out there and they're there for that rest of the semester and then once a week they come back test of four days a week there. It's been a couple hours a day in this accounting firm or where wherever. And then the rest of the time they come back and meet with passing. Let us know how to experience is going we continue to maintain this group humor doing a book study as we go through there that octopus and the things tune what's happening in their in their business so. It's very it's an operative yeah a lot of lots of bottles breaking down in the next several little bit more in talker on the you mentioned a lot of different things there are the different classes and and whatnot and and how the kind of program functions because a lot of maybe some other school districts 10. When he utilized that you guys are doing may be learn from you because I think it's pretty innovative. We're talking to doesn't solar from the park kill schooled mr. Keyes a professional studies facilitator. You can check out this you will park feel professional studies on Dooling you can find a more formation about the program. Listen you grill nation here on cheesy 1980 and we re back after the break thanks for joining. Yeah. Welcome back to grill nation with JC grill 1980 and came to appreciate joining us both it and iTunes in security as well as that grill nation should dot com we can find Louis. Among our guests shows photos of our guests and information about our supporters and sponsors as always. If you like the show please review it on iTunes and gives some stars be greatly appreciated. Talking to Justin scholars. Personal. Says prudential Sais facilitator park hill high school. And Burkle school district. You talked you off fair about some of our guests Euro list during the show we appreciate the depth and ground. So Casey you re stuck me in two. To come speak and I was you know. You today I attracted is much silly as they used to on as a politician movies do you like. Literally every day turned I have to bill some hours and in and pay the bills go to you every stuff for me to come speak to your class figure the group. About. The you know things you shouldn't should do address when you're when you're doing what not and it was kind of interesting thing because I thought I'd show there and become a classroom say we mention it was an in an office our depth. And most decisions are dressed up. Yeah it's so so tell me about that in that process and is based that was stolen ten or fifteen tips of what she should should do based on interview were first day or whatever early going out and and work and in in India and one and they're pretty good stuff they're all different styles. All all the students for sure kids these days and profound yes so one of the that we seek to teach these kids about professionalism and and part of that is that we require them to be professionally a tired. Whitman there without so for that first month in the school. Dara does this kids are dressed to the nines and we have you know the first couple weeks where. We go over basic things like no you need detector sure dinner you know stuff like that but but yes they're expected to address that we when they come back and so that we soldiers in the previous segment they go out and these internships and they come back enthusiasts on Wednesdays. And do we required required then and it's kind of crazy because we have some people who were in internships that are. Not incredibly professional you know I mean like we've got people that work in that work in animals or that we're in the hospital or any incident like that where. Special dress is not the biggest deal but they have to. Do it up and come back in the ass so. They are. Sorry that concept art no no no that's great I was curious to see you talk about some of the profession you're students are working in this the cycle in the semester picture so I we have got three big strands in the professional studies department there's health scientists Brandon we have many students over at assailants north. That that work with some people they're gonna get an idea what it's like to go into that health field. We have kids that wanna be teachers and we meet them once are we meet them in one of our elementary schools. And then this one when you came to our kids that want to go out and you intercepts they don't fall into that health or education stranded as they wanna do something a little more specific so. Give us several partners throughout the the industry. Throughout expedience or we are at the airport we're at like caught valley engineering intensity sports commission any number of places where kids have said I mean sit in this and then we were able to find a partner that. Was that was able offer that added but as well able to. Wanna take on high school student compliment Richardson and how long does that last to they're gonna be there for the rest of the semester so I've it's about fourteen weeks they go their for about eight hours a week. And then they come back and mean with us and there's things they work on candidate valuable lives let's take regular classes anymore and yes oh yes this is taking his blessing and that's out hits and no this is this is one block of their day so for mostly kids it's the last block of the days they go to their regular high school for. You know until about one in the afternoon and then they. Sign out from high school and had to wherever that inter chip might be some Michigan quite a bit of back. An irregular and how do you how do you get all via business folks involved in this so a lot of base edit when you're talking about the time during the that is a month. Yeah a lot is and