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Saturday, December 9th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always just okay. Even at their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome Cindy grilled nation show with Jay seem drawn your host appreciate joining us again today poncho 132 of the girl nations show. You can connect with me on Twitter always act in Jason grill on that relationship goes along is on also should media outlets as well to search for my name. Appreciate you those of you were joining on iTunes today as well via podcast and all you take a listen of the show on grill nation should dot com we can find all of our guests. Photos of our guests and all of our supporters are Griffey wanna mention here at the top two the great people here in the can't see you region title sponsors of the show our trust. Mo Bay Buchanan financial and q.s advisors contributors to grow nation show on on their guests are. The Reagor NJ rearing coach Brian may be. One might look tree apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander guest on air contributor as well. On today's show very excited. To have on one of our partners and title sponsors of the show bringing in some really cool gas I have with me in studio. A Jeff Phillips he's the senior vice president mode bank agree company and can't see the website is no bank dot com. Bring him on just the second we're going to be talking to two German today. Jeff and I Tucker Trotter. And Tom Collins Tucker Trotter is the president and CEO of dimensional innovations. And Tom Collins is the chief operating officer of dimensional innovations which is a really cool company here in Kansas City. Welcome to show Jeff Phillips from obeying our user demand for the CF so it's also about our guests in the Pentagon and catch up review. This this company dimensional innovations is. As a really cool business. What they did there really is you know it's one of those businesses that you drive by on. Maybe on the highway or on the street you see a big go why warehouse and you wonder aloud what they do in there and yes go in there and it is amazing they. They really focus. On the Pannemon experience. For their customers and that and really manifests its self and a lot of different ways that they are more than just a Fabrice signage up that's for sheer. Yet they are and so they they do all kinds of things. And creative things they they work with sports corporate. Do life entertainment retail city transit muses and museums and seasoned healthcare. They have on staff over 250 employees and they are all from either graphic design world. Branding world architecture world sports world mean it's just. They have at all yeah they really do its it's done because you. Hey if you're ever spend some time with and you get to see that guy that is cutting the word. And sitting right next to the person that's maybe doing as some kind of digital screen or something that's gonna go inside the frame and then you have kind of a strategy you're branding person and also working with him and you really just do a great job of melding all those disciplines into. Delivering something that the the end they're customer. Has been able to think about that mania up articulate and I think that's one of their biggest. And advantages as they're able to take ideas out of people's heads mandate kind of turn that into her real life name dimensional innovations. Is the company the website is DIM I N dot com. There's services include experiential design brand activation technology signing agent and way finding fabrication build launch animation. They've worked on some pretty cool projects here which we'll get into in the show with CEO and the CEO after the break. Everything from the new Minneapolis vikings experience in their new stadium to the Mercedes-Benz experience and with the Atlanta Falcons TV I was state K state miss new Kansas locker rooms and experience to the new air ahead to the just so many different things in the sports world that they worked there and they're getting more more than a business. Over hunter project to believe that worked on in indifference stadiums throughout the country. You know they've that they they have had and soon the marquee. Jobs that they have worked on that. And I think you and I have visited with about off the air that you may not have noticed. You know originally that now it's you. Know that they worked on and I'm sure you're I will be drawn the check out all the beat us so I think I think it's really cool Morgan and this is. Just how many awesome people are working on sports projects throughout contract I believe we need to market the sport yes this Kansas City is the sports. Design and architecture of capital of the world I mean. Experiential design so were they doing they're they're building like the the entry ways that you walked through there hall of fame it's the royals hall of fame that they touch that. Just you know that the training facilities for music I mean they're doing so many things that you can touch feel and that really heightened experience for. For fans mean and throughout the country and it's one of these things at Kansas City. We have to highlight more yeah his. The general public doesn't know what we know it in the industry knows that but yeah this is really the area where most the innovative national international stadiums. You know take flight you have the different thing to brag on ourselves about this year but no I mean it be really cool because. We got to get past the jazz and barbecue or inherit. You know we're trying to do that that it's. It's really cool sort of talked to the CEO and CEO of dimensional innovations Tucker Trotter and Tom Collins here today. What Sagan is DI MI in. Dot com it's two great website they'll meet some the brought some books by which will level talk about here in the future it's with all these great