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Saturday, November 4th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up and even in their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello everybody and welcome to grilled nation with chasing grill here on 988. And came BZ radio as well as on. Podcast on iTunes and stitcher through listening. While you're Jimmer in your car greatly appreciated all seeking catch all of our shows. At grill nation showed dot com. Got updates of their photos of our guests with all of our guests. Wearing show I believe 13131. Now since we bring it to grill nation I appreciate it's crazy to think about. That we've done. That many shows in the last few years and hopefully you've enjoyed our guests. Go on and on almost I believe we just past year five of having a show. Here on. Over dinner come and it's just crazy how time flies and it's it's been a lot of fun and hopefully you've enjoyed the show and begets that we bring you each and every week appreciate your support. And continuing to reach out to me with potential guests as well as. Sponsors and supporters so we can keep this thing growing into the future. Think those partners and supporters of the show who. Are discrete community leaders here in Kansas City and do great work throughout the community. The title sponsors of the gorilla nation chose chasing grow our trusts. Milbank be okay financial. Juiced advisors and Ryan rain also gets -- contributors of the group nations show are the Reagor and one light luxury apartments. And reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander the only one that like to be a part of the show. Or sponsor the grill nation show or be a monthly guest please let us now just reach out to me. On that. On the Internet or you can even on the is always asked. Jason grill act OK so. Let's go with our guests today are very excited about our guest I've been wanting to talk to this man for quite awhile. Their connection over actors solo and Josh Brewster was able Q land interview with Chris Harris. Chris is an interesting guy grip here in Kansas City. On fortieth and Wayne and for you that of those either may not know where that is. It's called the Ivanhoe neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri. It's to the west of 71 highway instant east of the sale in the urban core of Kansas City right around 39 street. Chris is building a urban golf course urban golf academy for. Adolescents use and even adults there in the inner city of Kansas City just a fascinating story of how we finish in this he also is. Started the Harris sports. And the terrace park here sports TC got orders website currently. Growing that as well and and not just golf but also basketball. Pickle ball just all these different things he's doing down there and SP Slaney grip there. The Stanley homes there he wanted to stay in the neighborhood they're building a ton of sports activities down there including as a mentioned basketball and all golf and pickle ball. Introducing children to outdoor sports to devote sportsmanship honor and discipline which are skills seemed to thriving growing and ever changing world in which we live. And at preparing kids in giving kids opportunities through sports. TTC and do different things Chris is. This story has been very exciting he'd literally. Was gonna. Took training courses are went over to Mission Hills knocked on the door today let me let me follow your grounds keeper rounded up working there. Figuring out how to to deal with golf course maintenance and at why he was talking about that went in to do this he actually got a call from the PGA which will get into you and they wanna get involved with helping with this urban golf course. I'm from there on he's gotten exporters firm all the movement the likes of H okay. Pupils and Ellie deceived is too. Drizzle low so he's he's getting a lot of Kimi by in the mayor's supportive as well as the police. Chief I believe and you see police department. Really wants to give children 88 it looked through sports and different opportunities you know he was never he never was introduced a to golf or to green spaces living where he lived any thought. You know when when if I can give children and youth views that I. Didn't did and help them grow who knows what can happen whether that's that person gets a job at HOK sports that person becomes a call for that person opens her own golf course. I'll remember the first time I walked on the golf course I never played as a child that in the past you know few years I've played more in in and for me it's it's just get out there into an agreement. As Chris will tell you. You can actually just these children never have the opportunity to see is green they never have the option you deceive deceive you can do what we do and other courses in the inner city and her in the urban core. Just listen greatly it's getting its support so. Chris is endeavoring to do this there's a great article McCain see star if you wanna check out about Chris and his mission. Chris terrorists act Casey's urban. Urban man's urban golf courses Harris markets this from the PGA I recommend you check that out that. Just a fascinating guy and he actually does some work Truman which we'll get into his vote almost. With beating them homes. Throughout the community. Really exciting to talk to him and looking forwarded to sit down with him here on the show today talk about that neighborhood in Kansas City and talk about his vision for. Building an urban golf course here in Kansas City which started out as just the putting green. Eight or nine