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Saturday, October 21st

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur you're exposed to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connective. X-Factor you'll enjoy brutal illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter. Jason grill tonight with the show on Twitter as a global nation show and online at girl nation showed dot com. You're just grill nation always dressed up as. And their radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello everybody and welcome to. Grill nation with chasing real I appreciate you joining me today on as always on team BZ 988 AM as well as on. ITunes and stitcher radio after listening via podcast and also we are on grill nation showed dot com we can find links. To all of our shows guess photos of our great guest that we have on each and every week as well as social media information. And a list of our amazing sponsors and supporters which I will are coming on now because without then the show would not take place they bring this great great great guest. Each and every month and they do great work here in Kansas City and throughout the nation title sponsors of the show are trusts. Milbank in the UK financial and two us advisors and Ryan rink contributors and guess coasts of the grill nation showed Jason grills are. The Reagor and and show a couple weeks one light luxury apartments. And reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander who is a guest host an honor contributor we enjoy. The thought leadership and the knowledge she brings each and every month appreciate all of our partners supporters of a group nation with chasing grill. A preview our show today very exciting show where we're gonna talk about two different topics here today. But our first guest will be joining me. Just here in the second is Mary Jean Eisenhower she's president Chief Executive Officer. Of people to people international she's also granddaughter a general Dwight. 34 president of the United States. I'll bringing on her shortly but I wanna talk your kind of about her background fascinating story. And our next segment segment T today we will talk to her about. Some exciting events coming up and what people to people international does here based here in Kansas City some really looking forward to having her on the show. The doctor about kind of the organization her history her background and hopefully share some some great stories as well. After Mary Jean we will have on Joseph Wilbur in segments three and so him before he's a contributor group nation comes on the show. All probably about four to six times a year he is the pre and post game host on fox sports Kansas City for the cutesy royals. What to have joined today to talk about some of the things he's been doing in motivational speaking and throughout Kansas City but also. To touch base on the season just ended for the royals kind of recap at forest talk about what it was like to be. On the field with the players especially those that are probably leave in free agency after this season. And they got to talk about some of the things that he's excited about moving forward into 2018. As well as briefly touch on the current playoffs going on and we predict when the World Series this year so Joseph gore is always a great guest on our show. Very knowledgeable and a lot of fun to have on again his Twitter handle is at Goldberg KC you'll be joining me. In segments three and segment for today I appreciate you joining us as always today. Great to have you if you like our show please it's and stars John fight scenes and please share your friends. What are we got our first guest today. We have on the phone Mary Jean Eisenhower again she's the president and chief Chief Executive Officer. The people to people international she's also the granddaughter of Dwight. 34 president of the United States Mary Jean welcomed the show are you. I thank you. If it's great to be here at we're doing great have accused. Doing really good great to have you on the show I appreciate you joining us today. One learn a little bit about you so before we get to what you do each and every day. Help sell people across the world. Tulsa by your background you have inching background obviously have been the grand daughter of the former president. Bright. Well I don't know whether it in a nutshell on that line I guess I was born in DC actually in the same room that he died in. Fourteen years later. At Walter reed army hospital and I was crisp blue room. Which I always kind of token they. It's terrible would it peek at bird like that that test you. Anyway and I think my favorite thing about him was that he was just to meet my grandfather he was. I didn't realize it really anything special like that just school they're learning about his other lives. Commune. And year your father was the end ambassador was he not. He was he was ambassador to Belgium when I was a teenager and so I lived in a brothel for. Three years. I've actually been there briefly what was that experience like for you justice. Being a child as an ambassador earning granddaughter of president I have to imagining your teenagers I was. Quite unique obviously the interest thing. Well I used to have it add joke right after I had