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Saturday, October 7th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who serve in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the net's global. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connected. These X-Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connecting with Jason on Twitter. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at grill nation show dot com. Welcome your own stuff grilled nation always dressed up as. Even enter radio's studio. Here's Jason grill hello welcome to grill nation with Jason Brody Alison denying AD AM came BZ radio as well as thank you for joining us today on iTunes and stitcher radio and do via grill nation show. Dot com before we get to our guest in show preview today I want to thank our partners and supporters of the girl nation Joseph with Jason grow they are. Titles onto the shore trusts. Mo make the UK financial. US advisors and Ryan great contributors to growth nation show. One of which will be joining me today. Is closed and Alexander just coast and on their contributor for reactor designs Syrians. The Reagor. Appreciate air Willie for coming on the show last week. Very excited about today's show I love and a like to shoot the breeze with some really Smart people on grill nation we hope that we bringing that to you each and every week one of those supporters. Of the relations so is Clifton Alexander with reactor design studios the website is reactor Casey dot com and usually Clifton brings in India. Superstar guest but today we thought to be more inching to tell. Talk about some high level didn't that we get the weeds weasel little single high lonesome. A hot topics going on business right now as well as the gonna catch up and talk about marketing and what not welcome to show Clifton orient. I'm great thank you Jason this'll be a fun show little bit different a little more. On topic off on not a snot is programmed to fuel right correct that's great show last month though with John needless that you haven't caught that on the podcast. Jackets on the iTunes Bates also on grill nation showed dot com and bella get feedback on that show is really Cooley brought him on. Yeah I've known John forever and he's one of the best and so sports architecture if you like it listen that show I have real fun. So today Alberto let's start with and they've been traveling a lot. Always right so. I haven't seen in awhile I no men around I am I doing an out of traveling for personal infer. Or vacation if you listen to me on the show ever on somewhat seems like every time we do an upset I'm coming back from some material there every day. There are coming back from vacation having a first for an extra pay yeah I think that's exactly right. And so. One of the things we just did an in this is that this is a big. Issue for me in general as people that are in business specially people own a business. Is getting away and taking family time and have a network like balance is very difficult thing for most business owners and I have made that a priority. For me in my family and so we are going on vacation lot doesn't mean we're gone for ten days and go all over the place all the time. On the one of the things he started doing recently is just going around short little mini vacations have the kids don't have a school day. On Thursday or Friday we will take the whole weekend thing goes somewhere. Honor interest. I think I've talked a little bit about our trip to the Bentonville couple months ago. CEO of the called the art down there have done that Crystal Bridges in the end is incredible mother who lived on yeah. There's so much stuff to deal and so living in a place like Kansas City can't. Can't drive for a couple hours and get to beach or mountains or whatever but there's a lot of other things the you can do you that are really very family friendly and that's really the biggest thing and so. This last weekend we went down to use silver dollar city and I'd never been levied on wife had never been there they take you there aren't mature. Your legislator is there really wanted to stop sat embrace Syria you you spend the day and they shouldn't are down it's pretty cool. Do we dig on fire in the hole and casualty tool that we anti offer in the whole of the weird ride that. I you know overall the key is we brought our bikes down there we did we went biking on and on the shore of table to Iraq Lleyton. We had some interest seeing fun meals down there in Branson it's a mini golf went silver dollar city couple days the very short trip. On the it was great we found the little cabin in the woods to staying in and Detroit and kids loved it they had absolute blast so what's it like down there and I haven't been there and yeah I guess. Over ten years so I had never men's I don't know what to expect one of the things that surprised me the most. About silver dollar city was that it is actually a pretty legit. Rollercoaster park. I had no idea. Didn't they even had roller coasters. And they have about I think they have for finding nobody has any role occurrences worlds of fun and oh compared in size two worlds of fun or is it done the difference may be is is the crowd is different right worlds of fun is mostly especially in summer like teenagers. And it's over our city is all families and then. Some older generation. How many just annoy you on Cuba. For families it's incredible this lot of fun to see people. Building things with their hands and all the craftsman nemours they have to from the roller coasters army. And one of the best road for us has ever been on and on Monday on the roller coaster which is house call how long run I think and it's a wooden rollercoaster but it's. It's a hybrid wouldn't slash metal and so it has some loops and some incredible drops and just it's extremely fast and so much fun when you may get out of than your hair's. Completely blown back seniors like what just happened to have no idea when of