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Retire Right with Alan Becker
Sunday, April 30th

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This these three tire right with Allen back here. And the retirement views networks may get most active. Allah is the president and CEO what the retirement solutions group. With more than eighteen years of financial experience Alan and his team will help preserve and maintain his client's way of life. And the legacy they leave behind. This is retire right with Allan Becker. On the retirement news network. Hi it's mega NASDAQ from the retirement news network glad to have you with us today of course I'm joined by Alan backer of retirement solutions group. And we're glad to have you with us for re tire right here is the phone number if you'd like to reach Allen and the team that retirement solutions group. You can reach out today at 913. 6859422. That's 9136859. Ford two to. And we have a great show for you today were talking about how to cruise into retirement and some strategies that you can used to pop theory tire on your own terms so Alan Alan jump right into it here. Had really prepared to cruise into retirement to do it the way we want to. And retire on her own terms. Well you know I was a boy scout when I was younger and I think of their motto be prepared so. I think he easiest answer is important touched a lot of different ways to get there. But the easiest answer is to be prepared have a land don't go until what year. You know with your eyes closed and understand that if you wanna retire each used. Most of us without pensions we just can't. You know crews and their retirements they were here. Statistics here are pretty astounding that you know people today are not prepared for retirement they don't understand for the most part. That we have 2030. Sometimes more years. Of what I like refer to as unemployment. I your retirement where the money's that'll last so it can be a difficult task can be daunting and you know a lot of us neat find some professional help to assist us. To India to enter retirement but that's like you know the fine folks here retirement solutions trip. That's why we're here. Indeed and you know it does take these days a team effort I think because there are a lot of big hurdles that have to jump. It's different and it used to be in past generations. A lot of that has to do with the fact that pensions are just no longer really popular a lot of people. We don't have many more in if you do you should be thankful because it just doesn't happen these days so. Without pensions people basically are trying to come up with a way to create that steady income that they can count on. And yeah they've got it. Like I said jump the hurdles and if you don't know what's out there you don't know some of those Smart financial tools that are at your disposal you couldn't feel. Pretty lost you can filly does is an uphill battle boys so. But what's out there Allan what are some of the more attractive things you're seeing in today's world that are helping. Retirees may be listening today who are feeling like there and that they. Spot. Meg there's a lot of tools that we can use to get this through retirement. You know I like she. Well I'm a fiduciary so I have a securities license. When you you know I'm required act in our clients' best interest that I there's whereas rate your spouses that anyway. And I also have an insurance like it's been in this industry over eighteen years it's a passion I love helping people. You know we can eat too you know what the potential client wants whether they're willing to take a little more risk or they want a little more safety. And that depends on what had output on but I always acting under that fiduciary capacity so in other words we can use annuities if you know if you're willing to look at that option of having sudden. You know safe air anti money when I say that I mean it's protect their guaranteed by the claims paying ability of the insurance here that we use or. In a year looking at more of a dividend paying portfolio. Our institutional platform and it's. Seems to be very well Foreman for. For our retirees so whichever. Platform or whichever direction or a combination of the two there's always solutions. And that's why we want to make sure that we're available. For our listeners to comment and get their questions answered. And we'd love to invite. You fine folks and you. Have a no cost no obligation consultation with myself and my eighteenth at 9136859422. So if you want an ally in your corner. That's me I'm here to help. So you may call 9136859422. Again that number at retirement solutions group it's 91368594. 22 and we're so pleased that you joined us today here for retirement solutions group. You get the sense Alan and you've been doing this more than twenty years now helping people. To retire successfully to get a handle on their retirement finances. Do you feel that people largest. A big ill prepared to hear that now all that it does Hawaii it's in our lap right it's on our shoulders we have to you. Pick up the reins so to speak and figure out our retirement future that people just don't. Don't quite have the tools if they're not in the industry and then this puts them a little bit behind the eight ball. Hate to admit it but there are more people I'm prepared than that are prepared and especially in this DIY aids is doing yourself type environment and see where it a bit of a disadvantage if you will because. It's that it that eight years since the markets corrected so there's a lot of are amateurs out there that are. In the market and doing really well but they're not protecting their outside so when the market does correct that we have another situation like we've had in the past and no history tends to repeat itself. Are you sitting in a position. Where you can recover were you still have time on your side. And that's why you really need an ally somebody like retirement solutions group and the you said team earlier out muscled us at the village we've put together to be there for you. And Al so that we can. How you make your own to retirement but also through retirement so that they really could be your golden years so you can understand. You know where you need the money to take those dream vacations you wanted to take purchase oil the grandkids or. Take care of your favorite charity whatever it is that motivates you that's why we have retirement solutions script here to assist you in making their dreams a reality. Call 913. 