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Saturday, December 16th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always just okay. Even in their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello welcome Cindy grilled nation show on TVZ 980 AM I'm your host Jason grill thanks for joining us again this week here. On the grill nation show appreciate you listening has ruled that I tens and stitcher radio as well as that. Grill nation showed dot com. Really exciting show today I hope you've enjoyed our last few shows as being interred the into the year and I'll look forward to a great 2018. I wanna think our title sponsors of the show before you into our guests on today's show our supporters of the show the title sponsors are trust. Mo bay Dubuque if any joined to west advisors. Some of the guess coasting intruders the grill nation show are the reader NG re hearing though Ryan may be. One might look tree apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander. On today's show we will be joined by one of our great title sponsors Milbank BO OK financial we will have on Jeff. Phillips who is the senior vice president at no bank welcomed the show Jeff when you're in now and we'll talk to little bit but you've been up to the first don't talk about our exciting guest today. Jeff says that will be a bringing in today Matthew Hough who's the co-founder and president of half the website is HUFFT. Dot com. Really cool company doing great architectural work. Design work and creative work it both in Kansas City and throughout the the world in the United States and really cool guy we're excited me. Matthew is too humble to brag on himself but it became city should be really proud that. Pest calls Kansas City home because they are well known throughout the country. And as being the best the best you and so I'm I'm anxious for everyone to you get exposed to little bit more to them. So you guys know each other through. The bank credit right now building a lot of things you need loans yeah yeah yeah we we. He ages ten and start Rehman shoulders and some of those same circles whenever. And entrepreneurs are leaning on each other for advice on where to go in and what to do I think at cern. And how we got to know each other in the we've had a chance to work on a lot of stuff together. It's been really found therein they're gay group. So we're gonna talk about kind of their growth. I hope did you talk about some of the entrepreneurship stuff we've not run at a time but kiss there's so many projects that they've worked on. Matthew you know he keep I believe he was based in new York and we ended and then moved back here you can see him and his wife are. Oh in the business together co founded together in China. So that's pretty shame we'll talk about that I'm assuming. But he he read adults and in the road Roanoke area a little bit with his business office and there's a great park and there are understand but you get into the show today. But also to his work done some really cool projects with with Baldwin. With the re thinking kind of the retail and in and cutting costs in that market as well as act. He's also going to be working on the hotel cedar Tony when C project in the old Savoy girl space. So really cool stuff these workers is a he is a great portfolio of projects and. There are. And there are Kennison similarities in his design met once he starts taking notice of some of this project he start. Driving by things in saint hope a bit that was something that they had a hand in sort of notice oh absolutely. Idea I'm gonna have to really pay more attention after we get to meet him bunt down. In addition you know he's he's expand your I will gain that on the show he's he's working in northwest Arkansas now and then bill. On a hosted for projects. Including a and private airport and he. And some other things on their right. Yeah I think I think they follow a path not unlike a lot of other businesses where you kind of go where your clients go I think we've had a conversation with. With and business owners in the past that they find themselves in an area. And not by accident I mean they were strategic about doing it that they didn't start off 1 morning saying hey I would like to go to dislocations. Are hunt for some business. And customer took the mayor and then it just kind of expanded near mean. So huffed. As we ended existence now for about twelve years it's a pretty and company. It says any day of about sixty employees now they've they've done really well it's funny you the first building met when I got to know him it was down in Westport inn. It was one that you had to duck whenever you win to his office because there is this huge theme that was about five feet tall and Mathieu is pretty good sized guys too and so. And they made that space work as best as they could that you look at where they are today from where they started in. As they should be really proud of their success. And that they've been recognized by. Architecture magazine is a top fifty design firm. We mentioned that not only do they do you work here locally there are also new work on the coast. LA New York all over the place you know sometimes I evolve and company in Dallas Cedar City yeah they are. Matthew just your well respected in town but I think sometimes we as Kansas City ins or gilt the having folks they caught Kansas City home. That are more well known more respected outside of Kansas City than they are here you know. I know leaders in business leaders in specific industries. And I think that's the case that Matthew Jessie they have such a great reputation. And Nash nationally and then they're really sought after. Mean they definitely are and again we'll have. Matthew half two's the president and co-founder of Hoff. Agree company here pacing Kansas