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Saturday, October 28th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN are clear entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare and get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected few at the X-Factor do you enjoy. Real solutions. I connect with Jason on Twitter. Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter as grilled nation show and online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your host of grill nation always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Here's Jason grills hello welcome to grill nation was chasing thrill I appreciate you joining me again today here on 1980 came MB easy. As wells on iTunes and stitcher radio and that grill nations show dot com. The Trevor great week and hope all's well you can connect to me on Twitter asked Jason drill on that relations so lovely enough. Polk street W social media were on also issue media is that tender ten to promote Morant Twitter and on FaceBook. Really big show today before we get to work our guests. One think are partisan supporters of the grill nation shell. Title sponsors the shore trusts Milbank be okay financial and two us advisors and Ryan rink. Guess toast and contributors of the show are reactor design studios Clifton Alexander. One might look tree apartments and the Reagor and just on our show he he's with me today. Welcome to the show Ryan aria and doing got married it's good to see you it's we haven't been around since July and how wild summer flew by. Pictures sported the show obviously and does today you we'll get into what you've been up to second but today our guests to you've invited on the show is. Colby Jerel sees the founder him and his wife own blue stem and the rise or cheesy rise in now mission farms rate. They will be opening of the new restaurant. We'll find out I think it's gonna be. Shortly after Thanksgiving on the plaza. The second location. Yeah that's exciting I love driving a scraper. Getting out to mission farms. Is a lot more challenging for me and you might think I ask. I exist in my little bubble down downtown none so I lover I am I'm excited to see a second location on the plaza. It'll be really cool sore it's Arctic cold be about kind of why the why the why Donnelly with the case in the wide on the plaza location. The you know process I guess you will how this Connie came to be. And we'll talk about some of his other endeavors he's got a couple books are now they've got a barbecue sauce and hot sauce. It's a lot of fun a lot of things stalked by a wall stalk about some. Inching higher level Kansas City topics are questions that you know probably asked in such as. You know are we over saturated are the two mean you restaurants. Don't any Kansas City is it is it to you by end of a restaurant scene is it. You know all these different things in winter when we need what we don't need Wi fi geek out on us of all day yeah we will definitely G got on that with Colby. Darrell it's our guest on the grill nation show the website for his restaurant is right TC dot com Ryan maybe who's also join me today. From the Reagor and manifesto as well as. Round table rise so come back after the break here with Kobe here else and that's going to be a lot of fun. Ryan you've been a busy man obviously. Well this this year's been pretty much whirlwind I mean the reader manifests over. Doing great kind of chugging right along continuing to grow. You know I couldn't be more proud of the team that we have down there and and you know what what we're doing. I'm at the same time cheery young company is kind of taken over my. My existence at least. Especially this past year have been traveling more than I ever have. We're now in which it's another reason why your supporter of the year Mukasey well. Well considering how much I'm flying out of KC and now it's that it's pretty apparent. How sorely lacking we are in that in that department. Illustrates here is if we do get a pass sinden and what what will happen most likely is you'll have more direct flights are nonstop so what that's exactly the point and he did so with so that when exactly. To Louisville right we're we're in the city Kentucky and if I go to Louisville. I cannot get a direct flights Google like you literally can not not from go to New Orleans there's maybe one. I might have like one option really limited on on times I can fly in and out in. And imagine taking. Connecting flight to Louisville where if flight to Atlanta first. You know it's ends up being an eight hour travel time from flight to land that's that's why that's there right now so this just happened 23 weeks ago and I had to hit. I at. Do think in Louisville I decided. You know screw it I'm just gonna rent a car and that way it turned into a whole road trip site. Mean my first up in Saint Louis and then the next day troops it's a little Kentucky's and a couple days there then drove to Indianapolis. And I did some work there and then hit Chicago for one day. And then backed Kansas City put like 18100 miles on the car over the course of the week but honestly I tried to to do that like flying out of DC. We would have been even more hassle than it's been a real struggle so I do think it's something that we. We saw a lucrative yes it's the direct flights is something that. I doesn't get enough attention but direct flights