68594. Teaching us 913685. Nine before 22. And will. Go to our. At retirement roundtable review so that you can seat and have a blueprint to make it. Screw up and get all those dreams accomplished by 1368. By fourteen to. And retirement solutions group right here in Overland park at 435 and Metcalf. Very convenient for you to get started with Alan backer and the team that retirement solutions group again that number 913. 6859422. And Alan I just wanna be clear when you say. You don't see a lot of people are prepared for retirement. It's not that they haven't safe to write it the people who are coming to see they have funds they have been so diligent over their working years to. Make sure they've built up this nest egg they're just not sure the best way to use that nest egg and retirement right. How exactly we have so many fine folks that come visit with us. From single or married to use business owners and everything in between. And yes aids it's getting some clear guidance of which dollars to draw down burst and understanding. How to have a tax efficient. Portfolio. See it all the time people working where. A financial person as of some oil in their cumin and they just don't understand they're required in distributions how they're gonna affect 170 and a half and they don't understand the major taxable locations that they have to their family and for themselves and it's. It's a fortunes yet giving clear direction. That's the number one service we provide is these people want to know knowledge is power. Never again 91368594. To two are glad to have you with us today for retire right with Allan Becker. I'm meg and those act with the retirement news network Allen would helping people get that strategy and get that clear vision I know that. You're really big on having people get it in writing tell me why are written retirement plan is key only. Creator router retiree review so that people could do exactly that have a written. Document that they can refer back to peaches here edit. Inspect what you'd expect and it's real important is just not. Go attic with OK I've got enough money if I take 5% or percent whenever draw down rule you ought to follow up a little bit later. And just think you're gonna make it because. It's something called reverse amortization on any man that is if you think about it how's he gonna pay for how's it by ear out and are out you probably put. 450 did 550000. Dollars and a house over interest payments over the course your life. But that in reverse that if you'd shaky future at night live on and in the market corrects. Even for a short time do you still take that money out the live. You never have time to recoup from the losses and it's it's our compound and in reverse it in it goes faster and faster. So having a definitive plan to accomplish your goals. It's it's just so so important I believe over my years of experience as people. Common to the office and and have a plan and refer back that plan it isn't a certain amount of peace to know. They have some direction and then if something comes up it's easy to you a Justin tweet can make sure that that plane is gonna work. Natalie to retirement a retirement. The number at retirement solutions group it's 9136859422. If you would like the chance to. Gained some peace if you would like the opportunity to work toward perhaps. A more secure. Feeling envision for your future. Wanna give that number again so you two can set strategy session and be one of the many people who have come in. And been successful in planning a retirement that they can enjoy at retirement solutions group with Alan backer. It's 9136859422. And if you are in your fifties perhaps your early sixties in your thinking about retirement and you saved diligently but. You're not quite sure how to pull their socks so that you can. Get your retirement on your own terms we're gonna help deal with more strategies to help you cruise injury. Tire meant we hope you'll stay with us. This is retire right with the Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Whether you're approaching retirement or already retired transitioning into retirement can be a daunting thought. Really you can income. What the market drops how should you take Social Security joined the team from retirement solutions group and RSD investments for a discussion about these factors and more all while retirement solutions group treats you to a complimentary dinner at 801 top thousand leaflets. You think it's 6 PM on Tuesday may ninth or Thursday may eleventh at 801 top house in only way. Reservations are required so call 9136859422. To reserve your seat today it's 91368598422. Seeing is limited so called out to learn more about these events and how you can attend. Retirement solutions group 91368598. Or 22 or online at RS team. Usaid dot net investment advisory services offered through eight eat wealth management. And LLC. This is retire right with the Alan Ackerman on the retirement. News network. I its mega most act from the retirement news network glad to be sitting here with Alan backer as they do each week we talk about retirement planning on this show. And we try to be some great strategies as you're looking ahead to your future. If he'd like to sit down with Alan if you like to really begin that strategic plan the one that's gonna help you achieve retirement success I want that share with you his phone number. And you can call this number at any point. Alan you have people answering that phone around the clock is I understand it. Yet play a part of the day seven days a week it's 9136859422. You can reach out during the show our anytime it. You like to gets and so I Allen's calendar to talk about your retirement future you can do that. Now we're