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Saturday, November 11th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up and even in their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to be grilled nations show on 980 AM came easy. Radio as well as on iTunes and securing UN BC joining usable today if you. I've located us on our website it's grill nation showed dot com. She always doing is each and every week hope you've enjoyed our shows Wiener show 131 now the girl nation shell. We've been read a lot of people and had a lot of great people on board throughout the journey so I appreciate you joining us again this week. For you to our show and I think our partners and supporters are gonna fund showed today I think it's in be unique innovative and innocent and we don't. Typically do we usually showcase. I guess the only showcase and some things that can help you out today in your daily lives with tiger partners and supporters of the grill nation show. Title sponsors of the show our trust. Milbank BO OK financial. And q.s advisors and Ryan read. Yes coaching contributors and on there yes coast to grow nation are the Reagor NJ rigor and go. Brian navies of bi monthly discos. What might luxury apartments in today's guess goes the monthly guest host partner and supporter of the show on air contributor. Is Clifton Alexander from reactor design he has looked to welcome to show what's up Jason how does that sound good to see any get your orange. Puffy jackets only half the spread that's the that's the best thing about winters they weren't warned but because okay forget that's about it you know the first few days of fall and winter you little. Chill in the air you're out hooligans were puffy vest or whatever and finally that new more it's really one of the only positive about when you miles on it that's about it as I I don't like cold there. Appointment of because that's true that's true you do like your orange still up. So. Clifton how you've been in million pounds let's look first of say reactor design studios director Casey dot com. Brady being website marketing everything you need all of won their creative group out of Kansas City at the crossroads that you work across the country. And here in Kansas City so he has been working hard and assume. Always thought I was always. Are launching some new new projects right now and all over the place one. As local to Kansas City a developer that were working with three and update the brand and the brand voice and under its medical things of them were launching a new project where their friends and in the Bronx New York are. School partners that we have their work on helping them attract better. And a talent to use their teacher fares and get them to you. It's a really seeing problem to have right when your school. You hire a lot of teachers by attracting the best talent to your schools in the Bronx or in certain parts of New York is. Is difficult and and so we're working with them help solve that problem and it to help them attract some really really neat people don't really great incredible schools that. Locations and other things affect that. Ensor working with and help figure out offs and seeing a seeing problem. Engineering solutions hopefully in yes that's kind of some of the new cool things that you think things were on the area of the West Point and there were intact he business citizen. I think so yeah like. You know we're means skin and and her into the holiday season we're going to be. Closed between Christmas and New Year's like usual it's an extra five days or so off forever questionnaire is is that people. Were among people a different groups and they get a lot of time off or on the holidays because they. Don't do anything anyway answer as productive so that they feel like yeah if no one else is working one us. Yeah how low we we made that decision a couple years ago where most people or taking off that time and we just that you know what's the what's the point and we in the street Christmas and yeah and in stressing about it it doesn't. Yeah that's more money some lost productivity for us and honestly it's. If it doesn't really bother me all that much most people aren't going to be setting. Strategic meetings and things like that during that time and so. We'll get our work done before and after and ever wanna get actually conquered in the year and with a lot less stress for everybody and millions more freeing it we discontinued. To play in the game of better work life balance for all our employees and that's such a critical thing. With everyone in my company in in the just the philosophy that I haven't so. I know that and other resuming at the worked on him on the matter why don't they may have to work a little harder leading up Christmas and maybe afterwards that. Dawson writes from the cameras and port. There you go lifted Alexander reactor designs studios. Are today show we we had a brainstorm. A couple weeks ago we decided that cooked and I mean every three or four months talk about. Tension show ideas and gas. We lined out a bunch against for the next few months but on today's show we decided Hispanic keep it does. Clifton new