my and I went back to work and I had a daycare. And the first time that it went to pick them up they said there's Merrill mother. That's that's a couple keys I'm like that in my grandfather's granddaughter my father's daughter and my Brothers sister and now I'm Merrill leather one can. Oh. But am I gonna be me yeah right and good at it looks bad. Yeah it it was unique. It was kind of funny because. It it was like a big split if you will. They were there were a lot of unique experiences involved let Al the kind of lost myself and it. To the point where I wouldn't. Really. Introduce myself and my last name at that point I wasn't comfortable enough land and at those. I am and that they had nothing to do with how much and Gary I cherished my grandparents they were they were the perfect. It was just everybody else's reaction. Here are for sure we have a last name Mike thank you obviously. Draw a lot of attention where you are. She worked. BC when you got back obviously. On Capitol Hill was selling. We'll have a good thing because it was. Get potent Nixon and so a lot of people would see my name tag on my desk and they would. Automatically they're telling me what they thought it actually because grand admit that closely at that is. And I couldn't quite work that they've taken the bottom or at at you didn't have one let them. Capitol Hill with extremely interesting and I don't think it's a whole lot different now than it was then. Except that you know of course there's. As stronger communications with social media thing like that Twitter. But. Is it. It was an education I don't think accuses her lifelong. Career yeah it's it's it's I actually worked in DC is well interned there two Indy it's. It's deftly and career era. Fast pace grinding out. Wildlife solvents into the hallway like are long days that threes everywhere and you thank you thank you. Mary Jean so we got about a minute left in our first segment today. Talk just by you coming to Kansas City NN and kind of piling where you're doing now on the Internet access and let's get into. People people international. Oh okay well of course. I can't hit the city. Because the people people international and now it's like I kind of like to AM I'm. Kansas City by choice and well not from here originally had been girl's twenty years now. And it is definitely hope there's no question about it I'd love this area. It's it's. It's like to basketball the culture of the United States without any of the baggage. That's all right that's why this very night. You I've never heard that before bro like that is there is an advocate for Kansas City it's always nice to hear from people who who are from here you know they come here a lot of times. From the coasts and it you know I've no intention is saying Kansas City and then. They they start to like it and then they don't wanna leave it's it's it's always nice to hear that about your city and if you pride and it's really cool that that people like that. Marry GI's and our is our guest I really wanna talk to you about people to people international after the break the website for that organization is key TPI dot org and after the break. We're gonna bring up Mary Jeanne back on here and talk about the mission the values division and some of the stories around your organization you listen to grow nation pixels. Oh welcome back to the grill nation show. 980 and came easy again I'm your host Jason really appreciate you joining us coming back after the break. Hope you're enjoying the show thus far again you connect to me on Twitter at Jason grill in Niagara nation shell Waltz on. All other forms of social me just check out my name at Jason girl and a check on what side grille nation show dot com. Really excited to have back far our second segment today Mary Jean Eisenhower Mary Jean is that the president and Chief Executive Officer of people to people international. She's a granddaughter general Dwight. 34 present you and states and Missouri Kansas City about twenty years ago and she starred working at people to people international witches. A group whose mission is to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational cultural. And humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly a month. People in different countries and diverse cultures the website is PT PI dot org. Mary Jean welcome back to the show 12 first off. Give us a little bit of a taste of the history of this organization and actually when it was formed and and kind of Wolf Blitzer progression after that. Sure well ever since you know for from the very beginning of his will work to experience particularly. The death camps. The Holocaust. And he wanted to create an organization where people and you know interface and and at least reached an understanding of not a French ship. I working on common problems that you know I mean everybody has to eat read it doesn't matter what language you speak and. Things like that you need. He wanted to create. An environment to tool if you will. To create peace and I kind of called the architect of peace because that that was his goal even in wartime. So he founded originally as part. US information agency which is now part of the State Department. And there were lots of exchanges of that I'm going to run. But then when he