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Saturday, October 14th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Broke parent gets rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have the X-Factor. Real loose. And connect with Jason on Twitter. Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter and I've grilled nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up as. And their radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello welcome Cindy grilled nation show. With me your host chasing grill here on 980 AMT and the easy as well as on iTunes and stitcher via podcast in that precede listen today. On grilled nation showed dot com. It's going to be a fun show here today I'm very excited about it as we enter. Get into the month of October were continue to have great shows I hope you've enjoyed the last few months. A shows and this one will be no different. What do think our partner and supporter of the gorilla nation China title sponsors. One of which will be joining me here in the second they are trusts Milbank Bewkes financial and two us advisors and Ryan drink. So my guess goes in on their contributors are the rearranging rearing tell. Brian maybe one might luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander mentioned one of our title sponsors. Joins us each and every month Milbank BO OK financial and Michael B is only the president and CEO. Is with me here today and a welcome Michel Michael thank you love being here it's a great daddy every month we do this and this show today will be really exciting we're gonna have on Tyler not berg who is the chairman and CEO of US engineering the website as US engineering dot com you might have seen of their sign. Or. When their vans driving around Kansas City but it's a company that's. Been around a fifth generation companies since the early eighteen hundreds you're in the keys here which is pretty important pretty amazing and a. It's still going strong and over close to 12100 employees doubly so tell us about them a little bit Michael you know Tyler and or to talk about why I think. I think what you find out is one Tyler she's a solid person thank you really enjoyed listening to him too I think you're gonna you really. And if shocked maybe this size and scope of the organization. Or impact and influence. And then. Just talking about what Tyler in the company are doing and help promote stadium build the city it. It's really understated. Him but it says it's ongoing story news. And Tyler as inching background he. It is a family business I guess who would say they're at the years he's either of the DC for awhile we end of that was in policy in in kind of did some work. With financial work actually when he was in DC is well. The meek said he over brought in London and England and down. You know is done on everything's in came at in city from Kansas city's wife's from Kansas City originally live here now and he's a seems to me to be a very good business leader. And also a on turner is an entrepreneur aspects film as well I think there's some softer skills that he brings to kind of all of those things that can help make be so perspective as he has been dual what talent show here after the break. I met him a few years ago actually. But I'm excited to connect with a weekend in talked to me seems to have is also what's going on here in Kansas City and you know than you might have seen that Myers circle fountain on getting her fixed up here again I think he's involved in that off some funny stories to share about that today as well. Makes you connect with the show at girl nation showed dot com. And also adds on Twitter at JC grill and aggravation show appreciate you. I reached out to me in and sharing Michelle via social media each and every weekend in appreciate it look what you guys are doing to help the show grow. And all the kind comments very much appreciated. Michael no bank UK financial outlets that is Milbank dot com. And besides having the we're we're we're taping the show but it's airing on Saturday at the site setting Columbus Day off. I needed and needed to talk to someone died. What my passwords. I cannot figure out the life of me that you guys are growing like crazy ended in a lot of great things here in Kansas City and and you're busy man we talked to each and every month with that with a thought leader but inning issuing a report to us. About BO OK financial or remote bank and I know things here. Moving fast and furious is always. Well I had at a national level. Big bank level some things seem to be going. Very well. Lotta people ordered assume that with the energy challenges the last couple years. The challenges that just the reasons and tax Oklahoma face. That. An organization that's concert in those areas might. Be impacted by that meet. I think you you can say it would have been a little bit but I think people return going to be surprises kind of how strong and overall. Portfolio of the company is such that more continues to strengthen and then locally is suspend. Hell of a lot of fun. This year in terms of and are bringing their legacy being cutesy business placing mr. bank business together or home today as small bank. Fun you know earlier in the year it was a little struggle with the immigration issues for me Terkel ourselves. But kind of where I think about where we are now is engage your folks are. The excitement around the business the good things that we continue to be doing for. Our kind of our whole client base. And in as much that's been fine impact and can you make in the business we got the united way campaign kicking off. I was part of a group to help raise money for the new Picasso exhibit that's coming to town. Well we've got people. Tyler's gonna mention. A nonprofit that he's involved then when more senior leaders is on