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Retire Right with Alan Becker
Sunday, April 15th

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You're listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi Megan was sacked from the retirement news network alongside Allen backer of retirement solutions group he would like to set a strategy session with Allen to come and sit down with him and begin planning for your retirement future. Call today 9132867980. Is the number that's 9132867980. A lot of things we had to take into consideration when we're planning for a 21 century retirement a lot different than what our parents or grandparents had a plan for. You know one thing I think we definitely all need to look ahead and consider is how much we need to set aside for health care and Anna's health care and medical costs Allen. Just some light on. Yeah you know I think of the three letters H I ET what is gonna give us a hit in retirement and Nevada health care. Inflation and taxes that three killers of retirement. And health care that's something that a lot of us are gonna spend 275. To 300000 dollars you know over a lifetime. In our retirement and I'm talking about the average retirement at say twenty years. I'm talking average health just the increased cost of prescription drugs and semiautomatic your supplement that kind of thing. Now you're on a Medicare Advantage plan and you have high drug costs and you have bad health or you live a lot longer. Back and all of that those numbers and I'm not even talking about. Long term care when I'm talking is just an average cost so you have to look. And a plan that addresses these increasing costs as we get into retirement. And the only do that is with some of that has that life and health insurance license. Along with the securities license so that they can answer your questions retirement. What you learn from my story my grandmother grandma Helen turn 101 this year. Her mom Helen was with her financial advisor while still in high school. And he told her that she did not need to buy long term care insurance. Now her mother. Had. Alzheimer's back before they even knew it was. And was in me old folks home back before they really had those in the mainstream okay. So. Knowing all that he. He shouldn't have been giving that advice the truth is my grandmother asked a person that had a securities license. Not an insurance license or the gentleman was not even licensed. To give the advice that he gave but Graham I'll trust them and she listened. Now over the last eight years my grandmother's best track for comments here in oval park and she has spent. Half a million dollars in long term care expenses. That was a mistake that was made in my family by getting advice from somebody who wasn't licensed to give the advice that was needed. One of the reasons I've taken on this mission in life one of the reasons I do relate to. He so that I can prevent other families from. Having that same situation so what I'm talking about is Keating with a financial professional to help you with their journey their retirement. To answer those questions. But make sure they have the right licenses they need to beef fiduciary that means they have a securities licenses to either series 65 or 66. That is the only fiduciary license out there. Then they should also have a life and health license these are all things that you can check. And we be more than happy to run a check Fauria if you give us a call or you come in and CS because it's so important that she worked with the right. Organization as you take that journey through retirement. The only one shot. And you gotta do it right there's so many people depending on him to take care of that income to take care of that legacy. So make sure you're working with the right firm that's why we have our roundtable retirement process here retirement solutions group. And help you with that journey to enter retirement and we'd like you to take that journey with us. It was called 91328679809132867980. While it really eye opener here shall we talk about those health care medical long term care costs in retirement it's it's a money. Medicare connect help you know Medicare can assist but it's not a in dollar beyond the EE got to understand and you know my firm here retirement solutions group we are licensed to. Sell Medicare supplements Medicare Advantage plans we take the certifications we. I'm can help give that advice were not the federal government pay. There's a lot of organizations out there that put themselves out to be more than they are either by the marketing or. Senator but the idea is. In Medicare supplement me in it just supplements. What Medicare pays for so. Did take away is if it's covered by Medicare. Then it's covered. If it's not covered by Medicare then it's not the supplement only covers a medic here's a purchase like a vitamin supplement your body. Medicare supplements. What Medicare doesn't pay and other. The Medicare will. Will pick up 80% the supplement picks up the remaining 20% that is a major change coming in Medicare by 20/20. Unless something changes drastically that I have not heard any rumors out. They're getting rid of the asked plan which covers. Zero dollar cost out of pocket everything's covered they're gonna move the plans that have deductibles. For the Medicare beneficiaries. That's not necessarily