was leaving office in 1960. He wanted to. Bring it into the private sector because if it doesn't belong to the people of it it will work. And interestingly that was on the coattails of the McCarthy era. And he. Approach. Very foundations ultimately work Brad Pitt. Adam and ask for funding. And they thought it was psychological warfare if you can believe that the peace through understanding things. And they turn them down and it there hate letters of his disappointment. At the at the our library and Evelyn campus but time he was coming through Kansas City to see his friend George hall. And I might add that hallmark actually did all the stationary in the White House and and all of that they were they were. Like old child from the campus and caught. JP Holland and granddaddy and down. Have Paul agreed to finance that but he said he didn't do anything outside of Kansas City. So we moved from Washington to Kansas City in 1961 and it's an argument percent and that's my blessing because they're telling that here. We've been. I like that and he more people need to have that that in the global economy and global world business leaders bringing business is the Kansas City knows that was pretty. Swab thereby have mr. hall. Yes so so today these guys have a a bunch of different programs I know you've traveled over seventy countries or seventy times over forty countries you've left the United States many times. Tucked its discount about how big this has become I mean and kind of what are the key programs that. Not people to people focus on. Well we have. Everything from. Well quickly have a pre crime mission which is educational cultural and humanitarian. And each program has component of each of those you. Chile they common thread. I'm. We. Do a large student exchange high school student. And that we also we could everything meant to. Humanitarian eradication in mind to peace camp to. Globally you've formed which usually held in Kansas City. So we did it really extend. To almost any facet of human nature everybody can get involved the youngest members. Something like ten and the oldest is 92. And he wasn't field goal on the one of them passed away so I mean there there are a lot of if it's a very broad program but that. You know pieces abroad thing to. And you guys have a network of more than 23000. Members around the world and in chapters. And how that. How long I mean what we're really I mean take us through the growth process of this. Obviously technology change on every two years and since you started this that. I mean is this was this a process to you grow this organization I mean take us through that journey. Well it is. It was interesting because the first. Group outside of the US. Chapter if you will but what we call them. We poured in Korea. We. It was walk and that was live I hesitated for granddad. That they. Started hosting program. As for the military they were stationed in Korea. They wanted to make him feel welcome and at home. And that kind of thing and even out on the basis has closed down with chapters are mainly they do humanitarian work still. So. It it started with Korea but then as we traveled out. You know pit various areas of the of the world. Europe for example in the nineties. It that the whole ideas resonate with the people that we were visiting and they started chat. You know they begin their captors and it just kind of group for mayor. And now we're you know we're on six continents. And what's really fun is when we we we have it deleting and we also have a biannual. Why conference. When people get together it is just like he was amply and we we all know each other step we love each other there's no. At pelican hit the eight U that the original make love not war person. But. You know it it is amazing it's like. It like it fell to alternate and he here mean you have daily. I agree I got to sell other question you know like you're actually going all these countries you're seeing all these stories. On the website PT PI dot org here is there a link to people who people's stories where you have stories from individuals from. All over the world sharing their story with the organization and how they've. They really kind of tried to work in progress the mission in the vision of fuel to people international. More of these stories need to be shared. Because in the in the news cycle nowadays. You know it's it's it's always negative. And you don't see these types of things talked about enough. Let me put it this way it is is it you can you can almost cult are hard at. I was natural ankle one we were booed heavily at mines there and it's not me and I went to visit when the children count that I. Been going to win a regular basis because wouldn't mind. And you know we want to make sure everybody was all right of course when he was indeed work. And the students that are that the children and it my name was Mary I was western. And they're tradition is to give gift limit when they get. Company ranked. And of course they had nothing in the last thing I expect it was against but what they did put. Little girl she must have been about pictures that issue is obviously the team leadership clapped her hands in the whole plant. Those can cross played him thirteen Mary had a little lamb and penalties. What it