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Saturday, December 2nd

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always just okay. And their radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello and welcome Suzy grill nation show I'm your host chasing drill here and came easy 980 AM and on iTunes and stitcher listing via podcast as wells that. A nation should dot com we can find lists of all of our shows gas supporters social media information. And what not I hope you're having a happy holiday season. And enjoin degree weather here in Kansas City and throughout the country. Take our partners and supporters of the grill nation show with Jason grilled before again to our exciting showed today we have the great guests and it's going to be great. Conversation journey here not produce him in the second. That the Carter supporters are dead relation it showed the title sponsors the shore trusts. Nobody can be UK financial into western advisors in rendering guest contributors and coast. On their contributors in discos and show our Ryan may be from the Reagor NJ rigor and go. One might luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander who is against coast in honor contributor joins me each. Each month with a cool and exciting guests think strong support of the gorilla nation showed in those sponsors and supporters website to more information about the grill nation showed dot com. You can check me on Twitter at Jason real and that relationship almost on all the social media's just search for my name and down love to connect with you and appreciate you all. Listening aunts and you meet guests from time time. On today's show we will be joined for the full hour by Alan Galen who's the owner of bread and butter concepts a great company here in Kansas City and throughout the the area here on the Missouri and Kansas side. Bread and butter concepts is about strenuous things you expect from an ultimate host and each of our restaurant shall find yourself in a relaxing environment their means energetic and exciting. A place you wanna bring friends Oreo Phil welcome. They attend your needs 12 in the company of friends each of our established in tumor shoe and a feeling of comfort in the long. Alan Gayle and walking to the show Ari thanks I'm very great to see you. So receiver busy may and you have a great aunt Carol's story and a lot of things that maybe people don't know much when they visit the restaurants but. For those of you will get into that story here in the next segment but in this first segment are really count on to talk about. None of your company bread and butter concepts and really kind of focus on. The different strengths OK you guys are on the odor so give us kind of an overview of the company first million to kind of some of the concepts first. Are now we have we have a restaurants. We start of the company and 2009. And moved to Kansas City and I didn't this will be great great place for for a lot of reasons one month my wife is from here inland. Here's some deep roots and connections in Kansas City so. In the economy here has has always remained fairly consistent so. There was something there we look bad and as he looked at the restaurant industry here in the sun you know let's let's give it a run and and we'll get into that after about your journey but in 2009 you know the economy has an interest in spot there was a very religious zealot here. They're fairly bad spot for the restaurant industry. I'm 2000 S have other issues when. Casual dining industry really crash pretty hard mean in them the big chasm behind him he's really taken and taken a beating and you know that's where in Las Vegas and Phoenix implore all the big cities are really. Really hurting on the housing side though no there was no it was a risky time. The same release but right I'm. You know we entrepreneurs I think that's one thing that they do you know they're not willing to take risk and the area they taken risks in those kind of time's person and I'm sponsor pays off some there we saw an opportunity that. We felt like there was a real need and you know did you start when he started the company did you did you envision having a lot of different concepts or is it just weren't try restaurant out and he had never even thought about. Tim deeper twenty or thirty or anything like pads you know articles so when one successful business and you know see what happened after that not. You know traditional way to grow company and you know restaurant industry would be too. You know from one concept and and grow that particular concept you know these Big Ten government problem. No that's kind of what we had in mind if we were looking at the future all would be to do that but it didn't quite turn out. That would put Sarah out. We're talking to Alan Galen is the owner and CEO bread and butter concepts here in the keen Syria the lips as Brenda in a letter in butter concepts dot com. To talk to us about your restaurants. You have on board right now and and Dell computer misuse of fly over Beecham PL BE RGR into tomorrow's our first burst on. Burger conserved our Jessica we talk a modern bird concept but he's really. Eric casual dining concept with a focus on murders you know we do. Traditional stuff and little bit off the wall when everything's fresh. You know shaft driven made in house. You have you have and seeing this they're called top justice that I cut loose hear outside matches and yeah I've enjoyed those and a few Sundays and much of the shares are pretty fun of for him not I've talked. Todd stay here dots are pretty hard not to lie they got pretty popular. They did their real proper we just came up with some new versions you know from. You know I'm not chose version. Routine version come in the way you see guys have be aired here a couple location every three total revenue and a very village downtown and you know district. Or keep remain in the union