a bad thing it's just change that you need to know about and he need to make sure you're getting a plan. Based on the new rules and regulations to come out in the future. I'm so that you know how to navigate through that. Medicare will also cover about a hundred days in a nursing home if you hit three rules medically necessary. I'm reading prior hospitals say things like that so if you meet those requirements. And you know you need care. Medicare. And Medicare supplement will pick up about a hundred days after that. That it comes in the long term care and nothing koppers that now it's up to you and your assets. And making sure that he you know you've got all your ducks in a row because you don't wanna leave a family member behind. After you spent all the money that's that's a bad thing that's that's really mean against its I've seen it happen it's it's horrible for the surviving spouse like scene. A lot of drastic measures taken as people prepare for long term care. So it's a valid concerns as if you don't take every yourself. What are your options. And here retirement solutions group we look at using life insurance and has long term care benefits built in Wi some of our duties have long term care Bennett built and that message saying you ought mile long term care policy but if you work to do that wanna make tree of a partnership plan and that's it's an eight hour course that the insurance represented needs to take that something I've done and that's a four hour I believe every other year. Arm renewal. To make sure that you stay partnership for a certified. So a lot goes into making sure that we can help you with these things. Mean for example Medicare. It takes me about two days of my life every year. To get recertified with all the different carriers and I'm not talking about a few hours here and I'm talking about full eight hour days. Figure recertified with all the different carriers. With all the different rules so it's important that you work with somebody that understands. All of that. The here retirement solution after we go the extra mile. Now do we have the Medicare now only do we have the partnership program for long term care but we also are to do shares and we can help you with the investments. Stocks the bonds mutual funds the institutional portfolio. We can put all that together right here one place we have an estate planning attorney on site we have some business taxes on site. We can really help you and you take that journey to enter retirement. Not a bad way to. And I have to travel all over town that the work with three blind mice you know work with a three wise men so to speak. We don't know what's going on and were building a plan just for you. Alan he said that you can use long term care in other ways can you expand and well absolutely because people these days. We were big mindset that you know if I can't get my money back on me if I don't need it then I'm gonna lose it kind of thing that user lose that mindset. So a lot of people these days are really interested in the traditional long term care insurance because it could be costly I mean we're talking. 34500. Dollars a month for some people for a policy. Are for couple that they may not ever use. Their grain and you have a one attitude chance you're gonna need your long term care if you're over the age of 65. But they're still 50% chance you won't meet it. And some people think they're very healthy or why why take that opportunity or the use their own money Sandra. So we look at is building long term care into the plan. Using things that we party need for example let's say we're gonna use an annuity because we want some guaranteed income and retirement when I guarantee your paycheck each and every month for the rest of our life and her spouse's life. Lineup have that paycheck double if we go into. A situation we need some long term care. Now the neat thing about annuities that people don't factor in because it don't understand is the annuities will hate you even windier. Pot runs dry meaning there's no more money in the account. But the community is still paying you that income for the rest your life. And some of those companies out there even give you increasing income meaning they'll continue to increase even though there in the putts from dry so to speak. So Keating long term care and your income built in fantastic. Some people look at life insurance as an asset class they have some extra dollar set aside that I wanna get some returns on but they don't onerous the principal. So inside of that or maybe you wanna leave some legacy back to some family. And you are open to the idea of life insurance your healthy enough qualified. Well a lot of our life insurance carriers have long term care writers they give you a portion of the death benefit as. Part of your nursing home benefit. And that's cannon in the benefit you know Rosie and just came back on the air just last few weeks and I was able to catch that first episodes and it was it was great but something that I remember. From twenty years ago. Was an episode where Roseanne said it was like cap on her husband was going to pass away and she wanted to take a trip to Tahiti. So I was conflict at T he'd benefit in her life insurance policies where you can get some of that cash. Out of your policy. To use before you pass a way to take that final vacation or use it for