out of Casey's other other cities' of one of the biggest managed I think we'll have a. Near where you know we because we'll have gone more space than there with the with the way the airport set up you know and it's it's right now it's just a long. Circle where they can't make you bring in these new airplanes and also to like the shipping a lot of southwest Lisa shipping a ton of business to Saint Louis and Saint Louis. That's double the cost and for them to file out of Saint Louis for each fight needs flier and so. We would figure those slight on this what's commission is it just makes sense I mean. Mcsame Lewis is probably pretty worried about that right I mean if we do get a new Casey I think they're going to be scramble and it is to redo their airport is well. Right navy is our guests chose will be on with Colby Darryl from right TC is well today's even travel a lot of recently saw you may have to. Yeah I just and I've been in the crossroads for about eleven years your candidate can't crossroads there. You really bad but I I love it there I loved living there and I had Condo there plus a Condo back in 2014. And judge decided with what we're doing injury during company and when to be closer to the to these bottoms and be closer to the distillery but still in the city and I think that neighborhood is just prime for. For growth and on the northeast area panel tonight steering. Around her so I got I'm from a modern. Condo two a 121 year old now Zahn on independence avenue. Yeah that is interest and yeah it's it's Anderson moved precede just recently did looks like him parking area. Do got a yes cluster you know like cliff drive to truly beautiful so they have a man's life candidate are ten K while back. On the cliff drive. Pentair whatever yeah and you run through that area and I isolated even exist. It's actually beautiful and since some beautiful homes stunning just massive homes there's kind of tucked away on this bluff. Just overlooking the river on the side. It's so cool war hopefully better keeps developing and so you're closer to the yeah distillery. Any any signings after OJ rigor encode it. In get the holiday season here coming up while the spirits you know. Are we to we do. For the holidays we're we're doing a limited edition. Collector's edition label for the Chancy risky and so it's not different with Yeltsin exact same product it's in the MacKenzie was to Boller right now. But with a special holiday theme label that. We basically we took design elements from an old add that that our company did back in the early nineteen hundreds of how the white book that they. Release every holiday year end and have a holiday and deals and so my best we just took some of the the design elements from that and applied its label we're doing a limited run and only be available during the holidays and and on and and so I. She loved those things and I mean let's look at like companies like. Makers are grant rather bottle but yet you like to green wax for the holidays or some like I live live ready yet or is essentially that it's we're not changing the product. Just in a special. It sure you label. That's cool that's cool are right maybe everything get a manifesto in the rigors of little rock and roll and return after the holidays we've got. We had a lot of rent new menus we have. The whiskey brunch coming up we do brunch once in awhile at the readers coming up on November 11. The re into the real legacy dinner on December 4 actually bouncers and manifests of conserved and down there which zuganov what's what's after that. The reader Casey dot com. Rigor Casey dot com for all the information Ryan maybe is the guest host supporter of gorilla nation into the today and will be. I'm joined by Colby girls from the writers he's he's for Mariah and from listed here after the break juicy grilled. Hello and welcome back soon still nation. Hills nine aliens came BC. And also on iTunes and saturating those wells that's drilled nation showed dot com. Excited to have our I guess coast partner and supporter of the growth nation Cho Ryan may be. By. Since we last song is a busy man and each and every time he comes on the show which is usually bimonthly. He brings on a exceptional guest retreat previewed in the first Sigmund a little bit. Very excited to have on our guest today Colby girls from boost him and Ryan also an author I believe Archie Cole we can get a lot of stuff. We need in all that there on the show Iran touched on on different topics. And now look of the show called we are you in skid thanks for having me it's great to have you Ryan always. Pulls these rabbits out of his tablets are really your guess we've that's a really good shows some excited to have beyond. For a listeners Hugh don't know about you tells about some of the things you've been up to your background in Europe from this area as well yet. Born and raised here are them my wife and I ain't open now we managed Congo you guys and done some work. Throughout the country right yeah we were she's she's she's also got a pretty it's pretty strong resident yeah she's from Chicago originally we met there and then went to Vegas for a few years and LA in the back here. I'll we'll simply stand in 04 so we're old dogs that this now. Back at a time where Westport. Didn't have many good restaurants a mean and it seems like. It's always had stuff we have to look back it's a