that classic sound there's fire in the hole. So we're we're walking around them and they might elect a music here's one called firewall it's gone that right. Until we get in there and I was just a trip than it is in Housley triple a weird weird right I can't remember president. I served going out and seeing the fire being knowing you I mean it's. It's kind it's funny because it's kind of like it's trying to be Disneyland. Where they have these dire Ramos and heavily animated characters or whatever but it's very. Low budget. And and also very old and probably not really updated. Here in this old. Mine car looking playing and you're gone by these dire Ramos with really weird scenes. And does little little drives and it's completely dark and there's a little drop and then. The fire in the hole is when it's worked a little water here in town at the end and it's kind of funny. We'll deal but we're gonna do we're gonna bring in appear on the brake on the HD and Hannity I watch it budget waksal asked her to fire and my kids like Taylor loved I don't know while we asked he had no idea why they kept warning on. We've known formally announce like. It had the longest ride or low weight. The whole weekend which in my mind blowing to me it was open in 1972 Brothers and change Lewis and I'm not at all. So let's school Siegel and trips those that facility at a city it's like it's people on know. We're again we're nowhere Adobe visiting him while I king of the mountains or the beach or whatever so or or. A big cities eight hours away sort of ideas so these all these little places are so perfect for that. You have common bill and realized oh Mo Omaha we've been teasing Lewis. We haven't been okay well yeah we minister Louis is a family there's always places that are 34 hours away that are easy to do in a week and you leave the night before you get in ultimately in the we have two full days. I'm a long weekend drive back on Sunday. And you're able to get away with your family and and take that quality time and that's the really the biggest thing for me on that still kind of affordable to write very affordable. Yeah we we think about me me adding a camper something that make it really form on the news pack everything up and go yeah. And your wife is a saint until. I don't think I've ever dated a woman and what do would be game for that. For the camper or for gas and or dinner the wheel back and for that I IE I like the comfort of having amendment on the sleeve seem a little cabin in the woods in the men's pretty crappy. So it's not going to be any give better than and then attend and who didn't he felt I felt the difference is the other nice now other school for your kids though did I hear it's absolutely love that they had a loft in the small A frame we're seeing in and there was like it was the financing for them it's cool Goler of Clifton Alexander supporter of the relationship reactor designs seed is what's so as director Casey dot com. Clifton is on Twitter at cliff CL IFB. Oh on the Twitter great great guy great guest read great tigers host Alexander we come back for a talk about some of the end. I think being you've been doing for marketing perspective to help local companies generating units some hot topics on a path through a single nation thank people. And NN. Albums. And that. Salon welcome back to the girl nation show with Vijay Singh grilled three to be with you in today. On Kane's easy 1980 AM I appreciate you also of you joining us via podcast today and iTunes. For stitcher radio if you are. Please give us and stars if you like to show five stars or view us would love that would love to hear from you on iTunes. Also appreciate you joining you will see on the grill nation should dot com website. We can find photos of our guest information about our sponsors as well as all of our old shows listed there. We're trying to close it Alexander whose C a sponsor of the real nation show contributor. And it gets coast each and every month. He brings lauded used to this shown a lot of great insight on all kinds of different topics. Great topic first segment of McGinn to weigh in doing stuff for your family of an hour talking about the work. The junior very innovative yeah your company reactor design studio director Casey dot com. There's a lot of instinct things in marketing in designing and bringing that most people don't deal in one of those is a pool little harsh talk just about that it went. That was all the so is the coolest part of the is really part of a larger moon processor thing that we deal in marketing met. One of the things that we do for a lot of our clients and one of the things that we did for ourselves this summer is think of some really unique in interest seeing. Things that will. Male in the mail or some other way you make a drop off from personal mail and let. We we love this idea marketing to people on a very tackle and real way were they can touch and feel and Holden. And and learn more about your company that way and so at the beginning of the summer we decided to you. See what would happen if we may older one of those foam pool meals to people Corsican an orange which is our company color and so. We went to U. The dollar store and Wal-Mart and buy probably fifty of those things on orange. We fear had a really great way to you. Put a label and handwritten note directly onto the pool middle so it didn't have any. Packaging and then we put some stamps on it and put in the mailbox. And one of the one of the weirdest things about the whole thing is everybody either receive one of those throughout the summer. Basically said to us they said. And no you can mail something like that and that's always been been the biggest thing with that of course you can email anything. Anything that has the correct in my posts as you can mail and that's one of the things that people don't fully understand about the Postal Service. And so we would send those to people my whole idea was it summertime we hope a year