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Saturday, December 23rd

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him you have to factor here. Real solution. I connect with Jason on Twitter. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter as grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your own stone grill nation always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome Susan grill nation show I'm your host Jason drill thanks for joining us today on nine Canadian team BC. As bulls on iTunes and stitcher radio and act gorilla nation should dot com where you can. Find all my guests pictures of my guess and all the information about the grill nation show itself. Holiday season and around here we enjoy running up best of shows. At this time of the year. Hopefully you're enjoying your holiday. Excited to have you listening here today were gonna run a best of show the first someone I think my partners and supporters of the gorilla nation show with Jason grill. The title sponsors of the show our trust Milbank in the UK financial and two us advisors and Ryan drink. Guess coasting intruders to grill nation are the Reagor NG rearing cal. Brian maybe one my luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander gets coast and on her intruder makes your support of the grill nation show. On today's best of show we're talking to bury Grissom and our first segment April snow it's Ernie and former US attorney. Our second set or target company and he's the CFO MGP ingredients great company here in Kansas City. A third several tucked to Torrey if you get used the from Casey pet project. And our foursome that we'll talk to Neil Sharma the CEO of DEG. Great show today thanks for listening. On today's show we are going to start off with Barry Grissom who is a former US attorney. Awarded talk about Canon this prohibition. It's gonna be real instant conversation I've never really delved into the stop him that Barry has day. Long history as a US attorney for the history Kansas and he's illegal industry veteran and really excited to have him on the show he was appointed. By president Barack Obama in 2010. To the US attorney position he's now on private practice or start off with him in our first two segments. And there's third and fourth segment today we are gonna have on a different to mine grip with this guy actually went to great school and high school together. Todd mechanism vice president sales at the Kansas City mavericks formerly the Missouri mavericks when I haven't come on talk about. Some of the re branding of the eye can see hockey team as well as talk about some of the exciting things they have going on over there. He's he's busy man but I'm excited to have an NC youth today here in their third and fourth segments talk about. What is going on with he Kansas City. Mavericks as well as hockey here in the Kansas City region. You can quote me on Twitter at Jason grill and that grill nation shell also available on other social media handles to search for chasing girls have to snatch at FaceBook. And it's the grand. Okay let's get started here at our first guest Barry Grissom welcome to the show former US attorney for the district Kansas. I don't meant. Under Greg I mean you're glad to have you here never met you in person I don't believe the only I was in politics for awhile they always have been kind of curious as an attorney is someone he's been kind of in the public affairs broke but I heard your name many times but never connect to be some happy to have in the show when I'm glad to be here that's also your background first and we'll give no more of the campus topic here in a little bit sure how. In private practice here in Kansas for a little over 27 years. I represented folks in no discrimination claims. Over failure to pay over time by employers to employees. Basically what I call people all men and which is kind of a nice feeder or segue to what I did as US attorney. I always viewed US attorney's office as one of those great positions where you could do great good. Then you had the power of the federal government behind you to do those things so. It was an amazing opportunity in so I just feel that I'm missing every day this is. So when your private practice tickets there is. The you know how do you coming used to carry I don't think a lot of people know that no they don't cook. As I is as minute as babies. Most of your listeners may know there are nine U three United States attorneys men and being given time in the country that's because there's 983. Federal judicial districts. And you represent the interest of your client the United States of America whether it's a matter of bringing criminal charge against somebody. Or whether you're on. Represent the interest of the social security administration for the veterans administration so all those governmental agencies. Is your are your clients. I think was. Active in Kansas politics and I had a great luck and good fortune to be good friends of congressman Dennis more open. Who have still. They just the world we'll give me this opportunity and he's very pragmatic. Legislator who does he was he he was this was a consensus builder. Dennis was not an ideologue. Dennis I think. Encapsulated what is the best about the public servant he knew. Did such an amazing job with the being responsive to his constituency. I don't think there was a weekend that did this didn't get back to the district. To be at any number of events he always made himself available to folks. He wasn't a hard and fast partisan. I I miss. That career politician Nancy we need errand and indeed he had a really should we never were elected