and Lee wouldn't 135 round in the effect on our got that going on in our second load second restaurant was urban table which is also in the orange sooner 83 emission. Farm to table. American lunch and breakfast. Brunch on the weekends there the minute dinner we flip over to Italian American menus. Which we just recently ended up three or four months ago so Tom it's fresh she's a local ingredients. Mid price point. Irma who really cool environment really cool and REIT the builder is really did this new environment it's pretty modern yes very modern memory casuals -- casual setting. Easy to rely acts and just I'm bad neighborhood kind of cool hip neighborhood place in them. Do we open Graham and done when did you as open that. Cramming down we opened six years ago November torrid second just last week was our secure anniversary and kind of an upscale American. Started out as a Castro Castro of dependent on by the wayside in named Albert. It's just really. Who'll culinary American creation uses this really what it is it's you it's got a great environment and obviously the patios. About a hundred seats overlooks a streak and all the hotels and condos. You don't always just been pretty much year round with the weather the way it is little CF carpets out there graph fire pits out here so it's. If you are about it's pretty comfortable around the markets and if we can it's who it's weekends like last week can help America. Get out and and you got a couple other countries do we do we have. I talk or public. Over across street from Oklahoma Joe's mr. Though how door really of Texas taco. Person you know big outdoor area Mata fun tacos and pesos and things like that. There we. The dollar which we can call the card America upscale American cavern a few well. We kind of do approachable recognizable foods there. Really cool drinks them auto cocktails. No I know library setting a little bit just on the plaza around the corner from Bremen done on Jefferson street. And our newest restaurants tock feel. Out of scale study year old right I year old. Your old coming up Friday that the modern steakhouse modern State Council bit different than your traditional steakhouse tune. Army on it's it's certainly more. We're big city more modern feeling menus a little more diverse than your traditional spam accounts and. Allan Galen is our guest on the show today from bread and butter concept CEO well a lot of awards a few of the website. Accolades fuel for the restaurants we just. Breezed through the local people give more and then after the break only talked to Allen about his. Is entrepreneurial journey ended really kind dive deeper into being a restaurant tour with that takes and also talk about some of the time he spent over with two hands and on throughout the country. It's going to be a fun show today and we'll talk a little more on that about how the fancy restaurants. To listen to grill nation here on team UZ 980 K thanks for joining. Welcome back to be grilled nation show aren't easy 988. And and on ice in the security podcast is what real nation should dot com we're talking Alan Galen who's the owner of bread and butter concepts. Really cool restaurant group here in Kansas City have. Eight as a date guys that aid concert we didn't get into one of them which we can talk about later but you've got. A lot of things going on here and a lot of different restaurants and ending great employees and and in great people who work with you. In this say when I come wanna talk about the in the journey fuel we'll hopefully finish it off the ceremony though a lot of stuff that. When I talk to you and in before this you know I I didn't realize all the different things you'd done and in the restaurant industry that you started off in Texas ray Griffin Tyler Texas. And he went to university of Texas it all started I do the Telstra that did you envision town doing this when your and got in college or what was our. And envisioned and had not that you know plans of being in the restaurant business whatsoever are really plan on being in the retail business which would be followed my grandfather and my dad and I. She stores and ladies regular stores for its discount like you know keep him Finley you know and not throw at school foreign. Indecent amount school and Bono work for those guys are somewhere in that human industry but along the way up owing to a restaurant business. Trying to make a few bucks to get through school you know. And then me and my me and my friend went to and our and our job and a restaurant in Tyler Texas we're home for the summer and you know we had no idea what we're doing because we've never worked in Iraq. That had a better we told. I think it's good their own works I worked in a restaurant in high school in busboy at a pretty at the time was it in the north that was a pretty high dining facility called remembrance back there. And but then you know in college and I were to agree placements and goes culture on horse tonight bartender that I served you know. Did the whole thing up I am I think it was a great. It is a great experiences here first it's good way to make Bloomberg money I don't people make a lot of money make a lot of money and you know but second cause you know it's good you gotta learn good work ethic in the restaurant industry because it's hard work in them you know there's there's a lot of things you can learn about leadership and management and just you know. Every day shown up for. For a job in doing good job you deal with people to end the only people accuse them no main part of the business. So you. Do you got to meet some great restaurant tour is right on the on the sway in in different cities such as New Orleans and in Houston and Dallas in the new. You work today. Was it a steakhouse or see people listen Dallas your tell me. I did I didn't work work well I work for a couple different really cool places one in Houston Brennan's of