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Saturday, November 25th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always just okay. Imminent a radio studio. Is Jason grill. And welcome sue the grill nation show I'm your host Jay seem real thanks for joining us today on nine Canadian team easy. As rolls on iTunes and stitcher radio and act grill nation should dot com where he can find all my guests pictures of my guess and all the information about the grill nation show itself holiday season and around here we enjoy running best of shows. And this time of the year. Hopefully you're enjoying your holiday. Excited to have you listening here today we're gonna run a best in show the first someone I think my partisan supporters of the relationship with Jason grill. The title sponsors of the show our trust. Smoke make in the UK financial and US advisors and Ryan drink discussing a traditional nation are the reader NJ rearing co. Brian maybe one my luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander guess coast and honor contributor. Pictures support of the grill nation shell on today's best of judge what rent on a quick list of our guests and our first segment today will be joined by Chad Trout one uses just launcher. And Renaissance man and he he had talked us all and entrepreneurship. I education real estate in sports you name and he has done its. In her second segment today we will have on our guest hosting intruder cliffs and Alexander. Talking to John the midseason director. Also after that we'll talk to Ryan maybe in Colby Jerrells in Cigna three about. As final and with Michael easily from a mode bank UK financial and we'll talk did shut Tyler now bird is the chairman and CEO of US engineering. About his diverse background in and out of Kansas City. Thanks for journey sit on this best of show Chad Trout line is joining me he's in CA today. A great guy his Twitter handles that Chad trial wind might the fish and the line. You go Trout line welcome to show Chad are you. Jason great I appreciate that warm introduction my friend what's hard energy issue here is because. You got your Linkedin pages launder money you've done your life and I know that sometimes I feel like I kind of fallen to a lesser Lowell. Do you explain yourself and two Percy does meet its you pick out one of the things or how do you do that so a little you Chad kind of the sting from the top man you grow up here. I did I was a boy kids at Tennessee Missouri and lived in the northeast van Horne school district until a late elementary school and then my parents. About a little hands out and independents in the forest city school district and so I finished up my education out there. And this it is has always been my home now so even though I've spent more time in California the last several years I still keep a home here in Kansas City and get into this a little bit later but I don't businesses here for more than twenty years and so everyone in California thinks I'm a Kansas City and and when I'm back here every one I just seems a full time California and share. So you've always plays so high value entrepreneurship education now. You score per soar in the city. I tell me about Saturday age sixteen I think you went to college that is you need Turkey in the city actually rule well here's the thing I've I'm. I'm very lucky I had does. Your parents do even though we didn't have a lot of money. A federal premium on education so I grew up over on Saint John in a pretty rough section of our city. And I think I'm probably. Succeeded more in elementary school. By being able to talk my way out fights or occasionally have days defend myself. Then I did in in the classroom. I'm I wasn't surrounded by a lot of other parents and kids were probably thinking about college I think they were just hoping that your kids. Stay in school long enough to graduate high school and get a good job. The my parents went to college at night non my dad inserted a notch entrepreneurial path when I was very young. And so I had I had two parent soup. That from the very beginning talked about college is my likely journey and and so I think that. Gives anyone an advantage there is no one perfect path and I think we've. Got into a place where I'm too many people believe that if they don't go to college or somehow not fully vested in the American dream and what I like is. I don't cure your from a little town in Missouri what my mom grew up. Or from these rough streets and that the more inner city parts of Kansas City. They're bright kids she should go to college and they need an opportunity. A lot of other kids too I think getting apprenticeship learning your trade union job should be valued my in this pressure that you don't go to college. That somehow your life is is going to be less of selling. That's more accepted and a California and I think so I know a benefit bunch of people you know us dare think that if they send their kids to certain school. Good to a certain place or whatever dole always be successful no matter what. It comes from a good place and that's flawed thinking but I I think most parents just want the best for their kids in and what did you do you're a new parent. I am a parent yet no new I've got eighteen month old daughter and so she's in that stage where. Every day she's adding new werder of Brooklyn