pudding greens and then now it's it's looking like a pitch and putt course you get about three acres of belief of land that he's purchase. Also too you know a group in the neighbor at his house is still there it's families house's. Just a really fascinating guy and story and get his website. If you wanna check it out before we are given to the interview with him today is Harris sports TC dot org again Chris Harris he's building in new park for the UNC community. Which will be based around family events golf and sports when they don't mention too that is really popular really cool that came out of this is the PGA. Is he going to be donating golf clubs and lessons not only for children. But also for. It adolescence and her adults that wanna play this course as well so. Is getting a lot of support and it's it's really cool to see in Chris Harris will be our guest today after the break. On the grill nation show thank you Josh rooster for connecting me to Chris. Very excited to talk to him and sees a future growth of everything he's doing in the Ivanhoe neighborhood here in Kansas City. 42 are I guess in get a break Helen mentioned T that this next week is the a better case CIA election here in Kansas City I am sure many of you have paid attention that. But I urge you to support. The new airport here you can't see new terminal. You've probably read much about it that it is going to be huge for Kansas City as far as economic development. A more flight options and growth here in Kansas City and jobs for. For all different types of folks so I've been following it very closely and I would say that I'm hopeful that the casings or voters. Go out there and vote on November 7 and support a better case CI. Just as convenient and I think for me the most important thing is you know we're knocking me give more flights are marketing grows and airport unless we do this and so. I think that you know having more options when he traveled more nonstop options from Kansas City is a huge bit thing. As well as modern conveniences people think parking is the only modern convenience when you're gonna get that but also TV you're gonna have to be used as with with regards to you. Food options. Technology options. That's seating options the whole the whole nine yards so. And in one thing that's been exciting to see in Kansas City is the business communities are very behind this and they wanna grow. He has the job market and they wanna grow opportunities for everyone here in the city and I know that. I'm new PCI terminal would do that and what helped Kansas City continue to move on. In the future and then the next generation some hopeful that everyone gets out of votes on November 7 in Kansas City, Missouri fanatic can see Missouri resident. Tell your friends to go vote and get involved in the process. Nokia and city issues are important folks and I think a better case dies is really crucial for a better Casey region as well. I'll take you for listening to date of the gorilla nation show again you inequity. On Twitter at Jason groan that real nation shown really excited be inferred yesterday Chris Harrison building in urban golf course. In the Ivan who neighbor here in Kansas City, Missouri. We're gonna have him on after the break your listing of real nation. Philip welcome back to grill nation with Jason real here in 980 AM came easy and also on. I teams in stitcher radio via podcast preachy joining us is well today on. Grill nation should dot com where he can find all of our guests set by posters every week. Seeking follow any of our shows that post photos of our guests in the studio and also you can find her social media handles there as well. On Twitter at grow Casey or she's an ad in grill nation show NN at Jason grill. On Twitter has also you can search interface but to search for my name. Really inching showed they hope you enjoyed our first segment today we're gonna previewed the show and talked about. The upcoming airport vote here next. We can very excited to have our guests on the show I saw a story last he actually last summer. Beginning a lot simmer about. And urban golf course here in Kansas City are getting a boost from the PGA and I thought to myself. Someone who likes to play golfer in Kansas City thinks we have a lot of cool things happening in the community. And also you know with the continued growth of kids see I gotta have this down the Shelby's. Who's gonna spearheading this move men right now actually reached out to an old friend and we're able to make this happen so today I have on the show Chris Harris he's joining me in studio. The website for Chris he should check out his Harris sports TC dot org. Harris park is sure gonna talk about today and talk about the Ludacris has back crazy. He's building here Irving golf course here in Kansas City welcomed the show Chris howry. I'm doing great doing great Jason wanted to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to come on you're so I really appreciate it yeah I'm and I really appreciate you coming down here today. First off let's let's get to know you little bit before you into which are working on Telstra your back I know you've born raising kids sitting there. I was born and raised been living on fortieth to blame all my life where is an area just for a listeners who that is in between who was say we armed. West. Seven you won in east of the sale so we're right in between the sale. In 71 and guidance so right around 4039 street which is kind of a a well known street here in Kansas City kind of crosses through there and did so over somewhat close to. A deal on road. I