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Saturday, December 30th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up and even then their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome Susan grill nation show I'm your host Jay seem drill thanks for joining us today on 980 yen came easy. As bulls on iTunes and stitcher radio and act gorilla nation should dot com where you can. Find all my guests pictures of my guess and all the information about the grill nation show itself holiday season and around here we enjoy running best of shows. At this time of the year. Hopefully you're enjoying your holiday. Excited to have you listening here today were gonna run a best of show the first someone I think my partners and supporters of the relationship with Jason grill. The title sponsors of the show our trust. Milbank in the UK financial and US advisors and Ryan drink yes coasting intruders gorilla nation are the reader NJ rigor Rinko. Brian maybe one my luxury apartments and reactor designs CEOs and Clifton Alexander discos and honor contributor pictures support of the grill nation show. On today's show we will be joined by Alan Galen who's the owner of bread and butter concepts a great company here in Kansas City and throughout the on her second segment this best stuff relationship we're going to be talking to Jim wagging who's the owner eight McDonald's in the Kansas City area. Our third segment today will be joined by Tucker Trotter who's the CEO of dimensional innovations agree Kansas City company. In her final several rejoined by DeVon Henderson is a comedian magician incorporate speaker he will make you laugh ladies and gentlemen thanks for joining us on today's show we will be joined by Alan Galen who's the owner of bread and butter concepts a great company here in Kansas City and throughout the the area here on the Missouri and Kansas side. Bread and butter concepts is about strenuous things you expect from an ultimate hosting each of our restaurant shall find yourself in a relaxing environment ever Maine's energetic and exciting. A place you wanna bring friends Oreo Phil welcome. They attend your needs one doing the company of friends each of our establishments Wilmer shoe and a feeling of comfort and the long. Alan Gayle and walking to the show are you learn from great great to see you. So receiver busy main have a great aunt Carol's story and a lot of things that maybe people don't know much when they visit the restaurants but. For those of you will get into that story here in the next segment but in this her segment are really count only talk about. Kind of your company bread and butter concepts are really kind of focus on. The different stripes okay you guys aren't so does that give us kind of an overview of the company first million to kind of some of the concepts first. Are now we have we have a restaurants. We started the company and I've 2009 and moved to Kansas City and I didn't this will be great great place for for a lot of reasons one month my wife is from here and men. Hit some deep roots and connections in Kansas City so. In the economy here has has always remained fairly consistent so. There was something that we look bad and as he looked at the restaurant industry here and decided you know let's let's give it Iran and and we'll get into that after about your journey back in 2009 you know the economy here's an interesting spot there was just very early this loser here. There are fairly bad spot for the restaurant industry. I'm 2000 S very issues when. Casual diners who really crashed pretty Harden. And then the big chasm behind him he's really taken and taken a beating and you know between Las Vegas and Phoenix and Florida all the big cities are really. Really hurting on the housing side so no there was no there was a risky time. The same released by a variety I'm. You know you entrepreneurs I think that's one thing that they do you know they're not willing to take risk and the area they've taken risks and who knows an accomplishment and I'm sponsored as best known there we saw an opportunity. We felt like there was a real need and you know did you start when he started the company did you did you envision having a lot of different concepts or is it just weren't try restaurant out and he had never even thought about. Tim deeper twenty or thirty or anything like pads you know articles so when one successful business and you know see what happens after that not. You know traditional way to grow company and you know restaurant industry would be too. You know from one concept and and grow that particular concept you know these Big Ten number twelve of them. That's kind of what we had in mind if we were looking at the future all would be to do that but it didn't quite turn out that way. Sarah I don't. We're talking to Alan Galen is the owner and CEO bread and butter concepts here in the keen Syria the lips as Brenda in a letter in butter concepts dot com. To talk to supply your restaurants. You have on board right now on and down below miscues supply over each of them the FB RGR it's him bars are first burst on. But I can't serve I guess how we talk a modern bird concept but he's really. Eric casual dining concept with a focus on murders you know we do. Traditional stuff and little bit off the wall when everything's fresh. You know shaft