vocabulary she's all over the place high energy. Beautiful. Literally two month old daughter I will say you kind of milieu career for me if and when it's something I've trying to. Pride myself on. There. I think she's she's selfish. And self absorbed to be a dad and I was in my twenties might do my parents had me 24. And I don't think I would have been ready for it but if you can hold off for 31 kind of big especially on entrepreneurial path. Man or woman. You can start you're if you wanna have children you start your friendly a little later I think it brings a different level of maturity. And if you're having some success a little level of financial security. Is. This tension and I you know I don't care who you are. The commentaries that stress can come from money. And planning out your life plan and social or you on that path I think you're reeling now gives. Older parents a little bit of an advantage and my wife this and younger and I am and were still high energy enough the store running around with our daughter and embed in got the sweet spot just right. Very cool we're talking to Chad trial on sixty CU SP SET is a child Vietnamese back. When you went on a full fledged educational. Tour out I'm sure. Here here's the thing I think a lot of people looked at exams like the SAT in the ACP is very intimidating. A lot of pressure to try and do well on a single exam. I had a different philosophy I was out of fort Osage which I loved I was the number pools go there yes that we're U yes yeah. You know repulsive to Q people I know enough it's an aging gains dig into and then again and Betty Lennox OK so we've we've got a good good sports tradition out their crusade when state championship in football. I was in the last couple years and we had good teams when I was there good football teams. In basketball are are poor basketball teams only wrestling teams in baseball teams men and forced lower priority but I will tell you. College was not the biggest priority Tomas my classmates very few went on to college in almost nine. I aspire to go to college at selective school. But for me that that's terrorizing him with a ticket out. So to compete at least for a lot of people since it being intimidated by that exam I saw this says this is a this is one of those once a lifetime opportunities and so. Earning high scores on standardized exams. Allowed me to go from the public schools. I through eventually a leak private schools he's like got that mix of both. June. And what is that kind of was God's spirit and for you in your entrepreneurial permit to stop the top we had a militant the first ever wanna say that you got your BAA it issue meters Missouri for JD MBA deal and then year in PA at Harvard Kennedy school. Right in Boston so you could a lot of book. Honestly man who'll say I'm done Jason I will say that you graduated from college days nineteen yes they're right yes while so this is not always so when you run. Got your first job it is yes we have a personal works in us a terrorist that was a 21 men started and I was always like. Can I fuel. You know when I'm 38 it's just like if I would go back would you Gephardt a little differently so I stay around for four is really you know breakers in the DL also quickly high school in three years. College in three years and I have a summer bird that. It was. High energy more than just the nerdy Doogie Hauser did that last guy back at. You're listening to a best stuff. Grilled nation. Our goal they share. Hello and welcome back sued to grow nations show with your host Jason grill on the bus to be back today great per segment today with. Clinton Alexander they honor Pincher rearing guess coast of the grill nation choke every month appreciate joining me today on 980 yen came easy. As well as that girl nation should dot com and on iTunes in stitcher radio they're excited about our guests for a B showed today Clifton. As now on this tournament for quite awhile believe and we've we've premium a little bit in the first segment. But what we have Clifton and the reduction of our guests today who is say. A director of eight come in their sports architecture and any handles all the Americans and probably took too long list of worldwide to. We really excited about sports in this. Both of us are lifted and we're very excited about architecture. Kind of a stadium nerds if you will so. I introduced John due to the group. You bet yeah I can't walking after having worked. In a sports architecture firm can't walk into a stadium or not. Evaluate the effectiveness of certain things in and talk in my mind about the design in the aesthetics and all that. And one MI AM buddies and friends John. Mean mr. over here are sitting to my rights is of the guys that we have on today's talk a little bit about some of those things. And so I've known John firm close at twenty years probably since my time and I'll be back in architecture. And he's been there even longer I guess I'm now part of HE com. Which is a very large global. Company and so on this is Jon Jon I'm going give us a little. There hey hi and in a little background. Maybe describe some of that sort of how you got there in and that sort of thing Denon and and excited to be here is while I was looking forward to this all weekend and yes it's nice if we know when someone as long as I've known you cliff and