official but you kind of aura active in politics yeah I was ever elected I've served as this is legal counsel is your first congressional race. And after president present world. In Senator Obama was part of fund raising team mound for the senator. And after the president the senator then one became president and I got a call and from. Dennison said what would you think about being United States turning. Kennedy introducing calling your fat ass absolutely otherwise. It's not as absolutely as a lawyer I tiller oneness is the best job you ever have as a lawyer because all those reasons use until. Your mom and your dad and your friends if your parents about this a while wanna go law school and I got to do while you US attorney you get to be out there not only to protect people in communities that you also are out there. Not only protect you from bad guys protecting your civil rights and doing things a series of people can. Go to their house of worship and and not fear for their safety and you know be able to. Exercise your right to vote be able to do all the things that we as American citizens just take for granted. It you're able to be the watch corps the guardian and make sure those things to get their confirmation process or you do you're you are nominated by the president. Then you go through a very lengthy. Vetting process than. I would recommend for everyone's prepared if it doesn't happen. And then you're ultimately I've confirmed by the senate and inaccurate confirmed you remember the executive branch you earn. You were good we know that's a tough process for all guys and girls out there is and you're like to say that mine moved it I guess what they would in DC call light speed my daddy was only seven months long. What they do is ask. You've given 25 names of people talked to. Didn't they asked those folks are names so I think in mind vetting. Process. Over a hundred people were. A question I think. I'm I'm I'm sure there's a couple of not do they didn't find it probably were hindered my black but so likely always a good thing like guests seated that. Until. Obviously there's an administration so April 2016. That doesn't seem to know you represented most Kansas or was it just speak what which Staal was your area. Well we you do US attorney for the district of can't McIntyre safe district yeah the entire federal district does it Kansas City we have the western district eastern district that's right Gary and Murray is in Missouri right. And in most a lot of states in the midwest like you know the Dakotas. Nebraska. Not Colorado Nevada Idaho Montana Wyoming. That's a single judicial districts so you have one US attorney but there are states like Missouri. We have eastern western you don't think Florida has three Californians for. On New York has nothing believe three inch thick yeah. You're listening to grill nation with Jason grow my guess today is very Grissom falling very we'll have cut back in from the NC mavericks thanks journey stand 1980 and came easy. Go about stuff. And solo welcome back season grilled nation with chasing growth thanks to listen today on and 988. MB easy and on relationship dot com. Pre show also listening today on iTunes and stitcher radio for those who enjoy the podcast version of the show. With me today is Michael B is Jolie who is the the CEO and president correct Michael I am trying to make sure of your title right bank of Kansas City. Well I'd and is now now only moment now not smoke bank that I wanted to make sure were on the same page and we talked about that in our first segment today amazing which dollar redundant. Exciting to see what mode bank is has done is while love the new branding. Up it looks great. Commercial working through the moment brand in the bureau chief financial Brandt how they go away vacancy. Which we now a lot of time building number two juniors and and decide the sunset now when it favor them open looks good. I like it. Really set a better guests today on the show. Michael is. As a worked hard and we have Tom they get on the line actually. He is the chief financial officer at M. GP ingredients. Great company here locally. The website is MGP ingredients dot com. They're headquartered in that's in Atchison Kansas State began in 1941 of the small distillery operations. In the heart of America's Greenbelt they've grown tremendously. And they're doing some really cool things here in the Kansas City region and throughout the country Tom welcome to the show are you today. Thank you do and well. To join you vote. It's good to have beat some OK so we know that you kind of took on this role as the CFO. In late 2015. Which it simply that's almost. A year and a half two years ago time flies but. Also about your background and what you did before you came into MGP because they know the URE. New Kansas City in and have done a lot of different things in the Chicago area. Including. Being a Notre Dame grad which idea. I go out fighting Irish Somalia have been a fan Notre Dame that you you've since that time outside Kansas city's to take us through your background yeah. Sure thanks so yeah I grew up in Chicago I was one of seven kids I went Notre Dame. I I'll tell you read stories. My father was resolved through school in. Depression led Notre Dame I. I told my mama's gonna be a little art major. And then an hour later. The phone rang it was my dad. And yeah how it's gonna pay for the degree. So I became accounting major coming out at Notre Dame and I work in Chicago. Hurt more than twenty years in nuts he beat you with Kraft Foods we've. The Napoli. Remic LA. In. Then. At Kraft I would. He would vote the most profitable business unit crappy group