was very that they didn't know anything else about me a while haven't I recognize that can collectors singing it in English and they are laughing and laughing at them. That is to get I'll take my grave. Mean veterans story ever gotten very cool. Mary Jean Eisenhower is our guest a few more minutes left in the segment merry DNA you have an event. We're taping this show and it's on Friday October October 20 2017. It is your annual celebration talked as though what that does and I know you're in your 61 year of the organization in the cement will feature. The little river band. Post about it. That's correct at what we will have. We're of people to people program. An argument because this here is. George Cleveland who has Grover Cleveland. Believe great. There's a great there he is great grandson and best. Look just like him to a my dad he hit a great speaker and a lot of fun. And he loved people people so he'll you know we're really excited to have them. And then of course there's. A silent auction and that type of thing and then the little river band will I do Concord after. The program. As entertainment met that part of it is open to the public. Mean little river band as. Coca and that's though words locations loose. And the army theater equivalent okay great venue yeah start menu. Tickets on it. I have to and I love it because it that you know they're all very friendly spirit that they are there. Gets integrated video I've I've heard a story that it was the first. Either in the United States that air conditioning and I don't know if that's you're not but it was its its past been passed through many times. But that's interest in so again this is October 2 when he Friday. Play for peace benefit the annual celebration. 61 year you guys been doing this for six to her series you're over not over a 160 countries now. Building peaceful relations. Yes it was. And it like at eight. You know it it if that is a great concept. As they think the only that would right. I would I would encourage anybody who would want to be involved with something like that to get involved that you know. Of course we prefer for people people but any like minded organization we really hope that. You know that will be the load rather than what we're in. People to people international TT PI know or there's a link on the website where you can join. You can join Jaffray can give and donate all kinds of great information. Others more information about all the different programs and goes into more the about us stories and whatnot again that's TT PI dot org. Mary Jean Eisenhower I appreciate you coming on the show today. It's been inching to talk to you and he regrets on your success and keep up the great work you do each and every day in the United States and around the world. Well thank you so much for having. We gave that is great to talk to him and I mean you keep doing your good work king you do a lot of great things. Thank you so much I appreciate it appreciate coming on today. Can take care if we're right back after the break with more grilled nation thank you in the married dean Eisenhower for coming on the show. I guess. Welcome back to sue a grill nation with Jason brought your host Jason drug procedure remains in today on 980 AM KM BZ. And on iTunes and stitcher radio at the grill nation show podcast is goals that girl nation showed dot com. Are you check me on Twitter at Jason grill in that grill nation show. Also available on all the other social media handles and and places you can go fer contents FaceBook. FaceBook NC grams snapped jet Twitter search for my name that Jason grill. We have one of our favorites back you're on the show I wish that we are bringing him on to talk about some. Playoff baseball which will maybe too little bit more we're gonna talk to our friend from the F fox sports Kansas City crew. Jill Goldberg is on the line he is a a great guy in gets is up of this each and every actually about three or four ties at least six times a year. Stocks about the royals and what he's been up to you in his travels. Joseph how are you today. I don't Eric. I'm good so. You're in the off season now on offseason mode. Yeah it's. The only thing that told inched into me because. The much over whatever the which commercial work or are you let go a little guilty because. You know on the one in the equation that that goes okay Eric I get to go home and they'll let family and now works seven days a week so I'd rather be doing that because who would want a couple of playoff baseball but the the consolation prize is pretty good to me. What's that like fear and you have a lot of things going on right now one of which Jill Goldberg media dot com you you a lot of professional speaking and seeing in the offseason argued. Eligible ought to talk to me I'd just like I know I get that oil and last year I'd always spoke groups and I. I ended up being asked to speak to a couple companies last year and will develop a lot of on the PO shares soared and also some strategy that you know there's there. There's so many similarities between or is this. And Seymour and championship culture. Relationships that little girl that I talk about having a speech beat the company and it you don't Oprah because so these stories to relive that. I don't wanna go