you still were willing to have me on the show that's pretty good I don't know a lot of folks have known that long you still answer the phone fit now it's it's an interest in any night we. Little bit of bacteria accounted how to land it in Kansas City. And you know it is isn't a classic country you know high you know it right place right time. You know a good friend of mine from from graduate school we're both interns and college. He ended up down here in Kansas City news. New week he and I were kind of cut from the same cloth in kind of motivated focused and vicious guy isn't. I remember getting a call from him use about a year year and a half and had a median college and I call when Naia in my internship and in Milwaukee Wisconsin and he's like a very set up dinner be free just need to get your butt down here. And that was the longest 36 hours of my life in terms of lake. I guess we don't we don't like hazing anymore and I I was put through the paces show in the sights of Kansas City and the nightlife of Kansas City and then at 8 AM. Saturday morning had my interview and who's or to fill ladies and I flew back from Kansas City to Milwaukee with night. I didn't think I was gonna keep my. Whatever was in my stomach down that play well here and the good news once I got the job they set it looked like death when I went into the interview and it's a great story I've told it more times and I can remember. But it's also about just you know let your passions come through and I really wanted that job in. Mean you know funny story even before that my first. Internship like official intern ship when I was in college ended up arguing with a partner of the firm because I didn't have the experiences that I don't really know I'm like look. You give me 36 hours and I'll learn whatever I need to learn psyche have this job he campaigning I will do it. Your answer to that that sort of motivation and and focus and ambitions. Or serve me well over the last 23 years or so but that's how I ended up against Indiana and I've been here ever since I've never looked back and they do business cards Ellerbe Beckett now aecom when he come acquired us and I think it was a sudden you have. There's a couple of us that are white elephants like that in the business we're just only had one job than. I guess I'm proud Sam wanted to fuse and you enjoy Kansas City sounds like it's an I don't I didn't admittedly I don't spend a lot of time here anymore. Because I'm on the road a lot my job takes me and some weeks I can travel you know 8910 days straight come home change suitcase and go again. You spend a lot more time here to my kids love it. And your kids that zoo who are educated you know is rocker saint Teresa's we live right by saint Teresa's lobe full brick side we ended up from Brooks I because it was the closest thing to Milwaukee we could find when we moved here though is erode and and that's why we we've we've never left me in order we've been in our house. Our house were in how we moved in. Like right after some late we've put it on the market on 9/11 oh I'm close like a couple of weeks later he's been there ever since amazing the love love that area town love our neighbor. It's not like these kids good museum. Throw it to law school so I really the first shot out there. So at aecom. You are responsible for strategy to execution and integrated sports buff form in the America's economics cost consulting planning. Improve remark take your engineering and operations that's a lot of us tell us tell us I don't tell us kind of John for the layman out there what are you doing in databases when you're talking about sports. Of the fantastic thing about this opportunity we had and Eddie Eddie have any common again you know as a partner Hillary vacuum we rate and a in architecture and engineering and we did a little bit construction but not for sports but we're pretty focused on silent one thing to you know a group of people with me come. We do literally everything. And some folks that's intimidating with in the area of sports is things are changing so dramatically would look at. So much private financing coming in the sports projects alternative delivery you got. Yeah that the days of talent but we went through here in the sprint center you have a referendum and there's a villain. That's in national car rental or Saint Louis who have the villain was that search area writes this this net enterprises read this the notion of they're being you know like a taxpayer funded you're seeing less and less of that now on the night one of my clients. Tillman for teed in Houston to spot the rockets have suffered 2.2 billion dollars and now I mean just like that this morning in private wealth coming in the sports at all levels. Is salt is demanding in different. Look and feel fur for offerings and if you just architecture firm and our business I think you're dying until you're not growing you're dying and I think the firms that are just architecture firms are nine. And we felt like as Ellerbe we needed to have a broader platforms we can come in and help drive that business plan for a client. We can talk about construction and delivery we can guarantee prices we can get a guarantee opening dates or we can just you really sophisticated integrated solutions like. In our new project heckled once under the first leed platinum