worry tech guy in new seem to be in the know about most things going on. The tech world that the new life it's a years. I notice in the mail listen I'm trying to and that's. I remind you garner arrives this week so okay rule out doing their that in CD and it's sunk his understudy of many an upgrade. But today's show we decide to talk about some things that you cannot live on in life for me app. Lifestyle. Business perspective so law breaking out into personal. Apps. Business apps and maybe some lifestyle stuff to just maybe just some random intra sing. And I don't really have a lot to do anything is that there is really cool. Right and in this is this is something that. We we kind of talked about from time to tell if he's you. You have a lot of things on your phone I can already tell on your computer that you you carry around him then and I thought like you know what. As someone who uses on the same path all the time at Indy did to her listeners to kind of here's some pair about some things that maybe you're really did in your daily life for me personally and business perspective and really talk about their report in the ways they changed the way you live and you work. Yeah you bet. I'm just a big believer in. In technology and embracing what's what's coming I'm not and there's a few things were right to say okay Amy we should wait till. The next rounder iteration of something until he gets better but. Typically Emma for some doctor type you know in the new phones come out of it the new phone are embracing technology MI figure out all this. Facial recognition stuff pretty soon here. A birdie received a couple of animated promote g.s from peninsula iPhone from a couple of friends that you radio ready Iraq Enron and it's one of those funny things were. You know you can put all the tech in the world in the something is so incredibly high tech is an and I found ten. But most people just have so much fun with the enemy and analogies because of it and that. That'll become zealous at the rallies and that is your own you have a right because the good people laugh at that let me. The Silicon Valley show on national congress and or anything it's HBO. Leadership and I don't know but they have via they had senate so there. He is talking about his business and all this work he'd done and then they have banking giant room. Just putting monkey faces on himself for a great music this is the next big thing you don't go to hell is good cherry hills. That's really comes down to you have people just it people love to have fun I think in maybe that's what all boils down to is all of this technology. Sometimes they can just make. Things more interesting and fun and that's OK you know again like does it warrant a thousand dollars to purchase the phone probably not. But all of the other things the phone does those are incredibly important and those are worth the thousand dollars. The NM oh geez those are fun and interesting things that just make our life better I and they and they make things more interest in for us. As humans we love emotion we love. Laughter. All the sorts of things and in these of the that's things help that. So today show or I talked to Clinton about apps he cannot do without in his personal and business life and some things they can make your life easier and change the way you work and live make your life. Or funding and more efficient and productive as well. Elicited grill nation John Hurst JC grow in BC 1980 yen and in nineteen since it sure appreciate you joining us. Now and then. Albums. Then. Welcome back CU grill nation with Jaycee is real here in 1980 in CBC and done. Podcast via iTunes and sister has balls that girl nation should dot com where you can. Find although our guess shows. But as of our guests and more information about what we do here each and every week with the leaders throughout the region and nation here on the real nation shell. Put me on Twitter at in G acing grill and agro nation shows wells on other social media is at. Just search for Jason grill or grill nation shell. We're talking to a partner and supporter of the relationship monthly guest in thought leader when it comes to branding marketing technology you name it Clinton Alexander's. Here with me in studio. Reactor Casey dot com as the website if you even talk somewhat about anything revolving around marking breeding or a website development. Clifton is with this today because we wanted to talk about. Apps which we never do on the show where we never really kind of breakdowns and things they're exciting and can help you in your daily life we usually profile guests and all leaders in equal things going on in Kansas City and across the region but. Very cool today is gonna break down some some up and coming. Things that people use their daily lives Clinton will highlight them and hopefully you'll you'll draw one from the show and say you know what among grab that happen on the on the learning amendment and change my daily life little bit the better so hopefully lifton actually. Yeah yeah we I got an evil for you about 1:30 in the morning Palestine with us so we'll see how this goes I'm always always a work in her house