photos and actually of one major that I really enjoy my with what they do with the show ideas. Their mission is to be the greatest design fabrication technology team liberating people from mediocre experience. So that there you go sore and talk about how they've done that over the years and what's interesting is will learn is that Tucker it was an intern at one point now is CEO of the business over twenty years later yeah. That's really cool. The Jeff what are even up to you and your remote banked you guys have been through Euro merger when every one call with with UK financial Michael easel over there and how are things. You meant yes things are good things or do we do we are very blessed moon. You know we did and can you are our conversion for our systems and our process and all that back in February and I feel like we've. And it turned a corner now on that to where were able not be so reactive as to kind of addressing issues that and being. Pro active about growing the banking Ian Ian. We have to stay in and really we've really benefited from having this. Great community and no bank believers say continue just to say hey you need to do you. Bank with my banker in dragon folks over to the bank to talk to us and there's a lot of cool stuff going on in town I mean there are people. And you know it manufactures expanding their manufacturing lines are folks buying buildings to mean the guy's a great example you know they had to you. Physically they cannot physically fit people in that building anymore they had to buy another building to expediency. And there's. Firms doing a lot of new work hemming best years ever. And so there's a lot of cool stuff to be a part of and Intel you guys are here to help. Yeah yeah onus Chris it's you know from not just bill own piece that you know from. And I kind of ball banking products that you know the thing that we try to say is we're not smarter then any other large here we dissidents unique position where we get that. And learned from folks like a VI. You know we get to learn from partners know what's working and what's and a challenge and how they overcame in the and pass on that experience to other entrepreneurs. In connect them and let them. Can help each other grow and that's that's pretty valuable because you know hunched nurse can fill panel lonely and isolated sometimes that. This helps kind of player by no whirlwind together. Love it mode bank what's that is no bank dot com Jeff Phillips will be joining me today senior vice president MO bank for the entire show. And we're gonna have on trucker Trotter who's the CEO and president dimensional. Innovations and Tom Collins as well as the CEO at dimensional innovations. We call in DI here in the website is DIM I N dot com here after the break going to be exciting show breaking the city come. Through a single nation here in 1980 and came BC. Hello and welcome Suzy grill nation show was chasing grill are here and came easy nine TVM else appreciate listen today on iTunes and stitcher you podcast is walls on line at grill nation show dot com appreciate our. Our grade a supporter and partner and sponsor of the show Mo bay can be okay financial again for joining us today it was a great first segment. With Jeff Phillips from Mo banking and thanks again to Michael V is only four stopping by prior to the show to welcome in our guest today. Our guest today it's sting a story here I'm looking forward to hearing more about it we have some. Great materials here in studios well I wanna think again Jeff Phillips who's with. Though bank senior vice president have no bank for welcoming our guests are bringing them on today. Today's guests are. Tucker Trotter who is the president and CEO of dimensional innovations as also joined by. Tom Collins who's the CO. Dimensional innovations. They Kansas City company welcomed the show both you and and Jeff as well welcome back calorie yes great praise for its great to have your first so we're gonna have four people today in studio. Which. Guzzle tie when you guys are all you guys are all guys and all in the you know and if it's kind of cozy near Bo I think three's you don't shoot threes I think if fits nicely. First off let's look some just start off here in just kind of maybe just give a quick introduction of how we knows that these great guys in this company and in. We'll get to your as backgrounds here and second once she'd kick it off Jeff yeah. You know I think they're bio be excited to hear from them today Tucker and I got to know each other's histories and different social circles but we've been able to work together. And the bank with dimensional animations over both the last five years and the thing that excites me about him is that not only do they and make a great product and have really loyal. Customers they they build some really cool exciting experiences for votes. Meant I enjoyed just working with them because they hear good business people they really focus on. Culture and kind of where the company is headed and they they focus on all the right things so it's time to visit with him about those things and learn from Maine in the mile past some of those experiences on other votes. Olivia has been in business here and instantly. Then I partners against him right OC EO yeah we started in 93 so we've been out awhile. I actually. I joined the company in 96. As an intern. So my degree was industrial design and university Kansas. In and ordered him graduate had to have an intern ship outside I got this that got this game end. That's awesome yeah yeah so that that's that's all started as an intern. Enter Syria. I'm only had a few guests on the show I think over the years that. That started as you know the salesperson or an intern or what not and then. Became CEO of the company yeah but Derek story when our other sponsors of the show trust their he has the same way. That's cool so I'm sure we'll get into