building in the world. Our construction arm open what we think oh pride you the first platinum NFL stadium that Mercedes-Benz and Atlanta. Our guys are Cutler and then on little Caesars arena we are also a contractor and that. Do we we get the opportunity look at all sorts of things differently and bring inputs and I you know win an effort to selling in. Good creative thought which is not. It's still very important mind you the ability to sort of synthesize clients vision to make a reality that. I think the challenge in front of us so much more diverse now and then when you bring in. Eight. I have a stadium in Houston. Just flooded what can we do from resiliency and a come as a huge global resiliency. And yet endangered species you find in danger turn on your site we've got people who can help you with that. You need a new highway interchange design we can help you with that I mean we've found that sports projects are getting more and more complicated and it takes. Takes a village of experts to solve those. Problems and we all in all that on the flip side we saw what happened in San Diego right the chargers. That was seem like it was gone forever. Yeah I mean if it and it's weird because I feel like that is a good destination for team. Just because they've had a team for so long and they're pretty. It's he's seen Smith were next expansion team we'll go at some point they have a personal both stadium against the weather to price that approach phonies that. Well you announces we've we've definitely been involved in that I know. You know my friends and competitors have certainly done that but that's I think that's a good lesson then sometimes you just need to take a break. You know I think that city and that he and while there may be fans like and how that would Oakland a little bit may think there was such animosity between ownership group in that city. That they just need take a break in maybe they'll come back in and of these different ownership group maybe it'll be the same ownership group. I mean we we were part of a similar efforts exercise in Charlotte numbered years ago where then they just needed to. And look divorce is the right term with agencies like FBI data they sent a team New Orleans and they got a new team back in a new ownership who wanted to be part of that community and in the community embrace them that at some point. You know like you said those old school mentality is if you're the taxpayer you're gonna build me some open. I think that's still that still exists and in sports because you have so many so many old school ownership groups you know who. Won the lottery won the birth lottery if you will mean end that they don't know so we have a capital to do. Like what's happening in Los Angeles syrup in the 2.2 billion dollar check or a new NFL stadium or like we're seeing more and more. And that's that's struggling because they they've on this family for generations they were the first lead in the the you know the basketball whatever it was the eighty hour in the old AFL NFL and they wanna hold onto that. Economic times to pass them Biden. And and they need more cash than maybe just that family legacy fund house down. It's real lynching to see us changing any input tonight and our show for a doctor about this some how be incentives game in the ownership James changing now. We're coming to a point where it's pursued budgets being tied say legislators boss ten years. Where people are kind of sick of funding stadiums even if it is a sales tax type thing and hotel owner. It works in Vegas for the new stadium right everything is OK it's. Ignore anything that happens in Vegas this is one of those times just ignore it. We've been and we do like economics work in Vegas and that you can make anything absolutely anything work in Las Vegas and it won't work anywhere else just because. That need the money the economics are so fluid there it's it's essentially. It should create a better opportunity for some more really innovative projects because it is is the laboratory at the moon. Things that you just would never be able to have an opportunity to do anywhere else in the country. You can do in Vegas because they just work. Financial. You know or apparently LA flailing right we'll see you know see. From an old Missouri Garrett think rocky yeah the this kid was in that college cause of loss from the zoo so I used to hang out the most on how is that the nuggets. He's Smart guy and I mean I've seen him speak on loses his European soccer holding to mean he's he switched on he's not just. It's not just a rich guy who owns the team he really understands. The dynamics of the NFL different from EPL differed from India and he's. Alice and wanna be an apologist. The you know because I think. In Missouri maybe everybody I must stand Carlos I forgot your not not my grandmother bagged it and I think he's he's really gets into Minnesota and donor he really understands the unique dynamics in business that makes each sport tick vs just got a lot of money in a plane. Yeah I I kind of agrees that. John Amos is our guests today director aecom sports for the Americas fascinating first segment after the break we're going to be back when I talk about. Some of the projects you worked on specifically will get in TV one in Sacramento I know that was. Was an uphill climb to get Allen