new solutions unit which is all the dry grocery products and crap. And then crack up acquired. Oh by three G in dumb and do. I need to look for new opportunities. You say you. I got a call from the head to honor about this small companies actually can't listen. And I came down and interview with Gus Griffin didn't didn't Dave grinned and then she endured one of the board members and exciting to learn about the company. And the people on the strategies in Santo. I told my wife I don't know I'm getting the capital and but that in this company. Back to that could see what what potential was there. Oh hello is that like some we knew got to header reach nets you about a job and that's in Kansas come from a third largest city in the country. Yeah I. I. You know it was like when we that would excite me it was. One. You know I didn't Chicago my whole career it was an opportunity tried something new. The end also just coming down here in a meeting the people. God and neighbor indemnity Geneen in and just. Tour that count Kansas City as well let's help people of like get it done. A mini version of Chicago with all this you know you can get around it some rookie year I live downtown and that you got that city. And is it just it says on its a fun place to lift it really is so. You know initially had meditation and of that as I learn more. And that more folks very excited to come down here. Our listeners who might not know how far is Atchison from downtown. It's about 45 minute drive. You know it is neat dropped to Grady got we have an NDP we have. I want to say about a third of our. Can't there are at the work force living in the greater Kansas City area. Also wrote about in GP. And tells about kind of the history of the company but also tells about which he gets focus on nine candidates. It's not just alcohol it's also food. Yeah yeah so. The company if you mentioned was about a penny by appeared together. And iCloud crazy year end. Cared Bieber is is the founder's granddaughter she's the pair chairperson of the board. The company has is a public company lives lipped on that back revenues of three in a million. Marty Katz about 900 million dollars now. And we can make light of it is purse to distillery products segment. And the company has to get Tories wanted to hear that saying that they Jin but get. And the other didn't large or Indiana that makes premium Berman and whiskey. It basically what we do you think we provide the liquid. In other accompanied by our products. Makes some great Brandon. So on this distribute them. In we are. We're the largest supplier of rye whiskey in the US and as you guys are probably familiar. That is very hot product these days. So what is called cocktail culture that evolving. So then not to let the distillery segment and then. We have a pretty great business end that provides specialty protein and starch is due credit to companies. In the green or you can products like cap bread and soup and sauces. A high protein product I've either products. Benefit from from the greens remain and that pretty pretty and that's some. Interest and guy yeah I had I had heard of you guys obviously knew you always. On my radar bad until I talk to Michael you don't you don't really understand just how large. This really is or Michael Palin and Tom one of them reference points always found interesting is. The your place in producing the brown and good thrall to some of the captive manufactures. Yeah what's up what's exciting now is so. We have the company purchased a few years ago the large bird distillery. And it was all seater facility. That quite frankly had not been kept up and it had not been. Efficiently managed I would say. And NDP came in within experienced that gets them facility. In really kind of read did a lot of things now lord urges the fifth largest urban distillery. In the US. In. What happened now with the with the growth. Urban and and and rye whiskey. A lot of producers are action packed city. Sue part of our role in the industry to backstop. People that they want to get. Rye whiskey and we support you urban. And we support. Large multinational companies. And quite frankly a lot of small craft players that they want to do their own custom blend in and work with our distillery expert. To produce a product. So. That facility gives. It is is a large scale facility and it is so nice competitive advantage. So so when ipso what I see on the shelf I see a local Kansas City whiskey or ride heavy sleet. When they first start out. They can't make their own stuff so they they can't they introduced they have to go to someone to help Nazi guys kind of our. Supplying all of this throughout the country which the chief has there is such a huge. Movie no we saw the craft beer movement. They now that Kraft cocktail movement is is taking over and we're we're seeing a lot of growth here in Kansas City with. You know a handful to more of local Berman companies or gin companies or. Pocket companies I mean it's amazing how it's grown. Yeah it I tell you that on industry to work on it and a lot of great partnerships. Oliver time. Ended yet it's here point to you know here's the launch of urban. You eke out net you have to typically wanna age proctor for years. So that's right and GPU coming in and healthy get started. In the work with you got to blend and create something new NH sting. That that you can launch at your own trademark. The other the other aspect of the business is just getting going it. Michael mentioned as we're just starting to launch her own brands which which is a lot. So now we're opening our own our own name on on the product. Got a minute and a half left in this admit Tom