having a good time that you're finding out a warm place to live to sit by a pool and drinkers. And drink of an umbrella and then maybe jump in the pool and say here's something that we can yeah you can use kind of remember us but to help. In the process for you and so we had some really incredible. Feedback and stories from people throughout the summer based on that particular mailing and that's really what it's all about is. Getting people outside of the normal Hilemon of what they think about as marketing and so we sent that to you prospects are sent to existing client people and talked to a long time. We sent it to your clients. You we are currently in the process of wooing lives speak there and there's. We ended up getting a meeting with. And we are talking them a little bit at this meaning in and we asymmetrical middle as some might ask you now believe. The commotion around this this place when those noodles arrived because everybody that we have a mail room and there's all these mailboxes on a wall in both courts three people. An organization that received the noodle. Had those things sticking way out of their mailboxes. And so everybody was gathering around and mail room wondering what are these poll what are these all how was it for they wanted to see. The reaction of the people going to get their mail and and pulling the needle out of there and it became this really great talking point among the among the people as those that the organization so. We've followed up on that wind up getting a meeting with them. Another meeting and were now in the process of posing on three different projects and those guys who and so for us it's it's a claim we are he had. Kind of in the hopper will we ever really done a lot of work for in China continue to serve and get them to remember us and that was a great way for us. In front of them to remember them to you know during the summer on things a little bit slow. All those all those things are are part of that. And that's a make second. And and input is supposed to discuss tuna. It was cold locks. My jazz come way you know than you'll itself as the dollar goes without a serial like we didn't do those things are ridiculous to believe it's an amount about ten a week or so because there's there's a scale if that happens with something like that you know once and out too many. At a time because you wanna be able to follow up with everyone. And it's our intern who was responsible for taking this post office every week and you know as a funny interesting conversation to. To walk into the post office with a bunch of needles under Armand and say I wanna unease and eat since against the mailed pretty creative way to pretty creative way to. Cut through caller well very well no that's exactly what it is and one of the things that that in marketing and business and advertising that has been. Falling away from agencies dealing is more this direct marketing this very tactical way of getting different people and I have seen this trend over the last few years coming back in a big way. Because if you think about it every day your daily life is filled with. Opening up your computer reading through your emails looking emails and you found them all as it relates to give market TV in the billboards now are digital rank them. Changing messages constantly. One of the best ways to have lasting impact of someone has to set some object in front of them. It's a great way to do that whether it's a really amazing business card something like a pool Lil or some other kind of direct mailer. And down an agency management entity which is a group that works with. Hundreds of agencies. Ad agencies across the country they did a study on the top ten trends for twin seventeen and one of their top ten trends was a return to you. Physical. Marketing and mailbox marketing essentially direct marketing and the reason is we're so. Inundated. With email digital content right now it makes it really hard for brains to the remember this thing done and so getting back to you. Reaching people there are so now we have in in all over the country. We literally have people's offices that however and you'll sitting in there in the corner over the message on it and people ask about it. We talked to our clients about these things myself on my ass every tempts me comes in my office asking why you have that legally here eight or every time they go to the pool they bring it with them. They're gonna remember. Every time they walk through Wal-Mart they're gonna see it warned little's a meal like honor the one time when. React sexy assistant this a weird thing if I did just it's a mess it's a thing that is so long lasting. And so that ability to stand out in a way that a lot of people aren't doing right now has been a really. Big base for our business is something that we're doing more more emerges helping people and it doesn't need it costs a lot of money. And the new rules in total were maybe five or six dollars and materials and supplies. Minus design time and that that brings from non. That's a lot of money to get something in the mail is people that kind of impact. I agree starting Clinton Alexander reactor designed serious. The earlier marketing and design Clifton you do this lot of B to be viewed as well don't you are now mostly need to be okay. Give us Amir the stories too they were a lot of banks industrial company. He so it's. It's one of those things where a lot of people see some of these industries and industrial. Banking. Professional services as as a little bit more on the boring thing hey you know in quotes and are you a charter I can't too much about. But on the other hand. How also we inning in front of these people NB AB relationships can be extremely. Important. A lot of times in the consumer side you're looking for maybe hundreds of consumers at a time. As you as you are looking for soc people to buy your socks you're looking for a lot of people that are him by a small number of socks. In the BB space