guess a little little little away far away yet a little bit slow Wesson into combat eased a little bit does it does make those landmarks of the sale. In seven new line and buddy nice streak to write him at twenty really those dissidents and anyone highway there it's okay. She grew up in that area grew up in that area. And as I grew up by I notice I've grown up as a kid. Aryeh was really really blighted Aminu was just a lot of abandoned houses. A lot of trash dump trash dumping and it was just bright it blighted as I grew up as Q and it it you know before. Will we are grown up. At one point this area was super great right taxi industry wasn't as it wasn't. You know and in the progress of Kansas City I'd have to say obviously that area was. What are the highlights this and said that the story that my father always fills is that arm. Used the first black. To move on fortieth and my when he first came to Kansas City. And he said the moment that he came. It went down hill everything. No really bother how is still a yeah where well how long ago was we then. And I can't remember the year he came. Two Kansas City always tell us the story about that all the time but I can't actually remember the years when he first came. Two cancers such says its end C area so you're saying it was bloody when your kid yes win. I grew. They had deteriorated really bad and it was just really blight. Mean I'm a father started buying up there. Bind up the land and buying up houses. And I can remember as a Q when I used to see people move out. Obese or none of ports and I would be slightly and I know this guy is during go buy some more grass because I had cut the grass have been cut this grass for the south continue to look at everything I was so moved out I knew I was gonna be couldn't book written and so. You talk about boarded up house is blighted house's move you know in that neighborhood road it still to this day still to this day. But what one in my talent is was removing those blighted houses and I really felt like if I was able to move on some of those. Blighted houses along what my father spawning. Wait before I was an adult. I've seen if I was able to. Move some of those blighted houses that I would maybe be able to make a difference. What what's the name of the neighbor to give us this Ivanhoe neighborhood whenever you have heard that before yet OK so. You grow appear. Which school where I assume this I want to let sport was sport high school high school. And I didn't play basketball. At Westport at all. Where I actually got my chance to. Be introduced to sports is who the mayor tonight hoops and ruling yes the list my hope is that Emanuel Cleaver sir yes America main nuclear restarted and then what happened is I would always put together a team. In we would be competing against Penn valley ski okay. In we would really put our hands on its. You do well probably after the third year that coach actually. Gave me a scholarship. From playing a night hoops to join the pin that was yet no well. And see every play until it's okay displaced people share right now. So bass smallest huge. And that's interesting so he went to escort. What what do you do for career. What I do now pays the bills you know what I do now is our home the homeless I world Ford Truman medical center and we run a program where. We partner with hood. And what I do is go out and build relationships throughout the city with landlords. To. Bring an homeless guy our young lady. And house them and that will put housing specialists on them will put a case manager on him and we're trying to. Just give them. Introduced to live in and home. Truman actually pays for they rent. In that we were conditioning them to. Going to society. Of not being homeless anymore so we're trying to do their minds there immediately and just a normal life as we college. How to that's interesting I didn't know anything about that program seems to be VA successful program would be right very successful very successfully right now housing. Semifinal Klein. What's with the overall take right now on Kansas City until almost population because you. When you travel other places you know I find it I was on California last week in in in Oakland and that city grown because of the people are moving from several Cisco it's too accessible there it's getting real expensive and Oakland but. They have a homeless population and it's all kind of in one or two areas where you're seeing tents and everything. But as far as Kansas City I feet maybe it's as a more spread out but you don't see population of homeless people all of one play it's black but there's. Many homeless people and incidents Elton Lou absolutely. And not think Truman has done a tremendous job of Ervin those numbers as well. Shot determines you work on that every day every day that's my every day it's what what's when you when you when you meet the almost personal on what do that would today. They communicate Q what is their biggest issue what do they think when you reach out and say can I vanity she a true McCann we could reach you know home of what's there. Well our power that you know why they dislike reunion via there's no different the just slightly and you conversations a slightly new us. They're really there's no difference at all. There's no bid approach what's what's the what's the the most things you hear about. Why they're in the situation what's what's the biggest issue here. Wolf what I what happens is live to hell I do think some type of addiction. Some things in that manner. But again. As as me working men that feel I look. Everyday person that