Houston when a kid I got through. Meet some of the Brennan family you know worked with those guys are are short period of time and used through. You know got go to New Orleans and interview with Ella Brennan won the all time. Greatest restaurant tour said there and we've known in America. There in the whole brain impairment there in Dallas. Worked with some great restaurant tours they're too mostly local restaurant the some very successful peoples so you when did you decide to. On your own gas and and decide to go my own tone for a long time and and I've been in the business for if we're in five years before really made them. The decision. You know I think maybe it's the right time. So you. You know he did all these great things you work for all these great restaurant tourism folks and for many years and you know obviously as you mentioned your friend that you you grow up with him one on and and somehow you got roped into hands both. Yeah I assume I've actually worked for TGI Fridays and that's what do you now lost. That I got my initial entry into the corporate world numb I've been in the independent world image kind of recruited me there and start some new. You concepts they wanted really a different look in on entrepreneur look at things through. As they hired me to help develop this kind on the world were you shocked when you got that call as shocked as you know I didn't know what the heck I was doing under you know never work for the company not ending force out. But people notice you in these people and an issue in the market play as they come they come in for lunch CEO and CF got a memoir of our fine dining restaurants and you know yeah I got a call from the CEO TGI Friday's yeah that's definitely an effect says I don't see why this is Fatah is gonna complain about his lunch is served. Now so went over and talked to one thing led to another went to work for more from for five or secures and helped him develop this news. Tight concept and opened some around the country news. Unbelievable experience to know me they'll walk into a company like having yet. Shot it learning things at the very top level rather than having to work. Her way all the way up museum to a multi unit I mean I got two counts are that that development side. And I never done that before I never been a multi unit manager. You know mr. Bowen always just run one units so. It was sooner esteem and great opportunity for me. And that led to enough hooligans. Were you in Kansas scenery in Phoenix a camera you actually don't actually I went to work for who lands. I decide to leave. Alison movement. And I worked for Lance mission in North Carolina Oca I was a multi unit operator out there help. Me and some of their different operations on the East Coast and ultimately came vice president of their East Coast operations and then eventually became chief operating officer who's in power company. And to sing and and in that. At that point were you thinking about. Franchise senior French AZ law learn how and think about franchising at the time I didn't know much about franchising to Norris with Friday's. No one of the reasons we started doing new companies the new restaurant was because there was no more franchises left so you didn't really get to be involved amendment in the land side franchising cited as a big part of our business right in time for our franchisees were. And honestly when I it's going to come you were better operators from the corporate side of the business. So I learned a lot about both sides there and I'm as we re branded company. Carol with a new new row. Saw some banana I was really special so that's when I decided to leave lands. McCormack who lands French C a cut though insists that sells about that excited you were in. You were North Carolina right. I moved to Kansas City is here for five for five years and then. That's one side and becoming a franchisee and you know I guess who details my first odds for mayoral decision and anywhere you were in Kansas City but work Regan a franchise and it was an arson or Phoenix actually franchise Austin and Phoenix okay Tom we moved to Phoenix. Amid Phoenix and we we start develop there we start developing in Austin. House in 2000. Really beginning in 2006. Your year so we're talking now and Galen is CEO bread and butter concerts at the time. You were on the economy is fine why it was a while I say 0405. As Johnny let's see this as open. Around got a partner. I play him I mean I thought. Then down then you know we opened we actually opened two units one in. One in. In Florida which had a little bit of territory there are 21 and awesome live under construction nineteenth. And 2007 came and that's you know retirement a bit earlier crash of 2007 it was hard on capitol dying business. I mean I don't think people realize how hard it was when you look back I mean. Just how bad the economy was thirty Tony suit closed hundreds of unions now you know and a lot you know those. One of those companies were so big they couldn't really change what they were doing. Conform to. The needs of the consumer at the time because of thousands of restaurants need Kansas change brand overnight no fear small restaurant tour can. No clothes and rebrand things we've done it we didn't want or any. I'm going to need to be successful at it's can't change TGI Friday's planned price given new book and the minute you guys on their butt. Can't even not be Fridays anymore he. It was really really tough it was probably we've seen lots of cycles in the restaurant industry but never won at bat then cedes. I did at that point might not begin to do three of whom they'll have been yeah we actually had a development deal to do twelve of them total. There are fortunately likeness and left Friday's I mean who lands that are great relationship with those guys month and we don't think we. You know figure out where we can mitigate these this contract into I actually sold