really cyclical you know I feel like we've seen Westport cycle through. Different eras. I love where it is now. Didn't it's it's it's been great yeah we've always been kind of the west side of west or and so. The it's I'm I'm happy where it is now and right now how he begins and each other which here. That same sense. Probably. Probably around that time out you know right around and you hurt I remember when with some opening night I even JPY emergency brake later yet he doesn't say the Grammy years selling for. I was right now I was ready for major brands and into Gaza in 2004 I left pure ponson worked there as a bartender for five years and because in my dialogue regularly. Now I doesn't seem like a known itself does it does feel like yesterday the I was. I was selling wine for. Major brands at the time for the source elections division. And gruesome wasn't my account but I loved it and we went in their lives is obviously yeah. Well maybe it was Mike it was it was my count I don't know I remember it Ronnie Jake OK LA kept that one under half a little bit like it was basically my count as she electric kind of bit like. Pamper you guys we have that we started off at that little tiny currency Wheaties now. I don't know you do yeah it was it was nice to have some blisters still still gone stronger it. Gaffe fourteen years and yeah I mean it's it's indoors I mean I think we are certain. Niche with what we do then. That there isn't a ton of room foreign Kansas City. And I think that we've been able to kind of hold on to that kind of market share of that I am fine dining. It's helped us a lot that we have been so small I think it's hard to do the level of food were doing much bigger than. The restaurant we have now because it's just you there's not that many dead you know we have we have a very narrow. A customer that wants to do once the experience that level food in that time commitment price point and went out you so. I I think we've been able it to hang on because we've stayed focused on on we. Mean it's kind of cool Larry got you you guys yet. Boost him in in their neighbors. The left innings Popeye it's been there yet long time yet insist on a little tired puppies in either they're good people there so on. Tickets fast for a little bit you decide to open up a restaurant and the birds in down emission farms that was wry yet. What you're is that Mel B five years ago in December and cut and that was in a location that is now developing obviously. Tons of good restaurants down there and didn't do it. There's there's living mix she's now. That was in a space that wasn't successful. Guys moved right tell us about tell so why I became successful and why you decided to take on their wrists because we'll get a net with their new endeavor but. Why do you think you can make it work. I and so I grew up in that neighborhood and literally blocks from there on. All the kids tiger out their parents. Some of the kids still live in that neighborhood their pay a lot of the parents still do. And you know I really felt like. I had a a poll son who the people were in that neighborhood and the kind of threw daylight in the kind of stuff they like to drink in the kind of atmosphere they wanted. And yeah at the time may unite and have blue stem for herb you know quite a while ten years. And you know like I said earlier we we had we had really realized that we had a really narrow customer base that we were we work. Eatery tip in and we wanted to build a restaurant that was built more for Kansas City something it's more. That. We had little in we have two little kids and we wanted to be able to go out to a restaurant. And eat food that wasn't challenging that was delicious never the same time be able to have the good cocktail program and have a great wine program. And so we just kind of took all those things and put it together in and when we were out at the explain it to people on what we wanted to do. We just got blank faces you know they've certainly if you only fried chicken and whining you know no one really got it. But it it kind of came together and it is fit really well in that in that demographic Aaron in that area and deal with that pond. We just kind of all clicked and now we've had five years for five years and we've early rib refinement the concept in and yet it's it's done very well. Remember that never really clearly action because of about two years before that. I knew that call remade and we're looking at. Expanding and opening up another another restaurant in the paternity convention and under the Prosser and specifically. Come down to where the reader is right because I knew that. 1924 Maine was gonna go out of business easy. You know and shortly after I open manifests are open manifesto in April on nine and I did the writing was on the wall with 1924 main yet and I remember approaching cold the end and sitting down with him at the lounge and in blue salmon and says dude take over this restaurants face. But. I'm kind of glad you didn't play well I don't know what I'm not that I told people that all the time I tell people we had that conversation. And I could have never done. What you guys all the reader like it it's it's candidates all that stuff happens arrives at a time. Again I was like I we did in west for for so long and I was kind of looking to find a different market. If that's the right way you know I did I wanted