has a house. They have some type of its addiction they have some type of mental illness open to me I just all in all up in one. Man I look at everyone just same because I go and talk to someone that has house they have addiction and some behavior helpers will no doubt everyone has their own issue everybody has their own issues so as me looking in market and in that field. Everyone is just the same to me. Mean I like that. Chris Harris is our guest. Amazing being generic term not even know about that but I think that's a really cool under whereas Germany Ginn furloughs or lose on a Tony 301 home. Because that's over there kind of by. Near. I know I mill in my areas maybe a little bigger than yours Madonna allows children mercy and help the idea is right there until the Morris is an LU and are you okay season Allison. Let's go right that's a growing area man and there's actually some really cool out single and in that area we had a developer ownership who's developing along the east side John Hoffman is his name. And he is that he built that neighbor it up there on the hill their Beacon Hill can do you have a million years ago and he's he's really working hard in the east side to to bridge the gap between kind of an area enters. Continue to buy playmaker talking about Osama winehouse is Linda and renovating so but in our next segment wanna talk Cuba kind of be big golf deal and so we. Just before get to that did you have any experience. With golf. Before you decide to do this. No I have had no experience with golf but not always. My experience from sports came from bass mean but I realized that everybody. Don't wanna play basketball on your body can't play well excellent start looking at golf and start looking at opportunities and Newt. In the neighborhood. A lot and and we didn't have the opportunity to play ago thought that our bottom Amman of these athletes at opportunity that is the issues though. This morning go outside. And play golf. There may be different turnaround in the African American community win because they have access to saw wanted to see. If it was possible that I can give. African Americans access to golf every day. Or created. Again the address. For Paris park midtown sports and activities sinner is. It's between four it's on fortieth and Wayne basically right yeah I'm a drive over there haven't actually been over there is a long time. Dejected. And right now it's. Yeah ought to Greenspan serving their this we do this and this that did you buy some homes over there in in Italy and your child in omens are there we is that to Boca. Open and in talk about you're gonna need. Which are gonna do with that is that is that gone now that's still there what Mattel the home is still there but it's on the top lots of good bullpen help pass it to the happy happy with that lit. It's on the chopping block solutions become an hour here in the next six months to a year look at okay we're talking to Chris terrorists today were you into an article. And his story was in the cancer star he's unit. Build an urban golf course and you got support from the PGA as well as on really cool Keene city companies. Given that the second or talk about the process and also talk about some work he did over Mission Hills country club. This last summer few single nation thanks for joining. I guess. Go back to the relationship go on. 980 came BZ am your host Jason real appreciated. Joining us again today whether it's on the radio or it's on. ITunes or stitcher and or on the website relationship dot com or really briefly wanna think our partners and supporters of the show. Well once again you do great work and you help us keep the show each and every week on the air our title sponsors of the show our trust. Milbank BO BF financial and two us advisors also gets coasting contributors of the grill nascent show are the Reagor NJ rigor and go. Ryan maybe is he gets coast one luxury apart one let luxury apartments and reactor designs studious. We're back with Chris Harris to. Is the fastening guide but we get we gotta. I'm on the air today and I'm glad that I get to meet him and I do some really cool things and then. Ivanhoe neighborhood of Kansas City that's around fortieth in Wayne if you're. Murder with a 71. Highway it's it's just to the west of 71 highway. Into the east of that the sale. Right around fortieth and 39 street. Really cool things that he's grew up in that area and and going to be opening you're trying to open up tea a golf course here soon you also. Is with Harris park midtown sports and activities senator but cited terrace park she's the Harris sports Casey dot org. Really cool stuff going on there. Chris. OK so you've Europe in this area in Mitch remove mowed grass is for many years in this area. When people think of urban core bill think of a green space right. You know I look at it and in this century to seeing you say green space to mean. What. Just making their beautiful greens that space and that. And my goal is to use sports to make a beautiful green space. Contains the scope of landscaping. In the NC. And I can get my landscape right in using sports as a catalyst to bring people in fear what things can be done. This would beautification. I just thought that was the most beautiful playing in the world to help clean up the inner city. In your park terrace park is a organization did it dedicated her receipt keeping urban Childress and outdoor sports you mentioned. Bass to a level of golf and pickle ball. And really it is also to help develop sportsmanship honor and display which your skills needed drive and a growing. Comedian