were looking for maybe a handful of people. They can buy a very large contract written and so our target market is very small. That's very targeted and so what can we view you get in front and get meetings and get a foot in the door and connect with people. In the BB space even in industries that are seemingly boring. As we can do this type of marketing in line with all of the other marketing that we would typically do which includes a digital. This is a great first step it's a great way to get in in the door. We did recently with Commerce Bank with a mailer. Then had a baseball in it and some other things and it was announcing essentially an event that some of their high and B to B. Business space bankers were looking to get some connections. And so they invited them to you a cardinals game and now which is very expensive but again these are relationships that are worth a lot of money. It's that we use them based on some other creative marketing to get people to the game and then at that game. They had something like in the suite they had somewhere around 25 or thirty. High value targets. That they had been wanting to talk to for years that they've never been able to make physical action. Or actual in person connection and so they had a mall in one room on one time and so what an incredible. Way. For. Those business leaders to grow their business and their sales. Through really unique ways of doing and these are people hadn't hadn't been able to reach before they're seeing right there firm and a game 34 hours. That's one of the things that we traded on the issue of talk to more more people who have been connect through the show and maternal and together party. Very that's a ball all the guests that have been on the show that's a fantastic in one place so we can build more relationships and opened the more business for people out there like yourself that are working really hard. In our next segment I really wanna get into some topics that's preview them now for gonna break a lot of news in the business world and innovation. Or talk about Toys 'R' Us gone bankrupt and break that down eventually. Brent talk about Starbucks. And what they're doing. They're pulling their point they're all minds they're all pulling their online sort I read that correctly read that correctly Coca. It's a surprising move but it's going to be really sing for them in Long Island who talk about that world's gonna talk about IKEA. What they've done recently. They just bought task grab it which people mainly used for hiring. Tell people put together their IKEA furniture. Now it is Hatteberg hit so let's have one of those little random like uber like services and that does all kinds of things that I TS on the most people were. Using that they signed by an and after that our final segment today close and I are gonna talk more technology you our tech guy I am not just designed brainy guy you're always. On the forefront of what's coming out in meridian into the new apple unveiling what is the future apple answer that question we'll talk about. The new iphones and the uniqueness of the camera on the iphones after the after. The third seven organ and then the foursome here reflecting Alexander today rector design studios appreciate him joining us who senior drilling should. I guess. Hello welcome back to the grill nation show on 980 AM KM BZ. Here today with Clifton Alexander appreciate those listening well on iTunes and stitcher radios bulls on. Grill nation showed dot com for hope you join us. For the show today and if you're just now joining us were excited to have you in your reaching us and a great time because. We're talked Clifford Alexander per reactor designs serious about some really cool. But topics going on in the business world in the consumer market and one of which is Toys 'R' Us. Amid new Toys 'R' Us in quite a lot of kids you probably brought a ton to get there now bankrupt you. That is inching so what's what's the reasoning behind nine. Blowing honestly beaches close joyous NL and and the file for bankruptcy right before. Their biggest quarter of the year which is around the holidays and I think the and I think it's something like. 60% of their business happens in that one quarters and it's huge it's a massive amount. And they file from anger to see right before that and you know though the logistics of that I think is just so that they can pay and get some capital to pay. That are. Supplier seriously because the suppliers basically told them we know earlier start trouble you're in trouble. And we're not gonna shipping the product the need for the holidays because were free were not and it paid. And so they filed for bankruptcy they've raised some additional capital to pay those spires in the snout but this just says a weird. Crazy situation to imagine how. Relatives. The product is in the store. And how they can't manage to figure out how to sell to people my money. Now they said Geoffrey the giraffe they did and they see it is an object NASA ground NASA around as much as he wasn't in calico Ronald McDonald is around the not as much as used to be you know they're the characters are way bigger Donald's we're gonna yeah. That rate but I spent a lot of time in Toys 'R' Us have got three young kids and I have found that has the biggest selection has the most things you can look at and look through and all that. But the problem is is every time I go in there I even myself I personally feel a little bit. Keith I thought they keep at it it's just. It's a store that was built probably this is the one over by Oak Park mall so it's in a modern part of the city the mall areas completely renovated and redone and rebuilt. All the stores around there really nice and you walk into Toys 'R' Us and you can tell they haven't. Touched it in thirty years. Like the check out stands are fallen apart and they blame and it's cracked and chipped the colors. Everything about it the light fixtures the floors I mean the whole thing is just it