bill at some points a lot of potential stuff going on there and also talk about some of the other projects you worked on. As well as into what Clinton was talking about about why there are Simmons our fourth architects here in Kansas City area. Do a senior grill nation we read back after the break you're sort of stuff. Our old. RL. Welcome back to the relationship with Jason grow and came easy 980 AM as well as appreciate you listening via podcast on iTunes and stitcher radio as well as at grill nation should dot com. Review finalist of all of our supporters sponsors photos of our guests. As well as all of our shows. On the website at grill nation should dot com our guest today is Colby or else. The crowd gets coast and contributor group nation and also with me is right navy from the Reagor and boost them and rye and we were. Talking about kind of your your initial background in the couple locations you vote and so far one of which. We haven't talked to a Yiddish second run location which to be opening up on the plaza here shortly. One of the reasons we wanted to have you on the show. At any insight on when you will be opening the restaurant. We think just the day after Thanksgiving Barca and enters the and I say well why not and Scola and well there's there's a little bit about it there's a little politics involved in that two deserted the you know. Obviously the plaza and I don't blame them and construction. When shopping season in full swing so where again. We're getting there and done what that is right Casey dot com. Tulsa about this tells about this journey Everett a few articles about it in the local media. You decided to take and take on another restaurant I'd seems like it hasn't been very long to jumping up and I'm not sure how excited I am about during. And that's not bad it's not been a bad experience it's just I forget now. You know. I think it's not done how stressful it stick it yeah right I heard about this awhile back over your through the rumor mill that you might be opening in. I think a lot of people that excited because. At the time. You know we didn't have as many local restaurants yeah plows and now it seems to be that we're having more more yak there's a lot going on. You know. I thought it. Petition my goal it is it is but you know I think it's good because well obviously I'll see what works what doesn't work you know then. Kind of the beauty of it I'm you know it it's always going to be LA restaurants are cool you know now. More so than they worried in ten years ago everybody. You know I think the I don't know if it's our generation or what everyone eats out all the time mutual love gave to people of good wine and people's feet. You know market opportunity for that now. You know they jump on it so. So this happened out of this is facing you're going into was the the minister groceries over by the found there there yet. Over by PF Chang's the east to be Morton to drill for a few week yeah I would take my mask around and it was Morton's girl and I'm forget how long am an escrow was there I did the guy for a long time he was like eight sorry here's my companions. We really want that's base because it's literally the same exact sizes currently. He prided I hear him sing square footage in the kitchen bar and dining room so it was just a really easy plug plug and play for us. You know as far as. I I've always thought I've oh since I got in the rest numbers since I've always dreamt of coming up. I think the classes and that each front Kansas City you know it's it's where. You know people go to shop its people but stable people. Go there and spend money now and you know I I I've always wanted to have a place in in this spot opened up in it took us a long time we started. Negotiating with I would send them. You know. We were kind of progressing and then they they kind of shut down negotiations and it was obviously because they're selling them and when that happened I we thought we lost the deal. And we look at a lot of different we have to hotel projects the protests. We had a couple of restaurant tour is approaches about two instance collaboration stuff with them. And everything just didn't seem. You know like I wanted me there wasn't enough ownership there won't. People wanted to spend too much money and in users some of that those kind of things a project I just kept thinking about that project on the plaza and so on. Comet real say guy again in about three or four months have passed and I said let's let's see if they're open the talk to us again and and finally got something done then it took. Sounds like her at all all work it's a lot of work. This is like the plazas kind of the pendulum on the plaza swinging back the other way to seems to me like at its historically the plaza was. The you know the epitome of local independent Kansas City dining. And then for a long time coming the other way. Receive a bunch of big national corporate chains are Iranian and an ass in the home rich mix capital grille and and a lot of the independent. Operators were were going to other parts of of the city right and now it's. It's kind of gone back the other way Mario just open and yet they've got promoter concepts doing their thing down there Vietnam. There's gathering of the Sears lots and it is cool to see and it's you know it's about time in you know the history