driven made in house. You have you have inching dish they're called top ships if I have Sarah Todd nazism yeah I've enjoyed those and a few Sundays much of the shared dinner for refinement for him not I've. Todd stay here dots are pretty hard not to lie they got pretty popular and. They did their real proper we just came up with some new versions you know from. You know I'm not toast version. Achievers and we come in the way you see guys have be aired here a couple location every three total remembered villains downtown in the NL district. Or keep remain in the union and Lee wouldn't 135 and I mean the effect on our got things going on our second load second restaurant with urban table which is also in the orange sooner 83 emissions. Farm to table. American lunch and breakfast. Brunch on the weekends there meant there we flip over to Italian American menus. Which we just recently due out there for months ago so Tom it's fresh she's a local ingredients. Mid price point. Emma really cool environment. Really cool and REIT the build was really did that the environments pretty modern yes very modern memory casual cat casual setting. Easy to rely axe and just I am bad neighborhood kind of cool new neighborhood place in them. That we open Graham and done when did you has opened the cramming down we opened six years ago November 22 just last week was our secure anniversary. Kind of upscale American. Started out as a Castro gastric dependent on by the wayside in name now but it's just really. Who'll culinary American creations whose. This really what it is that through it's got a great environment obviously the patios. About a hundred seats overlooks a streak in. All the hotels and condos. You don't always tells them pretty much year around with the weather the way it is little CF carpets out there graph fire pits out here so it's. Fifty or above it's pretty comfortable around the markets and deafening pitch to pitch weekends like last week you held at. About an and you got a couple other countries do we do have. I talk or public. Over across street from a coma toes mr. So outdoor really at Texas taco version you know big outdoor area much fun tacos and pesos and things like that. There we. The all over which we can call the card America a skill American tavern a few well. We can do approachable recognizable foods there. Really cool drinks them follow cocktails. And and a library studying a little bit just on the plaza around the corner from Bremen done on Jefferson street. There are news restaurants are killed. Out of scale study year old right I year old. Your old coming up Friday nights a modern state counts modern State Council bit different than your traditional state house you know and I'm beyond this is certainly more or big city more modern feeling menus a little more diverse than your traditional accounts and. Allan Galen is our guests on the show today from bread and butter concept CEO. Well a lot of awards of your the website. Accolades if you will for the restaurants we just. Breezed through the local people get more and then after the break only talked to Allen about his. Is entrepreneurial journey ended really kind dive deeper into being a restaurant tour what that takes and also talk about some of the time he spent over with two hands and down throughout the country. It's going to be a fun show today and we'll talk a little more up and out of bounds on the easy restaurants. The listen to grill nation here and he's easy 988 in place. Your best and welcome back sued the grill nation show on nine EDM Cain BZ appreciate you joining us again today on line or on the radio. Jim lady waiting waiting way he moved. Gosh great name I spread stalled out. He is a owner operator McDonald's. Throughout Kansas City and has a family history. Working very dull also what is your favorite thing you McDonald's you've you've been there long enough let's discuss our of that because. And you say you've you do like deet it's still in there forever self. I guess my death row meal would be a double cheese plain. Large fry. On apple pie doctor pepper in Prague via an I I do it enjoy a lot of them mean you're actually mix it up. But it does that to someone that you can give joining McDonald's I like that you guys started all of this dollar menus in them out of all. And that's a false or having a member as a kid. You know we can talk about the innovation that happy meal. But it seems lately you've you've you've got to make things there. You're he had meal deals and all that supersize me at all those things yet they continue to be innovative and and do you. Do you have any selection that your stories is that stall corporate. I feel I'm very accident that because they go to McDonald's in different cities and sometimes they see different things. That's right well we're getting more and more national or were evolving right now words and being more one voice speaking for everyone but we've traditionally been a pretty. Co op based business were we spent a lot of money locally that would allow us do things that we wanted you try a different flavors difference now which is different ideas. What we are in the process of involving two Mormon national platform. Which a lot of our competitors beat you right through the button. But yeah I'm in charge of that Kansas City co op for the Kensing McDonald's