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Retire Right with Alan Becker
Sunday, April 15th

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This these three tire right with Alan record. And the retirement fuse network's Megyn most active. Allah is the president and CEO what the retirement solutions group. With more than eighteen years of financial experience Alan and his team will help preserve and maintain his client's way of life. And the legacy they leave behind. This is retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement news network. Hi meg in those act from the retirement news network as always been joined by Alan backer of retirement solutions group and we're glad to have you with us on the program today if you'd like to get started with Allen to meet with him in his office conveniently located at 430 Ivan Metcalf. Help today in 932867980. That's 9132867980. And you're always welcome to log on to Allen's web site for more information. It's retire right TC dot com. You know we all know people who are just. Amazing planners right the organized England dinner parties. Travel trips house projects and they do effortlessly they do with a great idea detail I'm always just let's it has people. Let's let the best cleaners know is you simply can't plan for everything you know someone gets sick you lose a suitcase something's out of stock so you only need dat backup plan right to cover the what ifs in the same is certainly true retirement because there are a lot of light adds a lot of expensive ones would become history tired it. Since they were gonna get into how to plan for those how you can make changes to your retirement portfolio now. So we can't address the what it's cleaner and Alan these possible surprises how you affect retirement and how to protect ourselves from them. Megan is a really great topic it's close my heart because my better half Christy she's a planner every time went on vacation or working with kids she has to have at all written now know exactly what's happening and leaving a financial planner. I was I'm also ex military so I understand contingency plans and making sure that unity I never happier back up against the wall always know. The way out of a situation or what you're gonna do in case something doesn't go quite as planned so more talking about cleaning you have to plan for the long haul mean these days retirement last your from 1020. Even thirty years of unemployment. Time you don't have. Necessarily consistent paycheck coming in each and every week. But that's what a lot of us are looking for that's what a lot of us would like to have and that's what we do here retirement solutions group as we assist people. In creating an income plan in retirement just a plan for retirement plan this is a word. That doesn't this have a lot of meaning for many people so I wanted to find that out we're talking about a plan. We're talking about a way to create income income port shelter for clothing for food for the necessities you need in life. As well as an paycheck and it plea checks so you have money to take care of those and assesses things you have to have but also money coming in to cover those things you want to have happen so that's. What training is all about in retirement making sure those golden years are really golden. Alan so many of us have heard that million dollars you know it used to be the magic number for retirement but. It really isn't any more so it begs the question what is that magic number these days how much do we actually need to live comfortably. In retirement. And making grown up I always heard have a million dollars 5% withdrawal rate you'll live on an extra 50000 a year plus your Social Security. Life is great you know these days everybody has different needs. And something what they're saying it's two million dollars these days because you know we're not pull in 5% necessarily off of those dollars anymore a lot of us are only Poland three maybe 4%. There's a lot of rules of thumb for that so to speak because you know if you're gonna live 2030 even forty years in retirement monies that'll last few. Large drop out rate on your money. There's a good chance you're gonna run out of money to retire which is you know the number one fear retirees. So what we try and do with people listen now let them figure out what their spending while they're working with their spending and retirement what their. You know and needs are as well as the ones I mean fear. Can be coughing every game retirement those key times cost some money and if you're going to be hiking or biking whatever it is a year hobby is. You've got to do take in consideration for the cost of that copy. As well is supporting family members if that's something you're doing our grandkids and there's just so many. Avenues that we look at retirement. To make sure we have enough to take care of the things we need to so everybody's numbers a little different. But once we figure that mountain kind of back into that number so to speak with what do we have personal security what do we have for pensions if we're fortunate to have on. What do we have potentially with maybe some new things we set up for ourselves dividends off of our stock portfolios. Lots of different places we can pull money from but knowing when and where you're pulling those monies from. That's what tack having it can't rely retirements all about that here retirement solutions group we've created there. Proprietary roundtable retirement process the