City. And they do a lot of all kinds of different things they've been recognized a magazines such as architectural record. Esquire interior design architecture magazine and won multiple national international awards so we're very happy to have. Matthew Hough for joining us today on the show what setting in this half dot com HUF fifty. Dot com check it out a very cool what side they also were priestly on the curvy you know. Restaurants as well as many other homes around the areas and residences and real estate. Operation itself very cool we're excited to have him on the show today. Jeff. Phillips from the old bank again is joining me Jeff tell me about counts the most if you work on. Where it's into the year unity does eighteen what are you excited about right now and at Milbank you know well we. Our we and you know we kinda consider tween seventeen via it was a challenging year Mitt has been a good year you know we completed our. And merger with bank of Oklahoma and did our conversions first systems and I'll letter earlier this year and so. Wouldn't lie teens say that they didn't go our fans I know there's. They might feel there's a member yeah it's amazing how how you can tell a computer what to do and and sometimes it doesn't sometimes it doesn't bit. He I still write for the most part though were no longer have to be reactive on. And I kind of fixing some of those things that can be back to being proactive and the 1 thing that I am encouraged by. Constantly. Is the fact that. We have. Then and then this not to brag on the bank mid mid to brag on our customers we have this amazing. And group. Believers in the end arch pinheiro community here. He then they really want help each other succeed in so that. At today is just. Really intoxicating to be around and there are a lot of people doing and cool stuff there are starting. And new businesses that are expanding. Their current business. Buying new buildings and moving into and maybe even spinning off having a successful core business that spinning off what. Started as a little sideline into its own separate business so. There is a lot of really exciting activity going on in towns and be a part of. Very cool with just fill ups from Mo bank senior vice president is joining me today we will have on the show Matthew Hough cheesy. Co-founder president of haft the website is HUS fifty dot com all worldwide renowned. Architecture design firm. I do some really innovative builds there are many different sectors convertibles. Throughout the United States. Kansas City area. Thanks for joining us today and grow a nation we write back. So welcome back to growth nation with your host JC growth thanks for joining us again today on nine ADM came easy. And I appreciate all listening today via the podcast on iTunes in saturate you as jewels that. Grill nation showed dot com has always you can follow me on Twitter at reducing grilling that gruel nation shell. One to make our partner and supporter of the grill nation sure one of our title sponsors. Mo bay Dubuque if financial again for coming in today and helping us with the show joining me today in his Jeff Phillips Sousa senior vice president. Mode bank. And he's a great guy has been on the show a handful of times and and welcome back to the show today Jeff I'm excited to have you joining me in today thanks that'd be great to have you and every time we can you bring an awesome I guess for us to learn more about. And today we have Matthew Hough Tuesday co-founder and president of huffed. The website is HUF FT dot com welcome to the show Matthew. How are you that. Great thanks in which ran great to have you mom Roland Jeff do the the introduction here of what what your company does and you'll learn more about your background how you got to where you are today a number earlier today to talk about. I gosh real journey and in some of the awesome projects he worked on here now. In the can't see here but also on a national level so it's we're gonna focus on and once she leaves off you're Jeff yeah well I'm excited for her. Into I hear a little bit from Matthew today and yet the no Matthews and his wife TS EU both founded. And maybe. 86 years or so ago actually. I heard him first on the radio. So it's a pro yeah. Unmet medical. Because. And I got to know the enemy and become good friends and and we also worked together through the bank. But they do some amazing east. They they are really into view and design and how may impact how we. And a feeling use spaces that they have taken Matt beyond just. And drawings in many and I think we're going to sun today that they have then fabrication. And they also have done some construction and we've gotten to work together on a few projects were both themselves and the they've done for other people. The end and it's really just expanded Nunn out of Kansas City you and national presence that they now have some excited and talk about some of that today. Some some Matthew. I'm trying to figure out exactly what Huck does you are your architectural firm read. Currently what what they can expect if they are you all to help them. Yes so we're fairly unique not just in the region but I think in the country and throughout the breadth of services that we offer. I'm were really design firm men's core. We also do fabrication construction. I am and we also create things not just spaces that we recall objects which includes furniture and it's worked in retail fixtures. Interest. And shaken I've seen you guys. You know the honesty grammar you get on the Internet you always see people talking about you all and. We'll realtors are real estate folks have talked about you guys to retail. Entrepreneurs in two. You know bigger projects though it's pretty cool you guys do a lot of different things yet and we do. Let's or subtly background so