operators so we bring in a lot of different. Products and promotions saints that are specific to us like our partnerships with the chiefs in the royals and different products like Mick ribs and we can test certain pains and other MMS I can cities like a testing ground isn't. I see that all the time with different facet operations or groups there. They wanna test their product here in Kansas City that's right it's a short plane ride from oak brook guard national world headquarters in. You know Kansas City has led an innovation McDonald's a lot we invented the extra value. OPEC so that which one was again though that was like the big sailors have fry in the drinks supersize OK that was a man in India there was a minute now is really say that was and in here is that in minute by the co op folks there the other co ops folks operators and regional manager came together and or what do we packages together. And we we started out with 41899. We had a big mega quarter Cheney's two cheeseburgers and which is crazy really about you guys really innovated the entire fast food market right here in city right we did and well before that. Bob Bernstein Bernstein rein came up with a happy in which you would hear how long goes seven meets. Yes there was itself is a lousy Iger of the tiger was born 1979 in the eighties obviously I was he had happy meals all the time that was those moronic Kansas City this year was. Wow and so it's tested here and it will dwell on the other marks are adopted that has Bob he started amortizing with us I think in 67. And he did a lot of premiums so he brought a lot of stuff like Tzipi differs in and flying saucer frisbee that would actually be a cup lid and you know just puppets and who. Think you know pencil erasers that warm look like Ronald McDonald he was kind of in the premium business. And finally meet Donaldson Bob do you wanna been a premium salesman or do you wanna be advertising agents. And he's chose to become an ad advertising agency in. At one point he was what one of the top fifty biggest advertising agencies in the whole United States when he had all the national Wal-Mart. On national blockbuster and some really big national camps but he loves McDonald's he's passion Mel McDonald he's had a relationship when those were. 45 years and recently they were chosen to be one of only seven. Advertising agencies that can service McDonald's. On the whole nation. Well. That's actually Allah here in Kansas City I don't think in a few mother although I think that happy mill things start to make its rounds. I think Wu got kind of the new the new millennial world is starting to find out that it was actually. In being here in Kansas City in that the great thing about that is it is. You know you always get a toy right now. I don't have any kids in a gym so I I've been getting happy mills and while there are those involved at all they're those. James at all or how does that work now. Well you know we partner with the greatest brands you know whatever it's gonna be with the Evers and demand whether it's a movie theater project you know something we Disney or something with transformers zone like that so we always. Being in that we have a big buying power in a large distribution network. I think the toy manufacturers wanna come to McDonald's first because we're gonna get a lot through and our volume. And so we get the premium of the premiums. The huge giveaway and are happy meals than. That's interesting you mentioned your death row meal what what's what's pop through these days with your customers. You obviously have a lot of data if you're you're running eight stores. Here in the can't see airway orders were still some of the highlights well like whatever is on cell. Just make a doubles are very popular after or oils double play. Big Macs are very popular after big Macs act with the chiefs. They like our core menu really I mean you can bring in. A lot of other semitism in the late this season now in the rim. Do here is and now the mic grid is always been kind of that cool yeah busing I've had a before bit. I know lot of friends who are obsessed with like when in the grips command and it's just kind of it's I eat a seasonal thing where you guys say every year it's going to be in the fall as it does it change we try to keep it in the fall we try to run it. Sometime between September October through January we try to keep that. If anyone else is going on when the national counter and it's still hot people still want it yeah I love it because they wait for you know it goes away and comes back. Though you there is a cult following in the maker but Europe French has always been. One of the finest there and they're the best you know we protect our Fries we always have our eyes on our Fries mixture of degree in. It is always took the same what's one menu I'm that you love you wish more people Linda you shot him. If he would always go for the classic in our signature craft a mine is so good. I don't know people really know the quality of that product you know we have this artisan role and we have chef. Crafted topping that come on now right now we have a Newser righteous moss one that's really good but are painted a guy owes grade. And you know or spicy barbecue is great and terms of bacon and we have need cheeses like you know chatter. White cheddar cheeses and just