probably half falling asleep as those type in the OK so. I want to backtrack to sit just a tiny bit on that because I think one of the reasons this is even a good topic or or something that we can even spend. Showed talking about is that. Apps and pop culture and the way we use our phones or computers and everything has become so. Prolific in our daily lives and who that. I mean I remarked a few things down here that even things that you would have never thought. You know the iPhone is about ten years old. And I was sort of the app world and turn what it micro apps and how that all worked as about me in nine years ago. And now to this day. 910 years later not that long if you think about it in the history of technology and innovation. We have apps for literally everything right yet so like my. School with my kids get a team they have and now we can look at everything related to what piece of homework is due tomorrow. To you. The school calendar to information on how to get in touch with the other parents and things like that. I need so that is useful it's very useful at my church has an app. Hey where you can donate you can look account very few all the same type of stuff and even my freaking sprinkler system that I use at home has an app. So I can't I can look I sprinklers. To use the box in my house and it connects via Wi-Fi to my house system. And then from my phone and here I determine sprinkler right now. It's an added that is like it like that tennis you'll like this in itself a point where. The interface is on these devices like the sprinkler box are very complicated. But when you remove it from that and you put it on to its full screen with an app I can set up my sprinklers sounds that individual watering times all that stuff like India and a fraction of the time. And much more. Clear. Learning environment on the screen Vienna half than ever doing it on the actual box that sitting on the side in my house some where that stuff. And so it's just one of those natural. Progression of how all things have become more technologically focus and it's a war that seems really ridiculous to have an app just for sprinklers and honestly. That's the reason I'm able to use my sprinklers as much as I'm able to you because it's such a pain to set the box. I can do so much easier on here contested I can. You ever need you can cancel if it starts raining. It'll check weather patterns it'll do all those sorts of things for me. But the point being is not about that after the sprinkler remorse about how he sees a Rican so. Prolific. That this is one of the reasons why accumulation even have a show us what you think is pretty interesting. My question for you is is every day at a daily. 47 that you are thirty yeah how's that possible do you do you auto updating our do you do turnaround individual I didn't do that they're red. The red doubts about the app that's pretty yeah yeah like he says like it six I think you're in I think what it is is just there's so many things going on behind the scenes with all the apps especially the bigger apps the ones that are more. They have teams of developers working on them and things like that they're just other console when making tweaks and I think that's one of the one of the interesting things about. This type of system. Vs the old system where you had a CD you're destitute putting your computer. And you run the update. And then a year later it would update again or frank they're allowed to view earth it's allowing us and allowing. The developers. To do real time updates of things if somebody is having an issue or there's a bug in the out they can just fix and push out new version tomorrow. And that's one of the things are so much different than Howland was in the past where everything is just connected. We can console yes that's why you those update. Notification all the time other regular develop his security purpose to steer well yeah doesn't security breach as all those kinds this right. But it's pretty interesting to pop open your app one day for whatever it is and all the sudden they interface looks different because overnight it updated itself and and you're just constantly tweaking and changing things. But developers have the ability to do that so we can keep up pretty real time with the technology. With. What's happening in security and functionality and user interface on kind of stuff and they can tweak and change on the fly which is prequel. His school talks mean a more about it Samir favorite apps or. Personal. And and why use them each and every dad I really appreciate the the school because. You always wonder about. Is this ever gonna end you know good couple years ago I office with tea. A couple of years ago about five or six at this point that. A mobile app design company that I was there it was right when nobody was making apps and press the city and just Lula da but then. Asserting myself is this is this gonna hit a amassed quite where ruins. This is some people now are burning back to you I don't check the there I won't go on line or Iowa you. It's weird it's like music is it how much room does it have to gross who before YouTube list. Well we're already