to restaurants we had. That's when I decided to. Take a run that opened my owners from yeah I need do you have via partner you mentioned I did does the guy that I talked about earlier that I got the job with. You know we're college okay Glen Roberts he's still my partner today. And he's a little bit he's in all of this facilities and we started. Ambler Johnston was C. What was his attitude about the restaurant business I mean we see with your obviously a lot more hands on me and he is that was he. You know was he wanting to grow one business you mentioned you you can have remained weaker and BR GR a recede into the hole like let's try different bunch of if he was really and a growing MB ER GR. I'm step in that plan. You know here's an oil business in 2008 lap was really good. Not as good today about. You know so. You know now is really are planned march and some of these murder concept that it started to grow. You know five guys was on. Serious role the time and that's been fast casual is making its move and taken casual dining follow them now is causing some. The limits of the situation with Vasquez with the casual dining so I was really kind of went over the line but let's focus on that Fiat goes. The man. You know it goes well. It's about developing you know that Brian TV done both sides have been a franchisee and a franchise or I am from a person who's so which which one did you like better. You know am I love being a franchise or. I'm. Case you know you get to go out there and develop the whole thing hard part of their franchise or is. Is in the franchisees to do to want him to do being a franchisee and being on the creative conceptual side of things. I mean I wasn't very different because if I can do better and mint I learned. You know you franchisees which can't always do better. Yeah you have to balance the whole thing yours truly. Really difficult but today you know some of the franchise needs are bigger than the corporate world no Applebee's it's. There's no corporates were plan it's completely different. You know those guys have grown bigger than in the corporate bonds though. It's it's a delicate balance. I don't know the pro I probably still won a difference as these don't happen. We're talking to Alan Galen who's the CEO and owner of bread and butter concepts. On the show today great pressing story angry profile. After the break I want to talk more about stuck kill an urban table would also. Maybe trying to get into the evolution in some of the other restaurants he started didn't talk about kind of the Kansas City restaurant scene. In growth and so our issues pluses and minuses and you know we'll talk about technology anything else. The moving toward what he's excited about the future growth with a company here on the relationship thanks for joining her at. I guess. Welcome back to other growth nation show on came easy 9 PM on your host Jason growth thanks for joining hissing in in today hope you're enjoying your holiday season and over join the show today we're speaking with Alan Galen is CEO of bread and butter concepts here in Kansas City. One of your restaurants stock kill which is located just off the paws on the plaza bit in the old border trade building. Was just recognized by thrill list as one of the top steakhouse isn't country. On the read an excerpt from that it says it takes on the special making NC residents take notice of your state game. Forcefully Stucco or gratitude to be special most media and open my share it. As innovative appetizers like lobster I can't pronounce that would barbecue rich nor cried and Gerri covers. Some of the stuff by disease down yes it tastier I don't know how to say it but anyway so stuck kill you get a huge write a book there kind of unexpected bit tells about that story about a half in the mean that's pretty cool to be in the top. Thirty or 31 statehouses in the country in year one. Yeah I was so it was actually totally unexpected media. They contacted several months Jones would confer some base information which they typically do little schools you know do information on the web site and about you know who restaurants opening in cities and so forth and we didn't really think anything about it -- 1 Saturday morning couple weeks ago friend of mine. Actually. Kind of helps us with our real state development Allman on 7 o'clock in the morning to see that article one article. And let's always did suggest calling you from your friends. I only got arrested are you don't know when I don't know my god what what's the outlook but. Three Mel via email it to your quick and so yeah we didn't know about it. To be in the company of the restaurants that are on that list on some of the best steak houses in the country that have been around for a long time and some of the newer ones. That are making waves him in Denver and Chicago and other markets. It was a real honor and for us to vehement that news has been very and you guys obviously put a lot of work into the building. We do we put a ton of work into the building and come among. But it pictures are great and and the look is hearing really cool building and anyone that building because of the of the windows and whatnot and we did you can find that probably on the plaza Mano we're actually looking a bit that the same building but in different location in the building lower ceiling through noon you know after we are negotiating and we just couldn't get it to work and you know they were there already leased the space we're in the summer are there already had a negotiation on. We can just not that flora and open up these windows is this would be dynamic and ultimately. Became active since. You know who think an idea that Statehouse in this corner. May really be a great idea and you the thing about it's he has a great history of obviously stake but there isn't any local. Rustic house assume you have on plaza replies three three and you have been you've