a lot of things you've seen any change in this market and how it's grown and out Tom love ya I saw you and Leonard and. Yet so I'm kind of the opposite occurred within a little over two years on the net awhile ago on and my background is. When senator name from here from Kansas theories in Chicago for awhile then management consulting its refining operations though. Can the company two years ago. The guy's whole year. Growing up what brought you back teens city. Armed you know that's a great question like most of people who commit incident followed girl at 30 that is also reoccur. They need people hardly say that you know and the low but it didn't if you know and maybe a good idea plus it's a B I've been back for for many years ago. Join and then I love it love Kansas City you know I think. Seeing other parts of of the country who have different parts of the world even you know this is such an amazing place in three young kids so. Grown a family here is really important to me in Munich community continue to grow and thrive and beat them. Active or. Helen you guys worked with with Jeff over Milbank. Yeah I think we it's been about five years yeah you know it's in great game five years to cost. I. So talk to slowed about the business in the tells about ten of which you'll do and and you look is to be honest I haven't heard him yell until I saw I saw you at the coaches vs cancer. Well get through dance of the maronite I've been on the norm Stewart. Autographed cardboard cut out and on the way to parking lot of broke the arm off so I'll I might be coming to get some some some. Some must surgery there it's in my office now loaded as a busy guy that. You yet tossed 02 because I was trying to figure that out obviously and and may. Sensitive you know what we do is is hard to describe to people but you know pennant Jeff touch on the were experienced designers. And so what that means. You know the purpose the remote wake up and go to work every day as to liberate people from mediocre experiences and lucky for us the world's full mediocre experiences so there's a lot of things to fix out there. And and so we've assembled this really amazing team and it's you know architects interior designers industrial designers. Engineers. Fabric here's welders. Artists sculptors technology people developers. It's a really diverse group of people. And together we solve problems are clients in trying to build amazing experiences so this is a touch and feel type thing and and more than a brainy type. Now it's yeah it's it's it's branding and storytelling. It's designing great experiences and in spaces for people. Minutes it's everything it touches on. So and we that's innovative I mean that really is I mean I've never had or talked to anyone the condos all these things ready usually have your marketing. Agency your new PR agency year. Graphic designer if you will. Architects being never have kind of the whole. Deal right and and service offering no interest in that's when the things that really drew me to the company was buying that one neighbor customers for us. We can take the place and so on May. Developer well today and I come to united Sam I'm. Much in new. Billion dollar I don't know it's just poll number out development mixed use development like where we go with that they set some mean you guys who work on her being accident or. That's just like to think of because there's so many different things involved. With experience at a development right yep we think about you have a movie theater you have a restaurant you have a retail you have. Yeah branding you have for materials you have apartment timing felt. I I'm just the edits that that's something I'll always think about it in the common we read together you know common thread with all that is is the consumer experience in the guest experience. Men so that's so we think about it so. Everybody that comes to a space like at a place like. You know everyone. Engages differently than some people wanted to see him being. Other people or good shopping. And some people wanna go to great restaurants and so it's about it's about programming in the space on. You know being able to appeal to a lot of different taste in Hartford and demographics and so yeah we work on those teams in a lot of times a team especially for project that size it's a very diverse team and but we burning. A lot to you that a lot of different skills so I'm. And those exactly comprises one. And you a lot. More innovative the most I would assume those brain the brain power you have electorally right how many people were he on now and at the company about 215. In Kansas City. Inking oh wow we just opened new offices in Minneapolis. And a well. And strong. And went dead is that new for you all working at Kansas City and and are you Muster business outsider entire Iowa. The country. You know I have satellite and other offices that you just traded. Yes that's a new thing the other new offices. I mean that's about a month old so it's very very but we've been working in both those markets for. Several years though. Doing really large anchor projects multiple projects within those markets so for us. It's easy to live in and it's the season Merriam showroom basically both of those locations Minneapolis were zoom Atlanta. You know. Interest thing tucked his value as grew as a company in those two cities because. The just one decline in minutes as they recommend is typically how worked right well it's yeah in and I think it was a series of smaller. Winds up to them to really big ones because we have on. Couple anchor project in each city and a we'll start there we did a lot of the brand experiences inside the new embassies and the Atlanta Falcons new home. We do a lot of work and there's a multi year project by had to fight had a hundred dollars twenty years ago would have invested in Kansas City people working on stadium project. Because. I