we are to have apps controlling our sprinklers and our washer and dryers and compounds are afraid I knew we had hit the peak at like what else can they possibly can't talk about two like that like you know this. People are like let's say you sit your school your chair yeah I mean is it it does everyone have those now or is it just something it. Still as a bigger I. Because I I well yeah I'll say it. Here's assay. I feel like we may not have room to grow in terms. One. Beings can be connected apps. I think there's a tremendous amount of growth possibility and how we interact with the apps you and what types of services and things are provided through those apps that make sense so. Yes my school has an app yes my church hasn't yes I sprinkler system has an app I. But there's a long way to go. For what types of functionality I can. I can add to those things like for retail purchases. Those have really taken off. Maybe to have on all right now let's go to yeah. Target India and there website reminds her name is yeah is there an Amazon app there is an Amazon app and visa from time to time if I feel like sometimes the web sites a little bit easier bit. That's my boy but here's the reason to do with them for Amazon. The reason to do it via app is we have our phones are we ten have her phone Willis a 100% of the time. We're not always and forever computer whoever is right and so if I am sitting. Down in my desk. And I mean Eminem meeting or maybe onset of from the TV and I'm doing whatever it something pops and in my brain incensed. You know I gotta order that toy for my baby because he's teething. It's a lot easier for me is just pull up my Amazon app on. My phone because Amar Singh there. My phone in my pocket TVs on. And I can just do a quick search for tears for babies and I can't say other Celeste could click send done yet literally I guess maybe this is now come full circle yeah. Because. Web sites are mobile optimize wrecked. Hillary tell senate if there if they're worth their salt. As a mobile authorized clips to the difference between the apple vs the web site then on that note. In the I can also go to the Amazon web site via my phone and the difference for. This is more for Amazon and as for me the differences through the web apps they can actually push notification back to me. As opposed to me only being able to interact with a one way because I'm interacting with the website and Amazon web site it can't respond back to me. But if I have the Amazon app loaded on my phone. Amazon can send me notification saying Iran has shipped and it pops up from iPhone or whatever the notification as it can remind me of the coupons are Black Friday is coming rapper those sorts of things. And that's one of the reasons why retelling will have an app aside from just animals website. Is because of those types of things though that's a little more interactive now those things become a little bit more intrusive. To us and so we just have to kind of decide what's better. For Austin. I'm kind of on the fence on which way is better or not via opera mobile upside if you like out sometimes respond a little quicker. Inflict let them ultimately there'll pain from the same place from the scene data stream. Now. Only take you through that journey there or gets your list because I think it is inching Newton has as its hip bones continue to get. Better and better and mobile it's better bettors are even just thinking about like. Like. What I said earlier is the opportunity. It's not end. New apps being created the opportunity is. Higher levels of functionality and better interaction with new user and so yes my school has the app and I can find information points. But my school hasn't fully embrace this ability to you. Connect back with me or provide additional levels of service for having a board meeting. They could stream the board bringing alive only Q school association members via the app if you're logged in a certain way or something like that. But those are additional things that can happen where may we can do voting that way if I can't make school board mean I have to vote. But I can watch it live on my phone is a registered association member. Then I can click the vote button or something like that we can do that yet but I'm saying is there's eagle possibilities. For things like that where we can continue to interact. And a deeper level. And grow the sort of presents us like that. Fascinating stuff with cliff and Alexander today reactor designs it is reactor BC dot com resettle Cigna becoming. Talk about apple Austria and mobile. Internet seven cliff I don't really break down perhaps he should be using your personal life and your business do listen to grow nation into joining us here. I guess. Hello welcome back to grill nation with Jason rylander host Jason drill I appreciate joining us again today at 980 AM game museum for those listing on the web I appreciate doing as well as those listening on iTunes or stitcher radio today. We're talking to Clifton Alexander reactor design studios that would that is reactor Casey's Jack comment cooked and is there re occurring a monthly guest on the show usually. Brings a really