of down married you know we actually the building. That wariness the first building they built on ours their. And we are holed up all the floors we found all the imperial. Marble that was there and all the cherry wood flooring that was there from you know wild years and years ago when we found out you spew soda fountain. And so that's the you can look on the floor and mar what the bar is you can feel the wings from where that and sort of found stools where. And that's right more or so this is there's a lot of cool history down Aaron and insist you know as a restaurant or. I don't know it's always been my hearing what is what is coming your target demographic here. You you knew on that list and thing dollars and and I think it's the same demographic that we have been in leeway did you know it's late it's just. The people like like us you know the people with kids and then you know that the feelings and I mean I I do I love to call rye a fairly rest. You know I think it it's I think it's someplace you can take your kids or you can take your grandparents he can take your parents need to have a good time to eat good student at the same time have good thanks. And and take us through some of those options of food I've eaten there a handful of times deferral assertion maybe Nolan laden. And Johnson County you have and then what are we looking yes so I mean obviously we buy as locals we can you know as beavis cliche that is now it's very important elements. So you know I'm most of our our producer everything comes from and it's all. You know hand crafted through us we do lots stakes. Fried chicken is probably the biggest seller that we have I was little kid there used to be. Fried chicken place. I'm where the Acura dealership is. And we went there every Thursday night when I was a kid so. I've always kinda hadn't. The right thing to my friends my family it's like we always eat fried chicken so that was a big driver and why wanna do that with Brian and so that's probably our biggest seller plus my wife that's you know all homemade pie it's you know and all inserts and she's she's she's got a very well known pasty background yes yes. She's my second half by. And so you guys also a T one of the things always loved about Barack Irabu estimates yet a brunch there that was. Affordable good. As great food and so you guys are going to be doing a brunch. I Ry. Yeah so we we actually close the branch simply stem and I was very sad and yes I know there's a lot of people about that real about it but it was hard to staff and then you know we were only have so many people in all the servers and it seemed close that Saturday night and have to wait and be back in. Agreement about that for way way too long so I you know that's a good deal was probably the right decision especially in the back your mind it. They were indeed yeah down the street Iran and it's the same thing you know the once there the brunch that we have it at. Right south is the same thing we did at least damaged is bigger it's bigger brunch menu. And then we'll do brunch on the plaza and then we'll do breakfast Monday through Friday I wrote yeah you feel like. What you guys did with the Riley. Making him more. Approachable family oriented that kind of thing to that allow you to be more progressive and more ambitious with the menu was some. I think so I am you know obviously I have chefs in both applications now and they've got a bunch of influence on what goes on. But I mean he it freed up a lot I think I we found ourselves for many years at least them. Trying to walk that line right. Between being. Pedestrians and the word but being a little bit more. You know conscious to what everybody wants but you guys are way every time we've somewhat easy it was hurting cutting edge. For Kansas City in 2000 men for war yeah it week. I look back on and I would and tell anybody that you needed to get some movement now it's much more widely accepted especially with it having that kind of the contrast between riot ambush them I mean yeah I mean it's kinda nice for me personally because we do we I. I can kind of satisfy both sides have of my creativity you know. Brett we can we can do even more progressive things simply examine that yeah definitely I mean to answer your question I think it's really chance. Well it. So in addition to all this growth. You also written a couple books and have a barbecue sauce and yes. Yes sell some of that what's the reasoning behind that that's a but it seems to be a tough market to get into in Kansas City which went barbecue size area western barbecue saw yeah I mean we well we make dollar and sauces at the restaurant actually harm I have some for you guys again I'm excited to try to send them the first semi guest has brought us swagger yeah well. Yeah I actually it isn't well but few of them haven't but it's not as he does this this is this is top of the line stuff you're got a hot sauce Uga barbecue sauce. Good branding we got here and do all right all right this wage to match swagger and some. Yeah the back of the car rental and I've been waiting I grooved in where you have no idea how how true that is absolute junk of this awesome. This immigrated thank you very much yeah I know myself Elvis Wagner tells about the sauce so about. Hot sauce is really why I mean the barbecue sauce is so much as I wanna