talking about some strategies today on the show to help you cruise into retirement and we are talking about you know the fact that you got to save and Alan you speak with people who have done a great job of that. And he talked to those folks every day about how to use air nest egg in the best possible way. And you know people have done great jobs building up their nest egg but that takes time and one of the very first strategies tested do with starting. Saving. Early right. Start saving now start save in as soon as possible yesterday so as you said. We've got people all ages lists in this show him and whether you're just now getting started. I just tell you to pay yourself first it's just a great idea and if you're getting closer to retirement. You need to start acting is it. So if you wanna get to retirement and you're gonna what live 203040. Years in retirement and you really need to. Start figuring out what that budget's going to be what it's gonna take a loot. And desist according anybody's ever quit smoking knows. That eat cold Turkey is is a tough way to go solera relating to his if you're gonna quit. Working and go out paycheck tomorrow. You need to have that paycheck replaced and created so if you're you know you you've probably seen the statistics out there that say you need eighty cents on the dollar when you retire. And that comes from you know putting money in your forward k's your retirement but it's still your take Helms about same. And you really have to think is that enough if you're gonna travel more and do other things everyday Saturday maybe you need a few more dollars. So maybe a 100% of what you're earning retire. Maybe in a 100% of what you're earning while your inner retirement. So save enough to accomplish those goals and that's where. A good quality financial planner can look at all those aspects as far as Social Security health care pensions. I don't know they all play end and make sure taxes are looked at so you have a very tax efficient. And as you make your injury tire start saving enough to accomplish your goals as soon as us. That's great advice and I know people who took that advice years ago there reaping the benefits now and ensures some of those folks are. Are saying to their grandkids. Do what I did start early starting your two unease with your first job and start. Socking away that money for your future makes a real difference when you finally get CU. Retirement Ager when retirements kind of right there in front of you you talked about you know a lot of people think oh you're not gonna need all of the income you had in your working years and I say why not. Right into retirement did these days Alan. It's really active retirees themselves are different I I feel like the sixties the new forty almost and sit totally self life is and you know you've got people traveling in involved in. Fitness more and more and so we've got longer lines and that takes more money. I don't know about you but I don't want to cut back 80% on my lifestyle I want the lifestyle I'm enjoying now in retirement yes. So elegant or start new. Career still very dangerous doing something that they loved and him into it having their sticks yes a great attack to be alive for sure. See you need that lifestyle sustaining income and that's kind of what we talk about and that's why having that. That we really strong nest egg is so important. Right I mean even it you know one of the strategies we look at is is making you Max out your 40 and right. That's free money most companies are giving a match. Now I'm not a big fan of over. Over contributing necessarily match in 4% and it probably only 4% and we talked about doing things that. Teach our kids there and I remember when I got out of the navy. I wait until 2000 dollars us right into the higher contribution back that I put in and shoot well known retail shop here in town. And kind of forgot about being honest about ten years later I owe it back you know I remember put 2000 dollars away let me just see what it's still an. And Allen picked up by 240 dollars and and roll that over to another higher so if you caught that awesome what's the 11160 dollars over the time just in fees and not watching it so let. I am whole strategy doesn't work so if you don't work Earl employer. He probably shouldn't have your money working there. Just a good idea to you with a a financial advisor to formulate a plan and go at it with a strategic direction not just put money in some mutual funds and just let them sit back and Ole. And Megan sometimes it really takes a professional. Is someone who knows what you need to take into consideration. As you claim your retirement and sort of make sure you're not missing out an opportunity to help you be prepared as possible when your retirement does roll around. A retirement solutions drew we can help you prepare just or in our living with your assets you can't call 913. 68. 94 TC. He set up an appointment. To come into the office for no obligation retirement roundtable review this is part of our route to retire process that's gonna help you cruise in your retirement. And during this review. Or help you pinpoint your retirement goals compared current savings how much more you would need to say. To accomplish those dreams. And determine how you can position your assets to help picture they're not the leading by taxes what tax fish tire. Russell helped identify an optimal time. For you take your Social Security. This is gonna help you design a strategy tell you cruise in that retirement on time. And last as long as you again mr. retire Rattay review is for the first ten dollars on today's show. And you must call now if you wanna give this no cost no obligation review we'd like to help you set sail in your retirement journey. Give me a call 9136859422. That's nine when three. 