cool guess within coast he Kos with me but today we're talking to. Emma about apps. Exclusively in things that can help you in your daily life. Cause I don't talk about lifestyle and home maps to use in Delhi does for a listeners that let's start off with sleep cycle yes so. We ever use the sleep. Out of any kind or he had ever had anything connect your watcher pretty much boring I've had met once I think ended down one night yeah I had Garmin inner would have. Very nice added bits yeah yeah this kind of things I don't I'm under benefit bit bent. I download this app less than a year ago it's called sleep cycle and the whole point of it is you. You set the sap as your alarm to wake up in the morning sun has a couple different functionalities one is you set the alarm. And say senate for 6:30 in the morning. What we'll do as the alarm or actually go off some time between 6 o'clock and 630 there's about half an hour window of time where the arm off. And what it's doing is its monitoring you were. You were. Wake formats yes those. And if if if it senses that you're more awake already at around 615 Neal Marmol to scoff at 615 instead of waiting until 630 over really and so the idea is that as you're in the cycles of sleep. There are times when you're a little more awake when you're not really quite is in deep sleep and it'll try to gently wake you up when your. Less of a deep sleep right. With a maximum of seeing if your descendant dead deep sleep all the way until 630 and middle school off at 630. But they may sometimes my alarm goes off half an hour before accent it. And then I sneeze a couple times that. But they its interest in Iraq I don't know I haven't figured out a core elation in the end is as the day if I wake up more. Wake full or things like that I'm not really sure about all that kind of thing but aside from that type move. Data and that type of wake form that's what it does the app did my phone sits right next month then in a monitors my breathing. I'm overnight and then it it tells me when I wake up in the morning so this morning I woke up tells me what. How long thousand bed so 1:13. AM to 641 man knows how long has and that. My sleep quality last night was 65%. And a 100% is again. Time in bed he was so excited about taping the show it and I now it's time. I have had it talks about how it tells me how long I spent in the evening snoring. Of those soaring costs and they'll tell me how long and then has little clips. That you can click on that'll have little sound bytes of your actual stories he can monitor that if you. Are disgusting to me because I think it's like it's like. Like last night was much less than normal so what was that the unique and ultimately the ideas are building a set of data. You can use Alter your sleep habits trying to get better higher percentage sleep. French and get more and better sleep that tells me if it was cloudy or sunny you tell me if it was raining. Tell me how much activity had that day. And all that serves so what it's doing is it's licensed building its history and it's looking for trends of our look MIA trends. Over the last week it tells which times they will capital Tellme things like. My sleep quality has increase or decrease they can base on the days that worked out. Vs days and haven't worked out it'll tell me sleep quality affected by the weather and so it's building this entire pattern. Data it's now starting to mine and it's it's it's putting these graphs out there tummies so while Lou would give us some feedback grew quickly get you going to our next apple it would it would their stake it. So get more sleep and you work out of one well. So I like the players we have ID get more sleep my I have in my brand activities. So it's so work out it'll say. Sometimes it'll say lower sleep polity that game overall. My sleep quality affected by activity number of steps today is higher. It's up to almost 20% higher if I had a day of 101000 steps to 151000 steps are worked out. Vs some other things days of the week it'll tell me Friday is my best sleep quality and and that's just because I go to bed super early on Friday as 'cause I'm dead from the week and it. But what I find the most useful some messed up isn't super useful is interest thing. What I find most useful about it is that every morning when I wake up I'm looking at the statistics of how long has slept. And I'm constantly trying to you improve that and look at my numbers I say okay. I was only meant for five and a half hours like us and that's not enough. It's a the next day try to improve them piled such as Disney's little subtle keys to try to. Improve my sleep quality and aside I am I'm in it for about 250 days or so on here. At the end of the year all sorts of valuing that and really look at those numbers and see if there's different things I can figure out the colts it's more interesting than anything else sleep cycle unrealized sell out what are some other when you have so. I have kids that play a lot of sports and so I have some different scoreboard type of of apps are always keeping like five my son's playing baseball I'm always keeping score on my watch because they don't trust what's