process. Covers areas such as in complaining investment and tax planning. We also look at legacy planning nature. Day your assets go to the people and places you want them to go even after you've passed away. We also look at health care planning these days people spending to 300000 in retirement each to take care of the cost of health care and that's not even covering long term care very important to have planning on your side matches on the masses and don't want everybody else's and but actually getting an individualized plan sheer unique situation that's what our roundtable retirement processes all about. So for the next ten collars on today show. We wanna open up our calendar and make sure that you get the front line treatments that we can help you. It only to retirement but their retirement. So give us a call 913286798. Era that number's 9132867980. We're looking your Social Security. You're pinching your new teacher investment 41 k.'s higher res brought buyers like insurance policies health insurance. Everything you need in retirement to get you to enter retirement. So give us call 91328679809132867980. Learn more about Allen's dinner workshops or his book he's the author of the book. Return on investment or reliability of income the true meaning of our ally in the golden years go to retire right TC dot com. That's retire right TC. Dot com. So Allen is her tacky about this retirement clean and what time is our retirement spending plan actually look like. Now after over twenty years in this industry I've seen the good the bad and the ugly in it's it's great to learn from other people's mistakes and not create them yourself so when we're talking better retirement income planning it's the idea acting as if you're going to retire if you're pregnant. It to five years to till you retire you're already there you really have start thinking with the retirement mindset that. You know I'm not gonna have a fix paycheck anymore I've. Potentially may never have an income stream again that. Is and can fluctuate based on dividends and less I look at other alternatives creating my own pensions SP. And when we look at that I've seen people that have bought. Houses and retirement bigger than they've ever had before and instead of cutting back and starting to live like the retired they're doing just the opposite. I've seen others right size that'll start to cut back and by smaller houses so that the kids don't have a place to come home to rape. Because we wanna be in the masters in retirement wanna help our family now we don't necessarily always want them. Move them back and so we elect the right size or get ready for. This next journey that is retirement. So retirement planning is a lot about acting as if in figuring out what you need in retirement what do you want to happen retirement. And then creating your budget around so a big key to our retirement planning here retirement solutions group is to help people assist them. In a stylish in a budget in a budget meaning it guide us how much are you actually spending on cellphones and phone bills and electricity and you know what do you expect to have available to you as you move to enter return also looking and inflation. And emergency funds things like that. All comes in so that you can have a form of peace of mind if you and retirement knowing. What you expect and then having those contingencies built in as well a written plan to get to do the next 2030. Years of retirement. Where you can look back inspect when you expect check out the results weekly need to tweak. And it's great to do that with the help of just fiduciary. A financial planner that's working for you. The name on the door and an independent financial planner is the name of the firm. It means that they work for you there's not some huge name on the door that they are representing. And that. Everything that their well that we're doing for you is for the firm's. Meanwhile things instead an independent financial planner works for you the client your Dickey queen appeared castle. And then we are the courts advisors we help you whether we're looking at. Alternatives. Insurance products securities products whatever we need to do but we wanna do it most tax efficient way possible. And we wanna look at all the different options out there see the thing is when you're shopping for retirement planning you wanna have somebody that is licensed in the insurance world. Life and health so to finance this important questions about your health insurance also. Your life insurance making sure that. Should you be using like insurance asset class it's also a great vehicle to look at tax efficiency and retirement plan. You also want somebody that's securities license. But that the future. Mean legally obligated to act in your best interest. Needs to be overlapping both of those licenses so that you truly have somebody that's helping you with all the different areas of retirement. I've seen so many people come into our offices that either hurt us on the radio hour. Come out to one of our workshops maybe they were recommended by a friend but the comment and they've been tolls stay away from annuities or. They're not getting help with their health insurance or their ninth inning helped pax efficiency. The thing about a plan as it should cover all those things and if you're advisor of the person you're talking to. Isn't licensed. In all the areas you need or isn't helping you in all areas that you need the next time and find somebody new. That's why retirement