it's just an old. Crappy retail box store youth that they never updated they've never kept relevant but never edited. They never innovated and so they have just continued to rely on the fact that people need toll is. And they have huge partnerships with Fisher Price all the really big toy people that. In those are good things for them but they've just. In a way it was the only place to buying toys for the longest time. Well any Amazon came around in the Wal-Mart started talent toys and targets or tell silently. While my entire area don't have as they've selection. But they are believed maybe the second biggest or something like that toy retailer so they sell a lot more toys per person walks in the door. But then I was Vegas elections that's weird. New. It's a crazy thing or it's a crazy thing but I think there inability to and it is really where does and I was listening to Gary man check yesterday and one of the things that he said was. Way back in. Kind of the birth of I'm online shopping and that's where thing that Toys 'R' Us outsourced their online swore to Amazon and on a few. Remember that meant I was having them. Maybe around the same time and we are trying to buy stuff from babies. End. When things Aguirre he said was. Think about that. At a time when Amazon was just ramping up into being a behemoth of online retail Toys 'R' Us basically said. Online retail isn't going to be important for us enough for us to develop our own system of doing it so we're just gonna give it to Amazon. So what they're doing is they're teaching people. It to buy toys online you go to Amazon infant who who who who's this guy that. Okay you're teaching people then when you are invited to an online you may Amazon more than they eventually built out there on spaces too late so they didn't innovate in that space agency is important or something. And then you figure out and realize that their stores are not experiential which is the news that you just kind of the way that people need source to your house experiential. The needs to be a place where you feel like you have to go to be able to experience to see and touch and feel and do the things that need to be done. But they just indeed they just. Continued to be just a plain Jane big box retailers that never updating. Some sores and having that. Evolved yes I'll Wal-Mart you mentioned Marty Amazon continues innovating you know we the retail experience you know as this McDonald's Starbucks quick trip based set of Oklahoma and apple. These are relevant brands and one thing I think's important to note is they constantly changing and our friends or change. Yeah and you have a people make when Wal-Mart all the time and they built their entire existence on of value price McDonald's same way. You cannot go into a McDonald's or Wal-Mart store that hasn't changed in the last few years for some capacity. They're constantly updating. In terms of the design their tweaking their playing around that McDonald's is now looks like coffee shops and yell and there. Right their their updating the materials to be really high end or how I am looking anyway it's. Nice materials with a nicer coffee shop feel. They're still selling. Cheap credit hammers right but they're they're changing their experience and consulates and their dinner involving issues there involving the food and every time you are new Wal-Mart stores especially one and and more when you make their test marketer of suburban location. They're always always always doing construction remodeling. McDonald's quick trip Starbucks all those places they're also not afraid to completely hair down a location. Completely turned down and build a brand new on that spot they're not afraid to do that. And when needs change and when the economy is changing and when people's experience of retails changing if you're not changing what. Like. As the rest didn't and then you become irrelevant. This so I would love to have close to Alexander on the grill nation shows a partner he brings though I differing viewpoints to listen I don't think about all the time and hope closers are doing. This conversation today you listen in 980 and came BZ. On that you mentioned Starbucks and Starbucks is up going their online storage is really kind of frustrating a lot of and people anoint him you know tell us about that and and why you think that they're doing that. I. All couple different things to backtrack on that a little bit as. Is the product that we had we remember other on the show couple months ago whenever he's there were founder of ember. Battery operated. Coughing Beasley right alters how you. Let's close celebrities love it today nailed it's an expensive product let's re one of the places they launch were a few a few. Just this week I believe it was Starbucks announced that they are completely shutting down their online store completely. So you can buy mugs on there you can buy coffee in my home and things on there. All that eliminates a spot for ember on that since the retail with their own Daryn Amazon now. In the of RAMP up there are Starbucks locations are a lot more including here in Kansas City for amber but. Think about this from reading the story about RX closing comments where everybody says that is crazy. Right we talked a minute ago about Toys 'R' Us didn't Q Annika and they're going to irrelevant yes pets and but you listen to what the leaders are sustaining and saying and they get it. They know that Starbucks is not a now coffee it's not about mugs it's not about that I think it's about the experience. A Starbucks. That's a 100% what is and it's an experienced you can argue all day long whether the coffee is the best coffee here whether it's terrible coffee. But you cannot argue this service is built inexperience. And basically they realize that their online store does not support. The concept that's our task to be experienced. In order for people to really love and have them bring in connection. Because if you're is buying your coffee