long term care expenses it's an accelerated benefit inside those policies and minibus we don't know where agents are we haven't talked to allow policies in jeopardy of lapsing so having a financial planner that also understands life insurance. Can really benefit you as you move to enter retirement so that's just another area were able to assist people. And so important because that part a hospital benefits. Doesn't cover a long term care and neither does the part B doctor benefits of Medicare. Neither does the part C of the advantage plans are the part B of the prescription drug plans nothing covers long term care if you don't cover yourself. I want at Tahiti benefit ears Hackett. Areas if your time is short on this planet and you have the ability to go out with a bang so to speak lineup right somehow and always have the resources so. So call us at 9132867980913. 2867980. Let's get you on the counter so we can get your questions answered and start your journey. Two with their retirement 9132867980. Diversifying your portfolio and making a plan to cover health care costs so important in prepping for retirement. How can you strategically organize your portfolio now for maximum income later. Alan shares his insights inner show's final segment of the next to this. He's retire right with the Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi it's Glenn Beck of the dozens of retirement advisors in Kansas City you're gonna hear me talk about only one Allan Becker at retirement solutions group and our SEG investments and that's because Alan is not your typical establishment. Kind of advisor and retirement solutions group and our SG investments isn't your typical establishment advisory firm everything they do is custom fit to you. Basically and join us for one of my upcoming complimentary dinner events. 6 o'clock on Tuesday April 17 or Thursday April 19. I just engines that counts in Martins city reservations are required in seating is limited so called 9132867151. Learn about the retirement planning process and gain insight into today's retirement strategy. Let Alan and his team help you retire successfully to sign up call 9132867. He won 51 that's 9132867. He won 51 in Kansas City call Allan Becker 9132867. He won 51 and regulated in a does that have to offer limited mr. individuals into LC. You are listening to retire right with the Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. I aides Megan NASDAQ from the retirement news network as always and joined by Alan backer of retirement solutions group. His own number 9132867980. On line at retiree TC dot com. We've been talking about potential changes to make to our investments now also need some problems when we need them for income later in retirement. Alan where Els tee of buying. Chinks in their retirement portfolio armor if you well you know like the portfolio armor being that we're the white matter retirement and we. Build our roundtable retirement process. And we take care of your castle you're thinking queens of the threat along with us but. The simplest answer to that. Megan is don't listen to all the fake news out there cannot talk about the fake news that's our president's talking about Irsay. I'm talking about the one about they're saying stay away from the insurance products he can't look at where here. You're getting the information and who's giving it to you if somebody has a securities license let's say they've worked for the same firm for twenty or thirty years. Their loyalty is to that are no matter what they tell you that's where their bread is buttered and if they tell you to go. Look at one of those fixed indexed annuities out there that can guarantee that you and the rest your life they can take care of your spouse increasing income long term care protection. They're dollar it paid in your have to take money away from them to do it. Are they really gonna tell you about it earlier tea he now in the markets up 20% year only and again I've. Well maybe you're willing to take 5% on the upside to take nothing on the downside looking your portfolio. As we've watched this marketed just in 2018. Are you comfortable with the balance would you like to eliminate those downsides. That's when people look at you as a snapper everything. So when I'm talking about is. I am seeing way. Too little guaranteed money retirement. Everybody's building their portfolios based on speculation. Outside the original recommendation. You know I got to see 30% returns I just look at him so it will. Give us a call when you're ready for reality because 30% returns expressing consistently. Isn't gonna have a retirement. Would you believe that the market started adjusting and our phone rang and it was him Collins and hey you know familiar talking about. I think any of the look at. So reality is hitting people nowadays and it's time. To. Find out what we're talking about. Not just listen to the hype out there and people tell you know because that's their only defense. We're gonna tell you what the pros and cons are of annuities. The good the bad the ugly. You're gonna make a decision based on facts not fiction. That's what we do here terrorists engine group is will give you guaranteed income if you want income guaranteed retirement if you want your income speculating that's fine too. We talked to you about Ben Berman bin. Called up that he was upset now this