you grew up in Kansas City. No actually grew up in spring films current Alaska via what high school with Oakland though I get. It's like you're there until I never thought it had gone to school at Ike that zeal with the loss of Missoula. You inevitably or if I'd saint Lucy Neville we meet people that are from spring him and a lot of them went one yup that's kind of the the popular high schools yes it up cities so most people I know for sharing food usually do pretty well too. Jeff when they can be in the city they at all. Yeah well well I know two and they're both your success at last night and I thought I was like good people down there. She came so how do you come we can't see them. So. Our stories come mention one we actually. Started out in New York. Oca I went to grad school at Columbia and new York and started the firm there and and was doing quite a bit of work. It's just hung up a single New York. Yep pretty much. What allowed me to do that was once significant project whose mission to do house rose by 20/20 three years old. And and you know as young architecturally don't know a lot it's it's that it's a profession that just it's a lot of experience and so. The way I learned how to do it was collaborate with others had a really good contractor that worked well and subsequently. Worked with his treatments. At maker and dealer and threatening and by collaborating. Closely. With those guys I learned to like it learn a lot of them and so. We anyway we've become a kind of took off in New York things were good my wife and I actually met you my father's and it's it is who have roots in the Kansas City area. And I regard and so. You know things are going well in New York review Kansas City is kind of a really kind of wild frontier. Week and a pioneer anyway no modern designs and it's so about twelve years going back here. Well where you in New York five years five years of him whilst you were were their prolonged amount time to actually start building this yeah yeah. So were you doing any project through they're all based in that area whenever they're you know it was too we were doing a lot in the city and we're doing a few things on Long Island. But such as told by mentor. That should really start business from a network was switches were typically are personal to would be you know born and raised. I didn't like that answers I want to can keep the practice on the coast. But it turned out he was right. You know we are doing a lot of good work on the coast we are getting bigger and better opportunities back in this area men and so we at least decided to kind of pork chop and reset it up in intensity. Just like oh you how Matthew told us I started you know I kind of did the sending one of my businesses. You know keep it pretty lean mean you know you've you've you've worked in a collaborative way you know he maybe didn't have the back in support to do a lot of us think you. You that you contract it out and over kind of more of the consult behind the project him and the leaders so that I probably was Smart to do in New York to with. Expenses and on up there in union new bag here is your first off this meant was we're building. No actually semi oaks in my aspect goes down to compare my electricity which is all other story. Right yeah running a business with a ride yeah. Some people think it's pretty normal some people think it's tough I mean. You've obviously had a good experience and had a great experience it's been great it really has been nothing but awesome in and we ask assault I'm like how we do that and really it's the reason it's been successful as we have pretty black. Bold black line between what she does she's got that she majored in business. And really as focused marketing. Focus more on the creative design and so we don't really interact well. Don't really meets politics. I. Both pretty funny yeah pretty funny CU so wishy. How did she react towing him it was a kind of a joint decision is a joint decision he'll yet we were we we saw the opportunity and it's really been the best thing ever read when we came back we had one person in new York and and maintain an office. About a year this is right around session. So when things started to kind of fall park in closing the office. We start in the basement or house we incurred coach and and worked parents ovitz to recent missile or civic and operated business out of palaces and longer and we have about three employs at that point in time. And and then we moved to Westport internal. Stable. Old industrial building knows it's great for us for awhile. And about three years ago adjustment at building and so we've grown from just my wife and I and our basement to over almost sixty people sixty people on them. In none only do they live in Roanoke area that that's where they invested a lot of time and energy that they also bot building are those the old. What form and we'll Foreman thank. And and they did they had a vision walking through that they are mirror walking through and thinking oh my gosh this is going to be huge in May turn any into a spectacular. And building that and tired neighbor make me proud of that as. Houses both their business and other businesses and that has some residential. Components. Matthew in just designed in on camera. See you guys still sore about the Roanoke area. For those posters and or that is. So Roanoke I know history you had a brother best intersection to think about there's three nursery in southwest traffic. A lot of people that have lived and can see their entire allies have no idea this neighborhood existence and and specifically the park behind it. And it's kind of tucked away that. So after we started working in Westport. We found this neighborhood in recent we found is to Franklin right house in the neighborhood Thomas or bands are serious