swear every time I come I eye opener of the newspaper read about something it's somebody's bill in the new stadium and at Oakland under the new stadium and wherever I mean it's you know it's into Kansas City and we had engineering firm on once they're doing stuff in LA and you just constantly hear about. NC companies having whether it's. Designing yet whether it's architecturally whether it's branding whether it's innovation whether it's experience some part of these. Inner these international and national sports yeah and I know it's a little bit about the history BI started in 93 and we were our first customer was AMC theaters man and so. You know because of leniency this is that theater town and you know a lot a lot of innovation in the cinema industry has come from. So there's some great architects and designers here in town that focus on cinnamon we've got on the news staff. And then you know in the cinema industry. And took a nosedive. We said look at what worlds to work we've we've learned a lot. About interior signage interior design theme in the suspect in the ninety's where we take that end. We found this incredible concentrations sports architecture was in everyone's in the city should be proud of them because so much of it happens here. Yeah it's really inching because it does but I don't know if people know though on national oh yeah maybe maybe the people that are in sports rule do it right if you were task one from Cleveland or wherever Austin we. Did you know that. Sports architecture capital of the world is against Kaiser tells me he will. I mean it's like. It's a cool thing to me we should remodel yeah I think as a city. Nick called a mayor and say mayor. But cells are promoting them more because it gets off you know. I think it's a cool thing we promote she gets a tussle on those types projects on yeah yeah I mean an end I think right around. 20012002. Browsers for sports project and now it's our fastest growing group means like to talk more about after the break. It's funny as I've people tell me that the new stadium Atlanta makes filled in look like it's high school gymnasium it is the Natalee. Bug the size in the sheer magnitude of a compared to the old stadium. Which I've been doing hand full time football games I mean. Yeah it looks great on TV now we reported talk more about that after the break. Or today with Tom Collins and Tucker Trotter. Cease meets at dimensional. Innovations. Also Germany's Jeff Phillips senior vice president of user have no bad. On the should listen to drill and I guess. Welcome back to grill nation on. 9 PM came easy. And on iTunes if you're listening via podcast is rolls on grill nation showed dot com. You connect with me on Twitter at Jason real and that grill nation shell. Really excited to continue on with our guests today. We attacker charters its president and CEO of dimensional innovations. And Tom Collins who's the chief operating officer of dimensional innovations also joined live by Jeff Phillips Sousa senior vice president at Milbank. We're talking learning more about the Mitchell nations and some you work I'm looking through amazing catalog but you've put together brought into the studio Samir projects. Locally and nationally let's touch on some of the ones that you've worked on. To create better experiences here locally that you're proud of the bill learn more about some of the project so we've worked on. Well the first one I've I think is. A new one that's caught the most attention for us over the years and that's the library books that are for the downtown library then so. In that one gets a lot of attention. He's still see it on social media's kind of you know I just saw on your Linkedin profile guys potato and so any you know it's to innovative there was definitely an event out in L. On high end Jonathan Kemper is really that you know he's he's on the team up with an idea. And there was a lot of push back seemed weird seem like a weird idea and so. One of the ways that we like to work as we just make mock ups and we just so we made a full scale mock up in just tested it and it in week everybody. Once we've put it up on the side of the building we can tell those who constant so. That's one that were really proud of them. And then you know I think the work out at arrowhead. And also it royals span has been very. It also tests the streetcar a little bit I got it right all the TA LO KC team work and we're really proud. Continue to see this stuff that in and grow. The driving around town and you'll see your work is very. You mention names sees when he first clients via. And so whenever you walk in and AMC theaters in the one. At the time the U that was opened a power in my district and also achieved. There's tons of them throughout the city obviously right it just each one of them has unique experience in different I think annoyed yeah they're all different and they're always evolving and so. One of the things we like to do with. With AMC has helped them kind of continued to explore how the guest experience can always be better and and how you know guest preferences are constantly changing and so making sure we are testing and trying things trying new things though it. That's awesome. We need so much more this now we talked about sports he Tommy mentioned. The stadium the new stadium in Atlanta I'm I'm looking to your book here in. You guys have done experience and many stadiums new stadiums. Throughout this country both the college in the professional. You always got some of those get a look at their on scene you know Charlotte Minneapolis. It we have in the states and here. We're fortunate to have over a hundred years of professional sports franchises once rules. That we've done work. All over the place so you're talking about kind of take me through your touching in the stadiums cures or touching everything from inexperience. That we did the viking