a little bit of that suburban. You know. Demographic I I I wanted to piece of that and I I was afraid that if I went down there and the reader that I would basically be robbing from my own clientele. At least ams so I just kinda wanted to get out of the market a little bit but I do remember that armor that very well and I'm I'm glad I didn't either because everything works out just fine. Yeah it wasn't that long have. That that I met Howard and and we started to work on our you've talked about our our. You know cohesive vision for yes on and then. I think that really allowed the other day on CNN at that point me into the future manifest it was a community because of some if nineteen point four Maine and on the business and if I wasn't able to do something with first floor there's a good chance I would've lost manifesto as well. So that's why either wanted someone that I knew and trusted and respected. You know to kind of take over wreckage is gonna keep the bartering in the basement a mom or I would have did you do the whole thing and fortunately. You know that's when Matt Howard gagging. And eat it needed somebody super passionate to go in there premier started becoming business at that point you know. And the cabinet young blood in there. I think it's pretty pretty good test for tour right and then too late in streetcar throw that people right now he was a positive on that through the development that hasn't happened yet next door which will happen. Cross the street and I mean. This dilapidated buildings are heard house burning down a gap now there's a hotel gone up I mean there's just so much things happen that you guys kind of with stood as the. Lye yeah I I think I know I've said this before. On this show voted you know when I first moved into the crossroads it's been eleven years now. And us open JP Weimar and what I did back then what I kind of envisioned for the crossroads and and hoped it would be common we're just now Royce and see that come to fruition I mean it's come so far you know and both west and east. The whole thing and it's it's blown out. I will say this I did have breakfast this morning with someone and he works across surges office in the cross currencies like. When you have called me on the show and Ryan tell them we need aid. There's some and it's gotta open the fast casual. Restaurant and across because there is a serves breakfast it's yet Desmond you can go into it not been twenty dollars fifteen to twenty dollars and a lunch if you're having lunch every day as a as a as a business owner with clients. Everything are you wanna grab a few quick things can go back to office. There's only a handful place you're really. There's a handful there there if they're not nonexistent ally in the neighborhood but there's only and folders in this granderson and west and there's lose and there's there's apparently affiliated. Political and feed them all going in their tuna and potentially have heard. I wanted to opens opportunities ask for it you know trucks and I forgot the name via. A table that's my point so so so my point is is like I think. I would do well. You know I mean it's definitely it's it's changed leaps and bounds I mean and the whole city cats I mean we came back here like a signal for. And it was it's not that it was stagnant by any means that something happen. At some point where. And I don't think it's as Kansas City I think at Cincinnati at its Cleveland I think it's you know. Omaha it's like everyone. Woke up 1 morning and decided it's cool to be where there from them and I think that's happening in the city. Everyone's like well you know what I'm proud to be from here and. I don't like us our lunch sounded people excited to move back or stay here to start the sourcing Urals industry. Where it's typically they might get a yeah I mean we all had a chip on national for. Years about you know when I came in left from the few media the national media and and you know that doesn't happen. Now and now he is gonna love via trade and author. Yes you are you have an author. So you're you're you're you're an entrepreneur with like that. Kobe girls is our guest from booster and rise as well as a Ryan may be discussing contributor to grill nation. Guys and our next segment. There's some really big news that one of the reasons we wanted to have Kobe are his because. They are opening up for a second ride location here pretty soon on the plaza which will be inching to talk about that. The political stuff with the around that in and now you're going to be opening there in a space that. You know might not have been as successful as other places just unlikely was location that you guys made successful wanna talk about that. And then our final segment today we'll talk a little bit more about they TSE restaurant scene and you know. Are we getting to over saturated is there room for growth do we have enough people living here than a businesses. I like T and that is causing that's interesting to talk about. So I appreciate you joining me today obviously Ryan thanks for Disco singing turning the show and Brett back on our next several. When he get into the second round location and why you decided to do it the process and what people who look for acute at the new plaza location here listen neutral nation picture joining. I guess. Welcome back to grow nation shows Jason Breaux and came easy 980 AM as well