take it is the CFO. Of MGP ingredients the website is in GP ingredients dot com the company was founded in 1941. Located that's in Kansas City have over 300 employees in year is that correcting your also on the NASDAQ. Since 1988 even ample security company. Which is after seeing over 300 employees that's that's great. Yeah I mean really hardworking dedicated people it is fun to come in here as a new employee. And just that the willingness. Of everybody alerted it to grow. Under got the leadership in the gut and I are both relatively new the company. And got came in got script and our our CEO. Came in fifty years ago and and that's the one thing that he not talk about is. How much we loved. Working with the team here and how adaptable. Company's baton. Let's say as a lot of great information. Key facts your leadership your mission and values and also this third breaks down. The different pens and I'll call you guys. Create and food. It's amazing having you heard feeds you work on as well topic it is our guest today I'm joined by Michael V is only used with no bank. And they've been did some exciting things as well you should check that out. We're back with more after the break with Tom when he get into some of the brands that they're now putting out. With their own label and also talk about. How the involvement of the community of MG the ingredients that that is in the community for many years in Kansas City region. Wanna gain an up or thumb we're listening to relationship over the right back after the great thing for the I guess. All of that stuff. Our old. Hey welcome to sea grill nation what you're listening tour best if they are only shoot out game Z 980 in on and on. Grill nation showed dot com as well as thanks for joining us via podcast. Alan I teens this afternoon and into the wherever you're listening. Please stick with me on Twitter asked inducing grill and that grill nation chum also available on the all of the social media handles the search for reducing growth. Really excited about our next guest today appreciate your coming into the studio today Tori few gate is the let me make sure have you tolerate your Torre director of marketing and development act Casey pet project. And they do a lot of great things here in Kansas City Elena to have wrong one to talk about my dog. And get some feedback from her and also to talk about with this went out what's going on Casey pair project are always involved. In so many different things and they have a an uninteresting things come and appear cinema and homeless shelter that we'll talk about a big campaign. But also a discount talk about the basics of what Casey pet project does. And about how all the different things they do year in Kansas City in the region and in how many of animals they sir. So welcomed Michelle thank you for having me great to have you on. So take us through you've been there for awhile now. Easy to project I've year's best month actually. And on time. Morgan at work and added a interesting dynamics or I come and we're making it work as much as we can met current facility or it's only about that. So we took over operations of the can't sings or animal shelter in 2012. Historically that. He and things are shelter was not a wonderful place for animals together to. On the it was considered very high kill facility in the nation. About 70% of the animals that were. Going into the shelter weren't leaving the shelter as early as 2008. So. The C at one point and said we want a nonprofit to run and they opened it up forbidden nobody bit on and it paid a lot of people considered it too hard. Facilities built in the seventies. To now dated to small. And no life saving it really happened there are so when nobody bit on it our group was formed specifically to take over. Operations of the shelter and we were formed as a company in late 2011 and took over January 1 2012 and that is over the current animal shelter is over by the stadium's right it's right by air hadn't Kauffman Stadium Islamic kind of sits off the road it's on rates on Brodeur the Kansas City shelters so let's look using for people but we are the city shelter for Kansas City, Missouri taking in all of your straight pats. I'm all the abandoned pets injured or ill and even them owner surrendered pets for Kansas City I'll come to. Asked them if you've gone to an arrowhead you death injured by you have an iMac or notice in target no deal yet I never never. Never looked Fella I used short hitter hadn't I had no idea that there is an animal shelter and then there for a long time sounds so how many animals do you get a seat come in. On a weekly basis well on a weekly basis actually a daily basis we take in around thirty animals today. Thirty animals a day and a lot now. And companies that this is incredible to me yeah. Some days or more some days or less the you have to imagine what a thirty animals are ID your doorstep today what would you do and how would you move them to a new home marred. Right get them back to their homes. On the and you know I think one day that things exhausting all in the next day there's thirty coming in and then the next day fell we get around 101000 animals a year in coming Karzai there's all kinds. Most is I'm catch hats. We take in about 6000 dogs 3500 cats. And there are certain other pets so we have chickens and occasionally a goat comes end of the pig instant exotics were taken a lot of rabbit lately. Do. Oh rats everything except admired who moved animals come into the shelter. While a lot. How many how many are we reconnect with their owners we he's curious may be is. You know you clo de not a lot but in some part of parts of the city