or your mugs on on their sore. Then you're not experiencing it and really forcing people to go back to the source. It will be interesting to see how that plays out or if they eventually launched another online store but I love it I absolutely love that idea. In going back to that whole thing about saying it's OK to change its okay to tear down a building and build a new one from scratch and application. Yes it cost a lot of capital. But he should be able to reap from that capital in the end in some other ways by being totally and completely treat your brain ended who you are. And the ability for a company like Starbucks and just completely say they're going off line. Is really incredible and they are focusing. On the experience team. They know that there's so much more competition. And there was ten years ago or fifteen years ago when they went cervix is really day that they have to do it in some other way and that's one of the things they're doing I think it's great. The be bullish Hillary's string to see how that works. But still it's Archie in the sermon about IKEA on that note of how good pulled no and they are the Swedish home goods giant is looking for digital hope. From the contract labor market place and they baht tests rather have herself tells what that is again about a minute left what happened. Task evidence kind of like uber one of those in Yelp or something where you go on line and you look for somebody to help you. Assemble your IKEA furniture. And that became huge part of the business for task revenue was people helping other people senate IKEA furniture. Part of that gay economy prove they are the technology can wing of that sort of thing. That. Think about that concept of the big giant retailer buying a digital company. That provides a service that will also help service I. So. Not only will people be less frustrated. With their furniture or somebody else is putting it together probably doesn't cost a lot for somebody to. Put it together they have put together a hundred of them at a time that sort of thing so I think that we also really inching play because you can still the other things he attacks rabbit. IQ just happens on it right now so I think it's a good new for them I think it'll be into seeing. Again to see how plays Alba and you know the future of digital in the gig economy Nike is right there. Cool trying to make people's lives a little beauties here in on demand. And we should equals more sales for IKEA Barrett at all better digital experience and a best better consumer services like. Great seven with cook and Alexander reactor design studios director Casey dot com he's remaining you know in Kansas City. Our final segment today where break down the apple announcement what is the future path. You'll see me throw me. Welcome back to the grill nation show with chasing grill nine medium came Vizio are great. Yes coast and contribute to grow nation cooked and Alexander for reactor designed. Studios at reactor BC dot com is with us here today fit a great show so far puts it always brings. Very good insight and is just the truth volumes. Technology and design and branding space. On that note and our final segment stay close to our talk about technology in the new iPhone. Wish they had an announcement I got a little bit on the Internet it's the day came out on the iphones and we have an eight in a ten coming out believe it has been released. Yes and now in the eight. Plus and the plus I'm sitting here today with miles six I think success success success and I I'm due for an upgrade that un. We have no issues of my phone uploaded the new system. Battery power tool slower bit. That's one of the reasons to upgrade but what are your thoughts right now what are your thoughts with the new villains and earlier I leave you get a new photos of yourself. I'd I've started I've started on the trend of getting anyone every year even if it's a minor upgrade mainly for battery honestly because. The battery will last me all day for about. Eight months. And in the last four months of the year that just every act turtle and more more more. And so I tend to you need a newfound faster. That's the one thing that I use almost a 100% of and all that's ZR one it's messy argue where I have friends that are like holy crap there's us and iphones a thousand dollars irritating me but summerall like. If there's one thing do you use every single moment of your life most likely I am so how is that not worth the thousand dollars and there's that that depending on what it does. And anyone with the means to you. F if we just. Yeah I haven't found your pocket all day not really doing a whole lot with that are using the features and the thousand dollars is a lot of money. But if you actually use the features of an if you use the speed in the technology in all things related to it. And you heard changing kind of how you. Go about your daily life essentially. 101000 dollars okay that seems like a lot but it's in the end of the day for what it means to people is really not that much I think that's why so many people are willing to pay for them. The I have an iPhone seven and it works fine and does all the things I needed to do about it. On the matter lives in the little low I am waiting for the iPhone ten I'm not coming to Ito definitely upgraded the ten from. Looking forward to you. A lot of the features I'm looking forward to having a really big screen without having huge phone I've never. Have a plus sized phone. Yes I'm not a fan I can't do it Steve being I have many hands but I still candy that I don't like it and I didn't think for me the camera. Was enough for the jump just to do that. And so the new iPhone ten is actually has a bigger screen and plus minutes a smaller form factor so little middle finger hand better. It's. You know has smears and so three it's it's a weird to think about that rate you're gonna give me that and I understand. And I did I had no idea I and the camera like yeah I say the cameras are