voyage Minnesota Vikings in the unique space dedicated entirely to the inexperience. Locally we went up on field out here. The people engage with the walking in on the view but don't we also do things like potential involvement in luxury suites locker room. Since we did football locker room if they. So on and look at AKU bass. Alls and earns well you know it's and looks like man that that's a nice. But the nice locker room in there. And in the common thread with all this is helping in either brands or schools recruit. In retain athletes in hand student athletes so. I've seen the case state work he did I was up there are few weeks ago also to the royal assault thing I don't touch that. It just adds so much to the the experience or right now compared to what we used to have at stadiums right right. He didn't know when you don't really think about it is community experience. Or it may just as you're walking through it on course. He used to be to be great program on either. Branding. And walked in the spaces to use than ever think about before and you know you know. What is like that it. Modern Arab pretty inexperienced into an older stadium compared. The brand new. Beautiful Mercedes-Benz. Place with a one in Minneapolis that are Brandon. Each one has unique to Africa. It's to me out because if you're working on a at Wrigley Field obviously something that's old. You know DC renovations that Lambeau in all these old stadiums recently and people are some people are. Not happy about the man but then it's this kind of like earn your or we're going to be getting you know it's like. I think what people see it and see innovation and at the bit of this great idea but it's just is the gentleman right and so you're putting in these new experiences it'll. Some some summer holder right summer newer. That's got to be each thing. You know tightrope to walk. Especially guys being so creative and I think we we really enjoyed both I think they've like Thompson they both come with their set of challenges that it. You know respecting and you know with in the case of air and air it means means something in all of us right we bought experiences there so we wanna respect. And take advantage of what we inherited there so those round circulation ramps everyone's seen them and an up and down on them there you know during their lifetime and so. Like Thompson we we real bullet and activate those and make amend brand experiences that people. So really improves improves the you know visitors but also saying cutting edge right Jeff Ameen. I'm looking through your book you guys of touch he said a hundred different places in the sports world at least. When you are those initial meetings. You know they don't wanna because you had a don't read like the the team down mystery writer than the other big twelve school that just figuring out ways to. He something innovative gotta be hard and we have so many clients I mean. How to leave how do you do that he come keep coming up with creative ideas is just three year your strategy process decline hearing with the means or how does that work as the process work for them. His skills in world I live and it's all about. Processes and strategies about summit should hear more at that we've we have a process. But the variable that's different and each one of those is the client. And so we always bring the same process and we very have the we have a different team of course. But the clients always different in our process involves the client quiet so there are we have we don't we're not like some design firms that. You know go away and come back a year later with the idea and say here it is we want you to be involved agrees that the and so we demand a lot from our clients we asked them what story they won't tell ones you know what's their brand attributes all the things that they're trying to achieve on the business side. We wanna make sure that what we design feels. And and so yeah that does require them in and and then they're going to bring their unique styling element to us. And it's up to us to interpret that in the space so minute that that's what makes you to experience different and so. I think is leaflets or vote you notice that there's not there's not a common look every look every one of them looks unique and it's oh because. Men are finished and tiger how's it. How's it changed as you can and deliver. On those. And environments. I'm sure it's gone and from. Not so reliant on physical structure as it is like technology and videos and music in lining in all act and the stuff have you all had to you learn that disciplinary and the added on additional talent than yeah peace. I think the the first rule tech heavy project we do this for Imus to end. And that was probably ten years ago. And Sosa and it's what was that part of which which which deals. You know when. The training facility within the tiger are all there interactive Tyrell but I don't of the building within. That. I can't sit there might be some attention more worked on their feet guises continues to grow the football stadium mug just down there at the bass barring a last Friday and mean it's still one of the best. It seems so new and it was built 1000 Moscow backed that up but it doesn't. It is feels if it's a great environment great stadium and resonates all them which is cool and that tech project for us really started it got it started in. I think a lot of people saw that got a lot of attention in the sports world and and so that. And of the budget that goes towards technology has grown every year since and so the fastest growing group within our company as a protector and a and so it's really exciting and because you know he like he said Jeff building. Physical elements is important. And having technologies also really exciting you can create inexperienced nobody ever seen before. Indyk can constantly involved with the brands so. As Masood has more