there are. Banded. Dots yet they're trying to others in certain birds and days so we're reuniting around 12100 pets with their owners. They're CS process for that survived a fun turn on the street nice he had dog running around and it obviously is outside for quite awhile you know in the wintertime. Absolutely if you are against Missouri resident and a couple options one you can pick up that animal and bring it to the shelter. And it's a twenty dollar drop off feed about that helps us cover there intakes are vaccinations. And none just the general overall care and that is the city mandated fee and it's you know twenty dollars a just helps us care that pat. Or you can call animal control us at 311 acts online and report them missing animal. And if you have it in your care or if you see a stray animal wondering you can call animal control and they can go and check on him then. You always wonder if sometimes pets get away right and parent and I always wonder about that came in that might have lost their past. And so that's hopeful that that they have that they can you know be connected to them no more times than not it's it's not that situation right. That's February and a tag and I'm writing more dogs and cats women with collars on with no tag and they are not micro chipped. So it's like you know like you have a caller on if there's no tag and there's no way to identify it that makes it really that much harder for us to reunite with their owner. I'm we hold them for five days offered the owner to come in and reclaim them and once that that stays up there either put up for adoption or. You know we transfer a lot to rescue groups all over the country. So there's a lot of and of the options that its. And it and it's really exciting how many people are at the TC pay a price to give a lot of volunteers are right we have a lot of volunteers memo wonderful army of volunteers from foster's who help us care for our pets comment all of our locations. And we have around 100 paid staff between them all of our adoption centers we have three adoption centers in the Kansas City metro area. We remain shelter of course and then one of my eyes and Derosa. It's and adoption center that houses about sixty to seventy pats at any given time minutes open seven days a week and then our techno adoption center at the 95 and Rivera Packers are Overland Park in nano the no you have to other places you can go at any time and adopt a pet and we actually partner with. On five additional packer stories in the metro area to adopt out cats so we have eight locations now that you can adopt accusing pat project animals so. All over town and they're all on our web site earn if you're into an annual what is the web site. Casey pet project dot org is our website you can see all of our doctoral pats. We also have mobile app for iPhone and android that is free and people can download it and see our pets at any given time if you love scrolling through and looking at all to keep pets we have available for option. Torre few gay director of marketing and development Casey that project is our guest. OK so I went through the process I have I've gotten a puppy. From you all know who you met him at the F press conference yet famous IFA this puppy is he's big now. He's bigger I guess he went about twenty was a twenty pounds. I got only has about five he is really knew his very cute he is a lot of energies name dropped the moon and I've never had a dog before. Real life. That I actually. You know as a kid and girlfriend has a dog and that's. And why wanted to get a doubt my own dog with her but anyways it is then eight inching experience and their bad heat they are does v.s that most. Nine I think now than it you're you're documentation city was born in July so I just made it July 4 wrecked and there could. Thank bad. Yeah it's been understating the whole potty training this days in the amount of energy adult like him that season mixed terrier mix as you know pray Jack Russell in bunch of other stuff we did a DNA our leaders by hey hey. Then his major years and he was out of the the show dog yet at the bark at the park and musicians now being utilized in their ads and I've asked the royals for. The royalties for him and his friends we see it for tickets because. We know is that your brother famous photos. Yes so I've I've actually gone to the process and you know it was really exciting and ever owned was really nice and it wasn't that hard I mean with the proper protocols fill out the paperwork. In the background it paid the fees had the vaccinations done. And it's been fun so I mean I can't imagine getting thirty of those animals a day and dance and. You have pets are a lot and I responsibility but you know we. We really make an effort even though that the pets can go home in the same day whenever people come into a dot that's a wonderful. Thing that you don't see come. A lot of shelters and more shelters are starting to do that now ashamed and options. On the we really sit down with an eye doctor week over their lifestyle. You know does pat urge you have a backyard keying on him back you're dealing an apartment EU. And you know jog a lot we're gonna try to find the best fit for you and your family whenever you come into adopting Casey pet project and you know lawmaker and suggestions as we know that the dog is really high occurring needs a lot of energy may be I'm not the best for an apartment. I don't sleep I finally internationalists and on a few who know. You negate his gay guy. BS that's the greatest part about it is there is a lot of available for rain cats and you can. You can find one that maybe fit your family now. Need I remember