is the beginning of the year because we told him we are gonna build a portfolio. That was built to him. And he called up and December saying he was moving that money put away with us because. His other portfolio is up like 12%. And ours is only a couple points. And we explained zone that's fine we build your portfolio to view. To protect your downside we're not grab and all the upside or not risking the downside. Few months later we talked and again. He wasn't as anger. He looked back at his portfolio. We had debt rebalance and things didn't fix that just if it hadn't changed the decisions our money managers had done what they were supposed to do. His portfolio was moving in the right direction but as other portfolio here in 2018. Let's take a lot of market volatility. We told him again and if we're not right for you. Go ahead. But you should see we've built up corporal you and were protecting your downside. We just got another email from him saying hey guys talked in a few months understand what you're doing and that all's good. Put that tells us he's his other portfolio the other guy who is nearing the stock market down 10% over here he's not it's what you do to protect the downside just as much as trying to capture the upside. Bill that portfolio to your true risk tolerance and you'll have a much more peaceful retirement. We'll hear retirement solutions group we work for you we build for you to make it to enter retirement. And here's the phone number if he'd like to get in touch if you'd like to work with Allen and his team. So that you can enjoy that successful retirement one that you feel confident in. Dial today 9130 T raid 67980. Years the number at some nine point 32867980. Alan I wanna top income in retirement what are the options out there that can guarantee me income once I. You retire. Well understand guarantee is a word I can use like put on my insurance chatter I'm talking about pensions and the government. Even guaranteed solution isn't messer a 100% guaranteed meaning. Pigeon can fail rate Social Security may have to adjust in the future. But it's is guarantees we can get more talking about moving to enter retirement so first off you can look at a pension their work. Now not always is the pension that's offered to work your best option maybe you can get a privately designed pension on your own utilizing annuities. I see that about 90% of the time that we can outperform and give a legacy to the Stanley cover the spouse six address. Looking at lay up privately place to pension annuity. We also. Can you Social Security. Always takes a street 62 expression get a bunch qualified money. Maybe you wait for retirement age immediately following the seventy. It all depends on your unique situation what's gonna work best for you but it's making that decision based on all of your assets. You can't just Poehler rap Bagger hat so to speak and and just say okay this is a nice takes obscurity cattle look at how it fits in with everything else. And then there the other option there is to look at a annuity there's twenty or thirty different knew he cares L I've reported from products you wanna talk to somebody that's licensed with all the individual cares and you ask them. You're on somebody say you captive. If their captive that means. If they work for a company that's all they can represented as what that company offers you want somebody who's independent they can go up gain any product or solution that's available. The benefit EU LA you know they have your best interest at heart. Will appeal commented and see us here retirement solutions group one might trained financial professionals. And personality you get to know you get your question to answer. So you know we need should take Social Security how to access those diaries the most tax efficient way possible do you need to trust that will. Should you talk the state planning attorney. You need an income plan an income plan is something that's gonna help you get to enter retirement. Knowing where you're gonna draw your money for for your paycheck and you play checked to make those golden years as Goldman's they can be. All of this is done at no cost no obligation but it does start with a phone call that phone call is to number nine went 32867980. Since you've saved at least 250000 dollar retirement and your ready to start having a conversation. So you can make it too and their retirement. Pick up the phone calls today 91328679809132867980. Any we say it time and time again income is keying in retirement you have to hound in that income he can turn on and utilities insurance products. That's that guaranteed income that you can turn deeds you sleep at night insurance so to speak how well I. Yeah exactly yeah. If you talked water yeah you're tossing and turning it that's where it really allows you to get that that confidence about retirement if you can count on that paycheck coming in. That's what the right tip of annuity can afford you. Alan Howard those helping power those insurance products which lets face it explaining them in detail gets a little bit tedious. But in action. These some awesome financial tools that are really changing your clients' lives described that. Absolutely and they get a bad rap out there so let's talk about life and take user arming their. These pride or turn a hundred billion dollar industry in. I get it there's