there. It's a really beautiful neighborhood. I'm with real authentic. On the very traditional wood beautiful homes. And so we ended up find an empty lot there and it's an historic neighborhood landmarks but we were one of the first to bill Allman and like fifty years. We have to go home. Caller show Alison just an hour showroom in its house to live and sunny to drive by there and check it out on the net and just who he. So again 39 street and just this traffic what if I go to the right I have from the north I have them on terrestrial. I'm thirty answer I think. And it's got Ebola. Yes so aka your view or Q during nine as a youngster and answered yes it's beach just north of that Oca would be the Roanoke every and they were again. It's a fairly small neighborhood I think there's only like maybe I have been in there have been there many times actually now that I think about it right off the road there about picturing the sign in my head right now. Cool neighborhood it's great. He retired and others are expected to protect their residents. When you say oh very tired yeah I had and which is awesome and kind of surprised us we didn't really realize how much when neighborhood it would actually be and it's been just amazing. Problem really and remain great friends there and it's been a mistress you guys live there to show houses in the where's the office again you can't you just look at your home anymore but maybe it's not you yeah yeah. So so basically they of 1% Arrington and fine. So we've got an error could restore Westport but the park it's just north of the neighborhood that's called Ronan park it's about 35 acre park. Beautiful park on count down in the valley whatsoever around it. So in love with that but what was even. More inspiring was the neighborhood that kind of grassroots effort and they were meeting on every weekend and there are a clean the park. They're just volunteer 100% and they started a nonprofit all the room in the park conservancy. Passer watching this happened I was really amazed by the community effort. At the same time or our business was growing. And as ice kind of hung out on the park with my kids my dogs the base to have our quest to industrial buildings. Once specifically that was abandoned had been banned for ten years or trees torn. And I kept thinking to myself this is there's gotta be away and get into this. We'll hold after after the break let's continue on that we're talking to Matthew. Puffed the website is HU at their feet dot com also with Sheffield promote things. Today on through that period. I guess. Sumi grill nation shall we host Jason grow I appreciate you joining us. Via the radio at in 1980 yen came easy or online at grill nation should dot com. Appreciate also connecting this via podcast if you're listening on iTunes or stitcher radio. Where with our great show partner today and title sponsor of real nation Milbank UK financial. And today we have Jeff Phillips Sousa senior vice president at Milbank join me as a guest coast today we are talking do you. Matthew Hough of half the website is HUF FOT dot com. Great company here in Kansas City do a lot of creative concept being design architectural work here in the area and throughout the region. Matthew you're told us the story about Roanoke park in the kind of the the inspiration behind we all are located now Aki came back from New York City and had a few stints at a home office and one in west for you ended up in Roanoke park tells more about that. Yes so. There have been building. Was something we had our eye on for quite some time in and really familiar and cured it thought about how to buy it and no one really wanted it it was a big building in great truck access and music. I thought it was awesome yeah because. All these reasons and it was a base was part of surrounded by trees. Did beautiful shell inside middle and access to frame. So. The biggest promises 60000 it's huge building aren't but we're appeared in 151000 once worked so. Still a huge jump. And Jeff mentioned this a little bit the way we kind of figured out how to make it work was. By kind of pushing our business into. A 40000. Which you really thought we can use and then 20000 we kind of a partitioned off and and made all departments that are on the market don't ruin it for les yeah so. That's kind of how I perform and out. You know hottest ticket in there and it's really been we've been there. Becomes exactly three years ago actually we. Moved in three years ago December he needs some of his residence in their kids yeah we've got fourteen loft apartments. Two of them are on on air being being in twelve of them are here mrs. At school and you are never heard of that it is the dollars and. I mean you when you're sitting in there in my of those units Mueller catcher window all you see or treats I mean you not think it's here in the middle in the city in. Not to not to oversell it bit Matthew JC's investment in that area are really started. Propagating a lot of investment along Roanoke to what the 31 street. Where you're at habits in the southwest boulevard always have all of our early I mean there are we've been lucky enough to be involved in I think fix. Companies buying buildings along that court or. In investing in there and it is really cool to drive down that street right now on the all the activity in business. That's thrown out yeah. Now what too good on their Jeff yeah it's coming obligated tour via. Of the building and CDs department is saying I check it out maybe a minute this insulin is visiting there. They're being be it up one of these days very cool look forward to seeing that. Well sort of let's Amir project she worked on you mentioned you've done some work with Baldwin trying to rethink retail told slovo earth it is pretty interest and yes so. Manually Boehner dear