that board with him. We just got our. We know a lot of really neat things economic communities though. It feels the feels right. Feels part of course city isn't certain who is it is and Milbank dot com as the website for more information you'll recognize the orange. Yes ICL return these days are distinctive pink hello it is so they're exceeding a league of idea actual. Banking at some point have been I've been using too much mobile. Technology yells offers but on the I'm thinking I need to stop that cost crossroads location against them pence in theory went down all the terminology is on the town. And what I it's it's it's always different ways that we can connect. With our. When our clients are clients can connect with us. And and the mobile activity is whatever format as this help for transactions. But I've never felt that's way to build relationships until relation to either personal purse that personal personal interaction who. And that can be done a lot of different ways as well what they forgot to mention was every. First Friday down the crossroads. At our branch. Now we have some activity. Last Friday we had our annual rock paper scissors competition intact and it was. Awesome for all the concerns we had earlier in the day about the rain. Our stage was up a big racquet was up there we had our hosts got I was managing to and the 123. We had beer flown and we had pizza from mop up down next door. And it was just misses. Great you know it's funny he never know with those first Fridays in October it. Yeah it is an Internet via very warm and it was a get first prize and it was a little slow because of commerce saying I probably had people. And leave early for. It seemed like yeah backed up and down across Chicago and now we're in town. And they loved it. It made in the downtown in cities have been here for awhile but they're never gonna first Fridays they loved it. On the whole atmosphere so unique yeah I always dreaded going to figure out which is the busiest her strategy usually is like. Early early summer maybe late spring when winner comes out of hibernation. If there are very excited wheelock and have a doubt that that's a great location their free yes. This such a us perfect but British style truth. Pooled cool bank and it's true like community in the same way. There. There's no plan to be in the middle of the welcome back you were piling up on your host Jay-Z grill thanks rootless and today on nine a great in great bank and overload on the today in my on the island re shooting for the whole show and well you Tyler not burn on the idea and chairman did you radio engineering company like where sales UN he's done hearings I'd cards in I don't know we get under Garrett Ireland every you know you can't see anybody currently these you know -- are very happy I have all right whenever -- Parker being put in my -- we read that she'll have a relationship. Craig war guest today. Is Tyler not berg who's the chairman and CEO of US engineering and welcome to the show are you great I'm great thanks for having a case so how do you guys know each other let's start that because. It's a small town and we we I think we crossed 1002 or three different places and my Tyler's very active in and non social services and defensively commencement. Of business associations that were involved in together and they flew also have a if your business relation to its most nights that is good. We'll tell let's learn a little about you then we'll in the county US engineering and company. I know it's been around for quite along time tells about your background and kinda how you. And he worked in the policy area for awhile in DC and a lot of different things throughout. The United States and I believe the world so look to talk about that first and we'll get into kind of what brought you back in the city itself. Are sure well I grew up in Kansas City and grew up loving all of the things about Kansas City including that. The Kansas City Royals and everything that we got to experience back in the 1980s I was going to appear in the and I went to school in Vermont. To a college cold Middlebury. I do an honor and it's it's interesting knew I was real interest in languages spoken and middle Barry's very well known for its language program and has a strong political science program internationally and those were a lot of things I was it that men. And did you like that there are I've ever been to the state of Vermont such as general amigos the as a either Maine or Vermont always rave about those early days you you love it. It's beautiful. There's a lot of snow on the ground for long periods of time so that's the way that you just have to live life out there they were. They were certainly days during the Lennar Len you would look out across campus and all you would CU is little. Hats from you know people Bob been through all of the difference no pathways had been made sound. But you know it the same time if you love ski if you love the outdoors that's just a beautiful place beaten. He went there in the new did you after that you. When I was so yes I was fortunate I I did. Won a scholarship holder Katie scholarship and allowed me to steady at Oxford and for a couple of years. And so I did that so lived over in England for a couple of years. My I think that says that might be might agree or disagree I think setting a broader aired in doing something abroad when you're near and that ages. Is he notes I think for world phenomenal yeah if you had an opportunity. And you guys both had kids I think Iran age is that. Well yours during college or I'm content at all and no down. So hopefully promoting their right Michael absolutely wolf and just kind of my extremely inherited him growing up my principal Swiss and I lived overseas and worked overseas I it's critical. To enjoy that