obviously followed baton. Yeah outer did you listen for a long time you have an industry and in turn the statehouses the local steak houses and you know grown up in Texas you know you hear about barbecue here and you hear about the midwest today in native is the name. And when I moved here territory back from point I was like well there there's a couple but you know dollars or power gone down it was more the classic person announcement. You know. I think Kansas City miss them a new version you know what's happening in the bigger cities in the markets move in these new modern steak houses though. Something I've been thinking about for awhile mean let's cool down and his other ex Billy get executed. You guys do a lot of business travelers and core business there reduce a lot of people from other markets than. You know corporate you know corporate dollars are always you know there's been a lot of money but I'm just to get people in from Chicago and new York and Cisco. Those types it is actually have maybe not popular with chiefs fans we have the president via Buffalo Bills. Mend his entourage him on Saturday night for the games no you know we did a lot of those people especially now we got the recognition. You know people are. I wanted. We'll do would steak houses against either gonna see that RC that's that's great that's great news. And in the future you know you guys obviously. Put a lot of time after in the stock hill and you know you from firmer reading articles in the media you guys have had some some good times some great times some OK times there so if you're looking forward to doesn't eighteen. We are looking forward 200818. It suits you know we're excited about it me a lot of things. There's a lot of things to offer a lot of things to do and next year but only those who uses of the good here we start out great and summertime came as government. Odd inconsistent summer for us in all our restaurants that. They businesses during the summer time as it is anyway and you know there's rumors flying around path. Different things are gonna happen our restaurant but I know that was there was rumors that Paula was from new. No word yet if it wants article came out all days are here says. You know sales are doing great we're really good place but you know grassroots leverage after she got some really. Cool things plan with the restaurant week Aminopterin. I putted great year. It'll be really cool and at some point maybe you can get those other chefs he come in from a post article aria from other stake that's all plan is to get. Three or four of those cuts off that list and do whoever's kept rates they counts in men should be really fun. What school I think Kansas City does need more of that local the local dining you guys are really kind of focused on now with the company. And what not tell me about the cheery cherry halls of its during all your it's. We talked about the we have no we moved into our office me office is now in the crossroads you guys you guys really are all over the place we are crossroads in moonstruck. Or Dave Kansas and are you are from our restaurant imperial district that we have 40000 square feet down there and we have our offices reverend hunter army. Business were grow lettuce is in Earth's that we. Organics or own restaurants we sell it to sound too good to have 101000 square feet which we're going to be. In fact I'm meeting with the contractors and raised our next week. There will be our R&B two H&R and goes do weddings receptions all kinds of things will also do cooking classes there. Do all our main catering now better. So it's open for 2018 open for the deaf hear oral and open around Miami Boca mayor to the latest Oca very cool that's fun. You guys also to understand knocking off some things have been reading about. You've been very successful the collaboration there are stadium. We have is not only are you you opening more local local restaurants are also collaborating on with companies and in the cheats we are here how we that we. Our first concession if you will. With the chiefs this year Rio and of the RGR it's fiction and in. Oh yeah it is noon time and it's been really successful I think they're homeless couple weeks ago we're in the second highest. Grossing. Recession matters. Info is kind of our entry and get a little bit of fuel and it is from experience that type of business. I'm with talked to the royals before and effect will be talking to him again soon and you got the new airport terminal mine you know a few years so. I'm schools have a local local restaurants and gas needs and I think a lot of them though the market has moved away from that whatever you do another stadium in the city and they have. You know they'll have their corporate whatever but I did like cal grownup get a royals immediately its army for example our you know I could. And they announced the trend is to move back to that in the stadium suit in the airports especially music there. You know me you know at the Phoenix airport for sampling I'm Sam parks restaurants all over the bison who we have to go some truly unique indifference not just the knuckle stuff a typical stuff that's there so yeah will be Harrison. Alan Galen is my guest have a great time here from bread and butter concepts talk to me about. Fast casual the market's changing we mention all about that that you also have technology now I mean I remember. As a as a high school student the first time they're using college that you built like an Applebee's or whatever they have like a parking spot for area. Now we're talking about ordering on the phone we're talking about at what what's going on that market because people are. Tending I think to maybe eat more at home and their office but the big bigger care they get delivered via new breeds are postman to whenever. Yeah I mean insistent you know in recent years to mean to go business got to be pretty dated you know people were