solutions group and our she investments is here to help you. As you journey to enter retirement. Alan discretionary expenses those cast a pretty wide net they can vary quite a bit from one person to the next so. How you filled or how do you make a spending. Planned for nose or remember in retirement. Every day is Saturday so I think a spending plan should take in consideration that. Every day when you're retired that they we you can be spending money in his eyes he's in my house. Idle time means. Picking up a self and shopping online or. You know watching me you can buy stuff anywhere these days you have to have you know it built and so you know what you can spend for different situations. Living costs money. We need more money in the go go years than we do in the slow go years when you know years. Or I should say we need more money for different purposes and you know in the middle of yours we may be looking at spending more money on. Health care and long term care than we would be now or eight. Or in the go go years organist and more on travel that we are health care. So it's all relative to what you're trying to accomplish as you move into retirement here health is. What's your philosophy on life is trying to accomplish and you know just your overall values and that's why. When we invite you in two. Commend her around to retiring view at no cost no obligation round tab or retirement review. It starts with us listening and just asking a few questions get to know you were religious trying to build picture on the front of year. Retirement. Puzzle if you will and while we wanna do is learn what is year. Strategies you want to accomplish who you trying to affect who depends on you. Would you need to have to make you feel comfortable on and fulfilled in this world. And that's where we senator to create income. How much that you want guaranteed and how much of that is okay being speculative it all comes in to be part of our roundtable retirement process. Allen opened that up to our next ten cars as they show at no cost no obligation. Front of the line to our calendar and that all starts for the phone call 9132867980. I don't know which are waiting for there's no cost no obligation and I can promise you're gonna learn some great information that should help you as you take that journey through retirement 9132867980. How much he'll need to save for retirement it's certainly important to know but it's one thing to set aside money it's a whole other thing to invest it wisely. Allen gives us a few of his most effective retirement investment. Strategies up next. This is retire right we've Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi it's Glenn Beck of the dozens of retirement advisors in Kansas City you're gonna hear me talk about only one Allan Becker at retirement solutions group and our SEG investments and that's because Alan is not your typical establishment. Kind of advisor and retirement solutions group and our SG investments isn't your typical establishment advisory firm everything they do is custom fit to you. Thanks Clinton join us for one of my upcoming complimentary dinner events. 6 o'clock on Tuesday April 17 or Thursday April 19. I just engines that counts. In Martins city reservations are required in seating is limited so called 9132867151. Learn about the retirement planning process and gain insight into today's retirement strategy. Let Alan and his team help you retire successfully to sign up call 9132867151. That's 9132867151. In Kansas City call Allan Becker 9132867151. And when you're at it and that's that I have to offer limited mr. individual's mental LC. This is retire right with the Alan Ackerman on the retirement. News network. Hi mega NASDAQ from the retirement news network alongside Allen backer of retirement solutions group if you are ready to build the retirement that you always envision for yourself. You owe it to yourself did call Alan today here's the phone number 913286798. Again that number 9132867980. We're talking with Allen about some changes that we should consider making in our retirement portfolios in that really can help us avoid problems later on down the route. Alan we talked about the setting aside money that's one thing. But it's a whole different thing to set to decide if actively and I'm talking about investing it in a way it's actually aligned with your retirement goals. And we know all portfolios they need to be diversified you talk about that every week but explain what that truly means what it properly diversified portfolio. Actually looks like. Well the key to diversification may in his not having four or five different advisors it seems like at least once or twice a month some well command. And Tryon. And they think that diversification means hey I just wanna give you a small portion. And we've got five other advisors LLC who does the best. And guys that is like having way too many cooks in the kitchen and just letting you know that's now diversification has diversification means having different asset classes so that if stocks are rising maybe your bonds are going down a bonds are rising maybe your stocks are going down maybe at some alternatives in there. Has some annuities that prevent the downside lost maybe don't get all the upside. But the point is that you have different investments that do different things. Imagine right now I have a friend that's going to this thing is trying to buy vacation home out in Arizona. They've got the contract done native. You know negotiated