friends of ours have been for some time on you know them in new Yorker did you meet the hero than you know actually. I went to high school with him involvement there a Kona SO mats were gonna ruin through Springfield all sorts there Glendon who could benefit. So. Anyway I got to Matt quite some time ago when they. I'm married and and started working with Matt open in designing spaces. Seven or eight years ago and have done homes. Spaces since. Aruba. Eventually things were doing on working on right now is. It it's kind of a new take on ten and so retail projects where. A reprieve fabricating news is store or shop here in Kansas City. And everything gets put into a container. And shipped via FedEx view locations is currently expanded reduced opened. New York LA and Dallas at 23 more than pleased to announce. And it's really cool because we've gone from you know cost of acts do typical tune and bill. Which is it's very expensive and excellent time in the local am lord and the retailers do you taken that cost 2.2 five swing between 5% less. The consulate was just by rethinking the model. And so this pre fabricated they really cuts down cost and also expedite that so he can set up a storm here. Nurses you know three months. So it's been pretty cool very exciting and very successful for him over to enroll. More that's pretty cool you know. I was wondering because they contain their opening new locations now know why there. Bigger markets and easier to maybe build these places yeah I mean it's everything in our world right now which I think a lot of it centers around designing them approach. But retail specifically as notes is changing so drastically with and was on everything else resource that can recover and with how. They're displaying their clothes and how much they can commit you you know bricks and mortar and it's it's it's much more about the experience and and being able to come rapidly transform that. And is about you know these experts have built up so. It's been the yeah that is that's gonna continue to change UCL continue to be innovative pressure which is inching you know be his. Now we see on these local stores opening up places that brick and mortars and I have also on a company that as a retail and wholesale and it's gonna of those things where it's like. It's hard beats our decision because you know the retail market is. Declining I guess that they're brick and mortar stores but then the e-commerce is becoming. So saturated. With so much competition it's you got to really find your niche and we've kind of a topple wanna kind of knew all many men. So corporate customers can earn its now which has been huge for us. But yeah it's it's inching to seek. Remove all on the Baldwin. Pop up kind of no hole you know model of trying to get those stores build and it is they've always had really good design. Here's to you if so obviously I mean you have experience. On their residential side in the and been on the commercial side you do those. Or is that an easy transition or is that picket completely different lines. You know it is and am now like everything we've done there was invent a master plan and etc. do these things and emerged in early to each other it's just coming out naturally all of but yeah we know we're we're back. Call as lifestyles. So really you know if you really think a look at our our our body of work and focused on it has to do peoples and so. So that's everything from. Their house and hotel are staying and where their shopping maybe you were the work. The cast do that are banned. And does it really all relates you know it's it's everything is so blurred so it's you know it's not hard to actually shift the mindset and work on a master suite. You work in. If there even mention it Matthew Hough his company was recognizes the top fifty design firm by Arctic magazine that's pretty cool thanks very good honor yeah that's really neat. You guys are doing some work with the so the for the former Savoy grill told spun that into the changeover to the truancy hotel. So no that's been. You know obviously been in the works for awhile and Savoy is obviously. Pretty historic place there until Spock and how that's that's moving forward. Yeah we're pretty excited about it not really sure that opening date it's it's super close months away to really great and I'm. But obviously an iconic place for Kansas City real Savoy grill. Amazing steak house which. I went to a few times before in this project whether top row which. It's just amazing but anyway we were we you're I'm real excited to win the executive architectural project working with another architect of the New York in the harbor partners. Over the boots on the ground architecture and city. Helped transform that into. Boutique hotel. I truancy is a really cool concepts are to move a Kentucky. They called museum hotel because it's not just a hotel Tulsa museum known they've gotten a a full curatorial staff that rotates through all. Tells in the fairly large area and working and one here dedicated to art which will be curious and rotates the times a year. It's pretty cool I've been did one in Louisville with the mayor actually he was dragon on it this is about five years ago when it was pretty new concept of maybe more that. And you look through there and it you're in basically filtered the Nelson now. And then you agency a check in desk area in other rooms are really modern cool yeah. There's a really cool bar and there are remember so it's what kind of dissimilar things here in Kansas City I imagine yet. Yeah it's going to be awesome I can't wait until it to see that I know Jeff. That's an area do you I think that's starting developing Kansas City and of that area over by the Phoenix and where we're at that's when he once he will be. Yeah there's a lot of more laughs Conan