say this as sister David I have been the hot sauce and people steal it constantly. The restaurants so. We decided we wanted to start. You know I like him sit on the tables that we wanted to model and a light the lug on the branding and delay or plus we'll put the NATO post of photos snapped at this here in a little bit out that's a hammer out there that they're awesome people. But yeah it and it started out as we wanted him on the table. We just want them to be table sauces and I never really intended to have been sold in. Stores that you know it's an. Entrepreneur and I may I'm a barbecue sauce guys so different take this give the city girlfriend Sheila Cox on down we actually just did a collaboration with pizzeria locale and Lachlan and Bobby your friends of ours and older and they've got a couple of pizza places here in. We just did. Charity with the terms Texans center where I did a barbecue C pizza for them and they use callers. Allow it's it's. Kobe Urals is our guest right Casey Docomo and looking at the story Yugoslav nearly a hundred employees were getting close to break here is that that. When we opened the plaza will have over 200. So what you'll have a lot of employees down there yes is expense 7000 square feet. 88000 square feet yet he's well and we're look today. Post Thanksgiving opening for all the listeners are right around the corner and our last segment say we're talking about more about his city restaurant food scene. And talk about some other fun stuff you're on the grill nation chilled breakdown or barbecue sauce nadir in a second during the break is well. The listen to grill nation here and came BZ ninety medium appreciate you joining us today as well thanks for. And you're listening to a best stuff grilled name. Oh. Our goal. Hello welcome back to the real nation shelling came easy 980 yen yen appreciate joining us today on the show unrehearsed Jason wrote today's guest have been at Tyler and offered chairman and CEO of US engineering and Michael easily. Two CEO and president of Milbank in the UK financial. Great show so far guys don't talk about something you got involved with Tyler the years ago that was the alliance for childhood education that you found that tells about an organization. So. The alliance was created with the idea that as business leaders. One of the issues that seems to be most important long term it's strategically for those of us who were. Running businesses and mesmerized us who are not running businesses. Is education what is the quality overall of the workforce look like long term and one of the things that we did as we compared it to say that a Third World country where. Clean water is the single most important issue that you have to address before you can create. Any kind of dynamic economy while. In the United States fortunately we don't have clean water is a primary issue getting our economy functioning. So what's next well. Education mean seems to be what are clean water issue it isn't so ace was created to get business leaders focused on. What quality education looks like what opportunities for high quality education looks like. I and when we originally started it it was focused primarily on early childhood education men. Why business leaders need to become focused on these issues and and what it means in order to address what those were forced -- issues like in the future. And this is this is a nonprofit nonpartisan coalition of business leaders committed to improving Kansas miseries education systems. Will be found so far what is your. What is your take so far all the work you all done and we need to do to move forward. Well the first thing I would say is there are a lot of unbelievable providers who are out there people who work all of the time trying to make sure that young individuals in the community. Have access to these opportunities. And so there are a lot of different efforts that are going on on both sides of the state line and and well outside the borders of its Kansas City. But there are a lot of ways that business could be more involved and so. When it comes to. Areas where business leaders need to be focusing their attention needs to be on understanding why is early childhood education. Something that people need to be focused on. Elected officials like to talk about being involved and supportive of early childhood education. But those aren't necessarily people who are going to vote for them because they're two and three year old. So the question is who is actually going to be kind of representing what the interest of those children are. On a sustained basis that are not in the pressure cooker of an election cycle. And what that means is that the role of business community complaint is in helping to connect. Legislators. Width from fighters. And the business community in order to try and develop a sort of cohesive approach to. How this issue needs to be moved forward down the road so. Our president Tory Peterson. Does a tremendous job. Of working with a lot of those different coalitions and our board does as well in terms of trying to build awareness about okay what are the what are the kind of hot button topics we need you look. None too happy deal with the the discussion topic which is. I think really agree education's important. Is her future and you hear a lot of that in and I'm sure a lot of