in and really build structure. An organization right. Yes absolutely. Are you come into the neighborhood and you provide a little structure. You do it in the nicest way possible I believe the structure came from me trying to clean up. I think the key it's the community adults everyone bought into the structure mama in the leadership that I tried to bring by just simply. Given them something to do including an. Am and it really helped that would structure so. You baba to sing and Tom tell me about this you know I. I went where where I get my inspiration in his writing overthrew Mission Hills. I used Iraq to Germany and firm that is the Kansas City through that neighborhood weather from east south north west part of the country they. They see those old homes and AC kind of this Belgian golf courses and it's it's pretty amazing place absolutely. From coming over their. And at some a lot of questions and acts and how. You build a green and just getting all the information in all the knowledge. That I possibly can give. I was great attempt to do it and I knew I could have done it in do you want my zoo we're gonna you were gonna do this is like I'm putting her in the first turn you and you we're gonna do is build it yourself this absolutely did build my. So so. To take this to the next level and you. Spent the summer at Mission Hills country got Brett yeah yeah time to try to learn added to build a golf course and look. Actually went over and I kept answering questions and then at the time I believe his name was bred. Actually that I know anybody that wanted to adopt. And I asked him what time and he told me what Tommy wanna I wanna tomorrow and build a golf she knocked on this country code or you say hey I'm Chris Harris yeah. What what was the response we you know if you don't mean that make got a Ghazi Chris I mean I've played golf in different places around town and and Mission Hills is kind of an it's got that old school absolutely no I do are you what are you doing here I think I came into the different approach I came in and does X. Now a can add to excluding groundskeeper. And I just products what's. And I told him commit combat in the absence of more questions. And he was very open to all of my questions and then actually heat. Paying in kind. Over to depart because he was so curious of what I was trying to I'm when he came over to the part we actually just literally built the French. The fans and I just hope it's on the grounds keeper emotional yes and I told him that I would like the pick of jobs like arm. And then the most funniest thing happen. They had a flute. Mean that year and so they had to ten one of the green and completely rebuilt. Mean I got to watch the re we have two greens and pin every day. And that's where the fake and Oka I see in them purchase the fan I've seen from day. Laid the greens than I was at my notes and I was doing the exact same thing. That they would allow this so that's how I how to do the greens Oca and I went public with the newspaper pain. Went public when I was doing and and that's when a lot of doors open men and that's when I got a call from the PGA. And they sit joints of the PGA seizure article or hears about it yet. Guided has no golf experience right and you've you've done the Mission Hills thing. You have delay and and you're thinking yourself you get a call from the PGA open is Elie you know I just sit there and they like it took me probably. It probably about some was wrong would mean because. I didn't return a call back for about two week his daughter was that what Donna was there I don't know I just couldn't really couldn't be happier with fellow in the dog the media about what is going. That make sure I get but vault again Chara gave them column back. And that waited for about two weeks to go out and makes it. And what was that process like wouldn't intimidate just by mean. This is is this happening other places it's pretty innovative and you know I'm not sure. Is this happening in other places but all I know as well and I started going through processes. Give them club which via. I had everything needed and it was indeed ago. The world was zero what was your pitch to them and talked to some archival lay out what your thinking here that this court has at this time what I was thinking it was just doing it at whole. Putting green. Got him on real gray albeit. Hold non disclosure do when he Buffy. There's a whole mix oracle didn't when it it knows do putting greens on nine program none of Coca. Sit down and start talking to the PGA. Golf association of involvement but introduce me to lot of people in this week. They came up me help me out with them now. Does. Well hell week design. And it ultimately included Sonoma now now hole. And this thing has just started getting bigger and bigger than if you're familiar like it would implement an opening. Act them out. That had no intentions of how's that is built. In green on real grass right next door to. And they were kind of more in the mindset of hey let's let's have some actual. Just being in India and in irons they they just. I guess I got to see a much Landis is really got to drive down there it seemed like a falling and they brought it to my attempted to make this the real deal mean. And so. Where and your mindset now where does that stand as it is a nine hole course or what does this is going to be a non hope it's who go in but who. Yeah that's always a thing you know we think about urban areas how we thought to be cool before top golf analyst Liz existent. You go to Chicago or you get a big city. They have urban driving