more apartments going into one not in sync feature on the downtown baseball stadium who do those things. This is OKC got back going on talk despite northwest Arkansas you've expanded and in some things on there including. Hiring more people are partnering up with more principles right yeah so I'm something that happened about you know. Over eighteen months ago it was me. Tikka economic though. Long hard look at our business model and how we won destruction company man determined that. And that we like many companies are biggest asses people. And so we really want to invest in human capital so. Over the last twelve months. We've been really excited to promote some principles in the companies and it's my wife and lines and other items should rules and and they are specific focuses and in the company. One of those principles. News two northwest Arkansas. You can help us overall there to announce an office and we'll staff down there. And have done. Master plan project for downtown and bill. And one projects typically in a master plan was able Tyson chicken plant met we converted into corners senator Hooper and few other things. And welcome club down there and rookie on a private airport. So if you are things so we're pretty excited about that region there's amazing things went on there lots of development and it's been funded. I learn how to open a second office interest thing. Chip you've been down there have love that love that area were. We're outdoors the type folks we love you on down there and high in that camp and all land of the areas that Matthews. Talked about and that's one of hidden treasures that I don't think a lot of people. Realize there that makes it great day each bend not not drive down and drive back that he go to their like we can't. Integrated area. It's awesome I Marines recited either just like Jeff says it's just more practiced with beautiful people don't realize it's three hours against the door to door in the Ozark Mountains and and you relate in just the region's tourist awesome game that we can trip on these men and when the best time you're you're down there. He wanted to be utterly real all your longer course before I think the fall down their arrivals and you know main north east Vermont with the police searches stunning and awesome trails and protect its its very cool yeah and need to get sprinkles somewhere close by right here. The poet Matthew office today co-founder president. And also doing. There's just felt from OK we right back after the break final championship fictional. Welcome back to the growth nation show here in 1980 yen came easy and on high teens in saturated as well that grill nation should dot com. You can agree on any form social media to search for the show's name and or mining at casing grill. A great show today I'm really excited to have back Jeff tilts from Mo bank and Matthew copies the co-founder president of puffed the website is HUS fifty dot com. It's a really cool on design bills integrations. Really cool architectural work creative work and pre fab. Different types of things in that area Matthew you talked about kind of the growth of the company you guys are now working in. You mentioned you know different types of real stage he'd talked and therefore you talked about retail he talked about hotel he talked about. People's homes I mean you guys are really run this business and and continue to grow and all different areas because it really can touch about any kind of project Brian grant and that's been kind of your TV kind of expanding growing your your employee than it has been. Now that's really neat. So talks about the future or do you see this company only. He is committed to stay here in Kansas City this Saturday on soon. Yeah. If you are you are you and sweet spot with the employees and team members are you when you continue to grow that. Not gonna grow it as I mentioned you know we've recently promoted a similar principles mean we're also. Every day and our mission statement and really the gist of it is is what we're trying to focus on his dream means you work on both in architecture and application for Richardson. And how you define that is really kind of up to you what's meaningful. But it just means to us that it's important and it's making statements and the Communist super expensive. That this means that there's kind of art so it. And so. I'm with that and with the promotion of some of the principles really do hope to grow we're not sure we'll go and other markets are not are currently working from coast to coast from Kansas City so. Mean that need to do that. But that's definitely emission growth. Mean. And obviously a bank's been supportive mode bank yet there appears seat belts yet they're actually Merrill banker agent well. We try to be yes it's it's intoxicating to be around people like match in Jesse because they. Not only are they just really gifted what they do then and they have taken on that role of leading me business in. And sometimes you know and the founder of the company can be limiting factor of that company because they just won't Lego. And the legacy that. Well we'll have. And that they don't wanna be the limiting factor on that they really. Surrounded themselves with really talented folks. May focus a lot I think outside looking in on. How people feel about. Working. In and that they feel valued me though important. Knew the way they've set up their space. Allows kind of the folks designing. And the themes in the folks making the things they can see each other and I think that's important. And they're just they're just in a really good job. Being intentional about. What happens. Mean. Kansas City. What are you would be thinker and you've been here now offer since the recession sounds like it's the they're cut the economy tanked in home prices