score at all that you guys are really evolving because the market is shifting but then you have the people that that that wanna keep the classic. That's right they love the classics but the new stuff you know. Now let me casters have more choice is choice is important to our customers so. They can every choice I have a net sings a craft a line with a grilled chicken. We know antibiotics and or the crispy fried chicken or the quarter pounder then again a choice of a Bunton. Them that is a moment. Talked me about count of market share with the breakfasts so you guys I remember as a kid didn't breadth and doll blond I answer that still happens but. You know back browse around east actually I don't sit in the restaurant. Dressers or has been the big unity on you know if there was a drive through the air red location there was there was area yet there was another think about threw us. But is the breakfast is facility 10:30 AM thing how's that work so now we have all day breakfast that's slim rested up a little bit there's not that big rush. We go to McDonald's you know let him get African skit. You know McDonald's stuff serving breakfast at 1030 else are we gonna know when breakfast is over for former dot. That little funny thing Julia Hernandez but I mean I remember that it was still very. Yeah I haven't had direct some Donald while. Or give me but I didn't even. Wasn't I deems him to be I knew it was 10:30 AM yeah like programmed in your mind that I wanted to end. The mad dash. And the ballots are now it's all day he gets all day AME tomorrow when I go there right now I can give you get pancakes you can't get pancake seeking get most all of our breakfast junior breakfast when I was a kid that's right the big breakfasts Dora. Doran and she's discriminates nice to cook. I like to. So that's so gone so. That's interest thinks you guys really operate at full capacity. And then in August there's a lot of menu items how many value menus you have now. Compared to this prayer for you start with. Well we have you know some of our breakfast we got a deal for lunch we get a lot of deals come in and particularly in January when everything switches to you national. I can't give away the whole sicker but we're gonna have you know three new menus we never dollar menu and two dollar menus in a three dollar and then there are there items on the one dollar to dollar and three dollar price point nationally hammered knew more people. Gravitate to those and they do the actual old school extra value menus he created is on the cunning guys that you know from trendy little healthier old soup sandwich from. And maybe a nice even you know. I remember. In high school it was all of the value means and now I feel like there's been a shift towards. Thank you said the dollar two dollars three dollar type stuff there has been because you know what the customer wants to being boss. And we need to let the customer be boss we'll we say you can have this burger with this fry in the scope of this prize tonight. No I don't necessarily want that I don't know if I wanna count come I want something else though and that's why we were starting their piece Millen out and have some. One dollar to go three dollar. Offerings because we went to Custer Nabil appear confusing kind of make up their own meals. That's really what they want. How is the judges you mentioned desserts and when you're segments earlier that apple pie. Is that and that seems to have been pretty standard the whole time and you know you have younger par phase of one non now but the the apple pie is kind of traditional. It's still around in his oh. We first brought it out it was deep fried and some people say I wanted the front and back and I love the deep fry oh Sunday trying to now or bacon. OK for health reasons so it's nine degrees and it's it's healthier and it's really good pie mean I love that things and is this a little bit different but it's the same feeling with cinnamon it and sound it's it's really does that mean you all to. The dessert menu or medium different all pretty kept a pretty small I think we have plans to blow out the dessert menu. The next three years and I think you'll see a lot more common we're totally evolving our menu right now I mean me cafes going to be plus step in changed a lot you can get more off prince. You see some baked goods coming in the store. Next year no goober eats are coming to my very erode location I think in October where you can actually believed in on your phone. And have McDonald's delivered to your house and that's coming mobile order and May Day is coming in this ball. We can go to your McDonald's that which you should download now. And adding your credit card you can order our you're apt. And go right the drive through and pick it up or come inside take it to go or come inside sit at a table we will find you that you table and we'll bring you food there to your to pay for them. We're talking all about mcdonalds today on the grill nation show will be right back after the break. I guess. Yeah. You're listening to a best stuff. Grilled Asian welcome back to grill nation you're listening to about Estonian grill and Asian and on. I teams if you're listening via podcast is rolls on grill nation should dot com you connect with me on Twitter at Jason real and that grill nation shell. Really excited to