walking away with the puppies they get both puppy so cute you know Owen and I mean it might be my first first. Adoption should have been a adult you notify the better but anyways it does. It does change your life that's for sure with you know with timing because he had taken a lot and if you're busy like we are you've got to. You're all that out yet and to come daycare for the first time of sat. I was there's no position process clearly he survived a fair user IS LA US it's a great organization and what are talked due out next story is. You are working very hard on a campaign and so. Euro's surge just a little elevator pitch about what's going on we have got a minute left in the statement and then in the final seven rule taken deeper dive in the. And so on April 4. It's in Missouri residents are gonna have the opportunity to vote on. On the GO bond initiative that the cities that fourth. Or questions 12 and three. On question one mean the roadside mark bridges question to being flood control and question three is on improvements to public buildings that includes a new animal shelter for Kansas City, Missouri. I can't stress how critically. Needed this is for our. Pets that are living in Kansas City, Missouri that are coming to our shelter our current shelter is past it's usable life and we are hoping get a trailer based yet we have a trailer or go out and currently without. Yeah we're gonna be voting on April 4 and the anchors our resident students. And there's a website set up. Four that it's called race of the wolf. A seat on a war. Grants praised the move to raise the look I'm. That is been in their process you guys are working on this all long time and it's getting close to do. The well why it's so important and and with the actual campaign as you. After the break and listening group. You. Start our whole nation. Welcome back grill nation with Jason growth thank you again for joining us kick in the on Twitter at Jason grower listening to listen in 1980 AM in iTunes today. Big richest guys said new Shara CEO and co-founder of DG and Michael easily president and CEO of bank of in city inching conversations. The route the ship's shore per share. Burst off before we get into civic engagement that's important you Neil. Talked me about one of the things that you know launch partners about winning and learn. Yeah you know I think there's a big conversation just gone off the last of conversation at Kansas City at how Kansas City doesn't really do well with nearly year and I think. I think that's I think that's kind of I gotta get it because we are we are folks that have to have had tremendous such groceries for you mentioned at the end of last segment but also prior to that. You just look around for me to our blocked. Have Marion labs I mean it's just a tremendous entrepreneurial town. So we have to obviously be okay and may we just better winning rape and so that's and we handle it better. I think it really comes down to what you class as a failure and I think entrepreneur or respect everybody in my view ought to be looking at. Failure as only those instances of life we don't learn. From whatever happened. And so I was asked not to long ago about you know do like Taylor can we could we talk about last time. That they DG has failed and my response was we don't fail we either win. Or we learn and only time we fail. Is if we don't learn from whatever the mistake was what ever happened in so. We look at it those contexts there will be hiccups along the way we don't do everything right all the time we make right a 100% and we don't do everything right. All the time and so. Learning from that is critical to the advancement that snowball we talked in the earlier segment. Making sure your building upon everything you did before the day before and and keep that snowball moving and so. I try to focus our folks and I'm very honest really driven company and I. And I liked it really talked other odds are that way. About about focusing on what they can change what they can do what they can learn. For whatever might be happening in and then go on win it feedback there. When I was gonna add is room what turns people talk arch the Norris on the topic of risk of failure and people goes minor using MB successor in the trailer and from what I've seen is an evolution of people getting a lot more cultural with picking congress right. And different people or at different points that pendulum. But I think we're getting a whole lot more pumped with the idea of risk renouncing sooners' success. Take care what that means. And you don't hear a whole lot about the pillars. But I think people recognize. Called pro. Finished Anderson's. Re here that we need to walk him. Oh I think that's right and I think I think the Kansas City it's going to be less. Patient with and aunts or anyone who's dismissive of the mistake or the lesson needs to be learned as well so I'm not suggesting you know that. He kind of pressure off and keep on but I think. I think he got to learn from right in the middle gonna look at as to what we can do better and how we can improve. We can't wallow in it right you can't just live there you can move onto the next day wants untrained green. I speak on a panel and and he also it was who would focus is huddled back on the next nappy it's active and ever and get a ticket next snapped its focus on the next that. I think that's the same kind of attitude were talking about with respect to risk is try it make you miss the shot in on track and that's good shape but it's true. And if you don't win the win because winning is important if you don't win it. Right learn from whatever happened rape and pick up a win