as appreciate you listening via podcast on iTunes and stitcher radio as well as at grill nation should dot com. Preview finalist of all of our supporters sponsors. Photos of our guests as well as all of our shows. On the website I grill nation should dot com our guest today is Colby or else. The crowd gets coast and contributor group nation and also with me is right navy from the reader. And boost them and Ryan and we were talking about kind of your your initial background in the couple occasions you both and so far one of which. We haven't talked to a Yiddish second ride location which Julio being on the plaza here shortly. One of the reasons we wanted to have you on the show. At any inside when you will be opening the restaurant. We think just the day after Thanksgiving Boca and enters the bison well quiet and still. And well there's there's a little bit of there's a little politics involved in that too conservative the you know obviously the plaza and I don't blame them meaning construction. Went shopping seasons in full swing so where again. We're getting there and down the website is right TC dot com. Tell us about this tells about this journey Everett a few articles about it in the local media. You decided to take and take on another restaurant I'd since it hasn't been very long to jump in and I. I'm not sure how excited I am about doing. That's not bad it's not been a bad experience it's just I forget now you know why they are not done how stressful and stick it. Yeah our and I heard about this a while back we're through the river mill that you might be opening in I think a lot of people got excited because. At the time. You know we didn't have as many local restaurants in the closet and now it seems to be that we're having more more yak there's a lot going on. You know. It I thought competition I don't it is it is but you know I think it's good because well obviously all see what works and what doesn't work you know that is. Kind of the beauty and I'm you know it it's always going to be LA restaurants are cool you know now. More so than they were even ten years ago everybody. You know I had the I don't know if it's our generation or what everyone eats out all the time mutual love gets to love good line I think people eat. You know market opportunity for that now. You know they jump on it so. So this happened I did this is facing you're going into was the in minutes girls raise over by the sounds of their yet. Over by PF change that used to be Morton's drill for a few weeks yeah I was great and I messed around and it was mourns girl and I forget how long im an escrow was there I did yeah I prolong the. He was like 87 or eight years and I've been nine years we really want that space because it's literally the same exact sizes currently action. She prided Iberian seems orphanage in the kitchen bar and dining room so it was just a really easy plug plug and play for us. You know as far as. I I've always thought I well since gotten in the rest Travers since I've always dreamt of having a place. I think the classes and that each front Kansas City you know it's it's where. You know people go to shop its people go to able people. Go there and spend money. No and you know I I I've always wanted to have a place in in this spot opened up in it took us a long time we started. Negotiating with I would send them. You know. We were kind of progressing and then they they kind of shut down negotiations and it was obviously because they were selling them and when that happened I we thought we lost the deal. And we looked at a lot of different we have to hotel projects protests. We had a couple of restaurant tour's approach is about to instance collaboration stuff with them. And everything just didn't seem. You know like I wanted me there wasn't enough ownership their own. People wanted to spend too much money and in it was just some of that those kind of things a project I just kept thinking about that project on the plaza and sound. Comet real say guy again in about three or four months have passed and I said let's let's see if they're open the talk to us again and and we finally got something done in mystical. Sounds like you're right it's all our work it's a lot of work. That's just like the plazas kind of the pendulum on the plaza swinging back the other way x.s seems stimulate ethics historically the plaza was. The you know the epitome of local independent Kansas City dining. And then for a long time coming the other way. Receive bunch of big national corporate chains moving in and amassed an Hume Cornish mixed capital grille and and a lot of independent. Operators were were going to other parts of of the city right and now it's coming on back the other way Mario just open and yet gave up bread and butter concepts doing their thing down there. He. There's the other policy there's lots and it is cool to see an NC you know it's about time and you know the history of down married you know we actually the building that we're and is the first building built on so ours they're our buildings deals going on last. And we are holed up all the floors we found all the imperial. Marble that was there and all the cherry wood flooring that was there from. You know while years and years ago and we found out east is soda fountain. And so that's the you can look on the floor and Amar well the partisan conceal the wings from where that