experience unaudited my. My wife my fiance at the time I actually came over with me as well also a lot of experience that together and we got a you know do a lot of travel lane in and now also means such a beautiful place on some great friendships and eyes you all gorgeous thing you know you get your perspective opened up even more just in terms of what possibilities look like and different people problems opportunities solutions although. And of inputs that I think you need to kind of brought your your world then. So. Instead everybody came back I know my Al mom my wife got a job work is not official therapist in Washington DC and I got the job working. Four Susan Eisenhower was on the Eisenhower institute. And I've previously done an intern ship for senator Richard Lugar up on the hill and between my sophomore and junior year at college so. I'd fallen ill and in love with the experience to Washington DC says great fit for us. We ended up living there for about six years we did a and you really. That's the bug there I guess 60 yeah one time in DC yeah we did there for a few years you're there like I heard six years is kind of like the Macs appeared there for instance Sears your strapped city it's you know it's a very transient place but it at the same time I mean it's it's filled with a lot of different cultures. International. You use you have a strong focus obviously on politics while you're there but. There's also very very rich art scene. There's a great deal launched from her realism that's kind of sprouted up obviously in Northern Virginia a lot of tech companies that were not invested in being there and whether this companies were therefore. Policy purposes or not it's still kind of created. Nice and technology sector they have a lot of lot of cranes in the air in DC earlier you know and a downtown based on our guest on downtown the city baseball that in the nationals earning a spot the regional national area I mean yeah there is a lot of development and good restaurants it's it's it's on city. You're respectable are you on the political spectrum it's there's stuff to do theirs that's schools six years there and yeah well and yet the other thing was even though it is transient city we actually were living there during nine elevenths so much experience. Why the what the community did that kind of come together in the wake of that in a way that I think it's very difficult to see Washington. As a community based. City in the same way say Kansas City is that. That really changed. And in 2001. And so we got to experience what that whole. Process with light from a a rebuilding standpoint and an everything that went on itself. That was that was a very influential to them. At school and so on and that when did you commit his series you were in New York fraud moderator so I had actually gotten a job. After working at the Eisenhower institute for an organization called personal airman group in which was a start up that was based out of new York and a and a friend of mine from Oxford. We've started working there. Talking about potentially helping them opened up Washington DC office. That focused on research for. Hedge funds and mutual funds based out of New York. That that really focused on legislative affairs type issues like that travel back and forth between New York City. On on a regular basis and and and work with teams they kind of though the company op and and so that was exciting to be part of a start up not a lot of enthusiasm for the new wave of protein research really trying to leverage technology in. And to kind of see what. You know that they they were doing was with in just asked. That is cool and I love obviously has not low public affairs and policy one not so you can combine now at the start up I feel like that's the it's a great take your right there yeah I think you know it was really need and then at the time so my wife and I had our first child Maggie. I she'd been born in Virginia. And while we were thinking about you know what we wanted in terms of what our future was and a lot of the roads for Gerson Letterman group relieving back to New York City at some point. And that was something that was interest in to us but at the same time. Both of this were originally from Kansas City in snow. I think in the back both of our minds maybe we were always thinking at some point maybe we would move back into city. It didn't seem like there was sort of an obvious path but. At the same time there was an opportunity that existed with US engineering in my doubted put in place many years ago. When he would. Been diagnosed with cancer and started planning. I'll what was going to happen US engineering because he'd in the fourth generation leader. A US engineering and he didn't know whether I was going to be interest in getting involved one day or my sister was going to be involved one day sell. When he was diagnosed with with cancer he sort of put a management succession plan in place. It actually provided an opportunity for me or my sister to come back and mauled one day. If we chose to use those that this opportunity was out there but I never really worked in the construction industry. And hadn't really considered seriously but some transitions that we're going on US and hearing. That we're taking place at the same time we and I were considering maybe moving back into city being closer to our families and you know we we had Maggie. All of those things came together so we knew back in stadium I got on youth and Coca and what what year is that how long you've been so so that was 2005. Aka yeah. Interest thing wolf we about two minutes left in the segment talked to salute about the history of US engineering and in the next segment. Let's get into kind of current day and all the things that are going on over there in and what your old dude