coming to pick up the food and you know we wanted to take it only needs but that requires a trip. Call or or orders you know some type of call him in the car drive down their picket the you know get home it's not quite right so cut your. There's a lot of things can happen but. Now you know people don't you wanna go there are going to go into the car that is what they really wanna go online and order. And then you know mature there's. It's delivered under percent and thirty minutes later fair and there's a variety of different companies out there that are doing the delivery side but. Fast casual business has really shown some signs of decrease here this year. It was projected to be. The best in not in business and would never. You never go way it was always going to be an asylum in the mean that's one of our consummate. Embarrassing. To poll ways and all of those guys were just bloom in you know and I'm not sure. Line. You know we saw this turn so quickly but I do think the biggest part is technology. Millennial. Based changed our world. And especially in the lives last year year and a half two years that your. It's funny because it's it's very expensive it is sixties to I hit but just talking young fair phony assailant to launch from. From wherever I'm on the plaza where it's been thirty dollars here with delivery costs and all that Xbox. I'm. A matter if you order him entrees are limits on cost is same thing and cost us as operator it's expensive to. I'm. You know young talent way out like we look at it on the on the delivery side. News where are you there weren't paying the rent Marty pain of people. You know so if they're taken pursuant to which they do pretty good sized pursuits. It's still worth it because we're in the extra sale. Hard hard to swallow rule is the people that are doing it to go amen to pick up there to go business where we don't have to pay their pursuits for the delivery service. Are now up 50% of those ordering through the delivery service and so. Acosta symmetric 20/20 5%. You know but. You know you've got about 50% of incremental sales though. It's going to be is gonna I've predictive and do away continue wave of future and in fact I think it then we'll see some restaurants open. In Kansas City we've seen and in the mix video or any where there are no seats. This kitchens. Drive in you to picker upper it's going to be intersect at all news is it that's inching up. But much so let's cost there and build up against a back and labor. That's right that's right. We're talking Alan Gayle and bread and butter concepts we back for a final segment after the break we talked about fancy restaurant season. And future of friends that are concerts. Listen to building. Welcome back to Israel nation show. With JC grove he enjoyed the show here in 1980 and came easy as wells on podcast BI teams and stitcher radio and that grill nation should dot com. Alan Galen has been our guests CEO and owner of bread and butter concepts that have. Seven restaurants and an eighth cherry calls coming on board here soon. In the crossroads. Allan what we talked all entrepreneurs and business owners how when becoming get your take on some some good advice for entrepreneurs or people thinking about. Opening up a restaurant with your take on the answer. Well here. Think he's he's got to be number one need to be realistic about torture and in don't have have a great business plan. Business plan is you know implement you gotta have it guides you met it's not the whole Bible you know and Iran and some girl's long way. I'm being realistic with what she can. It was you can really what you can really handle. You know that a 100000 dollar investment for a stronger about it. Two million dollar investment or by they have different you know different approaches in different different obviously financial. Ways to raise money and invest money. It's it that's really important here you have cut in and other piece. Premieres have a good mentor. You know people would go out there and seek is much advice as you can possibly see. No I advise is bad highest. Just take it all in and understand as much as you possibly can about opening your own business positions bill lot of hurdles that you face. In my that's not necessarily on before you. There there's so much more to him especially in the restaurant and there's 900 moving parts. And I'm no different pieces you know it's its own products you market in your branding. At the employee side of people signed the consumer side. It's it's pretty much you know all encompass written. Kansas City has a lot of new restaurants opening right now doesn't it. You guys do know we had a lot we got a lot of restaurants. To grow and have been success obviously you guys have been successful you. You've you've got in revenue right for the loser here in new Harrison mentioned the author of the BR GR his. The tar light district has been a great success revenues this up because the streetcar. Right and that's that that's that's pretty cool you know there's a while where we could give local places down there now nick Benjamin over there another here. Then expel a great job along with the mayor I mean yeah they ruin. Really done what they say they were gonna do what they set out to do and it's made huge difference and it's happened off after downtown and we expected him to him it's. That's often took the two people that are using Casey's of people there helped me grow and in the community itself men. Got a lot more mixed use a lot more residential. Food is that is that that's gonna continue to grow. Some of the issues we might have a city what is it none of talent like to hear that with yes companies with. Whenever business yeah well. Suspect you know writing I think you're him and yet they ever. Did business we'll tell you there's not enough qualified people restaurant industries. Especially in that in that place right now you know there's a lot