on the scoreboard because it's usually like. Like a parent rulings were bored or whatever. Or some of them is really an interview with yeah braves ahead. Some of the places we play they don't have a scoreboard. So I know that the coaches are keeping storm went out but it just allows me to keep. Scored just so I can keep an accurate count of what's going on silly masks lost super dad to rid yeah I use my apple watch for that have a couple laps to sing directly to my watch and indices the watch and wanna run scores there's an hour commute out. Scoreboard as the wanna use for that I the let's see. Whether okay Cindy you weathered nerd like detract whether that much or do you not care values of the apple she's out okay. No changes all the tax. So I'm. I'm really weird about the weather and maybe it's because I'm from California with a weather's pretty constant all the time we need. But around here especially in the wintertime when my favorite absolute favorite things to deal. Is to you look for and try to find out when it's gonna snow as I wanna know like it's serious possible. Like weeks in advance I can win the next chances for snow in the media industry is aegis tax the meteorologist. Are you trifecta that's Michelle it fox forty's today as a unified Thompson Pacific Tiger Woods are gonna snow again they usually don't. So okay so that's a good point for you where I don't have that capability accurate text Gary Lee Zach considers himself. But I will say this this is an at this is not an app that for you action weather and Gary les act they have an incredible blog and that almost every day they make a posts and it's a very long. Threaded written now posts with. Images and graphs and charts and measurements and wind speed and all accounts in out of us better and it goes really really deep into what's happening with the weather currently in what's going to happen. When you watch the weather on TV near you look at the weather forecasts and your app all EC is. Percentage chance of precipitation what temperature is that's about all week even on line are you on the on the show. But this weather. Blog that they have is incredible if it's gonna snow week from now how I will go on to that three times a day and a look for updates and I'll read. Because it just it's really in depth we might super inept on. On every little thing that's happening in the atmosphere and what the chances are and that a lot of times. It will tell you a lot more information before it ever hits. The app or whatever. Com or even the newscast and so I love that so it's not an app in itself but when ideas I've had a bookmark tease out. Website booked and you can create a homebody he heard about him. Like at the so looks like an app I go on my found and I click that button for the 41 news blog out. And what does is it just opens up a Lincoln my story browser to that thing we'll so there's stuff like that you can do with the I just love that I don't know it's super detailed. I to get into that when it's not a snow. You go to sports events are in New York has theories stuff pub I have yes connect the cell also yeah tickets on the grass. On being user of sub hunt CD game time on the have a whole system that I work out of I'm going to you. A sporting events or anything like that I almost always buy me tickets. Through one of these brokers. Usually because it's like last minute or something I don't know why bets on your system so we can have a system because Obama. I'm a big big believer and finding the right seat the exact right seat. So step hug you can look on the generals say union wrote twelve seat. Eleven. Whenever section to a fine. I have no idea where that really is I can look at section 205 on the map that the royals or the sporting people me but I can't tell exactly where that seat its I know and so. Unseat geek has a map of every stadium and arena and it'll show you the exact seat location. I know on the CD can look at. These accede location. And I see it tickets they have for sale if they don't have something for sale I like go over seven. A look at the C now say that seems like a really gets the but let me go receipt you can find out exactly where it is is that on the islands and in the middle of the row of thirty. Is it you know wherever it is right how close is it to the Freel if it says it's Ro C. That doesn't mean that it's three rows back from the field that can mean it's it's the first trial. I because some of the ways they know the royals some of the most you know I know now where they they tear things back in if there's a little cut. And how loomed the field goes Ro C and some areas might be the first row and I wanna know that and you can't tell that by just looking at the scene Hummer. That's right go in it's I use a combination of all those apps to look for with a game time. It's a game time is just another version that it's a little more of a last minute. Everything they have they tend to have a lot of same seats as CD does so how has different ones. And you once this might take its own style of ya and supposedly a swan has the most. Your seats on as the most viewers that I like to go to these other ones because