in the NC community but talk just a little bit about the history mention. If generation is that right yeah I L so my great great grandfather do stuff started the company over in Germany back in the 1855 but it was a metalworking company. And he and his wife Margaret Maggie. Broad. Themselves and their three sons the United States specifically here to Kansas City. I NET 89 and hung the shingle on 1893 assists started the same metal working company in Kansas City in 1893. But then as things evolved. They went with technology and sort of turn the company in a mechanical construction company. So focusing on installing plumbing systems in the and is. Technology made it possible to do more indoor refrigeration and air conditioning. Freon becoming very popular refrigerate and more more billions. You know conditioned spaces so they evolved in this mechanical contracting company. And it sort of it stayed in the family through various generations and generations of up to my dad when. He passed Elaine 1990 sevenths about twenty years ago. And so that's that's the point in time where where things kind of pass out of Italy for the first time ever ownership. Until until Alina and then. Prediction Michael isn't it that this company surge in Germany yeah and it. He's been located in Kansas City in 1887 Saturday well they moved over 89 and opened up in 93 but I mean you'll yeah I mean you probably April and you look at out PC there's a very large sort of European German migrate up in the United States currently nineteenth century from all right reasons and actually followed some friends who had moved here I actually took it to peacock. But then they never made it past Kansas City and now. A funny I would have been three previous tour identity and their long ago that followed this but it's funny you mention. I we got a good break here seen my how it's gonna say with technology. As a top point in time mr. very different definition change technologies. Today. Think technology would have interest in different ways of transmitting energy electricity year transporting water. And well I think technology in a lot of ways become shorthand for any kind of disruptive change. Ferrero you know you can't you can call what you want but I'd certainly had an influence enough we right back under elation. I guess. Welcome back to be grill nations showcasing real nine ADM cain's easy appreciate you joining us again today and all those listening on iTunes and stitcher via podcast appreciate you. Listening as well he connected me on Twitter at JC gorilla that gorilla nation shell. A source find all of our guess information old shows and photos of our guests at group nations should dot com. Targeted Tyler not berg who's the CEO of US engineering chairman and CEO abuse that engineering and Michael easily as the president and CEO of no bank in the UK financial great supporter and partner with the show. Michael wanted turner review we're gonna learn more about US engineering in all different types of things they're doing as wolves era culture and talk more about the business aspects here. When you Toledo off course today sure I will arm you mentioned earlier US and germs too long we're worms you impact or where rent. With what's switch tribe what you do kind of size and scope of the total. So how were mechanical contractor. And what I generally means is that you walk into a building. And you look around and you see all the great things are going to building that billion a lot of our stuff as a behind the walls unless you walk into the bathrooms where our stuff as being from senators so. Oh we do is we install plumbing piping and HPC systems so we literally have people who. All managed the design help manage all of the EnergySolutions. Associated with the design. Actually. Install. The systems so literally having people. Installing welded carbon steel piper slaughtering copper were putting up sheet metal. And then at the end of the day we end up usually hopefully maintain those systems and helping owners. Manage what that energy looks like on the back and so that. It's the at the end of the building's life cycle you're able look back and say hey you know we really. Reduce whatever the total cost of owning those systems were because a lot of the systems that we end up installing and managing and helping owners manage. Are the most dynamic. Energy sucking systems and an expensive aspects of of what what what a building actually. Cost yeah. So. MIC you also do infrastructure projects as long. Oh yeah I mean we've done we've done a number of infrastructure projects and could be kind of small infrastructure projects. But you know one of the higher profile ones out locally here was the the new Meyer circuit or renovated Myers circle fountain. But you know I'm glad all the time and drug drive by all the time we had our we got our big sign up there one point that really was mostly all my friends calling asking when they were going to be able access the westbound. Lanes. Rather than hate the fountain looks great. So that we went just real briefly that found has been off for awhile right. It was. There well I mean there was a lot that needed to be done and it's sort of good in Iowa deferred maintenance yeah I feel like that's found in India western auto sign need to be turned back on though Estrada signed downtown has been offered copiers and I always think to myself what. A much people should just. It together and start paying for the it will I think that's I think anyway and that's really what happened and that I mean there was a community effort to help pay for. Turning that fountain back on in. Always interest scene was we did turn it back on the other day and begin sort of test CNET. And again I had some friends to it kind of texted me and said you know I drove by and it was on and