there motivational speaker and take your calls orders are evidently. Iran or kill or rather look at look you know bureau. Wearing jeans and wearing culture look good walking about are you out you're sitting. The real real level of course. Watching organization. Had very little trip which culture. Go through creating a culture. Better ball the whole city. Well winning culture and even though they you're with the you're earlier were Kirk oh. Yeah no finished separately or part of that market that would make it wouldn't Indians were it became must see television that regard. Oil cargo with one lose one or. What. We're here that he's really occur our on what is now considered as important. That it not. That's the right culture Q that we the second highest rating of any brought up to the nation of Indians never had a court shall. I'll bet that's really. A product that I wanna know what it's bill last. I'm really is we're talking into old Goldberg you can find him on Twitter acts. Goldberg Casey I have also seen he's it's he's on in Syria now as well argue Joseph. Dark and I was that I know all my. Heart I don't. Probably I have my agent that that's out of the garbage at at. These. Social media low age or. You know if we're. And district number two that certainly shown by a millennial all that level at that and get a double. I thought. Oh. Almost. Humorous some. It's not like some motivation there you go against him on probably more. More popular right then. What are certainly needs to be trending in the direction or order but. I wrote quote picketing it would occur because you couldn't do proposal would hurt or. They logic you on Twitter armed and pictures it's like all right yeah you're you're you're like I go to that a lot of super. You've built up your falling on Twitter which is a good avenue for what you do no. Jill I was that the final homestand the final game of the year. Oh the couple weeks ago I guess had a visitor in town we we went to a couple games did this sporting on Saturday royals Sunday and cheese and denying it's the Redskins. Great time here in Kansas City. Those that like for you give us an of those fuels kill behind the union a little bit about what it was like act Kaufman. Today that the royals kind of lost the slowed the loss it's game and then the crew kind of as we know right now meat problem will be back together and make sure what was that like for you and for this for the players. You know you're grouping back together the question of course will be how many if any of them and will be back about. Sport for other they're recruit you I don't know but. You thank you that we have beyond the wintertime jewels and lots of heard the etiquette here if you want me to get them and get your little water. Being on everything changes that Islam somehow all and be a big spark all doubt that very. I go over member of course most people will. On I. I I waited to a I don't remember who was there a boyfriend summary of the fact that. What is really emotional. Wanna try to be all mr. optional. Or I'm guilty of a cutter cleaning. People curator but what I'll go. All normal Wear a wet blanket on fire because that it's just it's or. I certainly. Understand. You know there's the excitement aren't below the clippers in the lead or expand. Our program and the losses. Our program it is it is this and so you'll look over the curtain that boy is the normal although they're out oh. Amid I'll be far and I know a that I could hurt our outlook all I but I go out there. And I just. I did you realize how powerful was gonna be. And I hit an organization. Doing a better job. That what the royals did and specifically that Yost. Do not just honored though. You have that special moment a double to Cuba moment too bad. Sure there are the other voices that that would do that well maybe. Like that can't imagine it being done better it was so well thought out so. It was all it would just notable. All so poker world or its own. And this region at the relationship between. The air base player. What I felt myself. I almost out of actually getting caught up at a what the stadium that day. Sort of go at the same way that I view the last game of every year are ready to be garden and that they could be wrapped and then got out. But a very. Of very mindful of I go to court or the next. I'll see that car. Look stating a little differently. If you appreciate the route that a little bit more than usual on saw doing all that and I went oh. After my second inning. In its order whatever I god. Thinking you know if he pulled somebody out here that they are if outlook is like a real. End and then I think August maybe that Omer. And I thought well. This it is in order about the public school stares at them coming up errors. Glad I realize that about all or. And audit the adapter or all regard article and I quickly got ripping out public underneath the article sort watcher. So like usher or operate moments. We're ought where all the whatever you lock stock could always walk out your excel please. You know probably walk off the wild card out of a rumor or critically give them. I just an orbit that. I'm glad I didn't end there are all right are real trouble your quest now the opera to the game because. Like its seat appear to his size. You'll be