sort of found stools where. And that's right or are so there's this there's a lot of cool history down in an exists you know as a restaurant or. I'm not always been monitoring what is what is coming your target demographic here. Do you use your eye on that list and thing dollars a and I think it's the same demographic that we have been in leeway do you know it's late it's just. The people like like us you know the people with kids in and you know that the feelings and I mean I I do I love to call writing a FEMA rest. You know I think it is I think it's someplace he can take your kids or you can take your grandparents he can take your parents need to have a good time to eat good student at the same time have been thanks. And and it's just there's some of those options a through I've eaten there handful of times deferral assertion that maybe don't live on that and Johnson County have and then what do we look at. Yes so I mean obviously we buy as locals we can you know as beavis cliche that is now it's very important all of us. So you know on most of our our produce everything comes from and it's all. You know hand crafted through us we do lots stakes. Fried chicken is probably the biggest seller that we have I was a little kid there used to be. Fried chicken place. I'm where the actor dealership is. And we went there every Thursday night when I was a kid so. I've always kinda had. A right into my friends my family it's like we always eat fried chicken so that was a big driver and what I want to do that with Bryant so that's probably our biggest seller bust my wife as you know all homemade pies you know and all the desserts. She's she's she's got a a very well non pastry background her best yet. She's my second half by its. I and so you guys also a T one of the things always loved about brought Arab blue estimates yet of brunch there that was affordable good. As refuted and so you guys are into an a brunch. I Ry. Yeah so we we actually closed the Bryant simply stand and I was very seldom yes I don't know a lot of people say about that we like about it but it was hard to staff and then you know we were only have so many people in all the servers and coaxing to close that Saturday night now have to wake up and be back in. Fireman's ignorance about that for way too so I you know it's again it was probably the right decision especially in the back your mind it. They were indeed yet on the street to ride and it's the same thing you know the once there the French that we have it at. Rice south is the same thing we did at least damaged is bigger it's a bigger brunch menu. And embolden brunch on the plaza and then we'll do breakfast Monday through Friday RL. Do you feel. Like. What you guys do with the Riley making a more. Approachable family oriented that kind of thing to that allow you to be more progressive and more ambitious with the menu with some. I think so I'm you know obviously I have chefs in both applications now and they've got a bunch of influence on what goes on. But I mean he is it freed up a lot I think we found ourselves for many years at least them. Trying to walk that line right. Between being. Pedestrian isn't the word but being a little bit more. You know conscious to what everybody wants you guys are way every time we some is hurting cutting edge. For Kansas City in 2000 men for war yeah it we. I look back on and I would and tell anybody to do it needed chief opposition from open and now it's much more widely accepted especially with it is having that kind of the contrast between Ryan and put them I mean yeah I mean it's kind of nice for me personally because we do we I. I can kind of satisfy both sides have of my creativity you know. Brett we can we can do to more progressive things that pleased him that he had definitely I mean to answer your question I think it's really missed chance. They'll. So in addition to all this growth. You also written a couple books and have a barbecue sauce and yes. Yes sell some of that and what's the reason in mind that that's a that seems to be a tough market to get into in Kansas and which ones aren't you saw her yeah Desormeaux Harvard he saw yeah I mean we while we make dollar on sauces at the restaurant actually I'm I have some three guys again I'm excited detritus and he does them the for Sami just has brought us swagger and get well. Yeah I actually it is in the well few of them have it but it's not as your business this is this is top of the line stuff you're gonna hot sauce Uga barbecue sauce. Good branding Oregon and I do all right all right it's way too much swagger and the back of the car rental and I've been waiting I moved and are you had no idea how how true that is absent this junk love Dennis Paulson. This can be great thank you very not yeah I know myself and all this Wagner tells about the sauce itself. Hot sauce is really why I mean the barbecue sauce is so much as I wanna say it's as a sister David I took to the hot sauce and people steal it constantly. The restaurant and so we decided we wanted to start you know I like him sit on the tables that we wanted to model and a light the lug on the branding Italy or bust will Posey yeah opus of photos snapped tennis here in a little bit yeah that's a hammer out there that they're awesome people. But he got into them it started out as we wanted him on the table. We just want them to be table sauces and I