there was some red lights on the and I was thinking about the chiefs I was thinking about Kansas City and I got a little tear in my eye and I thought you know that really is one of the things that's emblematic of what our city. It's about which is kind of rallying around some of these kind of community efforts and it and it doesn't have to be found it could be something that's. You know people might consider more substantial like a community effort you know downtown hour. No east of the city or or or wherever it is but it's something that's sort of brings people together. You mentioned you had no experience any of this when he took over nutter you went when he died so you worked in the business obviously for a while for you in CO cracked I did that well when I came back and join US injuring everybody knew obviously I was member of the not berg family and so part of the plan on laws or. My wife my view come back and and really repurchase controlling interest in the in the company which was which was a big leap for us. But it was also a big lead for this institution that had more than just not Byrd family members associated with it we've got. Multiple generations of other families that feel just as much ownership for the organizations so. When you kind of look at all of those different people who are invested in what the company has been in and where the company is likely to go on the future. They spent a lot of time teaching need this is what's important about being US engineering not just the technical aspects of it by. Really the cold sure of what the organization represents to turn down to is the only is to them. The people who have worked there for for multiple generations who are not members up. Then boats and she listened to you when you talk rob are you described accompany him and voice your charges he hoped to do. Longer term with the companies you with your clients and also the culture. And replace him honor and it's a very different home our expect from person grow up on them count on company. I suspect you were not having been involved earlier career with the companies and Tokyo of that. Different outsider. Well I think I've been able to bring both I've been able to bring while whatever pressure you feel in terms of being a Steward of this great institution on and go forward basis. Is also mixed with the idea that hate because the company has been around so long we have to inject entrepreneurial elements into. The way the company behaves and some of that or a lot of that actually has to do with. Generally what kinds of people you want within the organization driving what that changes I mean. You know if I had a dime for every single time someone says just in the last few years dot buy dot. You know technology is changing things and the economy is changing and we're feeling all these external pressures. If you're gonna deal with I think is an organization whether your start up or whether your organization that's been around for a long time. You have to sort of embrace what that dynamic enough and I think cultural Millie ends up pat playing a larger role in that then. Simply saying this is what our business strategy is is what our strategic plan is because it's the people who are going to actually drive that strategy forward so many people in the company. So overall between all of our offices we've got about 12100 people office in the field our headquarters is based here in Kansas City you've got to. Large office out that's down the Denver area for about fifty years but we also have. Yes and satellite offices all over the place traditional large project in Manhattan Kansas right now. And so we've established an office now there none that we're doing worked on an Oklahoma minds southeast Missouri so sort of all over the place. 12100 employees that's a lot of employees and one of the things you mentioned an article team members not employees she remembers the this journal wrote an article about you when you came back in. You've you've talked about culture and work life balance and you said the once heard a quote from Sony really respect that said. Yet to do your best to manage your family like a business in Manger businesslike and friendly. Talk about that those instinct in my might tweet that quote out today and just attributed to. To myself no I'm kidding what attributed to us first to you for but tell us about actors I've never heard that before. Well so. Though the general sentiment behind that is that when you're working with your family. The trying to do everything from scheduling. School or activity events or. Trying to figure out OK what what direction we wanna go width. A vacationer. Dealing with planning the holidays. I think if you bring the type of discipline to things like scheduling and being very intentional about OK what's our feeling mission statement going to be. Then you begin to sort of craft this identity around your family and you and you manage it in a way that is. Did that you know helps everybody providing employed on the direction that you're going so there's a culture within your family. Do you get to manage as well. But it's something that's all part of the team you know my wife Lee really drives a lot of that. And now that our kids are getting older too I mean they they they do is well and so trying to figure out how do you have that employed. That's really important in and that all goes wrong when you start feeling sort of self righteous about what every your role is. And you know we always joke about the fact they you know hey you may be CEO. I US engineering during the day but you know it's it's really clear like when you look at my wife's signature line on her email says chairman ceemea CEO of an opera family and as a very real good at. On the other hand you know when you look at you know that your