able. I got my or what not are you okay a critical that they get. Are you there aren't used to it you know you're like the quick Buck Baker curb long and that got a copyright they're like it I joked that. And how much at all really are due Wednesday. On a it helped lead or by Eric Hosmer. Alt. All the what you talk and that's what I say a lot like go out you know it is spring out and let you know remember that forever. Share per share Jill Goldberg is with us. There was emotion on Maine but what I mean we'll get to the moving forward in the next segment. But I went what was it like Jimi what do you think the major reasons why the team we're not successful make plans to share was it. Was of the injuries was the pitching was it was the bullpen what what do you think it was. All it's a combination of everything in are all. Wanna put our finger on one thing I'm very rarely. Bring that yes injuries hurt. On and most significantly bigger. The the pitcher are so brutal April start of the pedal at the start April. What they were healthy. Maybe were caught the ball to see that. Of you know Danny Duffy was hurt you Perry was her briefly it would never quite the incumbent. Armed. They in Auburn. Maybe a lot of people remember this up before he went on to say let's. I have a bit the rough year are they were holding Carter ought not all you know it is the is cornerback Gary gave there are armored column my yell at them early in our outlook you know you're. All went when you win on the DL or at least. Or are you would roll the ping if you had to pick a lot about it's why they traded. For him because we're gonna get Borger and at this level on the public or law or other. Remember Phillip poke holes. Okay. This little early. Gimmick like all of the year but pick all the pictures that they rent rule out they were ordered not yet but earlier that are just. That though they were outlook. Go yeah so I think that was a big deal. The picture wasn't that the rotation in the air. That they were thinking about it gathered here. It or go. Oh I've really never settled until the last couple weeks of really which was registered in itself out score at all here as. I agree I Uga get a break we're talking to Jill Goldberg here and grill nation we right back after the break. More to thank you. Welcome back to grill nation with Jason grill nine ADM came easy and on iTunes and stitcher radio as well that grill nation should dot com really appreciate you joining us for our final segment today. We have a friend of the show and great guy Joseph Goldberg his Twitter handles at Goldberg case seized the pre and post game host as well as reported during the games that. Royals games at fox sports in cities also a not a great website Joseph Goldberg media dot com he's do a lot of seeking also. Play by play voice of different positions throughout town Simpsons are mavericks in UK bet you Casey basketball. In the past jolt. We're talking about the royals thru four here in and look towards the off season we we know we're gonna have to deal with some. Free agents Heath. How would either way it would it would if you added predict not non those created for just. Come on Lou that the general. Play and the royals the move towards what you think is because I know that. They're gonna are ready to try to piece mail lumbering through free agents are they gonna really kind of go to a total youth movement what are your thoughts. A better bet probably a war or end up unless. You know something big break. You're gonna say it and that your electrical it would obviously arrow air a year. Earlier were so quickly and that. That it's really hard worker. Until we see what the market the man so. Ready we always called value our own players they'd be more than other people do. Because the personal attachment so. It's possible. That one of these guys to be so. You I don't know maybe a week they are better then. The rest of the league drinks and then there are pop fans here but you know if other teams. Dole seat any of these guys. There's watchers says with the royals do. Maybe the course becomes more reasonable but let's just assume that that most or all work on a sequential and seeing. It is. This is just like guests at your record after. On. Athletic players certainly. Guys go all out so that I ignore it but talk about culture that we're in the hallway the culture that built. On an ever talk or chipped culture not just. Hey we've we've brought in the lunch hour. Arm is also a result shall wait a moot debate some oh so watchable or bought they never brought guys in the U. The bowl of this what else are people they want. Other publicly although it was sitting at the intensity and so it became although. And one of the reasons why there are so much emotion not as good success but because he would be attachment so ought to go look for guys like I mean. On red ball to have a good bureau oh so better late. All but guys like human Jason Hammel and Jason Vargas certainly in every beat that again Wall Street. Yo what the results are there are mixed for those guys. But a guy that just that the team all your arm and are that we'll be double L or or other local to that they've got a lot of flexible. Oh boy will help them. Not being pigeon hole optical out of the left or Serb position