the next. A lot of guys. Neil civic involvement it is important you are on the board of alliance for childhood education. Mall with Casey rising and these other things here in town. Real briefly talked to sell alliance or college educations yet you want your child's education is really focused on. Education reform in both the state of Kansas and Missouri so it's it's by state effort. And it's really focus on bringing some core principles and how we look at at our early childhood education all the way. And to post secondary education. And we have some core principles principles of accountability. Transparency. Vindication. Of the most importantly I would say a focusing on the right answers for the child focusing all of at reform efforts on the child. So we sponsored a very big effort that did not succeed in the Missouri side. But really defined funding mechanism for universal pre K and stated mr. That has failed multiple times before and we've gotten we got a lot further along than others and my answer to folks one way or might who asking why why should this funding mechanism to the mechanism vs the other cancers always. Either don't let another generation of kids. Not to the child's education that they need in which is what sets them up for success in the rest of the K through twelve. What happens from the age of two to five anybody's that a parent knows that the brain they can watch the brain expand. Now watch how much that that and that cost of 525 soaks up. And so we really wanted to try to bring universal pre can Missouri it was them try that I'm in Kansas the budget situation is what it is. They mourn and to try to do is make sure there aren't further cuts are image. Two education in Kansas in particular. The safe fund which is a funnels under the tobacco settlement money Newton humbly stand against getting it cut any further that's what that was their four children. And so we're really trying to push that but what we're now gonna start to expand its. And we do things programmatic they had to do things. It can't city community how do we really try to change landscape by taking some of those ideals and applying them forward so accountability transparency in a patient. Most most above everything focusing on that amends and Casey rising is a I'm into fun. I know it is it is what I came out of the case arising efforts of Casey rising was put together after Brookings institute said that no matter all the good work we've done. We've done a tremendous network last year's. We're being at this pace to be left behind by the economic recovery and that the United States in experiencing. Until it was pulled together. Scott Smith Doug derived are chairing it is pulled together to find in bright effectively a business and for Kansas City that has some signature initiatives across three major areas but also. It's also a bunch of initiatives the fall out of mom and so. There are a lot of efforts focus on the people are arena. There's a lot of efforts focused on domain expertise there's like where we have stream engineering and architecture for example is one area. And there's a lot of their efforts around innovation and one of the initiatives that he meant innovation was the fund was the fun of so Darcy how let a fund and this really gets back to this question at this point about risk the Michael brought up. One of the things we've seen in kind of venture investing in Kansas City for startups is that a lot of folks are not sort of familiar are used to. Making this kind of big bet venture investments in Kansas City there are few folks on the island town that do it but off the same since so. Went RC's idea was the idea that came out of that group was to have side car fund that would invest alongside. These these these venture capital companies did all the due diligence and sort of that'd the company's. And he folks. Passive investors an opportunity. To get into well vetted. By venture capitalists well vetted startup companies that they can help you part of its investment per fully up. Great idea she's had been remarkably successful. Focus on Kansas City company's focus and venture investing cutesy companies and the latest greatest example of that is plume of which disclosed nine you know more or I had no idea his beer and they're one of the fastest growing. Guess robo investors that are out there. Again right here in town yeah noble Barnes got about 45 investments now that's run against Melanie is exactly right. At a time here guys that its next generation of kids city excited about it yet you know I think like I said you know they've got the kind of swagger that that we need but what they haven't necessarily been indoctrinated with is what you see a lot of the established at least in any big city. Which is the sense of noble assembly this idea that to whom much is given much is expected. We do a pretty good job of that as parents I try to do that with my kids but as a community. A lot of these established families who recognize that the community had given them so much really instilled in their children what they had to do. To give back and that's what you see in the halls and that's what you see in the campers. And we are lucky is community to have them we need to do a better job of organizing. Around the next generation of folks could be involved cynically. This notion of too much is given much is expected to love Neil Sharma. COM PEG. DD digital dot com and Michael easily think fifteenth seed presidency over Nancy dot com thanks for joining us this round greats angry conversation with you again. I'm fine thanks Phyllis thinks. Thanks for joining us then relational C gets in takes care of goodwill.