range Lucy you're in it you can be in Westport you can be and wherever our eyes blurred the skyline downtown. And they have these these these urban driving ranges and I think is key as he continues to grow and we have topped off our mission and in Hollywood but. I always thought they'd be cooled have some more in the city you can actually hit golf balls because they're where else's. You know less year of super rich even afford one of these these golf clubs. Up by the plaza whatever you're driving this covers basically at a golf ball but now. And what you get this done you're going to be able to hit and forty the wave in what right in the heart of inner city is so if your child. In year you know. Mid to do this to baseball to lose the urban youth academy right up there on eighteenth OK and that that's gone taken over Major League Baseball decided no we're gonna. What did they donated some money it yeah and a million dollars I think to help build that feuds Mayer's gotten behind it yet is I actually ran by the India today. But but my point is is that you mentioned basketball. And there's other sports that you would introduce your community to baseball. African American player in baseball is is way down right Vincent's. Whatever the seventies and eighties it's it's dropped golf obviously you know he had Tiger Woods and he kind of spearheaded. A whole new generation of golfers but. In the economy. Tanked in golf is not that he keeps workplace absolutely and if you're an average golfer. He goes on a golf balls cook you know you're gonna you're gonna have to you have to buy club you have to eyeball drift. Pay for your Greenpeace you can't pick your car pieced. So it is not easy to play especially if you're you're you're for right and so your point is. These these adolescents come in Macon Macon and they can direct club to what do they did. This what do PGA comes in okay has offered to help out with giving me. All the material. A while they have also. Stated that they could help out with courses of teaching and help lift it course they were teaching it. And then luckily lessons are few junior can I never had a jealous of people that did you play at a young age you know me. You put so much better as you get older we do you have training and is an a young person. Most golfers don't mess the midwest Biggio as well. You know and they they've been saying that if if needed that they would help now fund raise this would mean meant to that they're coming to the to the plate and help so I wanna mention to before we're gonna break for a last segment is you mentioned that you were gonna do this yourself. So who's gonna do it now Chris Chris I know that a guy by the name of Kyle Clark from CE golf designs. As already made a diagram you are not can be due in the city so you could do it absolutely what you learned a Mission Hills and the grounds keepers but you're gonna. You're bringing that some professional help but to be awesome yes I've and an MS very well needed I wanna take that part off my hands that I got so much more wanna do. I just wanna make sure no one knows sports that the catalyst there. Cleanup in this whole thing is to for introduced. On the inner city to new things educate in the city and unified. Hello loses court. A lot of work Chris terrorists they we get a former several Christian right back after the break it was you know. Back to the grill nations showing nine AB CNBC. Agree that you back here today were talked with Chris Harris do. Is with the Harris park he's the sport Harris sports Casey got orbit also were building golf course on fortieth and Wayne. Help from the PGA help from a lot of other companies do that helped you out a look at an article we can see story can check out because you'll Chris Harris PGA. Companies that teachers all advertising you've you've got HA HOK which is a sports architecture designed Furman. Up pulls a Nelly law firm has helped you. Come in around the process haven't yeah yeah a lot of community involvement here workers and I want to make sure we are against the Beers accounting firm Boca Pepsi. Where and anyway for and that we published a couple more and talk is about the timeline for you meant to give miniature golf course there right now off their you mentioned your great putter. Directed teaching some your tricks need to improve. But we're where we on the process and time wine too won't actually open and and get this thing don't hear. Right now we have basketball court we are running threat. Players that he has in. Oh man of course there's. We want to do you that beautify. A lot more would that landscaping and I'm anticipating in 2018. It would start construction. And it every one four. In and again that's terrace park. The good name a like your website to Harris reports. Casey dot org and then once you get when you when you two dozen eighteen years certain process kind of a I'm mind does that mean I golf courses seem to me to be a tunnel work. Or a ton of work but if you got the right crew come in the end and down doing the work. Who just left so it doesn't take as long as we think then that they thought they. I think it here's hoping probably be built to a. Oh well. So maybe potentially could open end. That summer Lou. Summer fall 2018. And you mentioned PGA won't be awfully with the equipment the what's the age group she went to see you know that's that they. We're putting together Packard's now where we're gonna. All ages we won Hamburg group but the young from. 161. But packages together for professionals. And amateurs built he has. We're gonna build different packages for