so. There's talk about it be modestly charred. Something out there you'll not urgent treatment either I never got caught or play first or her arm. Ordered children YouTube like several political complex server option here are some guys that. The other that can move around the supreme shall shall certainly opened up some pot. Who's going to be exciting to see I think. See where that the next season goes I really think you'll be conceived plays into this sign and look at the schedule for next year there's some great interleague matchups as well some good road trips they're not as it is this year bit the other going to be playing the cubs next year. And home. And also trip out to Pittsburgh which we've both of us stadium in that atmosphere it's jolt jolt speaking of the cubs we're taping the show on Tuesday it will air on iTunes and podcast you later in the week from then on Saturday where we're listening on there right now. Post season baseball on right now. Who do you think will win the World Series. Well it's here or whatever we would go over Washington and so that worked out well. Bob. I mean I was safe safe selection area people always do with the nets and they they always lead down the elected chief he's. I actually wasn't sure whether or go to. And I can't see where that that's really all there in the America. I try to go about your ball machine. But that's tricky puke because. You can at the right arm. Like yeah I actually didn't play great at the world this year book that the younger daughter she goes to will be auctioned. You know what I. Our acute. Not good in that that's just so baseball. I hurt some people saying well. Or the abuse peaked too early. Well. 00 by that I mean the doctors earlier date if you know them you know the incumbent cycle and there's no formula to the cycle and just. Like what he had been really cold ordered they just those few games. At the wrong current. You know when you're hot. You don't lose every every vehicle you might lose 56 literal. Will the cure it or what regulars is barely even noticed. But you lose three in a row on what else what he would be in a totally it's what peaked too early all that you walk too early now I. They were like to a better product or earlier. Couldn't be here right now America we're recording this before being real vehicle yes but right now the darker snorkel like that the royals got swept by. Before the all star break that's the case there are like one missile. Dodgers then America you like the Astros. Yeah like I got right now all oh. We are record that's just the bowl or the Yankees play in the afternoon. Of the Astros. Have not scored a lot of wrote a sport they've won two games. Or. They start getting in close games and now what you are. Or are. On that they've they've that royals our global. What does in the sixth and seventh inning go to closers. So little ought a public Indians sort of had that view. Bart I the Yankees are being just me and they're young and athletic you're hungry. I think there might be after as the law of the money is particularly in cute so it's a series. That becomes interesting but I think right now I'm saying Dodgers and Astros and like there. Are. Yet the league championship series always forget about this look at the schedule and they're playing a lot of games quickly I mean there's three game they'll down in the AL AL series there's two down in the NL series their seven game series. There seventeenth eighteenth twentieth Tony enforcement didn't either back to back to back him in the comes at a long travel day from BCO does seem to. LA so they're there they're going to be backing homes this reaching the CI. I I just so they're not you know I hope they get 67 games those are always more fun than he greats Rory to see agree World Series. A I'm excited about it no the World Series begins October 24 and wolf been finishing he goes to game seven on November 1 Joey got about a minute left. May your back added you're running around town a lot of stuff going on are we gonna hear you on any. Other sport avenues here in the off season. Yes I'm not try to compete with Croatia and not never could. But good officials that sure all our. Actually starting a podcast which is really gonna help. You know all my much business. Am. It's going to be. Our business and sports the other so the concept so. A business and check your culture of your team worked on. Soccer LeRoy royals are sport are kept but I into the big leaders here on the gas was about you know fifteen or even our guest. Opera won't be what Danny O'Neil leap over the roast are great. There will be many other you know nicknames that you recognize that. On a bit. Well that's pretty cool hi how deftly listen and if you ever needed gas still you are to find. I know you're Al all all bridge the gap between the the bad businesspeople in the Austin business people be right in the middle Korea. Don lemon and alert I love to check that out and Joseph appreciate you coming on the show is always in and sharing your knowledge and your expertise and depth of the athletes hockey game here down the road when we start talking hot stove or appreciate come on the show us. All the records. Thank you very much thanks to listen to grow a nation we'll see you next weekend when guys.