there's bad and who he's out there and there's good in new these solar bad ways. There's about annuities sold in good ways I mean. The key is is that understanding what's out there and how you should utilize it that your plan I've had couples commandment. Have millions of dollars in those maybe 200. In everybody's needs are different sometimes even within the own household will see spouses that are just so risk adverse it doesn't matter they don't see anything ago. And it doesn't matter how much money you have it's just a personal. Risk tolerance if you will. And I you know I'm thinking of several. Families and I felt we've we've written. Over a hundred million dollars annuities through this office and we've helped lots clients in the average in new he's probably about 200000 dollars so. You know took a long time to get to is to that volume. Of annuities. Helping people put. The truth is when people come back. And they re viewing. What we've done it's so different than when they first tentative first time you come and he's coming up our. Radio show or two hour seminar. You're interviewing out here trying to. Find out you know what is gonna cost to work with us and what our performances what we're talking about. And after you've made this decision to work with us and we've made the decision to work with you conversation completely switch is now it's like coconut guards down. What do we deal how do we get this done. And then we see here. You know ninety days six months. After you the year anniversary come on back in and you're looking at the market mussina when it. I lost no principle. You know lies and least provide a bonus a year going up in value. And the market's been pretty good place to be in the last year so these annuities have had great returns facing double digit returns on these into the and people are looking on I don't have an income problem I came in your office they can I don't know where my next checks coming from and you created a strategy. That's gonna create income for the rest of both. The airlines and their spouse's life. It is amazing. The you know just the attitude changes the personality. Differences when people are coming in and no longer have a year. Of when or if they're gonna around money. It's more of what do I do with all this income that's coming in for a lot of people because you know in the markets really participating. Income goes up that a lot clicker. Pace then. We in the markets not. Cooperating. Think about it pokes at the market's negative or going down like it's has been here at the beginning of 2018. And has in past years. I'm not recent past but in past years it's. You don't lose any principal inside eight Dexter fixed indexed annuity think about that per second. Market go down 40% and you lose zero. That does as you said Megan provide that sleep well at night. Type claiming retirement. And that's why. I'm able to put my head on the pillow every day and I feel so good about this firm that we've created here retirement solutions group the wonderful team and I've put together. Because we're helping so many people in so many different ways. But a lot of it is senator around that income plan to provide that income monthly quarterly systematically for the rest of your life. I know there's other guys on the radio that are talking about different plans but here's the difference between us and now. We are securities license that we can help that we don't have the call and a friend and bring them over to offer securities and we're not just using one annuity product out there. We're also not over here just talking about securities. We're talking about health care we're talking about your use of the new east and use of investments. Estate planning. Legacy all of it wrapped into one firm can take care of all of it. Tax efficiently. So if you're looking for a plane began to to enter retirement. Look no further at least come in and check us out where OK to have become and skeptical. You've heard annuities are great you've heard annuities aren't so great common asked the questions and learn for yourself that's what around to retire process all about. There is no cost there's no obligation we just ask you saved at least 250000 retirement. And pitcher open to meaningful discussion. To pick up the phone and give us a call 9132867980. The number 9132867980. So we can open up around him retirement process no cost or obligation. To each YouTube and their retirement 9132867980. You've been listening to retire right with Allan Becker. On the retirement. News network. Investment advisory services offered through eight. LLC retirement solutions group is an independent financial services firm that helps people create retirement strategies using a variety of insurance and investment products. Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal any references to safety security or guaranteed lifetime income generally referred to fixed insurance products never securities or investment products insurance and annuity product guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Retirement solutions group is not permitted to offer and no statement made during this show shall constitute tax or legal advice. You should talk to a qualified professional before making any decisions about your personal situation we are not affiliated with the US government or any governmental agency.