never really intimidate happened sold in. Stores that you know it's where an. Entrepreneur and I mean I'm a barbecue sauce guys so different take this give this a girlfriend Sheila thoughts on down we actually just did a collaboration with pizzeria locale and Locklear and Bobby your friends of ours and older and they've got a couple of pizza places here and we just did in charity with the terms detection center where I did a barbecue C pizza for them and they use callers awhile it's it's. Going Gerald is our guest right Casey dot com and look at the story Yugoslav nearly a hundred employees were getting close to break here is that that. When you're over in the plaza will have over 200 I'll I'll so hunt you have a lot of employees down there yes is expensive and doesn't square feet. 88000 square feet FC east Alla and we're looking at a post Thanksgiving opening for all the listeners are right around the corner and our last segment sit and talk about more biking and city restaurant food scene. And talk about some other fun stuff you're on the grill nation shall break down our guard he saw us nadir in the second during the break as well. Listen to grill nation here and came easy nine TVM appreciate you joining us today as a faithful. Welcome back Suzy good relationship no entry she stayed with this today on 1980 and came easy as well as on iTunes and saturate your index grill nation showed dot com our guest today is Colby Urals from rise. And a blue stem entrepreneur as well as and author is couple books out there and now a makes barbecue sauce hot sauce and brought some interest today idea. Camera ever present a good job on these on eleven branding yes the bottles that great. Also joining me today is Ryan maybe who is also a great guy hearing in cedar ought to cool things to grow the the cool factor in Kansas City with great restaurant and a great brand. I'm sure all you pat now try to if you're with Steve Irvin. And gin vodka us. Drinker you got about everything now Orion I don't listen basis also the reader agree returning to city down in the crossroads is usually. Pretty full and does a really good job as walls manifesto. So you guys have been in the business now for quite awhile it seems to me there are more. You guys were kind of pioneers. It at least in this generation I guess it's it's either now Hala. A lot of people that decide on an open for restaurant right and we're seeing more more than maybe that's the economy and maybe that's other factors with growth in different areas of city vote. It seems to me there's a lot of competition out more from China local guys and the. But I did I see that is mostly a good thing you know like ideally when when we first opened it. For seven GPU Weimar in the crossroads in 06 and there's a mound and there there was nothing going on it and then open manifests in 2009. I was really I won in more comp I'm competition you know one in more places overnight because. The way I looked at it was it just gave more people reason to come to the crossroads and if there's more people. Gravitating towards the crossroads. There's modular going to be exposed to my business right and then if if the crosses becomes more appealing overall more people wanna live there companies wanna have offices there. And that's how you. Bill density and overall growth so competition is never anything that really. Concern me and I have always looked at it in a mostly positive light but I also think now we're kind of at the point where. I in a lot of areas and in our industry in the in the barn and restaurant is she there isn't saturation and the biggest struggle that I I see happening. Is not necessarily the lack of consumers willing to go out but its staff yet yes it's ladies and other. Question right I mean I'm not new news to say that because I think everyone's fear on the access the same issue that. You know as we grow as a city you know you put in bids for Amazon or put in bids for big companies and me. You have companies that are out there like big companies like sir that need continuing need new Italian and if we get more cut. So these these ad agency is a done for a long time you get people I tell moving from place to post place. You guys are trying to keep your great talent you have and then Morgan restaurants open up and. It's tough guy I mean I I think I think it is a product of the economy getting better and you know I think five years ago at least some I cited speed side of things. I think it was cool to be chef five years ago and it's and they are on. What's that once this shows mellowed out and everyone figures out how hard work it is him. You know. So yes staffing is definitely the issue you know we get over saturated and we lose staff I think. More than we worry about customer base who I usually do you do a good job a new survey good product and you have good service you always have. It's also means is bottom and two I think with your new location I know the plaza more dense and there been a partisan stuff I mean it seems to me there's can be more mixed use. Going down now there's going to be more business space yeah there's a new building that's in this program obviously resources and I mean absolutely you'll get more of that lunchtime customer notice him bring this customer and in businessperson. As you know they're the travelers hopefully will keep coming into the new airport past but we