more restaurants opening men are qualified people who have to work him. And say you know it is hard you know you he'd get a job anywhere you want him wherever he wanted to make it difficult for people. Or in any turnover situation and then I mean cost more training and so forth. I'm as the city continues to grow. As more young people live here and we continue to build residents lawyers that they wanna live them and downtown living room off living in America being. You know we'll see more people move here and nothing now more more young people are coming from out of college in these place the more affordable. I mean stuff to do move we need those. We do end one of the things we talked about it gets forgotten about when you're talking about incentives that are. You know economic development is business stories and so. People always think about that that is huge. For what you do right there is absolutely huge for what we do you know I mean. The community supports restaurants. All the time but they support him mostly on Thursday Friday Saturday. It's under. But you know the business traffic comes in that's what supports a lot of these restaurants Monday through. Thursday. And you know that means bringing conventions here means pretty. Big business here. Those are it was a business that's an image has tell touch stars though visitors. You know the that the new airport and all those things help I restaurants are absolutely. No it's like if there was we got some great. Rape is no great support here is that Casey's. It the mayor and people there they're trying to do and as they continue to grow. Rule will see more people come you know or is that the urban table. Ellis of going on right now for for two dozen eighteen in the future are you excited about that in and on the growth that restaurant I am really excited about it it's India we changed the concept a few times. There are changed things about the concept we started out with Europe mass casualty count walk up to our order that was once and breakfast and then you know. Immune period didn't do that him and we took account are now you know and now we switch to you know more modern Italian menu at dinner time. It's been through some some changes is just it's one of our restaurants I think and people though I'll about now. Mean we got so many you know we got. Its way it's really one of the coolest who's really cool wave of dining it's very casual when it's really hip and cool. Whose farm to mark armed table kind of launch and run it's really huge front this and so we do people really love the fronts that are secretary rollout new ones and twos. The mile. Cool different lawful grunts and Coca pretty cool. And then you can take needed to evolve and obviously as do a lot with the community and we do not and you'll be doing more of that have more specials when you Howard a couple early. Really need promotions for holidays. Wright's more meals were some people in the mean one of things really excited about two and this year and deliver outs from them. Christmas dinners to people who really need mean. Alan Galen is our guest friend motor concepts OK so you guys always look to future growth right position on have you have you have you ventured and other city gender woody what we have not you know it's one thing you have to you know. I know people are moving. Your business from one city almost a year and multiple cities. And there's a lot of things that you don't think about there's a lot of things yet the very. Very ready to look at and ready to cross when you do that because it changes the whole dynamic of your business journal. Whole structure does assaults and you can't drive there warrior restaurants have written. You know you have to manage restaurants and in other markets. You have to you have to be prepared for that and they're not unique and you know he can you can lose very quickly and you know you know closures of restaurants that. You know so locations important to you I mean you EC look grand and success. I need OpenId in a different space in the Pozen they would work Buchanan Saint Louis cern. Chicago who know exactly and we look for locations for Graham and in other markets and the new funding back right spots. And that's the other thing about moving to a new city you know you go. You don't have the same feel for that city the two that you don't live in so. You know you've taken by some other people. We are looking to grow and other markets you know. As via as the for the next few years you know BR GR is a growth vehicle for us we've got three now. You know economic model worked pretty cute for good Brandon people seem like on its own. There religious potential opportunities outside the market that. I'm not quite finished with Kansas City. Okay you ready to grow and Asia as the US have. And one of the things he talked about got a minute left and show is the decision to incident growing DRG are older than the country is the give your you're your your solid customers you know different option Bryant they wanna go have a stake they have stated they won't have a burger that burger they wanna have. Italian fare at night at urban tale like in past present way to do that is the unions and that's a brand border conference. You know where often that. Use the community do a lot of these a lot of different places. Like truth and we do a great job Foreman. You know the income multiple times a week to brighten the I love that Alan Gayle and owner of bread and butter concepts has been our guests the website against bread and butter. Concepts dot com check all the restaurants hurricanes sitting in those are urban table BR GR talk a republic stock kill. The all her agreement done. When Imus in there and then Jerry Hall burial will be coming on here since thanks for coming on the show and my pleasure thanks for having been a great show you all enjoyed it will see you again next week take care and have a good.