occasionally can find a seat that somebody hasn't listen on seven. It's a better price I look at a combination of price. CU where exactly the seat is so when I'm bias. You know from some and know the exact location in my seat because I wanna find. It's all it's all game for me right it's can I find. The best seat in the entire stadium. For a better price than anybody else is paying. Right and that's tied in India combination of things I at the palace and wait too long doing all that stuff will be an elderly have a soft and embodies did you finally get by quick did you. But I always have really awesome seats at great prices of everything. Play Oregon and he was well thought out more about that got off all fairness if any you're system in my and a few here via the idea and it I knew that same thing with travel. Terrel talk about the next segment. Which are gonna Clifford Alexander in the maximum room we're all out some more awesome maps that eases and personal life and in business organist and travel laps and some some maps and platform seizes every day's business. You listening real thing. Welcome back to grill they sued JC grill nine. Games V talking to include an alligator in her final segment this show has gone fast he's with the reactor designed serious. A monthly contributor to grow nation show its website is reactor BC dot com for all your breeding Markey and technology needs. Cook were or talk a lot apps today we've we breezed through some aside what's the travel laughed she told us what your systems feels about those elected them yeah so. I'm more of my biggest things. With. Travel is looking hotels and trying to get a really good deal on a hotel right. And so on dreary used Priceline or hot wired up to book or go there I guess everybody is on that. But I have this whole thing where I try to yet. Against same thing at the seats attorney at the best deal possible in the best location in the bestseller right now and I'll spend my hours going through all the scenarios. Q1 DLC are finally tell URLs and I think she I think she receives assistance Hernandez is a lot of women and their wives actually do a lot of annihilating I'm all I'm all you you're you're all over its she does Yeltsin associate degree deal yeah yeah. I'm used this crazy combination of done all the travel sites plus Priceline plus hot wire plus whatever so one of the things I knew all every time with hotels. As I don't know how where you can usually find the best price on a hotel if you just gone for. Sar rating and general location then how wires a great place to start but I'll start on how wire. And it might say three cern hotel a 140 dollars a night. Then I'll go into you Priceline. And I go under the name your own price thing else liked the same location and I'll select three star. Output in any known price for like 115 dollars. And about. I got a ten times it'll peeing in your work. And so what ends up happening is I'm against an uphill and I that you never know if it's really the same hotel. Because they don't tell you what that tells until after you book bit but most of the time I'm pretty sure it's probably the same hotel or sports very similar enough right. To work my lowest price somehow line how wire was 140. But I can name I am price for the same location same star rating. Priceline and get from 1151 poignant to save twenty bucks a night. And probably in the casino hotel anyways. And those usually work the best for really last minute kind of blend a lot of people are they don't want Boca Raton I don't know the name. Right and they don't know you know I have man hits a little bit of risk when I mean have you stopped and he's Priceline how where so many times and I have never. Ever had a bad situation. And the reason is is that all of those hotels are raided by the people that stay there. And come on how wire. And it says 50% rating I am knocked in a book that hits and no matter what the price is because I know it has Terrmel customer service or whatever I always find the ones that are 80% 90% 100%. Because you know that that was there's 500 people would've stayed there in 90% of them rated. Five stars like who seriously what could go wrong right now. Yet maybe you have a bad experience that you're going to be like there have been shot about two ways you got a visa however Priceline technique yeah media you talk about lift you were here be Indian road trips one of those OK road trip was so so we know about lifting humor that I tend to prefer lift just because. Maybe I'm just trying to be anti uber something that tiniest somebody else a shot right. You were has become the word the use stick to call car. Solid to give lift to chances discuss somebody else a chance in the game so like that. But it's the other one was a family trips personal trips that's sort of thing I had an easier media. My dad in his speech yeah. So I stayed in the ice house wants those kind of into I don't prefer that is much. As the having your own house or apartment yourself. I tell you really the only she added I hit anybody Razzaq says a great story about. The question because they're being because he was cutting corners that you look of the morning