68. I need for 22. And we're glad you're with us today this is retire right with Alan backer. I'm mega NASDAQ with their retirement news network were really pleased you're spending some time with us today. And you know we're talking about strategies that are Ed help you cruise into retirement retire on your own terms call your own shots so to speak. And we know how important is to save to start saving early and Alan so many of your clients see you talk about this they have been such diligent savers they really. As you say they've paid themselves first which is at the in past decked out I want find out from use though. 02 is enough you know how much Steve need to say what's the number that people should be trying to achieve or is that misguided thinking should we not be aiming for a specific. Number I'm glad you asked that back saying I don't think we should be aiming for a number I think we should be aiming for. More of a monthly income so I think a lot of us go edit backwards and I know there's been a lot of commercials on TV that lead to what you're number you know -- we've all seen them but. Painting is that how much can you spend in retirement features some of us don't care about legacy others knowing that that last dollar and at last check about race but others New Orleans. Everything we've got to our kids our charity. So the real key though it is is you've never seen. Hearst colonial. Slow as the main image you can't take it with G got it enjoy it while you're here figure it all so real about what you can spend so that you deal right now. Alan that's a great way to look at it when you're trying to think about though. What you're gonna need in your looking 5101520. Years down the road sometimes that. It to be hard it can be overwhelming I think what's a good way to start to just kind of start raping your arms around all of that maybe you've really got to look at what. Your expenses are going to be in retirement what's expenses that are good to be paid off. What new expenses that are gonna come up and then what he'd like to do you enjoy like your hobbies having. Year remodeling a house that's an inexpensive if you got to buy a new car. You know you gotta decide at a high pressure or pain at it as a a monthly expense you your take up golf or golf even more tee times cost money so you really got to figure out what you're looking at spending in retirement. So that you can work backwards into the number and it's a matter of what type of vehicles you're gonna use. You know what I put my insurance had a and I really like Kris index annuities specially those that that you need increasing income because your money's not really in the market it's based on the market using an index. In this were a lot of people have trouble with the whole concept and and you know they don't understand that when the market goes down your lock in you don't lose principle. Because of market losses are market volatility and that's true beauty of a fixed indexed annuity and functions a lot like pension or Social Security but there are products out there that'll out at increasing income at the market goes up in year income increases that's even better to get to retirement is that what you I count for inflation in the increasing and rising costs of things. There's so much publicity out there that pushes people away from even look in and annuities or are people look at the old style or or even variable products I've fees and expenses and relate those to. The more recent types of the new reason have been designed for in complaining income strategies and I think you owe it to yourself to come in and taken new look see what's out there. And make sure that you're not overlooking a valuable asset that could come and it really handy to you. Make sure that you never run out of money and retire and that's what we're here for so. I've really encourage you to pick up the phone and set a visit and command and let's keep those questions answered winking you mentioned Jeter a Social Security how long your money and the last. You know let's look and inflation that the brown Tim retire process that we. Gonna put YouTube it's invaluable so for the next ten dollars I wanna give you at no cost no obligation consultation. Put you through this process and will do that if you call 9136859422. That's 913685. Nine before 22. 9136859422. And I wanna mention that Allen is the author of the book. Return on investment or reliability of income debt true meaning of RO I in the golden years and I know if you come in to see him and he asked her give me a copy why add book Alan why that issue and that subject of reliability of income. Megan it was a true passion to write that book in to spend the time it took. Some have always wanted to do good reliability event and that's what it's all about main news. I heard the quotes on my life and several people have used it. Forever from Mark Twain to will Rogers is return. Of your money that's important retirement not return on your money in so much media is focused are a liar return on investment rather than are alive reliability and cab and I found that. Retirees that we work well. They'd much rather have good solid income in retirement. Rather than you know and answers straight at me fluctuates from one year to the next if that's something that you value. I would strongly suggest you pick up the phone scheduled visit must start pocket 9136859422. That's 9136859422. Just because you listen today show I'd like to help you figure out your monthly retirement deficit. So you'll know exactly where you stand. And this is no plug and play report that's the custom analysis. That expressly for you and your family using year figures and your time all you have to do to get this very important information. Is to pick up the phone and call me 913685. 9422. That's 913685. 942 Q I'm very confident that with this information you'll be. Armed to make a very important decision in your retirement. If that view and you want the tools to make the right decisions you'll call me now 913685. 914 to. Understanding your income needs in retirement it be a little more tricky than you might think. So there are a lot of things to sift through a lot of options to pursue and we're going to continue sharing strategies to help you catch up. And to help you cruise into retirement all of that coming up next. You're listening to retire right we gallon vector. I'm the retirement. News network.