went. Down what were your thoughts right now on on what's going on here in the city in this in the future potential. Cars were you doing as far as the market I think and we got a bright future I think if things are great right now and I think it's going to be there for awhile. A we predict on the coast and larger markets who writes he's development slowdown I don't think Kansas cities as well I think that you know it's kind of right for. There's culture here realistic pricing is correct. There's enough reels that demand. Term interest in doing. Interesting things that we've got to regret future button. And I'm working a lot of development projects Jeff knows this and get a lot of City Hall hearings and you with a lot of zoning laws and change how does that how does that affect you with the change yes it is I know a lot of your work as a you've done a lot of different things that I'm looking at some of the homes you've done and the more modern appeal is that is that evolving in Kansas City to where. Where you grow up that are we now we grip of where you still imperialism seeing more modern owns more modern London Rona. Is that is that a trend that we're seeing is that is the city can embracing matters that. Tough. And so quite a bit and I won't tell you assume we moved back to Kansas City. Eleven years ago a modern whom was a bit and you know and there's a lot of people that raise an eyebrow. And fun of news. Evil or wrong they're not fitting in and and back has changed a lot there's definitely a group in homeland deals that are aging. And I don't want a moment at NATO wants the traditional whatever. So I think now it's changing quite a bit and then you also have few publications like or magazine that are everywhere. And IQ yeah. It's bringing modern design it's really become an almost ubiquitous that our non and that's good and bad. But I think from just like. Appears day spa style that's going to be it's more of I think it's yours Seymour. Mean I think says do. More people are embracing an if you go to. You know Los Angeles he would of city on the West Coast you see a lot of different types cells house yeah in different neighborhoods you know I think that's pretty cool I think most people enjoy Dodd. They don't want just. Brown house deserved greenhouses that are looking exactly the same if they do in some of the suburbs around here but. I hope that trend continues is I enjoy architecture enjoy police and have their own spin on her house and when they believe in yeah I think you will. Yeah I mean it's a lot like anything else like if you can see it well done I think it changes your perception of it. Singapore version of anything make you think that you wouldn't like it. Akron now Wilson I I think actually what what we're gonna see is people just. It's why our mission statement we talk we are creating work that has mean I think it's in and the economy going there and it's not just whether it's and it's a monitor colonial it's like what's the story. Isn't this an authentic you know it's not state that those sort of things it's more about that the story. And is necessary so Matthew you've also touch some restaurants here locally we're being installed and about experience is that a brand new building yeah going into a new bill vs going into an old. Yeah Roanoke and industrial Billy what's the difference there and help. How do you deal original villains always challenging zones and of this whole abyss of unknowns if you do it but the Carrino project was awesome we were with. Asha micro or Reno and his wife Christina to create the supper club. Really excited about the the concept. At the end and there are other recommend checking out dude is outstanding in it's it it's really about the experiences much that is. I'm dying as well I'm you enter kind of threw out it was kind of a backstage. And there's a stage front senator. There's always like jazz in way that every week. On the is the main restaurant. Which has commitment that a regular menu you can order small plates from and then there's also because tasting room where Jeff. You know the second special Perry mean it's it's pretty awesome deal. There really is we've had him on the show. I when their opening and it's inching its seems that he'd been fairly successful has been named top restaurant by thrill us. Best new restaurant. Seems to me he's doing pretty good yeah. Yeah a lot of exposures on the press. And so we forgot to continue work on restaurants do pretty much you millionaire I design a building sitting right you know man. That's pretty cool if you own a house unit restaurant you're not for very you know. This is home Matthew around and everybody is the prospect mountain. I don't get an entertainer they're right there and start saving some money is put on retainer you know it's funny is actually reduce eloquence. We've kind of done those sort of things war rather house and we've done losers that's things. It's pretty neat. That is pretty cool oh congratulations on your success Matthew. Three great having you on the show Kabul keep Mary keep close eye on some of these projects you have some of the ones in Bentonville. The walls. 110 emission of CO look forward to. Check and a place out and opens here hopefully. Hopefully in the near future right here he regrets our success and I deathly wanna check out. The Roanoke area. The office the loss and check it out and Jeff Jeffrey do about it so now looking forward to seeing and Jeff thank you thank you for. Percent listener via today and obviously. Moving does a lot of great work here in the area with some great entrepreneurs like Matthews. You grassy continue that on. Appreciate all your help here today and and you. Great great great show today guys thanks for joining us again on the grill nation Shaun 9 AM came easy to see in the.