continue on with our guests today we attacker charters its president and CEO of dimensional innovations. And Tom Collins who's the chief operating officer of dimensional innovations also joined there by Jeff Phillips Sousa senior vice president at Milbank. We're talking learning more about the Mitchell motivations in summary your work I'm looking through amazing catalog but you put together brought into the studio somebody projects. Locally and nationally let's touch on some of the ones that you've worked on. To create better experiences here locally that you're proud of the bill learn more about some of the projects locally for them. Well the first one I've I think is. A new one that's caught the most attention for us over the years and that's the library books that are and for the downtown library then so. And that one gets a lot of attention and he's still see it on social media's kind of you know I just thought on your Linkedin profile I thank you yeah. So any you know it's the innocent if there was definitely an Avaya and at all and Jonathan Kemper is living in and he's he's on the team up with an idea. And there was a lot of push back seemed weird seem like we're an idea and so. One of the ways that we like to work as we just make mock ups and we just so we made a full scale mock up in just tested it and it and we everybody. Once we've put it up on the side of the building we can tell those who counts so. That's one that were really proud of them. And then you know I think the work out it aero head. And also at royal suspend his degree. It also tests the streetcar a little bit and getting cranked all the ETA LO KC team work and we're really proud of that. And continue to siesta that in and grow. The driving around town and you'll see your work experience that. You mentioned AMC's when he first clients up. And so whenever you walk in and AMC theaters in the one at the time eve there was opened a power in my district and also achieved. There's tons of them throughout the city obviously right it does each one of them is unique experience in different I think annoyed you know they're all different end. They're always evolving and so. One of the things we like to do with. With AMC has helped them kind of continued to explore how the guest experience can always be better and and how you know guest preferences are constantly changing and so room making sure we are testing and trying things trying new things out with. That's also. We need so much more than snow he talked about sports seed Tommy mentioned. The stadium the new stadium in Atlanta I'm I'm looking to your book here and you guys have done experience and many stadiums new stadiums. Throughout this country both the college in the professional. Always thought some of those Republican there on scene you know Charlotte Minneapolis. And we have in the states and here. We're fortunate to have over a hundred you'd professional sports franchises once rules that we don't work. All over the so you're talking about kind of take me through your touching in the stadiums church or touching everything from inexperience. We did the viking voyage Minnesota Vikings in the unique space. It is entirely that's an experience. Locally we've but on the house. The people engage with the law and EU but then we also do things like potential involvement in luxury suites locker rooms. And we did. And it. Though on the look irritated. Asked balls and earns well you know it some looks like and that as a nice. That's a nice lock Herman. And in the common thread with all this is helping in either brands or schools recruit. In retain athletes then student athletes so. I've seen a case state work he did I was up there are few weeks ago also to the royals whole thing you know I am so upset. It just adds so much to the inexperienced or right now compared to what we used to have at stadiums right right. On even though another when you've you don't really think about it is that community America experience. Or it may just and as you're walking through that on courses you know. And used to be the big grade drab concrete in America's. Branding. And walk in his eight so spaces that you used that never think about before and you know you know opportunity. What is that like that it modern are putting an experience into an older stadium compared. The brand new. Beautiful Mercedes-Benz. Place or the one in Minneapolis that are Brandon each one has unique to protest it's. I mean yeah because if you're working on a Wrigley Field obviously something that's old. You know you've seen renovations that Lambeau in all these old stadiums recently and people are some people are. Not happy about them and but then it just kind of like Ernie or organ beginning you know it's like. I think what people see it and see innovation and at the bit this is great on geneticist is the change will it. Right and so are you putting in these new experiences it'll some some summer holder right summer Newark. That's got to be inching. You know tightrope to walk especially guys being so creative. And I think we we really enjoyed both I think they'd like Thompson they've both come with their set of challenges that it. In a respecting you know with in the case of error and error and means means something all of us right we've all experiences there so we want respect. And take advantage of what