just. Us kind of going out in the field so we have semi five or so kids get ready to start in net for the second semester and so this week actually say you are you reached out to me to speak again. If well not be killed at the first time you know bit reality in the same seat. Think it will seek. I did yeah but we are going out and and that's it so we just kind of go down our list of students and say. This kid wants to be and you know X and we say who we know who is part of this in the past. I do we know someone in my just and we hold events we put the kids in the fall through a mock interview day. And we invited Tennessee area professionals to come do you down and then you know it's a lot of our parents the kids that take part in the program we will kind of documents they were looking for someone in this industry yours if anyone knows this Freeman knows no one wants your partner. A lot of times it's just kind of looking around at what's available and then a lot of times you're talking with our partners. About other people in the industry that might via the my theater that might be willing to the able to do some of these things so. Targeted essence dollars from park killed school Mr. Bush for press also he's facilitator a Dustan. What are some of the unique. Things that students are looking to do and partner with as mentors I mean. Are we seeing more of a movement towards. Accuracy morbid the typical professional. Lawyers doctors. Business spoke to be seeing you know more rule a blue collar but what are we seeing out there. Depth. I think for a lot of kids it's their first. Foray into the professional industry and so I and sadly we inept with kids you. Behalf of these really exciting pac and aspirations but they don't necessarily have the the skills yet to get in their eyes so it's a lot of shadow in Milosevic Babbitt it Wii tennis and the whole thing we don't have anybody that. You know dreams of coming out and working you know are real hard nosed blue collar jobs coming out of high school but. We have kids in all kind of facets of and technical fields and oh absolutely yes we have kids that wanna be engineers we have a lot of kids didn't wanna look at design and architecture guys at all the way down to act and take things in kids that are working with. You know. Allah GIS system single existing systems and all sorts of an interest in things like that and then kids who just want to open a business. You know I wanna be announced the newer so please spare me with someone who has opened a business and worked on that kind of stuff because now learn everything about. Small business ownership or management her. When it do you guys mostly of speakers commended talkers as there are a lot of work that you're doing a lot of the speaking one on bella once a week about once a week we have somebody come in and it's usually germane to something that we are speaking about at that time ranked so I've. We're talking about millennial in the workplace we'll have someone come in and talk about I can of that perception or if we're talking about business law or ethics we can have our our district lawyer command and give spiel about retirement special dress. We get the founder of the stock companies coming in Canada is undersea today. And that the there is a lot of this happening in the north when these days because you know we we hear bouts of up on the Kansas side had. Folks in for rockers high school talk about their programs with steam yeah education and entrepreneurship. Is a north plan similar to that and others that app sperm out there yet how's that growing up there in the north Clinton and and how are you all advancing. Educational. I'm resource that absolutely so I think that what we're looking at is kind of a changing landscape of education I and so kind of interest in how do we we got around doing this we. Superintendent for years ago who was of the mindset that every high school kid should have an opportunity to do an internship before they head off ended in college. I and so we can have created the professional studies department out of that I didn't and we didn't I was not part of it and somebody else that. And did a great job but now we are looking at working with. Our community to see what's out there so part Gil is unique in that. We are the largest. Employer in Platte county and we simultaneously probably add to the workforce more than a real silly graduate somewhere between 800000 kids every year that we. Send out into it so we're kind of at this fund intersection there where. We need. Employees and we're provide an amateur at amass the great so we a couple years ago sort of working with other plaque county CDC and talking about what do we need and we surveyed. 80% of the businesses and plaque counting and and kind of hit some skills and look at things that they wanted to work on and an and that's. How we built a curriculum or on this out of people connected you guys in this program to allow. Oh they can now they can find us on the web to the park you'll school district at professional studies linked. They can email anyone if it's a stricter calling when the district they can get ahold of me my. I email addresses. That's something I should go ahead and they're out there were thrown out there Siler is deep as dollars and DF park killed Nike told a mode US. You can also just contact grill nation will connect to now Adidas has dollars professionals face facilitator our coastal district picture from on the show that thank you for and appreciated and thanks for the invite the other day. You can listen to grow nation appreciate joining us in this we hope you enjoyed the show we'll see instant it.