organization and a lot of the things that attract people to staying at a place where they're working it is is. Is is the culture of the organization and does it feel like if they only do you feel like you have people who respect what you do and who you respect as individuals. In the same way that you get all of that kind of goodwill from your family because you're failing. And so if you're able to inject moments that feel like the only style moments into the way your business is functioning and and you can manage your business a little bit like a family as well and granite with 12100 people. I can't go around and have family dinners with all 12100 different people who are on the team. But if you've got a cold sure that provides for those kinds of opportunities for individuals within the organization of the leaders who really driving business to do so. I feel like that's something that's you know very important and as we've grown as a business that becomes different and becomes difficult to maintain moves a famous style moment to find much that. So look like the difference examples well I mean it could be everything from making sure that people on your team have time to go out her cut out work to go grab a beer grab a coffee together. Getting everybody together to go participate in a run you know. Obama a ten K a terrible ten K here five K or something along those lines. User session as the one K because I help you out. We can't see marathons come to appear in a few weeks Michael is under an African I had it to the full and passed on Saturday that unidentified okay. We I mean those types of things. Are important it's also OK we've your co workers. Your team outside of the office is. It too and it's also it's in and it's not even really also the big moments right it's this sort of spaces in between the most mundane moments where you just walk by someone's office or you've got. No group of people who just like to sit down and take metro five minutes after a staff means say in how usual weekend. And to provide time for those types of conversations because that I think really builds the fabric of what that a family relationship looks like you all know. We eat your birthdays and holidays agree with your family but it's really you know some of those moments Regis kind of sitting around watching TV years but they have Daryn. What are you talk about. Mary extinct. Tyler now Bergen is our guest CEO and chairman and CEO of US engineering Michael easily is. Part of its border grill nation Milbank in the UK financial also joining us after the break I wanna toppled about. The alliance for childhood education as well. Who seem to grill mentioned they can. Hello welcome back to the grill nation shelling came easy 1980 AM appreciate you joining us today on the show I'm your host Jason wrote today's guest. Have been at Tyler and upper chairman and CEO of US engineering and Michael easily. Two CEO and president of Milbank in the UK financial. Great show so far guys wanna talk about something you got involved with Tyler the years ago that was the alliance for childhood education that you found it tells about an organization. So. The alliance was created with the idea that as business leaders. One of the issues that seems to be most important long term it's strategically for those of us who were. Running businesses and those guys most who are not running businesses. Is education what is the quality overall of the workforce looked like long term and one of the things that we did is we compared it to say a Third World country where. Clean water is the single most important issue that you have to address before you can create. Any kind of dynamic economy while. He and the United States fortunately we don't have clean waters a primary issue getting our economy functioning. So what's next well. Education many seems to be what are clean water issue it isn't so ace was created to get business leaders focused on. What quality education looks like what opportunities for high quality education looks like. I'm when we originally started it it was focused primarily on early childhood education man. Wide business leaders need to become focused on these issues and and what it means in order to address what does were forced -- issues look like in the future. Do in this is that this is a nonprofit nonpartisan coalition of business leaders committed to improving Kansas miseries education systems. Will be found so far what is here. Is your take so far all the work you all done and we need to do to move forward. Well the first thing that I would say is there are a lot of unbelievable providers who are out there people who work all of the time trying to make sure that young individuals in the community. Have access to these opportunities. And so there are a lot of different efforts that are going on on both sides of the state line and and well outside the borders of just Kansas City. But there are a lot of ways that business could be more involved and so when it comes to. Areas where business leaders need to be focusing their attention it needs to be on understanding why is early childhood education. Something that people need to be focused on. Elected officials like to talk about being involved and supportive of early childhood education. But those aren't necessarily people who are going to vote for them because they're two and three year old. So the question is who is actually going to be kind of representing what the interest of those children are. On a sustained basis that are not in the pressure cooker of an election cycle and what that means is that the role of business community complain. Isn't helping to connect. Legislators. Where providers. And the business community in order to try and develop a sort of cohesive approach. How this issue needs to be moved forward