we inherited there's so goes the round circulation ramps everyone's seen him in an up and on them there you know during the lifetime so. Like Thompson we we were a bullet and activate those and make amend brand experiences that people. So really improves improves the you know does hurt at all. So saying cutting edge right Jeff I mean I'm looking through your book you guys thought she said a hundred different places in the sports world at least. When you and those initial meetings. You know they don't wanna because he had a don't read like that a the team I'm sure your edited and the other big twelve school. They're just figuring out ways to. These on the innovate it's got to be art we have so many clients a mean. Howdy howdy do that he come keep coming up with creative ideas is just three year your strategy process decline hearing with the needs are how does that work as a process work so that's. His kiss in a world I live and it's all about. Our. Processes and about his strategy about summit should hear more and that we've we have up. And so we always bring the same process and we very have the we have a different team of course. But the the clients always different and our process involves the client quiet so there are we don't we don't know we're not like some design firms that. You know go away and come back a year later with the Indians here it is we want you to be involved every step. And so we demand a lot from our clients we asked them what story they won't tell ones you know what's their brand attributes all the things that they're trying to achieve on the business side. We wanna make sure that what we design the phils. And I'm. And so yeah that does require them end and then they're going to bring their unique style element to us. And it's up to us to interpret that in the space so minute that that's what makes Egypt experienced different and so. I think is you flip through our vote you notice that there's not there's not a common look every look every one of them looks unique in its pros because rappers. Knew who are finished and tiger how's it. Has it changed as you can and deliver. On those. And environments. And sure it's gone and from. Not so reliant on physical structure as it is like technology and videos and music can lighting and all that kind of stuff have you all had to you learn that disciplinary and the added on additional talent than yeah peace. I think there at the first real tech heavy project we do this for Imus do end. And that was probably ten years ago. And Sosa and it's always that part of which which which deals. And when. The training facilities and tiger are all there interactive Tyrell but I don't know the bill Newton and that. Representative might be some potential Moore worked on their feet guys as the continues to grow the football stadium and whatnot and just down there at the vast barring a last Friday and mean it's still one of the best. It seems so near and it was bill 1000 Moscow backed that up but it doesn't. It feels if it's a great environment great stadium resonates all them which is cool and that tech project for us really started it got us started in. I think a lot of people saw that got a lot of attention in the sports world and and so that. And of the budget that goes towards technology has grown every year sentence and so the fastest growing group within our company is protector and a and so it's really exciting and because you know he like you said Jeff building. Physical elements is important. And having technologies also really exciting you can create an experience nobody's ever seen before. Indyk can constantly involved with the brain and so. As the zoo has more wins thinking constantly updated and constantly make that content for arrest in new recruits and what's relevant and you guys also a phenom on synergen thinker myself man I should get a job with this company years ago aren't you can tell you Gil Morgan a lot of fun projects. And just they all seem to be smiling when you go in there and I. I don't know environment if you're a lot of a lot of you company culture T geysers that's important he all I've looked to your words agent. You know best places to work is all is as a recurring theme and your your employees and you know as bass from the festering companies in Kansas City is bulls in the country. Your poise seem few really enjoy that the work it either. Yeah I think. If a few years ago are. Executive team every year. In the beginning of the year we talk about what each one of us is gonna focus on the end of course there's lots of things and all list but we always. Trying to decide on one thing that each one of us is gonna focus on and for the last several years mine has been culture. And it's been tough a little bit to give up design because that's my passion that's going to school for but. In a way focusing on culture is it is a design project end and so really designing who we are and in our culture and then having them be insistence. Consistent across the different offices. And as we continue to grow is going to be real important so. That's been sort of my obsession in them. And I think it's really helped us scale. So that the new people to come onboard understand. What we believe in what's important to us. And and so that the culture is is imminent it's going to continue to be unity focus. Now let's