the price and now it's coming to liquidate the funds will cast what. Here in 2018. We have seen a lot of market volatility. And that there just doesn't seem to be a good time for him to liquidate his down payment so he's going to be forced to take a hit in the market. To take advantage of that vacation home that. Is now gonna cost him several thousand dollars more than any plan because of the market losses it just goes back to the old adage that it's not a paper loss it's an actual loss if you need money. Every month to live on in retirement. He cannot afford to have all of your dollars. In market volatility. And there's so many people out there that think hey the stock market is the only way to go. That there's all of these other options out there but they're just blind to that and what we're hoping to do is open your eyes and diversification mean to have. Different assets over a lot of different classes in a lot of different vehicles. To weather what cover financial storm may come back to you so that you can enjoy your retirement. And not be worrying about. You know market volatility like we've seen here in the first part of 2018. It's got to remind so many people know what it was like in 2008. And that's just not comfortable feeling for many people especially. If you're on a precipice of retirement you're just getting so close and it's time you want a mixture they have things set up appropriately different asset classes different. Vehicles. Over many different countries and many different types of vehicles so that you can weather any storm out there. Taxes here how do you help people align their tax strategy. Well one of our core. Areas that we assist with a around their retirement process is tax efficiency. So you know there's monies out there that are tax free so we'd all like to get to and there's monies out there that are completely tax deferred which. You know helps us to save. As where getting towards retirement where were paying less in taxes. But you know we have to give Caesar what is caesar's and that day of reckoning is is always there in the future. So sometime between. 55 that's an up borrowing K we separate service or fifteen and a half if we are. Have an IRA for most people. 27 and a half we can starter distribution and happy to have that distribution. By sending half if we are retired so in that timeframe. We controlled the tax distribution of our assets by looking at. You know what our income needs are what our tax liability is currently in what our future tax liability. Is that scheduled to be in taxes on sale right now and we had a great tax cut that is been given to the American people. And you should be taking advantage of that and so many of our listeners there. You know wondering where they go for tax advice and they're getting told in any got to go to doctors CPA. That the talk to their financial professional and then be told what we can't give tax advice. Then go to the CPA and the CPU being likable or not financial planners and talk of financial planner we'll hear retirement solutions group we have created the roundtable retire process. Where we do look at tax efficiency we wanna help you move your money to the right when I'm saying buy it right I mean from pacs. Deferred all the way to tax free of possible. And we wanna do that. Based on maximizing your tax brackets looking a unique situation. And forecasting what will be the best opportunity for you to get those monies out under your control none of the government's control. So we wanna make sure that we have. Open up our calendar for the next ten collars on today show ticket to the front line to take part in around ten retirement review. This is a no cost no obligation review organ a look at your Social Security planning strategies. We're gonna look at your pension options were gonna look at any. Existing communities that you have educates young. If and they knew he might be right for you. We're gonna look at making sure your investment portfolio is correctly balanced team you're unique risk tolerance. We do all this and no cost no obligation so pick up the phone and call us at 9132867980. One of our trusted financial planners here at retirement solutions group. We'll give you their full attention get to know you and help you. Come up with a plan 91328679809132867980. Allen and diversification. We diversify in terms of assets right now just investing in stocks before retirement and bonds once retired right. I'll definitely am in right now with the feds raising interest rates and a with you know having these low. Interest rates at leaf in Byron we've had for the last several years. Have you wanna own any bonds specifically yourself maybe some bond funds. May be utilized some other alternatives out there they can get to those thick straighter returns without the risk. I'm talking about use lies in fixed index annuities or fixed annuities. To create bags guarantees not to lose your portfolio of bonds. The ditch your question specifically Megan in addition to a mix of stocks bonds and cash you also a mixture of asset classes. With in the stocks and about what I'm talking about is from international to domestic small cap a blue chip. Investment grade high yield treasuries and the disciples. And mix of the provides a buffer for market drops and low interest rates while still providing returns over the long term. While some people like to invest in the market directly through individual stocks or bonds. Most of us do better by investing through mutual