really seeing and I read a story this week that talked about it but. The ability of what the camera can do because now the iPhone has the 3-D facial recognition system built into the phone. They've also built some of those features in the camera. For all kinds of reasons. They're calling it true depth camera system or reverence that you can do all these things with the software and hardware. The ship the processing power all that's have going together allows apple to have this. System in place for the camera so advance and I was reading an article this week about how advanced it is in the fact that. Any other phone on the market will not even come close the technology in this. Phone camera wise or at least a year and a half to two years to look in other components what's available today. And that is really honestly the beauty. Apple and a lot of people are saying that Apple's not innovating anymore and they're saying that. Apple is. On its way it is relative obscurity and now that Steve Jobs in here in the so many more competitors. But honestly I just don't see it yet. And it's because of things like that the ability to control the hardware. The ability to control the software. And the ability to you manufacture. And design and build their own components and is what sets them apart from all the other. Manufacturers. And so they will have huge teams of people just working on the camera. And they can develop a system like the treatment system they have allows a camera to be two years ahead of all their competitors. This is a very similar. In a weird way similar to use some of the things that I look out from. Quick trip as an example quick trip is always ahead of their competitors always in what they're doing with their stores are now all their stores have. Dem restaurant inside. On that one out there they're. Where they're experimenting with tractors and things like that now right so. By the time their competitors are just now putting in restaurants. They Bernie had restaurants for years tears by the time they get to is. Drive through is they'll be two years ahead of their competitors with things and after losing their competitors will start putting in drafters though are there are beyond the next thing I. Is that apple is yes with everything they do they're never almost never the first. Person to develop a product or something like that very I don't need to develop that it's. Very very good it's super high quality and it's usually several years ahead of what anybody else. And leaflets clears. On a side note not related don't to a subway and unity and had a Dresser I could not believe that it was awesome yeah I don't know why mower and it's hard to order from subway in a drive through but it does work. Betty writes it's hard today isn't he can make it half you saw. You wanna yes and as he wanted to steal the points at. I don't know if that is the put them on there and get back at. Took Alexander we're talking about the new iphones you'll get to ten. Yes I'm waiting for that is you know the though led screen all that's great. But I'm Lamar and Natalie you buy it and all that you by itself it's worth because I needed upgrade yet at some point is well. Are VR. There do a lot with this with an info on rent. Yes so really going away from virtual reality and focusing more on augmented reality and this is for those via and don't know the augmented reality is really like what Pokemon go was. It takes. The actual world that surround you and it's super imposing digital elements on top of so there's a bunch of different uses for those sorts of things I've always thought that that was a much more. Useful technology the virtual reality we have to put on a big clunky headset he can experience with other people. And watching them that sort of thing. Okay our allows you to do to experience something out front. Where everyone around you can also see what you're seeing at the same time you can experience together. Company and so apple built. AR into the new iPhone into the camera systems and Iowa slowed I was eleven and they built a developer framework called hair kit that allows any developer had augmented reality capabilities to either apps for I analysts. Eleven and beyond and that's really the game changer because you have. Hi I'm on your million or more iphones out there that have the capability of doing this and all of a sudden we can we can jump in they are just like that. Whereas virtual reality still has that. That need for a picture equipment and all that sort of thing. So you look at a company like Kia we go back to Valentin. And IKEA as they are apple allows you to view. All of your phone up with a camera to look inside you're. Rim take your bedroom and you can take the bed from the Yankee catalog and superimpose that. Into your own room lives in real time you can walk around it. Your phone will keep everything. And it's right level and Ingle and everything because there's 3-D renderings that place and there are photos and so. You can use that type of experience. To see what your room would be like within a specific piece of IKEA furniture. Does the types of things that are gonna drive more sales for a Kia ranked because you can really see in your room. Can think about it from a standpoint. How many less returns they're gonna have. You'd take that thing home you get it out of the box he put it all together. Takes like two days to put it together rehire task rabbit at. And then you putting your image your like doesn't fit. I don't like it got to do all that process return so it's a great thing for IKEA. We Arap appear back. I got ideas for holding show weren't have you committed talk about the iPhone apps you enjoy have you come on talk all about that will be awesome. You've been listening to the grill nations show with chasing real thanks to our supporter. And coast and interview today Clifton Alexander from reactor design studios reactor feces. Dot com check it out appreciate joining us see you next week.