more more people coming into town it's not just your typical same old people. The gross pleased at the airport that would do these are if you're in is who is there in a lot of business owners who have in the Kansas senator like I have a bit I know I said I know I'm that guy. That all the time like kiwi boat but I beat them that's a whole other top regret for another show but it's but my point is it's it's continue to grow and I think that. As long as you guys keep the staff and and talent Doby in U customer. We've been fortunate I mean most of our management staff in now and I would save half dozen people have been with us for ten years or more men. And that's that's not easy to do that it's you know it's environment and and hang on as far as the restaurant business is a hole I mean it is a very transient. You know business and people coming go in. You know the more. Stuff that opens up in pins I heard that. You know I think it's good for the tennis and I do it soon and yeah I think we're really fortunate that the reader manifesto that. A lot of our staff have been there for many years as well and we have probably less turnover than. The average bar restaurant but it when we do we have doubt that that person that's that's men. You know reliable consistent hard working great employee for five years you know move on. Finding that replacement is is such a challenge. You know and it's eight it. It is speaks a lot of different things about one of the things I these kind of cool about what's happening. When I think when I like specifically that the farsightedness and straighten parts and the bartenders as a profession and as an industry has come so far down in Kansas City over the last ten years. That extra years ago. Well there there's it's amazing that to see how it's blown out now on and there's a really concerted group effort. It's you further our industry and and and make him more of a profession it'll make you more of a seriously. Considered a career choice. And now return to see people moved to Kansas City. You know in that are working in bars and re looking to KC CU. Be a bartender or open a bar and the second thing which ten years ago that would have been. Really unheard of what what's one thing that is missing that we need. Whether you guys if you did he were given at a billion dollars tomorrow you say her million dollars. Whatever I'm thinking of Merrill terms here if your city was given if if if the restaurant to Syria was given. Whatever certain amount of money unlimited to decent and what he's like projects or what ever project. What are we missing what do we need what do we need obviously concept yeah like what what's something that we kid. That would really taking and see the next level that you guys maybe couldn't do because of manpower but he think if we had it we can major weight have a magic wand to do whatever you want like an ass Tarek cancer Olivier is that hey give me both I'll take either I'm I disliked. The markets go first. In LA and. I think that the hotel bars and hotel restaurants in other cities. Really. Really have a leg up on us in and that in that specific category Muni New York you go to Chicago you go to other illicit London yet you know. Industry full you know people who chefs and and bartenders do Orton injured they hang out at an hotel bars and that's hotel bars that are like really put. But it was only mother was always politicians and senator. Roberts isn't always wanna pay on the hotels are unease and whether it's in the best new bars in the world loving opera being open and in hotels while and then there's a lot. That's I think because they've got to resources to build stuff right you know. I think that's been one of the biggest challenges. You know in Kansas City vs and it's not anything to do with him a serious population back. Like bigger cities bigger density. You know more young guys that money heard young investors that are out there they're willing to help people open stuff. It's it's nothing to say about anybody here it's is this town isn't that the threat and I think it'll get there please send densities intersect potentially point. Entity is and season or the end we did and Amazon I guess not all of the I don't. With the plaza. Is you you have a built in density yes with with walkers and killed Irene has there is no such thing as locked. Blocking traffic at mission farms. Or a kind of maybe that's the same unit Westport yeah as a kind of suicide. That's all cars right yet organizations see how that plays up yet. Or you guys what's been exciting to have you on this million Colby. Carols from bull a blue stem and ride a founder. The website for that for a rise right TC dot com and we'll bring you the new restaurant here. After Thanksgiving in on the plaza right next to JC Nichols found right next to the PF Chang's there there and that kind of court the oldest building on the plaza. Regrets in your success of look forward to trend up the brunch I've missed for awhile the stem and they're now Ryan maybe thanks for thanks for sponsoring the show for coming on against us and for her and her upbringing on that Colby it's been fascinating and thought we had talked about on different topics. And extremists against Kobe yeah absolutely but what did looking forward to post some photos here in the seconds. Thanks for joining us on the grill nation show we'll see you next week.