wins that we constantly updated. In constantly make that content for us to new recruits and what's relevant and crew. You guys also a phenom I'm sitting here jet thinker myself man I should get a job with this company years ago right yes a new York and a lot of fun projects. And just they all seem to be smiling when you go in if the senate. No environment if you're a lot of a lot of the company culture T geysers that's important deal look to your words agent. You know best places to work is not as as a recurring theme and near your employees and you know it best when the festering companies in Kansas City is bulls in the country. Your employees seemed to you really enjoyed the work they did there yeah I think. If a few years ago are. Executive team every year. And the beginning of the year we talk about what each one of us is gonna focus on. And of course there's lots of things and all list but we always trying to decide on one thing that each one of us is gonna focus on and for the last several years mine has been culture. And it's been tough a little bit to give design because that's my passion affluent school for but. In a way focusing on culture is it is a design project end and so really designing who we are in the in our culture and then having them be consistent. Consistent across the different offices. And as we continued growth can be really important so. That's been sort of my obsession in them. And I think it's really helped us scale. So that the new people that come onboard understand. What we believe in what's important to us. And and so that the culture is is imminent it's going to continue to be of the. Now let's say from the outside looking Meehan like it seems like all decisions are made it through the filter. Culture because I think about. I Tom and every use. Pollard and talk about X keeping things in like Allison on the accounting side and all of that it all seems to be done in the purview of what does this do to our culture. Mother both give back in that after the break worth. Tucker Trotter and Tom Collins from dimensional innovations joined as well by just fell from smoke thank you listen to drill nation here 1980. Welcome back to sue the girl nations show on nine Canadians came easy ever host Jason growth thanks for sticking with this for the show it's been a great power with the great folks from dimensional innovations learning a lot about. They're pumping new day and really excited to continue on with Tucker Trotter and Tom Collins also joined by Jeff Phillips. As well. Guys you guys talked auto your sports projects near website is DIA in the eye in the dot com if you want a senior this expertise and work it's really cool. I experience. You can take you through the website there you also do other work talks about that I've I've looked dead and I've seen you do some corporate stuff. Even touch some health care stuff. Talked about ways you can maybe help some of the clients besides those in the entertainment. Retails you know college face. So you talk about we turn of the evolution of the giants' starting in theaters and sports and now sort of the take that experience a moment more into corporate environment than health care transit retail. Me and all comes back to experience particularly corporate. If you think about it compared to say. College sports in any recruiting talent you retaining talent you're attracting people and older customers and so that's become really big market. So. Becky set I mean it's always about the first impression right through bringing clients or prospects and have a nice new offices you know. I look at cerner because they have water from offices are on the metro. And it's not their whole thing is about experience right. And about making magical moments in an innovation and one not. And so I I have to say that's going to be huge potential for growth in the corporate days because offices are a lot different than Naia. They used to be and they're they're training to what you guys who do more of that the culture more of the you know open space is more of the cool factor into B. And I when I made when I get to talk with others he has a much they were questions what's what's your biggest down twenty. And one of the most common threads I hear is you know finding talent that there's a war for tell me and so. I think you're right the trend is gonna continue to grow in that area so. Everything we've learned these other markets. Like Thompson to recruit student athletes at the same it's the same strategy which is how do you tell your brilliant story. End how do you what's your purpose and why why should someone come work there. And so helping to tell helping companies tell that story is real and talks to me about some your sister network I know we mentioned the streetcar. Obviously you guys help design than the stops right in. The look and feel which makes a difference in approving a done an old Charlie card yeah I got hurt are beginning the you know is going to be more of like not futuristic more of the historically separatist dome kind of look to it right. I think we made the right decision by how it held it was designed looks. For Kansas City really fits nicely which you and what we've seen is you know becomes almost borderline. Public or. Installation. And these things. You know street look as clear to a different. Lighting. And other or around so she gets you a lot with a market you'd mentioned a pedestrian bridge but also. You know sculptures streets gates' place making. Light towers clock towers type stuff like that yeah. Minutes saw it in all it ties back to everything we've been talking about the library obviously was yes it was early on all of which gives civic pride. Helps als remote communities in it for companies. So talk just about Jeff you can chime in here to about Kansas City right beat his. Worded inflection point I think as far as the city were were making. Moves