down the road so. Our president Tory Peterson. Does a tremendous job. Of working with a lot of those different coalitions and our board does as well in terms of trying to build awareness about. Okay what are the what are the kind of hot button topics when you be looking. Then Tony deal with that the discussion topic witches. I think Rudy agree education's important kids or future and hear a lot of that and and I'm still a lot of people even as well. But got investment today exe generation. Kind and street it's taking hold and make difference. I. Of perspective when you're talking about. Some and thus manner change in policy years. Also I think you can look at and two ways I think there are short term benefits and I think our long term benefits and I think you have to use data to support both. So for example just take the very basic research on. How you know almost eighty to 90% of the entire brain gets formed by the age of between three and five OK so there's a there's a factual data point. Isn't that an area where we would like to invest a lot of early dollars then there's the work that was done by James Heckman who was noble prize winning. Former head of the Federal Reserve up in Minnesota. Who wrote a paper talking about how there's a seven to one payback on every dollar invested in early childhood education. And that payback has a triple net benefit of both. Giving people quality education. Preventing future social problems and then also creating economic benefit for the people who are actually providing that service so you take you start from there and you say okay. Well if this investment means so much how do you get the community behind those kinds of initiatives and I think that the short term. If you god as a system that's in place that's very attractive to businesses who say want to move to Kansas City you're thinking of starting a business in the Kansas City region. Then they know that when those young people who are part of those businesses have children. That those children have a good place to go wall mom and or dad go off to work. So that's the immediate benefit is you actually are providing an opportunity for those parents to go work while their children are getting a high quality education. So you've got back in that immediate short term and that's attractive from a from a talent attraction standpoint today. The long term benefit absolutely comes from the how those children will benefit over time. You know in terms of the the direction that they go they're educational trajectory. And it's not just about memorizing facts and kindergarten or preschool where the where via the Venice it's of that I've fade over time. It's about sustained attention throughout the entire spectrum of the education system which is one of the reasons why A said. Hey you know we don't wanna just be focused on early childhood education we need to understand how this impacts the direction that these children are going. Throughout the system especially children who are highly disadvantage from the beginning now. If I'm right there are statistics it's something like. To the age of five year and of learning how to read and then after that I agree. Earn yellow there is a great initiative here in Kansas City mayors region and they talked about the fact that up until they're great you learn how to read and then from that point forward you. Read in order to learn now that's absolutely true. Yet to get them to the point in third grade where there. Able to read and and again great oh right right you know reeds so that you can learn so. If you just keep backing it up how do you get there how do you get to kindergarten ready to. You know learn how to read them. Ace and ace invest is the website correct Ezra invest on award isn't that out alliance for childhood education and talking to Tyler not berg he CEO and chairman of the US engineering the website for US engineering is just US engineering dot com check it out. Couple minutes left here Tyler you move back in the city seems like about 1015 years ago. What are your thoughts right now on what we're doing here is the city and all we can do better in what you think really do well. I think there's a tremendous opportunity here in Kansas City to capitalize on. The trajectory that we had sort of take him I I'll tell anyone who listens I feel like Kansas City was on a very good trajectory in 2014. And it just inclined a little bit more once opera has hit back. Double down my third base line. As as as as we watched there royals kind of move on I feel like we gained a little bit more of an identity. As a city. And we gained a little bit of confidence is the city. And so I think that all of the development that is gone on economically. There's been very positive for the city I think you know our investments in arts and culture are tremendous. I would say that one of the strengths of Kansas City overall this are philanthropy so a lot of you know that the greater PNC community foundation on a per capita basis is one of the most. Successful and important community foundations and all of the United States. And that's really a testament I think the direction that there were headed to the city in what our culture is a city sort of looks looks like but. No we are real issues that we need to address is well I mean I think there are a lot of areas where. We can continue to improve you know as as a city that he you know. We have to keep sustained attention on there's no silver bullet for him every every single one of those issues and Eli different things out. Totally tell an up or appreciate come on the shape Michael via duly appreciate you for in Tyler got Nortel and great show today and appreciate both time and thanks for being here thanks for having me thank you. We'll see you again next week on relations think you're doing.