he had no idea there was someone else in the house and not to get breakfast and there is a fairly serving in you is like what the heck is going on right now the now you take a cigarette tax through means like holy crap there is at its 730 news tip turning around espouse what's going on yeah. So they did not aware of what's going on and you can be a situation that's so bad and. And again you look at reviews tray and you look at if the host is it has a hundred reviews and are all five star you know that you're gonna have a good experience then. Whereas if the host has no reviews or they have bad reviews he probably shouldn't book and so that's what I always go on as. Looking at the reviews and things like that. But I have this app called road trip. It's actually developed originally by company locally and a person that I know and it lists out in maps former in this form. Literally every single amazingly cool weird. Funky thing in this country this country who. Alternately way back in the day it was built on this route 66 the road trip the whole deal and they had the largest ball a line in the giant cowboys sign in the you know the national monuments all stuff in this app has started to catalog all that stuff. Interest in architecture. Crazy weird places to eat. Weird national monument and things like largest market you know whatever all accustomed three headed out like. I use that happens every time I know literature or every time traveling summer from missing California with my family. From my work. Associates we will use that happened look I'm all around us what is interest thing to do around here that's and that's off the beaten path. It's not your typical guide books that's all that kind of stuff. And I absolutely love that app I use that all the free in time. And hello that I know the people are developed and they're really into those types road trip yet a full card in the Americana and all that kind of stuff. On the unfortunate thing about it. That Arafat can recommend it rain now because it's not updated for IOS eleven so if I try to pull up on my phone right now will not actually pull up because it's a legacy out. Tiny Dick an Indian touched them and haven't been here after gonna redo because I absolutely love that kind of thing we're roadside attraction and see you know I kind of funny stuff so. We'll check out a road trip chicken out and hello Richard M mapping. Ways obviously you love yeah so he's ways alive uses sometimes he alma Knight because some you know it takes you around. Around the traffic hands up it's fantastic. For LA. Let's not so we get a couple more minutes or looked in the show let's talk about some business. I believe I get January is rolling right now and Rihanna okay so that. Evernote Wii's ever know lots cross platform. I'm looking at my notes are now or never know he's all the time for creating notes for the show for all kinds of things. Threat there very crude. And is sinks to my phone in my iPad and everything. Thinks I can always have those out to keep recipes in there for certain things they keep. All my notes for for things few climates in there though you slack a lot inside Iraq the slack is not a the new app mining them by any means it's not something that nobody ever heard. Though we start using slack may be year to go and is completely. Almost completely eliminated in our office email. And so it acts essentially like. Like a Piper Laurie can chat back and forth with all your co workers either via groups or direct private messages are all those sorts of things within that platform. Works on your desktop warrior. Mobile app and we absolutely love that app uses. 08000 messages a day for higher office through your slacks that's a really good productivity one. I have me to do list app called clear that there's a and it is called clear because it is because it is dead simple and in his sample I mean is this beautiful looking at super simple. The interface is very gesture role and easy and simple to use and that's why I like it doesn't have a lot of fluff it doesn't have. Calendars and due dates all I had to literally just listen I your stuff and it really simple way you can remove or add or check off whenever you're that. It's a super simple cochlear formula that and I use a pen and paper that he's been. I was about I I I also use a pen and paper for certain things I use. Email to send myself notes or whatever Darren and how is have this running list unclear just things are immediate and. Cooked and Alexander has been our guest end I a couple of things you can't live without which will talk about the future show or your go pro. A long lens camera for specific stuff that's all PG rated I simply don't have that report got Ciurciu 100% poly I always know con man you know signing your concerts is ridiculously. Concerts and business cards these you don't always have held his cards close to Alexander reactor design studios great show thanks for all the information. You put together today on apps that we should be using both in personal. And in our business clients appreciate scenes in but he thanks you militant group nations. We'll see you next week take care after the.