people even as well. But got investment today exceed generation kind streak since taking hold and make difference. I. Of perspective when you're talking about. Some and thus manner change in almost two years. Also I think you can look at in two ways I think there are short term benefits and I think our long term benefit but I think you have to use data to support both. So for example just take the very basic research on. How you know almost eighty to 90% of the entire brain gets formed by the age of between three and five OK so there's aid there's a factual data point. Isn't that an area where we would like to invest a lot of early dollars then there's the work that was done by James Heckman who was noble prize winning. Former head of the Federal Reserve up in Minnesota. Who wrote a paper talking about how there's a 721 payback on every dollar invested in early childhood education. And that payback has a triple net benefit of both. Giving people quality education. Preventing future social problems. And then also created economic benefit for the people who are actually providing that service CT start from there and you say okay. Well if this investment means so much how do you get the community behind those kinds of initiatives and I think that the short term. If you've got ads system that's in place that's very attractive to businesses who say want to move to Kansas City you're thinking of starting a business in the Kansas City region. Then they know that when those young people who are part of those businesses have children. It does children have a good place to go wall mom and or dad go off to work. So that's the immediate benefit is you actually are providing an opportunity for those parents to go work while their children are getting a high quality education. So you've got bad in that immediate short term and that's attractive from a from a talent attraction standpoint today. The long term benefit absolutely comes from the how those children will benefit over time. You know in terms of the the direction that they go there educational trajectory. And it's not just about memorizing facts and kindergarten or preschool where the where the the Venice it's of that I've fade over time. It's about sustained attention throughout the entire spectrum of the education system which is one of the reasons why A said. Hey you know we don't wanna just be focused on early childhood education we need to understand. How this impacts the direction that these children are going throughout the system especially children who are highly disadvantage from the beginning now. If I'm right there's statistics it's something like. To the age of five year and learning how to read and then after that I really earn. Yellow there is a great initiative here in Kansas City the mayor's region and really talked about the fact that up until third grade you learn how to read and then from that point forward you. Read in order learn now that's absolutely true. Yet to get them to the polling in third grade where there. Able to read and and again great no right right you know res so that you can learn so. If you just keep backing it up how do you get there how do you get to kindergarten ready to. You know learn how to read them. Ace and ace invests is the website correct sir invest on award is that I got out alliance for childhood education and talking to Tyler not berg he CEO and chairman of the US engineering the website for US engineering is just US engineering dot com check it out. Couple minutes left here Tyler you move back to Kansas City seems like about 1015 years ago. What are your thoughts right now and what we're doing here is a city in. All we can do better in what you think really do well. I think there's a tremendous opportunity here in Kansas City capitalize on. The trajectory that we it's sort of a take him I I'll tell anyone who listens I feel like Kansas City was on a very good trajectory in 2014. And it just inclined a little bit more oneself Prez hit that double down the third base line. As as as as we watched there royals kind of move on I feel like we gained a little bit more of an identity. As the city. And we gained a little bit of confidence as the city and an inner region quite frankly. And so I think that all of the development that has gone on economically. There's been very positive for the city I think you know our investments in arts and culture are tremendous. I would say that one of the strengths of Kansas City overall as our philanthropy so a lot of you know that the greeted NC community foundation on a per capita basis is one of them. And all the nations and all of the United States. And that's really a testament I think the direction. We're headed to the city in what our culture is a city sort of looks well looks like but. We have real issues that we need to address is well I mean I think there are a lot of areas where. We can continue to improve you know as a as a city that he you know. We have to keep. Sustained attention on there's no silver bullet or in every every single one of those issues and Eli different thing yeah. Totally talent up or appreciate come on the shape Michael easily appreciate you. Bringing Tyler federal shell and great show today and I appreciate both your time thanks for being thanks for having me thank you. We'll see again next week on groaning.