say from the outside looking Meehan like it seems like all decisions are made it through the filter. Culture because I think about. I can Tom and every use of color can talk about X Keating things. In like Allison on the accounting side and all of that it all seems to be done in the purview what does this do to our culture. I love it let's give back and that after the break worth Tucker Trotter and Tom Collins from dimensional innovations joined as well let's just don't. I'm no fan listening to a nation here in 1980. States. Your best. Our nation welcome back to the grill nation show hearing TVD nine EAM and I teens and stitcher radio when he arrived back in der awesome segment and show today with DeVon Henderson humorist and keynote speaker. Eyes but that is DeVon Henderson dot com lot of fun checking out very successful entrepreneur in Kansas City and throughout the country. Devin. First of all what are we looking at moon when people are ya wanna kind disputes in the nuts bolts were doing humor motivation. Corporate sales corporate parties magician when what do you offer here so yeah it. We basically I can either open or closed conference to do and after lunch spot that has some content in it about using humor to deal with change in stress and difficult people. Where I bring it to match your recent humor audience participation really make it exciting. I'm because sometimes in comics is too big and heavy information words we need a break and we need to keep this off funds so that's maybe that's mainly what I do. How are like who's this cheesy guy it's like it's April yeah well as it yet Palin like sometimes I have is a keynote speaker and then they'll have liked banquet that night and I'll do like after dinner just straight minimalism or something and so. It's immense close match for the cocktail or. The angrier Q and mayor you know summit products I am at my books my best selling books to South Africa is making clear they're not bestselling. So we're talking on there about a a turning point your lie yeah. You know I always think you know your website you've done some openings for some big comedians and I thought you know. At some point you probably have the chance to be on these national TV shows and may reopen on one of the late night shows and you apparently Ernie did down a reality show tells yes okay so is America's Got Talent and it's is a bond. Kind of yeah army went on the Joseph Allen's the stern Heidi Klum they're really cost about new era in golf right this season nice this is about two and half years ago I get an email that says were looking for a master pick pocket. So I think embassy YouTube thief or her her ex con yourself then but they found me taken watches on videos. No like do a player out here fear audition I addition they mean gay street in front of the celebrity judges and un on the Hollywood boulevard in the Dobie theater in front of 5000 people. And I was like hold on that I'm not a master pick pocket. I do pick pocketing in my act the best comics so he's seen these guys right undies I am of these guys just taken a nineteenth minute that's not meet. The house like look they're canceling out there and if that's okay we're sure why not take the opportunity right and this is really the opportunity of a lifetime literally. Elect Augusta why go and they sent me to an individual producer we're talking about OK this is what we'll do you still some watches the first time will be kinda low key. The next time will still nick cannon's necktie and will be created for nick is yours and up the bar every time. I just did my thing I did my thing that works right in front of corporate crowd the things that I should in the be okay this is what you're gonna get. So I did it in the judge's reviews like 111 on MLB. Dislike there was no magic keys and you magician I saw a magic. I thought that they can get it that she sees intelligent opinion she's a moron. The flow of oil whatever the other judges cycle so yeah so how. I want you that's always a good thing to have yeah well I know what I'm so Heidi Klum light did. Howard Stern likes magician so he was respectful he does I liked it I wish I could steal watches and fortunately didn't play for 5000 people which was interesting to me because. They always to the guys through doing that any tricks in the you don't mean so to me was this site does not consistent but whatever Howard. Howie Mandell. Said litre he said verbatim I have friends who do a similar act and they do it really well now he's talking about the master. Pickpocket. Fortunately on this America's Got Talent show some additions go through doing very elementary tricks that the judges have never seen it. It's amazing to answer some guys like me who reducing I'm not saying I am amazed that the north like average guys like me watch that show and go are you kidding me. The handkerchief and hand tricked the little spongy balls trick your freaking out over that in the end stuff was an earnest within days the wash still took me like. Five years to even might become you know what I mean like fluid food with it so. Anyway it was a little bit frustrating and of course literally turning point for me is turning point personally hurt I was like did I don't use the word depression but I was depressed. I mean I came home kids like what's wrong with dad because I mean think