to take is kind of the next the next hello I think is city whether its partnership with. You know transit or Ruth you know. And the people really supporting went with the mayor is doing yeah. Talks about business growth I mean. His skis you're seeing all these new things that we see more restaurants you're seeing hotels doing you're seeing more corporate offices coming back into the city I mean so all these things. And you know really help out companies doing and you see from the banks castle. We I think it's a it's an exciting place to be in its fertile soil for a lot of things and yeah you're gonna build you're gonna like you talk about the pedestrian Prius like you're gonna build a pedestrian routes that. Being thoughtful about all what is it look like what is it Phil I ache and mean it's gonna be there anyway so can we do it in a quality way that. Makes it more enjoyable I think if you make a bunch of those little decisions. Like the airport for example or street cart you make those decisions in your thoughtful about it and then. It has a broader impact than just the fact that it can. You choose from one point to the other can actually make it where you enjoyed going are you enjoy taking the kids down there or whatever I think there's a lot of things like that in the entrepreneurial space and you know folks here have been very and giving like there's a fabric. Entrepreneurs that are willing to help each other out we see less this competition even if they're in the same. Exact space so there and they may be too distillery is one block away from each other in the crossroads that they're working together on how can we. Decent thing that's cool and innovative because they see it as if if we do well at the minute you know rising tide floats all boats nothing that says let's say. Very and fragile thing that we have to hang on to where we don't start getting in that cutthroat environment and as it is right now everybody is really here to help each other around them. I love that. What do you say about the future I mean you've you've been in business now for quite awhile and and Tucker you've been your company's since and in turn nine on CL 96 I mean. What would your guys feeling right now because all this great talent and your company in throughout the the region and throughout the city I feel like. In on the on the design he come architecture like seeing cranes in the air like seeing cool when I did other cities and I. Navy didn't think much about you know small oval city I was in the morning and Mike. I have no idea all this mean she's just don't appear had no idea there is sculpture park you know that kind of stuff. And we have a lot of room for growth are too we also a lot of history but I think eager creep me that it's. Becoming. Little more exciting here lately yeah Kansas City lost years area where we we couldn't be happier to be here in this market I think we've developed. We've developed with caller firmly but it's really schools that we have really great relationships list and all around this region and and it's really been great to pull you know amazing talent into our company's so. We love that the work ethics grave are and the team we've assembled so. And then just the excitement around and the buzzer intensity. Word we're just we couldn't be happier. Here alone it. His real quick I think one of the things that. That attracts the talent to DI is because if you do a good job this outside the communion if you do a good job. Are kind of most self motivated it can lead to some really exciting things for you personally from Michael leadership perspective. And they've done a great job of if there is kind of a business unit within the company. That kind of goes off on and on specialized area it could very well and it being its own business I think of you know they went into a countertop. Type thing missing was kind of top. And that really start to have an appeal to a certain market that's its own business now. People that shot the video for their own website that. Became its own business and so when you create an environment like that it it gets people there that are self motivated and really wanna do a great job. You know sky's the limit for them. Yeah we formed it's probably been eight years ago but we formed that we called the lab innovation lab. It's sort of skunk works but they they get to work they're they're kind of the one part that's one part of a company that's not the machine are part of the machine. And so they work on a lot of different projects and so we will pick a market segment and so. The countertop company in the Jeff mentioned we picked health care for instance and we worked on problems that we found in health care and that ended up launching this them high end. I'm health care related furniture company. End and then we now right now we're working on project it's focused on solving problems in the cinema industry so it's really that's really one of the purposes of that group in what it does just like Jeff said it launches these start up businesses out. Out of our company insert spin and it's really been exciting to see them all men involved. While love and I'm outside we get to bring you on today look forward keeping in touch with you guys because. There's so many great enjoy doing and it's exciting to have a company like this growing in. And see the work you're all doing and it's pretty cool and just you know. Appreciate you helped me connect these two guys that show him and bring them on a day in the thunderbird they are Tucker charter CEO. Presidency of dimensional innovations and Tom Collins is the chief operating officer at dimensional innovations preachy guys on the show today and Jeff Phillips from a bank. Thanks for joining me today. Appreciate it's gonna you're listening and haven't listening to grill nation I appreciate you joining us again today we'll see you next week take care have.