funds. ETFs. Institutional portfolio that's built to your unique risk tolerance. That's what we're talking about is having that diversification. So that you can weather those storms retirement Allen speaking of storms thankfully there Airways here in Kansas to prepare for store purchase. Think Kansas the last time we have tornadoes and are warning time is you know that'll that siren goes off. And you just need to get to the base vendor in the shelter we don't have a lot of preparation. We know we have the storm season and we know that we need to be more aware during those times. And you know living in Kansas you Wii for you buyer house fuse you know he's scope out certain areas where when I go and in school you look for what room you're told you know this is our storm shelter. You know what ruin your house your base and eccentric. But think about those people that live over in Florida and you know the East Coast age. Get a lot more warning for a lot of their disaster so that they give these a hurricane warnings sometimes weeks in advance I mean. We sit back in the midwest and and and kind of chuckle sometimes we are watching on TV they give these storms names and you know they they reject the path the main give them a lot of warnings he matters we'll get the carrier build some sandbags and you know post plywood over your windows and all this preparation and it's up to you. That is here in the path the storm. To decide. To heed those warnings to take the time to protect your. Your valuable assets and your yourself. And get out of the way of that store nor always have that ability. Here in the midwest tornadoes. But a lot of times you do on the East Coast let's talk about those hurricanes. Well financial planning is similar to say we know markets are gonna correct. Everybody knows that. So you have to decide either a player like her game where you know that you it's going to happen and the you have a sound to back up plan. In place to weather throughout that storm weary and treat it like a tornado in just. Be reactive as it comes in place and Disco duck for cover and wait till it passes and then clean up after it's done. It just seems like a better way to get to enter retirement is too. Have a plan. And to heed those warnings and it makes me also think of the old story of the Titanic her maiden whose fault was it wasn't the captain. Or was it the engineer what I'm talking about is the captain was told by the engineers the ship as unsinkable. And he did not listen to those warnings are he'd just said this chip is unsinkable. Stay the course will know what happened to that ship that sank ray. It was thinkable and the engineers got it wrong. Who do you blame the blame the engineer for saying it was unthinkable ordeal blame the captain for listening to the engineer who you are listeners. You are the captain of your own ship. The engineer those investment advisors and brokers and salesman out there telling you stay away from annuities. Put all your money in the market because when the storm happens there are certain vehicles. That have no downside. But unfortunately CDs are hand much. Money markets are paying any paying there's not a lot of safe money alternatives out there less you're willing to look at the insurance world. I'm not talking about verbal and of these folks I am talking about fixed and fixed indexed annuities without individual telling you about those products has to be insurance license. But you wanna go an extra step and make sure they're also securities license so that they can help you with the market portion too so you can have won eighteen to at all for yet. And help you. Get to enter retirement that's why we've created the roundtable retirement process here retirement solutions group to help you get to enter retirement. So we really want a mix of assets right Alan and I think that's what I'm hearing you say we want it and at the different market risks that our portfolio could end up leasing retirement. Absolutely I mean there's so many. Possibilities of what can happen retirement. You know we keep continuing a bull market for the next ten years or we can turn into a bear market it could last days weeks months with things I don't have a crystal ball no financial advisor desk. I've had people coming in sail well I was talking to some and they said that they think they can give me 8%. You know what. I don't want to put my whole retirement on somebody that tells me they think they can accomplish something. Howard and accomplishing what vehicles tools solutions are they using and what are they gonna do as a contingent that's what having a plan is. Nobody. Can take care of what they can't see if they don't have a plan in place. And things are going to happen that's just. The way the world works so. Pick up the phone and give us a call here retirement solutions group. Because we are going to help you get to and their retirement a new year unique situation. We're gonna answer your questions as we're talking about Social Security pensions. Tax efficiency health care. All the areas that you need help with to get to enter retirement. All this is done no cost no obligation. So pick up the phone and give us a call today. 91328679809132867980. As one of retirement biggest cost health care expenses can certainly derail many retirement plans. Allen gives us some of the best options and how to cover these black pants that's up next eighteen. You are listening to retire right with the Allan Becker on the retirement. News network.