about the Twitter follow and I would have gained it is is it means endemic segment which I'm kind of glad it went explain this to everyone. Am I was a missed opportunity to gain a national following in and in book myself in better places and get more money I mean this is a chance for possible same. It's a couple blessings from experience number one I realized I'm done with magic. I wasn't passionate about it not that that's why I failed and I was like I just I don't love this thing anymore and I got in pigeon holed into that become successful and and do the thing I don't like anymore. Even so it's good thing I didn't fail the other thing is. And I now tell this story I tried to hide it for years and now I tell the story in my motivational speech I'm talking about humor and when Mike's hard laugh hard. And right that's my whole mess leaflets are left are. And so this was hard. From Iraq and I would never left that right away the latest over the years seem my wife and I joke about it. And I what I realize is that while the stupid part of me. Wishes I would have become successful and become a millionaire. Did the Smart army saint do you purity rich you've got a wife who Folgers sock you've got five kids who come home and have pictures of but of filing in an elephant who. We let them get better and yeah I forty derived really the Smart part Venus and I'm fighting to you know always. Better my outlook and tons of corporate so yeah and so we just like you actually enjoy the comedian so yeah. Traveled lawyer tricks yet so why am I why am I upset about this right and so I think it is that trifle like I want I want people expect me know me you know walk new romance can attest that guy. That really I know I don't want adults you know but look the I think we can all. Everyone can maybe in show business to relate to that like I want to be bigger on beam home more known on a make more money yeah but that's there's no happiness. Where is that roads lead you know look at Elvis Presley. And he and I are very. Very certain very similar Devery Henderson Devery Henderson dot com here fury exit you keep your offer here in the workplace innovation and creativity because reservist teamwork entertainment only hosted in C. For your corporate outings here. The year banquets or whatnot he's do you work with pretty much everyone in the country display viewed as client page. It's a long list of people man clipped need to add that your website to slow style out of my announced kind of we don't have as many of the big names. So anyway so there's always there's always insisted equity Devean here. Today we got a couple minutes left man I mean there's any entrepreneur was in the clips and I wanna have a question there too yeah what what's your what's secure spots on the site. Start a company here you are working really hard trying to get something on. Two at the sickest sounding like math fully go for it. He I have a friend who has magician who. Worked a day job until he was nearly fifty years old finally got let go of that many was able to pursue magic and it is his business exploded. They heard someone say onetime wage your day job your safety net urging your dragnet. When you can invest in it fully it's gonna is gonna hold you back and see you're never gonna test that out some tests and out and fall flat on your face and fail. You know I watch and forty restaurants mega 38 knows that's that's hard to hear you know aegis aegis. Keep going for yet TS's which like yeah career with solid today actual business and you plug to providing for family room and you on your own life. Right yeah I mean for the most are you Kia you could fly and Hawaii which you evident yet who that's honeymoon and it's looking dig in in his about a beach yeah. Because yes I did that make sold a call yet but he green with yes. So you tell us a golf remain Devery Henderson dot com any final thoughts Boston Milliken the show any. No I'm wondering if you know. I I was just opinion back on this two restaurants it's a yes right and and I think people don't. Really realize the impact they can have another person like me now. And so all those knows the guy. You didn't get TS since I don't know who's been those restaurants where they're probably local I'm guessing. And but those restaurants the managers of those restaurants literally. I'll change your life and your family's life and built a career for you. On something very simple as simple as saying treat India free show from him hey snap and death as a test to a source that can happen you know. And those other restaurant managers you know they ended up missing out on something really game potentially big and so it's it's an interest thing. Thought to think of that that play pain and yes this is how every arch nerve journey I think starts is there there's always one person he says yes the first time. And that's the sort of thing as a useful work. Well wells well settlers is on that note Devery Henderson. At Henderson comedy on Twitter and DeVon Henderson dot com precede joining us and look forward to spread your name Bryant sounded. What's different corporate people in good luck you can rest on your success. Eighteenth street analysts and thanks for sends up today you announced another show on the part that's Richard thank you Jason. We'll see you next week here in relation pick here.