different days so that we'll just sailed on Tuesday you know. The age group from. In the European course and we've just got to you targeting Dave ward if Pacific group. Moved a look at the web Sereno hair sports TC dot org. You can make a donation to your suit as well and being a part of that yes you're eager and fundraising store this absolutely. We just hear it well. Okay. Couple months ago we did really well and went up her works bring people. To see the neighborhood of one walk through the neighborhood feel there improvement in fuel while we need. And mean and have you engaged any. Civic leaders in this I'm sure they're excited about this the marriage got to be excited about and a yes urban golf academy Harry golf course right yet. Police department. Mayor. It is. Now wonder what we can do to work together aware of profits work. Him Syria to Teradyne year old ramming home. I'll where you live Manning gonna stay in the neighborhood I'm actually literally accessible land on property yields on exit field now in the oh cool moments. You're stand there watch over your golf course here you know I think you know that's that's another thing. They. A lot of friends that. I have done well. They have left the they still help out. But if there was that as the dollar. And power to lead maybe if they leave. And it diminishes our leaders. Want to continue being warned that they as well as well so. It. And I want you you've acknowledged that I have to do the best that I can who's better on. Mean mean. NN didn't actually mention her ask you this when did you kind of smoke and day difference. Actually Campbell is you know excellent backed loans and nine as work. Paper and allow. Just installed and never use sports activities did well I'd just seen how basketball helped me man and a bigger army of the people. Here. Don't even though they couldn't. How many people don't know how sports can help them through. Men in the war two's. Give him an opportunity that I didn't and that's what in this it's. Mean. Until I think it's cool because it's elect committed to different sport that's that's very hard play if you if you don't have the resources it. I didn't hit in the inner city is not is not easily. You know at least in Missouri there's a big insults I keep using giving opting to play golf as such as a kid. You know I don't think they don't think of it because they. You know I didn't even think that the because what could he mean without the but what I wanna do with I want to defeat. What did you talk about it and I want to the end of the group. Well if you want him to not think that was going to be the big difference because it was obvious that. The government and went out. Men if they try it. Someone. Someone could someone to come out your golf or semi pro in this heavy Oracle's go to school you know yes yardage of us. That's one thing about golf is pretty cool to be a travel law if you we've got a lot of people come on in the mean Tom Watson Libya mean. The best golfers of all time there's a couple go on the PGA tour right now we're doing really well who schooler and here. There's lot of potential if my mind goes Lamotte thanks so much bigger a look in this building. Mean there's a market sport. Someone in the neighborhood the bill mean it's just so many stores that. Job up. So it opened in that. There is only. But we talk about as far as the area the yardage in one I mean that I have to deter your piece of land on their bit but I got about two and tune traffic for. Hours. And in you're gonna you mentioned lessons that hopefully we'll have with and professional type people and for the kids. In ago and it ought to go look at him at all. OK so tell me. You know like that I mean those. Mapped come down there and it some lessons from you when you get up and run. Again this is Chris Harris we're going to be he's going to be opening up a urban golf course. Between fortieth exe forties and Wayne it's to the west of 71. Highway and to the east of the sale and they were eager to win. There's RDA of park their now here's spark he can check out and Harris sports Casey had to work again trying to grew. Sports India in the U fit the youth population and also. Helps young life he mentioned you've structure and probably become better person for cited future absolutely. Anyone that's played high school sports can attest to that. And you sport you mentioned. So what's next for you I mean what it would would your focus right now I mean and they get your day job that. As as right now what do you get a militant and show what he really focused on you know. Focused on fund raiser right now I'm meeting with a lot of prominent people are getting ma. As diet because of my t.'s gonna come up paperwork together and I'm just meeting after meeting meeting getting everything ready to go. And make sure I have everything they need. In just continuing to meet with any and everybody in that may be able to help out of accomplice please go to the and a community. That's awesome Chris terrorists has been our guest check about the historic Ivanhoe never read drive down there in the website is here sports TC got to work. You can check out designs for the golf course suited to what they have done their now you can donate. Learn more information and see what really what kind of an impact this is gonna have on the Kansas City urban core in the community Chris I appreciate come on the show and thanks for all your. Great work you do it for Kansas City and all the kids out there thank you appreciate. Appreciate it. You Millicent grill nation will see you next week have looked majestic.